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Human beings can communicate by gesture and facial expression as well as by verbal language. In the following video, at 39 seconds in BBC presenter Jo Coburn is not communicating to the viewer – the director has switched back to her before she expects. She is however working very hard on communicating non-verbally to somebody, presumably the director, with quite an extreme facial gesture.

My question to you is this – what do you think she is trying to communicate with that facial gesture, and why? It is not a rhetorical question, your answers are welcome. You need to watch the whole video for context – it’s less than a minute.

407 thoughts on “The Unsubtle Art of Non-Verbal Communication

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  • Sharp Ears

    I have just watched a beautiful programme on BBC2. It was a tribute to Nye Bevan and gratitude to him and others for founding the NHS. It took the form of a dramatized poem by Owen Sheets. Michael Sheen was the narrator.

    ‘BBC Wales marks NHS at 70 with all-star production To Provide All People

    It’s been a privilege to be able to engage via interviews and poetry with the idea and the people of the NHS for this project, and to be part of a film hoping to give voice to the ethos, philosophy and experience of the service
    Owen Sheers, writer
    Date: 11.04.2018
    Michael Sheen, Tamsin Grieg, Martin Freeman and Meera Syal are amongst the all-star cast of BBC Wales’ latest landmark television drama commission as it celebrates the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

    Written by highly acclaimed poet Owen Sheers, To Provide All People will chart the emotional and philosophical map of what defines the NHS and the personal experiences that lie at the heart of the service; from patients to surgeons, porters to midwives.

    Made by the team behind the award-winning drama Aberfan: The Green Hollow, with director Pip Broughton, To Provide All People tells the story of a single day in the NHS, from dusk to dawn, with a single hospital at its heart.

    The stellar cast includes: Michael Sheen, Eve Myles, Sian Phillips, Jonathan Pryce, Aimee Ffion Edwards, George Mackay, Martin Freeman, Meera Syal, Celia Imrie, Tamsin Grieg, Rashan Stone Michelle Fairley, Suzanne Packer, and Michelle Collins.

    The programme will be broadcast in Wales and across the UK.’

    Available for 29 days on the iPlayer.

    Hope the Tories who are privatizing OUR NHS were watching.

    • Kerch'ee Kerch'ee Coup

      Is it possible to view this outside the UK as iplayer is domesticuse only? It mightake a while till it gets on the ABC(Ausssie Beeb clone), but then the convictions of many of us on this blog might well have seen us transported to new South Wales.

  • Michael Dean

    This gives the lie to the notion that the media is independent. Jo is being shouted at in her earpiece – Must stop anymore form being said -interfering with the picture gives the excuse! “Technical interference” as her facial expression appears to be one of a near miss at an intersection! – – – “State propaganda, when supported by the educated classes and when no deviation is permitted from it, can have a big effect. It was a lesson learned by Hitler and many others, and it has been pursued to this day.”
    ― Noam Chomsky, Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

  • Ian Brotherhood

    If there is ever a film called ‘Carry On Daily Politicking!’ then Jo’s expression will form the focal point of the poster.

  • Dave Smith

    The guy wasn’t even saying anything I didn’t hear on R4 news the other day.

    I think you’re inviting conspiracy theories, and your followers are happy to oblige. I think this fact-free dross discredits you.

    • Kempe

      If you hadn’t noticed the comments section on this blog runs on fact-free dross of which this is just the latest hilarious example.

      • Jan

        The blog should only allow subscribers to comment (i.e., people who commit to paying at least £2 monthly) and problem solved.

        • zoot

          sure, people who subscribe to craig murray’s site don’t believe msm has agendas…

          • Jan

            The problem of “insane bullshit”.

