The Funny Tinge Group Ltd is a Boon to the SNP 672

It did not take me long to be proved right about this tweet, as the Funny Tinge Group Ltd was immediately promoted to a seat on BBC Question Time, and are going to be there next week too.

The BBC no longer has Westminster’s third party on QT every week, or given much airtime on other news and current affairs programmes, on the grounds the SNP are a “regional body” and thus not entitled to the consideration the Lib Dems got as third party in Westminster. The Funny Tinge Independent Integrity Initiative Group Ltd (Dir. Shai Masot) are of course not a party at all, they are a limited company, and they have no members. One thing they most certainly are is a “regional body”. Not a single vote in Scotland or Wales has ever been cast for them. Though I can think of a disused factory near Auchtermuchty that might vote for them.

What do we know of their policies? Well we know that are very much against criticism of Israel. We know they think the Cameron coalition government did a very good job on austerity. We know they are against renationalisation of utilities and against abolition of tuition fees and against higher taxes on the rich. I am sure something will eventually distinguish them from the Tories other than Brexit, but they haven’t thought of it yet.

At some stage they will have to form a political party. Once the unbounded bias of the MSM is moderately constrained by general election rules, they will need to be a party to get broadcast time. If they enter into an alliance with the Lib Dems, they will have to split the Lib Dems broadcast time; I do not see that happening.

Has anybody heard any of the “Independent Group” ever mention Scotland, once, in the vast tsunami of media coverage they have been given? I presume at some stage, somebody will alert them to the existence of Scotland, and possibly even tell them how to come here.

The political landscape of Scotland is very different to that in England and Wales. A large majority of the left-wingers who flocked to Corbyn are, in Scotland, unavailable as they are committed to the Independence movement, myself included. Scottish Labour has therefore been led by a rump of unreconstructed Blairite careerists lurking in the branch office (that may be slightly unfair on Richard Leonard, but as I still have no idea who he is I cannot be sure). With no deselection pressures, the Labour MPs have little career incentive to move, except perhaps Ian Murray, elected very largely on Tory votes and a right winger of limited intellectual grasp anyway. The Independent Group plc is both right wing and fashionable, and therefore a perfect fit for Morningside.

Scotland’s Tory MPs are mostly, aside from the Ross Thomson testicle grabbing tendency (allegedly), on the wet side, with pro-EU voters. But their voters are rural and traditionalist and unlikely to be thrilled by the appeal of a wholly new group. It should be remembered too that, contrary to incessant MSM propaganda, the media-induced Davison “surge” peaked at 28% and is now around 25% and falling faster than a Hebridean barometer.

The Funny Tinge Corporation is nonetheless going to need to insert itself into Scotland. This cannot but be great news for the SNP. It is really simple. A unionist vote split three ways will now be split four ways which, under FPTP, is a disaster for the Unionists. The corollary is that it is more important than ever that the Yes movement stay united behind the SNP. And the further corollary of that is that the SNP must listen to the voice of the Yes movement, forget the devolution settlement and push on towards early Independence.


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672 thoughts on “The Funny Tinge Group Ltd is a Boon to the SNP

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  • Captain Pugwash

    Not sure ‘The Funny Tinge Group Ltd’ comes across very well, it sounds a bit below the high standards of this blog and is maybe slightly childish and rather clumsy as an obvious attempt at detraction. (Sorry Craig, I’ve a huge admiration for you and have bought and read ‘Murder in Smarkland’ which is excellent).

    Fair enough to raise genuine criticisms but exploiting the inexplicable comments of one member to tar the whole group seems unfair. I don’t like the Tories, but I think the these three have done something very admirable by leaving. Heidi Allen used the opportunity to highlight the government’s despicable behaviour to people needing support which was very praiseworthy imo..

    • Brettmurphy

      Calling a spade a spade is important here i think and if you spent less time with Master Bates you may realise that. With respect.

    • Garth Carthy


      Oh, Pugwash – you have fallen for Heidi’s charms – and she Is certainly pleasing to the eye.
      However, you need to ask why then has she supported austerity cuts, opposed higher taxes on banks, and voted for illegal military interventions.

