What We Have Learned 190

We have learnt this year that there is no crime so startling, so obvious and so visible to the whole world that the United States and Israel are not willing to commit it brazenly and openly. The massacre of 20,000 people includes the killing of babies and infants, the deliberate shooting of pregnant women and toddlers, the murder of old ladies in church and the execution of prisoners stripped naked.

This is all justified as “Israel’s right of self-defence”.

We have also seen the increasing rise of fascism as western governments crack down on their publics in order to curtail political resistance to the genocide. Tony Greenstein, Mick Napier and I have all been harassed under the Terrorism Act. I have left the country because I fear I am officially “under investigation” under the Terrorism Act and I fear I shall be arrested and placed in jail for two years awaiting trial. Numerous people have been arrested for expressing their horror at the massacre through placards, words or even songs that the police judge “offensive”. Police action is often prompted by instruction from self-appointed Zionist vigilante organisations.

We are also seeing, exactly as I predicted, a replay of the “War on Terror” state Islamophobic propaganda. Do you remember the famous “ricin plot” where the ricin found was the trace level to be found in every kitchen? The British government kept it Top Secret for two years that there was in fact no ricin. Or the non-existent Easter Bomb Plot where the “ingredient of improvised explosives” found turned out to be a bag of sugar?

In Germany they have a great deal of work to do to justify the world’s most extreme anti-Palestinian governmental racism, so they have invented a “Hamas terror plot” and arrested four young Muslims. No evidence at all that been produced to justify this.

Hamas has never, ever conducted any violent attack outside of Palestine and it has always been their policy not to do so – and it still is. The notion is ludicrous that at this time Hamas have decided to suddenly lose the propaganda war which they are winning worldwide, by attacking Germany.

Germany’s governments have form of course, not only for genocide, but also for enthusiastic creation of fake terrorism. The German government was heavily implicated both in false flag terrorist attacks in Tashkent, which I was able to investigate and report to the UK government in real time, and in the creation of a whole fake terrorist organisation, “The Islamic Jihad Union of Uzbekistan”, which was entirely the work of the CIA and the German security services. The aim at that time was to justify the German military airbase at Termez in Uzbekistan, operating into Afghanistan. People forget German participation on the losing side in the last Afghan war.

I have no doubt we are in for a period of more propaganda, fake terrorist plots, false flag actual terrorism and agent provocateur led terrorism. It is the only way the Establishment can hope to regain the propaganda narrative.

I have not quite got used yet to my new position as an itinerant terrorist, so I apologise that posting has been a bit scarce due to a lot of organisational bother and a general sense of discombobulation. This is being dashed off at Milan airport. I am very happy on a personal note to say that my family are joining me at an exotic venue for Christmas and New Year, so you may not hear much from me till mid-January as I owe my children a great deal of my attention.

I do wish you a safe and very happy festive season wherever you are, and hope you can be together with those you love. For all those living in fear and danger, particularly but not only those in Gaza, my thoughts along with those of millions around the world are with you now and always.

Shortly before the first Iraq War, between the invasion of Kuwait and the outbreak of real hostilities, I sent a minute in reply to one from John Major. I was working in a the Embargo Surveillance Centre, a Top Secret establishment operating from an underground NATO HQ in central London. We were among the recipients of a Christmas message from the Prime Minister which combined Christian wishes with a bellicose message. I replied in a formal minute with this verse from the carol It Came Upon the Midnight Clear:

But with the woes of sin and strife
The world has suffered long;
Beneath the angel-strain have rolled
Two thousand years of wrong;
And man, at war with man, hears not
The love-song which they bring; –
Oh hush the noise, ye men of strife,
And hear the angels sing!

Whomever the angels are to you, I hope you hear them sing.


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190 thoughts on “What We Have Learned

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  • Bonehead Travel Agency

    Given your increasingly extreme anti-western and pro-terrorist comments, Tehran would be an appropriate “Exotic destination” for your Christmas family break.

    • AG

      can´t imagine a more propriate and well-meaning wish for Christmas!

      Anyhow. Hope you have enough people around you during holiday season who can live up to Craig Murray`s level of integrity and dignity.

      or to quote one commentator here many months ago: “If Mr. Murray is a terrorist he is my most favourite.”

