For Once, Theresa May is Very Accurate 393

Theresa May today chose to compare herself with Geoffrey Boycott. For once, she was being very accurate, especially when it comes to relationships with her own team. Boycott’s players hated him so much during his captaincy they actually ran him out on purpose during a test match.

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393 thoughts on “For Once, Theresa May is Very Accurate

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  • EntropyWins

    Somewhat OT:

    A DOJ prosecutor has ‘inadvertently’ confirmed that a sealed indictment awaits Assange.

    The US and UK government would love to establish the prosecution of anyone who embarrasses them, publisher or not. The western corporate MSM would fully support this too. Ecuador would be more than happy to go along for the personal benefit of its leadership.

  • Sharp Ears

    The new Brexit Secretary is Stephen Barclay. The last time I saw him in action in the HoC when he was a minister in the Dept of Health and Social Care was his ineffective response to the Opposition on the scandal over the storage of hospital waste including 3.5 tonnes of body parts and the inability of the contractor to deal with the accumulations at several sites.

    Better luck when dealing with Messrs Tusk, Barnier and Juncker!

    PS When Wikipedia was updated with his new appointment, the record of his position at the DoH has been deleted. It has now been restored.

    This has been deleted – 🙂

  • Sharp Ears

    I wasn’t aware that I had an ‘agreement’ with Microsoft! Is this something to do with Brexit or a tax fiddle?

    By e-mail just now

    ‘Your Services Agreement made clearer

    You’re receiving this email because we are updating the Microsoft Services Agreement, which applies to one or more Microsoft consumer products or services you use. We are changing the contracting entity for our free consumer services in European markets (European Economic Area and Switzerland) from Microsoft Corporation (US) to Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited, One Mic‍rosoft Place, So‍uth Co‍unty Bus‍iness Pa‍rk, Leo‍pardst‍own, Dub‍lin 18, I‍rel‍and. We are also changing the governing law to Ireland for claims relating to free and paid consumer services in European markets. There are no other changes to the Microsoft Services Agreement.
    You can read the entire Microsoft Services Agreement here. You can also learn more about this update on our FAQ page here. This update to the Microsoft Services Agreement will take effect on 28 De‍cember 20‍18. If you continue to use our consumer products and services on or after 28 De‍cember 20‍18, this means you are agreeing to the updated Microsoft Services Agreement.
    If you do not agree, you can choose to discontinue using the products and services, and close your Microsoft account before these terms become effective. If you are a parent or guardian, you are responsible for your child’s or teenager’s use of Microsoft consumer products and services, including purchases.’

    • pete

      Re “your Microsoft service agreement”
      Remember that little box you clicked on when you installed any Microsoft software? That’s the agreement. The full agreement is here:
      It means if you use Skype, or Onedrive or Cortana or any of the products or services listed at the end of the document cited above you loose your rights to the extent of the contents of the agreement. Essentially you are in their power, It’s time for you to switch to an Open Source operating system that it shouldn’t take you more that a few years to get familiar with. There are free Open Source alternatives to just about all of Microsoft products. Good luck.

    • Radar O’Reilly

      Updated user agreements, I wonder if it is related to this debacle?,

      Microsoft broke European [GDPR] privacy rules by carrying out the “large scale and covert” gathering of private data through its Office apps. . .

      [Microsoft] was collecting telemetry and other content from its Office applications, including email titles and sentences where translation or spellchecker was used, and secretly storing the data on systems in the United States

      Absurdly, some of their ‘telemetry’ strategies do remind me a lot of these allegations of economic espionage :-

      charges Tuesday against 10 Chinese nationals, the Department of Justice showed its focus is on China’s civilian intelligence agency, which analysts say has become Beijing’s preferred arm for conducting economic espionage.

      And this howler

      China has violated a bilateral agreement with the United States, reached during the Obama administration, that bans either country from conducting state-sponsored, cyber-enabled economic espionage against each other, a top U.S. National Security Agency official claimed


      I’m sure the U.S. National Security Agency official would be ‘shocked, absolutely shocked’ that Microsoft’s secret telemetry of world-wide, not just reciprocally with China, office & windows 10 user take was secretly storing the data on systems in the United States!

      Looking at another very recent article

      China, like Russia, is displaying an increasingly freewheeling and entrepreneurial approach to espionage. Several indictments unsealed since September reveal how the Ministry of State Security, the Chinese spy service, has operated through its regional bureaus — in this case the Jiangsu provincial office of the MSS — to obtain precious U.S. technology.
      (Specifically here – UK jet engine technology)

      But how did UKUSA GCHQ/NSA & tier-partners obtain their precious US technology in the first place, by stealing it from all MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint users worldwide? I can see the stark economic reason behind echelon & prism coming to the fore here.
      Google/Slurp, Microsoft, AMZN, facebook all busy with “increasingly freewheeling and entrepreneurial approach to espionage”

      Keep on spying in the free world!

      • bj

        Ever heard of ‘The Halloween Documents’?
        Ever followed the saga of the Open Document Format (ODF)?

  • Sharp Ears

    Craig had better watch out. BLiar is involved in Ghana via his grandiose titled ‘The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.’

    Somebody has his number whilst his spokeswoman makes hypocritical noises about Gaza. He did absolutely nothing for the Palestinians.

    The photo under the video.

    She is Karen Kaufman. We have employed her at some stages. Firstly when he was the so called Quarter Representative and secondly at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv.

  • TonyF12

    Cricket analogies do not help much. Where is Lord Sugar when we need him most? Where would his finger point first?

    The Brexit deal and all the surrounding monumental deceit and incompetence belong in an episode of BBC The Apprentice.
    A businessman would be so much more effective than infighting lying politicians and Bromley South civil servants struggling to put something together out of nothing like Ready, Steady, Cook with no vegetables and no meat.

    The last time the British public was fooled on this scale was Blair’s Iraq War WMD. This time Boris Johnson and his chums sold Brexit to the electorate as guaranteed to deliver £350 millions per week to the NHS – hardly possible to say ‘no’. Every bit as fictitious and wilfully misleading as Blair. No mention of post Brexit borders and how to enforce them – not least in Ireland and at every UK port/airport.

