Adab Festival Pakistan 736

Am giving a talk in Karachi on Sunday, and very much looking forward to it. Entry is free. This blog has a number of regular readers and two donating subscribers in Karachi, and it would be a great pleasure if they can introduce themselves. I am speaking primarily on Sikunder Burnes, (after whom Karachi’s famous Burnes Road is named), but shall happily wander off into the vicious folly of modern western military interference in Afghanistan, the illegality of drone strikes, the two century long history of western exploitation and exacerbation of the Sunni/Shia divide, and the great work of Julian Assange.

As always, I shall also be talking about why Scottish Independence, just like Irish, should be seen in the context of decolonisation, despite the eventual co-option of Scots to the Imperial project. As I have explained till I am blue in the face, the domestic law of the metropolitan country is utterly irrelevant to the legality of secession; the only determining factor is international recognition.

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  • Tatyana

    INF treaty, todays news:

    “…Since June 2017, the Raytheon military-industrial corporation in Tucson, Arizona, has launched a program to expand and modernize production facilities … the plant area has increased by 44 percent – from 55 to 79 thousand square meters, and the number of employees – by almost two thousand people…in November 2017, almost simultaneously with the beginning of the expansion of the plant’s capacities, the American Congress allocated the first tranche of $ 58 million to the Pentagon, expressly stating: “For the development of a medium-range ground-based missile.
    …The US administration made a decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty a few years before unproved accusations were brought to the public…”
    Russian Ministry of Defence reports

    Source in russian, whole article with photoes and Putin’s decision about new weapons race, here

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    There is no talk about how the INF treaty got accepted.

    During the non-nuclear showdown by the Anglo=Americans after Sweden’s Olof Palme was assassination. Reagan’s White House hoped ton catch the Soviets by surprise regarding its underwater deterrent, bur thanks to spying by Americans for Moscow, that didn’t happen thanks to the counter measures Putin managed from Dresden.

    If the shooting had started, the West would have been confronted by 82 SS-23 nuclear-armed missiles that it knew nothing about. The result would have been armageddon for all of us.

    Fortunately, Gorbi agreed to the treaty in the hope of avoiding similar looney missions.

    Now we have to rely on Bolton. Pompeo and Haspel to avoid the worst.

  • able

    A real liberal headfuck at another Muslim school in Birmingham, Parkfield Community School, where pupils are being taught about homosexuality. Parents are not at all happy about it and 400 have signed a petition to have the classes scrapped.

    Who do you side with in this situation?

      • Loony

        Racists are not really part of the equation in this matter,

        The question is do you support the LGBT community or the Muslim community. As you remain steadfast in your refusal to answer this question, ask yourself another question. Does you refusal to answer the question point to both the inanity and the evil that is inter sectionality?

        • freddy

          While we’re swimming in the fresh, young seas of cultural relativism, why not mention child marriage?

          • Loony

            Whilst I am not a fan of child marriage it may not be the worst problem facing children.

            According to the UK government 300 pre-pubescent children per year are being referred to specialist NHS Transgender services. It is my understanding that part of the problem in the Birmingham school is that some of the teaching is being interpreted as promoting young children to question their gender.

    • giyane

      Just because a backside is capable of being penetrated doesn’t mean to say it’s a good idea to do it. Just because British society has taken a swerve into the canal doesn’t necessarily mean we should follow it.

      • Loony

        OK let’s forget the UK as you are clearly going to evade these issues with all manner of gobbledygook.

        What do you know about the Ghazwa-e-Hind. Whose side are you on that rather ancient forerunner of inter sectionality or maybe you disavow the Ghazwa-e-Hind in its entirety.

        • giyane

          Big problem blow back from illegal invasions. Are we on the same page Loony?
          I’m on page 5 of the Etiquettes Festival Karachi. I think you must be still on the Caracas page.

        • Dave

          LGBT is promoted as part of the Globalist agenda of divide and rule and cover story for imperial intervention in traditional societies and attacking traditional values and institutions within the West. Its not promoted to encourage respect or equal rights, but as a deliberate provocation, which is intended to incite an angry reaction.