      I might add :”Then we all are terrorists.”

      Or to rephrase Thomas Jefferson
      “Not the people should be afraid of their government, but the government of its people.”

    • Franc

      @ Bonehead
      Are you one of those autistic Zionists, who has been waiting a long time, to be 1st responder, to this article?
      You were probably wetting yourself with excitement,
      weren’t you?

    • Cynicus

      Bonehead: that’s the stuff, Peter.

      Don’t let the impending loss of your seat in Wellingborough get you down. i’m sure you will do well in the travel business provided you abstain from bullying and flashing at younger men in hotel rooms.

      • Aguirre

        Peter Bone and Tom Pursglove – there’s a lot on the inseparable two in Tim Shipman’s book on the Brexit referendum. It seems they were very good friends. Political friends, of course.

    • mark cutts

      A word to the wise.

      Don’t book a holiday in Cyprus next year.

      Oh- I forgot :

      Have a very Murderous Xmas.

      All the worst to you and your heroes in The New Year.

  • Tdg

    I think we knew these things already. What we did not know is that DEI ideology would find its most natural target—Jews—revealing envy as its true driver.

  • AG

    p.s. Germany – there was a major court case here against Mr. Uzmanov concerning his finances.

    It was part of the anti-Russian hysteria. May be by accident law enforcement had hit on a legitimate subject albeit for inappropriate political bias since Mr. Uzmanov´s wealth hadn´t been created since Febr. 24th 2022 but had been known of for years.

    The defendant´s lawyers successfully rebutted the case. Journalists in Germany were hailing “democracy still working”.
    I assume they honestly meant it. And may be the case was truly unjstified based on German legalities. I don´t know the details.

    The story however was forgotten surprisingly quickly considering its high profile.

  • nevermind

    Im glad that you will spend time with family, no doubt your angels will sing for you and give you a big hug. Keep safe and look after your health.
    Thank you for this apt article craig, there are not many people who can speak up as you do.

  • frankywiggles

    This is a British genocide, too. The RAF has been ferrying weapons to Tel Aviv nonstop from Cyprus and performing aerial reconnaissance over Gaza for the IDF. It is also widely suspected that British special forces are on the ground in Gaza.

    British MPs voted overwhelmingly in Parliament against a stop to the genocide and the UK abstained on a ceasefire resolution at the United Nations. The British media has suppressed and stigmatised use of the word genocide to describe what the UK is inflicting on the Palestinians. By contrast there has been a systematic campaign by politicians, TV and the press to pretend that Gaza solidarity protesters are calling for a genocide against Jews.

    Only in relation to this cynically made-up genocide does the British elite oppose genocide. The history books will record that in real life the British military, political class and commentariat enabled a mass genocide of Palestinian women, children and elderly people to the very best of their ability. The perpetrators were not just Israel and Washington.

    • John Main

      “The history books will record …”

      They may record, who can foretell the future. If they do, and record that a genocide started in Gaza in 2024, they will also record it was partially enabled by months of hysterical claims it was going on since October 2023, when it wasn’t.

      The parable of the boy who cried “wolf” comes to mind.

      It’s such a shame that after weeks of calling for a UN resolution, that now we have one, nobody is interested. I’m of the opinion that because it calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages, it’s the “wrong” resolution.

      Yet many observers, including myself, believe that would bring about the immediate cessation of fighting and the humanitarian relief people claim to have as their first priority.

      • glenn_nl

        JM: “It’s such a shame that after weeks of calling for a UN resolution, that now we have one, nobody is interested. I’m of the opinion that because it calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages, it’s the “wrong” resolution.”

        No. It’s because it doesn’t _actually_ call for a ceasefire or get anywhere near calling for one. That’s the problem.

        Why, do you think everyone in Gaza should be out there, singing and dancing in the streets over this new resolution (and us lefties all cheering it too), while massive, high-explosive bombs continue to rain down on them with ever greater intensity? What sort of parallel universe are you living in, John?

      • Johnny Conspiranoid

        “Yet many observers, including myself, believe that would bring about the immediate cessation of fighting”
        Why do you believe this?
        Israel’s current leadership has publicly proclaimed its intention of ethnically cleansing Gaza and the West Bank.

