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The large majority of the financial support for this blog comes from supporters of Scottish Independence, and I have been extremely, extremely grateful for your support this past year.

But everybody who is OK with this particular gesture by Nicola Sturgeon, I should thank you now to cancel your subscriptions because I really don’t want your money.

For me, the death of millions of people in the Middle East, and Alastair Campbell’s role in the deliberate manufacture of a dossier of lies to cause an aggressive war that led to those deaths, were life-changing events. It led me to pursue the end of the imperialist British state.

If you think that the Iraq war was just a forgivable policy error I do not want your money. If you think that consorting gleefully with war criminals is a sensible bit of realpolitik I do not want your money.

Nicola spoke at the pro-EU rally today. It has been explained to me by countless people these five years that Nicola cannot speak at pro-Indy rallies – and she has not done so since 2013 – because as First Minister she has to maintain dignity and not take controversial political stances. If you think it is fine for Nicola to show zero interest to speak at pro-Indy rallies, yet show huge enthusiasm to join the Blairites at this event, I do not want your money.

Thank you.

Refunds are available on application.

The Independent Scotland which I want is not just for a continuation of UK neo-con defence and foreign policy. If you support that, stick with me. But not if you believe Nicola shares those goals. I have no desire to rob the deluded.

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276 thoughts on “Please Cancel Your Subscriptions

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    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Student politics is where we are at. After all Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t attend yesterday’s march in case Chuka Umunna was there.

      • Salford Lad

        Chukka Umunna had no qualification to be at the talks with Treasonous May. His sorry bunch of acolytes is a business arrangement, with hidden financial sponsors, and not a registered political party. The MSM have spun the story as a fit of pique by Corbyn. Fake news.

        • Jo1

          have to agree. Chuka’s group is one of eleven individuals who are now Independent MPs, not a Party. I do think, tho’, that Corbyn should have known how it would be spun. He should have ignored Chuka. That’s hardly challenging since he’s such an irrelevance.

  • Sharp Ears

    ‘Most sturgeons are anadromous bottom-feeders which migrate upstream to spawn but spend most of their lives feeding in river deltas and estuaries. Some species inhabit freshwater environments exclusively while others primarily inhabit marine environments near coastal areas, and are known to venture into open ocean.’ 🙂

    She is actually Mrs Murrell. Her husband is the CEO of the SNP.

  • Ian

    Rather like a jaded, out of love, couple. One of them accuses the other of being in a photo with a hated other. Oh, but look, you are obviously enjoying yourself, my god you are touching each other! Oh the shame, the treachery, you are clearly besotted with each other, I am never speaking to you again! I am telling everybody! etc etc. A soap opera, made in Scotland. If you want to denigrate and make a mockery of the independence movement, do carry on.

    • Dennis Revell


      Guess it must take a real ass to make such an asinine comment.

      I guess a selfie with a latter day high lieutenant of Hitler after knowledge of latter day ‘death camps’, rendition and torture sites would all be just hunky-dory too, and anyone complaining about it merely possessing the mentality of a jaded lover.


  • Bob Mack

    This coming from a guy who worked for the most murderous State the planet has ever known. You were in post during the Troubles in Ireland. Where was your condemnation there fella?.

    You carefully pick your targets, but your moral indignation did not prevent you joining the establishment responsible for those very acts.

    • Dennis Revell


      As Craig Murray has made very clear, on many things the scales have fallen from his eyes; and in my view, as well as that of many others, he has to a very large extent redeemed himself on these matters. Somewhat like the guy in the mostly unrelated video below, who didn’t just work for a brutal and repressive murderous regime, but actually self-admittedly committed murder himself under the cloak of war:


  • roddy mackenzie

    Well done Craig you are again helping along the British establishment MSM – they will look for any crack in the ‘yes’ movement to exploit and so today in the papers they using you and other selfish commentators to attack us!
    Come out of your little bubble and see some sense.

    • Dennis Revell


      What nonsense. The ‘crack’ in the ‘Yes’ movement, actually amounting now to a chasm, comes straight from the top of the SNP. I hope there are enough people of influence still in it to reverse the trend.