            I suppose you don’t see it as a problem but prefer it being posted in comments and then corrected rather than being kept inside bullshitters, and I admit you have a point. But insane bullshit upsets me, so I don’t usually read discussions on blogs, except in this case the blog post explicitly pointed to the discussion…

      • giyane



        some people are lactose intolerant
        some people are lying intolerant

        You can eat dollops of full-fact Zionist gobshite if you like.
        I am allergic to it, not just the full blast of it but the tiniest whiff of it.
        The war against Islam was fought by US and UK Zionists for the benefit of the Zionist apartheid state of Israel. Many Jews are just as allergic to and opposed to zionist violence and subterfuge against Islam
        and Muslims as I am . And I have Jewish grandparents. The religion of Judaism is absolutely specific about not coveting what belongs to others and not bearing false witness against others and not killing people. It is precisely that Jewish tradition that both leads me to Islam and also informs me that Zionism is not Jewish. These are the facts.
        However you are a troll so your opinion is irrelevant.

      • laguerre

        “If you hadn’t noticed the comments section on this blog runs on fact-free dross of which this is just the latest hilarious example.”

        Why do you bother commenting here then? Presumably you include yourself in your comment, I can’t see any reason to exclude you.

        • Charles Bostock

          I can’t comment for Kempe but, speaking for myself, I (1) fully agree with Kempe’s judgment and (2) comment on here because (a) it is a public blog on which everyone has the right to comment and (b) I feel it is necessary to occasionally correct some of the insane bullshit which so often appears. After all, why should the nutters always be allowed to get away with it unchallenged?

          • Nick

            Everyone here probably thinks they are the lone voice of sanity, Charles. So there’s more in common than you think 😉

            But yeah, fair points, and I for one can’t see an echo chamber helping anyone.

          • Charles Bostock

            Thank you, Nick.

            I certainly wouldn’t claim to be any saner than the average man but I do believe that I’n quite a bit saner than the author of the following morsel (further down on this page) :

            “My point is that the editor has all these special effects to edit with and is using them, together with his professional actors and professional scriptwriters to create a narrative that spooky MI6 is upset by these revelations, whereas in fact this is pure damage limitation and whitewashing. This is how perfidious Albion deals with its war crimes.”

            Of course, that’s only a small sample….

            As for your comment about echo chambers, I wonder whether you’d agree with the following idea of mine : an echo chamber is necessary (for the people in question, I mean) to compensate for the fact that most of the views expressed here have very real traction among normal l people in the real world and therefore change absolutely nothing. it’s always the same small hard-core of people commenting, demonstrating, writing to the newspaper comment columns, complaining to the BBC, isn’t it.

            People who have dealt in the past with subjects that do have traction with normal people in the real world, subjects that normal people can be brought to care about, have actually succeeded in changing things. I refer to people like the founders of Shelter, the Child Poverty Action Group and so on.

            On the other hand, people who blather on about subjects like Israel/Palestine, Iraq, whether or not Iran is more democratic than the UK and US, why Russia was justified in annexing the Crimea, etc, etc, arouse very little interest among the public. That is why an echo chamber is not only comforting but even essential.

          • Nick

            @ Charles (can’t seem to reply to your latest post due to nesting restrictions, but I could just be being thick).

            Thank you for your considered reply. In response to your question, I’d agree, or at least suspect, you are right – for some individuals. But it’s healthy to debate ideas and viewpoints in a civilised manner. Personally, rightly or wrongly, I’m not a fan of huge conspiracy theories, where everything has to be shoehorned into a particular world view, and I like debating issues on their individual merits. But perhaps that’s the fallacy of slothful induction, and I really need to learn a bit more. Why I’m here.

            I believe sanity is partly a matter of consensus.

    • Nick

      That’s a bit of lazy smear, Dave. Not everyone comes here for the same reasons and with the same preconceptions. You can think this particular incident is suspicious without believing in an all-encompassing conspiracy. Some (a fair few?) here do, but I’d suppose there are many more readers than people who contribute directly.

      Craig did nothing more than ask for opinions, which I think is fair – it’s his blog. You may feel it’s clickbait, but that’s as much to do with your perceptions as his.

