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I was down in London last week for discussions around my appeal to the Supreme Court, and staying in a hotel close to Leicester Square, I wandered along to see the fans during their game with Ukraine and its very noisy aftermath. I was hoping to write a piece about disgusting uncouth yobs of racist English nationalists and their stupid and perhaps violent excesses.

With the exception of the most hardline of unionists and the politically correct automatons of the “new” SNP, it is ingrained in most Scots to support two teams: Scotland, and whoever is playing England. This is generally expressed lightly, but the centuries of oppression and cultural and economic dominance that led to these attitudes are very real. I have been amusing myself greatly on twitter throughout the tournament by supporting the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, any opponent of England, I confess largely because it creases me up to see unionists so easily triggered and unable to cope with teasing.

I know, I should get out more.

Well, I have to say I was wrong. I found it impossible to dislike the crowds of England supporters. They were joyous, and there was no sign I could find around Leicester or Trafalgar Squares of the kind of racist Brexit backers who had booed the England team for taking the knee. Indeed, the most striking thing about the crowd was its extreme multiculturalism, the most joyous and unified representation of most of the ethnic groupings on this earth, all with their arms around each other and sharing beer, wine, tequila, a variety of smokable substances, and anything else to hand.

There was also a far greater gender mix than I expected, and the women were by no means passive or in girlfriend mode. In fact some of the more aggressively uninhibited groups of celebrating young women were distinctly intimidating to an old fogey like me and had me scuttling to cover (they meant no harm but might have hugged me to death).

Yes, I know London is not Grimsby or the ex-red wall constituencies, I know English nationalism is a real problem and will split up the UK (about which I am intensely happy). But I was wrong to dismiss the Gareth Southgate phenomenon of an essentially decent Englishness and its reach. My loyalties for Euro 2020 (sic) now lie with the nation of my Italian grandmother. But I feel somewhat less revolted by the continuing success of the English team.

I should make my confession; I liked the English fans I was around that night.


I should be very grateful if you read this excellent article by Alexander Mercouris on my appeal to the Supreme Court. Alexander is a lawyer and it is an explanation of the detail, but it absolutely captures everything I have been lying awake at nights and thinking about the case.

I was chatting to Vivienne Westwood at a rally for Julian Assange and she is very taken with the climate crisis. We are heading for the edge of an abyss, and a few people in power are considering how to slow down a bit, while almost nobody is suggesting we turn round. Vivienne reminded me of her website Climate Revolution, which is very stimulating and worth checking for updates.

Vivienne often chooses to express her thought through her art and allegorical representation, and also writes cogently and pithily. The breadth and depth of her knowledge and quality of her thinking are impressive. For those not with a natural artistic bent, it is worth taking the time to understand. For example, she chose to celebrate Julian’s fiftieth birthday not by eating birthday cake but by smearing it on herself. It is a great piece of agitprop, and invites you to work out why.

Finally, here is a lovely picture of John Pilger, who was on great form, and me showing off my bald spot.


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791 thoughts on “On Being A Bit Wrong

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  • Peter

    I have to admit it, hope you’re all sitting down, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Dominic Cummings. (Yes, I voted Brexit and would do so again tomorrow but I promise you I’m not right wing, racist, an ignorant oik, or a knuckle dragging gammon).

    I’ve watched most of his parliamentary attendances, the C4/Cumberbatch film along with other stuff and I agree, or at least sympathise, with almost all of what he says, and I still don’t think you can tell from what he says which party he supports, though obviously you would assume he supports the Tories (which I most certainly don’t) but that’s not obvious purely from what he says. Indeed on the programme last night he clearly only had bad things to say about Johnson and regarded even some Tories who support his views as “morons”. What’s not to like?

    With the Labour Party turning into a horror show, his ideas about replacing the party system at least give pause for thought.

    I’ve seen a number of commenters mentioning “eugenics” but I’ve never seen any evidence to back this up and I’m also aware that he appointed a right wing fruitcake while he was in Downing street which also gives me pause for thought.

    I can’t shake the suspicion that at some point something’s going to jump up and bite me on the ass and shame me for ever holding these views but for the time being he remains a person of interest – to me at least.

    • Goose

      Broadcasting what basically amounted to one extremely bitter individual sounding off against his former boss, Johnson, in a one-off, half hour interview on BBC 2 would have been unthinkable were Labour led by anyone remotely of the left.
      This, along with Laura Kuenssberg’s stage-managed soft-focus ‘listening exercise’, in which a bunch of right-wing voters reinforced Sir Keir’s own prejudices against the left of his party, merely suggest the BBC is going all out to save establishment man Starmer’s wretched leadership. Starmer has no policies, is completely devoid of ideas, he has no discernible guiding political philosophy or rooted principles whatsoever. He’s seemingly just a Trilateral neocon mannequin sent in to cripple the left after fraudulently winning left-wing memberships’ votes.

      • Jimmy Riddle

        Goose – I don’t watch TV – so didn’t see the interview.

        But one thing occurred to me – exactly the properties you ascribe to Starmer could be ascribed to Sturgeon.

        Sturgeon is clearly prejudiced against the left of her party and particularly prejudiced against those who actually want independence. The BBC and the `establishment’ are clearly trying to hit all the right buttons to keep her in place. Sturgeon doesn’t have her own policies – she simply lifts the policies of Tony Blair. Sturgeon doesn’t have any ideas of her own – she lifts any ideas straight from Blair / Mandelson and passes them off as her own. She doesn’t seem to have any discernible guiding political philosophy – except for the deep conviction that all men should have their goolies cut off (which she lifted straight from Not the Nine O’Clock News). Sturgeon is a neocon mannequin sent in to cripple the independence movement after fraudulently winning the votes of pro-independence people.

        I’m in favour of much of the independence agenda (economically to the left, pro-Palestinian, pro-neutrality), but I’m not in favour of independence. The rise of Nicola Sturgeon persuades me that independence won’t help; the battle has to be fought elsewhere.

        • Goose

          I too think Starmer and Sturgeon are cut from similar cloth and share similar personal characteristics and indeed gullibility. But the independence door is still ajar for Sturgeon, the future isn’t written and she could yet surprise everyone and campaign hard for independence. Starmer on the other hand surely has to be working for someone or some organisation (Trilateral Com, intel services perhaps?). Literally, nobody would be this uncomfortable, woeful and pitiful acting with a free hand and of their own volition.

          Starmer was possibly seduced by the UK security establishment at some point? As DPP, besides pressing Sweden over Assange and trying to extradite Asperger syndrome diagnosed hacker Gary McKinnon, he looked the other way on overwhelming evidence of UK complicity in torture, perhaps unsurprisingly then he has no qualms about metaphorically ‘torturing’ the party’s few remaining Corbynite leftists.

          Sturgeon never really had to define herself politically because she was always Salmond’s protégé. Free of that, she’s revealed what she lacks in creativity she makes up for ruthlessness and authoritarianism – which doubtless has some electoral appeal – perceived as it is as strong leadership. But she remains firmly within UK establishment boundaries, refusing to challenge broader UK policy.

          As for independence not being a solution, my own opinion is that the UK(and the US) share dying, unrepresentative two-party political systems that alas, aren’t going to go quietly. No, the political establishment + onside overpaid media lackeys + deeply misguided agencies, will fight to preserve these outdated duopoly systems. They’ll lie about critics being Russia or China backed; accuse their fellow citizens of subversion for demanding sensible reform of these demonstrably unrepresentative systems. Scottish independence potentially offers a quick escape from this painful process of inevitable change/reform.

      • Peter

        @ Goose

        Yes, I agree with almost all you say too, but I don’t think you can put Cummings’ increasing commentaries ‘just’ down to bitterness. I think most people would agree we are enduring probably the most incompetent, corrupt PM and government at least since the war. That is clear from the evidence available to everybody. Cummings is dragging out the bodies/evidence from behind closed doors for all to see. I, for one, am grateful for that. The interview was an hour long btw.

        The wretched Kuenssberg’s position was interesting in all this. I would argue that the BBC as the voice of the Establishment wants Johnson gone, they’ve never supported him – and they absolutely hate Cummings. So Kuenssberg’s job was to draw out the criticisms of Johnson while character assassinating Cummings. My guess would be she wants to retain her relationship with Johnson while doing her job for the BBC/Establishment. A very tricky line to walk. So the interview (from first viewing) concentrated more on demonising Cummings – a role she set about with some vehemence – than the criticisms of Johnson. In that regard I would say she had some success but could still not diminish the criticisms of PM and government.

        On Starmer, yes, agree, obviously.

        • Goose

          Cumming’s could be correct, Johnson may well be out of his depth and improvising, but in some ways that could be safer than some hawkish right-winger who is truly focused. Cummings said in his last series of revelations about life in No.10, at one point they had Trump on the phone wanting to bomb some country in the ME. Johnson may be lots of things but I don’t see him as a hawk, or particularly ideological. We’ve seen with Blair and Thatcher where driven right-wing leaders can take us. Johnson’s chaotic, bungling leadership may, perversely, be a blessing in disguise?

    • DunGroanin

      Peter, on the Cummings Narrative Manufacturing while the PM and Health and Home Secretaries are allowed a MSM and Opposition free pass to a daily more fascist regime.

      Starting with LauraKoftheCIA – I have been referring to her as that for quite some time now, no one ever challenged me – she and her BBC news editorial Mafia have been the Mission Impossible Team who have been charged with the the Narrative Management- I refer you and others to her soft focus pre election videos of selling Bozo to the masses. So that when he was installed the populace would think it was great cause Laura loved him and they loved her …
      She did the same with BrexShit and Postal Votes.
      As they struck down any one who offered a different take on the channel cf the disappeared Katy’s Adler.

      Cummings is just another in a long line of psychopaths raised to be the ceo/coo of the Pathocracy that had always financed and benefited from European/Anglo Imperialism- by parcelling the world into nations which they can then win/ sign up to debt / extract wealth with no cost.
      People such as him are the real life ‘Dr Strangeloves’ as Dr Kissinger has been. They don’t bother with being populist and ‘win’ elections to achieve power – they run these clown puppets. Its hard enough with fptp hence genuine PR will never be allowed unless wrestled from their cold dead hands by revolting masses.

      Don’t forget Cummings was given a test bed for his alchemy in the North East – on devolution, postal votes, Social media messaging, building towards BrexShit – using such weapons which mean actual voters and votes don’t matter – only the presentation and media messaging of the preplanned result does.

      When the pillars of state have been so entwined and are directly manipulated by these who have never cared what the people really want – we are well down the rabbit hole, into this coup state that is legislating a facist state.

      The establishment/deep state call them whatever have all but dumped 70 years of postwar social democratic hard-won gains by the grandkids of these who achieved that covenant after many centuries.

