Civil Liberty Vanishes 548

The sinister potential of coronavirus lockdown to suppress dissent was on display on Monday as police broke up a small group of protestors outside Westminster Crown Court during a case management hearing for Julian Assange. The dozen protestors, who included Julian’s father John Shipton, were all social distancing at least 2 metres apart (except where living in the same household). The police did not observe social distancing as they broke up this small and peaceful protest.

This is a stark illustration of the use of the current emergency powers to suppress legitimate dissent.

For the first time, there was something of a court victory for Assange’s defence team, as they obtained their preferred date of September for resumption of the extradition hearing. Last week magistrate Baraitser had tried to impose a choice of July or November based on the availability of Woolwich Crown Court. As defence witnesses have to come from around the world, July was too early for the defence, while November would mean another lengthy period of incarceration for the unconvicted Assange. This is not the first time the defence have secured the agreement of the US-led prosecution to a procedural request, but it is the very first time Baraitser has acceded to anything proposed by the defence, throughout all the lengthy proceedings.

SO the Assange hearing will resume in September, and of course I intend to be there to report it, if not myself incarcerated. The exact date is not yet known nor the venue. It will not be Woolwich but another Crown Court which has availability. I suspect it may be at Kingston-upon-Thames, because the government will want to maintain the theatre of the peaceful Julian being an ultra-dangerous offender and that is the other purpose built “anti-terrorism court” in London.

It is well worth reading this excellent article from El Pais by Julian’s partner, Stella Morris. It says a great deal that in the state that is actually holding Europe’s most prominent political prisoner, no newspaper would publish it. It is a truism that the general public fail to notice the slide into authoritarianism before it is too late. I confess I never thought to witness the process first hand in the UK. The information on guns in the article is new to me:

After Julian was arrested a year ago, Spain’s High Court opened an investigation into the security company that had been operating inside the embassy. Several whistleblowers came forward and have informed law enforcement of unlawful activities against Julian and his lawyers, both inside and outside the embassy. They are cooperating with law enforcement and have provided investigators with large amounts of data.

The investigation has revealed that the company had been moonlighting for a US company closely associated with the current US administration and US intelligence agencies and that the increasingly disturbing instructions, such as following my mother or the baby DNA directive, had come from their US client, not Ecuador. Around the same time that I had been approached about the targeting of our baby, the company was thrashing out even more sinister plans concerning Julian’s life. Their alleged plots to poison or abduct Julian have been raised in UK extradition proceedings. A police raid at the security company director’s home turned up two handguns with their serial numbers filed off.

We are now to be expected to entrust ourselves to a new coronavirus tracing app, currently being trialed on the Isle of Wight, that allows the government to know precisely where we are and with whom. The results will be permanently stored in a central database – something that is not required for the ostensible purpose of the app. The UK is alone among European states in seeking to create a national centralised database containing traceable unique identifiers for individuals. Precisely to address civil liberties concerns, all other countries are using a devolved database approach with amalgamation only of research useful date which cannot identify individuals. The UK is also refusing to share code with the public, or even precise detail of developers. The US firm Palantir, which has developed the app for NHSX, is coy about where its development is carried out and by whom. So far nothing has been released on the architecture of the App.

I highly recommend this podcast by Matrix Chambers on the very alarming civil liberties implication of the approach to the tracing app by Boris Johnson’s government.

There is no organisation or group with an interest in data privacy which is not sounding the alarm. The Register reports:

Controversially, the NHSX app will beam that contact data back to government-controlled servers. The academics who signed today’s open letter fear that this data stockpile will become “a tool that enables data collection on the population, or on targeted sections of society, for surveillance.”

As we reported yesterday, Britain has abandoned the international consensus on how much data should be collected to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter said:

We hold that the usual data protection principles should apply: collect the minimum data necessary to achieve the objective of the application. We hold it is vital that if you are to build the necessary trust in the application the level of data being collected is justified publicly by the public health teams demonstrating why this is truly necessary rather than simply the easiest way, or a “nice to have”, given the dangers involved and invasive nature of the technology.

Then a further report in The Register emphasised still more the UK government’s rejection of the Apple-Google app being used by virtually every other country, which is specifically devised to make impossible centralised storing of information which identifies individuals:

Presumably the goal with this kind of explanation is to comfort the vast majority of UK folk who don’t understand how the entire internet economy works by connecting vast databases together.

So long as you can rely on one piece of per-user data – like a “big random number” – everything else can be connected. And if you also have a postcode, that becomes 100 times easier. Ever heard of Facebook? It’s worth billions solely because it is able to connect the dots between datasets.

Indeed, it may be possible to work out who is associating with whom from the app’s ID numbers. Bear in mind, the Apple-Google decentralized approach produces new ID numbers for each user each day, thwarting identification, especially with the ban on location tracking.

Levy also glossed over the fact that as soon as someone agrees to share their information with UK government – by claiming to feel unwell and hitting a big green button – 28 days of data from the app is given to a central server from where it can never be recovered. That data, featuring all the unique IDs you’ve encountered in that period and when and how far apart you were, becomes the property of NCSC – as its chief exec Matthew Gould was forced to admit to MPs on Monday. Gould also admitted that the data will not be deleted, UK citizens will not have the right to demand it is deleted, and it can or will be used for “research” in future.

Yes, that is Matthew Gould in charge of the whole project. Matthew Gould, who as Private Secretary to first David Miliband and then William Hague, and then as UK Ambassador to Israel, held an extraordinary total of eight secret meetings with Liam Fox and Adam Werritty together.

1) 8 September 2009 as Miliband’s Principal Private Secretary (omitted from O’Donnell report)
2) 16 June 2010 as Hague’s Principal Private Secretary (omitted from O’Donnell report)
3) A “social occasion” in summer 2010 as Ambassador designate to Israel with Gould, Fox and Werritty (omitted from O’Donnell report)
4) 1 September 2010 in London (only one September meeting in O’Donnell report)
5) 27 September 2010 in London (only one September meeting in O’Donnell report)
6) 4-6 February 2011 Herzilya Conference Israel (omitted from O’Donnell report)
7) 6 February 2011 Tel Aviv dinner with Mossad and Israeli military
8) 15 May 2011 “We believe in Israel” conference London (omitted from O’Donnell report)

Funnily enough, I was recalling Matthew Gould last week when the Cabinet Secretary, after his “investigation”, published his report “exonerating” Priti Patel of bullying. It reminded me of when then Gus O’Donnell as Cabinet Secretary published his “investigation” into the Fox-Werritty affair, in which Gus O’Donnell systematically lied and covered up the meetings between Fox, Werritty and Matthew Gould, claiming there had only been two such meetings when in fact there were eight. It is also a good moment perhaps to pay tribute to the redoubtable Paul Flynn MP, recently deceased, who after I briefed him attempted to question Gus O’Donnell on the Public Administration Committee about the meetings he was covering up. With admirable persistence, despite continual efforts to block him, Flynn did manage to get Gus O’Donnell to admit directly that one of the Fox/Werritty/Matthew Gould meetings was with Mossad.

Hansard Public Administration Committee 24/11/2011

Q<369> Paul Flynn: Okay. Matthew Gould has been the subject of a very serious complaint from two of my constituents, Pippa Bartolotti and Joyce Giblin. When they were briefly imprisoned in Israel, they met the ambassador, and they strongly believe—it is nothing to do with this case at all—that he was serving the interest of the Israeli Government, and not the interests of two British citizens. This has been the subject of correspondence.

In your report, you suggest that there were two meetings between the ambassador and Werritty and Liam Fox. Questions and letters have proved that, in fact, six such meetings took place. There are a number of issues around this. I do not normally fall for conspiracy theories, but the ambassador has proclaimed himself to be a Zionist and he has previously served in Iran, in the service. Werritty is a self-proclaimed—

Robert Halfon: Point of order, Chairman. What is the point of this?

Paul Flynn: Let me get to it. Werritty is a self-proclaimed expert on Iran.

Chair: I have to take a point of order.

Robert Halfon: Mr Flynn is implying that the British ambassador to Israel is working for a foreign power, which is out of order.

Paul Flynn: I quote the Daily Mail: “Mr Werritty is a self-proclaimed expert on Iran and has made several visits. He has also met senior Israeli officials, leading to accusations”—not from me, from the Daily Mail—“that he was close to the country’s secret service, Mossad.” There may be nothing in that, but that appeared in a national newspaper.

Chair: I am going to rule on a point of order. Mr Flynn has made it clear that there may be nothing in these allegations, but it is important to have put it on the record. Be careful how you phrase questions.

Paul Flynn: Indeed. The two worst decisions taken by Parliament in my 25 years were the invasion of Iraq—joining Bush’s war in Iraq—and the invasion of Helmand province. We know now that there were things going on in the background while that built up to these mistakes. The charge in this case is that Werritty was the servant of neo-con people in America, who take an aggressive view on Iran. They want to foment a war in Iran in the same way as in the early years, there was another—

Chair: Order. I must ask you to move to a question that is relevant to the inquiry.

Q<370> Paul Flynn: Okay. The question is, are you satisfied that you missed out on the extra four meetings that took place, and does this not mean that those meetings should have been investigated because of the nature of Mr Werritty’s interests?

Sir Gus O’Donnell: I think if you look at some of those meetings, some people are referring to meetings that took place before the election.

Q<371> Paul Flynn: Indeed, which is even more worrying.

Sir Gus O’Donnell: I am afraid they were not the subject—what members of the Opposition do is not something that the Cabinet Secretary should look into. It is not relevant.

But these meetings were held—
Chair: Mr Flynn, would you let him answer please?

Sir Gus O’Donnell: I really do not think that was within my context, because they were not Ministers of the Government and what they were up to was not something I should get into at all.

