Mainstream Media Pro-Johnson Propaganda Gets Into Full Swing 479

We are now under election broadcasting rules.

Ian Austin left the Labour Party nine months ago. He was then appointed by the Tories as Prime Ministerial Trade Envoy to Israel. As of yesterday, he is neither a MP nor a candidate for election. He is a minor politician who achieved only the most junior ministerial rank, PUSS, and for only seven months. He is best known for heckling Jeremy Corbyn while Jeremy Corbyn was delivering the official Labour response to the Chilcot Report on the illegal invasion of Iraq, shouting “Sit down and shut up” and “You stupid disgrace” at Corbyn for criticising the war.


We are now under election broadcasting rules. How and why was Ian Austin invited onto the BBC Radio 4 Today programme today? He left the Labour Party six months ago, and has been a huge critic of Corbyn. It is hardly a surprise that the Tory’s Trade Envoy to Israel advises people to vote Tory. So who initiated Ian Austin’s appearance on the BBC Today programme, and why? It is obvious that the BBC knew he was going to urge people to vote Tory – or why invite a non-MP and non-candidate, to say exactly the same things he has been saying since Corbyn became leader?

That the Today programme at the BBC is produced by a Tory, under a Tory BBC Head of News, and hosted by a Tory is established fact and beyond dispute. The facts we need to know are these. Did Austin first contact the BBC or did the BBC first contact Austin? Who took the editorial decision to include this item in the programme? Was any organisation involved at any stage in any of the discussions, or did Austin at all times represent himself purely as an individual?

Following Austin’s vitriolic attack on Corbyn as a racist and anti-semite on BBC Today, he was given eleven full minutes unanswered on BBC Breakfast from 8.56 to 9.07. The presenter stated that they had no official response from the Labour Party.

Yet we are in an election, and under election broadcast rules. The BBC must have known what Austin was going to say – otherwise why invite him on? Why was not another guest invited at the same time Austin was invited, to give balance?

Austin’s appointment as Trade Envoy to Israel is not a Civil Service appointment, it is a political appointment. He is a Tory appointee urging people to vote Tory. Under election broadcasting rules, the massive broadcasting time he is being given must count as Tory time, and be balanced out by broadcast time given to the Labour, SNP, Brexit, Lib Dem and Green parties. I strongly suspect that the BBC is intending to avoid this and claim Austin is Independent so the barrage of “Vote for Boris Johnson” time he is being given does not, they will claim, count as Tory time.

That the state broadcaster connives actively to launch a fierce character assassination of the opposition leader as a racist, and urge everyone to vote for the Government, is a disgrace. That they have not mentioned he is Tory Trade Envoy to Israel is a disgrace. This is not how media behaves in a real democracy. It shows the ferocity with which the UK Establishment will resist the current real threats to its continuing hegemony.

This is very dirty. It is going to get worse.


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479 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Pro-Johnson Propaganda Gets Into Full Swing

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  • giyane.

    They say Dominic Cummings was a bouncer.
    I once lived next door to a bouncer whose solution to the problem of proximity and unavailability of hundreds of minimally clad females was toshag his blow up doll before work. Hence the squeaking from next door.

    Obviously the conservative party would issue all Tory appaarachicks with the Thatcher model.

    • Godolphin

      Your views on all political machinations are usually much more insightful.
      Cummings being a bouncer is of no relevance; your neighbour less so.

      • giyane.


        Simple things for simple minds. Thanks for the compliment. But the metaphor of a blow up doll for the entirely fake Tory dogma tickled my funny bone.
        Johnson only belives in Brexit as much as he uses a Latin verb at breakfast.

        One gets the feeling that they research what we want, promise it , then do the total opposite

        • Herbie

          “One gets the feeling that they research what we want, promise it , then do the total opposite”

          Well, yeah.

          That’s what Cambridge Analytica is all about.

          Local and individuated messages addressing your concerns.

          Used to get caught out at that much more often before the rise of social media and CA.

          You know, different campaign leaflets in different constituencies.

          Then there’s the personalised version of this, where a Trump or a Boris can say something one minute and the opposite the next.

    • Ken Kenn

      Cumming was a Bouncer?

      Where at Toys ‘R’ Us just before they went out of business.

      He couldn’t bounce on a Space Hopper.

      Where’s that gem come from?.

  • Antonym

    The minute you decide not to travel to a Muslim autocracy you start deflecting the UK Brexit election debate towards….. Israel(?!). Sad case of personal bias, which might only get you browns points with Islamists and Leftwingers who have no clue how how Iran or KSA treated wiped out their own atheist lefties.

    Labour will screw your “Scottish independence” as much as the Tories will by the way; their EU doesn’t want any additional mini states, as their silence on Catalunya shows.

    • Andyoldlabour


      Comparing Iran to KSA is like comparing apples to rattlesnakes. You have absolutely no idea about history. It was the Arabs who spread Islam to Persia, it was the Arabs who introduced the World to Wahhabism, it is the Arabs backed by the West who are are slaughtering people in Yemen.
      The 1979 revolution in Iran was ddirectly influenced by the West – Callaghan, Owen – to put a more “acceptable” leader in charge of Iran.

    • SA

      Which part of the reporting that Austin was appointed as a trade envoy to Israel by the Tory government is not truthful or shows any bias? the emphasis here is that he has already been co-opted by the Tories.

    • giyane.


      Interesting to note that since Turkish attacks on the Kurds in north Syria Kurds have totally boycotted Turkey. Erdogan’s racism will lose him his power, just as May’s racism lost her her power. In Turkey the majority of Turks are actually Kurdish. Racism is rubbish as a political weapon. It’s too volatile.

      Scottish Nationalism is the same. There’s always going to be more non-racists than racists in a multi-cultural society.
      Turkey is a hub. Saudi Arabia is a hub. The UK is a hub. Iran is a hub. By the time Scotland makes itself into a Green hub, the political slogan of nationalism will be irrelevant.

      By definition the racist Tories whose slogan is to hate the poor, will create a majority of poor people who can’t find a house to live in who will vote out the Tories. There is zero chance after 9 years of austerity and house price increases of Labour losing this election.

      Only in the gob world of broadcasting do the gobs of Johnson or Farage have any relevance.
      Gobs are not going to put any butter on our bread.

      • Hatuey

        Giyane, can you please show me some expression or manifestation of Scottish nationalism?