      I think it’s possibly a little sneaky to air a clip from mid march right after the Grieve report – I initially didn’t notice the date. Time does provide context and what people can talk about today, they may not have been able to talk about yesterday (Interested: did you hear this on R4 before or after the report?). They say the truth will come out eventually, why not today? It’s logical to think that this issue has been bubbling under a long time, and the Grieve report has brought it once more out into the open with a hefty magazine of ammunition for opponents. If so, implicitly, there have been attempts to hide or discourage the truth being discovered The report itself mentions explicitly how few witnesses were made available. That’s a fact for you, right there!

      Trying to portray everyone as of the hive mind (or “consensus”, as Kempe put it) of conspiracy theorists,, and saying because you think this incident is suspicious means you are part of it, does your arguments (where you have them rather than derision) no credit.

      Just my opinion, I’m not a regular. You, otoh, sound like one 😉

      • Dave Smith

        First timer Nick ;). I only came here through a friend’s link to another post and had a little poke about.

        I appreciate the considered reply, but responses such as yours aren’t what I’m talking about; there are a great number of batshit conspiracies on this thread. It’s very odd that an ex-diplomat is stooping to such obviously leading questions (based on misleadingly old video no less! I didn’t spot that).

        Really a minor technical problem is very normal, as is a slightly panicky response from the presenter (you’re on live TV after all). Selling that as anything noteworthy really is fact-free conspiracising (I think that should be a word…)

        I wasn’t going to bother replying to the various responses, but yours was so generous I thought it’d be rude not to :).

        • Dave Smith

          PS I heard this (broadly; that I’ll government was complicit/actively involved) on R4 a couple of days ago… ish. The same day there was news on it through a number of channels.

          • Dave Smith

            PS I heard this (broadly; that UK government was complicit/actively involved) on R4 a couple of days ago… ish. The same day there was news on it through a number of channels.

          • Dave Smith

            Dammit I can’t figure out how to edit!

            ** UK government, I meant to say

          • Dave Smith

            Just had another watch and noticed the “Torture apology” title. So, whoever runs the titles was working with Casciani to get the Truth out, or something. It really is laughable.

            I wouldn’t mind if it was just some crank’s website but the state of UK political discussion is so fact-free anyway, do we really need ex-diplomats making things worse?

  • Hal Martin

    Either her wondering why the reporter was spilling secret beans (doubtful, or he would not have been allowed on), the vibrating eggs she was sitting on were coming to ecstatic orgasmic fruition, or she was caught off balance by the technical difficulties that the clip was experiencing and being prodded into making a quite comment by the producer a la Jonathan Pie. Take yer answer pick, every one’s a winner, there are no real answers anymore.

  • Jan

    The picture disappears because of poor internet connection and it surprises her, that’s all.

    • Herbie

      “The picture disappears because of poor internet connection and it surprises her, that’s all.”

      That’s jolly generous of you. Thanks for your continued support.

  • Barbara McKenzie

    If the picture has gone then the report can continue showing picture or presenter, no problem. A very inexperienced presenter might conceivably have panicked – you’d know better than me how experienced this woman is. However don’t they usually have a producer or someone advising them through their earpiece?

    Given her shocked expression, the scenario is consistent with her or another panicking, not over the loss of picture, but the mention of MI6.

    • giyane

      Barbara McKenzie

      MI6 is not a Yeti or Big-Foot. if the BBC didn’t want people to think about MI6 why did they show Big-Foot footprints all over Salisbury?
      Answer: They want you to be scared. They want you to think that the government really minds about these shocking relevations.
      Whereas in reality this silly little deliberate mistake is a contrivance, otherwise known as a false- flag by the powers that be.
      The reality is that the reports about torture rendition are everyday , ordinary , common or garden , typical British whitewash. You think they have been exposed, but in reality it’s fake news.
      USUKIS has created, starting with the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood 100 years ago in 1918, a Frankinstein monstour of Political Islam, a bogeyman, a will o’the wisp, to make the British people scared and spooked about Islam . When really it is exactly the same religion as the national religion of the UK but in a slightly purer form.