Chair: Final question, Mr Flynn.

Q<372> Paul Flynn: No, it is not a final question. I am not going to be silenced by you, Chairman; I have important things to raise. I have stayed silent throughout this meeting so far.

You state in the report—on the meeting held between Gould, Fox and Werritty, on 6 February, in Tel Aviv—that there was a general discussion of international affairs over a private dinner with senior Israelis. The UK ambassador was present…

Sir Gus O’Donnell: The important point here was that, when the Secretary of State had that meeting, he had an official with him—namely, in this case, the ambassador. That is very important, and I should stress that I would expect our ambassador in Israel to have contact with Mossad. That will be part of his job. It is totally natural, and I do not think that you should infer anything from that about the individual’s biases.

When I put in Freedom of Information requests for the minutes of the eight meetings involving all of Liam Fox, Adam Werritty and Matthew Gould, they came back as blank sheets of paper, with literally everything removed but the date, in the interests of “national security”. When I put in a Freedom of Information request for all correspondence between Adam Werritty and Matthew Gould, I received a refusal on the grounds it would be too expensive to collect it.

I should make my position perfectly plain. I think a coronavirus tracing app is an important tool in containing the virus. I would happily use the safeguarded one being developed by Google/Apple with decentralised data and daily changing identifiers, not linked to postcodes, being adopted by major European governments.

But I think serious questions have to be asked about why the UK government has developed its own unique app, universally criticised for its permanent central data collection and ability to identify individuals from their unique codes. That this is overseen not by a scientist or health professional, but by the man who held all those secret meetings with Fox and Werritty, including with Mossad as admitted to Parliament by the then Cabinet Secretary, frankly stinks.

With grateful thanks to those who donated or subscribed to make this reporting possible.

This article is entirely free to reproduce and publish, including in translation, and I very much hope people will do so actively. Truth shall set us free.


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548 thoughts on “Civil Liberty Vanishes

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  • N_

    The British government has

    * ordered millions of workers not to work
    * caused many of them to lose their jobs
    * been making them survive on a heavily reduced income (typically on a salary cut by 20%)
    * practically imprisoned much of the population

    – the kind of measures that might in other circumstances provoke a general strike or uprising.

    And guess what, the Tory scum are daring to call their victims lazy.

    Or in the words of the royalist crest-bearing Tory “Times” newspaper, “Rishi Sunak is preparing to ‘wean’ businesses and workers off the government’s furloughing scheme by cutting wage subsidies amid concerns that the nation has become ‘addicted’.”

    So it was all about feeding the population as if they were babies, beggars and drug addicts all along.

    The left seems INCAPABLE of publicly referencing what the Tory mindset really is.

    The reference to addiction is not to all the noddy pills that are being doled out to those who are locked down and rapidly losing hope of ever getting the surgical operations they need. It’s to the proles being “given” loads of stuff for nothing which they don’t deserve – e.g. too much “health” treatment, food, accommodation, welfare benefit, security, supposed respect from “lefty” teachers etc. – and which in the Tory worldview ought to be withdrawn from some of them and made conditional on greatly increased effort by the others in the role of servants. If you don’t think that, you aren’t a Tory. That is a central Tory belief. It is THE central Tory belief.

    But wait…the “opposition” has been ordered by the Cabinet Office to focus on whether or not there are 2 million tests a fortnight or 3 trillion every week – a heap of absolutely irrelevant garbage that plays to the whole scam.

  • Sam

    No disrespect meant, sir, but “contract tracing apps” don’t even work, precisely because they rely on Bluetooth technology. The guys who invented Bluetooth recently spoke about the technology’s limitations, precisely why it’s useless as a contact tracing app.

    Even if you know nothing about how Bluetooth works, you probably have had a frustrating experience when trying to use it to pair your telephone with headphones or some other device. If a BT-powered contact tracing app FAILS to register a proximity “contact” even once, it becomes useless as an epidemiological tool.

    Likewise, civilian-grade GPS receivers in phones are far too imprecise to be reliable. In an apartment (flat) block, GPS would show I’m in “contact” with my neighbors even though they’re on the other side of a thick wall.

    No. When it comes to public health departments with years of experience in doing contact tracing (primarily STDs like gonorrhea), the only reliable tool is doing interviews conducted by trained professionals.

    • N_

      It’s not about epidemiology. This “app” will work very well towards the following aims:

      1) accustoming people to the position that any person who is out and about and not carrying a smartphone that says they’re allowed to be can be arrested as an enemy of the people;

      2) paving the way towards compulsory microchip implantation together with compulsory smartphone use, so that the authorities CAN be sure of who exactly is where.

      • Stephen+Rhodes

        Hence Bill Gates’s implantable RFID type ‘vaccine record’.

  • Monster

    Gould’s relationship with Israel is worrying as it is another link in the massive chain of infomation linking us with Tel Aviv. I recently, with the help of well placed acquaintances, confirmed the Baraitser link with Israel. Michael Baraister receives an Israeli state pension: many of the family have israeli passports, and many are active zionists, stemming from their days in South Africa. They left South Africa not because of apartheid, but because of anti semetism. Julian Assange exposed much about Mossad and he is in their crosshairs. I reckon Craig’s pending date with Judge Dredd is part of Israel’s campaign to snuff out legitimate journalism which is critical of the terrorist state of Israel.

    • Giyane


      If I put something I’m carrying on someone’s car, I am not trespassing because its parked in a public space.
      But if that car brushes against me as a pedestrian while moving, the driver is trespassing. In Craig’s contempt of court case, the court was trespassing on Craig’s journalistic right to innocently observe the goings-on.
      If the court did not like the discussion , then they should have held the case in secret, I.e. not left their car on a public road.

      Nobody knows who these women were except insiders.
      If a car was parked in private car park and another user rested their items on the car, the owner would not have objected. The only reason why the court objects to Craig’s journalism, is because they object to the limitations of British justice, which demands that justice be SEEN to be done, in the OPEN.
      That is the only source of their indignation

    • N_

      They left South Africa not because of apartheid, but because of anti semetism.


  • Dave

    The Conservatives are wrecking the economy and creating a police state on behalf of the billionaire (drug pushers) corporate and financial elites, cheered on by Labour and the progressive and Leninist (worse is better) Left leaving it to socialists and populists to defend the people.

  • Los

    Presumably, they will be seeking to massively extend the ‘Live’ testing by announcing, this weekend, that Schools will be required to open from the start of June, so as to amplify the Contagion vector to achieve their required ‘Herd Immunity’.

    • OnlyHalfALooney

      Who and what are they going to test?

      Testing for coronavirus infection during the incubation period produces a negative result although the person is already carrying the virus. The test is at best 98% accurate. This sounds high. But if you have a 4% infection rate and a 2% inaccuracy rate, you have a problem if you do mass testing.

      Testing for coronavirus antibodies is not accurate enough yet. The test also gives a positive result if the person has antibodies that are similar to Covid-19 antibodies. The tests are, however, suitable for screening blood for transfusions etc. Also low levels of antibodies may not give the person immunity.

      So what exactly is the UK government trying to do?

      • Dave

        The testing, masks and gloves is all froth, at best belonging to “something must be done”, but a diversion as we await a scam/vaccine to reward the drug pushers and security-state controlling elite.

        An actual medical policy, as opposed hidden political agenda, would seek to improve people’s heath and immune system to zap bad viruses, advise vulnerable groups to take extra care if there is a contagious virus about, and then look for medicines (which there already are) to ease the symptoms and kill the virus for those who catch it and need help surviving it.

      • Deepgreenpuddock

        Well lets check the maths Monsieur demi-fou.
        what you are saying is that 2 in 100 results give a false positive or negative (you don’t say which) but lets assume approx 50% of each). a false positive is ‘safer’ than a false negative. It will cause unnecessary distress.
        2/100=0.02 so 0.02x number of tests done=number of false results, say 1000 tests=20 false results. 10 of these are ‘safe'(False +ve)
        10 are false negatives or 1 in a 1000 tests are people who are carrying and presumably spreading the virus but with the license to ‘move around’ (assuming lockdown is over soon). +ve results I would imagine are subject to confirmation so it should be possible to eliminate false positives.The false negatives are indeed more of a problem but one must assume that some proportion will be asymptomatic and non-contagious (although we don’t know anything much about the coefficient of transmission between an asymptomatic individual and an uninfected individual or indeed many of the factors that determine a transmission event). There are very many unknowable (at this stage) variables in this scenario. Are masks being worn? Is social distancing being practised. Is the carrier’s immune system suppressing viral production to below detectable levels?
        Anyway let’s just say that bandying figures like 2% and 4% doesn’t really help. It is a bit like intellectual masturbation. It provides a wee frisson of sensation but doesn’t produce a baby (or a real insight). Stop catastrophising.

        • N_

          Sensitivity (rate of true positives) is likely to be much higher than specificity (rate of true negatives). Or to put it another way, there are likely to be many more false positives than false negatives.

        • Jordan

          I am not sure about your conclusion but you might find a nice presentation at Schneier’s website In a nutshell, his conclusion is “[…] The idea that contact tracing can be done with an app, and not human health professionals, is just plain dumb.”

          You might also search for “basic rate fallacay” on the net, a well known phenomenon to be considered with testing.

          • OnlyHalfALooney

            It’s called the “base rate fallacy”

            And yes, it’s a well known problem with testing.

            Surely it makes much more sense to simply observe social distancing rules wherever possible and treat anyone you do not share your “bubble” with as potentially infected? In other words, basically follow common sense.

            During the HIV epidemic we were told to practice “safe sex” (the sexual equivalent of “social distancing”) and to treat any (non-long-term) sexual partner as potentially infected. This is despite contact tracing being much easier with an STD as long as infected persons knew the real identities of their sexual partners, which was not always the case. Before effective treatments became available to manage AIDS, HIV was far more lethal than Covid-19 (at least as far as we are currently aware).

