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There are a number of royal palaces and grand residences of former Presidents and Prime Ministers where the inhabitants have a little bit more spring in their step following the death of Jeffrey Epstein. The media is rushing to attach the label “conspiracy theory” to any thought that his death might not have been suicide. In my view, given that so many very powerful people will be relieved he is no longer in a position to sing, and given that he was in a maximum security jail following another alleged “suicide attempt” a week ago, it would be a very credulous person who did not view the question of who killed him an open one.

There has been a huge amount of obfuscation and misdirection on the activities of Epstein and his set. To my mind, the article which remains the best starting point for those new to the scandal is this one from Gawker.

Two days ago a federal court unsealed 2000 pages of documents related to the allegations against Epstein. Of these the most important appears to be a witness statement from Virginia Giuffre alleging that while a minor she had sex at Epstein’s direction with Senate Majority leader George Mitchell and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, plus a variety of senior foreign politicians.

Epstein’s sexual activities and partying with young girls were carried out in full view of key friends, his domestic and office staff, his pilots and of course the participants. There is no shortage of potential witnesses. Several of these really ought to be taking great care – though if I were them I would certainly eschew any protection involving US security services or law enforcement. Ghislaine Maxwell might take heed of her father’s fate and avoid swimming for a few years.

(I am probably not the only one old enough to compare the many similarities between Robert Maxwell’s asset stripping career and that of Philip Green. The progress of society after thirty years of Thatcher, New Labour and returned Tories meaning that Green by contrast got no criminal charges and much bigger yachts.)

In the UK, Ms Giuffre’s alleged relationship with Prince Andrew has been mentioned in the media. In fact the evidence that she had a relationship with Prince Andrew of some sort is overwhelming. Here is some of the actual evidence from the court documents.

The age of heterosexual consent in England is 16 and there is no indication that Prince Andrew is doing anything illegal in this photograph in which Ms Giuffre is 17. Nor is the photo in itself evidence of sex, though it certainly is intimate. The notion however that Ms Giuffre was “lent out” to Andrew may have legal implications as she was flown into the country, allegedly for the purpose.

No satisfactory alternative explanation has been offered as to what might have been happening here, as Ms Guffre’s lawyers noted.

No further details appear in the documents to amplify Ms Giuffre’s claim that she was forced to have sex with a “well known Prime Minister”, other than to repeat the claim. But what is plain is that her tale is not entirely invention. Just how much more did Epstein know, and who might he have taken down with him?

The truth is that sexual abuse by the rich and famous transcends all political boundaries. Bill Clinton was very frequently on Epstein’s plane and Epstein joins the very long list of those connected to the Clintons who died in dubious circumstances.

Two coincidences – the first being the bruise marks on the neck sustained in Epstein’s first “suicide attempt” in jail – remind me of the case of John Ashe, the senior official very close to the Clintons who died with bruise marks on his neck, when he accidentally dropped his barbell on his throat while bench-pressing alone at home.

Ashe was charged and awaiting trial for receiving corrupt funds from businessman Ng Lap Seng while Ashe was serving in the USA’s turn as President of the UN General Assembly. Ng Lap Seng, a six time visitor to the Clinton White House, had previously been accused of making very large illegal donations to Clinton campaign funds, and was subsequently arrested while entering the USA with over US $4 million in cash. Unlike the Clintons, Ashe was charged with taking Seng’s money and rather like Epstein may have had an interesting song to sing while going down, had he not conveniently dropped the barbell on his throat.

I said that the first thing that jogged me to link the Epstein/Clinton and the Ashe/Clinton cases was the bruise marks on the throat. The second is that both stories have been debunked by self-proclaimed “conspiracy-busting” website Snopes – in a manner which shows that Snopes has no regard for the truth whatsoever.

In the case of John Ashe, Snopes wrote an utterly tendentious piece of “myth-busting” which stated that it was a myth that Ashe’s death occurred shortly before his trial and that he was not due to testify against the Clintons. Snopes failed to mention that Ashe, a very senior Clinton appointee, was charged with taking corrupt money from precisely the same man who had been very widely accused of giving corrupt money to the Clintons. And while it was true his trial was not imminent, his pre-trial deposition was.

