Adab Festival Pakistan 736

Am giving a talk in Karachi on Sunday, and very much looking forward to it. Entry is free. This blog has a number of regular readers and two donating subscribers in Karachi, and it would be a great pleasure if they can introduce themselves. I am speaking primarily on Sikunder Burnes, (after whom Karachi’s famous Burnes Road is named), but shall happily wander off into the vicious folly of modern western military interference in Afghanistan, the illegality of drone strikes, the two century long history of western exploitation and exacerbation of the Sunni/Shia divide, and the great work of Julian Assange.

As always, I shall also be talking about why Scottish Independence, just like Irish, should be seen in the context of decolonisation, despite the eventual co-option of Scots to the Imperial project. As I have explained till I am blue in the face, the domestic law of the metropolitan country is utterly irrelevant to the legality of secession; the only determining factor is international recognition.

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  • N_

    A guy who killed a woman cyclist because he was on his phone while he was driving a car has been given 7 months in prison and an 18 month driving ban. He is described as a joiner and presumably he is not at all posh and it is not because of personal connections that he has, in effect, been practically let off.

    Anyone would get the impression that phone addiction is officially encouraged to such an extent that it is viewed as more important than human life.

    Famine is bad, and so are shortages of necessary medicines, but if Armageddon does hit soon I am going to be SO PLEASED if all the millions of dickheads in this world can’t get the batteries in their phones charged.

    • N_

      Meanwhile, many pedestrians who are smartphone users are accidentally walking in front of cars. This is accepted by the authorities as natural nowadays, and there is therefore a push to redesign markings at road crossings, which has already happened in some countries. There is no push for an educational campaign to explain to people that “liking” a “friend’s” garbage on Facebook isn’t as important as avoiding having your head crushed under a motor vehicle.

      This is where we are: most people under 40 can’t write a proper sentence; many can’t do joined up writing; and increasing numbers suffer an addiction to mobile phones that is far more intense than addiction to heroin ever was.

      Is “Don’t be so interested in your phone as to walk in front of cars” too hard a message to get through to people in a public information campaign? Or is it more than any government minister’s job is worth to upset the fascist monster called Google?

      A driver who uses a phone while driving should get a lifetime ban from both driving and using a mobile phone, even if he doesn’t cause any injury. If he kills somebody because of his fuckwitted behaviour, as this guy did, he should be given a minimum 10-year sentence on top of those two bans, with no remission.

      A pedestrian who causes an accident because he is on his mobile phone should also get banned from using a mobile phone, and if necessary he or his estate should be made to pay for his blood to be scraped off the car that he has so moronically walked in front of.

      Smartphones – they really fuck you up.

      Take any campaign against heroin and replace the word “heroin” with “smartphones” and you don’t even get a quarter of the way to expressing just how bad the problem is.

    • michael norton

      RoS it certainly looks like tit-for-tat in the Labour Party,
      one is banged up in jail, the rest are scratching each others eyes out

      Labour MPs who voted with Theresa May’s Tory government on key Brexit amendments on Tuesday have caused uproar among key party figures, with some suggesting they should be deselected.
      Some 14 Labour MPs sided with the Conservatives and voted against a Brexit amendment tabled by their party colleague Yvette Cooper, which sought to prevent a no-deal scenario by extending Article 50 past deadline day, March 29.

    • David

      Just pre-Christmas this story was at

      Thomson-Reuters reported Russian officials have previously said that Moscow would “mirror” any action Britain takes against RT when it came to retaliating against British media operating in Russia.

      Additional reporting by Polina Nikolskaya in Moscow and by Kate Holton and Paul Sandle in London; Writing by Andrew Osborn; Editing by Alison Williams, warnings by Orwell, implementation of government censorship by OFCOM, possibly. Who needs alternative , intermediate-range, news sources, eh? What crisis?

  • michael norton

    Good news for
    The Middle East ( for a change)

    Lebanese factions have agreed to form a new government of national unity, ending nearly nine months of wrangling.

    “We must turn the page and start working,” said Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, who is now in his third term.

    The 30-member cabinet has four women, including the interior minister – a first for Lebanon.

    The most pressing challenge for the cabinet is to revive Lebanon’s economic fortunes and cut the national debt, which stands at about 150% of GDP.

    Mr Hariri’s reforms are expected to unlock nearly $11bn (£8bn) in pledged international aid and loans.

    Amazing that four women are being let in to government, very modern for
    The Middle East, let’s see them try that in
    Saudi Arabia?

    • Laguerre

      Sa’d Hariri is hardly new or news. More, same old all over again. The failure is back in power. It was him who was arrested by MbS in Riyadh in an attempted coup, which he only got out of by the skin of his teeth, wasn’t it?

    • bj

      https: // uk/news/world-middle-east-47080597

      Why refer to these intelligence assets.

      • michael norton

        Mr Hariri’s new government will be composed of most of the country’s rival factions, including the Iran-backed Shia movement Hezbollah which – with its allies – made gains in parliamentary elections last May.

        Ho ho ho, I can think of one nearby Middle East country, which will not be chuffed, Lebanon, having Iranian backed politicians in power.

        • Andyoldlabour

          michael norton

          Hezbollah has been one of the main parties in Lebanon since 2005, so I don’t think this will be a surprise to anyone in the region.

          • michael norton

            The reason given by the government of Israel for the repeated attacks on Syria/Lebanon,
            is Hezbollah/Iran stated aim of the destruction of Israel.

          • Charles Bostock

            And destruction of the State of Israel and Israelis is the stated aim of Hamas and Iran.

          • Deb O'Nair

            “And destruction of the State of Israel and Israelis is the stated aim of Hamas and Iran.”

            No, it’s the “Zionist regime occupying Quds”, not Israel or Israelis. The Zionist government of Israel likes to conflate the two but Zionism is an ultra-nationalistic and expansionist political ideology.

    • Charles Bostock

      Apparently there has been a change of “government” in the West Bank; Abu Mazen remains “President” but the government has been made to resign ( or asked to, governance in the West Bank being its usual murky self). It also seems that there’s some sort of new squeeze on Hamas in Gaza.

        • Charles Bostock

          What are you talking about? Elections bot for the Palestinian Authority and the Presidency are long overdue (by several years). It’s Abu Mazen, the current President, who seems rather reluctant to hold them. So let’s have less of this pro-Palestinian hasbara.