      If you don’t have a TV at all , you won’t get sucked into their silly games. Well you did ask my opinion, Craig, and now you have it, entirely free and without charge..

      • Herbie

        “They want you to be scared. They want you to think that the government really minds about these shocking relevations.”

        That’s the argument that was made about Snowden and govt spying ability.

        If you follow it through, they’ll probably not much care about bloggers, social media and the new and alternative journalism made possible by the internet.

        We could just be living through an extended Lords of Misrule, or Carnival.

        Meanwhiles the gods are negotiating a whole new world for us all.

      • Tony_0pmoc


        I see we are on the same page. A couple of weeks ago, we were camping in Brummie Land at a music festival. It was Brilliant. We then went to Cornwall. Now I need a Bath. Then we are off again. We only take a tent. No one has stolen it yet.


      • Paul Barbara

        @ giyane July 1, 2018 at 00:04
        ‘…The reality is that the reports about torture rendition are everyday , ordinary , common or garden , typical British whitewash. You think they have been exposed, but in reality it’s fake news…’
        What on earth are you on about? False news? Do you not believe ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ was, and probably still is, all too real?
        Craig has got to grips with a lot of stuff since Uzbekistan; eventually he’ll come on board the ‘Big One’.

        • giyane

          Paul Barbara

          I am on about the gaffe of the editor catching a funny look, which he can see full well on his panel of screens, and deciding to broadcast it.. Meanwhile Dominic Casciani’s cellulose nitrate film appears to bubble up because the spool is jammed. How very quaint and archaic.

          My point is that the editor has all these special effects to edit with and is using them, together with his professional actors and professional scriptwriters to create a narrative that spooky MI6 is upset by these revelations, whereas in fact this is pure damage limitation and whitewashing. This is how perfidious Albion deals with its war crimes. It limits them to a small window of specific criminal activity, and then pretends to apologise for that small and specific spotlight of criminality.

          Wanker May is exceptionally well primed in media illusion which is why Steve Bell portrays her as a harlequin. The evil British State has contrived to limit the narrative to a scandal which it controls , made by its own investigative team i.e. Grieve who has been well -educated at Westminster School and Law School and thereafter in the dark arts of Theatre and politics.
          In a couple of years’ time they’ll be saying ” Yes all that torture rendition stuff has been thoroughly investigated and dealt with by that Tory rebel, Grieve who threatened to bring the Tory government down.” Oh dear , got to change me knickers again…

          The worst part was our man in the know who knows just how appalling torture rendition -brainwashing was, and knows that Karimov’s own daughter was similarly rendition, dosed with psychotic drugs and murdered, playing the British class game and doffing his bowler to Grieve, whom he surely knows should as a Tory minister rightfully have been boiled alive for his part in the War on Islam along with the whole gamut of other evil MPs who illegally attacked Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

          The cancer of British lying can be seen in Northern Ireland. The terror instigated, commissioned, funded and fielded by the evil British state can’t get healed because one of its most evil liars refused to acknowledge the truth of British culpability when he got his chance to make amends. We now have a border which is so febrile that it cannot house electronic surveillance for the purpose of Customs after Brexit. A situation compounded by the lying whopper, Boris Johnson , comparing it to the congestion charge in London. These bastards deliberately refuse to open a crack of light on the war-crimes of the British. You will believe our lies , even if you go bonkers in the process.

          Unfortunately for the evil British politburo, and thanks to Craig’s courage in exposing British lies, we now have the measure of this ancient, crooked, malign kleptocracy who even as they are strung by the internet’s exposure of their lies on the gallows, can’t resist kicking at the peasants over whom they have for so long and so arrogantly ruled.

      • N_

        I too got the impression that Craig watches too much TV 🙂

        I’ve never had a TV set all my adult life.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    What most people don’t seem to understand, is that it is us tourists; us normal people, who travel all over the world on holidays we have booked and paid for out of the money we earned through working hard, who are The Real Diplomats. We meet these people in foreign lands and make friends with them. Sometimes we hardly understand more than a few words of each other’s languages..yet we communicate better than you. ” these people” are us.