      • CabbagePatch

        Learning about the Nazi’s as a small boy – it seems strange that people could allow things to develop that far.
        Zionism’s adherent’s and apologists have sadly cured me of that naivety.

        What’s happening is clear for all to see. The Zionist State terror group’s imperial sponsors are providing arms and diplomatic cover to allow for the “Textbook case of Genocide” https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2023/11/a-textbook-case-of-genocide/

        Perhaps it wasn’t known to the world at large in 1939-45 but the Gaza Genocide is well known, well documented, and being live streamed in horrific detail.

        Everybody sees Zionist State as a brutal genocidal terrorist encampment without any legitimacy, political, moral or otherwise.
        Demographically, you have old racists in your corner. TikTok pun intended.

  • AG

    Love the “NATO HQ in central London” moment combined with Sears´ words.
    Thank You!

    p.s. the last German plot – you loose track so many they are inventing – is a threat concerning the Cologne cathedrale today.
    Police evacuated the space, arrested people already yesterday. (hear hear!)

    No info whatsoever of course.

    But the best thing: Half-way into the news item police is quoted: “It concerned a threat for New Years. But we decided to clear the place now.”

    Evil islamist terrorists giving police a 7 day head start? Seriously?

  • Jerry Alatalo

    People across the Earth will find it useful to recall the bombshell 2012 admission of historical false flag planning by one named Patrick Clawson, where Mr. Clawson, referring to (unsuccessful, as of September 2012) efforts to take down the Iranian government, said: “Crisis initiation is hard.”, concluding with the unforgettable phrase, “We [USA] could get nasty!”… Some are suggesting the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people is a (truly diabolical) deliberate, planned, joint U.S.-Israeli covert military-intelligence action designed specifically to provoke war with/against Iran.

    Hear Mr. Clawson in 2012, and decide for yourself if his perspective doesn’t still pertain today, and fully aligns with the above-described war criminal scenario:


  • A Bruce

    Keep doing what you’re doing Craig; we stand with you and will continue to support you. If you are a terrorist, then, as someone else said, we, on the side of the Angels are all terrorists, and proud to be so.
    I hope you and your family have a good Christmas.

  • Kuhnberg

    I have a mind myself and recognize
    Mind when I meet with it in any guise
    No one can know how glad I am to find
    On any sheet the least display of mind.

    Robert Frost

    Happy Christmas Mr Murray. And thanks for all your good and necessary work.

  • Crispa

    Well, if you could bet on Xmas false flags you would get very short odds on this.
    BBC news headline. “Tanker hit off India coast by drone from Iran – US”. Somewhere down a rambling article that includes a quote from Cameron, describing Iran as a “thoroughly malign influence in the region and in the world” is the “BBC was not able to independently verify the incident”.

    • Tom Welsh

      A propos naval tension in the Red Sea and surrounding region, John Helmer has just published another up-to-date and insightful report: https://johnhelmer.net/honey-trap-for-israelis-and-americans-in-the-red-sea/ To my mind the really interesting quotation is this:

      “While the French have shown a clear intent to prioritize their own shipping interests, the US approach has left its own American-flagged ships stranded in the region, that have been – some for a full week – waiting for escort…This development marks a significant shift in the geopolitical dynamics of maritime security in one of the world’s most vital shipping lanes. The French decision underscores a growing crisis in shipping that puts national and regional priority ahead of global needs, while the US focuses on protecting all shipping – including ships owned by rivals like China – at the expense of the dwindling fleet of US-flagged merchant ships”.

      Finally, it seems that a fundamental split is taking place – and becoming clearly visible – between the small US elite that cleaves to Israel through thick and thin, and the vast majority of US citizens and corporations, who would like their government to pursue their interests for a change. With the 2024 presidential election in prospect, this highlights some interesting (and perhaps promising) tensions.

      • Tom Welsh

        John Helmer has posted again on the topic of the fairly effective naval blockade the Houthis have instituted against Israel. https://johnhelmer.net/russian-identification-of-houti-tanker-target-in-indian-ocean-how-the-western-media-are-protecting-the-israelis/

        “OPERATION PROSPERITY GUARDIAN… is now coming apart in recriminations because commercial vessel owners in France, Spain, and Italy have accepted that if they negotiate Israel-boycott deals directly with the Houthis, they can continue to operate through the Red Sea. They resent the commercial competition from Russia and China which are operating oil tankers and dry-cargo carriers without hindrance or threat”.