      They do this by becoming dumbed down by endless red top’s and MSM capture, endless TV channels, the rise of Exceptionalist superhero fairytales and restoring the respect for toffs by shovelling stuff like Downton Abbey like willing foi gras geese lining up to have a funnel put down their gullets to stuff with liver bursting corn! So they bought Thatcherism – the lie that the governments budget is the same as a private person or company. They bought NuLabInc and two decades of fake Walt on Terror, selling off even more public services and assets to hedge funds and indenturing students; they bought politically chosen Austerity and the biggest lie ever, that it was being an EU member that we had poorer people and public services – leaving you lot believing you can to the conclusion BrexShit was your own idea and choice!

      Dozo Cummings is being portrayed as the ‘saviour’ instead of his crimes of electoral fraud and lies being exposed , loud by a independent media.

      Laura is the willing handmaiden who is happy to do her grovelling bit and brainwash the brainwashed into forgetting she brainwashed them into loving Bozo – as she is doing for Spaffings now, with her tale telling.

      They really believe that the Brits will welcome Dozo to be our unelected dictator Caesar – just as the original millennia before and Mussolini not 100 years ago were.

      • Peter

        @ DunGroanin

        Interesting food for thought which will take a while to digest – I’ll give it some time.

        But the idea that the BBC was pro-Brexit does not serve you well. It most certainly wasn’t, it was, and remains, the exact opposite.

        Katya Adler was effectively the mouthpiece of the (anti-Brexit) EU and presented their every utterance as holy writ.

        I didn’t notice her being replaced as EU Correspondent and if some Pro-Brexit elements within the BBC did/have done since, they were/are certainly in the minority.

        • Goose


          True. I’d say editorially BBC news were sympathetic to the #FBPE crowd and were generally pro the UK’s EU membership.

          But their detestation for Corbyn led them to go all in on the ‘Labour antisemitism’ smears and they promoted The Independent Group (Change UK) heavily. There’s no doubt the BBC are partly responsible for what happened in the 2019 GE. They also tricked Corbyn and Sturgeon to submit to damaging Andrew Neil primetime BBC 1 interviews, when Johnson had already refused.

          • Peter

            @ Goose

            Yes, once again, completely agree.

            As public service broadcasting goes the BBC’s treatment of JC was, and continues to be, an absolute disgrace. Even the BBC board/trust called out Kuenssberg on one occasion for maliciously editing an interview to misrepresent and distort his views.

      • Ron Soak

        To add to that list for the sake of completeness.

        They also bought in and sold the dogmatic Thatcherite no such thing as society only the individual and the family narrative. A narrative based on the right wing fiction, populised ironically by the self identifying ‘left/progressive Foucault, that only the subjective based manufactured reality of the individual has any value and that objective based social reality and society have no value and no place. A fiction which has been repackaged as ‘progressive’ to hide it’s Thatcherite and Randian pedigree.

        A significant proportion of what claims to be ‘the left’ finds itself facing in two opposing directions at the same time. Quite rightly criticising the elevation of a purist and dogmatic narrative in which any deviation or criticism is met by purges from the regime run by the political right within the Labour Party in regard to the elevation of one particular form of racism at the top of a hierarchical oppression pyramid. However, it has no qualms in using the same process to support its own similarly sacred narrative. De-platforming and cancelling by association from a free speech event those who have supported the speech of others which questions that sacred, Randian, no such thing as society only the individual perception of subjective self ID dogma.

          • mark

            There are various kinds of ‘ Lefties’.

            Corbyn was and is a British lefty as was Benn.

            Fidel Castro was a Cuban lefty.

            Stalin considered himself a lefty.

            Apparently Andrew Marr is a lefty according to a Guardian columnist last week.

            Lot’s and lot’s of leftys.

            I forgot – Lenin – Trotsky and Marx were lefties too.

            Benn and Marr were beardless lefties – some conspiracy theories maybe?

            There are of course purist lefties who think that the Russian Revolution should be carried out across the globe now despite the wrong conditions and think that similar conditions for Revolutions are the same as they were in 1917 and 1919 in Germany.

            That’s sort of Blairite Centrism from the purists.

            The centre across the globe has no answers to what is to come but

            Blair thinks that 2021 is similar to 1997.

            Blair and Biden are pro capitalist – but one has a lot of actual power and the other one sells his ‘ wisdom’ to the highest bidder.

            Takes all sorts of lefties and rightys to make or ruin the world.

            I forgot again – the most successful ‘ lefties ‘ reside in China.

            Whether they are purist lefties or cleverer lefties is an open debate but they seem to be doing fine as opposed to say the SWP.

          • Squeeth

            You miss my point, there are lefties and “lefties” Corbyn is a “lefty”. The difference between a “lefty” and a righty is that the righty says “no never” and the “lefty” says “yes but not yet”.

    • Giyane


      Cummings is master of blag. What is blag? The art of evading responsibility by asking a new question. BoJo doesn’t find the answers to Covid in his Thatcher manual, so he starts to consult others. Cummings says this is incompetence. While we are we talking about BoJo’s incompetence, nobody is asking why government studies about coronaviruses were ignored by 10 years of Tory government.

      If you have a soft spot for Cummings’ art of blag, why not make money out of it by satirising it in a new series of Yes Minister? , the sole difference being the new public opinion of rightwing populism that has replaced the mild socialism of our youth.

      Words cannot describe the cretinous fawning of fascist ideology that has replaced social conscience, but Cummings is the master of prostitution to the new ideology. A shallow, obsequious spokesman for Tory reed and malice.

      • nevermind

        Those who fart on and detest Corbyns exceptional public appeal are an even older hat.

        This ridiculous acception that we all have to accept party politics as it fails before our eyes is nothing but vested interest rat talk.

        • nevermind

          party politics have failed
          Now see whether you have a local community left to interact with….

          • JD

            Yes, party politics has failed. FPTP has also run its course. Both those things were always doomed to short-term thinking – the only thing of interest being the next vote/election/opinion poll.
            Sadly, there does not seem to be a solution to the age old problem that the people who want power the most are those least suitable to exercise it.
            Proportional representation would be an improvement. At least more votes would actually count then.
            One interesting idea that has been around a while now is a jury selection-type deal for choosing MPs. They would then have a fixed term (e.g. 3 years) until the next random sampling from the population to pick the next bunch.
            Virtually all politicians now are owned by the system, i.e. corporations and mainstream media. If random people were chosen, they might prove to be less corruptable (they also might turn out to be crazy, but it’s still probably worth the risk).

        • Squeeth

          Corbyn shat on his public appeal three days after he got the gig, it was retreat, retreat and retreat ever after. Oh and have you forgotten that he stood by while rich, zionist antisemites purged poor, black and Jewish people?

          • nevermind

            Of course you, squeethy, would have acted and expelled Lord L., with ten knifes sticking in your back.
            The opposition to him was instant, but don’t hold back. Tell us what you were doing to stop it.

          • mark

            You are wrong.

            Corbyn ( if he was lucky ) had around a dozen supporters in the Labour part PLP.

            He had to co-opt the soft left and even some of the centre left to make up a Shadow Cabinet.

            In 2017 they came within a hair’s breadth of a narrow win.

            This scared the ruling class so much that they re-doubled their efforts to make sure that the British ( I emphasise the British left – Corbyn is not Castro) left would never get near power.

            The ex Corbyn cabinet joined in the stopping.

            What I am saying is that there are ‘ lefties ‘ of many stripes who think they can transpose the Russian Revolution on all countries at the present time.

            No you can’t.

            Corbyn ( and I like him ) had no chance of taking over the running of the UK State.

            I can only say this and I think it’s true.

            The left purists can wish what they want but the conditions in each country and the world are different and various nations will ditch their neo – liberal governments and eventually they will fall but you can’t draw the conclusions that the disappointed will automatically move on to revolution.

            Revolution is very serious and if you go for it you have to be pretty certain you can win.

            if you don’t win there are consequences.

            Pamphlets are fine but that is philosophy and although real revolutions are based on philosophy (ideals ) but enacting them and entrenching them in societies are a different matter.

            A matter of life or death.

          • Johny Conspiranoid

            “In 2017 they came within a hair’s breadth of a narrow win.”

            Don’t forget the ‘postal ballot’.

  • Jimmy Riddle

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed that the current Scottish government (i.e. Nicola Sturgeon) is very anti-EU, no matter what they might say. Actions speak louder than words.

    The current rules for flying into Scotland: you need to have had a full vaccine (i.e. two doses) *administered by the NHS*. Exactly the same vaccine administered in an EU country doesn’t count; an EU vaccine passport doesn’t count – if you come in with an EU vaccine passport you still have to do your quarantine.

    It seems fundamentally racist to me – you can’t trust these European doctors, because they are foreign. They probably stuck the needle in the wrong place, unlike people from the NHS, who have the required skill to aim the needle properly and vaccinate people correctly.

    These are the current Scottish government rules. With behaviour like that from the Scottish government, don’t expect the EU to welcome Scotland with open arms after independence.

    • Jeff

      More red herrings? Belgium does the same – currently doesn’t recognise Scottish (or English) NHS vaccine status documents you have to have an EU digital vaccine passport.

      • Jimmy Riddle

        Jeff – well, I was vaccinated in the EU and I’m currently trying to get back to Scotland sometime during the summer – so this isn’t a red herring.

        It does all seem to be part of some vicious petty-minded tit-for-tat – which certainly won’t end well – and the Scottish government has given every indication that it thoroughly approves of this.

        Of course, I do appreciate that, with my EU vaccine passport, I *will* easily be able to go for a nice holiday elsewhere in Europe – and I will do so. Such a pity, though, that the current Scottish government has bought into this UK exceptionalism.

          • Jimmy Riddle

            Well, I don’t really see what you’re trying to say here. Belgium recognises the EU vaccine passport. I’d say that it is the UK that has been playing silly buggers (including Scotland) – so don’t be surprised if you find EU countries doing a completely justified retaliatory tit-for-tat.

  • Skye Mull

    At the risk of being a bit wrong…. English born and educated Craig was so put out by his treatment by Jack Straw after failing to follow diplomatic instructions, he is now hell bent on the break up of the U.K. Perception is everything. The Tories are blamed for the outcome of an argument with Labour, plus an argument in the Scottish Court system.

    • Giyane

      Skye Mull

      What’s worse, public schoolboys with inflated sense of personal and imperial entitlement or other types like Jack Straw or Nicola Sturgeon who copy the arrogance of public schoolboys because they think that that is what you have to do when you are in government?

      The truth is that Tories set the standard of awfulness for the others to model themselves on, and they will only give power to clones of themselves from other backgrounds. Good Tories or good socialists are totally banned. Bad Tories are to blame for bad socialists. What possible excuse can be made for them when they have perverted the entire government system?

    • Ian

      If you are going to troll, Skye, could you at least try to be a bit more imaginative than this cheap and snide effort, full of false and misleading claims.

      • Skye Mull

        If you have purchased and read all of Craig’s books, you will understand what I have stated.

        • nevermind

          I have read all of his books and Ian is right, you are kicking a person who already is geounded. Shoddy Skye.

