What We Have Learned 190

We have learnt this year that there is no crime so startling, so obvious and so visible to the whole world that the United States and Israel are not willing to commit it brazenly and openly. The massacre of 20,000 people includes the killing of babies and infants, the deliberate shooting of pregnant women and toddlers, the murder of old ladies in church and the execution of prisoners stripped naked.

This is all justified as “Israel’s right of self-defence”.

We have also seen the increasing rise of fascism as western governments crack down on their publics in order to curtail political resistance to the genocide. Tony Greenstein, Mick Napier and I have all been harassed under the Terrorism Act. I have left the country because I fear I am officially “under investigation” under the Terrorism Act and I fear I shall be arrested and placed in jail for two years awaiting trial. Numerous people have been arrested for expressing their horror at the massacre through placards, words or even songs that the police judge “offensive”. Police action is often prompted by instruction from self-appointed Zionist vigilante organisations.

We are also seeing, exactly as I predicted, a replay of the “War on Terror” state Islamophobic propaganda. Do you remember the famous “ricin plot” where the ricin found was the trace level to be found in every kitchen? The British government kept it Top Secret for two years that there was in fact no ricin. Or the non-existent Easter Bomb Plot where the “ingredient of improvised explosives” found turned out to be a bag of sugar?

In Germany they have a great deal of work to do to justify the world’s most extreme anti-Palestinian governmental racism, so they have invented a “Hamas terror plot” and arrested four young Muslims. No evidence at all that been produced to justify this.

Hamas has never, ever conducted any violent attack outside of Palestine and it has always been their policy not to do so – and it still is. The notion is ludicrous that at this time Hamas have decided to suddenly lose the propaganda war which they are winning worldwide, by attacking Germany.

Germany’s governments have form of course, not only for genocide, but also for enthusiastic creation of fake terrorism. The German government was heavily implicated both in false flag terrorist attacks in Tashkent, which I was able to investigate and report to the UK government in real time, and in the creation of a whole fake terrorist organisation, “The Islamic Jihad Union of Uzbekistan”, which was entirely the work of the CIA and the German security services. The aim at that time was to justify the German military airbase at Termez in Uzbekistan, operating into Afghanistan. People forget German participation on the losing side in the last Afghan war.

I have no doubt we are in for a period of more propaganda, fake terrorist plots, false flag actual terrorism and agent provocateur led terrorism. It is the only way the Establishment can hope to regain the propaganda narrative.

I have not quite got used yet to my new position as an itinerant terrorist, so I apologise that posting has been a bit scarce due to a lot of organisational bother and a general sense of discombobulation. This is being dashed off at Milan airport. I am very happy on a personal note to say that my family are joining me at an exotic venue for Christmas and New Year, so you may not hear much from me till mid-January as I owe my children a great deal of my attention.

I do wish you a safe and very happy festive season wherever you are, and hope you can be together with those you love. For all those living in fear and danger, particularly but not only those in Gaza, my thoughts along with those of millions around the world are with you now and always.

Shortly before the first Iraq War, between the invasion of Kuwait and the outbreak of real hostilities, I sent a minute in reply to one from John Major. I was working in a the Embargo Surveillance Centre, a Top Secret establishment operating from an underground NATO HQ in central London. We were among the recipients of a Christmas message from the Prime Minister which combined Christian wishes with a bellicose message. I replied in a formal minute with this verse from the carol It Came Upon the Midnight Clear:

But with the woes of sin and strife
The world has suffered long;
Beneath the angel-strain have rolled
Two thousand years of wrong;
And man, at war with man, hears not
The love-song which they bring; –
Oh hush the noise, ye men of strife,
And hear the angels sing!

Whomever the angels are to you, I hope you hear them sing.


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190 thoughts on “What We Have Learned

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  • Tatyana

    I have a proposal for the protest organizers. Instead of slogans like ‘free Palestine’ please write on your posters ‘I support UN Resolution #465’ or ‘#478’ or any of the following numbers.
    This way, your state will not be able to arrest you or prosecute you for terrorism.