        The astonishing truth is that the Houthis of Yemen, the wretched of the earth, the weak, oppressed and poverty-stricken, are doing far more to help the Palestinians than anyone else in the entire world. And in the most practical way; the old sayings apply to the Israelis and Americans above all, that the only thing they understand is force, and that the way to influence them is to hit them in their wallets.

        One can only hope that, as Helmer suggests, the Algerians do their bit and discourage shipping headed for Israel through the Straits of Gibraltar.

        While I hope no one feels that violence is appropriate at Christmas of all times, if it is being used against the poor and defenceless by the wealthy and powerful, one may imagine that Jesus would approve of those who stand up for the former.

  • Jack

    I would not be surprised if palestinians/muslims/arabs are involved in so callled “terrorism” in the west. I am frankly surprised that there have not been any return of attacks as of yet:
    For almost 3 months the same western states have funded, armed, supported the most heinous, the most perverse, the most apologetic, the most psychopathic aid to Israel which have killed newborns, small children, youth, adults, elders, handicapped, patients in hospital, animals – basically the west have supported a massacre of sadistic extermination against the whole of a population. Israel have, with joy, destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, have attacked hospitals, mosques, have refused to let in humanitarian aid/water/food, have kidnapped doctors, ripped life saving support from ICU patients and newborns, have made childbirth impossible causing the fetus and also possibly the woman carrying the child to die (every day there is about 180 babies being born in Gaza – basically 180 fetus die every day from this deliberate policy by Israel to hurt, physically, innocent lives): all with the support from the european far right to almost the far-left spectrum of politicians and journalists.
    The west is by far more brainwashed than North Korea, never again do I want to read pathetic, gleeful stories about North Korea by self-rightous, smug western journalists.

    Also, as the west aid the deliberate killing of perhaps 25000 palestinians killed by now, you have atleast 25000 relatives that want to seek revenge against Israel/west.
    The nasty arrogance by west is striking, what on earth did the west expect to happen from their support to Israel? That the palestinians would come back to europe greeting them with hugs and kisses for killing their children and destroying their nation?
    Gee, I am very anti-violence even when it comes to movies, I even feel bad if I have to kill a small insect, but if someone brutalized, killed, murdered and engaged in wanton human destruction against any person I hold dear, I would not hesitate exert the same violence in return and then one must remember that palestinians have faced this very situation not just 1 single time, as horrible that would be, but have endured the same terror by Israel since atleast 1948, and then the west wonder “why do they hate us”? What a squalid joke.

  • Goose

    Surprised you didn’t mention the reports on the Biden administration’s disgraceful behind the scenes lobbying efforts. https://www.commondreams.org/news/us-geneva-conventions Working to prevent the Swiss government from holding a conference on alleged Geneva Convention violations. As if the US’s outrageous ceasefire vote obstructionism at the UN wasn’t bad enough already. US spokespeople refer to the events of October 7th constantly, as if they somehow give Israel carte blanche cover for mass murder, while ignoring the fact the real roots of this lie in the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their land during the creation of Israel in 1948.

    It’ll soon be three months of bombing. Three months of compromised Western politicians mouthing the idea Israel should abide by International law in the full knowledge war crimes are taking place, while they look the other way. Besides the obvious double standards, and the loss of any semblance of a US claim to moral leadership, the western political empathy vacuum has undoubtedly been the real eye opener for western populations.
    It’s clear that Palestinian support is very much of the street; organic and bottom-up, whereas support for Israel is very much a top-down thing; manufactured – coming from unpopular, out of touch political elites and their lackeys in the controlled media. A media who’ve done all they can to bury the unfolding Gaza horrors further and further down the TV news agenda, as the weeks have passed.
    Germany too has revealed its darker side. As the professed leader of Europe and its richest country, they have a unique moral obligation and responsibility to lead condemnation; an obligation that they are simply not fulfilling. The near infatuation with Israel displayed by their political class and Springer press has resulted in that country dehumanising Palestinians, much as Jews themselves were once dehumanised. If the EU collapses, due to its inherent lack of democratic legitimacy, Ursula von der Leyen’s sinister behaviour; plus that of foreign policy chief Borrell, and their inability to properly condemn Israel’s genocidal campaign, will have played a role in making the end of the EU possible.