          Its not the same as live and let live, but promoted in the manner of compulsory re-education, which is likely to offend. I’m a secularist and support free speech, but recognise the purpose of this new agenda, which is intended to criminalise everyone, except the guilty ones in power, who ignore all the isms when destroying defenceless countries.

          • Tatyana

            Oh, yes, LGBT is promoted, in aggressive manner here in Russia. Those people who keep to traditional vews are called stupid retrogrades, it is the mildest of names.
            I don’t object if the knowlege were brought to schools in scientific manner, something like “look, children, there are gay people among human species and we know similar samples from nature, some animals have similar behavior patterns. In human societies the attitude towards gay people varies from acceptance to hate and depends on…”
            I wouldn’t object such kind of education, because it describes the reality.

            The problem in Anon1’s topic is prejudice of Muslim parents and students, and necessity to bring the knowlege of the teachers. I suppose, in this situation the manner of teaching has no importance, the very fact is already an offence.

          • Tatyana

            I should also add, that there’s no law in Russia punishing for being gay, prohibit8ng gay reletions or something of the kind. We only have law which prohibits gay propaganda to persons under 18 years age.
            In whole, the society is still traditional, LGBT people declare openly their choice but often become the aim for jokes after that. Only for show bisiness people and artists (in general meaning of the word) this feature is seen as additional charismatic characteristics.

          • Tatyana

            Again, with my sincere apologies to anyone whos feeling may be hurt. Here are russian jokes to better illustrate modern understanding:
            A man comes to the doctor.
            – Doctor, help me. I am gay and it worries me a lot.
            – Tell me, are you probably a famous fashion designer or singer?
            – No, I’m an ordinary official.
            – Then, probably, you are rich – do you have a yacht, a villa?
            – No, not at all, my salary is very modest, I don’t even have a car.
            – Then maybe your lovers are rich and famous?
            – No, they are just as simple guys as me.
            – So I will delight you, my dear. You are not gay – you are a common f@got.

          • Dave

            Traditional religious teaching, which predates the contraceptive pill, declares many things, usually sexual activity, that threatens their ideal of the family, as a sin. But their teaching promotes love thy neighbour and law of the land makes incitement and assault illegal.

            Now whereas live and live is a way of negotiating peacefully the rights of everyone, compulsory re-education just offends everyone, as its intended to do, to criminalise everyone but exempting the 1% who determine who is guilty.

          • Tatyana

            And another:

            – Abram Moiseevich, why do you want to leave the country? What does not suit you?
            – I am not satisfied with your attitude towards homosexuality!
            – What’s the problem? Look around, everything is okay.
            – And you look at the trend: under Stalin they were executed, under Khrushchev and Brezhnev they were imprisoned and forcibly treated, now being gay is the norm.
            So, I still want to leave this country before it becomes mandatory!

          • freddy

            They want you DIVIDED.
            DIVIDED by RACE.
            DIVIDED by RELIGION.
            DIVIDED by CULTURE.
            DIVIDED by CLASS.

            Sometimes, even baseless conspiracy theories get it right.

  • giyane

    Weird how some Labour MPs have caved in to May’s threats of No Dealvinexchange for workers’ rights. Not workers’s executive dividends, bonuses or million pound pensions.

    A right is un-negotiable, not something to exchange for what suits hedge fund gamblers who have spent years bullying you into submission .

    • Charles Bostock

      I hear what you say about rights. But what about obligations – are they un-negotiable also?

      • giyane

        6 million quid obligation to bent carillion boss. You win some you lose some for unpaid sub-contractors

        Tories feel no obligation to the people, except in the thatcherite sense thatlsome of Tory wealth might possibly drip down to us.

    • Ian

      A lot of Labour MPs are spineless, and pay lip service to supporting labour voters or the wider good of the country.

    • giyane


      Nothing that isrehole hasn’t done to the Palestinians. What goes around comes around is good Christian preaching according to our Clint.

    • Blunderbuss

      Quote from the article:

      “The threat of an attack on the US power infrastructure was addressed in a March 2018 Washington Post article, which details how the county’s power grid works and explains it would be almost impossible for hackers to strike all of the grids at once, pointing out that many are not connected to the internet or one another”.