    • pretzelattack

      I think the State will just change its policy to prosecute people. It isn’t like they really care about legalities, although they pretend to.

  • John

    What have we learned? Saint Craig Murray speaks! A holy man; a caring man. Look how wonderful he is – see how he cares? Don’t forget to donate, guys. He lives in poverty, the result of spending his life loving others and making huge sacrifices for them – just like Jesus. 🙁 ‘Twas the night before Christmas and the little Lord Craig Murray has laid down his sweet head.

    • glenn_nl

      What, someone’s got to take a vow of poverty now, before they can say anything true?

      That certainly lets the servants of power who manage us off the hook then, not to mention their useful idiots or lackies like yourself.

      You really have nothing to contribute except some weak bitching and whining then? How utterly pathetic.

      • Tom Welsh

        Not precisely – but when a person says anything true, the powers that be will do everything they can to render him poor.

        Or just render him.

        We are still ruled by Pontius Pilate and the Pharisees.

        • Paul Greenwood

          Sadducees did not get a look in them ? They were a majority in the Sanhedrin ?

          As for Pharisees they are the basis of Rabbinical Judaism and much of Christian belief

    • Cornudet

      Today saw your comrade lolling half-drunk around Stafford and making a fool of himself whilst ordering lunch at the local branch of Zizzi. (In spite of the fact that I hadn’t touched a drop since the early morning – that Lagavulin 16 really lays it on you, and at £85 a bottle, it better! ) I return to my low paid job on Boxing day and, struggling to make ends meet, find it impossible to donate on a regular basis to Craig. For all that, I recognise that Craig has made sacrifices to publish the truth about the Western political system, and hope that he can be finally hailed as a truth teller and his adversaries exposed as arrant liars, as they clearly are.

      God rest ye merry

      • Cornudet

        I ought to add that I was strolling around Stafford in a t-shirt advertising Roger Waters ‘This is not a Drill” tour. Sundry individuals glared at me and were repaid in kind with interest, and I am reliability informed that my glare is baleful indeed. Other guys called “respect” or even gave me the Che Guevara ‘right on’.

        God rest ye merry.

    • RogerDoger

      I know you’d much prefer that nobody care, that we all just give up and look the other way. Let the governments of the west unite to aid and abet the atrocities that are unfolding before our eyes, day after day.

      But you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Craig isn’t the only one, you see. People care about what is happening here. Millions around the UK care. Billions around the world care. And we will continue to care, despite all of your jaundice, all of your cynicism, all of your best efforts to drag everyone else down into the mud where your soul resides.

      Season’s greetings and a lump of coal to you!

  • Christina

    Thank you for this Craig. It is, as you say, horrible. It is important for truth to be available to the public. I am horrified that you have had to leave the country and hope you will soon feel able to return. Have a very happy holiday with your family.

  • Jack

    It is unphantomable to have to wake up to another day – almost 3 months into this massacre – to read that Israel, once again, attacked a refugee camp killing over 70 palestinians.
    Israel massacres at least 70 Palestinians in airstrike on Gaza refugee camp

    While just 1 single such attack was like a taboo to commit before in war, Israel commit these strikes week after week no reaction by the outside world. Most likely this date of attack was even deliberately chosen by Israel as the west are busy celebrating christmas.

    As horrible western stance have been the arab states is even worse by now, in Bahrain they are busy harassing pro-palestinian activists:
    HRW: Children among those arrested in Bahrain’s ‘repression of pro-Palestine protests’
    Bahrain jails dissident for protesting role in US anti-Yemen coalition
    Saudi think tank proposes exile of Hamas leaders to Algeria
    and in Saudiarabia they contemplate moving the elected palestinian Hamas movement out of Palestine, just like Israel want:

    It is not about arab world have “failed” Palestine, no they are working directly against the palestinianas. The arab leaders are like disguised westerners with an arab facial/mask.

