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This blog will be going dark for a few months. The Queen kindly paid for my dinners for over twenty years while I was a British diplomat and Ambassador, and now she is going to be paying for my dinners again. That is very kind, I thought she had forgotten me.

The following is a statement from Nadira:

Today is the most heartbreaking day. My husband whose health has been found to not be suitable for prison must hand himself in for detention within hours following the UK Supreme Court’s decision not to hear his appeal.

We were extremely hopeful that the Supreme Court would hear his case and had no doubt that this particular case should have been heard given how important and relevant it is in the context of Freedom of Speech in the UK. Instead, the Supreme Court declined to hear it.

Yet again my heart is deeply saddened to find that the UK, once a country which placed great importance on Human Rights issues, has failed to listen to my husband’s case. Additionally, the Scottish Court outright dismissed Craig’s poor health, having been made aware through the mandatory Social Work report and doctor’s reports that his wellbeing would be at risk if forced to go to jail.

At first I tried to come to terms of him being jailed in the hope he would be granted dignified conditions in jail but I am saddened and shocked to learn he could be placed among criminals, with no ability to bring books or enable him to write, with no entertainment allowed. He is being treated like a criminal. This is not a just punishment, this is a deliberate attempt to break the spirit of anyone brave enough to make use of free speech.

Given a pen and paper what do you do? You write in your own voice speaking the truth. Having been with Craig for two decades he has always spent his time and energy highlighting injustices and standing up for what is right, carefully, considerately and consistently.

I was brought up during Soviet times, and post independence in my own country, Uzbekistan. I have witnessed and personally experienced myself what the price of freedom of speech truly is. Opponents were ‘disappeared’ or it was claimed they had ‘taken their own life’, or been locked away in asylums. I am filled with fear this pattern is now repeating itself in the UK. It is appalling to see Craig is going through the same treatment in the so-called ‘human rights’ respecting country UK.

This is an attack on Truthtellers. His writings are those of a highly qualified Journalist, Human Rights Activist, former Rector of Dundee University and former British Ambassador. To us, his family, this situation is devastating: I am now left with my 5 months old baby, yet to find a good way to explain Craig’s jail sentence to his confused and anxious 12 year old son.

Of any readers concerned with the loss of freedom of speech and equality before the law I ask that you show active and outspoken solidarity with my partner.

A Craig Murray Justice Campaign has been formed which I hope you can support. Find them on twitter @cmurrayjustice . Their website will be up shortly and details will be posted on this site.


I am well aware that the last few weeks I have posted very little, because the constant worry of having a jail sentence hanging imminently over my head, which became very oppressive. For the last several Friday afternoons I was watching the clock until the time came when I was confident no warrant would come and I could have another weekend with my children.

Subscription to this blog has always been voluntary and anyone is free to read and reproduce without subscribing. These subscriptions have become the major source of income to myself and my family, and I am especially grateful to those who have maintained their subscriptions when it has not been really functioning. I shall be immensely happy if you can continue until I am back. The struggle continues after this holiday.

Unlike our adversaries including the Integrity Initiative, the 77th Brigade, Bellingcat, the Atlantic Council and hundreds of other warmongering propaganda operations, this blog has no source of state, corporate or institutional finance whatsoever. It runs entirely on voluntary subscriptions from its readers – many of whom do not necessarily agree with the every article, but welcome the alternative voice, insider information and debate.

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220 thoughts on “Going Dark

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  • Bob Smith

    Devastating news. The lack of justice in this case is staggering. Something has gone terribly wrong with the court system in Scotland and other parts of the UK. By any measurement Mr Murray should not be in prison.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you craig and also with your family. I am sure you will survive this ordeal and emerge stronger.

    • Ingwe

      It isn’t, I’m afraid to say, purely a matter of the failure of the court system, flawed though that is. This is a political decision not a judicial system even though I’m aware of the falsity in the appearance of there being a distinction between the two. Every first year law and politics student is taught of the separation of powers as some kind of constitutional safeguard. Governments are supposed to be kept in check by the judiciary who in turn are supposed to follow laws laid down by the elected government. And the ‘neutral’ civil service is supposed to carry out Parliament’s legislation impartially. The reality is, however, that all three branches are essentially made up of the same class that rules society and controls the narrative and act to protect that narrow interest in society.