        I live in Scotland and have yet to see it. My wife is English, she has yet to hear it. I am involved in the Scottish independence movement, they have yet to speak it.

        I’m sure you’ll find examples of the odd drunk guy on a bus, if you look hard enough, but beyond that I can assure you it doesn’t exist.

        I’m disappointed that someone who often appears open minded, critical and questioning of authority, allows himself to be taken for a ride like this.

        Again, for the record, the N in SNP stands for national. The world national shouldn’t be confused for nationalism. There’s a million organisations and businesses who use the word national in their names.

        The SNP couldn’t be more positive towards immigrants and foreigners if it tried.

        You’ve been conned.

        • N_

          Do you think all members of the English minority in Scotland feel happy with the national (i.e. nationalist) feelings being stirred up and relied upon by the SNP? Or as soon as they criticise anything do you block your ears, say they think they’re superior to you, or call them “patriots” (even if most of them vote of course for Scottish political parties, an actual action that “couldn’t be more positive”, rather than a statement made by somebody to characterise their own behaviour, which kind of statement isn’t generally speaking worth very much even when it is made by those who hold your favourite nationality). Do you basically think if any of those men and women have problems with anything done by the SNP, f**** ’em? What happens if someone wants to join the SNP who supports whoever’s playing against England? Do you show them the door?

        • N_

          My wife is English

          How do you and she feel about the many SNP supporters who say that “people born in other parts of the UK (sic)” should be disenfranchised in any future Scottish independence referendum?

          Most of this “we love foreigners” thing that SNP types come out with is equivalent to “we’re not lying to you”.

          • N_

            Talking about marriage…an English resident in Scotland whom I know very well got married to a non-British woman in the registry office in Glasgow. During the ceremony, the registrar read out the nationalities of bride and groom. To the groom he said “And you’re English. We won’t hold that against you.”

            Everybody knows what that means. It’s like when a white racist who knows they’re not supposed to say they have anything against black people meets a black person and of course first and foremost what they see above everything else about that person is that they’re black, and they assume that the person views themselves the same way – not as a person who happens to be buying stamps in the post office, or getting their car fixed, or going out for a walk in the park, or whatever, but primarily as black black black. In parts of Scotland it’s similar now in this respect to how it was in parts of London in the 1950s. Why hadn’t that registrar ever had some sense trained into him, or got the sack if he resisted it?

          • Herbie

            “During the ceremony, the registrar read out the nationalities of bride and groom. To the groom he said “And you’re English. We won’t hold that against you.””

            That’s not a good example of anti-ism.

            Believe it or not, that’s actually a friendly gesture, and a hearty welcome.

            I mean, in Ireland they can say that if you’re from a different county.

            Maybe in the past, peeps from Ipswich and Norwich would be saying the same thing.

            Manchester and Liverpool, and on and on and on.

            Much better examples of ismistic transgression needed.

  • Andyoldlabour

    Ian Austin, fully paid up member of Labour Friends of Israel, pro Iraq war expenses cheat – stamp duty fraud, flipping houses etc – very anti Corbyn.
    Our politics is beyond hope.

    • Shatnersrug

      There is no such thing as a fully paid up member of labour friends of Israel – it doesn’t have official membership, only a chairperson. It has taken to adding whatever labour MPs it feels like unless they protest otherwise, historically no one did, but lately it has become a hot potato so some MPs have started disassociating themselves.

      • Rod

        I’m beginning to believe the term ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ is an incomplete description and the British MPs and their like who proudly associate themselves with this handle maybe should properly describe themselves as the ‘Labour Friends of Israeli Likud Party’.

        I’ve nothing against Israeli Jewish people in general as I personally don’t know any Israelis, Jewish or otherwise, but I do know I detest the policies of the Netanyahu government as much as those who oppose him within Israel and that fact probably renders me, antiSemitic.

        • bevin

          “..I detest the policies of the Netanyahu government as much as those who oppose him within Israel and that fact probably renders me, antiSemitic.”
          Actually it renders you anti-fascist. Likud’s actions and the racist, anti worker policies it promotes are born of its origins as a fascist party. It remains one. And those who support it, and its many coalition partners, are openly siding with fascism. Albert Einstein noted as much more than seventy years ago.

          • Herbie

            It’s more Internationalism versus Nationalism, which is of course similar to what’s going on today.

            Churchill writes about this in 1920. Well worth a read, for the history.

            Churchill supports the Nationalists, viewing the Internationalists as much more inhumane.

          • N_

            @Herbie – For goodness’ sake! The state of Israel was created by the international Zionist movement!

          • Herbie

            “The state of Israel was created by the international Zionist movement!”

            You mean some of the Diaspora came together to form the state of Israel from differing parts of the world?

            That kind of international.

            The point is.

            Zionism isn’t Internationalist. It’s avowedly Nationalist.

            And was seen as such by both assimilated Jews and religious Jews.

            That’s why many in the Diaspora aren’t too happy with the state of Israel, preferring Internationalism.

            A majority in 1920. Less now.

            These are key and ongoing tensions and have been since late 19C.

            You can’t understand what’s going on in the world today without understanding that distinction.

    • Bob

      You are right to criticise Austin over the expenses stuff as well as much more. However, he is not alone in getting away with expenses anomalies. Most MPs simply had to pay back a few quid rather than face prosecution. Dawn Butler for instance. The failure of Parliament to deal with the expenses scandal remains the real reason why so few have faith in our politicians. It ripples all the way down to District and borough level with local politicians being allowed to get away with financial offences. Meanwhile benefit claimants find themselves with convictions for relatively minor offences, some just technical where there has been no financial loss. I am yet to meet one politician at any level who is prepared to properly deal with the fraud and corruption in their own ranks. The system is broken, corrupted and I doubt it will be fixed. Austin is but one small pathetic example of our so called democratic system.

  • Xavi

    Labour needs to stop conniving in this self-harming fiction of BBC impartiality and come out and publicly identify all the well-known Tories who dominate both on and off the air. Does anybody believe the Tory party would remain silent if BBC news and political content was being openly determined, filtered, framed and presented by Corbynites? The Right would raise unrelenting hell until there were public executions.

  • Benny

    Some truth about Corbyn – he’s no left-wing hero! How can he be? He’s a Labour party member, the party that’s responsible for so much death and suffering of disabled people by cowardly abstaining on the “Welfare Reform Bill” after bringing in ATOS to deal with these crippled spongers and malingerers who brought the economy to its knees in 2008:

    • Dungroanin

      That’s not Labour – that’s NuLabourInc with the Blairite automaton drivers.