    Theresa May has been left with the mess to clear up, and reading the deal presently on the table it is obvious that the Conservative Party of which she is leader cannot possibly deliver what it (and she) promised. Two years of shuffling the cards cannot make up for the fact that politicians lied, and they have no clue what to do next apart from shout at each other.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Sugar is the analogue to Trump in UK. It was Trump’s Reality TV format relocated in UK

      • TonyF12

        Lord Sugar never ran for senior office in politics, and I suspect he has no ambitions to do such a thing. Trump is a very different sort of person from Sugar, and I would hesitate to make comparisons despite the TV show parallels. For a start Sugar has made a success of his businesses where Trump was endowed with billions of family money and has lost a lot of them.

        My point is that Brexit was created by politicians to suit their ambitions of the moment, and it is a vapid concept when you finally peel the skins off the onion and find what lurks underneath. Theresa May is confronting what was dumped on her by David Cameron, Boris Johnson, and Rees-Mogg. All of whom coincidentally are personally enormously well equipped financially and all coincidentally went to the same school where perceived entitlement is a precondition of enrolment let alone any special subject of study.

        Theresa May’s answer to the problems is a simple one – forget about Brexit. And I speak as someone who was hoodwinked into voting for Brexit. Cui Bono is the question to ask as far as Brexit is concerned, looking back two years later. It benefits the rich and especially those who deal in offshore or dodgy cash. Those with loadsamoney can indulge their fantasies of returning us to what might have been great in 1956, but this fantasy will cost others livelihoods in their millions.

        • Paul Greenwood

          Sugar was appointed to a position as Legislator in The United Kingdom by Gordon Brown in 2009 after years of being a major donor to Labour. Trump had to get elected because Legislators since 1913 have been elected in The Upper House and elections are the way in USA

  • N_

    Suzanne Moore usually writes irrelevant crap (no offence meant, Suzanne – you’re probably quite a nice person, OK?), but she (or a subeditor) seems to have tapped into the symbolism with astuteness and intelligence when coming up with the following line: “Theresa May personifies the UK: lonely, exhausted, her power ebbing away“. Yes, that is indeed a theme of the symbol show in its current stage.

    (The text of the article isn’t worth reading. And by “the UK”, she means Britain the country, not the monarchist regime.)

    Finance 101: those with huge amounts of money don’t only increase it by knowing the direction that markets will move in, for example when they themselves push the markets in that direction. They can also make money – great big oodles of it – from uncertainty, or, as it gets presented to them in number form, volatility. HUGE amounts of money will be made on the Big Days of Brexit-related uncertainty that lie ahead. Everyone who has been watching sterling’s exchange rates over the past few days will know just how sensitive markets are to Brexitty political goings-on. Expect the sensitivity to rise a level or two. Nobody in their right mind would sell long-term volatility now.

    No food in Birmingham because the M25 got gridlocked? Five thousand die in Newcastle because medicines couldn’t get in from the continent? Internment introduced in Glasgow as rations fall to 800 calories per day? Decent people will be appalled at such horrible events, but the super-rich will be jumping at the opportunities for MEGAPROFIT! Ker-ching! They are already thinking that. Picture George Soros on White Wednesday times a large multiple!

    PS Anyone who will have a baby in the next few months had better not succumb to all the advertising for formula milk.

    • Loony

      If you were to be judged by the same standards that you apply to others then you would certainly qualify as one of the great racists of our time.

      The misery that you speculate that may befall the UK has already befallen Greece and the Greek people. The tragedy that has engulfed Greece has happened precisely because Greece is part of the EU. What exactly is it that allows you to think the suffering of Greeks is completely immaterial so as it allows you to live without hardship.

      What kind of person would feed his own ego on the misery of others?

      Sure there is a lot of poverty and misery around the world. Few people in the UK have done anything at all to cause this suffering. Greece is different, for every time you leap to the defense of the EU you increase the pressure being applied to the throats of Greeks. It is not as though it were just Greeks for the Italians are now being lined up to receive the same treatment as that meted out to Greece.

      The EU is little more than the reincarnation of the Aztec empire where ever increasing human sacrifices are required in order to pay tribute to Brussels and their ultimate masters who are doing their best to hide behind the curtains of deceit.

      • Jo Dominich

        Loony, I am afraid to say that Greece renegued on several occasions to repay EU loans to help their beleaguered economy. It is not Greece’s fault but their intransigence in not willing to come to an agreement to pay. If you borrow money you have to pay it back – simple.

        • Loony

          It is interesting to learn that Greece “reneged” on its debts. Every other country that has failed to meet its debt repayment obligations is described as having defaulted. I guess reneged just makes it sound so much more like it was a deliberate decision of Greece and thus bolsters the anti Greek narrative.

          Just imagine if you deployed the same inaccurate and inappropriate wording to describe say Nigerian debt defaults.

          How does anyone repay debts when they do not have money? Did you know that both individuals and corporations can declare bankruptcy and that bankruptcy offers protection against creditors. Protection against creditors often means that debt is written off – i.e. it is not repaid.

          Has Greece been afforded any of the options available to other comparable countries? No is the answer, because the EU would not allow it. Look how many times Germany has defaulted on its debts. Why can Germany walk away from debt but not Greece? Not so simple!!

          • JMF

            The case of Greece is very different and the people of Greece continue to endure the relentless grind of European Union ‘solidarity’ as the Troika (the EU, the European Central Bank, and the IMF) continue to enforce a program of yet more spending cuts. The next batch of pension cuts will take total losses for pensioners since the start of the bailout period in 2010 up to 70 percent. How morally repugnant that the old age pensioners in Greece are, in effect, paying for the reckless lending of the French and German banks.

          • Loony

            What Goldman did was criminal – not prosecuting Goldman was also criminal. But then Goldman were only the first looters of Greece – whose task was to basically kick down the door so as to aid access for the real looters.

        • JMF

          The Euro is a twisted scheme that favors the Germans most.
          They are an export powerhouse. If they still had the DM it would be such a strong currency that people around the world would become increasing unable to buy German products. The Euro is perfect for their business model (so far) but quite disastrous for many others especially Greek pensioners.