  • Tony

    Is Craig’s anger justified?
    Absolutely, this shows very poor judgement by Nicola Sturgeon.
    It is worth bearing in mind that Campbell has never shown the slightest remorse for his actions in bringing death and destruction to so many.
    Campbell is a war-propagandist who first helped to promote the terrible bombing of Kosovo in 1999 and then moved on to Iraq.
    Despite not being an intelligence analyst, he was allowed to alter a crucial dossier in order to make the case for war.
    Andrew Rawnsley writes:
    “But in its final drafting stages Campbell nevertheless sought and secured no fewer than fourteen changes to the wording of the dossier, each one toughening its language” (Correspondence released to the Hutton Inquiry).
    “The End of the Party: The Rise and Fall of New Labour” by Andrew Rawnsley (Viking 2010) hardback edition, p117.
    Ari Fleischer played a similar role for President George W. Bush: /

    This is my favourite comment for that article:

    “It’s astonishing that creeps like Fleischer have the temerity to show their faces in public. His lies caused terrible damage to America and millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East. He should shut the **** up and thank his lucky stars he wasn’t sent to prison for his part in this disgusting episode.”

    • Ian

      We know all about Campbell. Nobody is defending him. But implying that Sturgeon somehow shares or endorses his views or actions, in order to mount your bully pulpit, is just beyond absurd. just more empty moral grandstanding, an endemic social media meme.

  • Sharp Ears

    No news from Chequers, as yet. Everyone seems to be there apart from Failing Grayling.

    Theresa May gathers ministers and MPs for Chequers crisis talks amid ‘cabinet coup’
    The prime minister is gathering a group of senior Conservatives at her country retreat amid speculation she could be ousted.

    The remoaner petition has reached 5m signatures now.

    Chequers – another great pile costing the taxpayers vast sums for maintenance and upkeep. How many days per year is it used?
    Suggest turning it into a convalescent hospital for NHS use.

      • Ian

        96% actually. And British people in Europe are entitled to vote, as they weren’t in the referendum, but should have been.

        • Reg

          5m not credible particularly given the concentration of polls in London and the ease of voting early and often by having multiple email accounts this makes the entire exercise an irrelevance.

          • Laguerre

            Amazing how Brexiters can’t stand democracy other than the Sacred Referendum single event.

          • Dave Lawton

            March 24, 2019 at 22:39
            Yes spot on.Multiple email accounts become a force multiplier.Which makes these online petitions total joke.

          • Reg

            A gerrymandered poll by what is in the main the middle class or repeated referenda until you get the result you want (such as in Ireland) is not democracy. If remain does win a second referendum why should leave voters accept the result as remain did not accept the result of the first. This is why a second referendum will solve nothing.

  • Stu

    Sturgeon knows exactly what she is doing. This, the Kissinger tweets and the Growth Commision are all signals to the USA and the EU that an independent Scotland won’t be anything other than a change of name and flag. Other than that everything will be exactly the same with our country bent over to please NATO and international finance.

    • Goose

      That reads like you think the Scottish electorate will have no say?

      The electoral system is proportionate. Therefore, there is little chance of some unpopular duopoly developing, or even one party winning an outright seat majority on 35%, as we get at Westminster under FPTP.

      • Stu

        Proportionate electoral systems have delivered corporate centrist governments all across Europe. The German GroKo being the perfect example.

        The SNP have already decided to stay in NATO and to use Sterling under the control of the Bank Of England. The major decisions will have been made before anyone gets to vote in an election for an independent parliament.

        • Goose

          But electorates often have other ideas.

          Germany’s economic success has largely dictated its politics, specifically the dominance of the CDU/CSU. The ‘centrist’ SPD has all but disappeared and even in Germany, people are now looking for alternatives on the left(Greens + others) and right (AfD), to those status quo parties.

          If you take that view about Scotland; that it’s somehow inevitable it’ll end up as a subservient country to the same global power(mainly US) as the UK is, then you might as well say it’ll be inevitable even were the SNP expressing radical policies now.

          Ultimately, it’s up to Scots to decide, if the SNP becomes more of the same some new party will emerge, as they did in replacing Labour and before that the Tories as the dominant parties in Scotland. Under a proportionate system it’s so much easier for new parties to emerge.

