For Once, Theresa May is Very Accurate 393

Theresa May today chose to compare herself with Geoffrey Boycott. For once, she was being very accurate, especially when it comes to relationships with her own team. Boycott’s players hated him so much during his captaincy they actually ran him out on purpose during a test match.

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393 thoughts on “For Once, Theresa May is Very Accurate

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  • Sharp Ears

    Claire Perry MP Con Devizes and Minister for Energy in the business department.

    Further to her describing Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-semite on QT the other day
    she is now shouting and swearing at the civil servants in her department.

    What an obnoxious woman. She is full of herself.

    Currently in a debate, she is dismissing the effect of fracking as similar to the effect of the vibrations felt when a bag of flour is dropped on the kitchen floor.

    She really is out of her mind.

    • Sharp Ears

      A link

      Energy minister Claire Perry faces probe for ‘shouting and swearing at civil servants’ after trade unions complain about ‘bullying’ of staff
      Energy Minister Claire Perry is accused of shouting and screaming at BEIS staff
      Three unions have filed a joint letter to the department’s senior civil servant
      Minister is accused of telling one official to ‘f*** off’ and wrote ‘s***’ on a memo
      20 November 2018

      • Garth Carthy

        It shows what a bunch of completely inadequate beings some of these Tories are.
        Labour may or may not be much better but at least their stated core values are infinitely more sane.
        I know it’s off topic, but in case anyone is interested, on the 22nd November, BBC’s Panorama is giving it’s analysis on the Skripal poisonings – or more probably an analysis that the deep state finds acceptable. After all, truth is whatever you want to make it these days.

        • Sharp Ears

          Jane Corbin. Of course. As of Death in the Med in which she exonerated Israel for the Mavi Marmara killings. She is the widow of John Maples, a Tory MP.

          Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack – The Inside Story
          Panorama special telling the inside story of how Russia sent an assassination squad to Salisbury to murder former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. In the first nerve agent attack in Europe ever, this brazen and reckless attack risked contaminating thousands of people.

          With exclusive access to the Salisbury investigation, reporter Jane Corbin hears for the first time from front-line police officers, the government’s chemical weapons scientist, soldiers drafted in to decontaminate the city, diplomats and intelligence insiders. She travels to Russia to speak to friends and family of the former spy Russia wanted dead, and in America she hears from the scientist who helped develop the deadly nerve agent which killed Dawn Sturgess, left four people lucky to be alive and has had an impact far beyond Britain.

          The programme has the same producer, Mark Rudin, who creates fairy stories. We shall see on Thursday at 8pm.

          I bet Mark Urban gets a say in it.

  • Sharp Ears

    The Tories’ Russophobia is so extreme that they are opposing the election of a Russian to head Interpol.

    Red Tories too in the form and shape of Mrs Balls, aka Yvette Cooper. Pathetic.

    Yvette Cooper
    Deeply concerned that General Prokopchuk of Russian interior ministry looks set to become head of Interpol. @TomTugendhat & I have written to Foreign & Home Office here

    The MSM is at it too. And Mr Browder!
    eg WashPo Independent Expres etc etc

    • Sharp Ears

      The US Senate chimes.

      US senators rally against Russian Interpol candidate, Moscow calls it ‘intervention,’ MSM hysterical
      20 Nov, 2018 12:27
      ‘US senators, fired up by the idea that the Russian candidate could lead Interpol, urged nations to vote against him. The Kremlin branded this “intervention” in the voting process.
      Electing Major General of the Russian police Aleksandr Prokopchuk as the head of Interpol is “akin to putting a fox in charge of a henhouse,” four US senators said in a statement, released on Monday.’

  • Courtenay Barnett

    If this were the 1970s when I was at University in England I would happily discuss cricket. That was the period when Clive Lloyd captained the West Indies which side simply kept winning and winning and winning.

    These days all I say about the West Indies is whine and whine and whine.

    So – no cricket talk please.

    Thank you Mr. Murray.

  • michael norton

    Theresa May seems to be running flat out with this agreement, she may trip over or she may be tripped over.
    The forty eight letters are not going to be announced untill after she has tripped.

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