Epstein’s Death Must Be the Start, not the End, of the Investigation 382

There are a number of royal palaces and grand residences of former Presidents and Prime Ministers where the inhabitants have a little bit more spring in their step following the death of Jeffrey Epstein. The media is rushing to attach the label “conspiracy theory” to any thought that his death might not have been suicide. In my view, given that so many very powerful people will be relieved he is no longer in a position to sing, and given that he was in a maximum security jail following another alleged “suicide attempt” a week ago, it would be a very credulous person who did not view the question of who killed him an open one.

There has been a huge amount of obfuscation and misdirection on the activities of Epstein and his set. To my mind, the article which remains the best starting point for those new to the scandal is this one from Gawker.

Two days ago a federal court unsealed 2000 pages of documents related to the allegations against Epstein. Of these the most important appears to be a witness statement from Virginia Giuffre alleging that while a minor she had sex at Epstein’s direction with Senate Majority leader George Mitchell and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, plus a variety of senior foreign politicians.

Epstein’s sexual activities and partying with young girls were carried out in full view of key friends, his domestic and office staff, his pilots and of course the participants. There is no shortage of potential witnesses. Several of these really ought to be taking great care – though if I were them I would certainly eschew any protection involving US security services or law enforcement. Ghislaine Maxwell might take heed of her father’s fate and avoid swimming for a few years.

(I am probably not the only one old enough to compare the many similarities between Robert Maxwell’s asset stripping career and that of Philip Green. The progress of society after thirty years of Thatcher, New Labour and returned Tories meaning that Green by contrast got no criminal charges and much bigger yachts.)

In the UK, Ms Giuffre’s alleged relationship with Prince Andrew has been mentioned in the media. In fact the evidence that she had a relationship with Prince Andrew of some sort is overwhelming. Here is some of the actual evidence from the court documents.

The age of heterosexual consent in England is 16 and there is no indication that Prince Andrew is doing anything illegal in this photograph in which Ms Giuffre is 17. Nor is the photo in itself evidence of sex, though it certainly is intimate. The notion however that Ms Giuffre was “lent out” to Andrew may have legal implications as she was flown into the country, allegedly for the purpose.

No satisfactory alternative explanation has been offered as to what might have been happening here, as Ms Guffre’s lawyers noted.

No further details appear in the documents to amplify Ms Giuffre’s claim that she was forced to have sex with a “well known Prime Minister”, other than to repeat the claim. But what is plain is that her tale is not entirely invention. Just how much more did Epstein know, and who might he have taken down with him?

The truth is that sexual abuse by the rich and famous transcends all political boundaries. Bill Clinton was very frequently on Epstein’s plane and Epstein joins the very long list of those connected to the Clintons who died in dubious circumstances.

Two coincidences – the first being the bruise marks on the neck sustained in Epstein’s first “suicide attempt” in jail – remind me of the case of John Ashe, the senior official very close to the Clintons who died with bruise marks on his neck, when he accidentally dropped his barbell on his throat while bench-pressing alone at home.

Ashe was charged and awaiting trial for receiving corrupt funds from businessman Ng Lap Seng while Ashe was serving in the USA’s turn as President of the UN General Assembly. Ng Lap Seng, a six time visitor to the Clinton White House, had previously been accused of making very large illegal donations to Clinton campaign funds, and was subsequently arrested while entering the USA with over US $4 million in cash. Unlike the Clintons, Ashe was charged with taking Seng’s money and rather like Epstein may have had an interesting song to sing while going down, had he not conveniently dropped the barbell on his throat.

I said that the first thing that jogged me to link the Epstein/Clinton and the Ashe/Clinton cases was the bruise marks on the throat. The second is that both stories have been debunked by self-proclaimed “conspiracy-busting” website Snopes – in a manner which shows that Snopes has no regard for the truth whatsoever.

In the case of John Ashe, Snopes wrote an utterly tendentious piece of “myth-busting” which stated that it was a myth that Ashe’s death occurred shortly before his trial and that he was not due to testify against the Clintons. Snopes failed to mention that Ashe, a very senior Clinton appointee, was charged with taking corrupt money from precisely the same man who had been very widely accused of giving corrupt money to the Clintons. And while it was true his trial was not imminent, his pre-trial deposition was.

In the Epstein/Clinton case Snopes wrote a piece debunking the notion that this is a photograph of Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private jet.

Snopes sets out to prove that this is not Epstein’s private jet but that of another billionaire, and that the girl is not Rachel Chandler. For the sake of argument I am prepared to accept what they say on both counts. But is the sensible reaction to that photo to say “Oh that’s OK it’s another billionaire’s jet” or to say “Why is Bill Clinton on a billionaire’s private jet in an intimate pose with a worryingly young female”? As with the Prince Andrew photo, although it has been circulating for years no alternative innocent explanation is on offer.

And the fact that this is another billionaire’s plane should open again the much wider question of networks of the rich and the powerful indulging each other’s passion for sexual exploitation of the young. It is a great shame that in the UK, the Establishment has been able to characterise the falsifications of Carl Beech as discrediting the entire notion of historical child sexual abuse. It is as though one person making up stories about a Bishop would mean there was never child exploitation in the Catholic Church.

The deeper question is why such a significant proportion of the rich and powerful have a propensity to want to assuage their sexual desires on the most vulnerable and powerless in society, as opposed to forming relationships among their peers. I suspect it is connected to the kind of sociopathy that leads somebody to seek or hoard power or wealth in the first place.

It is not necessary to develop that idea further, to understand that the Epstein case had given us a glimpse of criminal sexual behaviour which beyond doubt involves many powerful people. It is essential that the threads that can be grasped are now worked on assiduously to uncover the entire network.

I am afraid to say I suspect the chances of that actually happening are very slim indeed.


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382 thoughts on “Epstein’s Death Must Be the Start, not the End, of the Investigation

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  • Deb O'Nair

    The cells in the MCC in NY are suicide proof, i.e. there’s nothing to tie anything to, there is nothing in the cell that can be used to inflict self-harm; even the materials that clothing and bedding are made of is chosen with this in mind, and due to the nature of the offenders held there is a culture of vigilance when it come to suicide; nothing worse than a criminal cheating justice by topping themselves. So, by a process of deduction, Epstein probably strangled himself with his bare hands or held his breath until he suffocated.