    We are far better at it – us Tourists. We get along and we make friends.

    You very rich Politicians and Oligarchs: – All you do is talk to very rich Politicians and Oligarchs. How the hell are you going to learn anything useful from them? Most of them are as stupid as you.

    Most of you lot are not only completely useless, but some of you have been trying to start a nuclear world war 3.

    You call yourselves The Elite???

    You are a bunch of morons and psychopaths and you think you are still in control?????

    Look at the mess you have made.

    You are not very good, and I am trying to be polite.

    God help us.


  • Brianfujisan

    I Mean Craig is Speaking…… Whilst other Speakers are Uninterestd.. I have My Own Video Fotege

  • Paul Barbara

    What’s there to comment on? Her expression says it all – the geezer slipped up – pull, pull!
    Reminiscent of a certain British Propaganda Corporation’s actions when Jane Standley annopunced the fall of WTC 7 when it was still standing, and visible behind her. I know 9/11 is generally ‘verboten’ as it can take over threads, but this is highly ‘On Topic’:
    ‘ENHANCED VERSION: News Reports WTC7 Fell Before It Happens!’:

  • nines

    She looks a cross between incredulous and angry… I think as though she’s shocked he’s saying verboten stuff. First she’s making oh-no faces at the director, and then the anger/incredulity toward the on the ground reporter whose been cut off.

  • SA

    Meanwhile, after these confirmations of U.K. government involvement in torture in both the Nelhaj affair and the more recent parliamentary committee revelations, the panel in any questions was presented with another opportunity for Putin and Russia bashing whereby the the panel patted itself on its back for agreeing that the real winner of the World Cup was a certain thug called Vladimir Putin, wheeling out the usual list from Crimea to Skripals to Syria. No discussion about ‘our’ involvement in torture.

  • Walt King

    Well it seems to me that if the BBC were worried about truths being inadvertently revealed, they would simply put a few minutes delay on to transmissions as I understand they do when worried about words such as fuck or cunt being broadcast by “alternative” comics. If they wanted simply to block speech they would interrupt words not pictures.
    I think too much is being read into this.

    • Radar O’Reilly

      And this is what a Grauniad/Observer journo reports today:-

      At the very least, the kindest and perhaps least credible explanation is that UK intelligence gamed its own rules to cross almost every one of its self-professed red lines, to enjoy the benefits of other people’s torture and rendition, and drive a cart and horse through legal due process.

      More likely, as the reports suggest, is that it was worse than that: nothing short of a long-running cover-up that persisted for a decade and a half, that saw British officials tell lie after lie over the years for British public consumption, to sustain the impression that torture is something that only happens in other countries.

      Instead, British officials knew early on, as the reports make clear, that they were dealing with material tainted by mistreatment, even as they funded rendition – a kind word for kidnapping – in two cases. And as Dominic Grieve, chair of the Commons intelligence and security committee, has made clear, even now Britain’s security services have failed to come entirely clean about what occurred because of the prime minister’s failure to make key intelligence officials available.

      A fundamental test of a functioning democracy is that all of its citizens should be accountable to the same scrutiny and laws, yet it appears that the government continues to protect MI6 officers in particular who may be implicated in wrongdoing.

      Also ‘no comments’ allowed, at least on my device. Peter Beaumont’s short wiki-bio was ‘edited’ by Philip Cross a few years ago, is that now a badge of honour?


    • Jane

      That is amazing, it was not so long ago . It is impossible to imagine the guardian allowing such honesty now . I had forgotten what it was like. I no longer can bring myself to read it.

  • Sharp Ears

    Have the Times and the Sun nothing better with which to fill their front pages? It must be upsetting for the Queen to see it. No sensitivity or decorum.

    Ministers rehearse for death of the Queen
    Tim Shipman, Political Editor
    July 1 2018, 12:01am, The Sunday Times

    There are no specific concerns about the Queen’s health; civil servants constantly update plans for the days following her demise.