In the Epstein/Clinton case Snopes wrote a piece debunking the notion that this is a photograph of Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private jet.

Snopes sets out to prove that this is not Epstein’s private jet but that of another billionaire, and that the girl is not Rachel Chandler. For the sake of argument I am prepared to accept what they say on both counts. But is the sensible reaction to that photo to say “Oh that’s OK it’s another billionaire’s jet” or to say “Why is Bill Clinton on a billionaire’s private jet in an intimate pose with a worryingly young female”? As with the Prince Andrew photo, although it has been circulating for years no alternative innocent explanation is on offer.

And the fact that this is another billionaire’s plane should open again the much wider question of networks of the rich and the powerful indulging each other’s passion for sexual exploitation of the young. It is a great shame that in the UK, the Establishment has been able to characterise the falsifications of Carl Beech as discrediting the entire notion of historical child sexual abuse. It is as though one person making up stories about a Bishop would mean there was never child exploitation in the Catholic Church.

The deeper question is why such a significant proportion of the rich and powerful have a propensity to want to assuage their sexual desires on the most vulnerable and powerless in society, as opposed to forming relationships among their peers. I suspect it is connected to the kind of sociopathy that leads somebody to seek or hoard power or wealth in the first place.

It is not necessary to develop that idea further, to understand that the Epstein case had given us a glimpse of criminal sexual behaviour which beyond doubt involves many powerful people. It is essential that the threads that can be grasped are now worked on assiduously to uncover the entire network.

I am afraid to say I suspect the chances of that actually happening are very slim indeed.


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382 thoughts on “Epstein’s Death Must Be the Start, not the End, of the Investigation

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    • Rowan Berkeley

      The Graun used ‘flurry’ apparently as a plural noun today in ‘Boris Johnson to make diplomatic dash to break Brexit deadlock’ :
      “The flurry of talks come (sic) ahead of next weekend’s meeting in Biarritz of the G7, the leaders of the world’s biggest economies, where diplomats expect Johnson to be given a “reality check” as he seeks to lobby the EU to ditch the Irish backstop.”

  • Mike e

    No one seems to have noticed that the epstein investigation is being overseen by the public corruption unit. Epstein wasn’t a public servant, so the pcu are investigating something else.

  • Casual Observer

    More than likely that Mr Epstein was fully aware of what was coming at him, and being undoubtedly a clever bloke, had little difficulty in realising that the night guards were in the habit of getting their heads down for a few hours. From there its a short step to making his paper like sheets into something that would enable him to asphyxiate himself.

    Its interesting that the Prison Guard Union over there have already started making excuses for what seems like the inexcusable conduct of a couple of their members. It may also be the case that ‘Management’ will have been poor to the point of being non existent. But hey its America, so dont expect to see anybody bar the two duty guards getting the blowtorch treatment.

    Oh well, I’m sure this whole business will prove to be the final nail in the coffin containing the reputation of the Clinton’s, but they were yesterdays people anyhow. If we’re lucky the Epstein Affair will serve to head off at the pass, any chance of a future President Chelsea 🙂

  • Sharp Ears

    The repellent so called Duchess of York not only associated with Epstein but is a guest of the Bahrain dictator’s son.

    ‘At some level, you do have to doff your fascinator to Fergs, whose unerring, Teflon-coated ability to find new revenue streams no matter how many financial scandals she’s been involved in has never once stopped a certain type of royal-watcher cooing how unfairly she’s been treated. The ongoing injustice now plays out on her Instagram, with a recent post detailing the vicissitudes of a joint luxury stay in the Bahrain Ritz Carlton as guest of the cuddly crown prince. “Such a joy to be invited to attend the Bahrain Grand Prix with @hrhthedukeofyork and Beatrice,” wibbled Fergie. “Excited to meet @frankiedettori_ #familytimes @f1 #luckyme.” Not sure luck has a whole lot to do with it, but there we go.’


  • Paul Barbara

    Further bombshell – ‘Independent’ doctor present at autopsy was none other than Dr. Michael Baden, veteran of super-high profile cases such as JFK, OJ Simpson, Nelson Rockefeller and others that the PTB had a strong interest in:
    (about 25 minutes in).