    • Xavi

      A criticism of the host that relies heavily on the reader sharing your respect for Jack Straw and the Conservative party.

    • M.J.

      I thought Craig was a Scottish Nationalist long before he fell out with the government, and even turned down a gong. No one does that without sincere conviction.

      • Erica deJong

        I think he was until the last ten or so years a life-long Lib Dem (certainly long after he “fell out with the government”). Nevertheless, he campaigned as “independent”, not a Lib Dem, in both the 2005 and 2009 GEs. Blackburn and Norwich North (the respective constituencies) are a long way from Scotland.

        I think he also “turned down three gongs” but not because of Scottish Independence; the reason he specified was he’s a republican.

        I think the Scottish Independence stance is considerably more recent.

    • Allesklar

      “…failing to follow diplomatic instructions…” These words reveal your advocacy of blind obedience to authority, of the kind which was declared at Nuremberg to be no excuse.
      Craig did not ‘fail to follow’ but rather ‘chose to oppose’ the torture and other human rights abuses which the corrupt offices of the British Crown continue to support to this day, as displayed by the treatment of Julian Assange.

      • Skye Mull

        “….diplomatic instructions…. “ Not my words and no indication of any advocacy of obedience on my part.
        You need to separate in your own mind the excellent authorship, investigative and journalistic work of our host from the lunacy of seeking independence for Scotland yet seeking to be governed by the EU. Does the motivation come from an old dispute with Jack Straw? I only ask the question.

        • Giyane

          Skye Mull

          Motivation. What could possibly motivate a person to engage their conscience in a political world? I don’t know about you, but I was brought up in a household that deliberately reversed and repelled all vestiges of Victorian Imperialism, the bullying of children, the labelling of women as mad, the snobbishness of colonial pride.

          When you compare the unbelievable social oppression of my grandmother’s generation with the society we have been brought up in, by the persevering benevolence of of our mothers and fathers, you will find motivation in our own hearts to leave the world a better place for our heirs.

          Once Torture has been made illegal in international law, why was George Bush and Blair/ Straw, flouting that principle? Opposition to torture is not a personal vendetta against one particularly stupid politician, it is a Holy quest of human progress. How could humanity be allowed to surface in our generation, only to be brutally extinguished by men and women entirely motivated by greed and power?

          We’re not going to let it happen. That’s done.

    • BrianFujisan

      Sky Mull –
      like nevermind I have read Craig’s Books.. I discover’d that, for a mild manner’d man.. Craig is far more Brave than I…. Which means You Too…

      Read his Books

      Get Some Fkn Empathy

    • nevermind

      Thanks for that link Peter, hopefully this will stem the Squeetching of more false lament here.

        • nevermind

          His choice was to work with backstabbers, giving them a chance to work for a more socialist UK, ignoring their plotting from day one, or get rid of them.
          He decided to stay with the Zionist LFoIsrahell and ignore them and the small minority of jewish members with many friends in the media. A mistake, he should have told them to disband their FoI MPs only club and become Friends of all Countries or leave the party.

    • frankywiggles

      When you hear liberals referring to a “progressive alliance” they mean an alliance of that crowd with LibDems and Change UK Tories. A coalition of centrist / rightwing liberals who despise Corbyn and his policies. That is the supposed panacea that PR would deliver if it was ever introduced it in Britain. (It won’t be).

    • Republicofscotland

      Same here Peter thanks for the link, quite few Labour MP’s are sitting on the wrong side of the house by the looks of it.

        • Geoffrey

          Tatyana, have you seen the documentary on Browder made by a Russian director, absolutely amazing and completely destroys Broders story. I am very sorry I cant remember the director or the name of the film,though I have seen it.
          Annoyingly Browders book is quite interezting.

      • Carl


        I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers you repeatedly posting links to Anti Semitic smear stories against Jeremy Corbyn at sites like the Sun and Express. But carry on.

      • Tom Welsh

        The “sides” of the House of Commons are purely cosmetic. Everyone in there – possibly with a few exceptions – is dedicated to furthering their own careers and lining their own pockets. Whatever hot air they emit in the pursuit of those objectives has no bearing at all on their actual behaviour.

        The Conservatives desire to conserve nothing except the state of affairs that allows them to wallow in corruption. Labour couldn’t give a rat’s arse for the workers. The Liberals are as profoundly illiberal a group as you could find anywhere in the Solar System. Even the Greens aren’t.

          • Tom Welsh

            One layer less of self-serving hypocritical politicians and civil servants. One BIG, BIG layer.

          • Pooh

            Yes, thank you, Mr Welsh. You are very good, I dare say.

            I am most concerned about our estimable Mr Murray’s predicament, peace be upon him.

            Good day to you.


  • michael norton

    I hope the mods will not tell me off for bringing this up but I know it is one of the interests of Craig, our host.
    Anne Sacoolas and Harry Dunn

    “The US government has filed a motion to suppress the employment details of the woman accused of killing teenager Harry Dunn.”

    We had suspected that Anne worked for an organization that is based in Langley, Virginia.

    • Stevie Boy

      Just confirming what everyone knew from day one !
      Mr and Mrs Spook both employed on a UK RAF Base to collect bulk data on UK citizens for a big doughnut in Cheltenham and their ‘five ayes’ colleagues because said doughnut likes to maintain virtual distance and deniability from these activities.
      If she had just maintained a low profile and faced ‘justice’ this would have blown over by now but like a lot of her countrymen when the going gets tough they run away …

      • lysias

        Mrs. Sacoolas’s CIA superiors ordered her to high tail it out of the UK because they were afraid that if she stayed the details of what she was doing in the UK might come out. No doubt the UK government shared this fear.

        I suspect US intel was spying on Labour for fear that Corbyn might become PM. No doubt also on the SNP for fear of losing Faslane.

        • lysias

          The US government is saying Mrs. Sacoolas was and is employed by the State Department because that is the cover that she operates under as an intel officer.

        • Vivian O'Blivion

          The notion that the State Department and CIA require to use electronic snooping to “spy” on the activities of the SNP is filled with bitter irony. The State Department own the SNP through control of the Sturgeon faction.
          Sturgeon is in tight with the John Smith Centre for Public Service. A quick look at the Board of the JSCfPS is quite revealing. Ex-MI6 officer, Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill. Catherine Smith who’s bio. states that she “worked in the law … for London based NGO Links,” only NGO Links is University of Arizona based, its function is to “influence” politics in the Republic of Georgia. A somewhat obvious front for the State Department. Former SNP MP Stephen Gethins was also directly employed by NGO Links. Gethins became the first SNP MP “permitted” a seat on the HoC Foreign Affairs Select Committee.
          Then there’s the State Department, International Visitors Leadership Program alumni, Humza Yousaf and Jenny Gilruth.
          Why would the CIA want to hack the phones of the SNP when they effectively write the script for Sturgeon to perform?

          • Giyane

            Vivian O’ Blivion

            I can think of two reasons.
            1/ Blackmail leverage from private lives.
            2/ Networking the contacts of their agents.

            Empires are built by identifying the corrupted amongst the colonised population , like the Murrells, and working them.

            Prostitution of the soul is a painful but profitable occupation. It doesn’t take long to be sated with wealth and pained
            by unpopularity. Then, like Hague and Cameron, seclusion, counting honey ,
            Mountains of money and guilty war crimes.

          • lysias

            Unfortunately, those mountains of money, in dollars, will soon lose most of their value.

    • DunGroanin

      Does anyone still believe Uke nazi supporting profiteeri dishonest Joe Biden is ANY better than Trump ?
      If you do, kindly give me a list after, not just 100, but two hundred days of being potus.

      • Tom Welsh

        That is really an unprofitable exercise. “Sir, there is no settling the point of precedence between a louse and a flea”.

        No remotely honest or decent person could ever get within hailing distance of the presidency. There is a vast, complex and powerful machine operating specifically to prevent such an eventuality.

        As Dr Chomsky has observed, if the Nuremberg Principles were respected every US President since FDR (inclusive) would have been hanged for war crimes.

        • DunGroanin

          There are reasons why Gauntlets are unleashed against ‘popular’ leaders who have not been approved.

          Whatever you think of the Donald – he didn’t start any wars and made sure the paths of withdrawal was set in Syria and Afghanistan. Hell he stopped the Nazi Ukrainians and backed away from the Uigher head choppers.

          The trouble with Trump, for the Establishment that had promoted him to dismantle the Republican challenge to usher in Hillary with approval by both sides, was that he went rogue – he particularly got upset at the personal attacks that would have forced him to resign and let Pence and the various DS Hillary running stooges have full control. Particularly stepping up the heat in Syria and then Iran and Xianjing.

          That Trump failed to fall on the sword they had instantly created for him – required the wholesale media manipulation and ostracism and yes PV fraud to stop him getting his second term.

          The historical facts will remain even as it is daily being rewritten by the usual suspects.

          So to Demented Joe – it was his turn to get the big seat (or his eldest dead son, a weird coincidence with bootleg Jo Kennedy ) so he was duly installed. But as I say he hasn’t reversed any of the nastiness supposedly perpetrated by Trump, has he?
          I the case against Assange dropped?
          Is Keystone dead and Fracking no longer the big game?

          As I say – give me a list don’t just deflect, by saying a pox on all their houses.

      • michael norton

        Jo Biden loves Ukraine but he does not love Russia, he is upset Russia is going to be delivering gas to Germany by Nord2 and consequently cutting off revenue flow to Ukraine, maybe Joe Biden will dip into his own pockets for Ukraine?

        • Republicofscotland

          There’s not much Biden can do, its Merkel’s Germany that needs the gas, Russia could easily sell it to China if it wanted to, its a victory for Putin and Merkel, and its not as if Biden cares about the environment, he’s issued almost six-thousand licences for oil and gas exploration since he took office.

          • michael norton

            the question I like answered is why did The Deep State choose Joe Biden, he is now a half-wit,
            he barely knows who people are, now surely you need a check-up before you put your name down as a candidate to become potus?
            For all Trump’s faults, he did seem to know who people were like the head honcho of North Korea.

          • michael norton

            RoS if it it true what you claim that Biden is in the early stages of dementia, why was his condition not picked up in his pre-potus mdical check, I had heard that their medical checks for aspirants was exhaustive, surely they did not falsify his medical report?

        • DunGroanin


          I’m asking the blinkered – the self declared progressives who thinks the sun shines out of the arse of the Obsessive Groaniad, a sjw fly trap – where they are attracted by nectar and fed shit instead.
          Biden, Rumsfeld, McCain, Kerry, Obama, Clinton’s, Bushes, BLAIR..etc exist as dynasties they have been rewarded with, to deliver murder mayhem and robbery upon the planet and humans in their lifetimes, so that their heirs , married conveniently into ancient Powers (eg Clinton Jr being readied) will forever have A Seat At The Table – that most will never hear of.