    • giyane

      “very modern for the Middle East ”

      Women have always been involved in business and politics in the Middle East.
      Whenever the West has colonised Islam has had to protect its society from the obvious corruption of foreign dictatorship. If you want Muslim women to return to their historic roles in society, I suggest the West gives up threatening the Middle East with brain-washed numb-skulls from pre-colonised PTSD former colonies.

      However it suits the West just fine to mock the social chaos of its own creation. Weird how Muslim beards became fashionable in the West, when they saw how bright and self-confident the Muslim kids were on the street, male and female. Brexit Britain is like a zoo, where the alpha males and females are demonstrating animal use of rudimentary communication , like backstop, show your bum to your neighbour, and No deal, bare your teeth.

  • Dungroanin

    Jeremy Hardy.
    His mellifluous tones and singing.
    The bbc is bereft of the pureness of his heart.
    Who now will be allowed to skewer the tories, neocons and spivs?
    A sad and early loss for our collective conscience.

  • bj

    This is so good I need to quote it in its entirety, with thanks to Republicofscotland

    Uri Geller calls Jeremy Corbyn an anti-Semite, and vows to use his psychic powers to stop Corbyn from becoming PM.
    Geller adds God forbid Corbyn becomes PM.

    Speaking with Roseanne Barr, he was. And some rabbi.

    No. a spoon won’t do.
    You need a shovel.

    • Xavi

      They seem to have given it less thought even than the average person. Just parroting what they vaguely heard on CNN or Fox.

      • Jack


        Yes is seems to be:

        1. Yes its meddling but its ok when we do it
        2. Meddling? No!
        3. Meddling? Yes its awful but hey thats not what I work with, go ask someone else.

  • michael norton

    More E.U. stupidity
    France puts up food and drink prices under new law
    Nutella, Président Camembert, Ricard Pastis and Carte Noire coffee are among the brands set to cost more in France as a law on food prices takes effect.

    It means big food and drink brands can no longer be sold at cost price. Shops’ profit margin must be at least 10%.

    the question is
    why are they continually making themselves less competitive?

    • Charles Bostock

      “It means big food and drink brands can no longer be sold at cost price. Shops’ profit margin must be at least 10%. ”

      Writing as a Remainer and someone who is happy to acknowledge the positive achievements of the EU, I am sorry to have to say that the above is just the kind of thing which might end up becoming EU law at some stage or other. It is the sort of thing which someone in the Brussels bureaucracy may well think of as a splendid wheeze which should apply throughout Europe.

    • Laguerre

      In Britain, of course, Norton, small producers can starve, or go on the gig economy, just to get enough to survive until next month. In France, they find it useful for small producers, and small shops to continue to exist. It’s called “commerce équitable”. But you, Norton (much like the far right Bostock), prefer that that the small man starve, and lose his livelihood.

      • michael norton

        Tesco are getting rid of fifteen thousand counter staff in the U.K. to trim themselves down, ready for Brexit
        In France you just get hand-outs from the taxpayer to keep things ticking inefficiently along.

      • Charles Bostock


        Are you sure that concern for the small producer is what motivated the French government in this matter? If you are, I suggest you are being very naive.

    • John A

      It makes sense. The big brands do these kinds of tricks to squeeze small producers out of the market. What is the point of branded camembert, coffee etc? The big difference in price between a branded and unbranded camember is due to the advertising and marketing budget.
      More power to small, local producers!

  • Republicofscotland

    So the USA is suspending its part in the INF treaty, signed by Gorbachev and Reagan in 1987. Apparently the USA’s Nato allies are fully behind the decision.

    Pompeo claims, and that’s the jist of the matter, how to prove it either way, that Russia is flouting the rules of the treaty by converting missiles that breaches the INF treaty rules. Therefore all bets are off and the US will I suppose begin producing the land launched nukes of a specific range.

    It’s more than likely the real benefactors of such a move by the US, will be the Military Industrial Complex, US President Truman coined the MIC phrase, and in my opinion every US president since Truman, has had to pander to the MIC in one way or another.

    Of course National Security Council document 68, drafted in 1950 set the ball rolling on the less than truthful Cold War with Russia. That inturn opened up the door to continually greater and greater spending on weapons, which has led the USA to where it is now.

    • Tatyana

      USA is concerned with russian missile 9M729, which can fly as far as 480 km. It is discussed in russian news.

      …”The Russian Ministry of Defense on Wednesday (*January 24) presented at a briefing for foreign military attaches the 9M729 missile of the Iskander-M complex, which the US considers to be a violation of the INF Treaty, and spoke about its characteristics. According to the Defense Ministry, military attaches and representatives of the military-diplomatic corps of the CSTO, BRICS, the European Union and NATO, as well as some other European and Asian countries were invited to the briefing. The Defense Ministry also told reporters that military attaches from the United States, Britain, France and Germany, as well as representatives of the European Union and the NATO mission in Russia did not come to the briefing.”

      “…since the decision to withdraw from this agreement has long been made by the country’s leadership, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, president of the international center for geopolitical analysis, said to RIA Novosti on Thursday…”
      “…Press Secretary of the US Embassy in Russia, Andrea Calan, considered the briefing of the Russian military as an attempt to create a “semblance of transparency”, stressing that only the destruction of the missile would remove Washington’s concern.”

      • Tatyana

        There’s a picture, showing how many missiles and other weapons were destroyed under the INF treaty, by each party

        The picture is from todays news here
        The article says: “”We will begin to develop options for our own military response and will work with NATO and other allies and partners not to give Russia any military advantage because of its illegal behavior.” – Trump said. NATO supported US plans to withdraw from the agreement.
        Now they will pull out the drawings of the “destroyed” missiles. Welcome to the new Weapon Race!

        • Tatyana

          I’d rather they destroy russian missile. But regarding the US and the EU hostile attitude and provocations with Skripal and the White Helmets, I understand why russian MoD wouldn’t do this gesture of good will.

          • pete

            I was watching a program about lies the Americans have told their own people. One of them concerns what led up to the 1950’s arms race. Lucy Warsley – the presenter – mentions an estimate the American military made of the number of Russian nuclear missiles at that time. They said it was about 200. Lucy said the actual number, revealed many years later, was four. The estimate was the excuse the military needed to justify government spending such a huge amount of money on developing their own arsenal.
            Personally I cannot blame Mr Putin investing Russian money in hypersonic weapons, given that Russia is ringed by American bases, it seems like a minimum defensive manoeuvre. I wish it were not so, but humans need to be able to communicate on a rational level before this can be changed, suspicion is a human emotion that need to be overcome, I am not optimistic about the eventual outcome.