      That may be true for the USA but it probably isn’t true for Britain. The British government is massively technophobic (it refuses to introduce electronic voting in the House of Commons) and it compensates by urging everybody else to connect everything to the internet.

    • Blunderbuss

      No problem. When Jeremy Corbyn becomes PM we’ll nationalize it and call it British Leyland. Simples!

          • Blunderbuss

            Actually, I suspect Nissan, and various other companies, might be using Brexit as a cover story. Perhaps the real reason for their departure is that they think Jeremy Corbyn will soon be Prime Minister and workers might get some rights.

          • michael norton

            I suspect it is to do with the attitude of the government of France with regard to Brexit,
            in part the imprisonment of
            Carlos Ghosn in Japan is a response ( from the government of Japan to the government of France)
            I guess as Renault holds the whip hand in the conglomeration of Mitsubishi/Nissan/Renault
            and as the higher whip hand is held by Emmanuel Macron, Macron wanting U.K. Nissan to re-locate to France.

          • Blunderbuss

            Good point. I’d forgotten Renault owned Nissan.

            Ghosn is a popular chap:

            “In a 2011 nationwide poll of who the Japanese would like to run their country, he came seventh, in front of Barack Obama (ninth). Another poll said he was the man most Japanese women wanted to marry”.


          • michael norton

            Headquarters of Groupe Renault is in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, France.
            With an average household income in 2013 of €47,592, nearly twice the French average of €25,548,
            Boulogne-Billancourt is one of the wealthiest cities in France.

            Boulogne-Billancourt is the most populous suburb of Paris
            and one of the most densely populated municipalities in Europe.
            The French government owns a 15% share of Renault.

            As there is a shrinking of the World car market, one must assume France has been “suggesting” that Nissan U.K. relocate to France “for the best”.
            Renault has a 43% control of Nissan.

    • giyane

      The EU spoke. Nissan spoke. Tories away in lala land. Pigs pre-registered for import duties on farm before take-off. The border will be no harder than anywhere else for pigs to land.
      Steve Bell got it right first time depicting May stomping over dead sheep towards the cliff edge at Dover

      Utterly bonkers Tory self-destruction
      Driven by thatcherite free market dogma. In a spectacular loop the loop low level fly by

      • freddy

        Don’t remember the EU and Nissan getting a vote; also fail to understand why they should have one.

        • giyane

          Quite right. Fingers in the ears. One would have thought the total collapse of the western banking system in 2007 would have been a wake-up call Thatcher dogma was wrong.

          We have had three years of total Tory incompetence. All because of May’s interpretation of the referendum as solely against free movement. Windrush May must now resign .

          Nothing wrong with the vote just her interpretation of the vote.

      • MaryPau!

        According to Nissan, EU environmental issues have made the Xtrail car more expensive to build and anti diesel additional taxes have made diesel engines a harder sell in Eurooe. In UK very hard. which is why manufacture if the new XTRail is transferring to Japan.

    • Tony

      So where is it going to be built then? This is utter bollox. Mark my words: the XTrail will end up being produced in Sunderland, and we won’t get any apologies from the remain Project Fear parrots.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Right Freddy, but Putin cannot to it all by himself.

    He needs spies like the CIA’s Rick Ames, the Bureau’s Robert Hanssen, the US Navy’s Waker gang et al. to learn what the looney Anglo-Americans are up to.

    • freddy

      Thanks Trow. I believe you are confirming the Trump-Russia collusion as a hoax (not that that wasn’t clear to some people, at least). After all, Putin could just give POTUS a call.

      Any thoughts on Halper, Misfud, Page, Burt? I’m still trying to work out what their roles were/are. Not quite the same angle I know, but I’m curious. And I’m sure there are others I have no clue about.

  • Republicofscotland

    Would the last one out of Old Blighty kindly switch the lights off thank you.

    “The EY Financial Services Brexit Tracker found that 36% of UK financial services companies that it follows have said they are “considering or have confirmed relocating operations and/or staff to Europe”. It said a “conservative estimate” of the value of the assets which could move came to “around £800bn so far”.