    Ministers have taken charge of plans for the days following the Queen’s death for the first time. They led a secret Whitehall exercise last week to prepare for 10 days of national mourning.

    David Lidington, Theresa May’s deputy, chaired an extensive meeting on Thursday that also included the home secretary, Sajid Javid; Andrea Leadsom, the leader of the Commons; and the Scottish secretary, David Mundell.

    The exercise, dubbed “Castle Dove”, focused on “D+1”, the day after the Queen’s death, with ministers deciding when the prime minister would make public statements.

    The exercise was not prompted by specific concerns about the Queen’s health, but it came in a week that the 92-year-old monarch missed a service at St Paul’s Cathedral because she was unwell.’


  • quasi_verbatim

    “Whoa!” mouths the Beeb wench as Dominic struggles to let the cat out of the bag.

    Vast swathes of the Deep State-Privy Council Complex, from mundane apparatchiks to the highest echelons of society, were in contravention of the Nuremberg Principles in terms of waging aggressive war and crimes against humanity in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya: and extant in Syria, Yemen and other places we know not of.

    Good luck in taking that lot to court.

    Now back to to the Brexit-induced collapse of the British pseudo-state. What, if anything, is Quisling doing about it? Is she sunning herself in some secluded spot? Does she take a tan, or is she of the boiled lobster persuasion?

  • Sharp Ears

    Avoid Marr this morning.

    Simon Stevens i/c NHS England
    James Brokenshire Housing Minister
    MADELEINE ALBRIGHT ‘The Price Is Worth It’

    Reviewing the papers are former tennis champion Martina Navratilova, shadow sport minister Dr Rosena Allin-Khan and journalist Tim Stanley/Torygraph.

  • Sharp Ears

    Countryfile had an item about the water companies discharging sewage into our rivers at times of high rainfall and in storms. Quite disgusting, I see it happening in the River Wey where the discharge from Thames Water local works every morning produces a terrible stench in the air too

    Tom Heap the presenter, one of those BBC stooges with his own company, told us that if we wanted better management and monitoring, we should be prepared to pay more for our water! There was no mention of the huge profits made by the several privatised water companies nor of the vast salaries their executives are paid.

    The CEO of SW Water – ‘The boss of South West Water took home almost £660,000 in 2017 – 3.5 more than the Prime Minister. Chris Loughlin, the chief executive of Pennon Group, the owner of South West Water, Viridor and Pennon Water Services, has received £3.3 million in salary, bonuses, pensions and other benefits over the past five years. He took home £660,000 in 2017 – 3.5 times more than the Prime Minister and a 62% increase from 2013.’
    A chart showing the companies and CEO salaries is included on that link.

    Loughlin used to ‘run’ Sellafield for British Nuclear Fuels.

    Water bosses’ huge pay packets: analysis
    7 Jun 2018

    It’s incredible but Loughlin is one of the lowest paid.

    The inability of the water companies to deal with leaks is well known. especially Thames Water’s record.

    • Pyewacket

      Sharp Ears, the discharge of effluents at times of high flow has been custom and practise for years and years because the higher volume of water has a diluting effect. As long as they don’t breach their discharge consents in terms of increased BOD/COD (Biological/Chemical Oxygen Demand) they are acting within the law. Problems do arise if others use the opportunity to get rid of their surplus liquid waste too, for example Farmers emptying slurry tanks, or other, similar commercial producers of liquid wastes. Another old ruse, where the geographical opportunity arose, was to discharge effluents into rivers below the tidal range, as the consent conditions were less stringent for marine aquatic environments that fresh water Riverine ones. That may have changed though now, since the implementation of the EU’s Bathing Water Directive. As far as I know though, there isn’t any enhanced water treatment involved which would be very expensive. All they did at Blackpool was lengthen the sewage effluent discharge pipe from one mile offshore to three miles, thus increasing the diluting effect……Kerrching !