          • giyane


            Suspicion is amplified by spying which is why it is not permitted in Islam.

            5G will enable its proprietors to charge the environment with energy sufficient to activate the tiniest of microphones wihout a local energy source.

            You won’t be able breathe pollution from woodburners or diesel cars but you will be able to monitored by Chinese big brother if you say hello to someone without your mobile phone being present.

            An accurate assessment will then be made about your suitability for corporate or communis stated employment. Thus the system will automatically favour the most discreet and those who live in rural areas.

            City dwellers will all be dead.

  • bj

    Something else, just as humorous:
    Jimmy Dore about the Luke Harding interview Aaron Mate had.

    I had never seen the infamous Luke ‘live’.

    What a minuscule lampoon; that hot-potato-in-mouth speech.
    The epitome of the ‘useful idiot’, the stress lying more on idiot than on useful.

    • Glasshopper

      I think the US are uneasy about losing their military edge.

      The Russians claim to have underwater drones that can easily take down multi billion dollar aircraft carriers, making the astronomical sums spent on the US military look like a waste of money.

  • N_

    An official spokesperson for the kingdom today objected to EU27’s description of Gibraltar as a “colony”. What an idiot! Did everybody at the Foreign Office who doesn’t suffer from patriotic rabies get thrown out? Or is this just a matter of whipping up xenophobia in the home market in preparation for you know what?

    Let me spell it out.

    Gibraltar is not a sovereign territory that decided to let Britain run its foreign policy and could decide, using purely internal mechanisms and without reference to Britain, to stop doing so. (That would make it a dependency, like the Isle of Man.)

    Gibraltar is not a part of Britain and does not send MPs to Westminster. (That would make it a French-style overseas territory, like Martinique.)

    Gibraltar is a territory captured from another country (Spain) in war and then settled by the conquering country. It has never become either a part of Britain or a sovereign country outside of Britain. It is a colony. (That most of its residents wish to remain under British sovereignty is irrelevant to that fact.)

    No self-respecting person gives a shit what terms are used by cruel British monarchist buffoons as they strap on their riding boots, as if their terms have a holy natural meaning that trumps everything and that Neanderthal foreign johnnies are never going to understand. You can call it an “overseas territory” if you don’t want to admit that it’s a little sister of the City of London that is notorious for organised crime, internet betting, money laundering, and investments by MI6-friendly “Russian” oligarchs. But Gibraltar is a colony. That’s why it’s on the United Nations list of colonies (or “non-self-governing territories”, to use the euphemism.) It is the only territory in Europe that’s still on that list.

    • N_

      I mean if somebody says they want Gibraltar and the Falklands to stay colonies because that’s what most residents of those places want, that’s one thing. At least it’s a coherent argument. But saying “They are certainly not colonies; they are some of Her SatanBrittanic Majesty’s British Overseas Territories, actually, you ignorant foreign fools” is just asking for a punch on the jaw.

      A colony doesn’t cease to be a colony because the colonial power decides to call it something different and pays a male “clerk of the parliaments” to dress up in a wig and tights (got to wonder whether there any other underclothes are prescribed that don’t show) and say “The Queen Wants It” in Norman French.

        • freddy

          In AD. 911, the Frankish King Charles the Simple, in an effort to reduce the raids and destruction offered a large amount of land in northern France to a band of Vikings led by Rollo in return for token obedience to the Frankish crown. During the years of “Duke” Rollo’s reign, the local term for the “Norsemen” slowly contracted to “Norman” and this pretty much stuck for the rest of time.

        • Glasshopper

          Now you’ll confuse him, because bashing Spanish imperialism is not part of his schtick.

    • Charles Bostock


      “No self-respecting person gives a shit what terms are used by cruel British monarchist buffoons ”

      Well, you’ve obviously don’t. as the following words from your post reveal:

      “Gibraltar is not a part of Britain and does not send MPs to Westminster. (That would make it a French-style overseas territory, like Martinique.)”

      For your information, Martinique is an Overseas Department (“DOM” in French) and as such is represented in the French parliament.. It is not an Overseas Territory (known in French as “TOM”s). French Overseas Territories are not represented in the French parliament.

      French TOMs are to all extent and purposes colonies.

  • Sharp Ears

    Representatives from the large accountancy firms, were giving evidence last Wednesday to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee on the role played by these firms who both audit and advise via their consultancy divisions.

    Seems like a case of stable doors being closed after the horses have bolted, eg Carillion, BHS, etc.

    ’30 January 2019
    On Wednesday 30 January from 10am, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee will question representatives of ‘challenger’ accountancy firms, including Grant Thornton, BDO, and Mazars, as part of their inquiry on the future of audit.
    From approximately 11am, the UK heads of the Big Four accountancy firms – PWC, Deloitte, EY, and KPMG – will give evidence.
    In the wake of accounting scandals at companies such as Carillion, BT, and Patisserie Valerie, the Committee is exploring the recommendations of the recent CMA study of the audit market and Sir John Kingman’s review of the Financial Reporting Council in improving quality and competition in the audit market and reducing conflicts of interest.’

    A joke.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Jack February 1, 2019 at 15:57
      Good news indeed, but it seems the whole of the government is not in agreement, and is casting aspersions on Maduro’s legitimate winning of a perfectly legal and above-board election.
      It was monitored by International observers, and the Venezuelan election process is arguably the most tamper-proof in the world, certainly way better than British or US elections.
      Electronic voting, WITH paper trail, 53% votes checked, thumbprint-monitored, what WTF are the US, EU etc. spouting on about?
      Oh, I got it – like the Brits with Brexit, they voted the ‘wrong’ way.
      In reality, the opposition (especially Guy Fawkes) knew they didn’t stand a snowball in hell’s chance of winning the vote, so organised a boycott..
      Tough titty, US puppet, CANVAS graduate, Guy Fawkes. You’re a busted flush, and flushed you should be, like all traitors to their Homelands and citizens. Swimming in the sewers of the Bolivarian Republic, you can discuss your options with your brethren, Venezuelan and multinational rats.
      ‘!Venezuela si, Yanqui no!’