    • Tony

      The article you link is a piece of pro-remain codswallop. It even has the audacity to drag Dyson into it’s propaganda, misrepresenting his company’s move to Singapore, which is actually about developing it’s fastest growing market (South East Asia), whilst also expanding it’s R & D and production in the UK.

      Wrt financial companies. The figures are utterly bogus. Every financial company trading with Europe is setting up one or more offices in mainland Europe as a get-around of post-brexit rules. None of them are transferring their portfolio to mainland Europe, as per the bogus figures quoted in the nonsense article you linked. They couldn’t even do so if they wanted to, because most of the money is tied into existing structures between London and New York, etc.

      Project Fear….one of the great scams of our time.

  • Isa

    Excelente interview with Brazilian / Venezuelan professor in Caracas by Blumenthal . It’s a bit long but I but extremely informative on all that is actually happening in Venezuela . Not the dreamt up narrative and images or support the USA and media wants to sell us :

  • nevermind

    O/T but some good news for Craig.
    The Canaries are top of the championship league after blasting a benign Leeds into second place.
    Timu Pukki from Finland and Mario Vrancic from the Balkans were the.goalscorers.

  • able

    Latest Opinium poll out.

    Westminster voting intention:

    CON: 41% (+4)
    LAB: 34% (-6)
    LDEM: 8% (+1)
    UKIP: 7% (-)
    GRN: 4% (-)

    • nevermind

      Who conducted this unreliable piece of public engineering?
      Where is the support for Herr Farrage’s new party, claiming to stand 200 candidates?
      They are not part of the Heil ukip party, so were do the 7% come from?
      so its another one of the isolationists poll that favour Mrs.May and her wobbling supporters, highly emotional and unreliable.

    • michael norton

      Does the Labour woman M.P. just sent to prison
      still count as a abour M.P. or is there another catagary for M.P.’s in Prison?

    • Republicofscotland

      Corbyn’s two years worth of dithering over Brexit, has surely damaged his chances of becoming PM.

      • giyane

        Being an intelligent man he thought the government might have the intelligence to see what was needed and he gave them the benefit of the doubt. But now it is so starkly obvious that the Tories understand nothing about negotiating or keeping industrial job providers on side, the Tories will kick May out.

        We may not get Cornyn but this rancid rump of Tory hedge fund ideologues MUST go! There must be someone out there who has the talent.

      • Ian

        Corbyn has comprehensively, and disgracefully, blown it. And as for his comrade in arms, McCluskey, traitor’s gate would be a fitting destination for him, as he tries to scuttle labour party policy by setting up deals with May for her post brexit britain. What an old fraud.

      • Tony

        Corbyn’s problem isn’t one of “dithering”: it’s the fact that the vast majority of his parliamentary party are Blairite/Establishment scum who hate his guts. He will only be able to move forward on his own agenda if he manages to get most of said scum deselected.

    • giyane

      Actually it doesn’t matter one jot if trade through the NI – Irish border is invisible. Bonkers Johnson totally misses the point. Unless we have free trade and free movement there will be a national border for people and us people don’t like being spied on and monitored going about our day to day business.


      If the poll is correct then the only thing this week is the EU report on this border which may be correct about trade, but which is 100% wrong about people.

      The EU will not accept any form of border to exist until after the next stage of negotiations about trade are completed. They will 100% NOT accept what the wonks in parliament think they have mandated May to ask for.

      The only way forward is a general election so that a new prime minister can start sorting out the shambles of Tory brexit. The only way forward is Norway +++.

      It says a lot about our politicians that most of them don’t understand the purpose of the backstop. Old Estonian farts we have to accept, but most of them only respond to party prompts. They are institutionally incapable of independent thought.

      • Tony

        The problem with your assessment is that you assume that Irish border traffic isn’t currently being monitored anyway.

    • Tom

      Does anyone believe the polls after the last election? The pollsters work for the Tories and their client media.

      • able

        “Polls are wrong/rigged because they don’t show my side winning”. Keep it up! All the way to the bitter end 🙂

        • SA

          Sorry that facts in this case get in the way of your fiction. The polls got it wrong with Brexit and with the 2017 elections.