    • Tom Welsh

      Bill, if you think about it there is no such thing as “the West”. No such concrete “thing”. It’s an abstraction: a phrase that suggests lots of things without specifically meaning much.

      Some people might say that “the West” means all the “liberal democracies” that approximate to the American way of life and government. Well, “liberal democracy” is another woolly, abstract phrase with little real meaning; moreover, in “Western” countries there is little or no real democracy and hardly any liberalism. The few remaining liberals (like Craig Murray) have their work cut out keeping out of prison.

      Even geographically, “the West” is nonsense. West relative to what? Australia and New Zealand are east of China and Russia. Europe is east of South America, and Europe is north (not west) of Africa. The term “the West” dates back to the 19th century when Europeans and Americans felt complacently superior to “backward Asiatics”. A better term, I think, is “the golden billion” – which incidentally reminds us that it comprises barely 12% of the world’s people.

      But getting back to Bill’s implied question: it isn’t “the West” that is afraid of Israel, but a quite small elite who run things in the golden billion. They own most of the corporations and natural resources, and they own the governments too. As a group they have no more ethics than a Terminator, and they have lots of friends, relatives, and business partners in Israel.

      If any of the countries in “the West” were really democratic, their citizens could bring about change, but they aren’t. For example, when the UK next has a general election, for which party’s candidates should we vote if we want a government that avoids war and violence, minds its own business, and rejects the Covid fraud, the “global warming” fraud, and chauvinistic hatred of China, Russia and Iran? Plainly none; there isn’t any such party.

      • Tatyana

        The West is the modern heir to the Western Roman Empire. Historically, culturally, mentally and ethnically. Hence many remnants, such as, historically, these countries were once united by a common history and even centralized control. Culturally – here you have capitols with double-headed eagles, and the cult of democracy, and Christianity. Mentally – a view of other countries as backward, an apologetic attitude towards racism, Nazism and all kinds of xenophobia. Well, ethnically, these are white nations.
        If we draw analogies, then it is more likely that Jews should be afraid of the West, and not vice versa. Judea was then a Roman province, I cannot see what has changed since.

        • DunGroanin

          Agreed Tatyana , about the Holy Roman Empire and its conquests being what is known as the Collective West, or Waste as I have been calling it for months.

          It comprises of the self declared ‘5 Eyes’ , Plus 1 (the illegal Apartheid entity which channels daily full Nazi ideology and actions and is revealed with the latest unsealed historical documents to have been party to Chile’s 9-11 the original one) , plus the conquered South Americas the latest being the Argentinian genociders of Old returning to form. Plus the occupied pacific islands , Philippines, Japan, odd islands including Brunei.
          There are a few tag alongs still in Africa, Middle East and Central and South Asia – but as this world war that has been going for nearly 30 years, bubbling away , hidden by propaganda from the Europeans and Yanks; the Multipolarists are winning it hands down.
          The global South is standing up and breaking their chains. The Narratives are falling like the sky upon our heads. Thanks again to the sacrifice of Russian Federations soldiers.

          Fascism and Xenophobia can only run to its roots in the Collective Waste to try and rise again in a few generations.

      • Clark

        “…and rejects the Covid fraud, the “global warming” fraud…”

        Twenty nine deaths were reported to me during the first two covid peaks – two I knew personally, the others all people known personally by people I know personally. Severe illnesses in Craig’s family, also reported to me personally. This is my testimony, Tom Welsh. Are you claiming I’m a liar?

        Also known personally to me is a person who designs and uses satellite instruments to measure the thickness and mass of the polar icecaps, so are you claiming that my friend is part of a colossal scientific fraud?

        • Stevie Boy

          Maybe look at the bigger picture and the masses of evidence and the undeniable fact of repression and censorship of alternative views and the lack of free and open discussion in the MSM.
          you’re not a liar Clark but have you considered that you are being played ?

          • Clark

            Played?! My friends are dead! I’m tempted to swear at this point.