  • able

    Just 34 years after the relevant legislation was introduced, Britain can today celebrate its first prosecution for female genital mutilation. After lagging behind for some time, we now draw even with Somalia at one prosecution a piece.

          • Charles Bostock

            Just to reassure you everyone, circumcision is not illegal, its legality applies to both Jews and non-Jews, and one cannot say it’s a specifically Jewish thing: lots of non Jews and, I believe, all Muslim boys are circumcised.

            Female genital mutilation, on the other hand, appears to be confined to members of the Muslim faith.

          • Loony

            You people are unbelievable.

            What do you think FGM is all about? Do you think it is some form of emancipation for young girls? It is a criminal offence and, so far as I am aware, no one is arguing that it should be decriminalized. This particular case seems to have had some associations with witchcraft.

            Do you fools believe that witchcraft has some role to play in society. If so what role exactly and why?

            …and all you can do is raise inane irrelevances about prosecuting people for something that is not illegal. All you do is provide useful cover for people intent on mutilating small children. The really sad thing is that you are probably proud of your role in chopping a path for child abuse.

          • kathy

            Charles Bostock

            Female genital mutilation, on the other hand, appears to be confined to members of the Muslim faith.
            I believe it is a pre-Islamic custom so. while what you say is true, there is no religious requirement for FGM. Also, the custom is not widespread among Muslims except in some countries or regions. For example, it is not practised anywhere in Iraq apart from among the Kurds.

          • Laguerre

            “Female genital mutilation, on the other hand, appears to be confined to members of the Muslim faith.”

            As usual CB tells another porky. FGM is an East African practice, adopted by both Christians, animists, and native Muslims. CB is being racist, as usual.

          • Laguerre


            I don’t think the Kurds practise FGM, but we should ask Giyane, as he is married to one. Regrettably, they do practise honour killings.

          • kathy


            I don’t think the Kurds practise FGM

            It doesn’t matter what you think. It is a widely accepted and documented fact.Google it if you don’t believe me.

        • giyane

          There are no nerves in the male foreskin. Well, I don’t know, but if there ever were I’ve never missed them. Apart from ladies genitalia being packed with exteremely sensitive nerves, there’s never been any prophetic teaching in favour of that barbaric practice. So nobody can hold it against Islam.

          • Shatnersrug

            Giyane, you are missing them. As anyone who’s ever caught their foreskin In a zipper can tell you. Sadly whether you know it or not
            you’ve been denied a very pleasurable part of your body because of a silly custom.

          • giyane

            Schnatter shrug.

            Yes. I was once forced to wear my sister’s tights because I damaged my shorts dashing about.

            I don’t know which was worker, the humiliation of not seeing the offending piece of granite in the village of Porlock, the tights, or being sympathized with by my grandmother’s female friend.

          • giyane

            Laguerre / Kathy

            There is no such thing as pre-Islamic, owing to the fact that prophets have been generated by our Creator in every time and place teaching the Oneness of God which is Islam. Just as you can’t say all male Jews wear wide brimmed black hats as seen in Golders Green on the Sabbath, because that was a fashion that came, went, re-appeared etc according to fashion/ human whim.

            We know when and why Kurdistan came to Islam.
            Jonah 3.6:
            And the people of Nineveh believed God. They called for a fast and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them to the least of them.
            Matthew 12:41
            The men of Nineveh will stand at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and now One greater than Jonah is here.

            But we have no idea about the prophets of Islam that were sent to Africa. but we do know that Africa fought the trinitarians of Constantine in 3 A.D..

            IMHO the 40 years of continuous war that followed the destruction of Yugoslavia at the hands of Al Qaida, Britain’s proxy Saudi-inspired jihadists, has revived many forgotten ignorances that were around at the start of Islam as revealed in the Qur’an in the name of Salafism. The intention of the British apparently was to denigrate the name of Islam by assisting the absolutely worst of the vast cultural mix that has become Islam. whoever invented celibacy for priests back in the days had a similar intention for Christianity.

            So the answer to the question I think is that during the period when the CIA were trying to conquer Iraq, after Churchill grabbed it for the oil in 1918, Saudi Salafist influence in Kurdistan brought back FGM. The malign influence of the British in Africa had probably done the same in times beyond memory or recorded history.

            One of the reasons why I love Kurdistan is because the Kurds were universally appalled by the Salafism that USUKIS used to colonise Kurdistan. The best country in the world to be a Muslim from now is Syria, because of the takfiri Saudi Salafism of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaida and Islamic State which USUKIS imposed on them. Salafism in all its disgusting forms will never be permitted to return. The Syrian people decided that even the tyranny of their USUKIS dictator Assad, and the questionable rule by Russia and China, were preferable to these neo-con fossils from the dark ages of ignorance, viz Islamism, cruelty in the beautiful name of Islam.

    • Mist001

      If I had my way, I would make all forms of circumcision/FGM illegal unless for medical reasons, I don’t mind what religious views anyone holds, so long as they don’t impose them on others. All forms of circumcision on children are based on religious beliefs, and adults are therefore imposing their religious views on others and particularly, others who aren’t in any position to object which is abhorrent and should be outlawed.

      Of course, once a child turns 18 years old, they can make their own decision about circumcision but until then, a blanket ban should be in force.

      • JMF

        Agreed. It’s insane this is done based on religious beliefs because it begs the question: “Who are we to change how God made us?”. As to circumcision supposedly being a cleaner option, have these people not heard of soap and water?

      • Chris

        Totally agree, Mist – and I would extend your argument to ban baptism/confirmation type processes by which children have a religious identity imposed on them. Let them reach maturity maturity and choose for themselves. Physical development of human brains does not usually complete before the third decade of life.

      • giyane

        No. I was not circumcised for reĺigious reasons as a baby. But it saved a hell of a lot of something ache later when I reverted to Islam

    • bj

      There’s a hangup right there.

      Are you the first person in medical history to suffer from clit-envy?

  • Charles Bostock

    Is there anyone here who seriously maintains that male circumcision is as bad/dangerous/mutilating/sexual pleasure destroying as FGM?

      • Charles Bostock

        Leaving aside the weasely “not as extreme” for the moment, perhaps it’s the extreme nature of FGM that persuaded lawmakers to make it illegal?

        • Jo1

          I agree with you Charles. I’m very surprised by some of the comments here which compare male circumcision with FGM.