    • Reg

      No, I don’t agree, no blow to low. I think this is one of the main reasons for the abject failure of the left who are more Chapel than Marx. Only interested in fighting the good fight in going down to another heroic failure and not interested in success that can only come from grinding the face of your enemies into the dirt.

      Compare for example the utter (and relatively successful) cynicism of Salvini in Italy on the far right in taking on EU imposed austerity to the gouch idiocy of Varafacus and Syriza who seemed to think being ‘right’ was sufficient while forgetting that the fate of millions depended on them being successful. The left have to offer an alternative to EU imposed austerity of the far right will, the betrayal of Syriza enabled the rise of the far right as the left have made themselves irrelevant in supporting the EU. The left have given up on the working class as agents of change, regard them as antediluvian and reactionary as what passes as the left becomes increasingly middle class and in the face of globalism expect equality to be imposed from above by super-national organisations. But liberation can never be imposed from above.

      Take the anti Smtism trope, they will continue to lie until they are crushed, of course anti smiism exists and if they cared abut this as an issue they would not use this cynically as a way of removing Corbyn and destroying the left as it calls into question real anti smtism. If these liars in the Parliamentary Labour Party were really concerned about race issues they would of voted against the 2012 migration bill that brought in the hostile environment, as Corbyn did.

      Another example is to suggest that criticism of Soros is anti smitic, while he funded a violent coup in the Ukraine using fascists is clearly absurd. During the second world war there was people who exploited leadership positions in suppressed groups while collaborating with the Nazis. They have to be called out as liars, and crushed as they will never stop and it is no good appealing to their better nature they do not have any. There is nothing different about any of these groups as all have their small time grifters on the make, the one thing they generally have in common is being middle class, being BSers and being prepared to say anything to get ahead including single issue special pleading, they are sociopaths, narcissists like Blair or Clinton only motivated by ambition and a sense of entitlement.
      The left need to use less Jerusalem and more Machiavelli as the left have to win as the alternative is too terrible.

      They cannot be taken seriously, they have to be mocked as their humourless self importance is their real weakness. If you get stuck in procedure you are lost as they will grind away and bore you into submission as they are bureaucrats.

      • John Goss

        The only trouble is they are not going to let us see the Skripals if they are depriving the Skripal family and the Russian Embassy of access. I cannot see what is wrong with the general public if they cannot deduce there is something wrong with the government story. Perhaps they can. A lot of questions are being asked.

        • michael norton

          It is illegal for Julia Skripal to be held incommunicado.
          Even prisoners are allowed access to their briefs.

        • michael norton

          John, I’d guess different men.
          1) Eyebrows different shapes
          2) One has ears that stick out at the top from the head, a bit more than the other
          3) the one with the ears that do not stick out so much, has sunken eyes.

          • John Goss

            Thanks Michael. I thought different too. I also thought that Bellingcat must have manipulated the image to make the military man rounder in the face.

  • Goose

    My fear, is this organised, well-funded campaign to drive Corbyn out will eventually succeed.

    Either by the slow erosion of the right-wing PLP(resignations) . Or by a membership decline brought on through demoralisation of members from the smears.

    Corbynism, specifically the left’s reclamation of the Labour party from the forces of the right , needs to be cemented with open democratic selection . So a future establishment Blair type can’t come along and impose a PLP in his or her image again.

    • Brettmurphy

      I think we need to be clear and honest here. May is the representative/puppet of tptb/deep state choose your description. Corbyn is the controlled opposition and the proof of that is his membership of the privvy council. 30 years as a Paliamentarian is equally damning. Plattitudes to Palestinian aspirations count for nothing and the harsh lesson of this will become apparent if and when he gets the top job. Heigel spelt it all out nearly 150 yrs ago. Read the playbooks.

      • joel

        Which chapter in the playbook explains Major Atlee and his introduction of free healthcare, house building for the poor, welfarism, etc? What was the intention of the deep state there??

        • John O'Dowd

          Same as always: to control dissent. A load of very angry young men with military training were coming home from war. A long game was being played to assuage the revolutionary tendencies developing during the great depression, and honed in war. The gilded age had given way to the New Deal.