    • Laguerre

      You mean he wasn’t given a bottle of whisky and a revolver, and told to do what he had to?

      • N_

        It doesn’t sound as though Jeffrey Epstein was given a cup of poisoned coffee like Michele Sindona, nor that he was raped and hanged like Ulrike Meinhof.

        Meanwhile the Boris Johnson government promises more “stop and search without having to show reasonable cause” in the fight against the (imaginary) “rise in knife crime”. The “British public” ae going to love that.

        • Spencer Eagle

          Agreed, for all those cooing shortsightedly about Boris’s knife crime solutions, you have to realise that stop and search means that even the most inocuos and obviously non knife carrying granny with be stopped and searched, all in an effort to make sure ethnic minorities aren’t offended. How about getting a backbone and let the police get on with profiling knife crime suspects?

          • N_

            The lie about “an increase in violent crime, especially in London”, and the constant stream of stories about knifings and shootings, especially in London, are a “statement of problem” which is conveyed in dogwhistle terms and basically comes down to the racist view that “black people are out of control and so far nothing is being done, and if nothing continues to be done then black people will get the upper hand”.

            The “we’re so tough we’re introducing more stop and search” is a “statement of solution” which is conveyed in dogwhistle terms and basically comes down to “this country is going to sort black people out good and proper”.

            The whole thing is right wing and racist and it is extremely scary.

          • Spencer Eagle

            How on earth is dealing with a crime problem racist? If a particular section of society is disproportionately involved in knife crime then it needs addressing some way, not necessarily through more stop and search I might add. In 2017 two thirds of knife crime offenders under 25 in London were black or minority ethnic, according to the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime. What would they possibly achieve by lying about knife crime, especially in light of the fact that precious little seems to be done about it. It all sounds like the only statistics that you believe are the ones that support your virtue signalling platform.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ N_ August 11, 2019 at 23:19
          ‘…in the fight against the (imaginary) “rise in knife crime”….’
          Living in London, and regularly reading the free Evening Standard when I get the Underground, I can assure you there is nothing ‘imaginary’ about the virtual daily knifings reported.
          Though I have zero time for the MSM, don’t try to tell me they make these attacks up.

          • Sopo

            Strange disconnect. Sure, on one level, knife crime, like dangerous dogs, has elements of a moral panic, i.e. constant lurid news coverage scares the general public, most of who will not come into contact with the supposedly pervasive threat, and perfectly well-behaved dogs/black youths get new laws turned upon them as a result of public clamour to “do something”.

            However, while dangerous dogs were spread around geographically, the young black men are clustered, and knife crime is a genuine concern for them, not jyst something whipped up by the newspapers. It may reach/have reached a point where weapons are often carried for defensive purposes, and these individuals are stopped by the police and then prosecuted. This situation is a lose-lose for those young black men.

            Personally, I would not increase stop-and-search, so youths carrying defensive weapons in dangerous communities are not picked up, but I see no problem with handing out longer sentences for knife attackers, just as those perpetrating acid attacks should be given automatic life sentences.

    • Spencer Eagle

      ‘Epstein probably strangled himself with his bare hands or held his breath until he suffocated.’…..good grief, you just can’t do it. At the moment there is insufficient oxygen for your brain you will lose consciousness, at which point your arms would flop by your side or you would stop holding your breath and your subconscious brain would kick in and resume breathing. Dying from suffocation or strangulation is way beyond this point, hence the need for a ligature or a third party.

      • Vivian O'Blivion

        In the days of Town gas before the switch to North Sea gas you used to be able to suicide by sticking your head in the oven. The carbon monoxide in Town gas rendered you silly and overcame the subconscious survival instinct.

        • N_

          Put a smartphone at the back of an oven nowadays and many young people would still manage to keep their heads in there if Google told them to, even now that ovens use North Sea gas.

          Survival instinct used to stop people from walking in front of cars too.

    • spindrift

      Wow. A web of business associates, a Study Group. And Eric Prince pops up. Who knew he now has a China-based company? Magicsonar tracks spiders.

    • RandomComment

      Why DEEP dive when you have such a clear and obvious connection to other prominent figures? None of whom are Donald Trump.

      That’s a real conspiracy theory, you know, like the one that Trump was a Russian Asset – peddled for 3 years – and poor ol’ Hilary would’ve, should’ve won.

  • giyane

    In the case of our Royals these are the most tightly controlled mankind who might seek friendship and gosh sex with similarly freak- controlled Hunan beings.

    Nobody can deny the pressure of hypocrisy in the Puritanical roots of US society with its appalling parallels in the control-freak obsession of the jihadists raping innocent yazidi women.

    The tighter you control someone, the stronger the urge for that person to rebel.

    What I’m saying is that we should start with compassion towards the so-called rich and powerful because we don’t know the mental chains which lock them and we certainly are in no position to judge their sexual behaviour .
    Even educated fleas do it I.e. fall in love.

    I reflect on my own case when I compare myself with Muslims who have been brought up in extended families with personal attention 24/7 of dedicated loving parents and family while I was fending emotionally for myself from the age of 8 to 18 in single sex school.

    WTF do people raised in the bosom of community know about people who are farmed and cut off from every intimate warmth.

    Here’s Craig who counts himself as family raised seeking to judge those who have been institutionally raised. Is the one who is brought up in the bosom of family intimacy actually jealous of those whose pastoral care consisted of deep emotional isolation?

    A reminder not to judge lest we be judged would seem to me to be the essential starting point for all mental and spiritual rectification.

    • John2o2o

      I agree Guyane, but I don’t think Craig has necessarily condemned Prince Andrew. We still have the presumption of innocence here, but there is no protection for those accused before being brought to trial. Peter Hitchens has publicised a petition for this.

      Everyone’s personal experience of family is unique and different. I was very unhappy in my teenage years – my father and mother had an unhappy marriage and it had a very bad effect on me, though my sisters fared better.