          • pete

            Of course FGM and male circumcision are not comparable.
            There are cases where male circumcision is advisable: Phimosis and Redundant Prepuce. Medical reasons where an adult can meaningfully consent to have such an operation performed. A baby cannot meaningfully consent to such an act, so performing it on a child without their consent is wrong. Having said that there are cultures where the circumcision ritual is performed, mostly without any long term harm – as far as I am aware.
            On a personal level I find it wrong that, here in the UK, such an operation might be performed by someone medically unqualified and in unhygienic circumstances, accidents do happen and can have lifetime consequences. For such operations amateurs should not be allowed.
            FGM on the other hand has no medical benefit, is illegal and I am surprised that prosecutions on the grounds of cruelty alone are not pursued more.

          • bj

            Pete, apart from the wiki cut/paste, the circular reasoning was a great laugh, thanks.

            Of course FGM and male circumcision are not comparable.”

            “FGM on the other hand has no medical benefit, is illegal and I am surprised that prosecutions on the grounds of cruelty alone are not pursued more.

    • Dungroanin

      I think every male who chooses to have their foreskin removed has a perfect right to do it.
      I know many adults piecing and tattoing themselves in places that make many squirm by the thought.
      The key is choice.

    • jellybean

      Charles – ”Is there anyone here who seriously maintains that male circumcision is as bad/dangerous/mutilating/sexual pleasure destroying as FGM?”

      ”Male” (or defenseless baby boy) circumcision is child abuse. Nothing less.

      Spin it anyway you like, faith, tradition, health grounds,….. it is child abuse. The same level of child abuse as FGM. Holding down a defenseless baby child, whether a boy or girl, and cutting off a piece of their body is abusing the body of that defenseless child.

      Maybe someone should start a campaign to have this practice of abusing defenseless baby boys outlawed in the UK along with FGM.

      • Rowan Berkeley

        @ jellybean: “Maybe someone should start a campaign to have this practice of abusing defenseless baby boys outlawed in the UK along with FGM.”

        – Campaigns against male circumcision exist among US Jews of a universalist disposition. They call themselves “intactivists.” The question of course is how they propose for their male offspring to go on calling themselves “Jewish.” A clue may lie in the fact that this contingent of US Jews is already disqualifying itself in halachic terms, by allowing the designation “Jewish” to be used equally of those Jewish children whose fathers are Jewish, even when their mothers are not.

    • bj

      Your conflation of adjectives in “bad/dangerous/mutilating/sexual pleasure destroying” is as “weasely” as it gets.

    • nevermind

      Yes, I do. To use highly personal religious reasoning to force your very own child into such ritual is as barbaric as FGM.
      A child that by means of a painful and dangerous procedure is forced into a religious box with no say or means to understand.
      Why not wait until these children are grown up and able to make this decision themselves?

  • N_

    The world’s oldest person, Koku Istambulova, a Chechen Muslim lady aged 129, has died.

    She survived the deportation of the Chechen people to Kazakhstan, and by the sound of it she drank lots of kefir! Kefir probably has something to do with how common it is for people in the Caucasus to make it to 100. What is more, she seems to have been vegetarian, or “shunned meat” in Daily Heil language.

    • Tatyana

      More likely it is living in harmony with the world around you, with people around you, no smartphones or computers together with daily stress of modern people, desire to live and enjoy yor life as it is, desire to be useful, to work or at least contribute by other ways to the life of humankind.

        • Tatyana

          Hi, Brian. I’m still busy with buildng a playlist of movies advised in the previous topic discussion 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation, I knew the story and I’ll be enjoying the movie!

          I’ve noticed a shift in the tone of russian forums. While discussing current events, I more often meet the citation of Alexander III – “Russia has only two allies: its army and its navy”. It is scary.

  • M.J.

    Perhaps you will spare a thought for Asia Bibi and others who have lost thei rlives because of the blasphemy laws of Pakistan, a product of Islamism by its ruler in past decades.

    • able

      Don’t be silly. This will be Craig slagging off Britain to Pakistan’s rich elites who will applaud as they shit on their own people.

    • giyane

      The troublemakers are not Sunni Islamists in this case. They are Sufi Islamists so they not only are ignorant about Islam but also have to scream louder to convince people they know what they’re talking about.

      Not unlike certain HoC MPs and PMs on the subject of brexit. Please can we have a Labour government

    • Ken Kenn

      All quiet on the Latin Front on the BBC.

      It’s snowing in the South of England and the BBC has turned it into an epic crisis of Chicago like proportions.

      No word yet from the European Front.

      John Simpson has been on the BBC re; Ayatollah Khomeini’s return to Iran.

      The reporters in those days risked being on a plane ( Air France ) that could have been shot down to their credit.

      I’m not a fan of Simpson ( the liberator of Baghdad ) but today’s embedded reporters all appear to be filmed standing behind the lines of the side that is heavily armed and they think will win.

      Some stand in Beirut and with the aid of very strong binoculars give assessments about the State of Syria and some just believe ‘facts ‘ from a bloke in Coventry.

      How times have changed.

      Is it Health and Safety or fear?

      Anyway – all great diversions from Brexit and Venezuela for now.

      Sunday headlines ‘ May adopts injured kitten ‘

      ‘ Corbyn is closet Remainer ‘ – Telegraph.

      ‘ Corbyn is closet Brexiter ‘ – The Guardian.

    • Glasshopper

      The Guardian has been a laughingstock since Alan Rusbridger left. It is a Globalist rag churning out the same old cobblers from 1 percenters like Toynbee as she moves between Hampstead and Tuscany. The readership is dominated by vile snobs who clearly loathe the ” low-information plebs”, and are besotted by unelected Brussels pondlife.
      The Brexit coverage has become a parody of itself.

      • freddy

        Does that mean you’re not supporting their fearless independent journalism…In these critical times, when some try to divide us by building walls and create disorder through false information, The Guardian is committed to keeping access to our journalism open – so everyone, around the world, can be well informed.

        Guess they’ve quietly forgotten the Manafort-Assange story already (to think of a recent example).

        Anyway well-said, and I agree heartily

  • able

    The mother and father claimed the three year-old girl slioped and fell on a cupboard door in the filthy kitchen where the FGM was performed. Also present was a bundle of cow’s tongues with a nail driven through them that the mother used to try and silence her accusers in a ju-ju spell.

    Remind me, which country is this again?