          This was allowed to continue until the seventies when the Powell Memorandum laid bare the Deep State’s plans to get things back to normal:

          The reclamation of Plutocratic rights was being fomented in tax-exempt ‘Think Tanks’. The outcome was a strategy broadly described as Neoliberalism – whose purpose was/is to provide the philosophical/intellectual framework for Plutocratic plunder and autocratic control. It is intellectually speaking total bollocks, but it has fulfilled its purpose.

          Our so-called ‘democracies’ are part of the cover story. The underlying reality is rule by Money Power – the whole parliamentary charade is a meaningless irrelevance contrived to divert attention form reality, and to legitimate the unthinkable. Bread and Circuses.

          Enjoy the show.

          • Goose

            The method of election is key to unlocking change. Two-party FPTP and the relatively few people who control the leaderships of both parties are highly vulnerable to being plants or otherwise being intimidated(Wilson).

            There is a reason we have so much choice in our lives as consumers and yet a two-party : bread or milk only choice in politics. Nearly all other western democracies use proportionality for their primary elections.

          • Old Red Sandstone

            Quintin Hogg [later Ld Hailsham] wrote at the time that ‘we must give the people reform, or they will give us revolution’. They were genuinely, if briefly, worried.

      • Goose

        He had no choice but to join the unelected,roughly 600 strong Privy Council. To get the trappings of the office of Leader of the opposition along with the Rt Hon prefix , to get intelligence briefings etc. I agree it is profoundly anachronistic bit of the UK’s unwritten constitution, along with the Lords.

        Labour should concentrate on constitutional and democratic reform over economic, if they are really going to change anything. Incredible how both parties were more radical on these things 20 years ago.

  • Republicofscotland

    The Lib/Dems, staying true to form of getting into bed with anyone. The Scottish branch manager Rennie, readily obeying London.

    “The leader of the Liberal Democrats has hinted at a possible electoral pact between his party and the Independent Group.”

  • PeterPower

    What are we going to do about “the media” and how it is subverting any democracy thats left? How can we turn the tide? How can we convince our neighbours and friends that they are been manupulated and lied to on a hourly basis? Something has to give soon, doesnt it?

    • Republicofscotland

      Unfortunately its too late, the neoliberals and the Friends of Israel, have infiltrated Labour and the Tories. Corbyn’s left leaning views, and lucid thinking on Israel, must never see the light of day.

      Corbyn, and if need be, to rid Labour of Corbyn, must be discredited. I’m afraid that it will take something miraculous to halt Corbyn’s demonisation, and egress from his prominent position as Labour leader.

      He has the full force of the right leaning pro-Israel media to contend with as well.

    • Jo1

      Yes, that’s the biggest problem.

      The MSM is spouting the line that everything you’ll read beyond their pages and sites is tainted and fake news. In fact, much of the stuff published by them falls into that category. The BBC even has a site to help us spot fake news!

      There is now no difference between politics and the media when it comes to deception. We hear, daily, about Putin and his desire to interfere in other countries. Yet our media ignore clear evidence of the involvement of MPs in groups dedicated to furthering the aims of a different country altogether!

      I don’t have a clue how to combat this.

    • On the train

      That is my question too. ” how can we convince our neighbours and friends that they are being lied to ? “. I know almost no one who is aware of the deceptions of the main stream media. My friends and family are good well meaning people who keep themselves well informed…but they believe what they are told with a suprising innocence. I am envious of them really.

      • carmel townsend

        On the Train. I am envious of their innocence – or lack of curiosity too. As most people glance at headlines and have low attention spans, they subliminally absorb what they see. Why do many FB articles have “3 minute read” – or “long read”. What’s wrong with people that they can’t dissect the sheer bull**** and lies they’re being fed? Same with TV. Most people collapse in front of it and the “news” and propaganda float over them. It says so on the BBC, so it must be correct. From a leftish point of view, where would the average person hear or see, the other side of a story. Russia= bad. Venezuela needs saving by the US = good. The so-called “independents” are good because they’ve broken away from Labour to save the country, and from the Tory breakaways, to halt Brexit. I am naturally cynical so don’t buy the garbage that everyone else thinks is wonderful. It doesn’t win friends when you constantly point out that the narrative is a lying one.

