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I took half an hour out yesterday from building the Doune the Rabbit Hole site to take part in a worldwide broadcast in support of Julian Assange. You can see me here on YouTube from 3 hours and 43 minutes in, though you may prefer to watch Slavoj Zizek who is on just before me.

The fact that I could broadcast video to people all over the world from a beautiful but remote field in the shadow of the Trossachs, via a mobile phone connection, is an example of just why the state and corporate media can no longer dominate the narrative with their propaganda. That is the main subject of my brief talk.

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57 thoughts on “Thoughts Inspired by Julian Assange

  • Jack

    Trump should free him, he “helped” him aginst Clinton for one, but I guess too many fanatical neocon/pro-clinton deep states’ at US state dpt. eagerly want to rip him to shreds.

    • Antonyl

      You answered your own question correct: whistle blower helpers like Assange will continue to be targeted by those who have something nasty to hide. The more cover up effort, the worse the original sin, so US deep state was at its worst. The only question for me if the rot started after Eisenhower (who warned for it in his farewell speech in 1961 or during JFK who got assassinated for questioning the CIA/ FBI / NSA.
      Shoot the messenger and distract from the message.

  • N_

    The fact that I could broadcast video to people all over the world from a beautiful but remote field in the shadow of the Trossachs, via a mobile phone connection, is an example of just why the state and corporate media can no longer dominate the narrative with their propaganda.

    Opposition is growing! The trouble is that it ISN’T. There’s hardly a coherent opposition in any country where the internet, mobile phones and “social media” have taken hold. MOBILE PHONES ARE COCK. The internet is cock. This is all about “Say what you like, do what you’re told.”

    The Luddites had it right. Of course I am a terrible person, total fool, not with the programme against Hillary Clinton (who?), a spoilsport, etc. for saying this.

    • N_

      I hope everyone has a great time at Doune! I would join in if I could.

      (Those who bring mobile phones will probably enjoy it more if they turn them off!)

  • Martinned

    Wow… Are we trying to start a Julian Assange personality cult? Because I hear Allison Mack is available, although I’m not sure if she’s allowed to leave the US.

    • Sharp Ears

      Cut the acid Martinned. It does not reflect on you very well. Have you no sympathy for Julian or any understanding of his predicament.

  • Dom

    Crystal clear statement of Wikileaks’ importance in awakening people to the lies of government and mainstream media.

  • Sharp Ears

    Sadly, I was unaware of this vigil taking place.

    Pentagon Paper’s Dan Ellsberg & NSA’s Bill Binney Voice Support for Julian Assange


    International Movement to Free Julian Assange Grows

    #Unity4J — United in Solidarity For Julian Assange
    The ongoing deprivation of Julian Assange’s human rights is an untenable situation and a failure of international law…
    This weekend, July 7–8, even more whistleblowers, political figures, journalists, and activists are joining our second #Unity4J online vigil! The thirty-five strong line-up for this event includes several repeat guests from previous vigils, as well as exciting new ones.

    We are delighted to welcome:
    Daniel Ellsberg,activist, whistleblower and former US military analyst;
    David Swanson,anti-war activist and author;
    Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and advisor to President Reagan;
    George Galloway,British politician, writer and broadcaster;
    Felicity Ruby,political advisor and 2017 Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient;
    Cian Westmoreland, former US Air Force drone technician and whistleblower;
    Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and activist;
    Peter Van Buren, former US Foreign Services and author;
    William Binney,former NSA official and whistleblower,

    and many others, all of whom have distinguished themselves in their fields and in their steadfast support for Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

    In addition to the previous hosts Suzie Dawson, Elizabeth Lea Vos and Cassandra Fairbanks, we welcome Diani Baretto and Tim Foley who will help to carry the baton during this bigger-than-ever event. The vigil will commence on Saturday at 14:00 UTC, and the full schedule will be published at

    Organizer Suzie Dawson said: “Julian Assange is effectively in solitary confinement with no end in sight, while facing severe health risks, legal threats and deprivation of his human rights. Julian’s situation is dire, tenuous and pressing. In response, each month an ever-growing and diverse group of established public figures combine their reach to spread the word about the urgency of Julian’s situation and issue calls to action. They are those whose conscience will not allow them to be silent in the face of the grave injustices inflicted upon a journalist and publisher and, like Julian, they are on the right side of history.”