    • Dungroanin

      Oi oi Napoleon!
      Which country?
      ‘In an email exchange in October 2010 – during the Chichester sex abuse scandal – a press adviser to Dr Williams said “the real danger here is that these stories are used to suggest that the CofE is as bad as Rome, both in abuse and cover-up” and “the aim must be to distance the current ABC (Archbishop of Canterbury) from it as much as poss”.’

      • able

        Just look at the replies here to a post about FGM. See how at first Islam must be taken out of the equation and “all religions” put in its place, then how it moves on, bizarrely, to a call for a ban on baptism and confirmation.

        February 1, 2019 at 22:29

        If I had my way, I would make all forms of circumcision/FGM illegal unless for medical reasons, I don’t mind what religious views anyone holds, so long as they don’t impose them on others. All forms of circumcision on children are based on religious beliefs, and adults are therefore imposing their religious views on others and particularly, others who aren’t in any position to object which is abhorrent and should be outlawed.

        Of course, once a child turns 18 years old, they can make their own decision about circumcision but until then, a blanket ban should be in force.

        Reply ↓
        February 1, 2019 at 23:40

        Agreed. It’s insane this is done based on religious beliefs because it begs the question: “Who are we to change how God made us?”. As to circumcision supposedly being a cleaner option, have these people not heard of soap and water?
        Reply ↓
        February 2, 2019 at 00:00

        Totally agree, Mist – and I would extend your argument to ban baptism/confirmation type processes by which children have a religious identity imposed on them. Let them reach maturity maturity and choose for themselves. Physical development of human brains does not usually complete before the third decade of life.

  • J

    I’ve mentioned this before but worth drawing your attention to it again.

    The foundation of almost everything at the international level in the last twenty tears is The War Against Terror or TWAT, as Jeremy Hardy once noted. The basis of TWAT was of course 9/11. Much else at a national level including erosion of press freedom, the proliferation of blanket surveillance, runaway ‘defence’ spending and the mushrooming of the ‘security’ industry also rests upon TWAT.

    In the following interview Professor Niels Harrit speaks about a document he’s had in his possession since 2009 and which he has good reason to consider is the basis upon which the war in Afghanistan was begun. He explains why. The problem is that this document, distributed to all NATO members on October 1st, 2001 through American consulates and embassies, contains nothing at all but a series of talking points. Known as the Taylor Report, it contains no evidence and none is presented requiring NATO to invoke article five of the Washington Treaty, authorising NATO to act against ‘foreign aggression’ and thus to begin the war in Afghanistan. That war, still raging eighteen years later has provided tacit justification for all subsequent wars in the Middle East. While the document itself refers to clear and unambiguous evidence, Prof Niels Harrit believes none was ever presented. This document is the sum total. Four days later evidence became a moot point, the war had already begun. He believes this document is itself all the evidence which has ever been produced, the entire basis for The War On Terror.

    The last twenty years of war was begun as it continued, without reason, without justification and without evidence. The document invalidates the basis for invoking article 5 even before the University of Alaska Fairbanks WTC7 evaluation report is published. (A report which is expected to conclusively prove that fire did not cause the collapse of the building, that it could in fact only have been destroyed as a result of months of careful pre-planning, by demolition, a fact which would also invalidate the reason for invoking article 5.)

    Video report by James Corbett supplies the background to the document:

    Interview with Professor Niels Harrit discussing the origin and importance of the document:

  • michael norton

    Brexit panic: Varadkar seeks help from E.U. as Ireland intensifies “No Deal” preparations
    Dublin this week revealed no deal could knock 4.25 percent from Ireland’s GDP.

    Surely if Ireland wants to trade with the E.U. or the rest of the World, it would be less expensive for them to boat their stuff direct, rather than boat from Dublin to Holyhead, then truck through U.K. to then boat over to the continent?

  • Sharp Ears

    Alex Salmond’l with Peter Oborne.

    ‘After another week of House of Commons farrago, the Alex Salmond Show looks at the underlying strain that Brexit is applying to political parties beyond the parliamentary process. Alex asks leading commentator Peter Oborne whether this week’s ceasefire in the ruling Conservative Party will hold? Alternatively, whether a fragmentation will inevitably follow the failure to reconcile a policy which carries the parliamentary party with a Brexit deal that can be negotiated with the rest of the EU.’

      • BrianFujisan

        ” Hitler , and all the Popes has not a Look in Regarding Native america’s Genocde’s .. FACT” ..

        The Facts of this matter ARE NOT BASED ON ANY bbC INFO,.. All is well documented Elsewhere..

        Just to be clear on that.

        • Sharp Ears

          This is a translation of a reply to Amos’s tweet with that piece which the BBC translated.

          ‘Alberto Cuadrado
          Jan 31
          @bbcmundo @BBCAmos But how do not you drop your face in shame after posting such a pile of s**t?’

          Alberto’s notes on Twitter says ‘@Valladolid/Cambridge’ and ‘Spanish touring the world, photographer, technical architect, building engineer, amateur urbanist. Currently living and documenting Brexit.’

          LOL Alberto. Spot on.

  • Sharp Ears

    Unpleasant anti-Russian rhetoric from the BBC’s correspondent, based in Moscow, not Caracas.

    Venezuela crisis: Why Russia has so much to lose
    By Sarah Rainsford
    BBC News, Moscow
    9 hours ago

    Putin should boot the BBC out and then Ms Rainsford can travel to South America to see the realities.

    • Dungroanin

      The Grrauniads TomPhillips report, headlined “Anti-Maduro protests sweep the country”

      Protests which haven’t happened – yet!

      It brazenly lies. With fake news.

      No doubt they will be reporting casualties of these mass protests which won’t be taking place – as some false flag shootings take place. I have read reports that the experienced kid killers and protestor maiming IDF thugs have been landing in the vicinity of Venezuela.

      It may even lead to a deployment of the White Helmets, bringing their brand of succour from their great and victorious campaign in Syria, which they left much improved…not.

      Time to get my poster paint out – how does ‘yankee go home’ & ‘No Apartheid – BDS now’ sound?

  • Loony

    Full spectrum collapse is clearly underway – this time from a moral perspective. Here we have a blog that purports to be concerned with human rights and what do we have for entertainment?

    Why a few days ago we had a voluminous call to “kick a cripple” in order to protest Israeli government actions. Now we have people leaping to the defense of FGM, all infused with a desire to kill as many Venezuelans as possible in order to avoid any recognition that the policies of the government are morally, and financially bankrupt.