    Hope you and all here have a good Christmas, difficult circumstances permitting.

    • Clark

      “It’s clear that Palestinian support is very much of the street; organic and bottom-up, whereas support for Israel is very much a top-down thing; manufactured – coming from unpopular, out of touch political elites and their lackeys in the controlled media”

      I can very much confirm this. Yesterday afternoon a friend and I carried Palestinian flags up and down our local high street for a couple of hours. Dozens of members of the public smiled, gestured or voiced their support as they passed, or came up and had conversations with us. We were offered canned drinks, baklava and falafel. On the other hand, the two or three objections were shouted or incoherent; these people hurried off and declined our offers to talk.

      • terence callachan

        Dundee city centre yesterday there was a meeting of Palestinian sympathisers perhaps a few dozen with flags all ages. They of course had to get permission from Dundee City council, which was given; but they must have to inform the police because they were surrounded by police who actually outnumbered the Palestinian sympathisers.
        The police looked embarrassed and rather fed up having to do this.
        I think orders are coming from Westminster channelled all the way to every police department in U.K.

  • Clark

    Craig, thank you, and Best wishes to Nadira, Jamie and all the family. I will always remember Christmas and New Year at Ramsgate; sitting outside the huge front room window, parakeets in December.

  • Tom Welsh

    “I fear I shall be arrested and placed in jail for two years awaiting trial”.

    Who was it who said that, “Justice delayed is justice denied”? A very true and sound statement, and a nasty trick that plays its part in our rulers’ bag of nasty tricks.

    I very much hope that you and yours find safe refuge in some country where there is still a modicum of decency and justice. Along with Julian Assange and other strong-minded and moral people, you should be in the prayers and thoughts of all honest men and women everywhere.

    • Stevie Boy

      “safe refuge in some country where there is still a modicum of decency and justice. ” May be unpalatable for our host but it appears that Russia is the only country that fits the bill.

  • Brian Sides

    LIHOP let it happen on purpose

    cui bono
    who stands, or stood, to gain (from a crime, and so might have been responsible for it)?

    Problem reaction solution
    You want to carry out and action that you know will be rejected
    You create the right sort of problem
    That will garner the correct reaction
    A demand or acceptance of the action you had wished to take all along.

    But the history books will record that the attack on the 7th October 2023 was a surprise
    surprise noun an unexpected or astonishing event,
    surprise verb (of something unexpected) cause (someone) to feel mild astonishment or shock
    50 Years On: the Yom Kippur War
    A surprise attack on Israeli territory by Arab coalition forces on October 6, 1973, began the final and bloodiest conflict of the Arab-Israeli wars.

  • Squeeth

    I hear that Rome is quite nice this time of year. I don’t blame you for staying away, the weather’s shite, the telly’s shite and the local Sainsbury’s has put up Pinot Noir to an outrageous £9.25 the bottle. I’m boycotting Coke, Pepsi and Fanta (that’s the easy one, I don’t drink it anyway) because they are associated with zionist antisemitism and have renewed my acquaintanceship with diet lemonade. Dandelion and Burdock next, that’ll show them.

    • Tatyana

      you might love Christmas in Russia 🙂 a couple of hours ago I was looking at local Pinot Noir at a price of about 350 rubles, it’s about 3.46 euros. And a couple of days ago, in the same store, I witnessed an interesting dialogue: a man spoke to the boy about 7-8 years old, “son, don’t forget that we agreed to buy only Russian.” This was said near the display cases with Lay’s products, which were adjacent to shelves with Cola, Fanta, Sprite and the like. Here we have real import substitution in full swing, and I want to say that I am also actively researching the products of local manufacturers and friendly countries. Armenia, in addition to traditional cognacs, also began to supply whiskey, which, according to my husband, is quite decent.

      Wish you all happy time this Christmas. Hope you all are safe.

      • Tom Welsh

        Thanks, Tatyana. And the best of wishes to you and yours when Orthodox Christmas comes around.