            Yes I’m aware of the censorship; I’m trying to address that here, among other places, but I get no cooperation. And yes; I, ET, DrEdd and others constantly and repeatedly posted links to scientific papers, and regional, national and global statistics, ie the biggest picture you can get, during the lockdowns. There is no way a scam could produce the degree of correlation between positive tests, hospital admissions and total mortality that Covid did, and still does.

            You seem not to understand what is wrong with the so-called MSM, ie the commercial ‘news’ media. Try the book Bad Science by Ben Goldacre rather than succumbing to conspiracy theory, because knowledge is power whereas ignorance and confusion serve the powers that be.

            And I second glenn_nl; this should be taken to the forums.

      • glenn_nl

        TW: “…if we want a government that avoids war and violence, minds its own business, and rejects the Covid fraud, the “global warming” fraud […]”

        Not sure if you’re just trolling here, Tom, or just being silly enough to completely discredit whatever point you might have been trying to make. You might as well have started ranting about those who have fallen pray to the hoax of gravity, or deny the Earth is flat. It’s all just as stupid.

        Man up and discuss it on the forums. But only if you have any courage of your supposed convictions, of course. I doubt you have it, though.

      • SA

        The Tories are excellent covid fraud practitioners as well as covid deniers. Sunak’s recent actions denote that he is also probably a climate change denier. Cameron has good links with China. So Tom although you can’t have everything it seems you have more in common with the Tories than you think 😀

      • Clark

        Tom Welsh, despite my previous comment, or rather, further to it, you have indeed highlighted a fundamental inadequacy inherent in “representative democracy” – not that current ‘democracies’ are particularly representative, but even if they were, they would still fail.

        The problem is exacerbated by commercial media. By its nature, it polarises all matters into conflicting ‘viewpoints’, eg. lockdown vs. freedom, workers vs. employers etc. It has to, to create ‘controversy’, heated debate, to attract audiences to sell to advertisers.

        Considering just the two conflicting viewpoints above, four parties would be needed to represent the various combinations. Add another controversy and you’d need eight parties. Four controversies would require sixteen parties and so on; two to the power of however many controversies you’d like to see represented, a hopelessly large number of parties.

        The system is fundamentally flawed, so we need a better one. We need to get things right rather than just argue about them for the sake of it followed by voting based on prejudice and corruption. So how about sortition with deliberative democracy? The sortition is truly representative and counters corruption, and the deliberation helps us get solutions that actually work.

        • Stevie Boy

          IMO, representative democracy must start with a PR system and potentially a federated form of government like switzerland. Until that choice is available, voting is a waste of time.

          • Cornudet

            Israel may have PR, Clarke, but the Palestinian population of the West Bank and the Gaza strip cast no votes under this system, despite being, de facto, under Israeli rule, and as such the state of Israel can no more claim to be a democracy than could Apartheid era South Africa. If you were designated as White under the racial laws of South Africa then you inhabited a corporate state on all fours with much envied Scandinavian countries, but with low taxation and perpetual summer, but South Africa remained a fascist colonial entity. Israels apologists, national treasure Stephen Fry among them, need to realise that the same is true of the modern Zionist entity

          • Clark

            PR doesn’t address the fundamental flaw of needing ever more parties that I pointed out above, and it doesn’t address potential corruption; any representative system is vulnerable to corruption, as (1) the candidates are self-selected, most of them will be the sort of people who want power, which is a very bad start, and (2) the representatives will always become targets, for bribery, lobbyists, blackmailers etc.

            I’m not against PR, I was active in the “Fair Votes Now” campaign, promoting STV. PR also covers a lot of different systems, many of them just as bad as the Westminster system. Proportionality can be an improvement, but not enough of one.

            Palestinians of the Occupied Territories are excluded from Israeli elections, but I don’t believe that Netanyahu’s fascist government really represents Israelis (though I’ll agree that there’s a bias in the demographic due to the sort of people who would choose to move to Israel). Rather, it is formed from the sorts of deals that become inevitable under PR, due to my proliferation of parties problem. PR has its own problems. There’s lots of PR in the Europe, but European governments are still supporting Israel, and are rampantly neoliberal.