      Desperate ain’t you?

    • Mr Shigemitsu

      It was Harriet Harman who, as acting leader of the Labour Party, directed her MPs to abstain on Osborne’s cynically conceived Austerity Bill, declaring that Her Majesty’s Opposition, having lost the recent General Election, should renege on their responsibility to oppose, and in a demonstration of utter and shameful defeatism, abandon their long suffering voters to the continuing cruelty of Tory social and economic vandalism.

      A handful of honourable and principled Labour MPs, however, defied her whip, and voted against the Bill.

      One of those MPs was Jeremy Corbyn.

    • Mr Shigemitsu

      Jeremy Corbyn was one of a handful of honourable and principled Labour MPs who voted against Osborne’s Austerity Bill, defying Harman’s instruction to her MPs to abstain.

  • Loony

    This article precisely demonstrates a failure to understand Bob Dylan – the times are not a changing they have changed.

    There is no substantive difference between the main British political parties. They both want to increase public expenditure and as such are in lockstep with orders received from the IMF. Neither wants to leave the EU in any substantive form and as such are in lockstep with orders received from the EU. Neither has any intention of enacting policies to relevant to immigration and as such are in lockstep with orders received from the UN.

    The people are not stupid and they despise both political parties.

    Who cares what the BBC says or does? Much more relevant is what the BBC does not do. The BBC protected one of the most prolific sexual deviants for his entire career. Today the BBC moves in lockstep with all other branches of the global corporate media and totally ignores all things relevant to Jeffrey Epstein. Given that this story encompasses senior members of the Royal Family and the family of the late Robert Maxwell it is hard to claim that this story is of little interest in the UK.

    Instead they focus on irrelevant tedium of low level former politicians. The people are not stupid and they despise the BBC, corporate media, and the sexual deviants so beloved by the intelligentsia.

    • Xavi

      Yeah people know Johnson and Corbyn represent the same interests. There is no meaningful difference, so why bother voting, unless a real alternative presents itself, like Tommy Robinson?

      • Republicofscotland

        I roughly agree with you on your first point, though Corbyn would be the lesser of two evils.

        “There is no meaningful difference, so why bother voting, unless a real alternative presents itself, like Tommy Robinson?”

        On the above though, you’re having a laugh aren’t you? I mean you want a convicted racist thug running the country, mind you we are not that far off it with Johnson as PM.

        • Xavi

          Yes, just having a laugh with a big TR fan. But are you when you say Johnson and Corbyn represent the same interests?

          • Loony

            No – you are not “just having a laugh with a big TR fan”

            What you are doing is attempting to impugn the character of the writer in order to ignore what is written. The effect of your actions is not on me – but on the, at minimum, 10’s of thousands victims of brutal and venal sexual exploitation by the rich and the powerful.

            You are simply stamping your heel into the faces of the weak and the vulnerable whilst simultaneously prostrating yourself before those you consider to be your superiors.

            It is little wonder that when confronted with the full horror of your twisted and deranged morality you instantly leap for the throat of anyone that dares to point toward the truth.

    • George McI

      “This article precisely demonstrates a failure to understand Bob Dylan”

      Ooh steady on now!

  • Peter

    If you think Austin was bad yesterday (which obviously he was) take a look at another ex-Labour MP, Gavin Shuker.

    His comments still leave me a little astonished, even now.

    Speaking on BBC’s Newsnight on Wednesday night he effectively accused anyone standing to be a Labour MP as selling out for self-gain by, and I quote, “throwing the Jews under the bus”.

    Only (chocolate teapot) Tom Baldwin, himself an anti-Corbyn critic, was in the studio (Maitlis, of course, remained silent) to, mildly, question Shuker’s dishonest, disgraceful, poison.

    Watch from 10:00 –

    I think Craig is right that the BBC/Establishment will use every device to get round Ofcom’s election broadcast rules this time, having gotten a bloody nose from the voters at the last election when they failed to ‘see off’ Corbyn.

    From today I’m going to start keeping a ‘media diary’ to review and comment on all news and current affairs broadcasting that I watch or listen to up to the election, and can’t imagine that I won’t be making formal complaints sooner or later, at the appropriate time:

    Ofcom’s election broadcast rules:

    Ofcom’s complaints process:

    Five weeks today we will know the election result. It’s sure going to be a bumpy ride but I, for one, remain quietly confident of a good outcome.

    • No to mass murder

      The British have, in the voting majority, consistently put the cross where the tabloids tell them to. Over decades. Hence Brexit…

      • Peter

        If we had had another two weeks campaigning ‘they’ would have put Corbyn in Downing Street in 2017.

        • No to mass murder

          We’ve had enough time since then for that rise in popularity to fly itself to the moon… but the polls keep giving the disastrous party of government a lead…

          • Herbie

            “Peaked too soon.”

            We needed an election when the momentum was with us.

            There were those cartoons of Boy David (Steele) and Big David (Owen), comforting eachother in bed, having peaked too soon.

            Those were the days.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      By giving ground on the definition of anti-Semitism and allowing it to be conflated with anti-Zionism, Labour have done very real, lasting damage.
      Labour’s candidate for Gordon in Aberdeenshire, Kate Ramsden has quit after charges of anti-Semitism were levelled at her. Writing during the peak of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza, Ramsden compared the position of the Israeli government to “an abused child who becomes an abusive adult”.
      Criticism of a Likud government IS … NOT … ANTI-SEMITIC.

      • Peter


        Nor, I believe, were the comments by Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker – herself jewish – or Ken Livingstone, among others, antisemitic.

        Labour’s response to the antisemitism storm has been a serious miss-step, both in how it responds to media attacks and how it handles antisemitism/Israel/Palestine related issues.

        Completely agree.

        • Johny Conspiranoid

          Perhaps Jackie Walker and others could all stand as Independant Labour against Labour Friends of Israel candidates.

      • Geoffrey

        There is little difference, so far as the Palestinians are concerned, between Likud or any other Israeli government. ( Per Avi Schlaim)

        • Tarla

          Corbyn has tried the ‘let’s give the MSM some people and then they’ll leave us alone’. He couldn’t be further away from this dismal cowardice. It’ll always come back to bite him on the arse and the sad fact is he still believes the ‘give them some heads’ and they’ll ‘leave us alone’. Corbyn’s silence about the actions of the colonial occupiers of Palestine says it all. They’ve won a major battle over this by silencing him and this has given them an added boost that they’ll win the war i.e getting rid of him as Labour leader.