          I want these to tell me about saintly Jo against Trump. As I ask them also to tell me about the Great Knight Dope against the demonised Jezza Corbyn (the legitimate PM of the U.K. ousted in a Coup conducted by a Gauntlet of FOREIGN deepstate goons and swallowed as kook aid by the populace- except for over 10 million voters) .This on a day when NuLabInc is hailed as returning to manage GKH and prepares him for elevation, as they did with Demented Joe.

          It’s their kids who I fear for – when they are told they will be one of the great kings in the Ancient palace of the Emperors – most who eventually accept their ‘burden’ and great riches for the sake of their children!

          • Brian c

            Nah .. JC was ousted by the People’s vote psyop, ruthlessly propagated by Starmer, Mandelson and the Guardian. Look at which seats he lost.

      • Pooh

        No, I don’t, comrade, although Mr Welsh’s comment, that follows yours, is cogent, I find.

        • BrianFujisan

          Agreed Pooh… Brian States Facts.. Jeremy was ousted by the Guardian BBC ..Sky Ect

          The Guardian is a Vile Rag – Principal enablers of Juilian Assange Torture…Ongoing.

          • Pooh


            Bless Julian, (I) pray he doesn’t feel like a motherless child a long way from home. May peace be upon him.

            Thank you kindly, Brian.


  • Vivian O'Blivion

    According to informed sources in the Sunday Times, the Crown Office are once again impeding Polis Scotland in their investigation into the missing £600k, “ringfenced” for IndyRef II.
    This does not augur well for when the Polis eventually hand their report over to the COPFS. How long can the corrupt Crown Office continue to protect Sturgeon when Polis officers are willing to brief journalists?

  • Allan Howard

    I just checked out Craig’s twitter page a while ago, and in one tweet – which sums it up perfectly – he says:

    ‘Hard to process the fact that just believing somebody else has been unjustly accused of anti-semitism, will get you immediately removed from membership of Starmer’s Labour Party.’

    I then happened to check out skwawkbox to see if any new articles had been posted since I was last on the site, and there was the following article:

    ‘Labour shuts down London conference entirely in middle of chair’s speech to prevent her criticising Keir Starmer’

    Labour has outraged members today by shutting down its London conference in the middle of the chair’s speech, apparently because she was speaking critically of Keir Starmer – and, ironically, of the party’s anti-democratic conduct.

    Members had already complained about the party bringing conference forward from November – against the wishes of elected regional executive members – in order to hold it online where it could be tightly controlled, rather than in person as planned.


    And if you DIDN’T hear that Marc Wadsworth won his libel case against the Jewish Chronicle, that’s probably because the whole of the MSM blanked it.

    • Peter Mo

      I note the Jewish Chronicle is not going into receivership and all its creditors will be paid. A year ago it seemed this conveniently was not going to be the case thus avoiding any settlement.
      Perhaps COVID drawing out legal proceedings meant a change of heart.

    • Allan Howard

      Afterthought: Re Craig’s excellent tweet, the thing is you see that if THEY – ie the LP/NEC and the JLM and the CAA and BoD et al – have decided that something someone said was anti-semitic, then it IS, and if you disagree and/or have a different opinion, either you’re in denial – and part of the problem – or you must be an anti-semite.

      Yep, THEY’ve got it ALL sewn up!

      But it IS odd though that these groups – given that racism is a criminal offence – never seem to report the people they accuse of anti-semitism to the police, or if they DO, then it rarely ever leads to a prosecution. Hmm…..

      • John Cleary

        see that if THEY – ie the LP/NEC and the JLM and the CAA and BoD et al – have decided that something someone said was anti-semitic, then it IS,

        That’s right Alan.

        It’s what the Scottish legal trade, led by Dorrian, would call an “objective test”.

        And you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of HER!

        • Giyane

          John Cleary

          Subjectivity and Objectivity, the stock in trade of school debating societies. I remember it well, the pompous git who went into banking , womanising and alcohol who claimed that objectivity was Empire , Parliament and law while religion, poetry and socialism were vaporous and subjective.

          I would be very worried if I ever got into the right side of Lady Doorian. In fact if I had I would very likely have lost my marbles. Craig can take great comfort from finding himself safely on the wrong side of her.

      • Allan Howard

        Or if you’re Jewish and disagree with THEM, then you must be a self-hating Jew!

        There really are no depths to which these people will not sink, and in my book they are totally, totally evil. And evil just lurves being evil! I mean they had absolutely no problem whatsoever in causing concern and consternation amongst many of Britain’s Jews in their quest to damage and destroy Jeremy Corbyn. And after the 2019 GE loss, the saboteurs were coming out with rhetoric such as this, by Gideon Falter (as quoted in a Sun article):

        In January, The Sun Online reported how two-thirds of British Jews felt safer in this country after the fall of Jeremy Corbyn, according to a survey.

        The poll was conducted by King’s College London and the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.

        Chief exec Gideon Falter said at the time: “Britain’s Jews are back from the brink.”

        Yes, but for courageous people like Gideon Falter and Margaret Hodge and Ruth Smeeth and John Mann and Ian Austin etc who stood up to Corbyn and his brownshirts, Britain’s Jews would have started being rounded up and transported to concentration camps within hours of him winning the GE, had he done so.

        Causing concern and consternation amongst many in the Jewish community is bad enough, but their objective in doing so – and demonising him and the left-wing membership in the eyes of the general public – was so as to subvert democracy.

    • DunGroanin

      The Great Knight Dope’s primary function is to dismantle the largest social democratic grassroots membership of a political party in Europe;
      To retain the levers of power at the local level that ensure the ‘right ones are let in’, approved parachuted candidates, adopted to pick up the safe seats.
      Thus making sure nothing ever threatens the status quo of power. Just like NuLabInc did under the anti-Christ like satanic bambi . As approved by the king makers like Murrrrrrddorrrk. Who found his satanic bambi was capable of screwing his Chinese wifey as he was evil enough to ‘believe’ in fake WMD and gleefully unleash War across the MENA/Afghanistan and oversee huge rape and pillage across Africa.

      SurKerer will be packaged as the anti-dote to the toxic tories , the second coming of Blairism to save us again – hallelujah ! He will even be offering seats to the SNP to thwart Indy again. And Nasty Nicky will do her whore of Babylon act to preserve the U.K. and claim it is justified as the Hero Knight, will restore free movement & some EU membership WITHOUT reversing the Freeport’s and Exceptionalism and unlevel playing field retained by BrexShit – he will not reverse the privatisations of the NHS or other public services sold of to foreign hedge funds and he for sure will not stop Zionist control at the heart of most of our government ever since the Balfour Declaration was tricked into existence a hundred years ago mid war.
      The 5+1 eyed Gollum is ready to ‘burn Atlanta’ as they are forced into retreat by the Chinese/Russian SCO that is destroying $ hagemony, and dismissing their controlling institutions the WB, IMF, BIS all the way back to the Fed setup to keep ownership of the world and its peoples for the Few. Allowing by he rest of the world an alternative to these ancient Barons and Slavers.

      The answer for the local Labour membership is to legally take over the local offices and elect their own representatives and candidates – and tell the Nazguls of Sauron and their controlled NEC and fake GKH to take a running jump.

      The last GE proved over 10 million Labour supporters did still turn out in the depths of midwinter to nearly thwart the coup delivered by PV fraud sold by the MSM as legitimate.

      Justice and democracy will prevail if we insist by standing up to the decrepit old Empire and these who Lord it over us daily, not ever playing fairly and transparently with their control of all the pillars of state and media. In allying with the rising new new world order based on international laws without exception and away from the Dollar hagemony.

      Let the pebbles of change create the avalanche of freedom from these decrepit despots.


      • Allan Howard

        We may be the Many, but the Few are the all-powerful and, as such, own and/or control the MSM (along with all the levers of power), AND the narrative, AND what millions of people think and believe (about whatever, or whoever). OR just censor when necessary, as with the libel cases won against the Jewish Chronicle during the past few years, or the recent admission by Sigurdur Thordarson in relation to Julian Assange

        As for the membership legally taking over local offices etc, well in the first place it’s never going to happen, and in the second place it wouldn’t be legal, and no doubt the police would intervene and book them for trespassing. And why would they need to take over ‘local offices’ anyway, as if it matters WHERE they elected their own representatives and candidates, who would have absolutely no legitimacy as far as the LP is concerned.

      • Allan Howard

        Read the skwawkbox article Squeeth. It was an online meeting and ‘Labour’ just brought it to an end suddenly, so the ‘audience’ had no say in the matter. In other words, the audience had no say in the matter, and didn’t, as such, ‘let the chair be shut up’.

    • Mark

      Yes Marc won his libel case (no mention in the MSM).

      Mainly, because like me I had no idea who Ruth Smeeth was nor the Times? woman who followed her out to record her offence at the time.

      It’s a weird inversion (but part of a plan) that Corbyn the most anti-racist MP in Parliament could be turned into a media-created racist demon despite his political history.

      But – who cares about facts when we are being fed perceptions and not actualities?

      The truth is that The Labour Party’s near miss at power in 2017 scared the bejesus out of the Powers That Be, and they made sure that no Socialists (even the British version of that) would never get that close to power again.

      For that they had to make sure that the PLP centrists and soft left were more concerned about keeping their seats rather than having a Corbyn-led government running the show.

      And here we are with Blair stating that the “destruction” of the Labour Party left has to be carried out.

      For the centre (the soft left can jump either way) they would rather form a ‘Progressive Party’ of the SDP type and wreck the whole Labour Party into oblivion, and team up with the Lib Dems – not the SNP I think – and supposedly beat the Tories.

      It’s a pipedream because the Tories will not mind the Labour part falling to bits – it suits them.

      The problem for the centrist Blairites is that these are not normal times – you can’t transpose 1997 political policies to 2021 covid – post-Brexit – crap economy – climate change – circumstances.

      The Western World is in absolute flux and no Western governments have any answers to the fate of their local human beings never mind the others who they used to have sympathy with but no empathy.

      With Covid and the latest climate change problems we now have the effects cropping up in the cossetted Western World which used to trouble only the developing world and no-one knows what to do.

      Carry on as normal is still the norm amongst the ruling class and Starmer and the current Labour leadership is in this camp.

      The Labour Party Manifesto had some answers to all this (not all to be fair) but even King Canute had a go at stopping the tide coming in – the Labour Party is not willing to even try that.

      Meanwhile the diversion of the UK’s medal winning continues in an effort to cheer us all up.

      There will be many more – look here, don’t look there – stuff while Rome burns.

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        “even King Canute had a go at stopping the tide coming in “

        King Canute commanded the tides to turn to make the point to his fawning courtiers that his power was limited, i.e. he didn’t believe he could turn the tide, he believed the opposite.
        Starmer probably doesn’t believe he can turn the tide; its all about keeping up appearances while something nasty is prepared. Labour after Corbyn will sink into the same hole the LibDems sank into after Charles Kennedy ( remember him?) was got rid of.