      Strangely enough I also thought “never judge lest you be judged” myself earlier and in relation to this matter.

        • giyane

          John 2o2o

          The enigma of my life is ” why so Muslims regard the trashing of civilised societies in the pursuit of Usukis political power for themselves as acceptable but my personal and private weaknesses as wholly unacceptable ? ”

          The answer to that enigma is that if you criticise others, however right your criticism might be, they will attack you back in areas of life where they are strong and you are weak.

          Therefore the Pure Islamic advice of the prophet Ess pbuh i.e. Jesus not to judge others is crucial.

          You have to make your criticism of your peers non- judgemental i.e. factual. That is an invisible armour in the battle against Evil in the corners of the Universe.

          The armour of those who struggle against Evil ( jihad ) is not to judge , lest ye be judged..

          I was not trying to draw attention to mine or anybody else’s upbringings . I was just reminding Craig and others to protect their own sanity by not being judgemental about others.

          Here be dragon’s. Ess alaihi salaam sent his followers out to call their tribe back to the worship of God and cloak themselves with the armour of not being judgemental.
          Basic Dragon fighting procedure.
          Nuff said.

    • Antonym

      Sure, being born in a Muslim culture is a hard landing and tough. That doesn’t imply that some content of the Koran is above criticism though.
      On this site the guyanes are free to defend Islam but those criticizing this ideology are banned.
      Now he want the Royals to be above criticism: what is next? Jimmy Savile also had a hard youth….

      • SA

        I don’t agree with giyane entirely but surely in this case all he was trying to say is that “an eye for an eye” is not a good way to resolve the situation.

        • giyane

          Antony and SA

          My point was that if you want to take a moral stance you need to protect yourself from Mary Whitehousr accusations.
          Therefore you have to instruct your mind not to judge when you criticise. This is an essential tool for taking a stand.

          We see the world through our own video lens. It takes one to know one. What we interpret is reconstructed in our minds from our own selves. To judge others is to attack ourselves.

          If we all wrote out our life problems and put them in a tombola and then picked out a few problems at random, we could not deal with the problems others are facing. Our test is tailored to our own capacity, not to someone else’s capacity.

          We don’t all take the same exam.

  • Gary Weglarz

    Epstein’s death was a suicide in roughly the same sense that Lee Harvey Oswald’s death was a “suicide.” If simply by – “continuing to be alive” – one poses a serious threat to Western oligarchy and the political class who serve them – one is quite simply “a suicide” that is just waiting to happen.

    Of course if we never see “the body” we might reasonably wonder if Epstein was simply whisked away quite alive to the safety of his island to live out his years out of the public view, having served his “intelligence” purposes admirably. The authorities in that case can just claim, as in the case of Osama bin Laden, that they simply – “buried him at sea.”

    If anyone reading actually believes the official ‘suicide’ story please, by all means contact me as I have some oceanfront property near Fukushima Japan that I’m trying to sell.

    • Shatnersrug

      Lee Oswald was murdered but I take your point. I think Epstein is dead I even think it was probably a suicide. But I’m sure there was someone there to assist and make sure it went correctly.

      I’ve never been a “conspiracy theory” believer – preferring to look for evidence and I really don’t care to much for all the weird obsessive stuff. But the last three years – since the rise of Sanders and Corbyn – have been a real eye opener in terms of just how trustworthy the broadsheet press are. They have made such fools of themselves, told so many outrageous and probably wrong lies that we all know that there really is no point in trusting any of their ‘views’ I mean who cares if Aaronovitch claims conspiracy theories are rife re Epstein?? Most of us now think he’s probably relieved that dead men tell no tales.

      • Doghouse

        “I’ve never been a “conspiracy theory” believer – preferring to look for evidence…..”

        You contradict yourself.

        • Shatnersrug

          Not really. Probably just not very clear about what I meant

          All I mean is that I was never really interested in JFK, moonlandings, Rothschilds and all the other business that all gets lumped together, some people love it.

          I always felt most bad stuff was carried out in broad daylight.

          • Trowbridge H Ford

            Anyone who doesn’t believe that JFK, MLK, RFK and George Wallace were not shot by a consiracy is not looking at the evidence.

          • Shatnersrug

            I’m just saying I wasn’t that interested in it, that’s all!!! As a subject! That’s it!!

    • PeterE

      From what I’ve seen so far most posts about this express clear views about the concept of law / justice.
      Let’s call that filter ‘rose coloured glasses’ for the purpose of this brief journey.

      The belief underlying it assumes the aristocrats, oligarchs, royalty, titans, churches, mafias secret services et al who sit at the big table share similar views.

      Nothing could be further from the truth.

      ref Paul Williams ‘…. the unholy alliance between the Vatican, CIA & Mafia’.
      or Richard Cottrell ‘….Nato’s dagger at the heart of Europe’ where in ch 13 ‘Something rotten in the State of Belgium’ Epstein’s counter part proved untouchable.

      To understand how this can be, one needs to ‘walk in their shoes’ so to speak.

      Consider Epstein from the position of those he worked for.
      He was competent & successful in his role.
      He delivered what was asked over a very long time.
      He was charged once & convicted, kept his mouth shut & went to jail.

      He’s been an exemplary employee & served his masters well.
      Loyalty is highly prized & rewarded

      Had he spilled the beans he’d be dead.
      He didn’t & isn’t.

      The powerful he worked for had him removed from the scene to ring fence the circus frenzy before it gets out of control.
      He’s been put out to pasture & will spend his life flitting between gated communities.

      The rational for this view is this: it’d become problematic to get ‘decent help’ if at the first sign of trouble they were eliminated.

      Nobody wants problems & there are countless ways of making them go away.
      Magician’s sleight of hand anyone?

      Just my view for what it’s worth.

  • John2o2o

    Well I agree with pretty much everything you say here Craig. A revolting story, but important to speak out.

  • fedup

    Surprising to find that even the most well-informed there is a failing to understand the total disregard of the rich/super rich for any and all laws and conventions. Laws and conventions are social contracts, that are entered into by default in the case of standard citizens, whom have little say on the terms and conditions of the said contract, and are held to account upon negations of any terms and conditions of the said social contract.