  • Ian Stevenson

    when Austin talks of Corbyn being on the side of our enemies and a defence liability, let us be clear. His allies are the US , Israel and Saudi Arabia and the enemies are Palestinians and Iranians, who are a real threat to both of the Middle eastern families. The terrorists who have crated mayhem on European streets are inspired and funded by sources in Saudi Arabia viz. the Wahhabi cult who have used oil money to spread their teaching throughout the Islamic world. Do we put pressure on Saudi Arabia ? No, we have oil corporations who fund politicians ( I won’t comment on Israeli influence ) and there are huge markets for arms sales. Those arms are being used in Yemen and the UNO may cite the US, France and UK for complicity in war crimes. How does that make you feel? And lastly, after the Manchester bombing one politician said we needed to have “difficult conversations with Saudi Arabia”. It got no comments that i saw, in the media. That politician was Corbyn . It causes me to ask-‘who is the threat to whose security?’

    • Herbie

      Yeah. The funny thing is, the Russian thing has made weapons sales cool again.

      S400 and hypersonics etc. Boasting about them.

      Not good.

      Seems we can never quite get to the ploughshares, no matter the conditions of the time.

      One enemy leaves the stage, for another to arrive.

  • mike

    I simply don’t understand why the Labour leadership has not robustly repudiated the anti-semitism psyop/smear campaign. From day one this rubbish should have been nailed.

    • Dungroanin

      Mike it is a LIE.
      The Leadership elected by the members did repudiate it.
      The NEC was Blairite.
      The rebel PLooPers are Blairite.

      They hate the Corbynites for winning the leadership of the Blairite Party. The msm drones and IoS/ii presstitutes use their charms to sell the lie.

      Just how important is the so called jewish vote?

      Can everyone answer the question without cheating – how many Jewish voters there are and how they vote traditionally?

      • Goose

        If you use 260k for the figure who identified as Jewish(wiki), subtract out for: ‘of voting age’ , typical turnout- approx 65%, then party allegiance in 2015(overwhelmingly Tory already) it’s maybe about 20k Jewish people who vote Labour.

  • mark golding

    Applications for a proxy vote use a simple form where the proxy declaration is optional. People living overseas, in the armed forces, a Crown servant or British council employee can apply or if you cannot vote in person because of education commitments, employment commitments or you are disabled and cannot get to the polling station you can also apply. Both postal votes and proxy vote applications are scanned in the local council electoral back office and the information organized by software routines [Borland Delphi?} and stored on a gov database.

    A rare winter election means that the proportion of postal/proxy votes will be much higher than in previous general elections.

    A Corbyn led Labour government is of course impossible.

    • Dungroanin

      The Electoral Commission was part of the largest tranche of privatisation under Cameron/Osborne (£100 billion) since 2010.

      The EC does not organise postal votes.

      It is a private firm in party with an international conglomerate that has many secretive intelligence and military clients.

      The company has Peter Lilley (yes the old nazgul are still around).

      They have overseen PV’s quadruple in 8 years.
      This winter election is aimed at maximising the deployment of PV’s by minimising turnout at the polling station. This would allow the maximum control to get the right number of PV’s in without raising suspicion. Not al PV’s are used -apparently a million weren’t ‘used’ at the referendum.

      There is no audit trail or transparency of PV’s like there is with the poll booths. Everything is processed by the private company and then there PV’s are added into the count and voila the result is altered!

      PV’s if issued should be done for a valid reason.
      PV’s should be COLLECTED from thevoter at their address and be at the counting centres in a sealed box BEFORE the close of polling.
      PV’s should be sorted and counted and kept separate from the other votes.

      The Tories are confident- Lilley has their back.

    • Republicofscotland

      “A Corbyn led Labour government is of course impossible.”

      Okay Labour are all but finished in Scotland, and very rarely has the amount of Scottish Labour seats won in Scotland affected the outcome of a GE.

      So pray tell why are you so confident that Labour won’t win? Is your reasoning the same as mine below?

      I personally think the Brexit party the Tories and if need be the LibDems or the DUP will carry the Tories over the line.

      If Labour are not that far off from forming a government Corbyn might ask for help from the SNP, (for favours in return )or the LibDems if they gain more seats this time around. I’d say Swinson would jump at that as the LibDems have form on selling out for minsterial cars, even though Swinson is more of a Tory than a LibDem.

      • michael norton

        I think the hatefilled Swinson is the Tories secret weapon, she can cream the Remainac vote from Labour, while ( I will not deal with Nigel)
        Johnson gets almost to the line and flings his arms round Farage, yes, let’s dance to the tune of Cliff Edge Brexit.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      “A Corbyn led Labour government is of course impossible.”
      Well the results of the YouGov, regional surveys are pretty dire for Corbyn. The only bright spot being London where Labour have a 20% lead over the LibDems (recent YouGov, London sub-samples have had the LibDems leading Labour by around 10%).

  • Tarla

    Too right, ‘it’s going to get worse’. The Tory controlled BBC launched ‘Operation Goebbels’ propaganda since Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour party. It’s in full swing and worked/is working alongside CCHQ to stop Corbyn at all costs. Tory deliberate agitations and deliberations are allowed to ‘fizzle’. As witnessed from the despicable and vicious attacks on Grenfell people by Rees Mogg and then backed up by the other Tory buffoon, Brigden. When is Rees Mogg going to resign over this and his anti semitic.

    “Jacob Rees-Mogg’s alarming cry of “Illuminati”
    by Prof Michael Berkowitz, UCL European Institute
    Reprinted with permission of the author
    Few seem to have noticed an expressly antisemitic sentiment articulated by Jacob Rees-Mogg in the vociferous Brexit debate during the evening of Tuesday, 3 September 2019. As a historian of antisemitism who has published on the stereotype of “Jewish criminality” used by the Nazis and their accomplices, it was extremely unsettling for me to hear Rees-Moog castigate his opponents, particularly his two fellow Tories of Jewish background, Sir Oliver Letwin and Speaker John Bercow, as “Illuminati who are taking the powers to themselves.”