  • Mary

    Where is Werritty?

    ‘Werritty lives in Pimlico near Vauxhall Bridge, close to Parliament. He is a member of the Carlton Club and the Conservative Party.’ That is near the bridge, not under it.

    All of his trysts/trips with Fox which were logged on the Guardian are here.

    As for Fox, he is still the MP for Somerset North and this is his Register of Interests. Amazing chutzpah.

    You can tot up over £50k in the first few entries. Still useful to ‘them’ obviously.

    His wife, Jesme, née Baird, a medical doctor, is with this organisation. So good on her.

    Congrats to Boris/Carrie included of course. Hoping for another job.
    His other social media. –
    Dr Liam Fox MP #StayHomeSaveLives
    Member of Parliament for North Somerset. International Trade Secretary (2016-19) & Defence Secretary (2010-11).

  • Anthony

    You will wait in vain for serious questioning of this app or any scheme ar all devised by this government. Bozo and co are being furiously and blindly defended by the media despite overseeing the highest death toll in Europe. That’s despite them having had 3 weeks more warning than Italy and the UK having a younger population and smaller households than Italy. Much of it is down to belated lockdown and their decision to herd infected hospital patients back into care homes. Then there was the slapdash attitude toward PPE. Today it emerges that their giant, much-heralded shipment of PPE from Turkey is all below par and useless. Ask yourself what media reaction would be if this lamentable handling of the crisis was being overseen by Corbyn.

  • Easily Confused

    Yesterday someone posted a link, in a comment on here, to a Youtube video of an interview about the origins of C-19. The video was pretty stark, alarming even, and there are many who would not want us to hear what was said, in fact as I was watching it Youtube took it down so I only got the first 12 minutes but that was enough. I can understand that the ‘powers that be’ could have it removed from Youtube but it also seems that the comments made by the person posting the link and the link itself have been deleted from here and I don’t understand why that would be? Its a genuine question.

    On the matter of an app, does anyone know anyone who would honestly consider downloading such a thing, they are wasting their time…I hope!

    • Loony

      What you are looking for is something called “Plandemic Documentary” detailing the experiences and views of Dr. Mikovits.

      The video keeps being uploaded but is also removed on an ongoing basis.

      I am surprised that they removed it from this site as Dr. Mikovits has clearly been subject to state mandated persecution and had her human rights and civil liberties severely curtailed.

      I cannot know the extent to which her thoughts on Covid-19 are accurate, but unlike say David Icke she has qualifications and experience in the field on which she opines. It is beyond doubt that the silicon valley social media behemoths are morphing into full totalitarian mode and so I am not surprised that they remove the content. They did after all remove the thoughts of an ER Dr. who was merely sharing his observed experiences with regard to the pandemic.

      Naturally these social media titans do not remove content from “official” sources such as the WHO. So you can still read articles from the WHO advising that there is no evidence of human to human transmission of Covid-19.

      Clearly someone somewhere sees a vested interest in maximising public ignorance and public confusion.

      • Minority Of One

        What a mind-blowing and scary video. It is back on YouTube, for now.

        Plandemic Documentary Part 1. The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19

        • Minority Of One

          Dr. Mikovits’ Wikipedia page looks like it is maintained by the security services, i.e. it discredits her from the get go.

          • SA

            Dr Mikovits was a co-author of a paper that claimed that a xenotropic murine virus (XMRV) was the cause of CFS and was also associated with prostate cancer. The paper was published in Science, a reputable journal, but later retracted by the journal because no one could reproduce the results and there was evidence that the virus was actually a laboratory contaminant and not really found in the original patiemts’ samples. Later on she was sacked due to some dispute about cell lines and then turned into an advocate anti-vaxxer. Recently also she accused Fauci of being a bully and of stealing her research. See discussion here.

          • Tony

            She’s not an anti-vaxxer: she believes (with some justification) that RNA vaccines are ineffective and dangerous. Her interview is available on brighteon btw, and won’t be taken down (but it wouldn’t surprise me if brighteon is).

          • N_

            Yes indeed. “Mikovits drew attention online for promoting ideas about the COVID-19 pandemic[4] that were fact-checked and found to be either false[8] or not based on scientific evidence.[9]”

            Sometimes you just gotta laugh. There is no such thing as “scientific evidence”. Only a moron uses a phrase like that. Science is a method of investigation, and ain’t half what it’s cracked up to be. Logic predated science by many many centuries and will outlive it too.

          • Tony

            Like I said, she is anti-RNA vaccines, not anti-vaccines. And when you look at the history of RNA vaccines, it’s a perfectly reasonable position to have.

            A ‘fact checking’ site? Lol. You’re better than that SA. It’s best to do your own research.

          • Tony

            Certainly not Harvey Whittemore, who set up and ran the company with his wife for many years. He went to prison for illegally funding a nominee in an election.

          • Tony

            ^Sorry, woke up really early and feeling it now! Whittemore owned the company that had Mikovits arrested.

      • ET

        The WHO did state that there was

        no evidence of significant human-to-human transmission and no health care worker infections have been reported

        on Jan 5 2020. No evidence of a thing does not state that the thing doesn’t exist just that there is no evidence at this time.

        In the same statement they very clearly stated

        “Based on information provided by national authorities, WHO’s recommendations on public health measures and surveillance of influenza and severe acute respiratory infections still apply. “

        If you care to check what those advised measures are you will find that they advise the full suite of protective measures from human to human transmission including full PPE and much else. You can see their protocols here:

        It is, or should be, to the people this statement was directed what they should do. They didn’t have evidence of human to human transmission but clearly advised to treat the virus as if there was and use highest level of protective measures.

        The “plandemic” video is total nonsense.

        • N_

          It’s your grasp of logic that is total nonsense, ET. You begin by stating “No evidence of a thing does not state that the thing doesn’t exist just that there is no evidence at this time” as if there were a sizeable proportion of participants in these comment threads who don’t understand what “evidence” is or are unfamiliar with the flow of time, and from there on in you offer a fallacious argument from authority and that’s all. So you believe what you’re told by the authorities because the authorities have said it. That doesn’t make it true.

          Has anyone got a link to a straightforwardly downloadable copy of the Mikovits video? I’m trying to download it from Brighteon using 9xBuddy… It’s taking a time… Couldn’t find it at Youtube. The Great Satan called “Google” has replaced it on its Youtube site with some old crap, so it is said.

  • Dungroanin

    So the Hard BrexShitters are scripted up!
    The media whores and btl trioops have their marching orders.

    The willing scapegoat has been publicly beaten (will be rewarded with gongs and gowns) , the smiling Avaaz wearing slogan holding ‘harlot’ posing at his door.

    The narrative- ” All the fault of Scientists (and hence science) and lefty ‘Remainiacs’ nuffink to do with us gov! , we jus wanna geddidun for you poor english salt o the earth folk! ”

    Kicked off by the Torygraph on Wednesday and carried forward by the Fail today and no doubt over the line by the Bun tomorrow.
    With hordes of green monkey media lackeys across the full spectrum – Broadcast, to supposed ‘alternative’ sites and 77 and Cabinet media trolls btl unleashed.
    Victory in Europe Day is going to become Victory over EU day!

    All the excess dead and waste of money and failure of coordination and planning with the EU – means we will have highest deaths and be last out of lockdown and worst prepared for next winter.

    Just for their ONLY objective for a decade a Hard BrexShit!

    And CM is not alone in exposing the BrexShit villains at the heart of all our problems

    The nexus of BrexShit and Virus response exposed.

    • N_

      Cut to New Year’s Eve, 2020-2021…

      Tens of millions of skeletal British people haven’t eaten for a fortnight, and have had major problems finding food ever since the late summer…

      They have been told by c***s from the local council (“assisted” by soldiers who were too stupid to get into the police force and aren’t exactly open to argument) that they’re not allowed to hold funerals for family members or friends whose corpses have been carried away to crematoria in the now ubiquitous “NHS Mercy Vans”…

      …only one signature now needed for a cremation, according to the terms of the Coronavirus Act, but forget I said it if you’re a “journalist”…

      Will the said people be celebrating the “end of the Brexit transition period”, the moment of “final freedom” and “taking back control” from “Europe”?

      Probably yes.

      Feel your ribs for queen and country!

    • N_

      Thanks for the link, @Dungroanin.

      So now we know: “Both the Warner brothers and Dominic Cummings have attended meetings of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SAGE).”

      Time to leave the country, anybody who can…

  • Tony M

    Queues outside Morrison two to three times as long as they have been in past previous weeks, same time Thursday mornings, all I wanted was some cartons of milk. Whereas in previous weeks I’ve waited patiently I couldn’t this morning waste several hours on such nonsense. won’t submit to it any longer, people, especially older people will be collapsing in the queues with fatigue. Stress is mounting, other solutions need to be found, this is no longer a laughing matter. Things will soon turn ugly.

  • Tony M

    This virus has been around southern-Scotland since late October. Forget Wuhan, the origin is the UK.

    • michael norton

      I think it is almost certain, that a virus started in bats living in caves in Yunnan, China.
      Yunnan is China’s most biologically diverse province.
      The question is, did it leave a bat and enter a human without a laboratory intervention?

    • Clark

      “This virus has been around southern-Scotland since late October”

      That seems, er, very unlikely, to put it mildly. Without social restrictions, the number of infections was doubling about every three days, so if there was one case at the end of October, there’d have been about a thousand by the end of November, and heading for a million by the end of December. There’s a lot we don’t know about covid-19 but we do know that infection numbers go up like a rocket.

      • N_

        “Without social restrictions, the number of infections was doubling about every three days”.