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      A Waste Water Treatment Works will have a given hourly capacity for its designated catchment area (say (20,000 m3 / hr). A good WWTW will also have a surge tank for storm conditions. With urban sprawl capacity in a generally aging estate of works is under pressure. For new housing development on green field sites water companies will have effective veto on planning permission, but they will be under political and financial pressure to cut safety margins to a bare minimum. For works where capacity has already been reached the big issues are increased storm intensity / frequency and accelerated run off. Storm intensity is a factor of global warming and there is little to be done about this in the short to medium term. Increased run off is down to driveways being monoblocked as opposed to chuckies and gardens having grass replaced by decking and plastic turf ’cause we can’t part ourselves from our IPhones long enough to cut the fucking grass.
      So, yes there needs to be massive investment to upgrade the existing estate of works and ultimately we will have to pay through one mechanism or another.
      Gross disparity between pay for the troops on the front line and the suits in the board room is hardly limited to the water industry.

      • Sharp Ears

        Thanks for those Pyewacket and Vivian O’Blivion. Good info. and comment.

  • Les Campbell

    On first inspection I thought they wanted to shut the reporter up. However the more I watched, the more it appears a carefully produced piece of crumb dropping by the most practiced liars and media manipulators on the planet.
    Coburns face is pure pantomime dame. Supposedly caught unawares. By the production team. I doubt that. Even the “interference” is reminiscent of the BBC coverage of aspects of the Westminster and London Bridge events. Easy to do especially if this was a live not live screening.
    Finally the words are not suppressed. We get to hear exactly the sound bite we are expected to repeat. Government knew- MI6 involved.
    It’s Coburn for me. What on Earth is she doing this for?What is the reward? She is never going to be a part of the global permanent government (control-mind) One step out of line and she’s toast. She is just a portal journalist. She delivers (notes as she tells us) from the cabinet office applied psychology department for change.
    They love it. Sow confusion. Create chaos. Drive the population into a state of delirium. Then pack them off into our new improved health services. Nuclear radiation treatment for cancer. Pain management medication. Antipsychotic and antidepressant medication for the mentally ill.

    • King of Welsh Noir

      I think you may be right – on second or third viewing it does appear to be a bit staged.

  • paul garrud

    Yes, it gives a strong impression that someone or some cue off to the right of the head on camera was telling her to cut the interview short. Maybe it was just the technical glitch or maybe the technical glitch was introduced quickly by someone at that point to prevent the reporter elaborating about the alleged involvement of MI6.

    • Sharp Ears

      His star rose when he got the Home Office job and ever since he struck this pose.

      What impression do you get when you look at this photo? Is it an overwhelming sense of competence, authority and strength? Presumably that’s what Sajid Javid was going for when he struck this power pose outside the Home Office on his first day in the new job, staring into the middle distance to contemplate the full historic weight of his appointment. But some people noticed something else. He’s not the only Tory politician to stand like this. In fact, loads of them do it. Here’s Theresa May, impressing the nation with her dominant stance:

      • Vivian O'Blivion

        Round my way if you stand in the street adopting THAT STANCE, a conscientious passerby will deliver a swift boot to the haw-maws.

      • Phil Espin

        To answer your question, what do you think when you see this picture, I think “the guy is a nob”

  • pauline jones

    Clearly her expression said – “He has let the cat out of the bag” “Quick, shut him up” (accompanied by very rapid, shifty movements of the eyes>

  • N_

    The Met Office has issued its “first” thunderstorm warning.

    This comes after a ramp-up of official personification of weather events to shape how people relate to them. (Anybody who doesn’t realise that such a policy is deliberate and has been undertaken towards certain ends doesn’t have much experience in properly thinking about what happens in the world.)

    A few days ago, the Metro reported that a huge wildfire threatened Greater Manchester.

    Justice Secretary David Gauke wants to use the army to help bring in the harvest because of the decrese in available labour from Eastern Europe?

    Do you get the way this is going?

    For most people, the answer is NO, they do NOT get the way this is going, and they will insult anyone who brings it to their intention, because they’re too scared to think about it and not exactly in the habit of not being submissive in their minds.

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