        Where’s Craig?

        • Bramble

          I don’t know about you, but I am really irritated by the way Canute is so often misrepresented as an idiot when in fact he was wise enough to know better. Why is this? If nothing else it shows how persistently lies endure. For instance, that Julian Assange is a proven rapist when he has never been even charged with the offence; that Mr Corbyn is a racist; that Saddam had WMD; that the Skripals were attacked with Novichok. On and on it goes, lie after lie, embedded in the national consciousness despite being demonstrably untrue. How can we have a rational conversation with people who believe myths before truths? No wonder our democracy has fallen apart.

          • Pooh


            Have you ever considered the possibility that the Canute story and “our democracy” are “myths”?

  • Tatyana

    Good morning, folks 🙂 Hope you all are well.
    21 days since this blog was posted by Mr. Murray.
    I hope everything is going in the right direction with his court case.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      Who knows what the UK Supremely Court is thinking? They present an inscrutable visage to us plebeians.
      The remit of the Supremes Court is to assess Lady Dorian’s findings only in relation to their implications regarding the European Convention on Human Rights.
      On the face of it there’s very little room for speculation.
      The recent replacement of corrupt James Wolffe with (honest?) Dorothy Bain as Scottish Lord Advocate shouldn’t have any bearing on the deliberations of the UK Supreme Court. Then again, the changing of the guard at the top of the Scottish legal pyramid shouldn’t embolden Police officers to openly brief the press against the Crown Office, and yet, that is something that may indeed be occurring.
      The Scottish Faculty of Advocates is said to be livid about the reckless antics of James Wolffe and his clique.
      What SHOULD happen and what DOES happen are not always the same thing.
      A palace coup in the Scottish legal establishment may (contrary to what SHOULD happen) have ramifications to the thought processes of the Supreme Court.

      • Goose

        Be optimistic.

        Freedom of speech and the right to report in the public interest on issues involving that broad catch-all of ‘national security’ is already under assault from this govt. Surely, saner minds on the SC will realise they’d merely be adding to that erosion of civil liberties in the UK by letting the dangerous precedent that is this judgement stand.

        Britain seems to be rapidly regressing back to the ‘them and us’ days, when the ruling class thought nothing of sending in the army to quell dissent.

    • Peter Mo

      Tatyana, he’s probably waiting for an internet connection in Havana…. just a joke???
      What I can’t understand is the very first basic issue. I can appreciate genuine complainants strictly having name suppression but when the complaints are proved baseless surely there has to be a balancing incentive not to make false accusation. That incentive surely must be the likelihood of exposure. In the circumstances even if Craig did expose the complainants that cannot be treated so seriously.

        • Tatyana

          anonymity is to protect real victims of real sex crimes.
          That has no slightest relation to Mr.Salmond’s case, of which he was proven not guilty.
          So, here, anonymity – that was intended primarily to protect real victims of real sex crimes – was used as an excuse for a rather dirty intrigue.
          I don’t believe that a grown woman could be honest in interpreting a man’s frivolous behavior as a sex crime. I donэt think that the participants involved in this filth feel the slightest remorse. I would not call them “false witnesses”. Rather “dirty greedy conspirators”.
          In my values system, this is a more accurate description.

          • michael norton

            Quite so, they should be taken to court for not telling the truth in court.

          • On the train

            Yes I agree Tatyana …almost any grown woman knows the difference between threatening sexual behaviour and what was at most a misjudged flirtation. As you say it is dishonest for the women in question to pretend otherwise, and it demeans the experience of women who really have been attacked by men.

          • Tatyana

            The impossibility of going to court demonstrates well that your legislative, judicial and media institutions serve the interests of the government, not the interests of the people. This is not democracy.
            I’m not at all claiming that my country is a democracy, but it was really pleasant and encouraging for me, to believe that a fair state system existed somewhere far away.
            Although I am sorry for my illusions and I would like these heartless bitches to return them to me 🙂 But rationally, it must be stated firmly that Mr. Murray’s website is an educational and kind of sobering source. Reminiscent of the real state of affairs.

            I’ve seen some of his latest twitter posts and I’m concerned of is it my latest escapade that pushed him into the mood of thinking he might suck the joy out of the people 🙂
            I know that he doesn’t answer my direct questions and hardly delves into the essence of my comments at all. But I still feel responsible about I probably could affect how he feels.

          • Giyane


            The opposite of ‘ conservative ‘ is ‘ ready for change ‘. Peraonal change is growth and it is painful. Psychologists prescribe toxic drugs to obliterate mental.pain, and think they have cured patients. No, they have prevented them from being cured of their misunderstandings and wrong assumptions.

            Never feel bad about telling the truth. Only truth heals. Don’t forget , British history books are propaganda. Local knowledge is the antidote to propaganda, unless of course it’s Russian propaganda.
            The way is neither that, nor this.

          • michael norton

            If a person is maliciously charged with multiple rapes or sexual wrongdoing, witnesses come to court to tell their story, the court does not agree with the multiple stories of the witnesses but agrees with the person charged that he is innocent.
            Your next step should be to charge the witnesses of fabrication but you must also look back further up the food chain to understand where these malicious intentions spring from?

          • Pooh


            “anonymity is to protect real victims of real sex crimes.
            That has no slightest relation to Mr.Salmond’s case, of which he was proven not guilty.”

            Anonymity had been granted before Mr Salmond was found not guilty of what had been alleged.

          • Pooh

            Tatyana, July 26, 2021 at 17:09

            “The impossibility of going to court demonstrates well that your legislative, judicial and media institutions serve the interests of the government, not the interests of the people.”

            It is possible to go to court.

            “I’m not at all claiming that my country is a democracy”

            Why not? What do you think your country is?

            _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

            Dear Tatyana

            I hope you are well (that large protective mask of yours).

            The following might cheer you up:

            Good wishes

      • nevermind

        His choice was to work with backstabbers, giving them a chance to work for a more socialist Uk, ignoring their plotting from day one, or get rid of them.
        He decided to stay with the Zionist LFoIsrahell and ignore them and the small minority of jewish members with many friends in the media. A mistake, he should have told them to disband their FoI MPs only club and become Friends of all Countries or leave the party.
        I do not accept that Jeremy corbin is antisemitic. His history of campaining for anti racist to be pointed out makes a mockery of those claims.

        • Allan Howard

          nevermind: Yes, I can just imagine what would have happened – ie what the media storm would have been – if Jeremy had told the members of LFI to disband the group and become Friends of all Countries! He would have been condemned as an anti-semite and a Jew-hater the moment he did so, and the condemnation and vilification wouldn’t have ONLY come from the usual individuals and groups – Hodge, Mann, Smeeth, Austin, JLM, CAA, CST, BoD and the Jewish newspapers et al – but the Tory leadership/Government and the LibDem leadership as well. And I have no doubt that the MSM would have omitted to mention the Friends of all Countries aspect, or mocked it, or presented it as a ruse on Jeremy’s part to justify disbanding LFI.

          And needless to say, the MPs (and Peers) who belong to LFI would have refused to do so, and they would of course have refused to leave the party as well. Here’s a list of the ‘Parliamentary Supporters of LFI’ (I gave up counting them after about eighty!):


          • Johny Conspiranoid

            “if Jeremy had told the members of LFI to disband the group and become Friends of all Countries! He would have been condemned as an anti-semite and a Jew-hater the moment he did so”

            And yet that media storm occurred just the same, so what would Corbyn have lost if he had banned LFoI?
            I think he had some misguided idea of giving peace a chance when peace did not have a chance.

          • Allan Howard

            I think you are being disingenuous JC. In the first place nevermind was saying, in effect, that THAT is something Jeremy should have done at the outset of his tenure as leader (I was trying to keep my post brief what with having posted a number of comments already, but assumed that readers/posters would be familiar with how the A/S smear campaign developed and built over a period of years). It wasn’t really until after the Ken Livingstone episode that the A/S smears against Jeremy himself really started to kick off, but in the sense that he wasn’t doing enough to stamp it out etc. And the ‘direct’ attacks against him only started happening in the months after the 2017 GE, and obviously did so precisely because he came so close to winning. And the point I’m trying to make is that the first real storm/media storm regarding him directly was the Mural episode (which directly led to the ‘Jewish’ protest outside Parliament several days later), if I remember correctly, shortly followed by the ‘English Irony’ episode.a few months later.

            And the point I’m making is had Jeremy told the members of LFI to disband the group shortly after he became leader, there would have been an almighty storm THEN and, as I said, the members would have just refused to do so, AND refused to leave, and there would have been absolutely nothing Jeremy could have done about it.

            NB I REALLY don’t know why I bothered to respond to nevermind – or YOU now – because for someone to seriously suggest that Jeremy should have done such a thing is SO divorced from reality it’s beyond belief.

          • Allan Howard

            And it just occurred to me for the first time, that what with all the A/S claims and media coverage of it that was going on PRIOR to the Mural episode AND the demonstration outside Parliament several days later, that such a demo was only organised and held THEN – ie in March 2018 – and not before then.

            Anyway, I was wrong about the ‘Engilish Irony/Zionist’ episode being the next episode after the Mural episode, and having just this minute checked to see when it was, I see that it was the Israel Compared to Nazis 2010 meeting episode that happened next. So, in sequence: the Mural episode was in the March (2018), and the Israel Compared to Nazis episode was August 1st, and the English Irony episode was on August 24th. And just for the record, the three Jewish newspapers published the Existential Threat stuff on July 25th.

          • Giyane

            Allan Howard

            Existential threat of antisemitism.

            Existential is another forked phrase I remember from the sixth form.
            An existentialist refuses to be defined by conventional.pigeon holes, but to seek their own personal reality.

            But being a long winded and obscure concept existentialism has been deployed by Tory world view pigeon- holders to mean ” objective ” Tory world view realities, the exact opposite of it’s original meaning

            This is a fine example of sloganism, using a good – sounding word to describe a disgusting concept. Yes Jeremy Corbyn is a free thinker, compared to the hide-bound dogmatists like Kinnock and McDonald. He’s an existentialist . But they turn that round to mean he is racist and a dogmatic socialist.

            This is school boy logic, and ought to be easily exposed as dog-whistle politics.
            The idea that anybody with a grain of integrity is a threat to the establishment status quo is disgusting Tory lies.

  • Allan Howard

    I mentioned Marc Wadsworth’s libel case against the Jewish Chronicle in an earlier post AND the fact that the MSM completely blanked it, and I have little doubt they did the same regarding the previous cases. And they did so for the obvious reasons. The point is of course that if the main-stream media HAD covered each of the libel cases, then the reputation of the JC would have soon been in tatters in the minds of millions of people, and said people seriously questioning the A/S claims made against Jeremy Corbyn and the left-wing membership whilst he was leader (and since). So the reason they – the MSM – didn’t cover them wasn’t solely because they didn’t want their readers (or viewers or listeners) to know about the individual cases, but because it would have got a lot of people questioning the whole A/S narrative as of since Jeremy was elected leader – ie the Existential Threat narrative etc.