        My family have just been watching “The Muppet Christmas Carol” – an annual ritual for us – and I remember the line “may it last all year”.

      • Rosemary MacKenzie

        You and your family also have a happy time this Christmas, Tatyana. And keep safe yourselves. I’ve been making catnip toys for my friends – all catniped out around the living room!

  • AG

    re: Iraq 1991 bribery case:

    Financial Times back then as the only paper as usual, had an investigative piece stating that the UN GA vote preceding the US invasion was in fact bought (some Arab states I think – too long ago now). I followed the FT for a few years but then lost track of it. I don´t know if that ever substantiated enough evidence for a case.

  • Lapsed Agnostic

    Contrary to what our host writes, no kitchen will contain any traces of ricin unless it has been recently exposed to ricin*. The people arrested in Wood Green & Bournemouth may have either not been charged with attempting to obtain ricin for purposes of terrorism, or have been acquitted, but Kamel Bourgass, who was believed to have been linked to the men in Wood Green, was sentenced to 17 years for possessing five pages of hand-written notes detailing how to go about obtaining ricin, cyanide & botulinum toxin. He was also sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing DC Stephen Oake eight times leading to his death (plus stabbing three other officers) in a bid to escape arrest.

    Before I go, could I wish our host & family, as well as the stalwarts of the comments section, a very Happy Christmas.

    * Health & Safety Warning: The article from ‘Green Left Review’ that our host links to erroneously claims that ricin is only fatal by injection. In fact, 100 milligrams ingested by mouth will kill most people. So, whatever you’re doing this festive season, don’t be tempted to mix in a few castor beans as an exotic addition to the sprouts.

    • Clark

      Yes, Craig seems to have misquoted from this ‘Green Left Review’ article on his own site – no trace of ricin was found:


      3. Smith, George (11 April 2005). “UK Terror Trial Finds No Terror: Not guilty of conspiracy to poison London with ricin”. GlobalSecurity.org. Retrieved 17 October 2006.
      4. Summers, Chris (13 April 2005). “Questions over ricin conspiracy”. BBC News. Retrieved 17 October 2006.
      5. “Terror trial had blanket news ban”. BBC. 13 April 2005. Retrieved 18 October 2006.
      6. Campbell, Duncan (14 April 2005). “The ricin ring that never was”. The Guardian. UK. Retrieved 18 October 2006.
      7. “Gateway to Terror: Anjem Choudary and the Al-Muhajiroun Network” (PDF). Hope not Hate. November 2013.
      8. Mortimer, Josiah (30 March 2023). “Ricin and the Red Tops: How a Made-Up Terror Plot Helped the Media Build the Case for the Iraq War”. Byline Times. London. Retrieved 31 March 2023.

  • AG

    btw as mysteries and riddles within riddles are concerned –
    (or “a donut hole within a donut hole” to quote Daniel Craig in the whodunit “Knives Out”) –

    the Substack investigative site “FOIA Around And Find Out” – which I initially considered a nut-head job and which now has turned out a remarkable source on Russiaget et al. – has a new piece with new intertwined mysteries.


    Newly released FOIA files are insinuating connections between the hacker group Anonymous, Alfa Bank, and personnel I am not really familiar with but seem to be VIPs in the gray zone, Alexandra Chalupa, Neal Rauhauser and others.

    FOIA speculates that Hackers might have deleted one email on Rauhauser replying to a reporter´s questions on Russiagate, erasing evidence.

    FOIA goes on:

    “(…) As I looked into Rauhauser, I got into a series of old blog posts accusing Rauhauser of being a confidential human source for the FBI, despite an apparent affiliation with Anonymous. An old video exists where Rauhauser is chatting with Kirtaner (Aubrey Cottle)
    Kirtaner is also suspected in some corners in being involved in the Anonymous-linked hack of Epik (…)”

    This then leads to a connection with Emma Best who “(…)was once sought out by Guccifer 2.0 during the 2016 election.(…)”

    and takes us to:

    “(…) The oddities don’t end there, Rauhauser is also connected to Infragard, a public-private partnership between the FBI and cyber professionals that has generated thousands of tips to the FBI. Infragard has come up repeatedly in research around the Alfa Bank researchers and the disinformation space. The organization was founded by someone named Chet Uber. (…)”.