      Mr Murray spoke the truth to the express dissatisfaction of the ruling elite in the UK generally and Scotland in particular. And for that, he has to pay. Justice, truth, fairness has nothing at all to do with it. And I expect that the term of imprisonment will not be the end of it. I anticipate that further actions may follow to swallow up any of Mr Murray’s funds with the intention of bankrupting him.

      History will condemn this travesty although the perpetrators may themselves avoid punishment. But there always comes a tipping point when those in charge, emboldened by their arrogance and hubris go to far. I suggest, as a positive, that this point is fast approaching and they ought not to sleep soundly.

      • Franc

        Thanks for that Ingwe.
        Jonathan Cook ( link provided by Mark Golding July 31 at 09.03 ) also touches on possible bankruptcy.
        Just below the video of David Davis, under the sub heading, Relentless Attack …… Now they have found a way to lock him up, as they have Assange, as well as tie Murray uppotentially for years in legal battles that risk bankrupting him as he seeks to clear his name.

        I would like to think that the potential for bankruptcy could be avoided, or minimised, by putting certain assets in Trust, or somehow ringfenced….

  • Michael McGowan

    Dear Craig, although I do not share your politics in many respects, I wish you nothing but well. Leaving aside the rancid politics of Scotland, this whole episode reflects very poorly on the judicial system in the UK, both north and now (so it seems) south of the Border. But then if you look at the track record of the judicial system (and not just the PR), its performance in protecting civil liberties against overweening state power has long been very patchy. Thinking of you and your family.

    Michael McGowan

  • Lev Ke

    This is unbelievable, and yet so expected. I pray the Scots wake up to what is being done in their name very soon.
    Freeing the prisoners is one of the Seven Acts of Mercy, and I think Scotland needs to have a big dose of them right now.
    It is pure and clear quashing of dissenting voices. It’s so very medieval.

    Dear Craig, I wish I could do something more than just wish you and your loved ones the utmost strength to get through this horrible time, and that this time will be much much shorter than they intend it to be. This is really beyond belief. UK in 2021. Being as inhumane as ever.

    Please keep your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel. Let your spirit not be broken – that is the only thing they want. Please don’t give it to them.

    Thanks for all you do. You are hero.

  • DunGroanin

    The big news in the Groaniad Scotland section right now?

    “ Drugs deaths in Scotland soar to record level”
    By Severin Carrell
    “ ‘Glorious Twelfth’ on the brink across UK after poor grouse breeding season”


    They are coming for independent journalists and bloggers like you, as expected.

    Where are the posturing social justice mainstream worm tongues? Like Cadwalladr and Owen Jones and bleeding heart ‘illiberal’ stenographers?
    These who sidle up slyly with crocodile tears?

    It was expected but am still very angry that an innocent , untried before a jury, reporter is summarily jailed for looking at injustice by the Fascist State in the eye and calling it what it is.

    May your incarceration create seismic waves. May the old lags inside know your worth and show you kindness, as I know they do with innocents and may you be reunited with your family with a quick release.

    Your archive has plenty to re-read and you will be in our thoughts daily.

    • DunGroanin

      5 stories titled Scotland now.
      Nothing about Journalist Political Peisonee in their purview.


      There a number of Groaniad friends, who slurp the kook aid, finally smelling something fishy. It may become a Thing!

  • Jm

    A staggering travesty of justice,absolutely staggering.

    Scotland has now officially become a banana republic.

    Stay strong Craig,we are here for you and your family.

  • Blair Paterson

    Every fair minded person in Scotland will feel ashamed at this jail sentence and rightly so aye the good and just lie in the dust and tyrany reigns as for lady Dorrian I would remind her one day we all have a judge to face and there will be no hiding place Craig you are and will be in my prayers please don’t let the bastards get you down

  • joel

    They can’t take a bit of truth, can they? You are indeed a hero and are recognised as such by all the best and most fearless of them — Pilger, Cook, Blumenthal, Greenwald et al. Your takes on the remainder of 2021 will be missed.

  • Anndra

    Heartbreaking. I hope you consider moving away from the United Kingdom after you get out. There are no signs that things are going to get better over there for many years to come.

    Thank you very much for all your work.

  • glenn_nl

    I’m terribly sorry this is happening, Craig.

    Any chance you can post off my copy of Sikunder Burnes before you go? (Just kidding)

    You will certainly be thought of frequently, and you have the well-wishes of every decent person who knows anything about the case behind you. Which is a lot more than can be said of those persecuting you.

    Perhaps you could write the occasional update, and the mods post it here on your behalf. Perhaps Nadia could provide updates. We will be waiting anxiously for your return.