    • Tony

      It’s surprised me over the last couple of years how many people I know casually/not very well have turned on the msm and look for alternatives for their news. As an example, we got new neighbours about a year ago, a young family, both parents with professional careers, just the sort of people one would expect to buy into the msm bullshit. I was putting up a new dividing fence with the guy, and conversation got around to the license fee. I told him that we’d done away with live TV, and I was pleased to not be giving money to an organisation that lies to me about politics and world news. He told me that he and his mates watch RT to get their info.

    • Baalbek

      @Peter Power

      It is a bleak situation indeed. The timidity and disunity amongst the ranks of the left does not help either. The pro-Zionist right (and their counterparts on the faux left) are firing with both barrels whilst those opposed to them most in a position to challenge them directly are afraid to sound too “radical”. Bringing a knife to a gunfight, as it were, is not a winning strategy.

    • Dungroanin

      The only way to bypass the msm fog is with pamphlets and graffiti.

      The message on the bridges and walls so that everyone can see it in their daily walking talking, travelling lives.

      The underground and secret presses. A conspirancy of freedom and truth.

      Of course that means mass peaceful protests and marches and taking the blows and being arrested and imprisoned for ‘sedition’ and ‘criminal damage’ and the new charges of ‘not believing what you were told, you oik’

  • Mary Paul

    Can I just ask, not being familiar with the “splitters’ positions on currrent issues, are they all pro-Remain?

    • Republicofscotland

      A quick look at the three Tory, to TIG, defectors.

      Anna Sourby, has voted against laws promoting equality and human rights. Heidi Allen, voted against the right to remain for EU nationals. Sarah Wollaston, voted against raising welfare benefits inline with with prices, she also voted against a bankers bonus tax.

      I’m pretty sure Chuka Umunna, has no problems with the above.

    • Goose

      They’ve taken criticism everywhere they’ve popped up thus far, from ordinary voters. Soubry was called a ‘hypocrite’ for demanding a second referendum ‘People’s vote’ while refusing to submit herself to a by-election. And Chris ‘chickenhawk’ Leslie was given a rough ride on Question Time.

    • michael norton

      Mary Paul, I think they are overwhelming pro-Israel, that seems to be the main message, they are keen to get across.
      Most seem pro-E.U. as well.
      Most want a People’s Vote as they imagine the people will vote differently, this time.
      The latest jumper has not joined their group because he does not like Chukka, and does not want a people’s vote.

    • Reg

      They are not even consistently pro remain they are unprincipled liars only motivated by personal ambition and a desire to crush the left, with the ex labour members preferring to see a conservative Government than a left wing Labour Government.

      Chuka Umunna for example does not even support the single market as he is against freedom of movement, so does not support really Remain, so is a proven liar.

      “Chuka Umunna: We Should Be Prepared To Sacrifice Single Market Membership To Axe Freedom Of Movement”

    • Dungroanin

      No. No matter what they say.
      They are pro brexit and a hard one.
      That’s what their masters want.

      They are controlled opposition. To split the real opposition. They threaten to do something with their motions and amendments, and then back-off at the last – like the proverbial Duke marching the forces up the hill and down again…

      The British people – any who are not plugged into msm full spectrum crap hose – are not buying.

  • N_

    On-topic: who is behind Gemini A Ltd?

    Inspired by the revelation that Seaborne, the outfit that was handed a big government ferry contract despite owning no ships, had pinched its terms and conditions from a food delivery firm so fast that it hadn’t had time to alter the reference to the customer’s responsibility to “check the supplied goods before agreeing to pay for any meal”, I took a look at the Memorandum of Association filed by Gemini A Ltd, the vehicle used by “The Independent Group”. This document is available from the Companies House website.

    It must surely be relevant that Gavin Shuker registered Gemini A Ltd in Altrincham, Cheshire, a part of the country that he has no known connection with – he is from, and represents, Luton – but which is represented in the Commons by Graham Brady, chairman of the Tories’ 1922 Committee. As the MP, and a Tory one to boot, Brady is obviously on first name terms with business figures in his constituency. And as chairman of the 1922 Committee, he is also in constant contact with Tory whips. Nor will it surprise anybody that he is a Conservative Friend of I__ael.