    The post ends with a hearty “happy holidays.”

    p.s. After reading all this the titles makes sense :”Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”

    Six Degrees Of Separation where all this originates (today best known again thx to a Hollywood flick) goes back to a Hungarian playwright named Frigyes Karinthy infusing early network theory in the late 1920s.


    Karinthy translated Winnie-the-Pooh into Hungarian and was an admirer of Swift.

    Having sea bass for dinner.

    Nice evening to all!

  • Fleur

    Thank you Craig for this important and poignant message, and best wishes for as much joy and rest as you and your family can find in this increasingly fractious festive season. Sharing love and joy is an important way of fighting back against the murderous demons who infest the upper echelons of politics and society in many countries.

  • Republicofscotland

    I’m pretty sure Germany’s BND has an office in Washington, in anycase Washington and Berlin have been jointly spying together on more than 120 countries since the 1970’s.

    “In Munich in 1970, representatives of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and their counterparts in the US’s Central Intelligence Agency signed a top-secret agreement. CIA spies would later say they considered the operation, called Rubicon by the BND and Minerva in the United States, the “intelligence coup of the century.”

    Beginning in 1970, the BND and CIA rigged encryption machines produced by Crypto AG so that they could crack communications. More than 120 countries bought Crypto AG hardware for embassies, administrative offices and government institutions.”


    Recently there was shooting in the Czech Republic, luckily for us the “perpetrator” left a manifesto in his house, this manifesto claims that the uni which the guy attended had a Hamas movement within it.

    Take care Craig and enjoy the holidays with your family.

  • no-one important

    Splendid post, Craig – but, as ever, the vast majority of folk in this country and others in the west rely for their ‘information’ on the lies and filth spilled forth in the main stream media prompted by what passes for a government these days.

    I wish you nothing but joy for you and your family this Christmas.

    And may the Powers of Darkness rot the bloomers of the Ungodly beggars who perpetuate this eternal state of fear among ordinary people who wish for nothing more than to live a peaceful life with their neighbours.

  • DunGroanin

    Not wishing any merry Xmas’s this year. 12,000 plus children dead. Hundreds in custody. A terrible story of a thirteen year old girl yesterday, which I am not going to repeat or link unless it is substantiated…

    Couple days ago here in my hood, in East London, a boy was harassed by teachers at school for wearing a Palestinian flag badge as remembrance to his Palestinian family – or so it was reported on some tweet. Parents turned up and protested. Not a single report in the news until mentioned by some caller to the radio shock jock yesterday.

    We know that the Palestinians mass murder and tragedy is a diversion from the total failure of the Ukranian counter offensive and certain defeat in this latest and last proxy war to ‘take’ Russia.

    We know that Erdo has a allowing oil shipments to the Illegal Apartheid Entity under false flag destinations and we know Modi is being forced to listen to the subcontinent’s populations even as he shuts down opposition.. maybe that ship being targeted by Iranians is a final message to India.

    Argentina in the grips of the WEF sex guru and banker who has encouraged the dumb Argies into electing him to hand over what remains as independent Argentina to the World Bankers!
    Is that some strange consolation prize for the Bankers?

    Anyway attention will be dragged further away from the zombie unipolar empire with its apt leader potus bumbling around …the Russian diplomatic plane in DC for two days seems to offer some hope that the Collective Waste is ready to throw the towel in, throw Selensky and his stinking green T-shirt under the bus and give up on their Great Game finally.

    My wish is the end of the centuries of that old hagemony that has transmuted itself through history for the benefit of the very few through all their proxy wars and fascist Nazi philosophies.

    Hope CM and family find some tranquil , warm spot for many weeks there is no need to rush back to banana republic Blighty with its Zion king jailer of Assange the great knight dope Starmer waiting to walks us to the last stages of doom of the public services we were raised with. Hey you can get real cheap health insurance- for now.

    • Tom Welsh

      “… a wonderful old Jewish-Israeli lady (now banned for life from Israel), Yael Kahn”.

      That’s odd. I understood that the Constitution of Israel and its basic laws guaranteed all Jewish people Israeli citizenship and the right of residence.

      Oh well, laws are made to be broken… in some places.