        ^ reported infections.

        It was the winter. Flu tends to go round in the winter.

  • Athanasius

    On the subject of the silent slide into authoritarianism, here’s an interesting video from Dublin

    Investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty has heated encounter with garda on her way to the HighCourt (YouTube)

    Interesting because the person involved, Gemma O’Doherty, is in the process of bringing a court action to end the lockdown in that country. As you can see, she’s giving no quarter to the cops, but what’s REALLY interesting is that she’s been universally panned for sparring up to them by the public. Nowhere in Europe has the liberal indoctrination gone further than in the Irish Republic, and this is the result. I don’t hold with the concept of “they’re just doing their jobs”. Police officers everywhere need to start considering their personal positions. The Nuremburg Defence has never been a valid one.

    • Brendan

      Opponents of the lockdown need a better representative than an attention seeking drama queen.

      When she’s asked the purpose of her journey, she first defiantly says “I’m not telling you because it’s none of your business”. But that turns out to be a bare faced lie – soon afterwards she proudly discloses the purpose of her journey (to go to court) when she uses it as a justification to continue her journey.

  • Tom74

    I guess that’s the nature of a lockdown, Craig. There are some exceptions to staying at home – but protesting outside court isn’t one of them. The police are only enforcing the lockdown rules set down by the British and Scottish governments, which I gather from your previous article that you support.
    i won’t stray off topic and discuss the lockdown per se, except to say this – it should have been pretty obvious from as far back as Cameron’s abrupt resignation in 2016 that we in the UK have been part of a slow descent into economic collapse and authoritarianism. Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament, the horrible and sinister election in December, and now this over-egged public health crisis are just further staging posts.
    It appears the idea now is not only to crush dissent but crush the economy, thereby rendering most people except the very rich, completely powerless, and at the mercy of the state and a few – mostly American – corporations.

    • N_

      In the plebiscite that brought down Cameron, in the election last December, and throughout the current upheaval, the authorities keep intoning the acronym “NHS” (code for “be grateful, you proles”) – National-populist Hygieno-eugenic Squads?

  • Republicofscotland

    Sturgeon saying that Scotland will remain in lockdown until at least the 28th of May. Johnson is apparently going to open things up a wee bit more from Monday in England,even though radio news said over 600 folk died from the virus in the UK in the last 24 hours taking it to over 33,000 I think, the highest death rate in the world after the USA.

    Some in the press treating Johnsons easing of the lockdown, as some sort of victory over the virus, a kind of VE day the British spirit will triumph approach, which in reality it is far from it. It sends out the wrong message, and people will surely, by human nature, see Johnsons easing of the lockdown as a carte blanche to overstep the new boundries.

    In England anyway, I see a resurgence in the virus over the coming weeks if Johnson announces an easing of the lockdown.

    • John Goss

      RoS we have to get this terminology right. They, the 600, did not die “from” a virus but “with it”. They were already ill. It happens every year that people with illness die with flu too. The death toll figure for the UK at 1.32 pm today is 30,150 (John Hopkins). Deaths registered monthly in England and Wales I do not seem to be able to access for comparison. Perhaps you can.

      It’s an Excel file but I can’t access it.

      You must stop panicking people. It is a time for calm-headedness and social interaction. Of course they cannot admit that yet. Belarus has a very low death rate, 116 from 20.168 affected. Their football season has continued throughout. Don’t let them brainwash you RoS. You’re too bright for that.

      • Justin

        That spreadsheet shows death data up to the end of March, just catching the beginning of the lockdown. The spike in deaths hadn’t happened yet – nor had they started coding for deaths “with” or “from” CoVid-19.

        Perhaps it’s more illuminating to draw attention to the data up to week ending 24 April, which does show a huge increase in deaths (more than double in many areas), and also codes for Covid-19.

        On the other hand you might prefer to ignore it entirely, to reduce the risk of panic.

        • glenn_uk

          JG is doing a lot worse than ignoring it, Justin. JG is encouraging people to go out and hug each other, and has said so repeatedly.

      • Republicofscotland

        “RoS we have to get this terminology right. They, the 600, did not die “from” a virus but “with it”. They were already ill. ”

        Well John no doubt the cause of death on the certificate will be one of Covid-19, and not a underlying illness.

        “You must stop panicking people. It is a time for calm-headedness and social interaction. ”

        John I’m not panicking people, the mere fact that over 600 folk died in the last 24 hours in the UK, and as I said Covid-19 will probably be attributed to all of them, should be a stark reminder of just how serious, and possibly lethal social interaction might be right now to the most vulnerable in our society.

        Other countries that are still socially interacting will eventually, if there’s enough infected folk walking around see more cases, and indeed a real increase in deaths. Its fool hardy to treat this virus with contempt, and countries that does so, and have infected folk socialising will suffer the consequences.

        “Don’t let them brainwash you RoS. You’re too bright for that.”

        John I’d love to play devils advocate, with your thoughts in mind, but you’ve not given me any compelling evidence to the contrary that socialising, instead of social distancing works better at removing the virus from our societies.

        • John Goss

          “. . . you’ve not given me any compelling evidence to the contrary that socialising, instead of social distancing works better at removing the virus from our societies.”

          It is too early yet to provide evidence. It is too early too for the government to provide evidence. I could just as easily say “nobody’s given me any compelling evidence to the contrary that lockdown, instead of social interaction works better at removing the virus from our societies.”

          I did however provide the statistical evidence of Belarus. As I repeatedly say viruses have to run their course. This is a new one and quite bad. From what is known it is particularly dangerous for over-seventies especially if they have a serious medical condition. Such people should be isolated and cared for instead of penalising the whole of society. It does not seem to affect children at all. yet they are being prevented from seeing their friends. It is a cynical attempt at control and seems to be working just as it was planned.

          I hear what you say, and what you say is the same as I hear from all MSM outlets.

          • Clark

            Why do I keep reading about Belarus? There doesn’t look to be anything very different about the progression of covid-19 there. It’s just looks to be about one month behind the UK.

        • N_

          A medical certificate of the cause of death (MCCD) (which isn’t the same as a death certificate) is quite a study in the arrangement of statements about direct and contributory causation to avoid getting sued and to avoid bringing the medical profession into disrepute.

          Part I of the form is straightforwardly causative. In principle it is allowed just to state that condition Ia caused the death and that was that, but typically the world is also treated to a statement that condition Ib caused condition Ia, and, furthermore, that condition Ic caused condition Ib.

          There there is part II of the form. In that section the causation is not supposed to be so direct and straightforward: other “significant” conditions or events that “contributed” to the death but which were “not related” to the condition “directly causing it” (those are exact quotes from the form) are supposed to be listed here.

          Basically medics write what seems appropriate and doesn’t endanger contracts that had better not be endangered, or medical careers, or the hierarchy. Medicine is a fraternity. Medics aren’t anywhere near as honourable, as painstakingly honest, or as knowledgeable about health stuff, as the majority of people in Britain seem to believe. Most corpses don’t go near a coroner and are rapidly burnt, so there’s little comeback. But they’re “professionals”, so they want to cover their a*ses, so they don’t write “Tottenham Hotspur for the Cup” all over the form in capital letters for a laugh.

          Turning now to Covid-19…

          …new advice about the completion of MCCDs has been issued, given the current “emergency”. A copy of some of the new advice for England and Wales is here.

          It’s called “Guidance for doctors completing Medical Certificates of Cause of Death in England and Wales – FOR USE DURING THE EMERGENCY PERIOD ONLY.”

          In an emergency period of the COVID-19 pandemic there is a relaxation of previous legislation concerning completion of the (MCCD)“.


          Medics are reminded that

          (o)mitting to mention on the certificate conditions or events that contributed to the death in order to avoid referral to the coroner is unacceptable and a breach of the doctor’s legal obligations. If these come to light when the family registers the death, the registrar will be obliged to refer it to the coroner.

          In other words, they are being warned “don’t go too far”.

          The advice continues…

          How to complete the cause of death section

          * COVID-19 is an acceptable direct or underlying cause of death for the purposes of completing the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
          * COVID-19 is not a reason on its own to refer a death to a coroner under the Coroners and Justice Act 2009.
          * That COVID-19 is a notifiable disease under the Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010 does not mean referral to a coroner is required by virtue of its notifiable status.

          OK, so having said “don’t go too far” the guidance is now saying “slap ‘COVID-19’ on lots of certs, will you, and don’t worry – we’re covering your back.”

          “Don’t go too far” needed to be said first because medics and dentists are fanatical moneygrabbers (rather like lawyers) who will organise every f*cking form they fill in to maximise the money they make, so one has to be careful otherwise they may get frenzied.

          Now we get to the biggy Covid-19 bit:

          Medical practitioners are required to certify causes of death ‘to the best of their knowledge and belief’. Without diagnostic proof, if appropriate and to avoid delay, medical practitioners can circle ‘2’ in the MCCD (“information from post-mortem may be available later”) or tick Box B on the reverse of the MCCD for ante-mortem investigations. For example, if before death the patient had symptoms typical of COVID-19 infection, but the test result has not been received, it would be satisfactory to give ‘COVID-19’ as the cause of death, tick Box B and then share the test result when it becomes available. In the circumstances of there being no swab, it is satisfactory to apply clinical judgement. [wink wink] (emphasis and note added)

          Then the guidance again gets finger-waggy, saying what amounts to “but don’t do a Shipman”:

          As previously mentioned [this is their way of emphasising something] doctors are expected to state the cause of death to the best of their knowledge and belief; they are not expected to be infallible. Even without any changes to the law, there is increased scrutiny of death certification and patterns of mortality by local and national agencies as a result of the Shipman Inquiry. Suspicions may be raised if death certificates appear to give inadequate or vague causes of death. For example, if a patient dies under the care of an orthopaedic surgeon, it might be expected that some orthopaedic condition contributed to the death and so this condition would be mentioned in part I or part II of the certificate. Similarly, it would be surprising if a patient was being treated in an acute hospital, but no significant disease or injury at all was mentioned on their death certificate.The level of certainty as to the cause of death varies. What to do, depending on the degree of certainty or uncertainty about the exact cause of death, is discussed below.