    • SA

      How right you are. In fact the real problem with the EU is that it has become the economic and political arm of NATO having abandoned its original aim of developing an economic and politically independent counterbalance to the US rather than just an obedient servant.

    • Nick Gethins

      Couldn’t put it better myself Stu. The Kissenger, Albright tweets alongside the backing of Clinton should have set off alarm bells for folk. The irony of fighting for independence when you the leadership of that movement are looking very much signed up members to the Neoliberal/Neocon club is not a healthy state of affairs. Alongside this, GC, the dogma over the EU ( not one utterance of a reform agenda), is leaving the a future indy Scot looking like a mini-me UK. The cognitive dissonance of so many SNP though gets you called out as a nutter, a troll or a unionist if you question this agenda.

  • Linda Hughes

    Craig I’m a fan of yours I’m almost sure with hindsight Nicola will look back on this and think maybe not a good Idea. I’m sure her adrenaline was buzzing and just for that instant agreed to this been taken I’m sure she was heckled to do it…So I’ll give her the benefit of doubt

  • PRJ

    I think NS has done more harm to the union by making this speech than at any other time. The largest part of the no vote was from voters from other parts of the UK. If NS can negate this vote then we have won independence. By presenting her self in this manner, showing the UK we are being ignored and highlighting the undemocratic nature of the UK can only benefit the independence cause.

  • Capella

    OK Craig – I’ve cancelled my small subscription as you request. I support Nicola’s strategy to bring about Scottish independence. She is extremely successful in bringing soft NOs on board. The fact is she is the most competent, effective and honest politician in the UK today. That may not be saying much. But it is something to celebrate.

    Should you change your stance then do let us know and I will reinstate my support. I have great admiration for your integrity too.

  • Denis Mollison

    FFS- that’s great the kind of holier-than-you attitude that causes progressives to split into the People’s Front of Judaea etc of Money Python fame.I deplore Alistair Campbell’s behaviour over Iraq, but on Brexit his views are sensible and eloquent. We won’t win battles of we reject everyone on our side because of something they did in a different war.

    • Greg Park

      A million innocent people dead thanks to his lies. Never punished. Totally unrepentant. But so what. He’s eloquent about the EU.

    • Dennis Revell


      Yes, well, of course. Campbell’s views on the EU perhaps to be lauded, just as are Adolf Hitler’s conception of super fast roads with ramp ingresses and egresses – the Autobahn, and a cheap car affordable by the masses – the People’s car – Volkswagen.

      Come back Adolf.

      All is forgiven?

      – Should be obvious to others, but just my way of indicating just how completely asinine is your comment.


  • blunt gaper

    Politicians are self publicists.That,s what the selfies are all about.
    Nicola is being a good European.Trying to stop Brexit.
    Once Brexit happens then it,s a different game.

  • FranzB

    CM – “But not if you believe Nicola shares those goals [a continuation of UK neo-con defence and foreign policy]”

    I don’t think there’s any evidence that Sturgeon supports a neo con defence and foreign policy. She posed with Campbell on this march because they share the same aims on reversing Brexit.

    Campbell is an as yet unconvicted war criminal because of his role in prosecuting the illegal war in Iraq, but he is of course also an opponent of Scottish Independence. I don’t see how a photo of Sturgeon and Campbell together can be taken as proof that Sturgeon and Campbell share the same views on some issues. Otherwise we would have to say that as Sturgeon has been photographed with someone (Campbell) who is opposed to Scottish Independence, that therefore Sturgeon is opposed to Scottish independence. Which is clearly nonsense.

  • Thomas Brothetston

    Well spoken Craig. Once again you hit the nail on the head. In the counsels of the corrupt the honest man is a pariah.

  • SA

    Let’s look at it from another angle: Nichola has managed to recruit Campbell to the cause of Scottish nationalism. With such a powerful mainstream propagandist onside it would be so much easier to achieve Indipendence!

  • Willie

    You Craig are a fantastic supporter of independence and commentator on events near and far..

    That however does not mean that you are one hundred percent right one hundred percent all of the time

    Similarly, Nicola Sturgeon has been a fantastic First Minister and great supporter of independence.