  • harry law

    Here is United Nations resolution 3246 November 29th [1974]
    Affirms the legitimacy of armed resistance by oppressed peoples in pursuit of the right to self determination, and condemns governments which do not support that right.
    Under UK Legislation it is deemed a criminal offence, this is contrary to that resolution.
    The only way not to be prosecuted, is to declare yourself in support of all non proscribed armed group against Israel.

    1 Expressions of support for a proscribed organisation
    In section 12 of the Terrorism Act 2000 (support), after subsection (1) insert—
    “(1A) A person commits an offence if the person—
    (a) Expresses an opinion or belief that is supportive of a proscribed organisation, and
    (b) In doing so is reckless as to whether a person to whom the expression is directed will be encouraged to support a proscribed organisation.” https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2019/3/section/1/enacted
    Both Hezbollah and Hamas are proscribed organisations.

    The famous statement attributed to Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s secret police chief (“Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime”), is the paradigmatic example of what the rule of law is not.

    UK public order laws are manipulated by the various recent Home Secretaries to protect Zionists from being caused ‘Distress’ – notably under section 5 Public order Act 1986, causing ‘Alarm or distress’, the offence is exacerbated if a Racial element is included.
    Many protestors are being hunted down by the Metropolitan police under this and other offences, yet Keir Starmer can go live on LBC Radio and agree with Nick Ferarri that the Israeli Defence Minister on behalf of the Israeli Government does have the right to starve and deprive 2.3 million Gazans of water and energy and subject them to collective punishment, why are the woodentops not waiting ouside his home?
    I cannot see any Jury convicting Greenstein or Napier on these politcal charges, imagine trying to covince a Jury that this well documented Genocidal campaign, with intent, cannot be resisted by any means. Its pure human nature.

    • Crispa

      Thank you for this. Two questions about the law.
      1. I understand that there are at least 10 militias with different political affiliations involved in Al-Aqsa Flood operation, all combining in their resistance to the illegal occupation of what is left of Palestine. I don’t know if all 10 are proscribed groups, but if not, presumably it would be possible to express support for a non-proscribed group as a proxy for any that are proscribed without breaking the law?
      2. To break the law as stated it is necessary to breach both 1(A) (a) and (b) at the same time. As long as I keep my support in my head I am not breaking the law. It is only when I express that support to another person that I would be breaking the law. The use of the term “reckless” is a curious one and I would be interested to know how long it has been part of the legal vocabulary as it seems a modern term. It has several meanings but I presume it means in this context “heedless of the consequences of one’s actions” so that the law tries to cover all bases and applies not just to intention to encourage support but also to the possibility of inadvertently influencing another to provide support? It’s slippery slope stuff.

  • Peter

    You may not thank me for saying it, Craig, but you truly are a National Treasure.

    Many thanks for your continuous, unstinting, sterling work.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a peaceful and prosperous Christmas and new year.

  • Reginald Vernon

    In the fog of the war between Israel and Hamas it is sometimes hard to discern truth from propaganda. I fear that despite your undoubted political acumen you are giving far too much credit to statements from Hamas. Amplifying claims made by Hamas may suit your personal agenda, in which case there is nothing more to be said.

    • glenn_nl

      Yeah, indeed … it’s sometimes hard to discern what’s really going on.

      Are those couple of million imprisoned people, who have been deliberately cut off from fuel, food and water, not to mention any sort of medical assistance, while vast amounts of ordinance is dropped on them _really_ suffering? Or is that just all Hamas bullshit and propaganda?

      Really tough one that, Reggie, I have to admit.

    • mark cutts


      It’s very simple really.

      It’s all being shown on telly and it’s thereby true by definition.

      Advice: You ought to stay in more and watch TV.

      Plus the BBC et al will not learn much ‘reporting’ from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
      to a waiting world.

      If you swap The Parliamentary Lobby journalism for The Israeli Lobby system you will understand how politics in a Democracy works

      Watch more telly.

    • SA

      It is indeed difficult to get verification
      There is intermittent access to the internet in Gaza. Moreover more than 64 journalists have been killed in Gaza and there is evidence that some of this killing, involving the families of journalists, are targeted. Very few media can afford to sacrifice their journalists to obtain independent verification. So maybe you have a point, but not in the way you think.

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