          Blah blah.

          Then they give what most medics whose time is oh so “valuable” will find most useful: a helpful photocopy of a completed MCCD. This has

          “Interstitial pneumonitis” written under Ia,
          “COVID-19” under Ib,
          “primary adenocarcinoma of ascending colon” under 1c,
          and “diabetes mellitus” under II.

          That would basically be a patient who has cancer and diabetes, who comes into hospital with respiratory problems, who then either tests for the flu-type bug that’s going round (Covid-19) or at least has a bit of a cough or something so that the medics can say they reckon the patient has probably been infected with that bug, and then they snuff it, perhaps after “ventilation”.

          The guidance is saying “Do it like this, and you won’t get into trouble”. It’s like what solicitors call “precedents” – form letters etc. that somebody else wrote for them and they buy in a big book costing about £400 that’s not sold on the open market, containing texts that are nice and ready for cut and pasting. “There won’t be any problems with insurers or professional bodies if you do it like this” is the understanding.

          In addition to this, there are other documents that need to be looked at, which the medics’ trade union helpfully links to from here.

          I haven’t got time now to analyse all of it, but one interesting fact is that from 24 March 2020 in Scotland the Death Certification Review Service cut the proportion of MCCDs that it looks at from 14% to 4% – and there is provision in the Coronavirus Act for getting rid of review altogether. Homeless people and care home residents, watch out.

          The BMA’s guidance to medics in England and Wales seems like a right hoot…

          It is incumbent on those working with the bereaved to recognise that these processes can cause significant distress to them. All participants in the system must be ever conscious of this and conduct themselves in a manner that does not add to the emotional suffering of families. The BMA promotes the following core principles in these matters:

          – That this subject matter is of significant distress to the bereaved. All participants in the system must be conscious of this and conduct themselves in a manner that does not add to the emotional suffering of families

          Imagine having to be reminded that the “subject matter” consisting of e.g. a father has died causes distress to those whom he leaves behind! Therefore medics are advised not to wear Cheshire Cat-like grins on their faces when a prole has died, nor to keep looking at their watches or hopping from foot to foot.

    • michael norton

      One wonders if Boris is going to ease the Lock-Down, on Monday and get Britain back to work, Britain meaning Wales and England, that Nicola wants to keep the squeeze on her people.
      Does it suit her for Scottish people to be worried about a virus, rather than her involvement in framing her once mate Mr.Salmon?

      • Republicofscotland

        Does it suit her for Scottish people to be worried about a virus, rather than her involvement in framing her once mate Mr.Salmon?”

        Michael first of all I think Johnson will relax the lockdown in England, I don’t know about Wales the Welsh FM might not want to relax the lockdown in Wales. I think Johnson has the economy in mind first and foremost, and the wellbeing of the most vulnerable second.

        As for Sturgeon keeping the lockdown until May 28th. As she said mistakes were made in the beginning and many folk died in the UK because of those mistakes. Repeating that now would be unforgivable, on Salmond, I just don’t think he or his revealing book, to come soon I think, matters right now, getting through this pandemic is top priority for Sturgeon, on which I agree.

          • michael norton

            Quite, unemployment is going to sear through the oil/gas/shipbuilding/tourism/hospitality/transport
            industries like a hot knife through butter.

            The Great Depression is waiting in the wings.

    • Piotr+Berman

      How is it in less populated areas? In Pennsylvania, my region has only a small fraction of state-average infection and mortality (like 1/10), and more businesses will be open starting this weekend. No haircuts yet. Scotland somewhat more diverse than Pennsylvania.

    • Stonky

      I was going to make a little spoof video of Trump’s suggestion, along the lines of the “Downfall Parodies”. In my version he was going to be claiming that you could cure the virus by injecting yourself with a cocktail of depleted uranium, raw sewage, and sulphuric acid. I thought it would be pretty funny.

      Then I saw this analysis of the BBC footage on the event, carried out by a blogger:

      Basically in order to create their “story” the BBC took 3 bits of video and spliced them together. In real life bits 1 and 2 were actually 45 minutes apart, and bits 2 and 3 were also 45 minutes apart. The BBC story was a complete and utter pack of lies. (Cynics might say that’s standard for most of its news output these days.)

      That left a rather sour taste in my mouth. Not wanting to associate myself in any way with that pack of lying shits, I didn’t make my video after all.

      • Republicofscotland

        You should still go ahead and make your Downfall Parody, don’t let the neferious BBC put you off. I’m sure we’d all like to see it.

        I recall making one myself during the 2014 indyref, in which I poked fun at the unionists and their lies and deceit, although we lost, it cheered me up a bit, and cheered a few other folk up as well.

        I look forward to seeing your parody and having a wee laugh at Trumps expense.

        Oh and here’s a we inspirational video to get you started, it the Nobody Know More About Everything than Donald Trump video.

        It’s funny but frightening as well, to think this guys the POTUS leaves me gobsmacked.

    • N_

      Trump is losing it. Not only can he hardly go a clause in a sentence without emphasising a magnitude – a problem with which he has been afflicted for many years – but now he can’t even remember the term “locked down”. He says “sort of ‘shut down’ as the expression goes”. Perhaps he’s caught the bug. His “personal valet” has.

      (Apparently a US presidential “valet” is a kind of personal servant who can be an “office” valet who serves him food and coffee in the Oval Office while he sends tweets and stuff, or a “residence” valet who irons his shirts and packs his cases for him. They are all in the armed forces. The valet who has tested positive for Covid-19 brings Trump his Big Mac cheeseburgers or whatever the idiot eats. He hasn’t been wearing a mask. Watch this space.)

  • N_

    Today’s fieldwork indicates that some people in Britain do indeed support a very slow and gradual relaxation of the lockdown, just as the media are saying they are do. The main “reason” the morons have come up with in direct conversation with me are as follows:

    “Because otherwise it will all have been for nothing”,


    “Because it only takes one person to spread the disease”.

    Let’s face it – the population are right where the rulers want them. The conditioning has worked. One you have been browbeaten into obeying someone, you are more likely to obey them the next time.

  • ET

    Can we all please get something straight.
    If you have co-morbidities that make you more suscptible to dying of the flu or covid-19 and you get either and die because of respiratory failure due to either of these, then it was the flu or covid-19 that killed you, not your co-morbidities. Co-morbidities may have cointributed to your inabliity to overcome the disease or compensate for the disease’s effects but you still died because you got flu or covid-19.

    If you were running about the town/city seemingly healthy and you got run over by a bus and died but happened to be positive for SARS-Cov-2 then it probably had nothing to do with your death. So you died with it not of it.

    I am sure that medical professionals are able to make the distinction.

    • bevin

      Try and understand: for those, see above, who have been arguing that there is, in fact, no pandemic and that there is nothing unusual about the Covid virus, and that nobody is dying, with the exception of the regular mortality due to ‘seasonal flu’, reality, in the shape of a death toll so large that it can no longer be entirely blamed on brainwashing by the lizards running everything, makes it necessary to fall back on the prepared defensive position, see Goss above, that at the very most the virus is making it more difficult to recover from other ailments. And that resources employed to treat the virus are diverted from other, more urgent, cases.
      The truth is that “nothing to see here, don’t fall for their brainwashing” brigade has painted itself into a corner where, rather shamefaced, they find themselves rubbing shoulders with bearded armed militiamen sponsored by the proprietors of Blackwater, Jair Blosonaro President of Brazil, Donald Trump and the crypto fascist thugs and opinion mongers surroundin All who disagree withe

      • Clark

        Bevin, it’s selfishness. These people will believe whatever they want in defiance of all the easily available facts, simply because they want to go down the pub, or go to football.

        Senseless reasoning
        You believe what you want to believe
        Farewell my fair-weather friend
        On you no one can depend
        Bad times
        Now they must end

        Whatever you want it to be
        For you that’s what it will be
        Honest to you is arbitrary

        Logic is lost in your
        Cranial abattoir

        Empty inside
        Sly witted
        And full of snide

        It’s like watching a load of kids pretending.

        • J Galt

          “It’s like watching a load of kids pretending”

          A perfect description of the “social distancing” pantomime.

      • Loony

        Ah bevin if only life was so simple and it was all about bearded militia men, Blackwater, Donald Trump and various lizard people.

        Scientists – those whose opinions cannot be challenged – have determined that the US outbreak of Covid-19 was centered in New York, probably as early as February and that New York has seeded the virus in the rest of the country. At that time Mayor Bill de Blasio was busy dismissing Covid-19 as a non issue and urging foreigners to jump on planes and come visit New York.

        A number of states sought to introduce measures designed to limit the free passage of visitors from New York and Governor Cuomo promptly threatened to sue such states for discrimination.

        President Trump acted to impose a travel ban sometime before the WHO made the same recommendation and was promptly denounced as a racist.

        Contemporaneously with these events Nancy Pelosi was wandering around China town in San Francisco assuring anyone that would listen that Covid-19 presented absolutely no threat to Californai.

        Is your contention that Nancy Pelosi is a bearded militia man? If so I think you have just run foul of the sisterhood.

        Either way it is important not to let a run of the mill pandemic interfere with ideological possession.

        • glenn_uk

          And what was your hero Trump’s position on all this at the time – are you honest enough to admit he was a moronic fantasist who disbanded the pandemic response team that Obama had set up?