  • intp1

    Dr Baden (who can be seen on the video referenced by Paul Barbara, defending the findings of the Military autopsy of JFK and why that contradicted the exam by the apparently hallucinating, Parkland Hospital Doctors who tried to save him – before federal agents illegally stole his body (against Texas Law -Murder is never a Federal Crime) and took him to Bethesda Naval Hospital.
    Baden was requested to be present at the Epstein autopsy by his lawyers. The same lawyers who requested that he be taken off suicide watch.

    Why would they request that? Their client was dead. Why are they billing hours to make such a request? How would that be relevant to his defense? (of a case which was now over).
    Why would it be in their interest to have a Govt. linked pathologist in the room to once again, since 1963, spout an alternative narrative?

    The cells are apparently suicide proof even without a suicide watch, the decision to implement or suspend suicide watch had nothing to do with any lawyers, per prison procedure. Preventive measures included the paper sheets and the lack of anything high on the bunks etc. to tie any thing to.

    There will be another inquiry, which will be another, in a long line, with laughable findings.

    • Sharp Ears

      Perhaps the UK will send Dr Nicholas Hunt over to assist, he of Dr David Kelly’s PM. Or perhaps Dr Richard Shepherd from the Gareth Williams post mortem could help.

  • Willie

    With allegations coming out that Prince Andrew slept with Megan and with rumours of the Duke of Edinburgh’s health status, I wonder if we can look forward to a large national unity royal show in the near future.

    And with other US sources reporting that Megan said that Prince Harry was not Prince Charles’s son, one wonders if Megan could be at risk of a fatal car crash

    One thing for sure though as the US court papers emerge, Prince Andrew is up to his neck in this sex scandal no matter how Buckingham Palace try to suppress it.

    Indeed, with further reports of court documents confirming Epstein having been a guest to many of the Queen’s stately homes, it’s not unreasonable to think of underage sex parties in the palace.

    The Royal House of Caligula. God save!

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Willie August 16, 2019 at 09:53
      As I have previously pointed out, Savile was a great favourite among our Royalty.
      Then there are the findings of Kevin Annette’s International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).
      Fishermen must be salivating at all these cans of worms being opened.

    • Sharp Ears

      There will be a state funeral ere long. The full weight of the state’s propaganda machine will be rolled out

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Sharp Ears August 16, 2019 at 13:55
        Not for Epstein, surely? That would be a step too far, even for Israel.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Monster August 16, 2019 at 10:13
      Very interesting and thorough; I’ll have to read parts 1 & 2 when I have time.

    • Old Mark

      Usual denial from the Palace lackeys about P Andrew’s activities followed.

      The Palace can issue denials till the clouds come home- AFAIK there is no suggestion that the photo of Andrew, with his arm around the 17 year old Miss Roberts, and with Ghislaine Maxwell smiling in the background, is fake. And that photo reeks of – ‘House Madam introduces a New Girl to a Happy Customer’.

      • michael norton

        If the female involved was seventeen, I doubt if Prince Andrew was doing anything wrong.

        • Old Mark

          I doubt if Prince Andrew was doing anything wrong.

          He certainly hasn’t broken any UK law concerning sexual relations with underage girls- he does however appear here to be following in the footsteps of his ancestor Edward VII- after whom a contraption, used in the best Parisian brothels, and designed to ease sexual congress for corpulent males, is named.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ Old Mark August 18, 2019 at 00:51
            Edward VII, both as Prince and later King, should be known for a far more nefarious reason – he was the principal ambassador for the Secret Elite’s plan to bring about WWI, a project also later assisted by George V.

  • Sharp Ears

    My remark was addressed to Michael Norton.

    The repellent ex wife and the equally repellent Prince are on holiday in Malaga. She is the subject of this report.

    Sarah Ferguson works with investor accused of sexual offences at eco energy firm
    EXCLUSIVE: Duchess of York has begun collaboration with American self-help guru Tony Robbins, who has been forced to deny numerous allegations

    It’s about the money for her.

  • Sharp Ears

    The topic appears to have been dropped by the UK MSM except by the Mail on Sunday who have raked up this video. P Andrew appears for about 2 seconds.

