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The large majority of the financial support for this blog comes from supporters of Scottish Independence, and I have been extremely, extremely grateful for your support this past year.

But everybody who is OK with this particular gesture by Nicola Sturgeon, I should thank you now to cancel your subscriptions because I really don’t want your money.

For me, the death of millions of people in the Middle East, and Alastair Campbell’s role in the deliberate manufacture of a dossier of lies to cause an aggressive war that led to those deaths, were life-changing events. It led me to pursue the end of the imperialist British state.

If you think that the Iraq war was just a forgivable policy error I do not want your money. If you think that consorting gleefully with war criminals is a sensible bit of realpolitik I do not want your money.

Nicola spoke at the pro-EU rally today. It has been explained to me by countless people these five years that Nicola cannot speak at pro-Indy rallies – and she has not done so since 2013 – because as First Minister she has to maintain dignity and not take controversial political stances. If you think it is fine for Nicola to show zero interest to speak at pro-Indy rallies, yet show huge enthusiasm to join the Blairites at this event, I do not want your money.

Thank you.

Refunds are available on application.

The Independent Scotland which I want is not just for a continuation of UK neo-con defence and foreign policy. If you support that, stick with me. But not if you believe Nicola shares those goals. I have no desire to rob the deluded.

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276 thoughts on “Please Cancel Your Subscriptions

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    • Shatnersrug

      Yeah me too. Craig you really are a man of courage and principal. You know I’ve always thought sturgeon was a stooge for the status quo, now she’s proved it. Although her citing Kissinger as a great politician and hero was enough for me, she clearly doesn’t get angry about napalmed children

  • Squeeth

    With principles like this, the wonder is not that you were nobbled by the Bliar regime but that you lasted so long…. Not wanting free money on a point of morality? What would Capitaine Renault say?


    So May wasn’t the only one with the bad speech this week Craig. Shit happens though and sadly I think you’re right.

  • Mist001

    A picture paints a thousand words but because the SNP has become a cult and she is the leader of the cult, not one single ‘independence supporter’ (read cult member) is likely to see anything wrong with this picture and will defend her, this picture and the SNP to the back teeth.

    I’m going to take this picture and post it as far and wide as I can. If I can make even one person understand what’s happening with Nicola and the SNP, then it’s going to be worth all the abuse that I’m about to get.

    Thanks for posting and is it possible to make a one off donation to your site rather than a rolling donation?


  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Sorry Craig, I have never subscribed because I am saving my money ro cpme to Scotland to find out who murxered poor SNP leder Willie MnRae. Hope to ee you then.

  • Ruth

    I’ve always thought she had links to the Establishment and that being the reason why Craig didn’t get nominated for the SNP

  • Beth

    Glad you have taken a stand on this. Cannot believe all the hopes we had have ended with a picture like this. So disappointed.

  • Tony

    I know that politics makes strange bedfellows. But consorting with Machiavelli’s evil twin is just beyond the pale. Ugh!!! My subscription’s going nowhere.

  • Wayne Brown

    Independence is not about what you want, what I want, what Nicola Sturgeon wants, or what anybody else wants for an independent Scotland. It’s about being able to control our own affairs, not what we do once we have control.

    It follows therefore, that whether or not I support independence has no connection with what I think of Nicola Sturgeon, or you, for that matter.

  • Loony

    What exactly is it that you people do not understand? Could it be that Scottish Nationalists are literally the most stupid people in the entire world?

    Imagine for one moment that Scotland had voted in favor of independence. Now try to imagine that nearly 3 years down the road no progress had been made toward separating Scotland from the UK and that a dizzying array of senior politicians all began campaigning for a “peoples vote” on the basis that the original vote was illegitimate in some unspecified manner.

    Now imagine that you are a current Scottish Nationalist and you can see right now in real time the respect that your chosen hero has for democracy.

    You can either suck it up or you can wise up.

    • hannie van riel

      You’re forgetting one major thing. To get the majority for Brexit many lies were told. Many things were never mentioned. And the and the strange money that came in was on top off all that . For me the whole brexit thing should have been scrapped and made illegal

      • Sopo

        This is true of any election/plebiscite, there is never perfectly accurate information upon which to base one’s choices.