    OK, so back to the Memorandum of Association.

    I took a phrase from it and searched for where else it appears. The phrase I chose was the rather boring “22.2. This Article does not authorise any indemnity”. I thought it might well appear in hundreds or thousands of different documents and that therefore I’d have to look for a more unusual phrase.

    But no… The US advertising company Google could only serve me up with 3 documents that contain that phrase – or 10, if you count ones with similar origin, meaning they appear on the same websites.

    Those documents are published by

    * Bath and North East Somerset Council (ref: River Regeneration Trust Ltd)
    * South Somerset District Council (ref: South West Audit Partnership Ltd)
    * Wiltshire Council (ref: again, South West Audit Partnership Ltd)

    That gives us two companies to search on: River Regeneration Trust Ltd, and South West Audit Partnership Ltd.

    The first has its address at The Beeches Hotel & Conference Centre, Broomhill Road, Bristol, BS4 5RG; the second, at Abbey Manor Business Centre, Preston Road, Yeovil, England, BA20 2EN.

    I’ve got a lot to do today, so I will leave it to others to carry on from there.

    Perhaps someone just grabbed any old memorandum of association they could find on the internet. That’s not rare.

    Then again, I wonder how many jumps have to be made before we end up in the lap of a well-known multi-millionaire from the Somerset area, a man so attached to Somerset that he named his investment management firm “Somerset Capital Management”, a man who leads a notorious “party within a party” inside the party of government. Step forward Jacob Rees-Mogg.

    • N_

      Of the 12 MPs who recently resigned their parties’ whips – 11 in the TIG plus Ian Austin – the only one who represents a constituency in the Southwest of England is Sarah Wollaston, MP for Totnes, the notorious Steiner hole in Devon.

      As chair of the Health Select Committee and also of the Liaison Committee that brings together the chairs of all the Commons’ select committees, she is, it can reasonably be assumed, a person who is able to play a nice and helpful role in the agreement of enormously huge state pharmaceutical contracts.

      What her links are with the Steinerite network in the medical fraternity, I shudder to think.

      • N_

        It’s going to be interesting to see whether Sarah Wollaston keeps her chairmanship of those two committees now she is no longer (on paper) a Tory.

  • Republicofscotland

    A follow up of my earlier comment on the matter on page1.

    “Labour has reported its former MP Joan Ryan to the Information Commissioner’s Office, though she strongly denies accessing party systems to contact members after resigning from the party on Tuesday to join the breakaway Independent Group.”

    “It is understood the party has informed the commissioner about the alleged breach and that it intends to submit a full report. Suspicions about the breach prompted party officials to shut down its key canvassing software.”

    Joan Ryan is the Chairwoman of Labour Friends of Israel. Here you can read of her activities pushing Israeli interests. There are so many politicians that are Friends of Israel at Westminster, that one begins to wonder who’s interests those politicians are working for. Its certainly not in our interests.

  • isa

    Give me Strenght Anne Applebaum and Carole CAdwalladr are on twitter saying that Putin paid 3 million euros to Salvini based on a La Republicca article. They cannot even use google translate to see that it is not Euros but 3 million litres of diesel and it is all speculation for now and the publication will not be out until the 28th February with the full article!
    “At least three million tons of diesel, to be sold to an Italian company by a Russian company. A sale thanks to which the Kremlin should be able to refresh the coffers of the party of Salvini on the eve of the Europeans next May. The conditional is a must because we do not know if the deal has been concluded. We can however indicate with certainty different facts that make up this international plot set in Rome, Milan and Moscow. And above all we can tell the stated objectives: to support the Salvini party secretly.

    The negotiation to finance the League that you will find on the first issue of the new Espresso on newsstands from Sunday 24, is only one of the chapters of “Il Libro nera della Lega”, published by Laterza, on 28 February.”

    • Jack

      So..the story is that Russia trading with Italy?

      The racist anti-russian idiots, or rather “useful idiots”?

  • Sharp Ears

    Details of the members of the various Brexit ‘tribes’ within the Parliamentary Conservative party, if anyone is interested.