      • Sharp Ears

        You Gov founded by arch Tory MP, millionaire Nadim Zahawi (his horses’ stables heated via Parliamentary expenses, etc).

    • Isa

      Opinium polls for the observer are not very reliable as their sample is too small and more importantly they’re done exclusively via internet which is sufferable methodology as you can’t build a truly representative sample that reflects the total population .

    • michael norton

      Jail sentence might not stop disgraced Labour MP Fiona Onasanya taking part in crucial Brexit votes – thanks to the Labour movement that just expelled her
      ‘Home detention curfew’ rules introduced under Tony Blair’s Government in 1999 mean Fiona could be out in a month.

      As long as her electronic tag doesn’t play up and she’s home by tea, Fiona will be able to pop into the Commons to vote.

      What I would like to know is, this woman got three months in clink, yet Chris Huhne got eight month
      for a very similar crime?

      Huhne and his wife were released on 13 May 2013, having both served two months of their eight-month sentences.
      Following their release, both were subject to electronic tagging.
      Huhne was required to stay in his home between 7 pm and 7 am.

  • Sharp Ears

    Can you believe that there is such an entity as this which sat in the House of Commons earlier in the week for two and a half hours?

    BBC Pay and EastEnders Committee –

    The Public Accounts committee’s session on the BBC’s engagement with personal service companies and the EastEnders’ set. With evidence from the BBC’s director general Tony Hall, deputy director general Anne Bulford, and group tax director Jennifer Henderson, as well as BBC Content’s chief operating officer Richard Dawkins, from Wednesday 30 January.

    2 hours, 25 minutes

    A fortune is being spent on a new set for the long running soap opera, EastEnders, which was created and still exists to divert the sheeple from thinking.

    Depending on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, Milord Hall revealed that there are plans to set up a BBC office in Brussels. YCNMIU.

      • Sharp Ears


        The new EE set, ie dummy house frontages with staircases leading nowhere, cost £69m, an overspend of £27m. No wonder
        C(r)apita, who operate TV Licensing from their shed in Darlington, are sending round enforcers to twist the arms of the non payers behind their backs unless they cough up.

        Nearly 3.5million Brits have stopped paying their TV licence as it’s ‘out of date’ in a world of Netflix and Amazon Prime
        Those 147 quid for a TV licence don’t just go towards funding high-quality TV, if they did, we’d have more Blue Planet and less Bargain Hunt
        Excuse the illiterate link.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Us, The Powers That Be, the majority of the population in The UK, voted in a Referendum, to Leave The EU and become an Independent Nation. The inner sanctums of The UK Government, were shocked at us, telling them what to do. However, they did start doing it. They formed a high level team, to negotiate with The EU, to agree favourable terms, for both The UK, and The EU leaving. On the evidence I saw today, The EU were completely reasonable, and the leaving terms were agreed, to actually largely satisfy the majority of people like me, who had voted to leave The EU. All the laws were passed. Everything was Agreed on both sides…

    Then apparently The USA neocons told “The inner sanctums of The UK Government”, that we were not allowed to leave The EU. The inner sanctums of The UK Government, made the function of the “high level Govermnent team, to negotiate with The EU”, which they themselves had appointed, completely impossible, such that they could no longer continue with their jobs, despite the amazing work they had already done, and the result they had already achieved. The situation was such that these honorouble members of Parliamen (and I am pleased there are still a few) RESIGNED

    This has been extremely well documented by The UK Parliament, but if it wasn’t for John Ward’s SLOG, I would never have seen this, and neither would the vast majority of The Powers That Be. This should be mainstream news across the World’s Press, except The World’s Press is controlled by the same people who control the UK Government. The vast majority of them are not British.

    “European Scrutiny Committee
    Wednesday 30 January 2019”


  • Sharp Ears

    Ms Guerin, BBC shill extraordinaire, was hyping it up for regime change in Venezuela at the Guaidó mass rally today. Another mass rally was held for Maduros. The crowd were throwing their worthless bank notes in the air.

    BBC News – Venezuela crisis: Rival protests held in Caracas

    Guaidó is definitely a dead ringer for Obomber.