    Links to the other parts are on here.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I certainly think that Assange has well and truly paid for whatever he caused, but why doesn’t he have the guts to walk out of the embassy, and see what results?

    if he is shipped off the the USA for more punishment, it will demonstrate to everyone what a shit hole it is.

    I would love to have an opportunity like the one he has.

    • Robyn

      Ship Julian ‘off to the USA for more punishment, it will demonstrate to everyone what a shit hole it is.’

      No need. We already know that the US is the mother of all shit holes.

    • Republicofscotland

      “I would love to have an opportunity like the one he has.”


      So you fancy being frogmarched onto a psyops jets, to god knows where. Then wake up in some filthy dungeon in the ME, only to be tortured, and waterboarded, and degraded until you’re a broken man.

      Good luck with that.

      • Trowbridge H. Ford

        I don’t fancy that, but I am willing to risk what I have long claimed- i.e. the America spooks and their allies have tried to kill me on several occasions.

        You just endlessly jabber on.

  • Sharp Ears

    By Sam Raphael .Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Westminster and Ruth Blakeley. Professor of Politics and International Relations, University of Sheffield

    Disclosure statement
    Sam Raphael received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council for his work on secret detention, rendition and torture in the ‘war on terror’.Ruth Blakeley received funding from the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council for her work on the CIA’s rendition, detention and interrogation programme. She gave evidence to the UK Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee in closed session in January 2017, alongside Dr Sam Raphael. ‘

    The stain of Britain’s part in torture and rendition will never wash away
    June 29, 2018

    They conclude – ‘We have long argued that the Consolidated Guidance does little more than provide a rhetorical, legal and policy scaffold, enabling the UK government to demonstrate a minimum procedural adherence to human rights commitments. As the ISC quite rightly concludes, there is an urgent need for review and fundamental reform of the Consolidated Guidance. The government must also establish much more robust oversight, training and accountability mechanisms.

    We would also argue, in the strongest possible terms, that only a judge-led inquiry with full powers of subpoena will enable the public to know what was done in their name. Without this it will be even harder to achieve full accountability and to identify current forms of UK complicity in human rights abuses. With the anti-torture norm being eroded at the very top of the US government once again, these risks are very present and real.’

    Sadly I don’t think the PTB/the gangsters-in-charge will take any notice of this,

  • John Goss

    I was just about to switch “shoot the messenger” off and you came on about two minutes later. Well done for pursuing this important abuse of human rights. My country is getting worse and worse, more and more like the US, with a crude negation of the original rules of law. There is a bigger parallel with Julian Assange and the Skripals in that both are being prohibited from communication with the general public simply to silence people with something important to say. Keep up the good work!

  • John Stone

    This is something which can be found in a newspaper archive, almost certainly autumn 1999, certainly Sunday Times. One of the Sunday Times “media” editors wrote a most extraordinary article – it began with the words approximately “Not enough people are humiliated on TV, but this all about to change”. Basically he announcing the arrival with the millennium of reality TV. Whether this was just to make money or to deliberately lower public standards (coming from where?) was not clear -but the route, for instance, to Abu Ghraib is striking.

    • John Goss

      I think you have about summed it up John. Many people today are wrapped up in “Love Island” and “Big Brother” they can hardly distinguish between what is real and what is not. And gradually the false flags like the Skripal affair and 9/11 lean in people’s opinions towards the MSM narrative which is the same across the spectrum. Many people thought the Skripals were dead before their deaths. Now they are dead. You have seen the last broadcast of Yulia Skripal which was pre-recorded at the time of the police statement it parrots was issued and it was put out when she was already dead. I hope my analysis is wrong, But those responsible at Porton Down (I suspect the US) will never allow them to tell the truth. The only way they can be sure of that, is what? That’s right.

      By the way, the link to your highlighted name, does not work. I suspect mine does not either because it is for cycle-ride sponsorship for the provision of sports equipment to Palestinian girls. I have learnt a lot these past few months.

      • John Stone


        I hope you are wrong about the Skripals and perhaps would also be a problem for British government if they were completely disappeared for good. You are quite right that the link on my name in the previous comment fails, but the one above above that when I tried it just now actually worked, and perhaps this one will too. I think I did try your link on another occasion with success.

        Yes, my experience is people are not believing what they are told anymore from official or main stream sources (that goes well beyond my blog audience). In my column on I am neither interest in making anything up or pleasing anybody. Everything is documented.

  • Loony

    Ah poor Julian Assange, what can be done?

    Absent a willingness to identify and confront the problem; then nothing is the obvious answer.