    EXCLUSIVE: Prince Andrew is pictured inside paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s £63million mansion of depravity nine years ago… so how did he miss signs of the billionaire’s sexual deviance?
    Duke was spotted peering around the door of the billionaire’s Manhattan home on December 6, 2010
    The footage of the Duke was taken less than an hour after Epstein left the house with a young blonde woman
    Epstein’s alleged ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts claims she had sex with the Prince at financier’s New York home
    Buckingham Palace has denied any wrongdoing on Duke’s part and the Queen has showed him her support

  • Sharp Ears

    Epstein’s lurid taste in architecture was as weird as he was. The temple on Little St James Island in the Caribbean for instance. The Heil again –

    ‘Conspiracy theorists claim mysterious secluded temple on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ in the Caribbean may be where billionaire and some of his guests ‘abused underage victims’
    Jeffrey Epstein had a temple-like structure built on the southwest edge of Little St James Island sometime between 2009 and 2013
    Aerial photos show the square building painted with blue and white stripes
    A gold dome sits on the top alongside two gold statues flanking the front door
    The door has a medieval lock that appears to be designed to keep people in
    Conspiracy theorists have speculated about what the odd building is used for
    While it resembles a religious temple, it doesn’t seem to fit any specific sect
    Some amateur sleuths believe a small structure downhill from the building could serve as a second entrance, suggesting that the space extends underground
    They’ve speculated that the child sex abuse Epstein has been accused of may have occurred in that secluded space
    The 66-year-old billionaire bought the island more than two decades ago
    The 78-acre plot sits just off the coast of the US territory St Thomas
    A day after he pleaded not guilty in a New York courtroom to charges of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls, there was no movement on the island ‘

  • Ronny Mouse

    I’m not sure why you’re puzzled about a couple of photos of young women posing with famous men. Wanting to have your photo taken with famous people is an extremely common phenomenon. Ever heard of “selfies”? These two pictures are not actual selfies but the principle is the same.

  • Sharp Ears

    A charade will be taking place.

    Jeffrey Epstein death investigation: Correctional officers have been subpoenaed in the Jeffrey Epstein death investigation, a source says
    August 22, 2019

    As many as 20 correctional officers who work at the federal detention center where Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide received grand jury subpoenas last week relating to an investigation into his death, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Investigators are trying to recreate what happened on the night Epstein died nearly two weeks ago at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, the source said.


  • foolisholdman

    It seems to me that the MAJOR point is being overlooked. Yes, I agree that the victims of JE need to be compensated as far as possible and were he still available to be punished, he should be punished as far as the Law would allow. That said, this whole business reeks of not only sex crimes, but more importantly, of BLACKMAIL and “INTELLIGENCE” agencies. That, in turn, means that ALL those who are known to have partaken of Epstein’s hospitality are SUSPECT. Suspect that is, not of some crime, but of being no longer independent actors and they ought therefore to be barred from any government or other highly responsible position. Not to put too fine a point on it: THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ foolisholdman August 23, 2019 at 14:41
      ‘…Suspect that is, not of some crime, but of being no longer independent actors and they ought therefore to be barred from any government or other highly responsible position. Not to put too fine a point on it: THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED.’
      Plus ca change? If not blackmailed by Epstein, most people in positions of power are already blackmailed and/or bribed by some agency or other. The same goes for our lot in the UK.

  • michael norton

    France launches sex-abuse investigation against Jeffrey Epstein
    “The investigations… will focus on potential crimes committed against French victims on national territory as well as abroad, and on suspects who are French citizens,” Paris Prosecutor Remy Heitz said in a statement.

    The potential charges could include rape and sexual assault against minors, including some younger than 15 years old, prosecutors said.

    It will also investigate claims Epstein and others participated for years in a vast child sex trafficking ring.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ michael norton August 23, 2019 at 18:34
      And like all such ‘Government Investigations’, it will be set up to fail.

  • Muzunga

    Sorry, I can’t help feeling that the fact that you can’t imagine any other reasons than perversion that an adolescent girl should be photographed with a famous man says more about you than it does about them.

    • Sharp Ears

      Are you completely naïve? Or are you attempting to change the view of Epstein’s dreadful legacy?

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