    However, rich/super rich by the virtue of their financial prowess are beyond the reach of any such contracts, and therefore they see themselves above the law, after all these laws are only for the plebs!

    Fact that our government can renege on its part of the contract on pensions and pensionable age, so openly and without any qualms only provide a glimpse to the fluidity of the laws that are responsive to the whimsy of the rich/super rich. If this investigation that is being called for is found to have teeth; be rest assured that there would new laws enacted and applied retrospectively to let everyone of the offender off the hook. Fact that this is not the case so far, is only the useful measures of control of the plebs put in place by the functionaries of the rich/super rich (politicians et al.) all the while in the expectations that rich/super rich must appear to adhere to such contracts.

  • Robyn

    Whitney Webb has written a very detailed 3-part series whose heading and sub-heading (below) nicely summarise her findings. Well worth the time to read.

    Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case
    Epstein is only the latest incarnation of a much older, more extensive and sophisticated operation that offers a frightening window into how deeply tied the U.S. government is to the modern-day equivalents of organized crime.


  • Robyn

    I assumed they’ve cordoned off his cell block and called in the OPCW to check for a Novichok-type substance.

  • Richard

    Hi Craig

    There has been much talk about blackmail being involved.

    Do you have any insights into the prevalence or mechanisms or blackmail in political and similar circles?


  • Dungroanin

    So .. let is start with a vignette :

    ‘After the [Senate] hearing, consigliere Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall) visits Frank in custody. Hagen tells Frank that he did the right thing by recanting. Tom and Pentangeli talk nostalgically about the good old days when the Corleone Family, as Pentangeli says, “was like the Roman Empire.” Hagen tells a story about what would happen to traitors during those Roman days, implying that the correct thing for Pentangeli to do now is to kill himself. Hagen tells Pentangeli if he accepts responsibility for turning on the Corleone family and kills himself, Frank’s family will always be taken care of, just as the families of confessed traitors in the Roman days who killed themselves were allowed to keep all of their possessions. He thanks Hagen, returns to his assigned quarters, and despite the presence in the other room of his federal guards, commits suicide by slitting his wrists while taking a bath.’
    1. suicide is not unlikely.

    ‘‘The cache of court documents, part of the defamation case’s motion for summary judgment, also shows that in 2006, when the Palm Beach police were first investigating Epstein, he was being assisted by Maxwell as part of a pyramid-like scheme the pair operated to lure young girls from around Palm Beach County, focusing on schools, colleges and spas.’

    ‘Palm Beach Detective Joe Recarey, who has since died, testified in the case that he was never able to question Maxwell, but the fact that the police had evidence of Maxwell’s involvement raises new questions about why the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office in South Florida failed to pursue sex trafficking charges against Epstein, Maxwell and others.’


    Please checkout for yourselvs the fantastic reporting at the Miami Herald it is a wonder!
    2. There is a hell of a lot more investigative journalism , honest cops and straight judges in the USA then given credit. More so than here in the UK it seems

    Off-G website has a article on which this has got plenty of comments which are informative.

    I don’t want to piss on the clamour to get Clinton and Trump but…

    3. ‘Giuffre’s lawyer, David Boies, said there is nothing in the Maxwell case that showed any wrongdoing by Clinton, Gore or Trump’

    Finally, for now, when it comes to sex and power and ‘evilness’ particularly the psychopaths who are the officers of the pathocracy, ever heard of Political Ponerology? Maybe i’ll post on it if anyone is interested.

    • RandomComment

      Followed the Miami Herald’s reporting on this for a while, it is they who have helped push this into the limelight. Definitely interested.

      • Dungroanin

        Here you go RC

        PATHOCRACY : “a system of government thus created, wherein a small pathological minority takes control over a society of normal people.”
        ‘Political Ponerology: The scientific study of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes was forged in the crucible of the very subject it studies. Scientists living under an oppressive regime decide to study it clinically, to study the founders and supporters of an evil regime to determine what common factor is at play in the rise and propagation of man’s inhumanity to man.’

        This is not secret knowledge. It is not fantasy. It is history.

  • Monster

    An “insider” account of the Epstein death alleges that during his admission to the jail he was supposedly swapped for another body, which is the one found in his cell. His body was transferred from the coroner’s van to another van en route to the hospital So the brief glimpse of him lying on a stretcher was taken before the transfer. and is not the cadaver that went to the autopsy. The Chief Medical Examiner is awaiting orders before releasing her report.

    • Dumb Unicorn

      The supposed photograph of him on the gurney looks suspect to me but not becuase it’s a different ‘body’:


      Given that they look like they’re trying to resuscitate him in the photo, the article suggests that he’s still alive at that point but ‘unresponsive’ – yet his elbows appear to be hanging over the sides of the gurney with his hands resting on his waist. That position would require a certain amount of muscle control! I’m no medic, but if he were dead or at the point of death, I can’t see how he could lie with his elbows over the side unsupported without his arms flopping down.

      The medics also don’t seem to be acting with much urgency. Again not a medic, but I would have thought they would either have tried to resuscitate him on the spot when he was still in his cell, or else they’d be flying through the hospital doors to get to whatever equipment they needed.

      It doesn’t necessarily mean that the death is faked, only that the photograph is.

      There are so many reasons to be suspicious and so many people who could potentially want him dead (so he can’t testify) or possibly still alive but out of the picture (so he can assure them that the evidence won’t be found). He and those accused have so much money behind them that pretty much anything is possible.

      Re the photograph, it could also just be a journalist or photographer using artistic licence and creating a fake photo to sell to the papers 🙂

  • Antonym

    Epstein possibly joined the Skripals in some Five Eyes limbo dungeon. Their info is still valuable to these self security services.

  • Peter

    Hmmm. Paedophiles, organised or otherwise, in high places, and, it seems, widespread elsewhere.

    We (the public) deserve and need to know and understand better just what the nature, extent and scope of this horrendous crime is so that we can better counteract it and protect against it.