        It’s fallacious to assert that false information alone was responsible for the referendum result, particularly given the close correlation between impoverished areas of the country and voting Leave. Has it not occurred to you that people might have different interests? One might also note that the Remain campaign had ample opportunity to counter Leave claims.

        • Michael McNulty

          So many people who want Scottish Independence (and I have no problem with that) are the same people trying to overturn the democratic vote to leave the EU. They ignore that if they manage to overturn Brexit then no vote for Scottish Independence can be safe from the unionist establishment, and they themselves will have set the precedent for its dismissal. No vote will ever be safe again whether you voted for or against unless it’s in line with elite wishes. Those bastards are rigging the votes as it is.

  • Todd Millions

    Keep the money and do some checking on -Independent Oatean Savagrehia
    Nuclear plans . Please If you would sir-
    Two- Graphite moderated Reactors kept online?! Of course One would simply be Not enough!
    And -“equivalent dosages’ of wastes, to be shipped too -Australia. How expansively
    Generous of Edinburgh! Almost approaching Opulent.
    But as a Wise man pointed out- You Can’t expect too be Grand And Comfortable.
    Do make sure them ZIM containers doing the shipments don’t loiter around Suez.
    I’m sure the distractions were useful in these set ups. And so easy too arrange.

    Finland’s bothers are-socialized medicine. With no mention of Power plants by
    EDF/Siemens and then Rosatom tar babied via a sucker punch .

    After year 3 the Americans are still too witless to get that the wall is too keep them In.
    And they don’t Work. The Romans built Two. The Scots Still got out!

  • J

    Pictures can be made to speak a thousand words falsely. Hard to see how that can be misconstrued. Nicola even appears to be holding the camera.

  • kathy

    Presumably, the SNP is the vehicle to get us independence, after which we can vote for the parties whose policies we agree with. Nicola Sturgeon’s foreign policy pronouncements seem so at odds with the Scottish electorate and more in line with English tories is deeply worrying.however to the point that I wonder where her true loyalties lie.

        • Shatnersrug

          The SNO have never been left leaning. Salmon tactically and masterfully attacked new labour from the left it true but it wasn’t a particularly left position seeing as New Labour had drifted so far right.

  • Ian

    Nope. Won’t be canceling my subscription. Should my finances take a turn for the better, will instead increase my subscription.

    Good to know that there are still people of integrity left in this world.

  • Komodo

    Just goes to show what faeces our political system has become. BUT….the SNP’s position has always been that it didn’t want to be joined to England’s oppressive Westminster-centric polity but did want to be merged with the EU’s wonderful globalist hegemony, so hugging the never-elected globalist is actually pretty consistent of her. Or am I missing a point here?

    In other news, the Institute for Global Blair has today issued a press release to every local paper in the land to announce that Tony feels really sympathetic to Teresa. Which should hopefully finish her career, at any rate. We live in interesting times.

      • Mr Shigemitsu

        Campbell is not an MEP, neither has he ever been elected to any political post. He was New Labour’s PR man and chief spin doctor – and the inspiration for The Thick of It’s vile Malcolm Tucker character – an appointed, not an elected post. That was the point being made.

  • JMF

    The yanks need the oil otherwise their petro-dollar will fail which will bring economic calamity.
    Look at the recent moves in Venezuela and now the Golan Heights! OIL OIL OIL!
    Britain just ‘poodles along’…… & Scotland too.
    There’s no honour among thieves.

  • Komodo

    @ Kathy –
    Alastair Campbell’s an MEP? News to me. While he’s undoubtedly a career politician, the public has never had the opportunity to vote for him.

  • Reg

    Nicola Sturgeon has been going that way for some time, such as on absurd Russia conspiracy stories. This also indicates the moral bankruptcy the heart of the Remain campaign that is similar to the corporate democrat campaign against Trump in cosying up to enemies of the left such as war criminals. I am making no excuses here for Trump who is an exploitative landlord and spiv who profiteered from New Yorks bankruptcy and gentrification and by using this to avoid paying tax. The similarity is in the rehabilitation of neocons and war criminals in the establishment attempted coup against Trump.