          • Loony

            The comment to which you attempt to respond to contains the sentence

            “President Trump acted to impose a travel ban sometime before the WHO made the same recommendation and was promptly denounced as a racist”

            I therefore conclude that the answer to your question as to “Trumps position on all this at the time” is that he imposed a travel ban so as to seek to limit the spread of Covid-19.

          • Bayard

            “I therefore conclude that the answer to your question as to “Trumps position on all this at the time” is that he imposed a travel ban so as to seek to limit the spread of Covid-19.”

            Indeed, it seems likely that the travel ban is the only part of “lockdown” that actually has any effect outside those areas where the disease is endemic. After all, what is the point of people practising “social distancing” when there are no infected people in the population in the first place?

        • Clark

          “Scientists – those whose opinions cannot be challenged”

          One of the most stupid sentences I’ve seen in months.

          Science is about evidence, not opinions. The whole point of science is to establish matters without reference to opinions. So if you want to challenge a scientific assertion, you need to present evidence that contracts it.

          Scientists are just people and their opinions can be challenged like anyone else’s. Science is not a collection of scientists’ opinions; science is a body of findings and theories supported by evidence.

      • John Goss

        I don’t rub shoulders with any fascist thugs. My campaigning has been against right-wing extremists going right back to the rise of the National Front in the sixties.

        • Clark

          But you do share many of their opinions, especially about covid-19.

          Rather than rubbing shoulders, give them a hug!

    • Dave

      “I am sure that medical professionals are able to make the distinction”. Alas they’re encouraged not to and alarmingly the latest figures show all deaths are due to heart failure!

      • Justin

        Sorry Dave can you clarify which “latest figures” you’re referring to?

        Or maybe it’s just semantic finessing. Is there any kind of death that doesn’t involve “heart failure”?

        • Dave

          @ Justin

          To claim people dying with corona, is same as from corona, is as accurate and meaningful (or dishonest) as saying everyone dies of heart failure.

          • Justin

            @ Dave. Good point – provided you don’t know anything about medical practice. Do you reckon ICU doctors can’t discriminate between Covid-19 patients and all the other patients they’ve seen over the years, monitoring the fluctuations in their physiological readings from the moment they entered the ward? Don’t you think that the intensive care monitors might just tip them off?

            “Doctor, this looks like an pulmonary embolism” … “No, just put down Cov-19”.

            “She had a severe cerebral thrombosis an hour ago, what should I list as cause of death?” … “Just put down Covid-19. We need to get the figures up.”

            Do you trust your GP enough to make the occasional visit for diagnosis? Then have some faith in the profession. Sure there are occasional mistakes under pressure, and the odd bad egg, as in every profession – but on the whole they seem to know what they’re doing. I’d rather be treated by qualified medics than by a shaman, mechanic or keyboard warrior, anyway.

          • Loony

            I think you will find that medical practice has fundamentally changed in the last few weeks.

            In the US Drs. are incentivized to record as many deaths as possible as being due to Covid-19. Even if the Drs. are honest then administration staff pressure Drs. so as to optimize income.

            See this if you are interested


            In the UK the Coronavirus Act of 2020 makes certain amendments to the process of certifying death. The most obvious amendment being that a Dr. is now able to certify death even if he/she has never seen the patient in question. There are also amendments to the rules that apply to Coroners.

            Many people believe that in aggregate these changes make it easier to certify the cause of death as Coronavirus. It is, for example, the case that it is not necessary to conduct any tests to establish the presence of Coronavirus in order to certify the cause of death as Coronavirus.

            How is it possible to have faith in statistics when those statistics rely on data from Drs. who have never seen the patient in question and who have conducted no tests to confirm. their intuition?

          • Clark

            “it is not necessary to conduct any tests to establish the presence of Coronavirus in order to certify the cause of death as Coronavirus.”

            And a damn good thing too. Tests should be used on the living, not wasted on the dead. The same goes for medical workers’ and lab staff’s time. There’s a ducking health crisis in progress, you fools! Health workers in particular need regular testing; test kits should not be wasted on corpses.

          • Loony

            Yes there is a health crisis, but how do you know the quantum of that crisis.

            You have a system whereby a Dr. who has never seen the patient in question and who conducts no tests is able to determine the cause of death. How does this work, if not by a form of magic?

            Why do you even need to be a Dr. to make such a determination? Why waste a Drs. time on this? Why not just get some Romanian fruit pickers to fill in the forms on their day off?

    • Brian

      There is a difference the Flu is not a notifiable disease so will not be put on the death certificate. Covid-19 is a notifiable disease so will be put on the death certificate.
      The total death numbers you see on the TV are deaths after testing positive or suspected positive of Covid-19. The total numbers do not indicate how many died from Covid-19. There is also the question on how accurate the test are.
      Also if the test shows SARS-CoV-2 infection. The SARS-CoV-2 infection may not lead to the Covid-19 disease.

    • N_

      Without referring to “professionals”, can you explain why when there are multiple factors in the causation of an effect, it’s right to say that the effect was only caused by one of them? Oh, and why it’s right in this particular instance to say it was caused by the one particular one of them that suits the rulers’ propaganda purposes to focus on?

      Here you go…I’ll start the sentence for you…

      “When a multiplicity of factors act together to cause an effect, it’s right to say that only one of them caused the effect, because…”

  • Levantine

    Q & A on COVID-19 with Denis Rancourt :

    Denis Rancourt is an accomplished environmental scientist and an activist employed at the Ontario Civil Liberties Association.

    He has a pretty good discussion of all aspects of this semi-engineered crisis.

  • Clark

    This thread is an illustration of why restrictive laws were needed.

    An intrusive monitoring app is likely to be introduced, and it is likely to funnel all our personal movements and social interactions to pro-war Neocon / Israeli interests.

    And yet no one here is discussing it, despite a wealth of previous posts about the people who will be in control of it.

    The previous thread is already about the supposed triviality of covid-19, yet this is the only matter being discussed on this thread – a conversation that simply defies reality.

    You lot could all have shown restraint and self discipline, voluntarily, but you chose not to. That’s why you’re in “lockdown” while the people in Sweden are under much looser restrictions.

    • Stonky

      As things stand, two posts above yours and three posts above mine there is yet another post that has nothing at all to do with the monitoring app, and everything to do with “the supposed triviality of COVID-19”

      Who is it from? Oh. You.

    • Bayard

      “This thread is an illustration of why restrictive laws were needed.”

      What, to stop people having the wrong idea about COVID-19 on Craig Murray’s blog? I thought it was about saving lives. Not that opposing the unnecessary part of the quarantine restrictions is wrong. There is no evidence whatsoever that people like John Goss are actually breaking the law in this matter, no matter what they say on here and if you think that readers of Craig Murray’s blog are stupid enough to break the law just because a commenter on an internet blog implies that it would be a good idea, then you have a very low opinion of your fellow commenters.

      In any case, I doubt if many of the people who read Craig’s blog read the comments and, of those, I doubt if many are influenced by them, so it really doesn’t matter if no-one is discussing the latest surveillance tool, the fact that Craig and others are making the information public is enough.

      • Clark

        “…then you have a very low opinion of your fellow commenters.”

        Yes, I have a very low opinion of promoting lethal disinformation. If so many commenters are stupid enough to post it, presumably many readers are stupid enough to follow it. You seem stupid enough to defend it. Here, would you like a plutonium cookie?

  • Giyane

    Bing Liu’s murder is possibly linked to Godfree Roberts’ research that US soldiers may have brought covid 19 with them when staying at the Wuhan Oriental Hotel for an army competition in October 2019.

    The trouble is, if the US is mad enough to create Islamic State, trained funded and delivered to Iraq through NATO’s Turkey, are they mad enough to do bio warfare against China, even if it kills others and crashes the world economy?

    Only the US is mad enough to do it. They are mad enough to murder anybody getting close to the truth too.

      • Tatyana

        Trump is mad too. Have you seen the latest news from Venesuela on Luke Denman and attempted kidnapping of Maduro?

        • zoot

          yes, madness. it’s why suggestions the virus was transported to wuhan cannot be dismissed.

          • N_

            Yes it could have been brought to China from outside.

            It seems to have been deliberately spread in Italy for sure…incidentally by a Korean network that had and quite possibly still has a presence near Canary Wharf in London.

            Have you seen Dominic Cummings’s March 2019 call for teams working with organised crime to break into “the most secure UK bio-research facilities and acquire material that could be released publicly in order to cause deaths on the scale of millions”?

            Any distinguished oppositional parliamentarians reading this may like to enquire of her Britannic majesty’s most glorious Conservative government as to whether said suggestion by the prime minister’s chief adviser was ever acted on after Cummings got into 10 Downing Street less than 5 months later.

            It’s a damned obvious question to ask. And Cummings wasn’t talking about breaking in and leaving a message saying “Red Team Woz ‘Ere”. He was talking about literally stealing the material. Bio material that could kill millions. That’s what he said.

            That is the kind of scenario in which a party that has rather better information than most of the planners of the operation can totally upstage things “on the day”.

            That’s what happened for example on 7 July 2005 in London (ask Peter Power) and it’s similar to what very probably happened on 911 (2001), in Salisbury (2018), and for that matter in the kidnapping of Aldo Moro (1978) and the assassination of John F Kennedy (1963). There’d hardly be an end to compiling a list of where that or something similar has happened. It happened after Lehmans with the Iceland crash too.

            Oh wait… None of the oppositional parliamentarians have got the guts.

            Some critics have difficulty with bringing together the idea that “China attacked the West” with the idea that “the rulers of both China and the West have a large area of common interest in ‘tidying stuff up,’ given that there’s not an unlimited bowl of surplus value for them to share between them.” It could have been like the Falklands War – party A does something “against” party B while party B says “good on you mate – that’s exactly what we wanted”…with perhaps a bit of Reichstag Fire mixed in.