    Talking of which, I just happened to come across this leader by the Jewish Chronicle published a couple of days after the NEC proscribed the four groups:

    ‘Finish the job and remove Corbyn from Labour Party’

    And as for the four groups, the following is the rhetoric/demonisation – ie the black propaganda – that was being disseminated just prior to the NEC meeting, the following from the Daily Mirror – the Mirror ‘Exclusive’ – who just happened to be the newspaper ‘they’ chose to inform FIRST about the forthcoming NEC meeting and their intention to proscribe the four groups:

    One Labour source said: “Under Corbyn those from the far left fringes with poisonous beliefs and warped world-views were welcomed into the party. Keir is right to stamp out anti-Semitism and toxic extremism and get the party back into the decent mainstream of Labour values.

    And in a Haaretz article:

    A party source told Haaretz that “the worst of the abuse that Jewish members received at local constituency Labour Party meetings came from members of these [four] groups.”

    Well it WOULD, wouldn’t it! Odd though, isn’t it, that not only has the Labour Party NOT thought to pass this on to the media before, but if the members of these groups are the worst offenders etc, then how come it took Starmer and Co fifteen months to get round to proscribing the groups.

    It doesn’t make sense or add up of course!

    • Allan Howard

      NB Yes, shortly after Jeremy was elected leader, the membership form was amended to let it be known that people with poisonous beliefs and a warped world view were more than welcome.

    • Peter

      @ Allan Howard

      “So the reason they – the MSM – didn’t cover them … (was) because it would have got a lot of people questioning the whole A/S narrative …”

      Indeed. It is also the reason I believe John Ware (of Panorama notoriety) won’t proceed with his threatened libel case against Jeremy Corbyn following Corbyn’s response to his “Is Labour Antisemitic?” programme.

      Ware will have had the full backing of the Establishment when he made his threat to sue Corbyn for libel, but both he and his backers will have had second thoughts when they saw crowdfunded support for Jeremy reach over £300k in a few days.

      The libel case against Corbyn is utter rubbish and if Ware/Panorama/BBC had lost in court it would have blown the whole AS smear campaign out of the water, along with the credibility of Ware, Panorama and the BBC – they could never risk that.

      They had, I believe, until 22nd July ’21 to launch their case. Details are very hard to come by, I am still waiting for an update on the crowdfund site – none as yet, but I think we can be pretty sure that if Ware had launched his case we would have heard about it by now.

      At least one other participant to the Panorama programme has launched a libel case against Corbyn. Over thirty individuals were threatening to do so at one time, but they too seem to have evaporated into thin air.

      I could, of course, end up being wrong and Ware might proceed, but it seems highly unlikely to me.

      You can follow updates at the crowdfunding website:


      • Allan Howard

        Yes, Carole said the following in one of her updates:

        John Ware (whose threat to bring a libel case against Jeremy prompted this crowdfunder) has12 months within which to “issue” a claim (the paperwork) with the courts. That takes him up to the 22nd of July 2021(I may be out by a day either side here).

        Once a claim has been filed in court, he has 4 months to “serve” Jeremy with the documents filed.

        If, for example, John Ware waits until the very last day (22nd July 2021) to issue a claim in court then he can, if he chooses, wait until late November 2021 before he actually serves Jeremy with the papers. Normally “service” is fairly prompt but we cannot assume that in this case.

        I assume we would have heard if Ware had filed a claim, but I didn’t think he ever intended to do so anyway, and it was just rhetoric for the MSM to disseminate to the public, knowing that 99% of them would soon forget about it – ie they wouldn’t be thinking to themselves as each week passed by: ‘Mmm, I wonder what’s happening with that Panorama guy that said he was gonna sue Corbyn’.

        • Allan Howard

          That’s just reminded me that Ware started a libel case against Jewish Voice for Labour about a week after he said he was going to sue Jeremy Corbyn, but JVL haven’t posted any updates since then, so I really don’t know what’s happening:

          ‘JVL is defending a libel action’

          Jewish Voice for Labour and two of its officers are being sued for libel by John Ware for comments made in relation to the Panorama programme Is Labour Antisemitic?

          We are defending the action but have been advised by our lawyers not to make further comment about the issues in contention.


      • Jeff

        Peter – an aside- the BBC (and ‘Panorama’ for that matter) lost any credibility that they may have had here in Scotland in 2014 and since.

    • AmyB

      Would this be the same JC that has been forced to pay eye-watering compensation recently after having been shown in Court to completely fabricate some of its “stories”?

    • nevermind

      Great to get this from the National and via this blog as a second thought.
      I have expected such shenanigans and feared the absence of covid awareness on the grand advertisements and the 9th August decision would make this almost inevitable.
      It is my belief that Stirlingshire council will not get to know the rules and regs by the 9th. August.
      But that should not stop anyone to ask for them in lieu of next years festival, probably my last event further away from my 100 mile locality.
      Ah well stuff happens and sometimes its deliberate.
      Latitudes ‘ Toff’-organised chum festival went ahead with 15,000 in England.

  • Aidworker1

    Missing your insight – please say you’re OK?

    Can you update on court case?

  • Olly Perry

    I’ve been wondering how Craig is as he hasn’t posted now for quite a while. Can anyone tell me what is happening with his appeal to the Supreme Court – has he been given permission by the Scottish court? Is he still free? I don’t ‘do’ Twitter so can’t follow him there. Craig, if you read this, I hope you are OK and that things are looking better for you. Best wishes.

    • DunGroanin

      You don’t need to do Twitter or load any new program. You can use your browser like you are at the moment.

      See the little birdy at the top, next to the email and Fb symbols at the top of the article?

      Click on it and it takes you straight to his Twitter feed.

      Just click NO if it asks you to open in a Twitter app.

      You’ll be able to read the tweets and responses by clicking on the body of each tweet – but will not be able to interact with it – unless you join up.

      Try it.

  • Tatyana

    Interesting news on the Magnitsky case is reported in Russia.
    In 1996, William Browder from Britain and Edmond Safra, the ex-owner of the Republic National Bank of New York, opened an investment fund ‘Hermitage Capital Management’ in Russia.
    Some years later William Browder was accused of tax fraud and left Russia. Sergei Magnitsky, the head of tax and audit department of the Firestone Duncan consulting company, who audited and advised Browder’s company on taxes, was accused of organizing fraudulent schemes and was taken into custody. Left without proper medical care, Sergei Magnitsky died in prison.
    Mr. Browder initiated a series of sanctions against Russia over the Magnitsky case.
    Mr. Browder filed a complaint with the Swiss prosecutor’s office, demanding to investigate and arrest the illegal money of Russian corrupt officials in Swiss banks.
    Today, the Swiss prosecutor’s office has closed the case, no evidence has been found.

    Earlier in 2017, the New York Prosecutor’s Office dropped the charges against Denis Katsyv, who was accused by Mr. Browder of laundering Russian state money.
    In this case, the FBI special agent said in a preliminary hearing that the US government relied solely on the testimony of William Browder and “did not conduct its own investigation.”

    Browder’s partner Mr. Zafra died in a fire at his luxury mansion in Monaco. His American bodyguard set fire to the house in an attempt to trigger the burglar alarm, as he thought he was being attacked.
    Browder’s informant, Mr. Perepelichny, died while jogging outside his elite mansion in London, the day after returning from Paris, where he was spending time with his Ukrainian mistress.

    • bevin

      ..and yet, notwithstanding the fact that there is no evidence whatever to sustain Browder’s charges, legislatures all over the puppet western world, from Ottawa to Strasbourg, Westminster to Washington, have launched economic attacks on the people of Russia in order to blackmail the government.
      As to Browder he is not British, he is the grandson of a former Communist party leader- exiled to the USSR- from, if memory serves, Kansas. That is how he came to speak Russian, a facility that he used to loot the people who had given his family refuge.

      • Tatyana

        Browder graduated from Stanford, a kind of nest of Russophobia in my opinion. At the time of opening his enterprise in Russia, Browder was a British citizen. His activities in Russia began under Yeltsin, the puppet drunkard president, distributing Russian property to every foreigner. Browder worked in the Eastern European division of the Boston Consulting Group and was in charge of the private investment sector in Russia at Salomon Brothers. Browder’s expulsion from Russia took place in 2005, while Putin was putting things in order in the national property.
        I have no doubt that Browder is associated with other London residents, ex-Russian oligarchs. Khodorkovsky is one of the first to come to mind, and most likely Zimin, who pays Navalny’s salary, is also Browder’s friend.
        No one is more anti-Putin than an Israeli-British passport holder of Russian origin, whom Putin deprived of his fortune fraudulently gotten in the post-Soviet period.

        • michael norton

          Another of the things that have made Jo Biden hopping mad is your new bridge to Crimea. Biden thinks Crimea mshould belong to his crooked chums in Ukraine

          • Tatyana

            I haven’t heard that Biden worried about the Crimean bridge. I rather believe that the issues of Ukraine and Crimea are of greater concern to Blinken and Nuland, both of Ukrainian Jewish ancestry.

          • michael norton

            Berlin has committed to a one-off payment of $175 million to fund Ukraine’s transition to greener energy, and another $70 million to fund bilateral projects with Kiev.
            It would seem that Sleepy Joe is still on the ball, kicking the Germans in to touch.
            Trump, although half German, did not like Germany, neither does Sleepy Joe.

          • Tatyana

            Michael, I’m convinced that that was a payment for lost profit. Greener energy investments is a polite pretext, swallowable wrapping for ordinary people.
            Ukraine profiteered from USSR gas infrastructure, using their transit service as a political lever. Now Germany as a main hub for NordStream2 is taking it in their hands.

        • Baron

          Your postings are very informative, Tatyana, one learns.

          And now, a polite request, could you recommend any Russian sites worth reading or at least scanning, I have a number already such as Politicus, Sputnik, Vzgjad, Meduza (both in English and Russian), Soloviev, Exo Moskvy, Navalny, some others but is there a site run or controlled by the communists, also one for Starikov’s Just Russia – for Truth (?).

          Anything and your short take on it or them will be gratefully received, thanks.

          • Tatyana

            I’m not a regular reader of political media, sorry, cannot recommend any. If you understand Russian, I advise you to read comments under news or social media, like ‘politics’ tagged postings in Pikabu.
            Are you familiar with the concept of “primary documentation” in accounting? Or with the concept of “raw data” in statistics?
            I just go and read the reports of ordinary people about events, and their opinions. This is the primary data set on which journalists build their reports. With the difference that I read it directly, without the subjective influence of a certain journalist or, the influence of the agenda of a particular channel.
            Reading ‘raw data’ is easy with the Internet, because you can google for places, names, dates and get better understanding of the background and, of the reporter’s integrity.