    George W is not and never will be the voice of reason and moderation in the attempt to impeach Trump after Iraq and the destabilisation of the middle east for a generation. Their are some people a real progressive movement does not need, Aleister Campbell, Blair, Sir Vince Cable, Nicola Sturgeon, Tom Watson, Margaret Hodge. One does not have to indulge in absurd conspiracy stories to believe George Soros as a non UK taxpaying billionaire is a illegitimate and unhealthy source of funding in UK politics, such as for Remain. As is JP Morgan Goldman Sachs, and Citygroup who also funded Remain as an illegitimate (though legal) source of funding. Soros after all did profiteer out of the immiseration of untold millions in the 1997 SE Asian financial crisis, helped fund an illegal coup in Ukraine that involved the far right and cost the UK taxpayer untold millions in the ERM crisis, but he is no different than any billionaire interfering in politics to protect his/her ill gotten gains, so it should be legitimate to criticise him on this basis only. After all the Koch brothers fund the campaigns against Trump and many other political campaigns.
    There is definitely no dignity in taking a selfie with the proven liar and war criminal Aleister Campbell.

    I fail to see the upside of Remaining in the EU for the UK, or the rest of the world particularly in the rest of the EU?

    I fail to see how the UK can maintain itself as an imperial nation after leaving the EU, good. This will become will become impossible if Scotland leaves the UK, in which case I fail to see how the UK could afford to maintain a nuclear deterrent or a seat as a permanent member of the UN, again good. But I fail to see how this could end well if Scottish independence occurs under Nicola Sturgeon who is repeating US imperialist propaganda about Russia without question and shows a similar remarkable lack of enquiry about the EU and how Scotland would fare in the Eurozone under the fiscal compact and the Euro after Greece. Leaving the UK after all would require massive state aid to restructure the Scottish economy after leaving the UK. I am not trying to suggest Scotland leaving the UK is not feasible, after all Iceland does rather well as a small nation, but it is not part of the EU (but is part of the EEA), has its own currency and defaulted and imposed capital controls as a response to the economic crisis. This approach would not be allowed as part of the EU, so would Scotland fare better with its own currency, and not part of the EU?.

    • Gary Litrlejohn

      Yes if Scotland goes independent it would be better off with its own currency in my view. The Euro is heading for a serious crisis, as can be seen for example in the divergences in productivity between Italy and Germany. The financial corollary of this is funds from southern Europe piling up in northern Europe, especially Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Finland. The surplus TARGET2 funds in these countries amount to almost 1 trillion Euros and in my view constitute a slow bank run from southern European countries that have Euro debts that they will find almost impossible to repay.

      On prior knowledge about there being no WMD in Iraq, see Frank Chikane (2013) Things that could not be said, Picador, Johannesburg. This is a book by a former security adviser to both President Mandela and President Mbeki. Prior to the invasion by the USA and UK, various middle eastern countries asked for South African to check out Iraq for WMD. This was because South Africa had had its own nuclear and biological weapons programmes, and had dismantled them at the end of Apartheid. Iraq agreed to this mission, and the UN, USA and UK were told about it in advance. Then after the mission and before the invasion, someone was sent to the USA to brief both the UN and the US government, and Thabo Mbeki and Frank Chikane came to Chequers to brief Tony Blair in person. Mbeki had a 3-hour session with Blair, with no one else present, and then Mbeki and Chikane spent another hour briefing civil servants at Chequers in less detail. This never came out at the Chilcott inquiry which suggests deliberate suppression of the evidence.

    • Glasshopper

      Great post Reg.

      Funny how the lies, chicanery and funny money behind Remain is never aired in the mainstream media!

  • BrianFujisan

    I was Sickened By that Photo.. That it is Real,

    Even more Sickening is G. Galloway’s Orgasmic Glee at exposing of Traitors…wee Dick..Independence for EVERYONE But Scotland – says Galloway.

    Do we now give the old Divide and Rule.. heartbreaking

    I won’t be canceling my Subscription.

    • Sharp Ears

      His introduction was spot on Brian. He covered all bases.