    The problem is Sweden – so go and confront the most inane and culturally barbaric nation on earth. Sweden is in the throes of one of the most perverse cultural revolutions ever witnessed in human history. Like all revolutions it will ultimately require the export of its revolutionary ideology. Sit around and do nothing and the enemies of the revolution (all sane people everywhere) will be consumed by the revolution. Julian Assange is just the beginning.

  • Loony

    Ah poor Julian Assange, what can be done?

    Absent a willingness to identify and confront the problem; then nothing is the obvious answer.

    The problem is Sweden – so go and confront the most inane and culturally barbaric nation on earth. Sweden is in the throes of one of the most perverse cultural revolutions ever witnessed in human history. Like all revolutions it will ultimately require the export of its revolutionary ideology. Sit around and do nothing and the enemies of the revolution (all sane people everywhere) will be consumed by the revolution. Julian Assange is just the beginning.

    • Ian

      What is this most perverse cultural revolution ever witnessed? Such an extravagant claim, with zero support or evidence, might just require a little justification. But I don’t suppose it will be forthcoming. Nothing like hyperbole, though.

      • Loony

        No doubt you are British – as you appear to have the required sense of superiority that allows you to conclude that I am your social inferior and am somehow obligated to act as your unpaid research assistant. Try to remember that the revolution eats itself – always and everywhere. No exceptions, and your casual contempt for your fellow man does not bode well for your ability to survive the revolutionary roller coaster.

        Anyway, you want evidence. Here is 3 hours worth of evidence.

        This barely scratches the surface – do let me know if you have any follow up questions and I will of course slip into the role of your personal indentured serf and research all of the answers for you.

        • Ian

          Dude, if your assertions rest on such shaky ground that you have to get all antsy about being asked what they are, then it doesn’t bode well. And indeed what do we find cited as justification? A link to the outer fringes of the alt-right, a self-styled ‘anarcho-capitalist’ (lol), a so-called libertarian who makes Alex Jones look like a liberal wimp, a Randian cult leader who tells insecure kids to leave their parents and follow him, the greatest philosopher since Socrates and so on. So this is where you copy and paste your outer fringe loony analyses from, three hours of alt-right anti-immigration claptrap. Just another youtube ‘genius’, desperate to raise money from suckers. You haven’t done any research to qualify as my indentured serf, you just swallow and regurgitate the alt-right nonsense popular on the hysterical fringes. Perhaps you are the notorious
          Stefan Molyneux in disguise, such is the certitude with which you promulgate his views.

          • Loony

            What does it matter who the messenger is? Surely the only thing that matters is whether the message is true.

            In common with your ilk you confine yourself to an ad hominem attack on the messenger. There is no shortage of sources that detail the inanity that is Sweden. Indeed this very blog is one of those sources – although the blog author declines to make the overt connection with Sweden.

            It is Sweden that launched the legal proceedings against Assange that ultimately resulted in his effective incarceration in the Ecuadorian Embassy. It is Sweden that failed to pursue its own legal proceedings and actively sought to prolong the misery of Assange for as long as possible.

            One of the key figures in this farce is one Anna Ardin – a Swedish citizen who the Swedish authorities have declined to investigate.

            It is Sweden that is so interested in feminism that it actively promotes polygamy (but only for men) and child brides (but only female child brides)

            Elsewhere you can read all about the latest Novichok poisonings – Sweden is one of the few countries in the world with supplies of Novichok. Ask why this might be?

            Take a look at the policies of the Riksbank and ask yourself how these policies can possibly be to the benefit of the Swedish population.

            Here is the “outer fringes, alt right, self styled anarcho capitalist”web site


            From this you can compare and contrast the rates offered by all major economies with those offered by Sweden. Do you think that there may be any connection between Swedish interest rates and the proposed increase in retirement age various benefits cuts? Maybe you consider interest rates to be “alt right nonsense popular on the hysterical fringe” – which of course smearing interest rates would make the smearer a bastion of intellectual integrity.

            You are so fond of Sweden then presumably you agree with the Swedish government. Take for example the opinion of Margot Wallstrom “in the long run our system will collapse” So the Swedish government admits that its plan is to destroy Sweden. But then perhaps Ms. Wallstrom has infiltrated herself into the Swedish government as an agent of anarcho capitalists or, and probably more plausibly, she receives her orders direct from Vladimir Putin.