        • Tom Welsh

          @Jo Dominich:

          “If you borrow money you have to pay it back – simple”.

          Au contraire – deceptively simplistic. If I, a sane adult citizen, choose to borrow money I should pay it back, and also pay whatever interest is due. However, I also have the right to declare bankruptcy – in which case I may not have to pay the full sum (or indeed any of it if I have no means).

          The case of Greece is very different. A bunch of extremely corrupt and venal politicians, having gained control of the Greek government, came to understandings with a bunch of amoral, uncaring, greedy bankers. They borrowed huge sums, in the name of Greece, that everyone involved knew could never be repaid – but they simply didn’t care.

          The purpose of such loans, as has been well understood for at least 5,000 years, is not so much to get huge amounts of unearned income in the form of interest and penalties, but actually to gain control – or even ownership – of the debtor itself and all its possessions. Rather like a fisherman using a sprat to catch a mackerel.

          If that sounds strange, it’s not surprising – the whole ethos of our culture trains us to ignore such facts. Try reading David Graeber’s “Debt: The First 5,000 Years”, or better still Michael Hudson’s new book “And Forgive Them Their Debts” (review

          There is quite a lot of truth in the popular Greek joke about Angela Merkel arriving at Athens airport. Asked “Occupation?” she replies “No, just a holiday this time”.

          • Jo Dominich

            Tom, thank you for your post. Good points made. Love the Merkel joke! I will look at both books and other references.

        • ZiggyM

          In a role reversal not even the most prescient dared to anticipate, Greece is growing faster than the U.K. and outperforming it in financial markets. ……..Now that Europe is leading the developed world in growth, productivity and job creation after the euro gained 14.2 percent last year — the most among 16 major currencies and the strongest appreciation since 2003 — Greece is the biggest beneficiary and Britain is the new sick man of Europe.

        • squirrel

          Jo Dominich you do not understand how money is created. It is created when banks make loans. The mathematical problem with this is that the sum owed to the banks will always exceed the money they have created as there is interest payable. In a general sense the money cannot be ‘paid back’.

          The result is an unstable economy with a devil take the hindmost quality about it.

          Greece drew the short straw.

          So did Iceland. But instead of a doing what they were told they let the banks collapse instead

      • Ian

        And as your habitually splenetic and repetitive post didn’t refer to Tibetans, Peruvians or Hawaiians, you must be an even bigger racist. lol

      • Deb O'Nair

        There are only 3 EU nations that have had negative wage growth over the last ten years, Portugal, UK and Greece. The UK is behind Portugal but ahead of Greece. One could argue that the the misery that befell Greece and the Greek people has already befallen the majority of people in the UK thanks to austerity.

        • Paul Greenwood

          Not just wage growth. Destruction of Savings and Pension Accruals has been masterfully carried out to transfer wealth to the gangsters

    • Tony

      There will be a few difficulties in the weeks following a hard brexit, followed by a deluge of dirt-cheap, high quality generic medicines from India and Bangladesh, and dirt-cheap foodstuffs from just about everywhere outside of the EU. The cheaper luxury goods will follow shortly thereafter. And posters such as the above will be desperately changing tack to tell us that all these benefits of a hard brexit are ‘actually bad for us’, via a myriad of daft, tenuous arguments.

      • TonyF12

        We have these dirt-cheap good from many areas of the world already without any need to leave the EU. The issue is to find new markets to export our UK goods to make up for the business we have done with the EU. We already sell into many markets outside the EU and it is hard to see how we might, say, double our exports to China, or Africa, or South America, to make up the numbers.

        So much talk and so many free flights and dinner-dates for politicians, but where is the business going to come from?

        I am sick of the waffle about the benefits of Brexit, when so much is easy talk wrapped up in downright lies like the £350 millions for the NHS every week.

        Follow the money. Why would promoters like Arron Banks find £8 millions to promote Brexit if he could not see a return for himself?

        • Tony

          Actually, no, we can’t have the cheap goods from the rest of the world whilst we remain in the EU because we have to add on the prohibitive EU tariffs. You know? The one ones in place to make ex-EU goods uncompetitive in Europe, and keep goods prices in Europe artificially high?

          • Tony

            There won’t be an awful lot of business to be made up. We will continue to trade heavily with Europe, regardless, but we will have the opportunity to develop existing and new markets unfettered by EU interference.

            The £350 million: as remainers like to say, we haven’t left yet. And the government announced a several billion pounds investment in the NHS not long ago.

            Follow the money? How about George Soros, for example, and his investments in the remain campaign? Or are we required to be selective, and only follow vote leave money?

      • Jiusito

        “a deluge of … dirt-cheap foodstuffs from just about everywhere”

        Which is why computer modelling indicates that any and every permutation of Brexit will destroy British agriculture within two years.

        • Tony

          “India is highly competitive” has to be a contender for understatement of the year. A case in point: HCV is one of the biggest pandemics of our time. Big Pharma charges the NHS high-end tens of thousands of pounds for a single treatment. Indian pharma sells the same treatments for a few hundred pounds. Do the maths, and understand how the HCV pandemic could be completely eliminated very quickly.

      • Dungroanin

        Dirt cheap and high quality from India!

        You got to be kidding?
        ‘Dirty pharma’ for sure – mostly ex-patent, with various impurities that counteract their use.

        And there is no way Big Pharma are going to loosen their chops of the NHS teat and keep profiteering.

        They are dragging their feet on the simple sinecure of cannibis oil still – with their tawdry propaganda, so that they can keep earning from specialist chemical poisons.

        • Tony

          You’re tripping. Big Pharma outsources a lot of it’s manufacture to India. Do some research before talking out of the wrong hole next time.

    • Sharp Ears

      Stockpiling by pharmaceutical companies.

      Ahead of Brexit, U.K.’s top insulin provider Novo Nordisk plans to double its stockpile
      Sep 7, 2018
      Novo Nordisk is a Danish company.

      Why is there so little manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in this country? The sheeple are just waking up to the facts.

      Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin at St Mary’s. A Scot was involved in the work on diabetes and the development of insulin

      • John A

        Novo Nordisk is a Danish company and major insulin provider. No coincidence as Denmark is very much a pig rearing country and insulin is produced from pigs.

      • Deb O'Nair

        At least there’s already plenty of Novichok antidote stockpiled at Porton Down, so who cares about the less important stuff.

      • Paul Greenwood

        Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin at St Mary’s.

        Howard Florey, an Australian synthesised it.

        It was not patented by Fleming but by US producers.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Theresa May personifies the UK: lonely, exhausted, her power ebbing away

      What an allusion to an ageing woman…………funny how Suzanne Moore thinks

  • Sharp Ears

    So much for Tory plan that outsourced ‘care in the community’. Care homes and community hospitals have been closed.

    Here in Surrey six care homes that were owned and run by Surrey Council Council have been closed and the sites flogged off to developers who have built ‘stunning executive houses’ on the sites.

    In Devon, the CCGs have closed nine community hospitals, known as cottage hospitals. They provided beds for those who could be discharged from district general hospitals but who still needed time for complete recuperation. The inevitable ‘bed blocking’ (horrible expression) takes place.

    This collapse of Allied had been on the cards for some time. There will be great difficulty in finding takers for the contracts.

    ‘Allied Healthcare to transfer care contracts
    By Hugh Pym
    Health editor
    16 November 2018

    A major UK home care provider, offering support to 13,000 older and disabled people, is seeking to transfer or sell all its contracts to other providers.

    Allied Healthcare was warned this month by the care regulator about its financial sustainability.

    Since then, some local authorities have already taken steps to find new providers.

    The company says it is working closely with councils to ensure there is no disruption to people’s care.’

    What happens to the vulnerable ‘clients’ in the meantime and in the future? Care homes are closing all over the shop and many of the care companies employing carers who rush round spending 15 minutes or so with each client are in financial trouble. Problems too in finding staff.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Reagan did the same thing and I got tired listening to loons conversing with themselves on the street. The Conservatives are financed by property and construction and those lovely Edwardian mental hospitals with parklands and gardens were ideal for “Executive Homes”…..24 acres at a time at knock down prices !

    • John A

      I am Lancastrian who idolised Clive Lloyd when I was growing up. About 15 years ago I was at some do in the south of England and some block asked me who my favourite cricketer was. I immediately said Clive Lloyd and the bloke immediately wanted to start a fight with me because I had not said Ian Botham. Incidentally the boorish Beefy would be on my list of least favourite cricketers. Am not sure if he took offence because my fav cricketer was not English or not of the requisite skin colour. Althoug CHL has long since taken British citizenship.

      • Deb O'Nair

        “Althoug CHL has long since taken British citizenship.”

        Or at least he thinks he has. There’s no telling with the Tories.

  • N_

    The Scottish Government should announce that, in the event of pro-independence MPs winning a majority of Westminster seats, Scotland will declare Independence and apply to the United Nations for recognition and admission. That sets out a fair democratic test before the electorate,

    So if the SNP win a majority of Scottish seats in a British election (and the SNP it is, because neither Greens nor Trots will win any seats) then independence should ensue even if they win less than 50% of votes? What a “fair democratic test” that would be! Are you sure this isn’t pecial pleading?

    and is analogous to the way that Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic became independent, plus the overwhelming majority of states in Africa, Asia and South America – almost none of which was by referendum.

    In most of these cases, that is not true. An analogy has four parts: it says A is to B as C is to D. Yours says that the pre-independence conditions in Scotland are in this context essentially similar to conditions in all of the other mentioned countries prior to independence. A big problem here is that most of the states in Africa, Asia and South America were colonies, whereas Scotland is not a colony. As for the Baltic states, they were invaded and the governments had no choice but to say “thank you, sir”. That has not happened in Scotland. Then there is Croatia. Let us hope that if Scotland becomes independent it does not take the same route as that country did: war and large-scale ethnic expulsions of those who happened to have been born in Croatia but weren’t ethnically Croatian.

    Scotland is not a colony. It’s part of a formerly colonial union. Profits from the slave trade, for example, went to the rich in Glasgow just as they went to the rich in Liverpool, Bristol, and London.

    So where can we look for an analogy? I can’t think of a part of a formerly colonial union that has become independent. Is there one? Corsica and California aren’t independent yet.

    Most agree that the government of an independent Scotland would RECEIVE a share of the British state’s financial assets, given that people in Scotland have paid taxes to that state. What I would like to know is the following. Would the “left nationalists” of Scotland support the PAYING OUT of a share of these assets in REPARATIONS to Britain’s former colonies in Africa etc.? Would they want the opportunity to be taken to light a beacon in the area of “ethical foreign policy”, to show everyone that nationalism can be oh so left wing and right on? Has this question ever even been considered in left Scotnat circles?

    • Dungroanin

      ‘During the “British” Empire, yes Scots, Irish and Welsh were complicit in England’s subsequent conquest of the rest of the world, but as mercenaries, not as equals, just as the conquered Italic tribes had served the Romans nearly 2000 years earlier. And the first three colonies have since become increasingly neglected and despised backwaters, as its people have drifted away to seek their fortunes elsewhere.’

      • certa certi

        ‘as mercenaries, not as equals’

        As neither. Scots, veterans of the Boer War and WW1, were at the sharp end of massacring indigenous people in NW Australia in the 1920s. Equality wasn’t a fixation then, so long as you had a place and weren’t on the bottom of the pile. They thought of themselves as part of the collectively superior ‘White Britisher race.’ They were entitled to kill their inferiors. It was all bullshit and they knew it so they took the women from the men they killed and bred up.

      • Paul Greenwood

        No. Scots and Irish were the rebels who fought against the Hessian mercenaries in the Colonial War in the Americas. The poverty in Hesse meant mercenaries could be bought wholesale

        Insgesamt lieferte Soldaten insgesamt zurück nicht zurück
        Hessen-Kassel 16992 10492 6500
        Braunschweig: 5723 2708 3015
        Hessen-Hanau 2422 1441 981
        Ansbach-Bayreuth 2353 1183 1170
        Waldeck 1225 505 720
        Anhalt-Zerbst 1152 984 168
        Gesamtsumme: 29867 17313 12554

    • N_

      More points on the “let Scotland become independent the way Croatia did” argument.