    • nevermind

      He seems to have copied Obomber, our most definant great breaker of the INF treaty, his.manner and facial expression could almost make him a double, i reckon he is having half an hour plus in front of the mirror/day practising his physical attributes.

    • Borncynical

      I was intrigued by an item on the BBC ‘red button’ news on Friday. It said that ‘Guaido was imploring his [sic] tens of thousands supporters to come out and demonstrate nationally’. ‘tens of thousands’??? From a population of 32 million? Am I missing something? Definitely a Venezuelan ‘Navalny’.

  • N_

    One of the last surviving pilots who fought in the British monarchy’s air force in the Battle of Britain in 1940 has just died. In its Radio 4 news at 10pm today the kingdom’s broadcasting organisation took the opportunity to mention the fight over the English Channel even if most of the battle didn’t take place in that location, and to play a tape of Blenheim Palace-born, suffragette-beating, Liberal-turned-Tory mass murderer Winston Churchill’s speech in which he declared (as if for a production at Hollywood in his mother’s home country) that never have “so many” owed “so much” to “so few”.

    Lest anybody think this is a coincidence or “what they would do anyway”, be aware that three days ago the same media organisation of the same regime, this time on television, “accidentally” played WW2 footage of the same air force’s Spitfire fighter aircraft as they described Theresa May’s intended visit to enemy territory Brussels to attempt to renegotiate an EU withdrawal agreement.

    Look out for more of the same.

    • Tony

      N_ your attempts to twist media coverage to give an appearance of pro-brexit bias is just plain bloody hilarious, and utterly upside down. The MSM has been relentless with it’s across-the-board anti-brexit propaganda over the last two years. And remainers seize on every cardboard attempt by said MSM to give an appearance of ‘balance’ as pro-brexit heresy. See Cadwalladr’s latest twitter rants against Fiona Bruce as a prima facie case-in-point.

    • Tony_0pmoc


      “One of the last surviving pilots who fought in the British monarchy’s air force in the Battle of Britain in 1940” taught me to fly at Lasham Gliding Club in 1976. He was totally brilliant. He took me to the limit – and said I was now O.K. to go solo.

      He died on 6 January 2019 at the age of 96.

      Coincidentally, I know his niece really well, and her brother who was the keyboard player in Spinal Tap.

      But what does all of this mean, and what exactly are you trying to portray?

      That bombs from German planes, did not blow up several houses and make several holes in the ground, in the road in which I live…and young kids in the road I live volunteered to learn to fly, to try and shoot the Bombers down in Spitfires??

      Are you trying to say, that my Dad, did not work under enemy fire to get the Spitfires back into the air during The Battle of Britain, and that he did not help to design and deploy the Mulbery Harbour, again under enemy fire.

      I just do not understand what point you are trying to make.

      Are you a Trotskyite Neocon?


  • Blunderbuss

    “Brexit plan to evacuate the Queen” – this is allegedly to protect her from rioting British peasants but I suspect another motive.

    The next candidate for regime change after Venezuela is likely to be Britain, after we elect Jeremy Corbyn. Which unelected person will the Americans impose on us? Tony Blair?

    • SA

      There is no way the regime will allow Corbyn to be PM. In this case there will be preemptive regime prevention.

      • Blunderbuss


        I expect you’re right. PRP – preemptive regime prevention, I must remember that.

    • J

      i read Daphne Du Maurier’s last novel recently, written 1971, published in 1972. Very enjoyable, and prescient:

      “Set in the late 1970s in Poldrea (based on Par) on the South Cornwall coast, the United Kingdom’s relationship with Europe has broken down and in order to prevent economic disaster the country has formed an alliance with the United States to form ‘USUK’. But to the residents of a small Cornish fishing port it appears to be an invasion as US Marines take over the area, and increasingly draconian measures are employed to quell the growing unrest. The story centres around Emma and her 80-year-old grandmother ‘Mad’, who is at the heart of the resistance.”

    • Ken Kenn

      Used to use syrup of figs when I was young to ‘ evacuate’ but I suspect the Times is trying to scare the patriots ( left and right).