    …and you people wonder why the mass of the population voted for Brexit and Trump. Ordinary people will embrace anything at all if it offers them even the remotest chance of distancing themselves from your hate filled desire to support and lionize all that is repugnant, cruel and shameful.

    If what there is at them moment does not work then the people will keep on supporting ever more extreme figures – and they will do so because whatever and whoever it is cannot possibly be as bad as what they are being asked to endure or support at the moment. And so in real time we can see how some of the most odious figures in history came to power. They came to power because of people like you. Your combination of hate and inanity almost literally willed them into existence.

    • able

      We have a “human rights activist” talking in Pakistan tomorrow. The place is an absolute basket case when it comes to human rights. He’ll be talking about the evils of colonialism which ended over 70 years ago and how Scotland is a modern day subjugated colony, lol.

      • Loony

        Yeah good one. Very droll.

        Cut the crap – and tell everyone (i) Do you support FGM and (ii) Do you think “kicking cripples” is an appropriate or effective way to protest Israeli government policy.

        If you support these things then tell us why. If you do not support these things then presumably you too are “King of misanthropy and self centered delusions of grandeur”

    • michael norton

      It seems there may be a “Little turning back of the clock” in University ga ga land,
      this have gotten to a pretty pass, in recent years, where ordinary words can not be spoke, in case some wallflower becomes upset.
      So a slight re-set could take place.
      As on R4 this morning.

    • Dungroanin

      Ah the perfect line and length straw-man bowling – that only works in theory, no doubt iniatiated with full integrity, yet it is utterly ineffective – so carrying on repeating the dumb and easily readable attack and expecting to not to be smacked to all corners is surely a sign of lunacy!
      Having an incapAble, dead mother type psycho voice, echoing in your ears while persuing such weasley words just keeps the failure being longer and bigger.

      Pathetic soldiers and mince for brains – i trust you do it for the glory rather than the shekels.

      New balls please umpire!

  • able

    With the news that a Muslim school in Birmingham will not allow girls to start eating until boys have finished their meals, I am searching frantically for the tsunami of feminist and leftist outrage that is sure to be sweeping across the country as I write this. Any signs of it?

    • jellybean

      Sounds like Eton or Harrow.

      Oh no wait that’s complete segregation of boys and girls isn’t it? Anon1 has no problem with white Christian segregation only has a problem with ‘stone age’ Islamic segregation………

      Cheer up able. Hate is not a good way to start the day.

    • Garth Carthy

      To Able and Loony:

      Well, I’m a man and what you (rather simplistically) would call a leftie but I certainly have no reservation in registering my outrage against the alleged practises in the Birmingham Muslim school. These allegations may well be true – they seem to have been observed by OFSTED. However, the Daily Mail, who published the report is notorious for stoking up anti-Muslim hatred.

      I deplore everything about the notions of the more extreme Islamists but I’m sure that most Muslims in the UK don’t fully support these medieval ideas.
      Isn’t it about time that civilised people started to realise that there is no such thing as the ‘other’. In reality, all races are basically the same – we all have some pretty strange irrational ideas and dogmas. Yes, there are many terrible aspects to Islamism but what sane person can defend the genocidal march of so-called ‘Freedom and Democracy’ that we in the West keep inflicting on the rest of the world.

      The West has massively fuelled terrorism and is still doing so: That is why people like myself and others on this blog might seem to be consumed with hate. I think we have every right to hate so much of the behaviour of Western politics and big business but that doesn’t mean we overlook the disgusting behaviour of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, etc.
      If we really support democracy in the West, why do we keep supplying arms and doing big business with Saudi (the well-spring of ISIS)?
      Isn’t it about time for people to take pride in how self-aware they can be and their ability to recognise their prejudices. In other words, we need to recognise that we appear to be hard-wired to prejudice, bias, hatred of the other, greed, power, etc.

    • Dungroanin

      Ah the Tory governments Education Policy of a post modern identity politics divide and rule mantra proceeds at pace – trying to get as much damage done while clinging on in government.

      A Labour government restoring true equality to all education pathways is the only way to get the next generation to be well fed, taught and physically fit free thinkers.
      Instead of the full spectrum re-creation of the servile classes – who would wipe the arses of their officer and aristo classes with their tongues and be happy to be order taking ‘yeoman’ of their lords.

      Not buying any this century take a running jump.

    • Loony

      Birmingham seems to be a center for this kind of thing. Here is a story about predominantly Muslim parents who are objecting to their children being taught about LGBT equality

      Where is the outrage from gay rights groups? Why are these parents not being labelled as bigoted homophobes and transphobes? Why are social services not investigating whether the parents are inculcating hate into their children.

      Apparently some parents became “personal and aggressive” Surely a prima facia case exists that they may be guilty of a hate crime.

      • jellybean

        ”Here is a story about predominantly Muslim parents who are objecting to their children being taught about LGBT equality”

        Wouldn’t get that in a white Christian school Loon, would you, you beacon of tolerance…….

        • Loony

          No you would not get this in a “white Christian school” What you would get instead is something like this

          A media frenzy that seeks to vilify and destroy the lives of an entire family of people all based on blowing things wildly out of proportion and aided and abetted by a variety of third rate virtue signalling “celebrities”

          What you get in this case is a more or less coordinated silence. People like you act as unpaid enforcers of this silence by inventing the most nefarious of motives of anyone who attempts to break the stranglehold of silence.

          My point has nothing whatsoever to do with either tolerance or intolerance. It has everything to do with the fact that not all people are treated equally before either the law or before the court of public opinion. It has to do with the vacuous moral cowardice of you and your ilk, by pointing out your absolute refusal to identify your preferred “victim group” Do feel free to prove me wrong and state clearly whether, in this case, you think Muslim sensibilities trump those of the LGBT community or vice versa.

    • Kempe

      The school is the Al Hijrah and they were told the practice was illegal by the Court of Appeal in 2017. I would’ve thought they’d have had enough time to get it sorted by now.

      The school was rated as inadequate by OFSTED in 2016 and is under “special measures”.

    • Charles Bostock


      There will be no such tsunami. That is the point that Nick Cohen often makes (and which has turned him into a focus for much hate) : feminists and lefties fall strangely silent in the face of outrages, hate and obscurantism when they come from Muslims.