      1) In May 1991 Croatia DID hold an independence referendum and independence was declared unilaterally the following month after a result which was heavily in favour of independence. The vote was boycotted by most Serbs resident in the country.

      2) Croatia had also become independent in 1941. The current line that the genocidal Independent State of Croatia of 1941-45 was throughout its existence solely a puppet of foreign powers is total rubbish. I find no common ground whatsoever with anyone who would have fought to establish that fascist state or who would have fought for it against the Croatian partisans who favoured Croatia being a member of an independent republic of Yugoslavia. The line that “independence is always good” is insupportable.

      3) Reference to the independence of 1941 is not a side issue. The architect of Croatian independence in 1991, Franjo Tudjman – who, let it be said, was actually a former partisan, although it is curious that he was arrested by the Ustashi and yet lived to tell the tale – nominated former Ustashi to government posts, and independence supporters of 1991 explicitly referred to the country as only having been independent once before in its history, namely between 1941 and 1945. In such conditions, seriously who could blame the Croatian Serbs from rising up? Certainly the leaders of the 1991 republic referred in official documents to their re-establishment of the independence of 1941, even if there seem to be few traces nowadays on the internet and in the 1990s anything Serbian was reviled by western propagandists. I have been unable to find a complete copy of the Croatian 1991 UDI. A UDI is a document and If anyone has got a copy of it please can they put it somewhere and post a link.

      • Paul Greenwood

        Croatia was helped by CSU in Bavaria as a Catholic sponsor of independence from Muslims and Orthodox. The CSU held sway in Berlin under Kohl and in Dec 1991 they recognised Croatia as independent of the Yugoslav Federation and wanted to ram it down the throats of EU Members at Maastricht. Thatcher was gung-ho for Croatian independence but Major and Hurd were not

      • Jude 93

        N_***In the 1990s anything Serbian was reviled by western propagandists***

        That’s not how I remember it. The western media was almost unanimously hostile to Croatia during the Serb-Croat conflict – and the Ustashi was regularly invoked by “western propagandists” as the progenitor of the Croatian independence movement. There was, as there so often is in such cases, a strong whiff of anti-Catholicism in the coverage. Everyone from Alan Clark to Ted Heath portrayed the Serbs as noble warriors against the evil fascist Croats. Indeed such was the obloquy heaped upon the Croats that almost no western leader dared attend Tudjman’s funeral. The western media only turned on Serbia when Milosevic was seen to be standing in the way of western interventionist plans to dismember the rest of former Yugoslavia.

  • Tarla

    Northern Ireland can’t leave the EU – ie. alter the status of Northern Ireland without the consent of a majority of Unionists and a majority of Nationalists. Or Northern Ireland’s status can change via a border poll to stay in the UK or become a United Ireland. That is why May has been forced to keep Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market and Customs union.
    Furthermore, the Northern Ireland Act 1989 states that Stormo t can’t pass laws that are contrary to EU law. With the ECJ having ultimate jurisdiction over the Northern Ireland legislature. In the Good Friday Agreement people of the north of the island of Ireland can be classed as Irish citizen and as such EU citizen. That entails being allowed to have EU laws applied to them. That is the EU passes a law on say maximum 30 hour week or 5 years maternity leave with full pay, and it is adopted by all the EU member states including Ireland. That ruling would apply to Irish citizens in the north who could claim the same rights as those in the south. May understood this perfectly well, or put it another way was told that they would be big trouble for the UK government if it tries to get Northern Ireland to leave the EU. She didn’t have the stomach or the inclination for such a fight so to attempt to keep the DUP – ‘we want to be treated the same as the rest of the UK’ – or the broader unionist community on board she’s prepared to sign up to the whole of the UK staying g in the EU.
    Whatsmore, there is free movement/residency of people on the island of Ireland that is enshrined ed in the Good Friday Agreement. So the UK cod never take back control of the border on the island of Ireland. As such that means free movement for EU citizens coming to Ireland.
    There has been an attempt to ‘take back control’ with the Counter Terrorism and Border Security (Border Security a direct result of the Skripal ‘incident’) Bill that would put border checks in the ‘vicinity of the border’ and at ‘Newry railway station’. Which would check people and goods’. But to do that they have to do the same at Dover and other UK ports, WTO rules on preferential treatment, which would damage trade. Unless, they tried the ‘national security’ WTO exemption. But that would run into trouble because the Russians would say ‘where’s your evidence for national security being threatened’.
    All in all a very large slice of the establishment have never wanted to leave the cosy EU business club in particular the mainstay of the UK economy, the City of London. Whilst, the swivelled eyed loons like Rees Mogg, Johnson, Duncan Smith etc. whose little Englander wave the Union Jack nationalism should be laughed out of court. The EU referendum was a fight inside the establishment, much like the 1930s when a chunk of the establishment wanted to back Hitler and those that didn’t. Inside or out the people of the UK will suffer and has suffered- see the damming UN report about poverty in the UK – the democracy fraud has been shown to be an illusion. When they don’t get the result they want they will just ignore it like now. The people are learning a valuable lesson about the establishment and the political executive. Shame on all of them.

    • Jo Dominich

      Tarla, thank you for an excellent post. You are right about the damning UN report and the democracy fraud being an illusion. It’s a shame the MSM just never print or broadcast these issues.

  • Sharp Ears

    BLiar’s successor to the seats on the gravy train. What a swine.

    Sunlit uplands for David Cameron
    As Brexit descended into chaos, former UK PM was at a financial conference in Florida
    16th November 2018

    As the Brexit process descended into chaos in London with ministers lining up to resign, where was the man who instigated it all? Is David Cameron racked with guilt? Is he holed up like a hermit, struggling to come to terms with what he unleashed? Not exactly.

    He’s been sunning himself in Florida on a paid-for gig to tell the CME Global Financial Leadership Conference what he thinks about Brexit. There was an off-record discussion with his old pal Michael Spencer. And then a chance to queue for a one-on-one photo.