          • Giyane


            Stepping inside DC’s mind was like seeing a split second of a chain saw zombie massacre. Enough exposure for a lifetime. Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses where these unelected pathogens could be stored safely? Other than advising Bojo Haram?

      • Giyane


        If Bing Liu had discovered that US held samples of Bat virus were exactly the same as the Wuhan covid 19, he could have stumbled on the origin of the disease by mistake.

        I don’t know. Just another murder suicide sounds a bit flip to us gunless folk in the UK. We think of Chinese people as being rather conventional, but the US is saying these guys are behaving like Clint Eastwood.

        The best form of defence is attack, which would explain why the alt-right in the US /UK PTB appear to be attacking China like crazies. The goldfish that was planning to destroy Western civilisation, has been harpooned for neocon tea.

        Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Brian

    Is the main point of the app to collect personal data on those who use the app?
    They do not need the app for that. Everyone who has a computer that can connect to a network. Can have there personal data collected already.
    It looks like the lock down is going to be slowly lifted over the next two weeks.
    So more people will be getting out and meeting. At the same time we will all soon be receiving text messages telling us to down load tracking apps on our smart phones. They will know if you have not obeyed the order and no doubt more text orders telling you to obey. Telling you it is for your own safety and the safety of the community. How you are putting lives at risk if you do not obey. Will they enforce these orders maybe threats of fines or arrest.
    We are supposed to down load the app and self diagnose. If we think we may have covid symptoms at any time we must update our status. Once we have down loaded the app we may at any time get a message telling us that we have been within the proximity of a suspected covid person with in the last 14 days. We will then be ordered to quarantine ourselves for 14 days. Also any one living with us must quarantine themselves. We must not leave the house. We must get food delivered. To be released from quarantine early we must get a negative covid test.
    This may also extend to those we have been in the radius off us after we had been in contact with the suspect covid. Would it then extend to those that have been in the radius of those that were in our radius and on and on. Would the people delivering our food be flagged up as inside our radius? This sounds a bit like a pyramid scheme that could get out of control.
    Obviously do not download the app or if you do download the app. Do not carry your tracking device with you when you go out. (I know they do not need the app to track you)

  • Node

    True story, anecdotal so of limited value but I wonder how many have similar tales.

    The only person I know who’s been registered as having covid-19 is a young woman in our village, mid-20s, healthy, a hill runner.
    A month ago word went round the village that she’d been taken off in an ambulance and was seriously ill with the virus. When my partner told me this I said I’d reserve judgement because as far as I was aware, someone of her age and health would be incredibly unlucky to be taken so badly with it.

    I met her today, she was out jogging with her dog, so I asked her story. She has had pneumonia twice previously but she’s fine after it passes. A month ago she believed she was suffering another attack of pneumonia and phoned her doctor to ask what she should do. Her doctor sent an ambulance which took her to the covid-reception area in our hospital. She didn’t have a temperature, she didn’t have a cough, and a test for covid proved negative. Nonetheless the medical staff said it could be a false negative and said they would register it as covid-19 “to be on the safe side” and sent her home to rest. She has been called back in twice for more tests, all negative, but she is still registered as having had covid-19. I suspect her severe breathlessness symptoms will be used as proof of the severity of a covid attack.

    • N_

      Thanks for this, @Node. Those who said she had Covid-19 just to “be on the safe side”, even though she showed none of the symptoms of it and tested negative for it, are doubtless among those whom ET would call “medical professionals”. Pay them enough and they’ll say anything, or they’ll think up reasons for two opposite conclusions about the same set of circumstances before breakfast and present them with the straightest of faces and it won’t bother them at all. No flies on them.

      • SA

        I wish you would stop maligning professionals who are risking their lives to save others. You are aligning yourself with some very right wing people, doesn’t look good for a Marxist.

  • Loony

    There is no question that civil liberties are vanishing. The question is how is this vanishing being accomplished.

    The state has always gone after people that it does not like – people like Julian Assange for example. What happens to Assange really doesn’t interest most people. It is something happening to someone else and not them, so why worry. Hence the state is left free to persecute any individual that it takes a dislike to.

    Covid-19 is a different matter altogether as it is removing the civil liberties of everyone all at once. This can only be achieved if the population is fully on board and are prepared to sell out both themselves and their descendants. By a spot of luck the population seems to be on board with this as the best idea since sliced bread. In fact they are even urging governments to adopt ever more draconian measures. Such is the power of fear.

    Once you have a terrified population just stir in a little panic to the mix and rational thought disappears faster than an ice cube in the Sahara. Unless you do as you are told everyone is going to die. This is a serious matter. No time for analysis. Rely on scientists (but only the ones we tell you to rely on. It is too complicated to understand. Just do as you are told.

    It is indeed complicated.

    It is complicated to understand why Saudi Arabia estimates that 1.4 million people are infected with Covid-19 in Meccas alone and yet only 126 people have died of Covid-19 in the entire kingdom.

    It is complicated to understand why Vietnam a country of 97 million people has yet to record a single death from Covid-19.

    It is complicated to understand the incentives at work if in the US a Dr. treating a patient who dies of Covid-19 is entitled to $14,000 of federal money.

    It is complicated to understand how you can determine the fatality rate of Covid-19 if you have no idea how many people are infected with Covid-19.

    It is complicated to understand how banning people from swimming in an ocean limits the infection rate of Covid-19 whilst sitting on packed metro systems also limits the infection rate of Covid-19

    As XTC observed “It’s a Complicated Game”

    • michael norton

      I really have my doubts over Lock-Down.

      I think more people are dying in institutions, like care homes, nursing homes, homeless shelters, mental institutions, sheltered housing, prisons, hospices, than in outside environments.
      If this is the case, that barely anyone on the outside of a closed environment is ceasing to exist, why should people who are healthy be enforced in to Lock-Down, to their detriment?

      • N_

        It would be good if somebody reading this who knows what’s going on in homeless shelters or otherwise among homeless people could post some information. Break the isolation.

        The last time I spoke to a homeless person was the same day that the order went out “stay at home” (if you’ve got one) after the previous period of “aiming for herd immunity” or whatever we want to call it. He seemed scared as to what might happen next, given that his normal day’s routine had been changed completely (and was about to be shut down by the police). Travelodge soon afterwards chucked many homeless people out. It’s hard to believe that that wasn’t an action caused by the public authorities, given that Travelodge isn’t a charity and whether it accommodates or doesn’t accommodate homeless people is solely a matter of what’s most profitable.

      • Republicofscotland

        “If this is the case, that barely anyone on the outside of a closed environment is ceasing to exist, why should people who are healthy be enforced in to Lock-Down, to their detriment?”


        Because healthy folk can still be
        asymptomatic and pass it on to someone else, who although they might look fit and healthy could become seriously ill very quickly and even die.

        • Bayard

          They can’t be asymptomatic if there is no-one to infect them with the disease. Outside the areas where the virus is endemic (large towns and cities in the most case), once the period during which someone can be infectious is over, then there is no more need for “lockdown”, so long as a travel ban is in place. It worked in the C17th against the bubonic plague, so it would work again in the C21st against COVID-19.
          The problem abut the UK’s restrictions are that they are too harsh where the disease is not endemic, and too lenient where it is.

          • Republicofscotland

            “They can’t be asymptomatic if there is no-one to infect them with the disease. Outside the areas where the virus is endemic (large towns and cities in the most case), once the period during which someone can be infectious is over, then there is no more need for “lockdown”, ”

            So do we know enough with certainty about this virus that you can’t be reinifected, or that the virus doesnt still lies dormant within the host post infection.

            Can people in built up areas really be trusted not to venture to remoter areas, what we know of human nature that appears unlikely.

            There’s many unanswered questions surrounding this virus for nowcat least.

          • Bayard

            “So do we know enough with certainty about this virus that you can’t be reinifected, or that the virus doesnt still lies dormant within the host post infection.”

            Well, if that is the case then “lockdown” is totally pointless because that means it has to last for decades, the only certain way that you can be sure that the disease is gone is when everyone who has had it or could have had it has died.

          • Republicofscotland

            “then there is no more need for “lockdown”, so long as a travel ban is in place. It worked in the C17th against the bubonic plague,”


            This sounds kind of similar as to what’s in place just now.

            “The most popular theory of how the plague ended is through the implementation of quarantines. The uninfected would typically remain in their homes and only leave when it was necessary, while those who could afford to do so would leave the more densely populated areas and live in greater isolation.”


          • Bayard

            RoS, that was the Black Death in the C14th, I was talking about the Great Plague of London in 1665. One was endemic throughout the country, the other was confined to London almost entirely.

          • Clark

            “Well, if that is the case then “lockdown” is totally pointless…”

            Not if an effective vaccine gets developed.

          • Giyane


            Sweating it out until the virus is exterminated might have been possible in a world where imperatives like car insurance, car tax , or mortgages did not have to be paid.

            Thatcher created this monster of interest – fuelled property inflation, and Tories have continually plugged property as a safe investment.

            When we can’t learn anything, that looks like a pretty stupid idea, and forbidding interest looks like a brainwave. Apart from the fear of death, there is a certain satisfaction in seeing the insurers having to pay us to pay them their interest.

            I have sent my furlough money to Iraqi
            Kurdistan where no oil revenue is ever squeezed out of the Usukis stooges in power. They missed 13 months payments for teachers and municipal salaries. The constant threat from Daesh, who are run by the stooges, keeps the people subservient.

            Not unlike the threat of imprisonment for Craig, Salmond and Assange here.
            Same people, Mossad. Same idea.