    One might hope that our very own ‘Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse’, – https://www.iicsa.org.uk/ – which includes among it’s thirteen strands an investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse linked to Westminster, might be the place where we can find that knowledge and understanding, as well, of course, as justice and redress for the survivors and victims of these crimes.

    But the whiff of cover-up already hangs heavy over the inquiry. You may remember that the first chair of the inquiry, Baroness Butler-Sloss, had to stand down because she was deemed to be too close to the Establishment. Astonishingly (or perhaps not so) in the face of those criticisms Theresa May then appointed Dame Catherine Fiona Woolf, a former Lord Mayor of London – more Establishment you could not get. She then had to stand down for the same reasons and because it was revealed that she lived in the same street as, and had social connections with, Leon Brittan, one of the suspects in the inquiry. This lead to the appointment of Dame Lowell Goddard, a New Zealand High Court judge.

    Subsequently, however, Goddard stepped down “stating that the Home Office were trying to force their own team of officials on her, which would not make it an independent inquiry” – http://www.drsallybaker.com/uncategorized/tower-hamlets-paul-boateng-and-tessa-jowell/ – and she was followed out of the inquiry by Shirley Oaks Survivors Association who gave the same reasons. Since then Survivors of Organised and Institutional Abuse (SOIA) have also walked out stating they had been “utterly marginalised” and that the inquiry “is not fit for purpose and has never been fit for purpose” – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40312689 .

    Nonetheless, we shouldn’t give up. We are no longer dependent on the MSM smokescreens and have social media and some very good investigative news websites such as the already mentioned – https://www.mintpressnews.com – and – http://www.drsallybaker.com/ – from which to learn and act.

    Now all we need is a parliament and judicial system ready and prepared to act.


    • Sharp Ears

      Don’t know how many of the UK taxpayers’ sponduliks she actually received but…

      ‘Dame Lowell Goddard, the New Zealand judge heading the Government’s child sex abuse inquiry, could receive more than £5 million in pay and perks amid fears hearings will drag on for a decade, The Telegraph can disclose.

      Dame Justice Goddard’s remuneration package, which includes numerous free flights home and a £110,000 a year rental allowance, has catapulted her to the top of the public servants’ paylist.

      Campaigners described the flight and accommodation allowances as “highly questionable”.

      The judge earns a basic salary of £360,000 a year. But that is topped up with the rental allowance, an additional £12,000 a year for utilities bills and a car and driver for official business – all paid for by the Home Office.’


    • J Galt

      No Peter you’re behind the times – it was all the lurid imaginings of a sad case attention seeker, that you and me could have seen through in about 2 minutes, but who led all the varied police and security services down the garden path for the best part of two years!

    • Dungroanin

      Nice summary Peter.
      That is another reason why the establishment is against a Corbynite government taking over. There is a hell of a lot of stuff that has been swept under the various carpets of state over the last 30 years … i’m particularly looking forward to that bastion like bin of the SFO being emptied…

      • Peter

        “That is another reason why the establishment is against a Corbynite government taking over.”



    • Pete

      Unfortunately Dr Sally Baker’s blog is impossible to read unless you are prepared to plough through the entire stream of consciousness from start to finish until you find what you’re looking for. Every post link just links back to the start of the blog, and there’s hundreds and hundreds of pages of it. In this she resembles the late Robin Bryans AKA Harbinson who self-published very long stream-of-consciousness memoirs probably now very difficult to find, he was on After Dark (Channel 4) once, always gave the impression of knowing much more than he let on about all sorts of well-connected people, mostly royals, aristocrats, MI5 types, and other people connected to Northern Ireland. But the books are almost unreadable due to the total lack of structure.

      • Alyson

        Sally Baker’s blog points to many crimes that have been inadequately investigated. The paedophiles in high places investigations originally took place before the 1989 Children Act was created. It was shown to be needed, because before that time a child had to bring a prosecution themselves. The children were questioned regarding their allegations, with leading questions by the police, and their testimonials were all thrown out by the Courts because they did not stand up to rigorous testing. The boys were called rent boys, and their allegations of being drugged and raped were dismissed. There are doubtless former police officers who know that the investigations they attempted to complete, or that they sabotaged with incompetence or following senior officer direction, hold clear evidence of wrongdoings by VIP paedophiles, some of whom still hold high office in Parliament and the Lords. Butler Schloss messed up by giving a glowing reference for the son of her housekeeper, who was subsequently convicted of child abuse….. She did however have all the inside knowledge that went into the now lost paedophile dossier.

  • Sharp Ears

    Why did the current UK Minister for Justice, Robert Buckland, QC, MP Swindon S, think it was necessary for him to attend a meeting of the National Association of Former State Attorneys in the US last November? A donation of £5,400 was made for flights and accomodation


    Also, was he so hard up that he had to accept a donation of £500 from Sir Michael Hintze on 2016 to attend a Conservative Summer party?

    Ex Hintze’s Wikipedia entry –

    ‘In October 2011, it was revealed that Adam Werritty, a close friend and business associate of then Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox, was provided with a free desk by Hintze at CQS’s London base as part of his £29,000 donation to Fox’s charity The Atlantic Bridge. Hintze also supplied a private jet for Fox and Werritty to fly from the United States to London in May 2011. These disclosures led to the resignation of Liam Fox (who was then Secretary of State for Defence) and the dismissal of Hintze’s then-charity adviser, Oliver Hylton.’

    Also see the list of Tory recipients of Hintze’s largesse on that link.

    • joel

      Pinker’s involvement was almost inevitable. The big surprise so far is the absence of Kissinger’s name. Suggests there could be an even darker and more sordid ring than Epstein’s still active, catering to the “relaxation” needs of the good doctor and his acquaintances.

      • Hatuey

        Please go no further towards conjuring up the image of Kissinger involved in any sort of sexual activity… there are limits to what I’m prepared to consider here.

  • Andyoldlabour

    If Epstein was found dead in his cell, then why were photographs taken showing his body on a stretcher and not in a black bodybag?