    Rees Mogg ‘apologised’ for his previous venture with racists when he addressed the Traditional Britain Group.

    But it seems like he’s learnt nothing. But it’s deliberate, he knows what he is doing and he’s putting two fingers up to those who oppose racism by his “Illuminati” remark. Rees Mogg’s sense of entitlement knows no bounds and him. Johnson and Gove will display all the unpleasantness and Goebbels black propaganda at their disposal, working in conjunction with the Tory controlled BBC.

    • Dave Lawton


      “The Tory controlled BBC launched ‘Operation Goebbels’”

      “John Reith Director General of the BBC said to the Nazi Foreign Minister Ribbentrop that the BBC was not anti Nazi and if they were to send his German opposite number over for a visit he not would fly the swastika from the top of Broadcasting House.”
      Appeasing Hitler Tim Bouverie.

      • Tony

        I think you have only scratched the surface there with your exposure of the Nazi sympathies of Lord Reith. He also supported the ‘Night of the Long Knives’ and the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

  • Dungroanin

    Lol. This has to be noted somewhere. Another ii snafu, the shameless Freedland attempting to spread the AS smear!

    ‘Reports of a fourth Labour potential parliamentary candidate being identified as having made antisemitic comments have proven false. We earlier shared on the blog a tweet from the Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland which identified a shortlisted candidate from Birmingham Hall Green as having been fined over comments made on Facebook.

    Freedland has since deleted his tweets and replaced it with this correction.’

    From the Groan politics live page.

    Wtf is Freedland doing chasing down FB posts of Labour candidates??

    Impartial my arse.

    • Herbie

      Newspapers don’t have to be impartial.

      Just the TV stuff.

      The problem with The Guardian is that it pretends to support the ordinary people and decency and so on, when its only real interest is a Fabian future directed by the “great and the good”.

      I mean, that’s just about bearable when you’re dealing with the factory owner who lives up the hill, but completely breaks down when you’re dealing with rapacious international capital which lives where it pleases.

      The Guardian model is not fit to current purpose, and gets worse day by day.


    Auntie needs to pull her stockings up!
    As an independent national broadcasting service run at the public expense, she should be more careful about what she is broadcasting
    In the run uptown election., and there should be no question as to her impartiality.

    • Peter

      Is there nobody here learned the lessons of 2017 (when a 25% poll lead meant nothing) about polls and polling?

      The overwhelming majority of them are produced in tandem with the right-wing press to promote their own views, not the public’s. See here:

      And if you haven’t learned from 2017, then perhaps listen to Sir Humphrey:

      • Greg Park

        No doubt Republic of Scotland was crowing about Theresa May’s 22 point poll lead two years ago.

        • Republicofscotland

          I thought my moniker would’ve answered that question for you. However incase you’re still scratching your head and wondering, I’ll spell it out for you.

          I want Scottish independence, to break this unfit union once and for all, and be done with Westminster May, Johnson et al for good.

      • Republicofscotland

        What makes you think Labour will surprise us again in this GE?

        England voted for Brexit, and Corbyn’s relentless dithering and sitting on the fence for years over Brexit hasn’t really ingratiated him with the public in general.

        Throw in the Brexit party’s presumed tactical voting, and the DUP and LibDems who’ll almost certainly be available to back or help form a government, for the Tories, and one could assume that Labour if they do not have a majority will not be in government. Unless of course the SNP agree to back Corbyn for favours in return.

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        The Polls are there to manage our expectations before so that a rigged ballot will look legit.

        • Yr Hen Gof

          Absolutely agree, it requires little effort to rig ballots; the secret intelligence services are no respecter of democracy, nor the law for that matter and they and the Tories have been intimate bedfellows for over a century.
          During the 1930’s it wasn’t fascism here or in Europe that concerned them but trade unions, workers’ organisations and the British Labour party.
          After all why would they have been concerned about the activities of people they went to school with?

  • Gary

    I agree, but with one caveat, this IS a news story. The story is that TWO former Labour MPs are urging their constituents for vote Tory. As far as I know this is unprecedented. To have failed to cover it would have been unbalanced in FAVOUR of the Labour Party.

    I do agree, however, that the weight given to it was undue and that neither former MP was questioned other than to prompt their diatribe. The BBC used what was a genuine story and inflated it into an entire mini-documentary. I agree about the Today Programme too, I can’t believe Nick Robinson is considered to be a good choice as an impartial compere for the show. Andrew Neil and Jo Cockburn may not have been great but this is blatant bias. I’ve seen him ‘interview’ Ian Blackford twice now and was not impressed. On the first occasion he actually deferred and allowed another guest (Tory) to take over the questioning and barracking of Blackford. The second occasion wasn’t much better as he was rather obviously not allowing Blackford to answer even the questions answered. It’s almost as though he has some kind of hateful vendetta against the SNP, which I am genuinely beginning to think he has.

    The overall behaviour in regard to Corbyn though, is shameful. The repeated smears of being a terrorist sympathiser and anti-Semite are untrue, without any evidence and easily disproved. Yet NO journalist is bringing this up to those who smear him. I know that there ARE anti-semites in the Labour Party but not to the extent to which is being made out. Another smear. It’s strange, there is so much that could be thrown at Boris Johnson which IS true and yet these same journalists remain silent. A very, VERY biased media in both print and on TV.

    I’m not a Labour voter, nor will I ever vote for them again BUT I believe we should choose who we vote for on their policies and not on lies that they are smeared with…

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I’ve got no one to vote for, and I haven’t yet worked out how to vote against them all. I used to vote Liberal Democrat, but they are now more Tory than the Tory Party. I have voted recently. I did vote for BREXIT, and I did vote for Jeremy Corbyn last time. I know he has a difficult job, but (although he wants BREXIT) and a return to Democracy, he has completely failed to clean out The Blairite Warmongers. I am almost totally convinced that neither Nigel Farage, nor Boris Johnson actually wants a Real Bexit, and that there is no chance of achieving it, except by accident or Macron telling us to Eff Off – cos he has his own Imperial Ambitions, whilst The Germans are almost silently just getting on with it.

    If I lived in West Bromwich, I would vote for George Galloway.

    I particularly liked George when he was summoned, to The USA and went, and told them in no uncertain terms what he thought of them. The Americans had never seen anything like it. They don’t have politicians like that, and unfortunately neither do we except George Galloway. I might not always agree with him, but that’s not the point. Just have the courage to say what you think, especially if its in the lions den.