    City Insider’s man in Naples duly did so, only to be stonewalled when he asked about the mayhem back home (“No, no, no, no,” blurted a red-faced Dave) and manhandled out of reach of the great man.’

    News on Nick Clegg, Jacob Bourne and Alison Rose follows.

    CME Chicago based. ‘CME Group Inc. (Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade) is an American financial market company operating an options and futures exchange. It owns and operates large derivatives and futures exchanges in Chicago, New York City, and exchange facilities in London, using online trading platforms. It also owns the Dow Jones stock and financial indexes, and CME Clearing Services, which provides settlement and clearing of exchange trades. The exchange-traded derivative contracts include futures and options based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural commodities, rare and precious metals, weather, and real estate. It has been described by The Economist as “The biggest financial exchange you have never heard of.”‘
    Revenue $3.6billion
    Messrs Terrence A. Duffy (Chairman & CEO), John W. Pietrowicz (CFO), Leo Melamed (Chairman Emeritus). Melamed was born in Poland in 1932 as Leibel Melamdovich. Pietrowicz receives salary of $3m pa. Duffy is a local and started off as a broker on the Chicago Exchange.

    They must need their heads examining to have employed Cameron.

    The gangsters are indeed still in charge.

  • Republicofscotland

    Well the UN’s rapporteur Philip Alston has completed his fact finding mission in Britain with regards poverty, and the results aren’t good.

    Travelling the length and breadth of Britain Alston found widespread poverty, he said child poverty in the UK was not just a disgrace but a social calamity and a economic disaster.

    To add weight to his report the IFS and the JRF’s reports suggest that a fifth of Britain’s population lives in poverty. Alston’s report also said that Theresa May’s government had inflicted punitive mean spirited and often callous policies on the people of the UK, causing great misery.

    As expected the Tory government dismissed the report completely, and ministers that Alston met claimed things were going well, they would wouldn’t they?

    Of course we all know that austerity inflicted on the most vulnerable in society is a trademark ideology of the Tories, and not a neccessity.

    • Loony

      The report from Philip Alston is disturbing on a number of levels.

      With 20% of the population living in poverty and with child poverty being a social calamity and an economic disaster then what on earth is the UK doing importing ever more people.

      Is the UK opening its doors to migrants and refugees just so they can be forced into abject poverty by a brutal and uncaring system. Surely this is the very definition of sadism.

      All those people advocating for more immigration must be motivated by the most venal aims. Any humane system would surely seek to limit the influence and role of pro-immigration advocates. Are immigrants themselves masochists who are moving to the UK purely in order to be thrown into abject poverty. Is this an example of a sadistic state importing a masochistic population?

      Why oh why has Philip Alston not addressed any these questions.

      • Ian

        “Why oh why has Philip Alston not addressed any these questions”

        Because he’s not so bigoted and monomaniacal as you, with your endless false assertions and presumptions, not to mention your self-opinionated disdain for everybody else.

        • Loony

          I note your claim that an aversion to hurtling poor people into even greater poverty constitutes bigotry.

          You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to point out that your understanding of words is essentially the opposite of the dictionary definition of words.

          Either you are semi literate or you are some form of anarchist. I do not hold the semi literate in disdain and am keen to help them improve. However I despise and detest anarchists because given access to power they always do things like this.

          If you can clarify in your own mind which one of my alternative hypotheses is correct then you will be able to deduce my opinion of you.

      • Jo Dominich

        Loony, this Government are allowing a lot of people into the country for a number of reasons, Huge reason is that they are cheap labour, with no employment rights and cannot form a homogenous workforce as they refuse to integrate with the British workers. Thus, divide and rule is what the Government are doing – import cheap labour – make redundant long-standing, British skilled labour put them on the scrap heap and hey presto, reduce employment rights, give the CBI the cheap workforce they want to prevent unionisation of the warehouse and drop the wages. Manufacturing used to have relatively good terms and conditions of employment. Since the influx of east Europeans to the workforce, those conditions have all but disappeared and the wages have gone down. Typical Tory strategy.

  • Republicofscotland

    So Lord Lester’s suspension, from the HoL has been blocked, despite findings that he sexually harrassed a woman. Lester’s fellow peers in the HoL prevented the suspension.

    It’s not surprising coming from the undemocratic unelected HoL.

    Meanwhile in the other chamber of self indulgence the HoC, it looks like the claims of John Brecow’s bullying could be kicked into the long grass. Is it any wonder then that bullying and sexual harrassment thrives in both chambers.

  • Andyoldlabour

    Despite what other lesser players may have thought about Geoff Boycott he was the best English batsman of his generation. In his first season in 1963, he finished 2nd in the national batting averages. He twice averaged over 100 in a season, a feat only matched once since by Mark Ramprakash. He also played under 18 football for Leeds United alongside Billy Bremner.
    He was extremely popular with the Yorkshire fans, and was great friends with Dickie Bird and Michael Parkinson.

  • Republicofscotland

    So Amber Rudd who quit over lying to parliament on the Windrush fiasco, is now back just like that, and is the Secretary for the DWP.

    Meanwhile as the strapline says, on creepy Gove.

    There is some good news however, the anti-Scottish news rag the Scotsman is in administration.

    “Johnston Press, the owner of the i, the Scotsman and Yorkshire Post, has gone into administration after being brought to its knees by debts of more than £200m.”

    • Sharp Ears

      …and hundreds of local papers too. Over 200 apparently. That is a pity and bad for what is left for our democracy.

      I quite like the i for its low price and for the news roundup it provides. The Heil are after it. That really is BAD news.

      Johnston Press: i newspaper publisher sets out rescue plan

      Bad news too for the employees.

      • Republicofscotland

        Yes Sharp Ears, I found the i on the odd occasion I bought quite interesting.

        Pity about the other local titles though I have no sympathy for the Scotsman, they’re reaping their just deserts.

  • Sharp Ears

    Aux barricades mes frères et soueurs!