    • Deb O'Nair

      If Epstein was found dead in his cell why did the media and authorities not wait for the autopsy findings before claiming that he committed suicide? What “evidence” could such a claim be made on? He could have had a heart attack, or perhaps poisoned. The point is that no matter what he died of it is now ‘suicide’. It reminds me of the media during 911 when Osama Bin Laden was being named as the culprit within hours and without a shred of evidence.

      • Deb O'Nair

        The source of the suicide claim is actually from the FDNY, which is rather odd as their specialty is surely fighting fires. While it may have been obvious to the FDNY paramedics what occurred it is surely not their place to be briefing the media on such matters.

        • Shatnersrug

          The gurney picture looks like the same guy. He’s on a gurney because thats what they do, even when they’re dead, especially if he’s going to a hospital for a pathology report. The zipped up in a body bag thing is for crime movies. It so daft to compare photos like that any angle can reveal differences.

          I reckon he’s dead and I reckon he killed himself, do I think he was on his own? No. Do I think he was expected to do the “decent” thing and protect the “club” sure, I’m sure they all have that code written in.

          Anyway it’s all speculation. Fun though innit?!

          • Deb O'Nair

            I linked to that site to show the picture of the paramedics assisting him with his breathing. Paramedics don’t do that to a corpse. Besides, anyone that has had rudimentary CPR training knows that circulation is the vital factor, i.e. chest compressions, in order to keep oxygenated blood moving about. Ventilating someone while not engaged in chest compression is a waste of time unless the heart is beating. Either they are pretending that he is alive or he is alive.

            I never mentioned body bags, nor suggested it was a different person. The photo of Epstein which they are using on the site I linked to is years old and nose and ears are features that change throughout adult life. It is clearly the same man if you compare pictures to the man that has been appearing in court recently.

          • Deb O'Nair

            Having had another look at the picture it is clear one of the Paramedics is doing chest compressions. So, I stand corrected on that front.

  • Peter

    “Ghislaine Maxwell might take heed of her father’s fate and avoid swimming for a few years.”

    A number of sources, including Mr Galloway, are suggesting that as Epstein was the only one officially charged in this case then the case will die with him.

    But parties have gone to great lengths to prosecute this case, it seems unlikely they will give up now, and as Ghislaine Maxwell appears to have been so intimately involved with Epstein’s crimes it is likely that she will be the next focus.

    I believe there are also related outstanding charges against Alan Dershowitz. If so, then this case is far from over.

    • Dungroanin

      The released papers are from an action against Maxwell as far as i understand. If she isn’t in the US at the moment – i don’t see her returning under her free will anytime soon – that was the mistake Epstein made.

      What the journos and ex-coppers who chased down Epstein and Maxwell are suggesting now is that all these who signed nob-disclosure agreements with Epstein, whether employed by him or being paid off, are now free to speak… Epstein can’t enforce them from the grave.

      This particular can of worms is going from being open to exploding!

  • Rhys Jaggar

    This story is all about ‘what is the actual evidence for anything?’

    The evidence that Jeffrey Epstein is dead would comprise:

    1. A cadaver clearly identifiable through DNA and dental records as being Jeffrey Epstein.
    2. That identification being carried out by disinterested third parties, not Establishment insiders.

    What we have apparently is the word of a completely incompetent US detention center service that a man committed suicide in a place especially designed to make suicide almost impossible. We have no CCTV pictures of the cell in question which would show beyond doubt what actually happened. When such evidence is absent or tampered with, foul play of some kind has occurred beyond all reasonable doubt.

    We have extremely dodgy pictures in the NY post purportedly showing Epstein’s body being transported to a medical center. Sharp eyes suggest that one picture was taken in a firehouse, not a medical center, based on signage on the wall. They also suggest that ears and nose do not match with the known Jeffrey Epstein. This brings into wuestion the verscity of the evidence so conveniently leaked to the NYP. Almost as convenient as those terrorist passports found on the street on 9/11….

    Thirdly we have the whole charade of Epstein returning to the US to be arrested, when a CIA/Mossad asset would undoubtedly be offered protection overseas. One has to ask whether the ‘arrest and suicide’ is a charade to achieve the objective of Epstein living out his days quietly overseas, now that he has been successfully ‘suicided’.

    Fourth there is evidence of those visiting Epstein saying he was in good spirits and not in a suicidal frame of mind. What caused his sudden change of heart?

    For decades, Western Establishments have allowed Security Service operatives to live outside the law with impunity. They have controlled media narratives with an iron fist. They have used bent coroners, lawyers, judges and media outlets to frame narratives reliably.

    If the people want that to ever change, they must not stand for the false narratives any longer. They must educate themselves and their children to recognise lies and liars even in Establishment clothing. Most importantly, they must not allow the Rule of Law to be debased any longer.

    Easy to say, less easy to achieve.

    But history shows that that can be achieved.

    What it also shows is that relaxing when it has been achieved is the quickest way known to let the Old Establishment get up to their old tricks again.

    • Deb O'Nair

      “Sharp eyes suggest that one picture was taken in a firehouse, not a medical center, based on signage on the wall.”

      The paramedics are wearing FDNY insignia.

  • Doghouse

    The smart money would be on a swift cremation whilst the one allegedly attending the appointment with the fiery Judge, sips cocktails in the earthly version of paradise.

    Here we have a man intimate with the sexual persuasions of some of the most powerful, self serving, many inherently psychopathic, therefore potentially the most dangerous people on the planet, familiar probably like no other, familiarities capable of breeding deep lasting friendships. He is by all accounts highly intelligent, highly motivated, self absorbed, and extremely manipulative. This comes across clearly in the Vanity Fair piece from circa 2004, as does his remarkable ability for forward thinking and future prediction.

    Surely such a person – already experienced in incarceration and a person whom appears to have spent almost all of his life fighting one law suit or criminal charge or another, gives serious consideration to the fact his life might one day dangle from a very tenuous thread and surely such a hedonist would take appropriate insurance? Not like he’s not in prime position to so do though tis doubtful such a trusted insider would ever find it necessary. Would not those whom he can allegedly imperil consider the same and assess the safest options to themselves? Though again, doubtful that too was never necessary….