  • Salford Lad

    hat tip to John Ward at The Slog for this expose;
    Very obvious why the Brexit negotiations have been a crock. there never was the appetite for serious exit ,blocked by Civil servant and Remoaners in Cabinet.
    Several Brexit Ministry MPs have given evidence of a damning nature to the European Scrutiny Committee, primarily on the subject of Whitehall behaviour in ignoring political orders, and then dropping the authors of said commands from internal e-memos. The following clip involves Bill Cash questioning Steve Baker. A coup d’état against the democratic will of the electorate.

    • Dungroanin

      The petrodollar is in full retreat – echoing the hagemons highwater mark and failure in the ME and other fronts. As the deposit holders come to cash in their dodgy dollars for more useful and reliable currencies, the whole Empire begins to crumble.
      The Fed rushing to implement their ‘crypto dollar’ replacement and to set up their own Libor replacement. (not independent).

      All to no avail. Most dollar based economies would do well to divest from being attached to it and recognise that, that fiat currency is setup to fail and bankrupt and steal real wealth from the dumbest US electorate of every hue.
      The bankers win again – unless you don’t play their game by their rules. They can’t invade and kill every country and leadership that refuses to carryon with the snakeoil merchants.

      • Loony

        I don’t suppose there is any chance that you might provide a clue as to what you consider to be “more useful and reliable currencies”

          • Loony

            How shocked I am to see that you are unable to provide an example of a currency that is “more useful and reliable” than the US$.

            Didn’t some Prime Minister once observe “It is better for people to wonder why you did not speak, than for them to wonder why you did speak” Maybe you might care to reflect on these words.

        • Ken Kenn

          The US dollar is the currency of all currencies at the moment.

          All other currencies are priced against it.

          It is universally agreed by all nations as a means of pricing one currency against another.

          It is just an agreement between nations that is all.

          Vezuela prices its currency in Euros but the Euro prices its currency through the Dollar.

          There’s no escape – not even for the Bitcoiners.

          If I wanted to buy Bitcoin I would do it in Euros . A US person would buy it in dollars and so on.

          Of course if the Euro was stronger against a declining dollar then you could buy more bang for your Euro.

          The bout of QE that has swept across the Western World has devalued existing money and is borrowed from future income
          and future growing GDP.

          In a world where buying your own shares back is de rigeur and not investing in the real economy something will have to give.

          When? We don’t know but change it will because it will have to.

          The West ‘s economies are in decline due to Globalisation and the rise of China and other RICS ( Brazil is going nowhere for the future ) will have its economic expression in reality not heads.

          The US used to be famous for being the Lender of Last Resort – it is now the Borrower of First Resort.

          That won’t last and the Hawks like Bolton know it.

          They won’t say it publicly but they know it.

          Hence the bellicose nature of Trump’s speeches.

        • Dungroanin


          I’ll let Brandon Smith explain;
          ‘In terms of social control, elitist con men are highly preoccupied with preventing spontaneous organization of rebellion. But this does not always involve the outright crushing of dissent. Instead, the elites prefer to use co-option and misdirection (con games) to lure rebellious movements to focus on the wrong enemy, or to trust the wrong leadership.’

          ‘The most effective method for the establishment to sabotage a rebellion is to place one of their own puppets into a leadership position in that rebellion.’

          ‘..the goal of the Fed is a controlled demolition of the U.S. economy and the dollar to open the door for the “global reset.” The reset is the event that the globalists hope will allow them to introduce a single global currency system and single world economy with the IMF and perhaps the BIS at the helm.’

          ‘The globalists WANT to sacrifice the Fed and the dollar to make way for their new world order system’

      • giyane


        Is the petrodollar unpopular because of the criminality of its hedgefund-gambling, fundamentalist-religious-nutter, fraud-bankster, coke-head-toff, proprietors, May being a small sample specimen from a much larger flatulence of crooks? or is there a commercial reason for rejecting the dollar? if I had tuned in to the British parliament this week and watched barking Bercow and one sandwich short of a picnic May, I think I would have run a long way from the pound. Trump has managed to re-fill the swamp by getting the neo-con Bolton out of the neo-con sludge. Do we get Hillary in a buy-one get two package every time we buy a box of one pound blonde hair bleach? if this is all because he can’t build his Mexico wall, it’s one hell of a terrible-twos tantrum. Sack Maduro. Ditch nuclear harmony. Fuck Syria. The Potus is having a total melt-down.

        • Dungroanin

          G – see my link in answer to loony.

          What else goes with the plan – a removal of cash – all money electronic and using newtech able to be accessed in geographically controlled areas – you won’t be able to leave your ‘parish’ without permission or travel through ‘gated’ communities without an automatic alert to the private ‘policing’ who will be able to visit all manners of evil upon our arses.

          • Loony

            Attempts are being made to ban cash. This is necessary in order to go for sustained negative interest rates. Negative interest rates are necessary due to the amount of debt that has been used to fund various social programs. An alternative would be a debt jubilee – but this will not be countenanced.

            Interestingly most major religions incorporate the idea of debt forgiveness – but as atheism is all the vogue among the intelligentsia there is little in the way of considered support for such an idea.

            And so the aim will be to move forward with a society that has many of the attributes that you outline. Sure the administrators of any such scheme will be less than altruistic but if this all comes to pass then maybe the real problem lies with the people. People that have been so easily persuaded to voluntarily dump cash for the “convenience” of card payments.

            The role of the US$ is unsustainable – but for now it remains the only currency that counts. There does not seem to be any non catastrophic way to unwind the power of the $ – be that planned or unplanned. Take a look at the destruction of the Ecuadorian Sucre or the Zim$ – both led to awful experiences for the domestic populations, but somewhat mitigated by the availability of the US$. If the US$ collapses then all other currencies follow suit and there is nowhere left to run to.

    • Sharp Ears

      Indeed. The Strangelovesl at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. are alive and well.

    • Tatyana

      Thanks for the link, bj.
      So, I see in this video that people (aka electorate) try to tell Macron (aka elected president) what they want him to do. And I see that Macron just doesn’t do what he is told to do.
      People insist, to the level of the mass protest. President refuses, to the level of bringing force.

      I supposed democracy is government by the population. I know there are always “if-s” and “but-s”, so, my question is – did Macron provide any explanation on why he doesn’t do what he is told to do by his electorate?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Hardly any mention of the overthrow of the Shah 40 years ago,

    The simple answer is that the American hawks want him restored while going after others, and the Democrats have tried, even resorting to domestic assassinations.

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