          • Ian

            Oh, it matters who the messenger is, when they are so clearly crackpot as he is. The message is alt-right bilge.

            Having, unsurprisingly, declined to defend him, your much vaunted ‘research’ consists of cobbling together some random quotes and a statistic off the internet and weaving them together into another fantasy depiction of evil Sweden. Funny how the alt-right is so obsessed with Sweden and misrepresenting its internal politics for its own hysterical purposes. Sweden doesn’t promote polygamy or child brides, but we can easily get the unstated implication of what you want to say. As for interest rates revealing a dastardly plot to bring down the west, please, is that your best shot? And quoting Wallstrom, who was making a not unreasonable point in context, as somehow proof the entire Swedish government is planning to destroy Sweden is hallucinatory paranoia of the most ridiculous kind. Just absurd.
            So this is your sum total of proof of the most perverse cultural revolution in history? Ha ha, clutching at straws – not even straws they are so thin and feeble.
            And as for your attempt to scorn anarcho capitalists, it was you quoting such a person as proof of your thesis, and endorsing such extreme views, not me.

          • Loony

            According to your logic when Adolf Hitler made clear he had plans to invade and conquer substantially all of Europe, and exterminate millions of people he should have been ignored. Ignored on the basis that he was clearly a crackpot spouting far right bilge. What a great shame that you were not around to advise people in 1940.

            It is a matter of fact that Sweden promotes polygamy (for men only) and child marriage (for girls only). Simply denying it does not make it untrue. Look up for yourself Swedish government issued pamphlets that prove this point.

            If you really do not understand that negative interest rates have no function other than the economic extermination of vast swathes of the population then you are in for one big surprise.

          • Ian

            Facepalm. When in doubt pull out the Hitler card. Lol. Who are you comparing to Hitler here? Your great hero, uber right self-appointed genius Stefan Molyneux, who I am trying to tell you is a fraud, or Sweden? You talk of logic, but display a singular lack of any yourself. You are telling us Sweden is set to invade the rest of Europe? Ludicrous.

            As for your evidence free assertion about Sweden and polygamy it is a pity you can’t look further than your favourite alt-right website. If you did you would find that the pamphlets you talk about were for immigrants (a favourite target of all alt-right content of course), and advised them that polygamous marriages performed outside of Sweden would be accepted, although in practice the first wife was considered to be the actual wife. The same applied to so-called child brides, although this was withdrawn after protests. So a concession to immigrants is seized upon by the alt right who falsely claimed that polygamy was allowed to be performed inside Sweden, which it is not, and promoted by them, which it is not. You should really take your own advice and look it up before making unsubstantiated and false claims.
            As for negative interest rates, Japan and Switzerland have had them, the population seems to have survived so far. Sure they are a matter of some controversy, although no more than quantitative easing and other methods, but no-one outside of some crackpot rightwing sites has claimed that they lead to extermination. This is just laughable, desperate stuff. What other hysterical claims do you have? All of them are always unsubstantiated assertions, no links, but said with the conviction of a true believer complete with contempt for anybody who doesn’t share such apocalyptic alt right hyperbolic trash theories and memes.

          • Loony

            Consider this:


            It is in Swedish but it tells the story of a man who raped a 12 year old girl, made death threats to her, resisted arrest, and committed various driving offences and was sentenced to 150 hours community service. Despite being a national of a foreign country (Somalia) there was no recommendation that he be deported.

            Sweden an insane country that hates and despises its own children.

            But wait, maybe the hero worship of child rapists is a good thing – something that all far left radicals should embrace to demonstrate their own virtue and tolerance. Take a look at communist South Africa and see what happens to child rapists there


            My word Sweden does seem to be out of step with the paradise that is South Africa. What can possibly explain this is if not societal insanity that has infected Sweden.

          • Ian

            Ha, more alt-right memes, take a criminal case that happens to be linked in Swedish, give us a cod translation, and then claim it proves some imaginary point of yours about the whole society. Yes, they must despise their children, all of them, you are totally convincing. Then like to a completely different country, claim it is a communist paradise, which it is obviously not, and make some further wild allegations. Desperate and ridiculous. Any more fabrications you can dredge from some US alt right wacko sites? Dropped the Hitler claim, and all the other exaggerated nonsense, have we?