    Many people can see and accept authoritarian duplicity and lies, what they find difficult to grasp is the extent of it. Its not just occasional, its all the frickin’ time……

  • joel

    “Epstein joins the very long list of those connected to the Clintons who died in dubious circumstances”.

    A long list that continually gets longer. As for Snopes, they must be the most credulous media outfit going if they genuinely see nothing sinister in that picture of Bill aboard “another billionaire’s jet”; for as Branko Marcetic has concluded, “there is little in the Harvey Weinstein story that does not also apply to Bill Clinton…”


  • PP

    The sheer brazenness to pull this off and the contempt to flaunt this to a public that always assumed this was likely to happen and that Epstein would never be allowed to testify should not be underestimated.

    It demonstrates where power lies and who really rules. That it has reduced the President to tweeting impotently about it, surely the equivalence of poking your tongue out at a serial killer.

    The audacity is mind boggling.

    • Sharp Ears

      I read elsewhere that the ‘Trump family’ had involvement in Epstein’s activity, so who else apart from him. Jared? Donald Trump Jnr? Eric Trump? The contamination spreads like that from a overturned sewage tanker.

      • Loony

        I note you do not mention where you have read of “Trump family involvement in Epstein’s activity”

        Did you know that Fusion GPS were hired to investigate the relationship between Trump and Epstein. They were unable to uncover any evidence of any improper or otherwise dubious relationship, preferring instead to concentrate on the claim that Trump was a Russian agent. A claim for which Robert Mueller could find no supporting evidence.

        Interestingly Fusion GPS subcontracted part of its work to Christopher Steele a British national and former British spy. It is reported that listed under “B” in Epstein’s contact book were the names Branson and Blair – one being a high profile British businessman and the other being a former British Prime Minister.

        Any serious investigation into Epstein is likely to need to devote considerable resources to personages and institutions domiciled in, or originating from the overturned sewage tanker that is the UK.

        You can twist and shout all you like about Trump – but it has nothing to do with him. Did Donald Trump blackmail the BBC into employing Jimmy Savile? Did Donald Trump force the British Parliament to accept Greville Janner and Cyril Smith as members? Did Donald Trump launch and fund the careers of Gary Glitter or Ian Watkins? Did Donald Trump infiltrate the police and social services in Rotherham? Funny how o-one in the UK could do anything about any of these people, but simply can’t wait to start connecting Donald Trump to Jeffrey Epstein.

        What s wrong with you people???

        • RandomComment

          If the truth about all this (and so much else) comes to light in a fashion that even the most blinkered partisans cannot deny it, I want to be here to watch their heads *literally* explode.

        • Jay

          Nobody else on here is acting as a human shield for a notorious sex fiend. Just you, so maybe you should be asking what’s wrong with yourself! After all, the old pussy grabber doesn’t even know you exist ….. Although if he heard you were subject to the same number of sexual assault allegations as he is he would demand you be locked up and the key thrown away!

          • RandomComment

            Could you cite how many of these allegations have been proven, rather than dispensed by insane, rabid, partisan leftists who have no ability to think critically or logically about anything?

            Don’t I recall Stormy Daniels having to end up paying Trump money? It was a big joke on the internet – Trump the only guy to get a refund from a prostitute 😉

          • Jay

            Ah, another apologist for the pussy grabber…. What possible (raciist) reason could be behind this angry defense I wonder?

        • Sharp Ears

          Try the photo of Trump, Melania (then Knauss), Epstein and Maxwell on here.

          There is also video of Trump and Epstein at a party, weighing up the girls who were dancing and discussing their age.

          Trump is blaming the Clintons. He retweeted some comedian’s tweet immediately after the news emerged.

          and so on.

          • RandomComment

            Let’s stick to facts. (Athough I realise Biden thinks that truth reigns over facts). Did Trump visit Epstein’s Island? Was he named in the first tranche of abusers in the 2000 documents released prior to Epstein’s “suicide”? Is there not, in fact, direct testimony, in these documents, that states he did not partake of these forbidden fruits?

            Terrence K Williams is the guy Trump retweeted. He probably has a point.

            Again, his name was Seth Rich.

            People can hold two cognitively opposing ideas in their heads, until they clash there and then.Then you realise.

          • RandomComment

            PS TK Wiliams is a not white. So much for the “racist-in-chief”. Oh wait, the Left are already calling him an “Uncle Tom” for having his own opinions and beliefs.

          • Rowan Berkeley

            @RandomComment: “TK Wiliams is a not white. So much for the “racist-in-chief”.”
            – Yeah, but if you watch his clip, he goes to humiliating lengths to shuck n’ jive his ignorance and how he is just guessin’, etc. Trump would have been amused by his self-abasement.

          • RandomComment

            Of course I saw the clip. The whole joke was that he didn’t dare claim anything definite lest he was suicided.

            Your interpretation sounds a little racist to me, by, hey, who am I to judge the arbiters of moral authority?

            I guess people can make their own minds up here, easy to find on twitter.

            Just follow @readDonaldTrump for starters 😉

  • Sharp Ears

    Ghislaine Maxwell’s nationality is stated as American on Company Check. She has an address in Fittleton, Salisbury and several directorships.

    Ellmax Enterprise Ltd. + another separate company with the same name.
    Jemma Kidd Make Up Ltd. ! where Maxwell’s address is given as St Thomas which is in the British Virgin Islands. She must know Branson!
    Terramar UK Ltd
    MBO 18(TFS) LTD (Inactive)
    Oxford United Football Club Ltd. (Resigned)

    Terramar, ‘Nature of business – Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies – To promote for the public benefit the conservation and improvement of the environmnent, and in particular the environment of the oceans, seas, coastlines and tidal areas. A registered charity, limited by guarantee. TO = Total incoming resources.

    Such a noble cause amongst her other nefarious activities, allegedly!

  • Tony

    Mysterious suicides:

    In 1952, Sam Smithwick was found hanging in his cell in Huntsville prison. A towel was around his neck.