        • Baron

          Many thanks, Tatyana, you’re a star, that’s very helpful, so far it was only ‘littleone forum’ that was scanned, rather a confusing site, the pikabu seems better, Baron has already began perusing the site.

          Another question if possible, please.

          What’s the reason for Dobrynin disqualification by the Election Commission, do you think it’s because he was a real rival to Putin or what? The communists seems to be making visible progress, the admiration for Stalin puzzles, as does the nostalgia for the USSR. Any thoughts?

          Many many thanks

          • Tatyana

            Not following any communist’s media, sorry. Dobrynin? I’ve got no idea who is the guy.
            Admiration for Stalin is very common with very old people – I’m sorry I know someone may find it offensive. But I just don’t know how to say it politely in English. I mean, people who were grown up adults at the time when Stalin was still alive. Older generation.
            I don’t see anyone of my parent’s generation, or my own generation to share this admiration.
            Nostalgia for the USSR, without connecting the regime to any leader, it exists. As many sorts of nostalgia, it mostly relates to the times when people themselves were young, than to the then political regime. That’s what I think.
            We say: “когда трава была зеленее, небо голубее, а солнце светило ярче…” * the grass was more green, the sky was more blue and the sun brighter*

            Do you want a russian joke on this? You may not, but I’ll post it anyway 🙂

            Two elderly men walking along the road and feeling the call of nature, occupied the bushes on the side of the road. In a squatting position, not far from each other, they have a conversation:

            – How time flies, buddy. Do you remember before, when we were young and healthy, in the same position my balls reached the very ground!

            Another, thoughtfully:

            – Yes, it seems that the earth has shrunk a lot since then.

          • Tatyana

            Baron, some remarks on your media list.
            Meduza is a Latvian media created in 2014 by Galina Timchenko, former editor-in-chief of Lenta.ru. Galina Timchenko was fired after receiving the warning order from the Russian communications watchdog agency on the interview with Yarosh, the Ukrainian nationalists leader. Galina Timchenko’s work was highly appreciated by Michael McFaul, the US Ambassador to Russia.
            The editor-in-chief of the international version of Medusa is Kevin Rothrock. The project was made for an English-speaking professional audience – journalists, politicians, public figures.
            Khodorkovsky and Zimin wanted to buy Medusa.

            Zimin is Navalny’s sponsor. Navalny says in his interview that he receives 300 thousand roubles monthly from Zimin, as a salary. Zimin is the son of another ex-russian Londoner, the ex-owner of Vymbelcom aka Beeline provider.
            This year Russia issued a law on foreign sponsored media, now they have to denote their sponsorship. It gave rise to many protests, but most interesting is that the Navalny’s anti-corruption fund announced immediately about closing itself. Now, they claim they werre forced to stop their activities by the Russian state.

            Soloviev is seen as russian state propaganda, by everyone I know. Literally, everyone says they cannot stand the level of propaganda 🙂

            Echo of Moscow, here I should apologize many many times for what I have to write, it’s impolite and offensive but 100% pure honest assessement of the media, by russian people. Echo of Moscow is seen as a nest of ‘liberasts’ – the word is built of ‘liberal’ + ‘pederast’. Also, it’s known as ‘Echo of matzo’ due to the noticeable prevalence of a certain ethnicity among its journalists and owners. It mostly belongs to Gazprom.

          • Pooh


            If I may interject…

            Perhaps you are mistaken? There was no Dobrynin (Добрынин) among those disqualified by the Election Commission. Присягин, Черепнин, Волынец, Кузнецова, Столпак, and Пугачева are the names of those disqualified.


            Good luck.

    • michael norton

      If as postulated, Joe Biden signs the order for all U.S.A. armed forces to exit Iraq by the end of 2021,
      where would that leave the American troops/contractors in Syria.
      Quite exposed, would be my guess.

      • Johny Conspiranoid

        “If as postulated, Joe Biden signs the order for all U.S.A. armed forces to exit Iraq by the end of 2021,”

        If its anything like Afghanistan he’s going to leave thousands of US contractors (mercaneries) behind. Then there’s the jihadi proxies.

        • JohninMK

          Most of them will stay there but have a different title, advisor, trainer, consultant etc etc. The President says one thing and the military does what is was going to do anyway, is the experience from the Trump days.

          They have to stay there as the US forces in Syria are dependent on them for logistical support. Flying in hamburgers and ice cream on a Hercules is a bit expensive compared to the 50+ truck supply convoys rolling in and out.

          No Iran equals no Syria and the US doesn’t seem prepared for that yet.

          • michael norton

            When he was potus Donald Trump claimed all his troops would go from Syria.
            The military were confounded, they tried to explain that Donald had been mis-quoted.
            They never left.
            Then Donald Trump did not win re-election but Sleepy Joe got in?

          • michael norton

            You could imagine that the MIC does not understand democracy, they are much more comfortable with Sleepy Joe.

      • michael norton

        Joe Biden has in his remit, the interests of Israel.
        Israel is concerned about the Shia Crescent.
        The Israelis are constantly bombing targets in Iraq/Syria/Lebanon, they also overfly other territories with impunity because they feel they have back up from America.
        If America abandons Syria and Iraq, how will they stop the Shia Crescent upsetting Israel?

    • Pooh

      Tatyana, if it’s not too much trouble, would you be so kind as to provide links to your sources, I would be ever so grateful.


      • Tatyana

        sure, Pooh 🙂

        – Тебе мёду? Или того и другого?
        – И того, и другого, и можно даже без хлеба.

        The head of the ‘Russian section’ of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research of the US State Department, Robert Otto, doubted the American official version of the Magnitsky case and even considered it a legend.
        Kyle Parker, a member of the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, was in constant correspondence with Browder and forwarded all letters from him to Otto.

        The prosecutor’s office accused Browder and his accomplice Ivan Cherkasov of organizing the deliberate bankruptcy of the Dalnyaya Steppe company established in Kalmykia, and tax evasion in 1996-2005 in the amount of about 3.3 billion rubles.
        The investigation revealed that this company, of which Browder was listed as CEO, was in fact a shell company through which Gazprom shares were bought in order to bypass the law to hide the foreign origin of the beneficiaries. In addition, there were fictitious disabled workers on its staff, and this made it possible to receive large tax benefits.

        The General Prosecutor’s Office of Switzerland finally terminated the criminal investigation against unidentified Russian officials and entrepreneurs who, according to the investigation, could have been involved in laundering money stolen from Russia in this country from 2008 to 2010. The initiator of the investigation was the founder of the Hermitage Capital Management Ltd, William Browder, who allegedly relied on the materials of the late auditor Sergei Magnitsky.

        … from the materials of the Southern District Court of New York, which is considering the company’s case, Prevezon Holdings agreed to pay the US authorities $ 5.9 million in compensation to avoid the next stage of litigation, scheduled for May 15. This is the first such case in the practice of applying the Magnitsky Act.
        According to Bloomberg, this is approximately 3% of the amount that the US government initially demanded from Prevezon Holdings. According to Faith Gay, Denis Katsyv considers the agreements reached as a victory.
        “It’s practically an apology from the government,” she explained.

        И помни, что когда ты идёшь за мёдом, главное – чтобы пчёлы тебя не заметили 🙂

        • Pooh

          Tatyana, thank you kindly. You really went to town. Appreciated. I’ll have a good butcher’s.

          Твои бы слова, да Богу в уши. Bees always suspect something, but no fear: this soft toy is not for turning when honey is within reach.


          Pooh, a Bear with a Pleasing Manner but a Positively Startling Lack of Brain (according to Eeyore, who knows).

        • Geoffrey

          Tatyana, have you seen the documentary on Browder made by a Russian director, absolutely amazing and completely destroys Broders story. I am very sorry I cant remember the director or the name of the film,though I have seen it.
          Annoyingly Browders book is quite interezting.

        • Baron

          Again, many thanks, Tatyana, all very helpful.

          The guy is Грудинин, sorry, but not to worry, it’s fine, other sources helped. He was mentioned in the narrative linked below, it’s from a magazine “The Spectator’, you may have come across it, the link can give you a flavour of the rag’s stance on Russia, the journalists vary, but the slicing of your country never changes.


          • Baron

            And another thing, Tatyana, the joke was OK, rather earthy, here’s one in return which circulated in Russia when Baron lived there (when Nikita ruled, and well before you were born)

            It’s the Radio Yerevan joke, they ask Radio Yerevan ‘meat appeared in Moscow, will it also appear in other towns and villages?’ Radio Yerevan answers ‘yes, it will, it’s a travelling exhibition, the next stop is Kiev’.

            One can only guess you have more than enough meat now everywhere, all one needs is money to buy it, right?

      • Baron

        Impossible to respond to your posting in any other way, Pooh, many thanks for your help, the guy’s name was Грудинин, sorry.

        • Tatyana

          Baron, if by chance you return here to check the answers –
          Grudinin is in our news today. He is divorcing his wife, after 37 years of marriage. His wife is disabled and needs help. They are in the process of dividing their property and finance.
          For some unknown reason, Mr. Grudinin’s wife turned to the Central Election Commitee of Russia and informed them that Mr. Grudinin is the owner of a foreign company and was investing into European companies. One may guess the reason for that might be that Mrs. Grudinin is probably unhappy with the divorce and her share in the property, maybe.
          Under Russian law, to be registered as a candidate in the elections, it is necessary to close accounts, stop keeping cash and valuables in foreign banks and stop using foreign financial instruments.
          The Communist Party argues, that Grudinin did all of that in 2017 by the moment of registration.
          Prosecutor’s office got the Belize Supreme Court decision from 2020 that the company Bontro LTD is no longer considered liquidated.
          That’s what prevents Mr. Grudinin from elections. I suggest the word ‘greed’. Looks like he suspended his ownership to be eligible for the elections, but renewed it again later, secretly.

    • Geoffrey

      There is a book that I have been trying to get hold of for ages. I think its called The Killing of Bill Browder written by a hedgie in Monaco giving a completely different side to Browder’s story (Which coincidentally I have just bought for £1 in a charity shop and stated reading).
      You cannot buy the hedgies book…I believe Browder has managed to stop publication by injunctions.

  • Allan Howard

    If I remember correctly, I posted the following in a thread on here about five or six weeks ago (well I know that I was thinking to do so, but can’t be 100% certain whether I actually did so in the end) [ Mod: You did – here ], about Marie van de Zyl – the President of the BoD – claiming in an interview on an Israeli news station in November 2018 that Jeremy Corbyn is ‘spending more and more time with terrorists and extremists’ and ‘with people who threaten the security of Britain’, which was of course a Big Lie and complete fabrication. And needless to say, if he HAD been, it would have been all over the MSM (yes, I realise that the biggest terrorists on the planet designated Hamas etc as ‘terrorists’, not that van de Zyl – conveniently – mentioned who these terrorists supposedly were).