    Well done George. He would make a Great British Labour Prime Minister.

    “George Galloway vs. U.S Senate (5/17/05)”


    • Tony

      That’s only a section of George’s testimony. There are youtube videos of his testimony from start to finish, with all the exchanges with his interlocutors, which fully show how he eviscerated Norm Coleman, having him like a worm on a pin throughout George’s testimony. It was left to Carl Levin to attempt to restore some credibility to the Senate’s proceedings by offering some rather barbed conciliatory debate to the closing of George’s truly outstanding testimony.

      • Goose

        Even Galloway’s detractors would have to admit he was on fire that day. He’d obviously prepared very diligently and worked himself up into a kind of self-righteous fury. It was like watching a trained athlete peaking at just the right time, only it wasn’t athletics. A bravura performance.

        If only Corbyn was capable of that kind of stuff. The Blairites and their phony smears would’ve been seen off in short order.

        • glenn_uk

          “Seen off” ? Seriously? Nobody that Galloway denounced was inhibited in the slightest because of his performance – good as it was. The war proceeded, the profiteering went on. Sorry to have to say it, but despite being entirely on the side of truth and justice there, it made no material difference whatsoever.

          The idea that Blairite scum would have gone scampering away had Corbyn produced the same is utter fantasy.

          • Goose

            Well, you’re comparing apples and oranges. The Senate committee didn’t bring Galloway back, the intention was originally to quiz him again wasn’t it iirc?

            Corbyn lacks Galloway’s punchy , confrontational style, some would argue that’s a virtue. But sometimes leaders have to take a stand. Otherwise they end up like Corbyn – trapped in the PLP’s cage. Even Margaret Hodge is back standing again and she says she can’t promise to support Corbyn, even if elected as a Labour MP – a dismal situation.

  • Hatuey

    England’s electorate is so contorted and confused that calling Labour anti-Semitic might actually help them pick up votes.

    English politics has been systematically ratcheted to the right since 1979. It was inevitable that at some point a major recession or something would come along and send the country over the edge.

    We shouldn’t assume the direction or rate of travel has changed because of Brexit. Brexit is most likely just a milestone on the broad road that leads to extremist destruction.

    Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

    Thank you for traveling with Hatefest Tours.

    • Republicofscotland

      The Brexit party will pick up a shed load of seats, England voted for Brexit, if the polling is correct next up will be the Tories then Labour.

      I expect the Brexit party and the Tories to carry the day leading to a Tory government.

      • Herbie

        It’s all very divisive, isn’t it.

        At one time most Scottish would have been supporting Corbyn.

        But now, that’s all weakened.

        Divide to conquer, eh.

  • Harry Law

    The figure in the next paragraph 0.1 per cent refer to complaints not outcomes of due process [remember many are bogus or are only critical of Israel]…….
    In February 2019, the Labour General Secretary, Jenny Formby, published figures that showed that the percentage of Labour members who had had complaints made against them in relation to antisemitism in the previous 10 months had been 0.1 per cent.
    “There had in fact been over a thousand complaints in the period to which Formby referred, but many had proved to relate to people who were not members of the Party. The following day, Formby replied, specifically criticising figures supplied by Margaret Hodge, who had given the Party a dossier of 200 examples of antisemitism. Formby noted that just 20 of these had related to people who were Party members.”

  • Jack

    Rightwingers in west will support Israel no matter what and leftists are unfortunately too scared to put sanctions or put Israel under isolation, I see leftists too talking about the “democratic” israel standing against evil “islamists” hordes.
    The endless bickering about pro-israeli ministers will unfortunately do nothing to serve the cause for the palestinians, nor peace.
    New tools, techniques must be used, leftists must stop being scared about being a called antisemites for calling out Israeli occupation and warcrimes, once and for all. As we see, it is in part israeli-lobby groups, funded in part by Israel that trigger these defamation attacks against leftists politicians in europe, US.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Jm November 8, 2019 at 18:58
      The ‘Hatefest’ is in the Knesset and the IDF, not the Labour Party of Corbyn.
      As Moshe Dayan replied to a TV reporter who asked him (back in the late 40’s, I think) if there would ever be peace between the Jews and the Arabs, replied honestly ‘No, because we have stolen their land’.

  • Wikikettle

    It will be good to see and hear George Galloway back in the Commons. He has balls unlike so called Labour MP’s. More Labour than Labour. He was a lone voice on LBC on Friday nights. Now on YouTube on Sunday night’s live. No wonder Tom Watson chickened out. The irony is that Jeremy will have more support for his policies from George than any of his own bought and sold MP’s. Not withstanding the devastating oratory only George can command. Go for it GG, give the Blaiites hell.

    • michael norton

      George Galloway, is an out and out Brexiteer, as am I.
      If he stood in my constituency -Turncoat Dr.Philip Lee, George would certainly get my vote.

  • Hatuey

    I listened to Sturgeon’s speech today in the car. It was very relaxing. Independence was de-prioritised, as I expected it would be, and was mentioned last… but not least, of course.

    We are to vote in as many SNP MPs as possible because if there’s a hung parliament, or even if there’s not, it’s going to be really important that we have as many SNP voices in Westminster as possible. Sound familiar?

    Then the news was on and Sarah Smith repeated the line, almost word for word; if the SNP has more MPs in Westminster, it could really make a big difference if there’s a hung parliament….

    All of a sudden I’m interested. Smith is usually quite scathing towards the SNP, she’s pure establishment, but here she was basically spelling out the importance of sending more SNP MPs to Westminster. Weird.

    And then it was Brian Taylor’s turn and he repeated the message without even the slightest hint of cynicism.

    BBC Scotland has changed its tune. It all started a few weeks ago when they reported quite impartially on the AUOB Edinburgh March. AUOB marches usually don’t get any mention.

    What’s going on?

    Clearly, in return for de-prioritising independence, the establishment is giving the SNP a more pleasant time of it. I’ve seen these sort of tricks before in places like the West Bank.

    On paper the Israeli government is supposed to be at loggerheads with the Palestinian Authority and they were until some clever guy realised that the PA could serve a useful purpose towards keeping the Palestinian rabble in line. Today we have the Palestinian Authority insisting that Israel deprives the people of Gaza of electricity because it wants to teach Hamas a lesson…

    Politics is like that.