          • Laguerre

            “I have sent my furlough money to Iraqi Kurdistan where no oil revenue is ever squeezed out of the Usukis stooges in power.”

            It isn’t so much corruption as there isn’t any oil revenue. The error of the Kurds was to go for independence, encouraged by usukis as you put it. There are hardly any oil-fields actually in Kurdistan, only what could be grabbed outside KRG in Kirkuk, and those have now been lost.

          • Bayard

            “– “Well, if that is the case then “lockdown” is totally pointless…”

            Not if an effective vaccine gets developed.”

            Vaccines don’t work against a disease you can get more than once. How do you think a vaccine works?

          • Laguerre

            additional info for my 9.58. Sorry if too far OT.

            “Another open dossier concerns the difficult relationship between the central government and that of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. In April Baghdad suspended the payment of wages for employees of the Kurdish regional administration due to financial disputes. According to the federal executive, the Kurdish regional government would have stopped transferring the proceeds of the extraction and sale of oil as agreed in 2019 to the state coffers. At the end of last year, the Iraqi Energy Minister, Thamer Ghadhban, had in fact announced the achievement of a agreement with the Kurdish regional government according to which the latter paid the proceeds of 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to the Iraqi State Oil Marketing Organization (Somo) in exchange for the share of the state budget due to the Kurdish administration. According to Baghdad authorities, however, in March Erbil would have failed to fulfill its commitment. The central Iraqi government pays about $ 380 million for the wages of employees of the Kurdish administration. According to Masrour Barzani – prime minister of the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan – Baghdad is holding back the salaries of regional government employees “to punish the Kurdish people”.


      • Crispa

        People living in closed environments into which infections are imported are always at risk from any infectious disease outbreak. Care homes and nursing homes for older people by definition will accommodate the people who are most vulnerable because of age and preexisting conditions to the more severe forms of this particular virus, and, therefore one would expect that they would be properly protected. However, most care homes are also businesses and need to fill their beds. With the current outbreak fewer people are likely to fill the places from their usual community sources. Instead NHS England has colonised the care home sector using its Hospital Discharge Service to discharge patients from acute beds in hospitals to care homes so that they can keep turning over and paying care providers for doing so. NHS has developed a Capacity Tracker app which it wants all care providers to sign up to so that it can more easily make referrals to care homes with vacancies. Of course some people are transferred from care home to hospital and back again increasing the risk. This provides the most fertile of situations for the transmission of the disease and goes some way to explaining why death rates in care homes are so high.
        If we are thinking here of the erosion of human rights we should be looking at how the rights of older people have been stripped away from them, bearing in mind too that many will have mental capacity issues and have DNAR decisions taken for them. From ONS figures,I have calculated that there have been 33k+ deaths of people over 85 compared with less than half of that for last year before. It is a disgrace.

        • Tony M

          I don’t know Crispa, social-workers are getting quite gung-ho in scouting for old-folk to bung into care-homes, even where they’re quite happy where they are and resisting all the way. In this they’re quite above the law and gone rogue, need severely slapping down and put in their place, they’ve become a gestapo force abducting old folk right left and centre. Can’t help thinking some are on the take getting some sort of kick-back from the care-home mafia. A scandal is brewing over this.

      • John Goss

        The other thing is Michael one of the best treatments for a virus is to get outside and breathe God’s fresh air, not being cooped up in a claustrophobic self-imposed cell with stale air. I think often of poor Julian Assange. He has no choice. At least we can choose to get out and about.

        • Republicofscotland

          It would appear John that self-isolating for the vulnerable is the best known course of action for this virus.

          • Bayard

            “self-isolating for the vulnerable is the best known course of action for this virus.”

            For the vulnerable, yes, for everyone, no.

          • Republicofscotland


            There has been folk dying from the virus that are not in the vunerable group.

          • Clark

            You don’t need to be indoors to be isolated.

            I know, the government rules say you do, but this government has been supremely stupid about covid-19.

          • Republicofscotland

            Bayard @23.18.

            Isn’t that the goal to stop as many as possible from dying. Yes some folk will die regardless of what we do, but we must do all we can to reduce the number of fatalities. If that means extending the lockdown so be it.

            I’d like to see you and several others in here explain your positions to a room full of people who’ve lost loved ones to the virus.

            You’d be run out the door with your tail between your legs.

        • Giyane


          Sounds like something from Boeing.
          Compensating for turbulence forcing he plane to dive, so now they are compensating against the compensation. Algorithmic hedge funds? Science gone bonkers.
          Answer : Don’t put old people out to grass in care homes where strangers bring the services on rotas. Bless em . They were doing their best to help them.

  • Crispa

    The Information Commissioners Office has produced a paper explaining what it expects app developers such as those of the NHSX to do in order to protect personal data in the use of the app. Do n’t understand it myself but it might afford some reassurance or not as the case might be to anyone interested in the subject and what they might do to seek redress in the event.

  • fwl

    ECB announces it wants to take QE much further in light of which can’t but read this week’s German Supreme Court’s finding, that the ECB 2008 QE was unlawful, as a shot across the ECB bows and Christine Lagarde has fired back.

  • Tony M

    Day 18,742 (ish) on Plague Island. Scorchio.

    OK I’ve seen the figure that 1 in every 1 thousand replications of the virus is a mutation, most mutations have no effect on the virus, it’s fundamentally unchanged, one or two of every thousand mutations have a negative effect or positive effect, it’s either crappier and dies out or it’s better in any one of many ways. Each host (person) infected is producing billions of new viral parasites (nucleic acid in a protein coat), the new form has strong competition for receptors etc. within that host, but by some fluke along with a far greater number of unmutated forms might get propelled outside the host, and most likely die out, or by some further fluke find its way into some other host and if the viral-load is sufficient that host may get infected, again the new mutation must find a receptor in competition with a greater number of the unmutated or effect-neutral mutated form, and the odd crap mutation if it hasn’t died out yet, must compete too with the other coronaviruses, flu, cold etc. for a receptor so as to hi-jack a host cell in order to cause it to create replicas of the virus … and so on, but mutations in the wild gaining ground we see from this are vanishingly rare .

    Pity the poor virus, it would seem to have a hard life, propaganda in the form of name-calling doesn’t hurt it, it hasn’t even yet got a unfriendly name to demonise it and take away it’s dignity, it’s essential virosity, to de-viralise it, such as gook, hun, fritz, jerry etc. and it’s a cocky little blighter, needs taking down a peg or two. “Covid, has only got one strand!” doesn’t have much traction even to the tune of ‘Hitler, has only got one ball”. We’ll lose this war unless the song-writers and red-nosed comics (It’s That Virus Again) are in harness, in khaki in the rear-echelons. Cheering on the NHS workers on the real front line. With civilians in the crossfire. But if Boris wants his war, better it be this than the other kind. We can put up with bog-roll rationing for the duration, but cannot return to the pre-war conditons where the state and it’s power-mad lowliest do-gooder minions presume they and are de facto above the law, and are de jure above it too where that law is bad law that ought never to have been passed, giving powers they ought not have and cannot ever be trusted with. Let’s after this roll the state back that it can never again become the irresponsible menace and the threat and the hammer to crush us it has become. If we need to break it up and start again, so be it, let’s do it.

    • Giyane

      Tony M

      You mean maybe that this virus of 24/7 government spying might have hit a crap mutation in NHSX.
      Well it’s an ill wind that blows no good.
      Plus cha change , plus cha n’est pas la meme chose?

  • Ben

    It’s not a statutory crime to be a Useful Idiot Dupe but it should be a moral failing at least.

    • Semanticleo

      Michael Flynn, like yourselves, abhors the lack of Freedumb in modern Politics.

      Withdrawing prosecutors, unlike those of previous attempted coups like IRAN/Contra…had to wait for a pardon.

  • Loony

    A proximate reason for the vanishing of civil liberties in the both the UK and the US is the work of Professor Neil Ferguson.

    What exactly is the work of Professor Ferguson? Few people know as he seems keen to share the product of his work but much less keen to share the methodology that produces the product.

    However some progress is being made – and it makes for disturbing reading

    Of course this is only one view, and there can be no certainty as to its accuracy. The type of discussion in this link is by necessity technical and consequently is in danger of turning into a discussion of “secret knowledge” with a language known only to the minority of people inducted into the world of coding.

    From the perspective of the layman things would seem comparable to the Church of olden days where Bibles were written in Latin and a generally illiterate population were wholly reliant on the Priest class to tell you both the word of God and tell you the meaning of the word. Unsurprisingly they tended to interpret the word of God in a manner that was most economically beneficial to the Church.

    But it’s different now because…well just because it is. Anyone that disagrees must be an heretic that needs burning at the stake. All bow down to the great gods of coding. The gods need pacifying or they may grow angry. The gods need you to remain locked in your homes.

      • Loony

        Sure. Have you ever heard of John Meriwether, Myron Scholes, and Robert Merton?

    • Tony M

      Disturbing indeed, for Ferguson, perhaps for Imperial, perhaps for comp-science in this country, suspect all the best brains are writing code to spy on, to track and monitor us and in city financial sector scams, I mean the backbone of our economy, as was. I guess this form of modelling is in the realms of pseudo-science, which goes too for its usage for other complex systems (cough – climate change), this code isn’t even worthy of the gamez industry, on which I’ve always agreed with Sinclair, that they’re a waste of an otherwise useful computer. Man vs. random number generator, wouldn’t have sold quite so many copies as ‘Alien Death Race’ or similar. This is Ferguson’s Pet Monster. Wasted youth, but it seems adults, even ‘academics’, waste their lives playing silly games too, but some manage to get paid handsomely for it.

  • Ben

    I see the UK is replete with Trump-style lockdown opponents to stay in lockstep with Assange/Trump enabling. So happy to be uninfected..

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