    Wishing you the very best.

  • Patricia Maguire

    I was very sorry to see the outcome of the appeal ruling, but not surprised. If anyone has struck at ‘the heart of justice’s it is Lady Dorrian, not just for her ruling but also for this comment which is completely OTT. I wish you well.

  • nevermind

    This revenge judge must never become the Lord judge of the court of session, her snide remarks, ideas of non jury trials in sex cases and her ignorance of Craigs personal health, he should have been granted the same care he himself displayed when he wrote about those who perjured themselves at the AS trial, and be given bail.
    The supreme courts rejection seems to have more to do with the harridan’s ambitions than with the 24 years of services to the Crown given by this man.
    How else can a Supreme court be called that is supporting a trial of an ex diplomat with no evidence being allowed, no jury in attendance, accept snide remarks and an unbalanced approach to health evidence which should have seen Craig serving his sentence in an open prison, if at all.
    My heart goes out to Nadira who is left worrying about his health and treatment in prison, she will need all our support.

  • Republicofscotland

    An absolute travesty of justice, Lady Dorrian’s ambition for the top spot in her field will have been noticed by Sturgeon.

    I wish you well Craig, keep strong, you’ll be back as they say.

  • Tom Kennedy

    Craig, may your time as a political prisoner pass quickly. I will send some money to hopefully help your family in the meantime. I’m sure that between the readers of this blog we will make sure that you have no worries on that score. Godspeed.

  • John O'Dowd

    For the first time in my life I am left speechless at this disgraceful horror.

    You have my thoughts and concern Craig. I wish you well to come out stronger and even more committed to the struggle for justice.

    Sometimes, great men have to suffer. You are disgracefully traduced.

    • Alf Baird

      “I am disgusted by what Scotland has become.”

      Yes, colonialism is indeed ‘disgusting’, as we see, though the ‘scourge’ is hardly recent. Colonialism also perhaps explains why Scotland has the largest prison population per head in Western Europe – the implication being that a great many Scots may be sent to prison who should not be there, and that prosecuting maliciously has been around for a while, as might be expected in any colonial environment.

      • Obair Pheallaidh

        I agree. It is Scotland’s institutions and the people who control them that are at fault here and have been for a very long time not Scotland. People taking a pop at Scotland now have to ask themselves some questions. Who is on the receiving end? What political beliefs do they hold(with the exception of one case all have been political)? Why are they being arrested? Why in this time are malicious prosecutions increasing in Scotland? What purpose does it serve?

  • Patsy Millar

    A dark day for so called Scottish justice. Just sending love and will be thinking of you throughout your ordeal. xx

  • Barry Rankin

    Dear Craig,
    On a personal level I wish you and your family nothing but my love and admiration.
    As others have noted, this entire fiasco bares open the truth of how far Scotland has fallen. You knew the risks of taking on the establishment and for that you are a truly brave man.
    Observing from Germany I can’t really express how shocked I am.

  • dearieme

    If someone must go to jail unjustly I suppose I should take some consolation from his being a supporter of the fascism-with-kilts party. Because, however, he’s a frail chap with a wife and young child, I think it’s no consolation at all.

    Shame on the SNP government and its corrupted legal system. Shame on all of you who have supported it. So much for the Scottish Enlightenment – back to the bad old days, eh?

  • Thomas Gerald Darrer

    This is treacherous and speaks volumes about ‘the state we’re in’. You must have really spoken truth to power so loudly that they have determined to make you pay with your most valuable of assets – your time here with your loved ones. We are not deceived by their (mis)judgements.

  • JGedd

    How can a decent and honourable man end up in prison? Well, you can, apparently, if the system is without honour and decency. The judgement in your trial was irrational and illogical. How can you solve a jigsaw with only one piece while others with more pieces that connected remain unaccountable? Lady Dorrian’s highly subjective reasoning was, to put it politely, hard to fathom. I didn’t get any names from reading your accounts but an imaginary person – based on no evidence at all – was held to have done so, which therefore made you culpable? Has Lady Dorrian read Kafka?

    Like others, I can only say that my thoughts are with you and hope that you emerge soon from this unjust imprisonment.

    • Courtenay Barnett


      You ask, ” How can a decent and honourable man end up in prison?”

      Ask Nelson Mandela.