    Anyway, a few days ago, in the process of doing a search for something, an article (or statement) on the BoDs website came up in the results, and so I ended up going on to their website for the first time ever (I’d never stopped to think before that they had a website, but had I done so, would have realised that they MUST have) and, as such, did a thorough search on there for an article – which would of course been posted round-about the same time as she did her interview on the Israeli news station – about Jeremy Corbyn spending more and more time with terrorists etc, and there was zilch. Of COURSE there wasn’t, because it was complete and utter fabrication and, had she/they done so – not that I imagine there are tens of thousands of people – ie Jewish people – visiting the site regularly (and they don’t appear to have a ‘sign up to be notified of new articles’ option) – they would of course be very soon wondering how it’s possible that they haven’t read about it in their daily newspaper or heard about it on the box.

    I’m sure that someone can put it in to words much better than I can, but with the vast majority of the claims and allegations against Jeremy himself, they were in fact ‘opinions’ – eg that he ‘supported’ the Mural (which wasn’t the case at all of course) – or based on something that actually happened (as with the meeting in 2010), whereas with van de Zyl’s claim, we’re dealing with an outright falsehood (as with the stuff concocted and contrived by the Jewish Chronicle about Marc, and others)……… I was just about to say that it’s quite possible that Jeremy isn’t even aware of what van de Zyl said, because if he WAS, then surely he could successfully sue her for libel, but in that very moment it occurred to me that if the interview took place in Israel , then he probably can’t and, that she did the interview and said such things IN Israel precisely because she knew that he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it if he DID get to learn about it.


    Phew, it’s amazing how SO often it gets REALLY convoluted trying to explain and/or dismantle falsehoods! So apologies if your brain is now befuddled!!.

    • Allan Howard

      If THAT *is* the case, that is!

      Actually, it seems to be getting more and more convoluted just to say anyTHING!

    • DunGroanin

      Great sleuthing.

      I guess the problem for JC in getting involved in a slander case is that it’s a pig wrestle in their pen. There is no way of avoiding getting covered in slime.
      That was clearly the basis of the trumped up charges against Salmond. Or anyone who can be forced into defending themselves , the mere case is used by the MSM to further the no smoke without fire bs. Even when no fire is proved as with AS. I guess all these in high profile resistance and reality fight against the fascist forces running our world have to make such calculations. Including no doubt our great host!

  • yesindyref2

    Official Secrets on Netflix – well worth watching whether conspiracy theorist or establishment hound dog.

    Perhaps a question is – can people be both? Perhaps the answer is, ironically – and the truth shall make you free.

  • DunGroanin

    Here’s today’s latest Obsessive Groan flat out lie on Assange and the Ecuadorean coup states withdrawal of citizenship without due process.

    “ Assange spent seven years holed up inside Ecuador’s London embassy, where he fled in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden to face allegations of rape and sexual assault, which he denied. Sweden dropped the sex crimes investigations in November 2019 because so much time had elapsed.”

    No Sweden didn’t drop charges because sooooooo much time elapsed.
    There were no charges.
    The mealy mouthed Groaniad avoids saying ‘charges’.
    Ignoring that Sweden planned to drop any such ‘charges’ within weeks of the fake allegations, all these years ago, until OUR CPS, led at the time by the current Labour Leader, the Great Knight Dope, Starmer, told the Swedes ‘Not to dare drop the fake allegations’ and request for Assange to be extradited to Sweden – to be diverted to Guantanamo on the way there.

    That’s SirKur, the Zion king, anyone still wonder how he got a ‘Sir’?
    Anyone doubt he is a deepstate apparatchik and a threat to the long-standing social democratic causes of real Labour?

    The crocodile tears of the Obsessive Groan that fails to protect a real independent journalist and political prisoner on their own doorstep, As they fail to protect CM and other journalist IN the U.K. whilst they are crying about a Uyghur head chopper from Syria, with a Turkish passport and pocketfuls of cash who is legitimately arrested by Interpol in Morocco, for actual incitement of terrorism.

    The Groaniad – the sewer straight to your brain.

    • Pooh

      “The Groaniad – the sewer straight to your brain.”

      Me, Pooh, again, comrade. Thank you. I’m sitting here thinking just how sharp I am and how lucky can one bear be… (having little brain) (and not reading the The Groaniad). 🙂

    • Allan Howard

      I know absolutely nothing about Julian’s love-life, but it seems highly unlikely that he didn’t have a few liaisons over the years prior to his trip to Sweden, and if anything untoward had happened regarding one or more of said liaisons, I’m sure we would have heard about it a long LONG time ago (even if the PTB DIDN’T have it in for him, which they DO of course). And yet he goes to Sweden – ie gets invited to go there and give a talk at some conference – and within the space of a few days supposedly sexually abuses two women!

      Hmm, how incredibly fortuitous for the Cosmic Mafia!

      And isn’t it odd how the two women concerned DIDN’T know each-other (allegedly) prior to Julian going to Sweden, but then B (who went to the conference to hear Julian speak) contacts A (I forget their names and can’t be bothered to check) – the woman Julian was staying with – because she wants to speak to him and can’t find him – and they end up chatting and B telling A about what happened and, as such, that she wants Julian to get checked for HIV. And then instead of phoning a clinic to ascertain if someone can be made to take a test, or phone the police, A just happens to know a police officer – a woman – and so very kindly takes B to see her AND goes with her to give her ‘support’, and THEN, in the process of doing so, the PO informs B that a crime has been committed……

      And the very next thing it’s all over the Swedish media and, in turn, the British media etc, and the word ‘rape’ being bandied about. But perish the thought that the WHOLE episode was a set up!

    • nevermind

      thanks for the link Allan, Mark G.
      Thanks also to Amy, sad to say I do not sign into the BiBiCe ‘s system to get a display of their understanding of culture.
      Using and abusing artists silencing important messages of the UK nuclear tests in Australia by being silent when Essex cllrs/bookburners complained to get
      an Australian critical artwork removed.
      It is called ‘ bed of roses’ and I feel for the artist because the ongoing abuse and fascism at display should be written in red on the frontpage.
      Proud to having defeated fascism they adopted it polished the sides and carbuncles and then proceeded to enactit on their own populus
      Did we hear about from anyone? the national broadcaster who frequently thumps tubs to remember, at least once a week, is a hollow shell of establishment spittle maskerading as fair proportional and balanced.

      My fat behind… they are propaganda puppets the Friends of Israel and likes of Sha Masot are allowed to play with at will, just as they infected young minds in a now despicable party landscape to stab Corbyn in the back.

  • J

    When I look through events, laws passed, plans mooted, ‘stuff actually done’ in the last six or eight months, I feel certain that the main reason for Craig to have been under the mincer during this period (the threat of imprisonment) was nothing other than to occupy his mind and energy, keep him from commenting on most of it to a wide audience so that they never got the benefit of his clarity of interpretation and knowledge.

    Job done.

  • bevin

    So far as Ben and Jerry’s confections are concerned Comsortium News has two excellent articles.
    This one by Patrick Lawrence suggests that the partners had intended to stop sales in all of occupied Palestine but that Lever Bros, who own a majority of the shares, insisted that only the clearly illegally occupied territories, conquered in the 1967 war, should be boycotted.

      • BrianFujisan

        Good Article Bevin..thanks
        lets hope other companies around the world will follow Ben & Jerry’s example
        I so wish the UN would get a backbone.

    • Jay

      From the article:

      “Our mainstream press and broadcasters, The New York Times per usual leading the way, now urge us to indulge some ridiculous fantasy that Bennett offers relief from the excesses of the Netanyahu years.”

      The Guardian is attempting the same here but the walls are closing in on them. Bennett is if anything an even more extreme murdering racist who will only entrench Israel’s pariah status. The world will register ever greater disgust regardless of how many disingenuous articles Freedland squeezes out or how many keynote speeches Sir Keir delivers to Labour Friends of Israel meetings.

    • Stevie Boy

      1930s Germany comes to mind. All the leading players in Hitler’s government can be easily transposed onto the current UK Government, their experts and the MSM. Those who oppose what’s happening are the new Jews, Gypsies, disabled and dissidents.

    • Franc

      Thanks for that JOML. I thought that Wings Over Scotland had finished. Can the site be used, in the future, to update us on Craig’s progress?

    • BrianFujisan

      Thanks for that JOML.. My heart is sick at the abuse of power.. Every Indy fighter should be onto this ..

      The London elite get the man for telling us the truth – Re Iraq. …Scotland’s Shame

      • nevermind

        It is with sadness and much rage that I wish all those who are coercing and cooperating with these kind of abuses by appointed gatekeepers, the worst of health, a long lingering illness and a painful death, for they can’t show humanity in jailing a 62 year old with severe health problems, sending him to prison.
        I can’t come up to Scotland now, but all those who want to see Independence, must now be loud and accountable, support one of their finest minds, a fair and balanced man and father.
        Now might also be the time for Alex Salmond to speak up, demand that perjurers be exempt from immunity before the law if it is shown that they cooperated/conspired with each other, or this will happen again and again. Does he want to continue such tardy odorous and lingering affairs whence Scotland becomes Independent?
        Contact you when I’m up there Brian, we will see each other….:)

  • Ian

    So in modern day ‘progressive’ Scotland a journalist can be imprisoned

    1) despite their not being a shred of evidence for his ‘transgression’
    2) on the supposition of the judge as to his ‘intent’ despite her not being a mind-reader and having no rational basis for such a claim
    3) under different rules to the MSM who are allowed to speculate, smear, and jigsaw identify as much as they like, without posecution, because they abide by a mysterious, unknown ‘code’.

    Sturgeon and her little gang must be delighted. This is their Scotland, where opposition and investigative journalism are under attack by a regime which has no separation between its autocratic ruler and the legal system, where collusion is rife.

    Craig is being jailed for being an honest, diligent questioner of political power and patronage, with principles and commitment to old-fashioned values, such as transparency, integrity and justice. In other words, a thorn in their side, exposing their malicious use of power to deny Scots citizens the truth.

  • Crispa

    In the light of what is happening with the Supreme Court declining evidently to here the case, I can only interpret the title of the article that gives rise to this thread as being ironic. Craig Murray has been totally right all along.

  • Olly Perry

    Just learned the terrible news. Words utterly fail me and my heart goes out to Craig and his family. I am so ashamed of our British justice system once considered one of the world’s best, and so ashamed to be British with all its small-minded minions all doing the bidding of corrupt nasty little ambitious career politicians. If an innocent man can be jailed with such malicious determination, who or what is next? Lady Dorrian and her ilk have done this country no favours. They have shown themselves for who they are. A word for all those who plotted and schemed for this result: History will not be kind to you. In time, the truth will eventually come out about you and your nefarious activities. You are all cowards, liars and small time crooks. Your descendants will be ashamed of what you did and your legacy will be forever tarnished – think on that while you swill your expensive whisky around the glass and try to sleep at night with a clear conscience. Craig Murray on the other hand will be vindicated and will be lauded for his courage, integrity and bravery in always seeking to uncover the truth and fight for justice for his friends.

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