      ‘Pic of the day/week/year. A War Criminal at large. And a bitter wee nationalist. #Scotland #Brexit #Campbell #Blair #Iraq #1MillionDead #DrippingInBlood’

      • BrianFujisan

        Sharp Ears

        Scotland got Shafted By London… Labour / Con team work..bbC.. Media Ect..

        I think you would see joy, in our ALL UNDER ONE BANNER Marches.. the bbC say a few hundred..when 90.000 are marching in Glasgow

  • Tony M

    The lies told to get a slim majority for Scotland to remain in the Scotland-England Union, told by the eventual cheating winning side, far and way outstrip in their treachery and deceit anything that took place in the EU Exit referendum. Further in the EU case the lies were predominantly told by the self-same and pro-EU over-confident controlled media, that has soft-soaped the EU for decades, but in this case they lost, as except in Scotland, no-one fell for their lies. The Scots it seems are uniquely and serially gullilble. The exception was the making of Farage the Clown, who was promoted because he was such a seeming dead-cert loser and all-round embarassment, who contrary to the elite’s counter-productive disastrous expectations of him, did better than his talents could ever have warranted by quite accidentally tapping into underclass rage and despair coupled with said England-Wales disconnect from said ever-lying media.

    Sturgeon either fumbled, or showed her true and ugly colours after the 2015 GE, when the message from Scotland to Sturgeon, was ‘ Independence, NOW, get on with it immediately, we don’t need to hear from you again till it’s done’, and she played us for fools. A political genius, quite in the Gordon Brown class of self-aggrandising betrayal.

    • Rob Royston

      You have it exactly right. In 2015 over 50% of Scots give her party at Westminster 56 out of 59 MPs in the Scottish constituencies. Within one year those voters were totally betrayed as she used Brexit to deflect from Independence. It’s been downhill ever since.

  • SA

    Brexit is the most divisive and toxic event in the history of Britain. It has now claimed another scalp. It has divided the two main political parties, made strange bedfellows between unlikely protagonists and has now shaken the SNP. In the attempt to reverse or achieve Brexit at any cost, some politicians Seem happy to form alliances with the devil.
    I support this website despite not being Scottish nor particularly in favour of Scottish independence but because of the integrity of its owner and because of the community of ideals generally amongst its contributing commenters, except for the few clearly contrarian challengers who actually often unite rather than divide the rest. Keep on this important work Craig.

  • Alistair Thomas

    Craig, I will continue to send you my small monthly donation. I abhor Mr Campbell and his ilk. I suspect NS does too, but politics is not a green and pleasant land. Sometimes you have to cover yourself in shit to get where you want to be. The kids hiding in latrines in Schindlers List were a neat visual trick, but a genuine reality. The march is not to revoke article 50, but the closest we’re going to get. Supporting it is the right thing to do. At some point in the next three weeks, the peoples vote crew will spot what has been there since the ECJ decision. My hope is that they will jump onto it.

  • Tony M

    SA: “Brexit is the most divisive and toxic event in the history of Britain.”

    I doubt that very much, would say you are over-stating the matter considerably beyond reason, or your ‘history’ extends no further back than last week. Moved by it only to a great big Yawn. Putrid emanations from the Westmidden bubble stage-door. Intended primarily to strangle at birth an Independent Scotland’s trade prospects. Blockade us if necessary, happened before in the decade or so before 1707.

    • SA

      OK I exaggerated a bit and should have made some qualifications. But you had to go back to 1707. 3 years of a modern country 5th largest economy in the world, serious global issues and important challenges, but instead of three years of progress and instead of a successful Brexit or remain, whichever way these elected politicians want to steer the process, we get open bickering and undermining in major parties, a Parliament that would in other contexts be deemed to be so disruptive and controversial that you would call in the police if this happened elsewhere, and one lame duck PM who is clueless running the show. Laughing stock of the world and certain disastrous course ahead. End of rant.

  • kashmiri

    One day politicians hug, next day start war with each other. Don’t believe in how politicians’ photos, Craig. Your outrage is understandable, but please don’t blame your readers for your disappointment with a politician. She is no angel. There are no angels in this caste.

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