    One has to wonder what sort of containment strategies Westminster would need to come up with in Scotland if the SNP didn’t exist. Let’s put it another way. If it wasn’t for the SNP, I’m pretty certain there’d be mass demonstrations and unrest up here with people demanding independence.

    Funny old world, isn’t it.

    • Iain Stewart

      The idea of the SNP being a sort of kapo sounds very creepy, keeping the unruly North Britons in order, in return for some unspecified reward. Perhaps ‘dominion status’ like the Irish treaty of settlement in 1921, which didn’t turn out well for anyone.

      • Hatuey

        Kapo is a bit strong, Iain. I’m thinking more of an understanding or unspoken agreement.

        When you think of tyrannical relationships, most of what is and isn’t permitted is understood without any need to explain. The battered wife knows she doesn’t have to phone her husband and ask him what room she should clean next, where in the fridge she should put his beer, whether it’s okay to chastise the kids for misbehaving, etc. She’s “free” to make decisions like that.

        It’s the same with countries and governments. There’s a sort of training that goes on, I guess. Look at say South and Latin America. The political classes there know that veering too far to the left is going to rile the US; it isn’t necessary for the US to spell it out at every election.

        The whole neo-colonial system depends on understandings along those lines, when you boil it down. It’s a carrot and stick system. You won’t always get a carrot if you play the game, but you can at least avoid the stick.

        And why shouldn’t the SNP lodge Independence as a sort of unrealisable goal? Everybody else does it with their ideological foundation stones. Try asking a Labour Party politician when we can expect to achieve socialism, a Lib-Dem when we can expect to have Liberty and Democracy, or a Tory when we will have Free Trade and Laissez Faire…

        No politician in any of those parties would want to be encumbered by their ideological foundation stones. They all, naturally, want carrots.

        The SNP seem to be going out of their way to emphasise their determination to stick to the constitutional rules these days. What does that mean if it doesn’t mean an acceptance of the status quo and a willingness to put independence on the back burner when, as we have seen, Westminster just says “no”.

        It’s a power-based system, not a rules based system.

  • Tom74

    Well said, Craig. The Austin interview, and the way it was on repeat all day, with related anti-semitism smears shoehorned into interviews was a disgrace, and I have complained to te BBC about it. On Five Live they even had the gall to follow their hatchet job on the Labour spokesman with a piece on their Reality Check unit and the importance of checking facts at an election!
    Whether Austin’s support will actually do the Tories any good, though, is another matter, as Austin sounded shifty as hell and was clearly ‘protesting a little too much’.

    • Wikikettle

      The Parties are dead and moribund. Safe seats, parachuted favourites lead to local council corruption. If Nigel can start yet another Party overnight after Ukip – why can’t Jeremy ? I don’t think he had the constitutional power to oust the Blairites. He’s done amazingly well to have weathered the slings and arrows this far. All respect to him, when others would have buckled. Yet Labour is too big and his Cabinet is like the PA in Palestine and SNP in Scotland – subverted, infiltrated and waiting to get rid of him.

      • Wikikettle

        We need a Tulsi Gabbard to inspire and rejuvenate, till then I fear the turn out in December will be poor. How can you expect me to vote..when I see the likes of Alistair Campbell interviwing John MacDonald FFS

        • Dungroanin

          Vote or lose your right to complain about the government.

          It is simple. Apathy hands more power to the establishment.

          Encouraging apathy is … wrong.

          McDonnell can handle sexy dossier pisshead war criminals – could easily wipe the floor but is a better politician. Alistair didn’t win elections -they were handed it by the tories and Murdoch & co.

          It is turnout that causes seats to swing.

          Anyone wishing a low turnout is against change.

          • Wikikettle

            Dungroanin. I am sorry. Got carried away and emotional – who can’t when we see such hypocrisy

    • Ken Kenn

      The Austin nonsense will be forgotten over the weekend.

      A pissed up Johnson drinking water in order to sober up blathering on about a far away place he knows little of but decided to visit with the aid of a Sat nav is the real news.

      Ian who? say the electorate.

      Two examples of Johnson:

      In one photo op he was pictured not having organised a piss up in a brewery.

      In the other he was pissed up not in a Brewery.

      Being as the oaf is the walking embodiment of contradiction – it’s not surprising is it?

      Where was his BBC carer when he needed one?

      He’ll be saying he never wanted a GE next………..oh hang on??

      Wait for the weekend polls and watch the MSM go into hyperdrive.

  • mike

    Our prime minister was pissed last night and talking shite about a very important issue.

    No amount of spin by the state broadcaster can disguise that fact.

  • Steve McHale

    Yes Craig we should have independent
    observers at the count . I don’t and never
    ever will TRUST Westminster at all full of crooks . ???????????????????????

  • Jack

    How come election meddling by jewish, pro-israeli groups is allowed? Just this week we read:

    Election 2019: Don’t vote for Corbyn, pleads Jewish Chronicle

    “Former speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has said that he does not believe Jeremy Corbyn to be an antisemite, but that Labour had a “big issue”.”

    General election: Labour blocks antisemitism row MP Chris Williamson from standing

    Allegations of antisemitism ‘go to the core’ of whether Corbyn is fit for leadership

    Labour accused of cover-up over election candidate who compared Israel to child abuser

    Jewish Chronicle pleads with UK to boycott Corbyn at General Election

    Read more:

    Twitter: | Facebook:

    No existence of jewish lobbying huh?
    Why is Israel, and particulary jews so important during the pre-election milieu in the UK?! It is ridiculous!
    It is only used to slander Corbyn, Labour before the election.

    Remember this also:
    Al jazeera documentary about israel lobby workings inside the UK:

    • No to mass murder

      If they’re British citizens then its participation not meddling. The problem is people who support justice for the Palestinians aren’t allowed to participate… without a witch hunt to get them out of office if they breathe one careless sentence that can be twisted into implying “anti-semitism”. And that that isn’t getting properly challenged enough.

      Another part of the problem is the equating of Jewish people and Zionists. Some of the strongest voices against Israel are Jewish. As far as false allegations of anti-semitism in the Labour party goes, there is Jewish Voice for Labour:

      • Jack

        Come on, if there were a russian lobby said half of what these jewish groups, pro-israel people are saying they would be outed directly. Mi6 would be involved just like that.