    Protests are taking place in Paris against Micron and against his tax hike on fuel costs by ‘les gilets jaune’. Streets blocked preventing them reaching the Élysée Palace.

    In London, five Thames bridges are being blocked by an environmental group. Extinction Rebellion.

    • Sharp Ears

      How terrible about the death and the injuries.

      At least one person has died and more than 100 others have been injured as around 282,000 people protested against soaring fuel prices throughout France. Police used tear gas to stop demonstrators on the Champs-Elysees.

      Starting from the early hours of Saturday, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of French cities to express their discontent with the policies of President Emmanuel Macron and the French government’s recent decision to raise fuel prices through additional taxes. Protesters blocked roads across France, disrupting traffic in many areas as well as blocking access to gas stations.

  • giyane

    Well I find your comparison a bit weak. The only cricket I have ever enjoyed in my life was Geoffrey Boycott whamming sixes like a fruit machine gone awol. Last night I was trying to do some quiet PAT testing in a school where a boxing sessions was going on. The instructors were bawling at the kids and encouraging violence and the unattended kids were being horrible. So I thought sport was supposed to bring out the vile in human beings.

    Mrs May’s vileness is of a wholly different order, deriving from the deepest pits of intellectual dishonesty which we call the Tory Party. OK politicians are liars and sportsmen are pugnacious. What’s next?

    • Republicofscotland

      “What’s next?”

      Well as Donald Rumsfeld once said.

      “Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.”

      However several things in Britain are unchanging, death and taxes for sure, and that Michael Gove and David Mundell will never resign from office no matter what, and Nigel Farage will always have a seat on Question Time, even if the sky falls in.

    • giyane

      Whhoops! Sorry , I meant Ian Botham. Boycott was that tiresome yorkeshireman talking Hovis. Ian is the man permanently etched on my memory as Mr Cricket.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The human brain is so incapable of constructive thought these days that all kind of people. especially politicians, engage in sport comparisons and analogies.

    • Republicofscotland

      Well Trowbridge, you knocked that one out of the park. Or better still you hit the back of the net with that one. Or you got a hole in one with that assumption. But let me say straight off the bat, you hit a home run there Trowbridge. ?

  • N_

    As Britain teeters on the edge of collapse, someone has moved a pawn on a chessboard to send the green nutters out (under the banner of “Extinction”) to take the London bridges.

    And yes…….I was right….there’s a Steinerite link with this crowd. It goes through the “transition” towns brigade.

    Soon they may be at the ports.

    • N_

      They call themselves the “Extinction Rebellion”.

      After Lemuria and Atlantis, another “mass extinction” is coming, right? And those who belong to the “root race” should ready themselves, yes?

      I knew which bank these nutcases used before I looked it up… Yes, it’s Triodos, the Steinerite bank.

      From here:

      Standing orders or money transfers can be made to our Triodos Bank Account (Sort code: (…) Account No: (…) ) in the name of Compassionate Revolution Ltd (the holding company for Rising Up!). You can download a Standing Order form here.


      • Ian

        What a load of the usual cobblers you find on this board. thank god these young people are taking action, it should be top of every political agenda. But do carry on smearing them with your feeble old man conspiracy bollix.

        • N_

          You are being very naive, Ian. Don’t ever trust any organisation that banks with Triodos. If you want to stay way out of your depth, shouting rude words such as “cobblers”, “bollocks” (why are you so interested in testicles?), “smear”, “feeble”, and “old man”, that’s up to you. Or alternatively you could get a clue and think about what the references to notions such as “extinction” and “era” connect to. At the time of writing, it appears that I know the answer to that question and you don’t. It’s throwing insults that seems childish.

          • N_

            No apologies for mentioning the Steinerite connection to the Rees-Mogg family either. Michael Gove is also very chummy with them. Did you think it was all about wooden toys and fresh air for small children?

          • Garth Carthy

            “It’s throwing insults that seems childish.”

            Well, you are well qualified in the department of throwing insults. Calling climate change protesters ‘nutters’ demonstrates sheer ignorance of the seriousness of the situation.
            Climate change has always been ignored by politicians and people like you don’t help.

  • Sharp Ears

    George Galloway writes movingly about the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza and compares the media coverage given to them with the coverage of the Californian fires.

    Gaza burns hotter than Hollywood but there’s nobody to put the fires out – George Galloway
    13 Nov, 2018

    Photo – A ball of fire above the building housing the Hamas-run television station al-Aqsa TV in the Gaza Strip during an Israeli air strike, November 12, 2018 © AFP / Mahmud Hams

    The world is fixated by the forest fires in Hollywood burning down stars’ mansions. With supreme irony some of them belong to those who helped raise millions of dollars for the Israeli Army which is now burning the hovels of Gaza.

    The Hollywood warriors have insurance of course, and other homes too, sometimes many of them. The hovel-dwellers of Gaza have neither.

    The brave firefighters of California are well-equipped and have the wind of hope of millions of well-wishers at their backs. There are no firefighters in Gaza.

    The hovels of Gaza are unfortunately well-known to me, since long before Hamas even existed. In fact I saw Hamas be born, and Israel was the midwife. I was a comrade of Yasser Arafat then the Chairman of the secular PLO, an Arab nationalist, whose executive committee consisted of Arab nationalists and Moscow-aligned leftists like the PFLP led by the late Dr George Habash.


  • Loony

    Oh Look!!!

    60% of Italians believe that the EU is bad for Italy

    If the European Commission moves to punish Italians for their having elected the “wrong kind” of domestic government then it is likely that anti EU majority inside of Italy will increase. Of course there is zero risk that the Commission will pay the slightest attention to Italians.

    Anyone interested in Brexit should be offering their full support to the people of Italy.

    Anyone interested in remaining in the EU (maybe because they predict mass starvation in the case of Brexit) should be lobbying to invade Italy. After all if Italy leaves then the EU will be materially weakened – perhaps heralding its complete collapse. If the entire EU collapses then presumably mass starvation will stalk the whole of Europe. A few dead Italians are a small price to pay for maintaining food and medical supplies as only the EU can.