      Now if the Queen prorogued Parliament in the event or threat of a Corbyn led governent she will have more to think about than moving house(s).

      I often wonder which part of no does May understand.

      I think I can safely say even if Project Fear is only half true that the authors of all this will be derided ( at least ) and set upon ( at worst )
      when asking for votes at the next Election. Sure Corbyn will get some stick but the ruling Party and its acolytes will be stained for ever.

      Which could be next week if May denies she is having one this week.

      If she told me it was raining I’d have to go out and check.

      She’s become deranged.

    • Tony

      Maduro’s government is doing everything right that it can possibly do in respect of it’s international image. It refused to engage the opposition rent-a-mob protests which were supposed to provoke a violent state response that would justify a ‘foreign intervention” (the MSM have hilariously portrayed this as a sign of weakness). And they are continuing their policy of requesting talks with their opponents, who think that their rejection of such goes unnoticed by the world.

      • Tatyana

        during my latest visit to my dentist (he is armenian), we had a nice talk about the change of power in Armenia in 2018. What he told me coincides with what I read in the news, and what I admire – the peaceful protest. People in Armenia went out in the streets to support the opposition leader. Certainly they blocked streets and roads, but at the same time –
        People enjoyed their time in the fresh air, they met their neighbours, sang songs, set up fire to roast shashlyk (a type of kebab, barbecue).
        Their armenian president resigned on people’s demand, no violence, no shooting. The new head of Armenia stated they need no foreign help, neither from the US, nor from Russia. People just peacefully changed what they intended to change. It is marvelous!

        • michael norton

          any updates on this terrible incident

          “Two Tanzanian-flagged tankers caught fire Monday while fuel was being pumped from one tanker to another. The blaze spread quickly, prompting the crews to jump overboard.

          Russian officials said 12 of 32 crewmembers have been rescued. The survivors were taken Tuesday to hospitals on the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

          The ships have continued burning. Media reports said both tankers, the Maestro and the Candy, belonged to a Turkish company, Milenyum Denizcilik Gemi. It was sanctioned by the U.S. in 2015 for fuel deliveries to Syria.”
          There is a new port, supposed to be fully operational in 2019, adjacent to Volna.

          • Tatyana

            michael, no additional news, sorry.
            Candy and Maestro are still burning, tug “Mercury” works on fire, rescue vessel “Demidov” finished her rescue task and went back to Novorossiysk seaport yesterday.

          • Tatyana

            btw, the captain of the vessel “Nord” Vladimir Gorbenko is lost.
            The fishing vessel was detained in Azov sea by Ukraine last spring. Russia exchanged some seamen, but this unlucky captain stayed in Ukraine, he was accused of poaching and violating the entry to the occupied territory for the purpose of harm. Nord is Cremean vessel.
            In April last year the captain already was kidnapped by SBU officers. However, his whereabouts became known five hours later. This time he is lost for more than a week.

            May be you know something about russian vessel “Kuzma Minin” detained in Britain this January?

          • michael norton

            The Kuzma Minin dragged anchor and grounded on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

            The Russian bulk cargo ship Kuzma Minin grounded off Falmouth in Cornwall on the morning of Tuesday, December 18, 2018.
            The ship had no freight aboard but did have 18 crew. She began to drag anchor in gale force winds gusting at up to 74mph at around 3am and grounded two hours later.

            Police sealed off nearby roads, a helicopter was launched and a major multi-agency operation began to refloat the stricken ship.

            this from 3 days ago

          • michael norton

            Hello Sharp Ears, I put in the names of the two fuel tankers that were supposed to have been on fire in The Blavk Sea, off the Kerch Bridge, yet for the Candy and the Maestro, it claims both are under way.
            I expect I have done it wrong.
            Can you check please?

          • Blunderbuss

            If I’ve got the right ships, Candy and Maestro are both LPG (liquified petroleum gas) tankers. They are shown on as “Underway Using Engine” on 20-01-2019 and 09-01-2019 respectively. Presumably this is before the fire. To get their current positions, I think you would need a subscription to

    • Blunderbuss

      Next, it will be Global Incinerating. We’ve got to keep ramping up the scaremongering.

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