            The first recorded democracy was in Ancient Greece, where random selection – sortition – was considered essential for countering corruption. It’s also an essential part of the jury system. Sortition is unfamiliar, but hell, we need a change, don’t we?

          • pretzelattack

            Clark, from what I can tell, while I don’t believe Netanyahu’s government truly represents the interest of Israelis, and many of them want him out, a majority of Israelis seem to support the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the West Bank. Am I wrong (hope I am)?

          • RogerDoger

            Clark, the idea of sortition is interesting, and on the face of it quite attractive. It seems to me it would probably lead to outcomes not an order of magnitude worse than representative election, and possibly (but not definitely) better than it.

            I wonder if you’d do me the favour to elaborate on a couple of points, though. Firstly, could you summarise your thoughts on why randomly selected representatives would necessarily be any less susceptible to lobbying and corruption than career politicians? Is it to do with there being be less opportunity for institutional network effects, such as cronyism, back-scratching and nepotism, to calcify?

            Secondly, it seems that for smooth governance to occur, you would still need an underpinning apparatus that provides continuity, i.e. a civil service. Given the relative inexperience in political operation that each new wave of sortitioned representatives would bring to the role, wouldn’t this sector be likely to have a greater influence in the development and implementation of policy? (A sort of ‘Yes, Minister’ effect.)

            And were that to be the case, wouldn’t the people who want power simply gravitate towards these positions instead of those which, however flawed the present system might be, at least require them to win an election? (With all the caveats about safe seats, selection processes and first past the post.)

            In my mind’s eye, I see the tendency for power to concentrate and consolidate leading to a sort of factional or de facto party system developing within the civil service, with each cohort of newly sortitioned representatives quickly pressed into service of a longer-running game by those who have the permanence to establish real power. Which would sort of leave the public where it started, except without its last, admittedly much denuded, tool of voting the b*stards out.

          • Clark

            RogerDoger, to all three of your points, basically, yes, I agree with those criticisms, and your own responses to them.

            I suppose I don’t want to try to answer these issues on my own. I don’t believe I have all the answers. I’d like to participate in People’s Assemblies, I think I’d have valuable contributions to make, but I’d like to be cooperating with my fellow citizens.

            The current arrangements strike me as “politics as a spectator sport” and utterly poisonous. Almost everyone who isn’t a politician of some sort merely picks a side, boos the opposition most of the time, and chooses a box to tick every two years on average. Maybe they write a letter or two to “their representatives”, which result in stock answers and no changes to policy, which discourages them from bothering to write any more.

            As Stevie Boy mentioned, the Swiss system works much better, but I think that’s because political initiative and engagement is far more accessible to the Swiss populous. In systems more like England’s, there is no point in exercising self-discipline to develop responsible political opinions, because we’ll never get the chance to make use of them.

            If we want politics done properly, we’ll need to do it ourselves.


            Pass it on!

    • Glenn

      I know this is probably proper tin hat material, but in asking why Western governments are so scared of Israel, what keeps popping into my head is the name Jeffery Epstein. Could it have been Israel that was the state that created and funded him? Could it be that, if suggestions that he spent his time compromising powerful men are true, that Israel now has all that material?

      I told you, proper tin hat. Although there are a raft of names (170?) and some testimony to be released imminently……

  • Tom Kennedy

    Thank you Craig for everything you do. Wishing you and your family a joyful and peaceful Christmas and safety and good health in the New Year.

  • Valueplus

    Talking of Islamic Terrorism, I wonder why it is that, with the exception 911, all the terrorists of various Islamic colour have totally failed to repeat anything within hundreds of miles of 911 spectacular event. It seems to me that there have always been very obvious and easy targets for terrorism: blowing up railway lines where they pass through uninhabited areas when trains full of passengers are passing through, just to name one particularly obvious and easy target. Instead what we got were things like under were and shoe bombers.
    911 was an event of high intelligence and creativity and huge resources. So, why have the thousands, even millions of terrorists, so totally failed to perform anything even remotely compareable to 911?
    I wonder if the Islamic Terrorist were ever able to attract any intelligent and creative people to their cause with the rewards of 72 virgins in the afterlife!
    So, Craig, it is not at all surprising that the Western governments had to ‘create’ so many terrorist organisations!