        • Jon

          Loony, your assertions about the “legalisation” of child marriage in Sweden are entirely untrue. This rumour was promoted by the US far right and has been debunked many times. The problem was down to an official govt leaflet that was not sufficiently condemnatory of child marriage. This quotes from primary sources, so should be helpful to you:

          In particular:

          “Sweden does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to enter into marriage in the country,” Socialstyrelsen’s legal head Pär Ödman said. “However, according to current legislation, the general rule is that marriage which is legal according to the law of the country in which it was carried out should be recognized in Sweden. New legislation is currently being prepared by the government.”

  • RHill

    Football might be coming home but that’s more than can be said for Julian Assange. I’d love to know why Farage was visiting him in his bolthole while simultaneously in contact with the Trump campaign and Russia.

  • quasi_verbatim

    Assange is at death’s door. Why does he not walk, and save himself alive?

  • Cathy Vogan

    The two Australian women before Slavoj may also have been worth a listen… I don’t just say that because I was one of them, but because Felicity Ruby was, and I greatly value her insight and experience, both in Australian politics and matters that concern Wikileaks. We must urgently push, as Australians, for the protection of Assange’s human rights. With adequate consensus, it shouldn’t be too hard to urge our PM Malcolm Turnbull, who has declared himself highly supportive of Wikileaks in the past, to at least say no to Assange’s torture. John Pilger has called for Turnbull to bring Julian home (albeit to a recently introduced climate of Espionage and Foreign Interference impediments).

  • Mistress Pliddy

    Gawd, what a dork. It’s weird just how much Americans (I mean of the US variety – duh;mericans)… just how much they are incapable of self-reflection. It seems to apply across the book, mainstream, alternative, blue, red, country, city, west coast, east coast, in between… as though they actually believe the cr@p about individualism. Come to think about it, it’s funny how such ultra-individualists are all clones of one another. And this is the vision they are missionary about, heaven help the other 7 billion of us.

  • anon

    Youre a decent man, Mr. Murray, whatever the imperfections you mention. And that is what matters in this age when too much speech has become calculating hasbara, and letter-of-the-law plausibility has overwhelmed speaking the spirit-of-the-law. We need more direct people like you, perhaps her,

    Couple of questions,
    1. Can you suggest any articles on what happened in Ecuador ? Was Lenin Moreno a trojan horse from the beginning ? How did he garner enough trust to get nominated by Rafael Correas party and get elected ? etc

    2. Think the professor you mention is stanfords Philip Zimbardo and his prison experiment
    Can you suggest any specific articles on the decline of empathy ? and especially in the case you mention, the iraq photos ?

    3. As you say, as an insider in the power 1% with a genuine concern for the public interest, what you say is of great value. Ordinary people have great difficulty really believing that their everyday world is not a game of cricket, where everyone plays fair, follows the law etc. We have no idea of the how the 1% really thinks, talks and acts inside the corridors of power and money – except when the curtain occasionally drops, like the miltromney tape etc. This where you can make a major contribution – really working out the anthropology of the 1% and presenting it. Wikileaks has given glimpses of the data in the form of diplomatic cables etc. but their interpretation and meanings of specific forms of words, and unobserved behaviors inside the closed rooms, that is all up your bailiwick… perhaps you could team up some university departments and launch a programme of reseach…

    Thank you for all you are doing, and all the best,,,

  • Gary

    Yes, I couldn’t agree more. They have successfully demonised Assange as a ‘rapist’ in the eyes of the public. Something which he can never fully recover from as most people won’t be paying attention to the details. The fact he is successfully isolated and out of the public view makes this more successful asl, by the time he regains his freedom, he will always be remembered as ‘that guy who dodged the rape charges’ rather than ‘that guy who publicised all the bad stuff our govt did’

    I doubt that even a Labour government will do much to help him either. Regardless of Corbyn’s personal opinions, the Labour Party is STILL ‘the tail wagging the dog’ The PLP are Tory Lite or ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tory’ if you prefer.

    A masterclass in how to crush the truth, the only case worse than this was Shayler. Look what they did to him..that was worse than jail.

  • RHill

    Grand Jury indictment – Para 7 “The Conspirators also used the Guccifer 2.0 persona to release additional stolen documents through a website maintained by an organization ( Organization 1 ), that had previously posted documents stolen from U.S. persons, entities, and the U.S. government. The Conspirators continued their U.S. election-interference operations through in or around November 2016.” If Wikileaks are “Organisation 1” Assange better settle down for another 5 years in that embassy.

  • Janis has just published an article online about the likelihood of Ecuador withdrawing asylum for Assange in the near future and the likely consequences.

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