    • John A

      Another huge splash in the Guardian with Blunkett ranting about Corbyn and anti-semitism. All these now very comfortably off ‘new labour’ clowns won’t suffer any pain from another destructive Tory government. Unlike the vast majority of the population.

      Shame on the lot of them.

  • Wikikettle

    Chris Williamson should, like George, stand as an Independent. And stand in a seat that hurts, like Hillary Benn’s, now that would be good. No need to wear a white/beige suit Chris, a la Martin Bell.

  • CasualObserver

    Anti-Semitism, or the cry of such can be compared to the boy crying wolf story. Its an accusation that’s best used when it exists, lest when it does exist it gets ignored.

    In any event, its more likely to help Labour than harm them simply because most of those that do harbour enmity against the Chosen Folk, are not admirers of the chap with the little moustache and postman’s hat, but rather folk whose heritage hails from parts where the predominant holy book has its author comparing Jews to Monkeys and Pigs. Such voters have the concentrations and numbers that win constituencies, unlike the Jewish vote which these days is predominantly Tory, and in no constituency has numbers that can even remotely guarantee their choice.

    Looking ahead, it may be safe to wager that the upcoming election will result in no overall majority for any party. No doubt Tory central office can see that also, and after using the Scots as their turnip ghost back in 2015 in order to gain a slim majority, are trying this time to use the Jewish issue in the same way ? No doubt the lack of concern shown by the electorate will be interpreted as yet more evidence of a rising tide of Antisemitism 🙂

  • joel

    The Guardian is determined to give the BBC a fierce fight in the Corbyn demonisation stakes.

    Today it’s carrying a Jonathan Freedland piece commanding Jews not to vote for Corbyn. The piece has been published a day after John Bercow, a Jew, said Corbyn is not an anti-Semite. Yesterday was also a day when Freedland himself was forced into a humiliating apology for falsely accusing a Labour candidate of having been convicted of anti-Semitism.

    Bercow’s statement, in an interview with Alistair Campbell, destroys Freedland’s depiction of Corbyn, while Freedland’s false accusation against the candidate destroys his entire credibility as a journalist. Yet neither story was reported by the Guardian, which has instead decided to go with another Freedland defamation piece, pretending yesterday’s events never happened.

    The leftmost boundary of your msm.

    • Hatuey

      I doubt if anybody at Labour Party HQ is too worried about losing Jewish votes. I have no idea what percentage of the population might be defined as Jewish but it can’t be that many. And let’s be honest, it’s probably better for them to be attacked on this stuff than the economy (votes-wise).

      If the establishment including those who run the media are panicking about the possibility of a Corbyn government, and that’s how it seems, I really don’t see this anti-semitism stuff being enough to stop it.

      • michael norton

        I could imagine that Jeremy Corbyn by now might be quietly chuffed that the media and their stooges are still going on about the Jewish nonsense, almost all the public see through this twaddle.
        And yes, he has not really been attacked yet for his absurd spending promises, that will come nearer the time.

      • joel

        It’s the effect on the electorate at large that is more concerning. Such has been the cynicism of this campaign that the wider public believes one third of Labour members are being investigated for anti-Semitism when the true figure is less than 0.1%. Friends and relatives of mine who have no interest in politics just casually refer to Corbyn and Labour as anti-Semites as if it is an established fact. I see today Blair is saying he is going to double down on anti-Semitism critiques during this election campaign. They clearly feel this is an effective
        means if ensuring a Johnson / establishment victory.

        • Michael

          If they deny us our right to change things politically through the ballot box I say burn this shithole country down and start again.

        • Wikikettle

          I think the actions of Blairite Labour MP’s weaponising so called Anti- Semitism lost Labour the last election, which was close run. Just the amount of time devoted to this fake diversion, distracts from discussion on Labour policies. For me however, it doesn’t matter, if the population chose not to actively find out a wide range of different sourses now available to them, and rely just on MSM, they deserve what they get. Sorry.

        • Dungroanin

          It is effective – as mudslinging is. The moment for truth to fight back is soon.

          It has to be a Mohammed Ali like knockout punch, after rounds of rope-doping.

          That opportunity is in the live one to one debate where the ‘bent referee’ can’t intervene and the watching msm fodder see with their own eyes JC destroying Johnson with the truth.

          The Tory/NuLabInc DS msm presstitutes are desperate now and getting dirtier – the internal (comprehensive) Cabinet Office polls will be in and even Sedwill will be incapable of riding roughshod over the Civil Service code.

          I suspect Sturgeons words (appearing to suggest that she is manoeuvring to have a coalition with Labour) as a direct anti-Labour move! Enabling a charge of JC being in her pocket! Shame on her.

          The Obssesive Groan is sending it’s spooky ii mobsters out to divide and rule. Harding even popped up on politics live yesterday after the Freedland gaffe – which hasn’t stopped his complete vomit pool today – 80% of all jews he claims! No numbers. As i and others have stated the numbers – no more than 30k (NOT HUNDRED) Labour voters are self identified Jews – representing some 20-25% of that religious population (<300k TOTAL IN THE WHOLE UK) , SIXTY percent have ALWAYS voted tory and may well do so again – unless thy realise they are being used as human footballs by politicians who represent foreign interests.

          This ugly and dirty religion and politics shit stirring is now being extended to Hindu's as the Groan crows. Apparently JC hates Indians because some think the Indian PM may be as fascistic as his BNP parties Hindu first philosophy. Well … now I know that some Hindu settlers in the UK have been compared to the high achieving Jewish citizens and they indeed share the respect for education and professions for their children…but to try and convince either group that the Tories are their best mates and tory voters really put their interests equally with white christian english people is laughably BOLLOCKS.

          The simple truth is that the Brexit genie was let out by the tories and has led to an INCREASE in racism against all supposedly non-native peoples.
          The TORIES caused that. To expect people to vote for them by claiming the complete opposite; by lying about Corbyn and Labour – to push that lie – is desperate and yes very very dirty.

          Isn't it time that Baroness Warsi finally does the right thing and finally admits that she is not ever going to change the Tory party from the inside? That the racism is in-built, that religious intolerance is in-built, that the brittania unchained crowd worship their own god? That she should follow her conscience and help destroy the AS lie, which is being spiralled into further religious divides by HER party, is s she got ng to stand-by and see the Muslim/Hindu divide perpetrated? She can knock it out with one blow.

          Enough dancing and floating Butterflies- time to sting like a bee.

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