    The Conservative party’s Brexit tribes: an interactive guide
    The FT has obtained details of the members of Eurosceptic Tory backbench groups

  • Republicofscotland

    Jeez, LFI MP’s are even writing books on how wonderful Israel is, Corbyn’s got his work cut out for him.

    Click the link in the link to read which Labour MP’s adore Israel.

    “This collection of essays by leading figures in the Labour movement explores Israel’s progressive economy and society, and celebrates openly Israel’s achievements as a vibrant democracy.”

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Historians of the future will be mightily confused when they read the headlines about the omnipresent, rabid anti-semitism that blights our every waking hour. When they delve beneath the headlines what racist, Jew hating filth will they find? Perhaps they will unearth the necessary Rosetta stone and realise that in our Kafkaesque present, anti-semitism and anti-Zionism are intrinsically interchangeable.
    Why does Labour, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell play along with this farce?
    Meanwhile in America, Representative, Ilhan Omar is shrieked at by Nancy Pelosi (a veteran, supplicant for AIPAC) for “anti-semitism”. Omar’s “crime” is to suggest that the vast sums of cash splashed around by AIPAC, buy political support. Well duh! If the cash wasn’t effective they wouldn’t be throwing it around. The other suggestion is that pointing out that Sheldon Adelson has a bob or two is somehow an anti-semitic dog whistle.

      • isa

        You would have a lot of people reaching for the smelling salts in outrage Goose. Wait until the Muller report is released , probably next week, and all outrage hell will take over.

    • Jo1

      “Why does Labour, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell play along with this farce?”

      Good question Vivian. I can’t figure the whole set up out. Do McDonnell and Corbyn even speak to each other? I sometimes wonder, especially this week.

      • Goose

        To interpose.

        If Corbyn and McDonnell spoke out like membership want i.e., took the confrontational Galloway approach. The media would jump all over them with a whole new set of loaded questions like: So, are you asserting so-and-so is lying when she says… And the PLP trickle would risk becoming a flood.

        Reality, facts and evidence don’t matter to those making these accusations, all that matters is creating the public perception, of a party steeped in racism and in crisis.

        • John A

          Maybe they should answer like Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov did to a US MSM lapdog toadie who asked some leading question about Russian involvement in X or Y. Lavrov simply replied, to the effect, “it does not matter what I reply, you will write what you want to write. So go ahead and write that anyway”. Genius

        • Reg

          No I do not agree, what people despise especially in leaders is weakness. Corbyn is not weak but just too reasonable which the right can and do cynically misrepresent as weakness. It after all plays into the the false stereotype of a lilly livered lefty.

          Remember your Machiavelli, (I am paraphrasing here) ‘people can take revenge for small injuries, but not large ones, people then should be treated kindly or crushed.’ Corbyn should have lanced the boil and got rid of them all at once, People would have been surprised and stunned, and would regard Corbyn with a new found respect, as they only respect power.

          Essentially the 184 labour MPs who abstained on the 2014 welfare bill need to be expelled from the party for bringing the party into disrepute. I would also have serious question all but 6 labour MPs who abstained on the 2012 immigration act that contained the hostile environment and caused the Windrush scandal, I have also serious questions about McDonald who is spineless giving how he has flipped on the 2nd referendum and does not support a free press in condemning RT and suggesting labour MPs should not appear on this channel. Given this I would be quite happy if all but 5 were expelled.

          We do not need these quisling ‘Labour’ MPs more interested in undermining the chance of a left wing government than campaigning against a Tory government, more interested in cashing in their government parliamentary experience as directorships, more interested in supporting imperialist wars of aggression for US business interests.

          The trope of a party steeped in racism is a lie, as Corbyn was one of the 6 labour MPs who voted against the 2012 migration act containing the hostile environment, so I doubt you are making this accusation in good faith.

          • Goose

            It’s not his nature.

            It’s been frequently reported that at PLP meetings he’s been sworn at and shouted at by various MPs, including Ian Austin allegedly ‘effin’ & blindin”.. And he just stands there and takes it. One problem is he’s dreadfully outnumbered by Blairites, So even his defenders can’t do much. The Blairites still believe the party rightfully theirs, 70% of them have never accepted him as leader.