    In her role as FM Nicola Sturgeon has to ride many horses. Binary choice is not an option, and in taking the stage in London she did so with political opponents. That is the nature of politics. It’s unavoidable and neccessary and to do otherwise would isolate a politician from the real world.

    I think therefore that you over react Craig. Yes Alistair Campbell was part of a Labour Government that along with a US government and others allowed the UK to go into a terrible war in Iraq. We all know that but how do we work around that. Wrap Sturgeon in a bubble, require her to avoid literally thousands and thousands of folks from US presidents,to UK prime minister’s, to senators, to congressmen, to labour and Tory MPs who consented to go to war, to all those in the administration at the time of Iraq, and since .

    So yes I get your point. Enjoy your wise and considered comments, appreciate your support in the difficult struggle for independence .

    But I also get Nicola Sturgeon’s efforts.

    Unfortunately an ad hoc photo snap. Nothing nore than that and not something two stalwarts for independence and a better Scotland should rip themselves apart about .

    Let’s move on. And you Sir, keep up the good work, for there is much to do, and it is not easy .

    • Donald McGregor

      Thanks Willie. (And thanks, Craig)

      A really difficult subject, but for now I propose to keep my two faces and maintain my subscription.

    • Node

      Unfortunately an ad hoc photo snap. Nothing nore than that …

      From Nicola’s posture, it looks like the photo is a selfie that she took herself, then chose to share with the world.

  • Dennis Revell

    What can I say, in spite of differences we’ve had, and in spite of not being homosexual ;-), I love you solely for posting this thread !!!!

    In it you have encapsulated the very reason why I am so unforgiving, intolerant some would maintain, of Jeremy Corbyn’s FAR too compromising nature with the likes of such War-Criminals in the “Labour” Party – all I believe starting cynically the instant he thought he could sniff the power of the premiereship, but all of which has DEMONSTRABLY come back to bite him in the arse.

    Kudos squared!


    • Ken Kenn

      Sometimes you have to talk to people you dislike but you don’t have to be photographed in a selfie with them.

      Imagine Chamberlain and Hitler with Facebook pictures to look back on?

      My only thoughts on the SNP is that there are classes and interests represented in all parties and in times of crises they have
      the habit of becoming revealed to the electorate.

      The Labour Party may be a ‘ Broad Church ‘ but allowing the Devils to remain ( metaphorically speaking of course ) is asking for trouble.

      These are strange times and strange alliances are made in strange times.

  • Geoffrey

    I am surprised anyone is surprised. If Scotland gains independence it will not be in a strong position and will probably do what it is told, it would not surprise me if like the new Eastern European states it become a staunch little ally of America and Israel. In return no doubt for substantial investment in the little Caledonian tiger.
    I don’t think you will lose many subscribers Craig. It is just a surprise that the SNP is showing it’s true colours for a change.

  • Tahrir Swift

    Many thanks for your principled stand I went to #peoplesvite rally on sat 23/3/19 Caroline Lucas (I have alit if respect for) in her sprech mentioned ‘Russian interference’ but no mention of Climate Change nor austerity! How can I subscribe please

  • Clydebuilt

    The SNP have a big enough task wrestling Scotland free from England’s deathly grip. The last thing Scotland, the SNP and Sturgeon needs is to antagonise “The world’s Policeman”. What chance would there be of winning Indyref2 whilst getting turned into the next Venezualia.

    So court their establishment let them think we like them. We’ll have to duck and dive to win our independence. Being angels won’t do it.

    • iain

      Unfortunately the weight of evidence suggests she genuinely is a NATO chickenhawk, eulogizing folk that even Conservative and NuLab warmongers draw a line at eulogizing.

    • Reg

      Only to become a colony of the EU largely run for the benefit of Germany. So Scotland is gong to change the neo-liberal order from within, god luck that as you will be treated no better than Greece without any independence at all. Correction it is not built on the Clydebuilt, its built in Germany and China, leaving the UK will not change that when a ‘independent’ Scotland continues to be restrained by EU State Aid rules as a supposedly independent member of the EU.

  • Republicofscotland

    So many members are quitting the London Labour branch office in Scotland, that a (begging them to stay) script has been issued to Scottish Labour politicians in the hope it changes members minds to stay with the party.

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