    Pro Europeans must be fully conversant with the position in Italy – as after all you cannot really be in favor of something if you do not understand what that something is. Surely liberals and humanitarians everywhere will be lobbying hard for a full scale invasion of Italy. Any failure to act means that you will be personally responsible for the famine that will engulf all of Europe.

      • Loony

        How is it taking the piss?

        There are people expressing the view that Brexit will lead to shortahes of food and medical supplies in the UK. It is postulated that this situation will arise because the UK is outside of the EU.

        If the EU were to collapse then surely the same situation would arise on a European wide scale. If not, why not?

        If the EU is central to maintaining the supplies of food and medicines then surely it behoves all people to ensure that the integrity of the EU is maintained. Exactly what influence do the British have over Italian election results and Italian public opinion? How, other than by force can the British ensure that they do starve because of a decision taken in Italy?

        It is not I that have suggested that the UK will experience famine in the event of a withdraw from the EU. So surely those that have suggested this should turn their minds as to how best to quell anti EU unrest in Italy. Unless of course those that have suggested famine as a consequence of Brexit are the people who are actually taking the piss.

  • N_

    Was it the rune-carrying “Extinction” nutters who were shouting when Theresa May made her statement outside 10 Downing Street this week?

    • Sharp Ears

      I believe so.

      Ref James Sainsbury (DOB 1962) with the multiple connections you have outlined. I assume he is the son of Sir Timothy Sainsbury. I see the father who was a Tory MP in Thatcher’s government, was the President of Conservative Friends of Israel 1997-2005. He was also a minister in Thatcher’s government.

      ‘Tim was President of the Hove Conservative Association from 1998 until 2002 and was President of the Conservative Friends of Israel from 1997 until 2005. ‘

      What a crowd.

  • Sharp Ears

    Theresa will be saying a prayer tomorrow in St Andrew’s Church, Sonning for her safe deliverance from the Brexit furore, pro tempore that is.

    She has already had a nice long bath and Philip, the ever dutiful husband, has scrubbed her back and brought her a glass of whisky. She has arranged the flowers sent from well wishers.

    The Rev Jamie Taylor will be adding extra emphasis when reciting that prayer giving thanks for those set in authority over us.

    ‘Most gracious God, we pray for the Prime Minister, members of Cabinet and Government and all elected to the Parliament and councils of this realm. Direct and prosper all their consultations to the advancement of your glory, the good of your church, and the safety, honour and welfare of the peoples of this land; so that peace and happiness, truth and justice, faith and godliness, may be established among us for all generations; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.;


  • N_

    I’ve now looked at a lot of photos of today’s rune-carrying “Extinction” nuts in London, and I haven’t seen a single black or Asian face. Why’s that?

    Factor in that the sixth “root race” is thought to begin as a “sub-race” of the Aryans, as for example all teachers at Steiner schools are indoctrinated to believe but keep quiet about when the wrong ears are listening.

    • Loony

      What more could he possibly say?

      He is hardly likely to explain why when a majority of people in Scotland vote to remain in the UK Scotland should be independent, but when a majority of people in the UK vote to exit the EU they should remain in the EU.

      He is not likely to explain why he supports the EU and Catalan independence but the EU opposes Catalan independence.

      He most certainly will not touch on the horrors that the EU has inflicted on Greece – preferring instead to focus on far away people in far away lands whose suffering he can do precisely nothing about.

      He believes Brexit to be supported by racists, but sees no problem with being in a union that includes France where something over 20% of the population support Marine Le Pen. He has no time for the AfD in Germany, for the Swedish Democrats, for the Lega Nord in Italy or for Victor Orban in Hungary. Most certainly he is repulsed by the 200,000 Polish nationalist who marched on November 11th.

      Do you really think that he will write to explain why European nationalists and European fascists are so much more attractive than the British working classes? Do you imagine for one moment that he will pore over the rotting carcass of the Greek economy and conclude that it is all worthwhile just so long as German hegemonic power be maintained over the European continent.

  • Sharp Ears

    Banks, Bannon and Brexit, cont’d

    Brexit bankroller Arron Banks, Cambridge Analytica and Steve Bannon – explosive emails reveal fresh links
    Peter Geoghegan
    17 November 2018
    Brexit donor asked controversial Trump-linked data firm to ‘come up with strategy’ for fundraising in the US – and gave them access to personal information about British voters, according to new leaked emails

  • Dungroanin

    Polls, polls, polls .., balls.

    Even the Obsessives didgy poll has given up the lie. Labour are suddenly 3% ahead!

  • Hieroglyph

    I have noted that the MSM is framing this as a May vs Goliath story. Given she’s a top globalist, and – I’m perfectly convinced – keeper of the blackmail keys (what happened to Hague again?), calling her David is curious. But of course, the (many) female journalists who support May are globalist handmaidens, in a very postmodern adaptation of the Handmaids’ Tale: the one where they all welcome their subjugation, by globalism, by Islam, by Transhumanism, you name it, they love it.

    Brexit isn’t allowed. Once this fact is understood, we may have a better understanding of what the EU is: it’s the Soviet Union, but without the death camps. Well, I suppose it’s better than the one with the death camps, but I’m not sure that’s a great campaign slogan. The EU is an interesting beast, in that it’s hugely corrupt, and run by an un-elected clown posse of beaurocrats, but people support it anyway. I used to be one of those people, so I can’t exactly blame them. I am no longer one of those people. The Soviet style treatment of Greece was an eye-opener, and the EU can’t reform, because it’s run by crooks.

    The current debate in world politics is now globalism vs nationalism. This framing is rejected by some, because they are globalists, but it’s still accurate. To my own surprise – and at variance with what I’ve always believed – I’ve gone nationalist. Internationalist, really, which isn’t globalism. And what May is doing is fairly obvious: a deal so bad, it’ll be rejected, and we’ll vote again until we get it ‘right’. And a 80’s style common market agreement would be rejected by the EU anyway, so it’s a fiction.

    And a respectful question to Craig and fellow Scots nationalists. Would it be better to be fully independent, or independent within the EU framework? My honest answer is, probably full independence. Be the change, etc, coz the EU won’t, to paraphrase some dude. Easy to say from Australia though.

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