  • Dungroanin

    Friday pm Eddie Mair finishes the week as he started – pushing the Corbyn AS lie.
    Ian Austin interview with Jess Phillips clip!
    Nowt about Brexit, the PM or any issue except building up the further ship jumpers ..the only caller to get on and counter the crap gets cut off!

    I am loving their manic panic stations shouting AS! They are nearly crying !

  • remember kronstadt

    Pet names, I think Yulia could be a good name for a donkey but mule is a better fit.

  • Komodo

    Don’t miss Any Questions tonight. All-too-predictably, Chuka Umunna MP ( TIT, needs no introduction), Robert Buckland MP (Tory, supports blind trusts, negligent landlords, the EU), Baroness Smith, (Labour, supports further integration into EU,not to be confused with the other Angela ‘Funny Tinge’ Smith), Sir Roger Scruton (‘National borders are the only sure guardians of democracy. The EU ignores them at its peril)

    Might be entertaining.

  • CameronB Brodie

    As Corbyn’s politics are shaped by neo-Marxist ideology, his appreciation of cultural and racial matters is a little better than traditional Marxists, who’s utilitarianism tends to lead to colour-blind cultural chauvinism. Same as with Tories.

    He has a very strange interpretation of the principle of universal human rights though, as he doesn’t appear to support Scottish self-determination. He supports a Palestinian state though. Corbyn is an English/British nationalist of the New Left. He is not an international socialist, he is an English socialist.

    • Goose

      They aren’t though.

      It’s commonly agreed, the last manifesto (2017) was relatively modest in scope and ambition. If anything , it was centre-left, so much so, some the hard-left condemned it as weak sauce.

        • giyane

          Corbyn is an Islington Socialist, which is , all good Londoners would agree, as internationalist as it’s necessary ever to be.

  • Goose

    Pretty confident as soon as they start producing policy they’ll come unstuck. They’ll be a neo-Thatcherite outfit, and it’ll be obvious to all.

    The SDP success, in the pre-internet era, obviously it was impossible bring home how destructive splitting the progressive vote is and in fact was. Not that the TIG will be progressive, but there is risk they can make people believe they are.

    Therefore danger of splitting the anti-Tory is there. They know this too, and that’s why this move is so cynical and just plain obnoxious.

  • Jo Johnson

    Didn’t they consider asking the mighty Ruthie to lead them? Artcile on NewStatesman to that effect so you know, gospel! According to the indomitable Chris Deerin this was true at some point until it was remorselessly denied as having been considered at any point. A source close to the inner circle of the Independent Group was confirmed as having said that it was possibly floated but if it was then it was before the group had convened and was therefore as relevant as the unity squirrel government hoarding nuts in advance of Brexit and their planned forced re-location of Red Squirrels to Sandringham for protection by the Royal Body Guard.

    • Goose

      None of of it looked very spontaneous, did it.

      This dish has obviously been a long time in preparation. I was struck by how uncomfortable the Labour people looked, it seemed very forced, scripted. Compare and contrast it to the Tory three who seemed jubilant to be escaping the Tory hellhole.

  • JOML

    I’m not familiar with all the members of the funny tinge group, but I assume none of them are ‘trash’ – Chuka Umunna wouldn’t be having that!

  • Komodo

    Thoughtful post from Goose, @ 1924 (can’t reply directly due to software glitch, sorry)

    The trouble is, the TITs have a point. Blair pushed the Overton window so far to the right that the Tories left the pretence of one-nation conservatism behind. Failing either Labour or the Tories becoming broad churches, and failing the LibDems sudden reversion to principle, there is indeed a place for a centrist party, approximating to wet Tory plus sellout Labour. That’s as far as MPs or aspirant MPs are concerned. They want a safe place and a salary. As far as the public at large goes, their needs are more practical, and require strong government by people who understand the issues involved. More parties in the Westminster bubble makes this even less likely than it is now. The field is wide open for a dictator, in other words.

    • Goose

      I think once Brexit is sorted, one way or the other. And that’ll be likely soon.

      Then this group will seem totally unneeded – Chuka’s silly vanity project, no more.

      • Jo1

        I wonder when Ms Berger will start her maternity leave and how long she will take. The baby must be due very soon.