  • Stevie Boy

    A true travesty, and don’t assume this is a scottish thing. This is another evidential symptom of the UKs continued descent into the swamp of repression, oppression and fascism – along with most western regimes. We are all at risk.
    I wouldn’t be overly concerned with Craig being placed with criminals. I think he’ll find they are a lot more open and honest than most of ‘the establishment’ who are responsible for his incarceration.
    Chin up, you are right, they are wrong, our thoughts are with you.

    • Inside Life

      Someone remarked in that recent Sean Bean prison drama ‘Time’ that ‘this lot should all be in a mental institution’. Because that is what prisons are – mental institutions. Doing ‘time’ is a life changing experience. It is maybe something we should ALL experience. My only hope is that Mr Murray is ‘insulated’ from the regular prison system, the lunatics, the ‘reception’, the ‘dug-boxes’, and is transported immediately to some cushy open prison where he can put his feet up and be let out to visit his family at the weekend. But given the scum that are running the show in Scotland’s thirst for vengeance I hae me doots.

  • Fazal Majid

    “Craig Murray – Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist”

    And now also a political prisoner.

    This is utterly disgusting. Has Amnesty International taken over his case yet?

  • Alf Baird

    “I am disgusted by what Scotland has become.”

    Yes, colonialism is indeed ‘disgusting’, as we see, though the ‘scourge’ is hardly recent. Colonialism also perhaps explains why Scotland has the largest prison population per head in Western Europe – the implication being that a great many Scots may be sent to prison who should not be there, and that prosecuting maliciously has been around for a while, as might be expected in any colonial environment.

  • Wade Mansell

    Caig’s imprisonment for the honest reporting of a court trial beggars belief. This decision will be used by China, Russia and Iran to justify their own legal processes. I am stunned and never believed that I would see this day. I also never anticipated such silence on such a crucial issue from the UK’s ‘free’ media. And I was also astounded that leave to appeal to the UK Supreme Court was refused. I only hope that this case is heard in the European Court of Human Rights as a matter of urgency. Scottish justice is shamed.

    • Courtenay Barnett

      Wade Mansell,

      “I only hope that this case is heard in the European Court of Human Rights as a matter of urgency.”

      Same thought ran through my head – but – I do not know the procedural rules applicable thereto and/or whether there could be a stay pending the appeal.

      I have had direct experience with securing release of a legal colleague for contempt imprisonment: with the assistance of Amnesty International dictating to the British Government that he would be declared a ‘prisoner of conscience’ if he were not unconditionally released. The UK Government complied.

      Actually, never thought the Appeal would not be heard. Easier to avoid rather than address the inherent issues involved.

      • pretzelattack

        how can they justify not even hearing it? i mean they can’t, but no doubt they will write a lot trying to.

    • Baalbek

      No, China, Russia and Iran will not use this case to “justify their own legal processes”. Don’t be ridiculous.

      These countries are not obsessed with the west, it’s propagandized westerners like you who are obsessed with them.

  • nyolci

    Pls. go to exile NOW. And ask for political asylum. Any European country would grant you that. Perhaps Ireland would be a good choice, similar culture, and they actually fought for their independence against the English clowns.

    • DunGroanin

      Leave the politics of despair to the fascists state with their rusty iron claws.

  • Tom Stone

    I am saddened but not surprised by this and only hope that you can survive the next 8 months in reasonable health.
    Lady Dorrian and the Scots establishment do not seem to understand that once the Rule of Law is abandoned all that is left is force and the threat of violence.
    If you live in Scotland and have any degree of wealth at all you would be well advised to attach your lips firmly to the right set of buttocks or everything you have will be taken away, legally.
    Including your freedom and your life.
    Choose carefully.

    • glenn_nl

      Every occasion is the right time for these lunatics, which is why nobody with any sense takes them seriously.

  • Neil

    About the only good thing about this is that we can all now see that the people doing this to Craig are all absolutely evil, evil from the heart, categorically evil. Evil beyond any trace of doubt. Evil cannot stand or withstand honesty, integrity and compassion. Only evil can do this to a good man.

    They have now removed all doubt about how evil they are. Sooner or later everyone will realise it, and History will record who is telling the truth, and who is lying.

    Nadira, please explain to your son that his father is a good man, that decent people know that he is a good man, but that unfortunately there are some very evil people who have power, and are using that power to put an innocent man in prison for telling the truth. Craig will survive this, because he has the strength of knowing that he is doing the right thing. Your son should be very, very proud of his father.

    And, for what little it’s worth, I have doubled my regular monthly contribution to Craig’s blog.

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