    A very convenient one because he was due to receive a visit that day from Coke Stevenson who had been defeated in the 1948 Democratic senatorial primary by Lyndon Johnson. Smithwick had information about how Johnson had stolen that election from him.


    • John A

      The image of Dershowitz allegedly always in his underwear reminds me of John Major in the steve Bell cartoons.

    • Hatuey

      To be fair, who hasn’t had a massage from an old, old Russian whilst visiting a friend’s house…

    • Sharp Ears

      He is one of the nastiest members of the grouping in America that has supported the settlers in Israel. He will do and say anything to stop support of the Palestinians, living under a cruel Occupation since 1948.

  • John Goss

    “It is essential that the threads that can be grasped are now worked on assiduously to uncover the entire network.

    I am afraid to say I suspect the chances of that actually happening are very slim indeed.”

    Quite right. Right also about Snopes which I have pointed out in the past is not laying its soul bare in support of the status quo without pecuniary reward. Indeed it is no more a free agency than Bellingcat. But while these agencies get mainstream support and concomitant money the real bringers of news are in prison – Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. Wikileaks is the only news agency with 100% accuracy. Where are the supporters of Julian Assange? He needs them more than ever now, cut off from the outside world, while the Yanks are working assiduously to get him extradited because he told the world the truth about their war-crimes.

    In this report there is good and bad news. His own country, Australia, has given him very little consular help because it is a colony of the the US and Julian Assange is suffering badly from deprivation of medical support over the last 8 years. On the other hand his lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, points out that their successful legal challenge against the DNC has given some hope. (You might not have heard of this if you get your news from MSM. Julian also knows that there many still fighting on his behalf even though he has no access to the internet.


    • Ken Kenn

      Spot on.

      It’s all gone very quiet in the media re: Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning.

      Julian Assange’s best hope is a Corbyn led government and I’m not saying that for
      political effect.

      A Corbyn led labour government would not hand Assange over for trial.

      It is one of the reasons why Bolton et al are mouthing off about a modular trade deal post brexit.

      There are many others of course but this is pretty high on the list even though Hillary Clinton took
      the main hit.

      It’s his only hope as Johnson and his cronies would deliver Assange personally just to crawl up the backside of the US
      irrespective of brexit.

  • N_

    How to interpret the fact that Jeffrey Epstein has been widely called a paedophile whereas as far as I know the youngest girl that he was convicted or even merely accused of sexually assaulting was 14? That is under the age of consent and therefore any sexual contact with a child of that age is assault, but it is not paedophilia. Paedophilia is something else.

    • Loony

      The word you are looking for is hebephilia. Like pedophilia, hebephilia is also a crime – and a crime that is ordinarily considered more serious than assault.

      Epstein was never convicted of sexually assaulting anyone. Rather he was convicted of procuring a girl under the age of 18 for the purposes of prostitution.

      • glenn_nl

        Actually the word is ephebophilia – a preference for middle to late adolescents, say 14-19 . Your hebephilia reference is for typically age 11-14, below what was reported. If you’re going to nit-pick someone to show how clever you are, details are important.

        It’s jolly lucky for your mate Epstein that he wasn’t convicted of assault, given the ages of the girls involved. He must have some remarkably powerful friends to get a break like that.

        • Loony

          Ephebophilia is indeed a word, although not the word I intended otherwise I would have used it. Ultracrepidarian is also a word – evidence suggests that it may be applicable to your comment.

          Do you not find it odd that I use words to suggest that under all circumstances Epstein is guilty of a criminal offence and you use words that are suggestive of the fact that Epstein would only be a criminal under certain specific and narrow circumstances. Notwithstanding the fact that you seek to provide cover for Epstein and I do not you still somehow conclude that he is “my mate”

    • ciaran

      In Florida I think I saw somewhere the charge would have been
      “Sex with a minor”
      aged between 13 and 17.
      Paedophile is 12 and younger.
      At some point in the last 24 hours I came across a heated debate on another blog and the conclusion amongst those in the know was the above.

      • ciaran

        Just before Loony losses it again I’ll correct myself

        On June 30, 2008, after Epstein pleaded guilty to a state charge (one of two) of procuring for prostitution a girl below age 18

        although I think that was down to having one hell of a legal team.
        Still it is sex with a minor and not paedophilia

        • RandomComment

          The resurrected charges on Epstein, after the sweetheart deal with Acosta (and others) are about child sex-trafficking and prostitution. There are, as far as I am aware, no charges about his personal sexual acts.

      • N_

        Sure but he is widely called a “paedophile”, not by those in the know but in the media, and there is a lot of talk about paedophilia in Britain – the fear of it lurks behind all kinds of policies and procedures – and if the media headlines regarding Epstein are at all in sync with feelings and notions in the minds of the population, there must be a lot of misunderstanding of what paedophilia actually is. I’m not trying to make a nitpicking or legal point, but there is a big difference between the crime of an adult male who sexually assaults a 14-year-old girl who at that age has very probably reached puberty and the crime of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old or a baby.

    • Deb O'Nair

      Grace Campbell: “Why I’m Never Going Into Politics” except to appear on the BBC to trash Corbyn and Labour.

  • N_

    Last I heard, Alastair Campbell had the same agent as George Galloway. The Edinburgh Fringe is great and Edinburgh is a fine city (I had a good time there recently), but the Fringe does coincide with the “silly season” in politics, and many politicians and leading political journalists like to strut their stuff there around this time of year. (Hello John McDonnell.) I thought of that when I read that Caroline Lucas the Green Party’s lone MP, elected in trendy Brighton, is calling for a “women-only” cabinet to solve the Brexit problem. That proposal should make for a good stage act.

    • MJ

      I wonder who she has in mind? Herself, Yvette Cooper and that “Never mind Democracy, Here’s the LibDems” lady perhaps.

    • Sharp Ears


      Campbell uses two – Curtis Brown (for publishing) and Kruger Cowne Ltd. (for speaking). The latter quote £10k-£20k per speech. They would have to pay me to listen to him.

      Galloway uses three – MN2S Talent Roster, Prime Performers Booking Agency and NMP Live.

      ex Google just now.

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