        • Goose

          Harriet Harman cited her pregnancy and potential stress, as the reason Liverpool Wavertree’s moves to call in a no-confidence vote were a total outrage. Only for Berger to split, stepping into the full media glare of promoting a new party.

          Did Harman apologise to Liverpool Wavertree local members? What do you think?

          Some Lib Dems feared she’d join them. She has a reputation for finding antisemitism everywhere she goes and in anyone not 100% uncritical of Israel.

        • BrianFujisan

          Or the Actual Truth Re Venezuela..
          a very Personal account from John Pilger –

          ” In 2018, Maduro was re-elected President. A section of the opposition boycotted the election, a tactic tried against Chavez. The boycott failed: 9,389,056 people voted; sixteen parties participated and six candidates stood for the presidency. Maduro won 6,248,864 votes, or 67.84 per cent.

          On election day, I spoke to one of the 150 foreign election observers. “It was entirely fair,” he said. “There was no fraud; none of the lurid media claims stood up. Zero. Amazing really.”..

          …”When asked why she filmed only an opposition march, the BBC reporter Orla Guerin tweeted that it was “too difficult” to be on two marches in one day.

          A war has been declared on Venezuela, of which the truth is “too difficult” to report.

          It is too difficult to report the collapse of oil prices since 2014 as largely the result of criminal machinations by Wall Street. It is too difficult to report the blocking of Venezuela’s access to the US-dominated international financial system as sabotage. It is too difficult to report Washington’s “sanctions” against Venezuela, which have caused the loss of at least $6billion in Venezuela’s revenue since 2017, including $2billion worth of imported medicines, as illegal, or the Bank of England’s refusal to return Venezuela’s gold reserves as an act of piracy. –

          • On the train

            Well said , you have lots of good information there … how can we get the MSM to do their bounded duty ? Is there a way?

          • Ken Kenn

            Was Orla in Caracas?

            Her career seems to consist of turning up at countries and places that have been bombed already not before they are bombed.

            So that’s one for her CV in the future.

            It seems like she doesn’t ‘ do ‘ buses either.

            Probably her countenance of weariness is tiring.

            Tell us joke Orla.

            From what I’m reading across the comments boards the potential Paper TIGers are receiving many requests from Labour and Tories as to who to offload their surplus stock onto next.

            Might be a busy Sunday for Marr and Peston.

            Strangely at the BBC just as the action’s all going to start Neil and Joco go AWOL.

            Shreddy head is a decent interviewer relative to the rest even if he is an arch NeoliberalThatcherite.

    • Laguerre

      Most anti-semitism comes from fake accounts. Only hasbarists operating for Israel can get the anti-semitic language suitably explosively right. The real anti-semitics are rather feeble in comparison.

  • Goose

    Can we think of a good phrase for the ‘TIG’ acronym ?

    Tory Insurance Gofers

    Tory Insurance Govt

    Tory Insurance Group

    Are the best I’ve managed so far, crap admittedly. Anyone?

  • Sharp Ears

    The skids are going under those kitten heels of Theresa’s.

    Theresa May must go in three months, cabinet ministers say
    Senior Conservatives to make clear PM should give way to new leader for next phase of Brexit
    Fri 22 Feb 2019

    Cabinet ministers will make it clear they believe Theresa May should step down after the local elections in May and allow a new leader to deliver the next phase of the Brexit negotiations, the Guardian understands.

    Senior figures in government have suggested they want the prime minister to leave shortly after the first phase of the Brexit negotiations finishes – or risk being defeated in a vote of no confidence at the end of the year.’


    • Laguerre

      As all the potential candidates are extreme Brexiters, it’s not difficult to see that the present situation is a preliminary to an extreme being put in power

  • Iain Stewart

    As a belated contribution to the earlier Clark v Blunderbuss global doom tag match on the previous page (to which my antiquated iPad won’t allow a direct reply) it is not true that BB is a “single issue username”. He (or even she) was recently revealing to us all that the European Union had forced Its arcane electrical rules on poor England (the notorious Part P of the hated Building Regulations).
    Which must explain all those continental plugs you see everywhere.
    “Blunderbuss (noun): a noisy, inaccurate weapon, producing thick smoke from a wide-mouthed tube.”

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