  • harry law

    In my opinion it is still early days in this Gaza slaughter, Hezbollah have been very cautious so far, if you think the Houthis have been brave,then Hezbollah who have far more precision missiles and have 100,000 battle hardened warriors have the capability to destroy Israel. They could so easily knock out all the Israeli gas platforms as a first step, or even stop shipping entering Haifa port, just the threat backed by one example would be enough, Haifa port [busiest port in Israel] is almost visable from the Lebanese border. The real war has not started yet. Nassrallah speaks on Wednesday.

  • harry law

    Proportionally, the rate of damage to civilian buildings in Gaza is already triple what Nazi Germany suffered from Allied bombs in World War II. On Friday alone, Israel reportedly killed more than 90 Palestinians, including women in children, when it leveled two houses in two different areas of Gaza. For perspective, consider that the US military used only one MK-84 bomb during its entire fight with ISIS. However, it’s poured an astounding 5,400 of them into Israel’s arsenal since the Oct. 7 Hamas invasion of southern Israel. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/israel-routinely-dropping-us-supplied-2000-lb-bombs-dense-civilian-areas

    The Pope has said this on the Gaza massacre …“But here we have gone beyond wars. This is not war. This is terrorism.”

    What the US/Israel have been saying to the Arab world for decades is ‘Don’t resist we will not tolerate any resistance’, ‘if you resist we will kill you’.
    The US/Israel destroyed Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen and Gaza, every day they threaten Iran with violence and vicious sanctions.
    Of course the Saudi and other Gulf country satraps are easily controlled. Just do private deals with the heads of a few ruling Royal families, rather like the Mafia saying, ‘you have a nice country here, wouldn’t like anything to happen to it’, this is far easier than dealing with democracies. If the Arab world are willing to accept this state of affairs and they are willing to be the slaves of Israel/US that is up to them, but any nation with any self respect must come to the conclusion that resistance is the only way.

  • Wilie

    Peace of Christmas be with you Mr Murray. Not that there is a lot of peace about.

    Today when I went to church I could not but help reflect how cruel and violent the world is.

    From things like the jailing of political prisoners, to poverty for so many and a poverty that humankind could eliminate to then the utter and absolute horrors of Ukraine or Gaza and much else in between, it is a deeply depressing world.

    But there is hope. There is good and ordinary people need to pursue good for the elites they will not deliver good.

    So thanks for your blog. It does good
    And more like you, of which there are. You are all needed. Thank you.

  • DM

    Yes, we are going to see more headlines similar to those on the ‘war on terror’. There have already been a few reports saying Dutch police thwarted terrorist plots, suspect terrorists arrested etc. What I found very curious is that all of a sudden documents surfaced telling about the Dutch government spying on Holocaust survivors which, in my opinion, wasn’t completely unfounded.
    The forever prisoner by Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy is a good start to learn what the CIA did in order to get “confessions” which was used to lend credibility that Muslims are terrorists.

  • Ebenezer Scroggie

    Once upon a time, more than two millennia ago, a baby was born in a Palestinian place called Beit Lehem.

    That kid is still celebrated by many. In Islam he is recognised as a prophet, named as Issa bin Mariam.

    I hope that the forum prefects will permit me to link to a very short and quite emotional vid. Please overlook and ignore the tiny commercial label bit at the very end.


    Sadly, no such event can occur in Palestine today.

    I wish peace upon Palestine. All of it.

  • Sparticus

    I support Palestinians fighting against illegal Israeli occupation, as is their right under UN mandates.

    Fuck the Tory government, fuck the Labour “opposition” and fuck the filth. “Domestic terrorism” has not killed 20,000 people.

    Merry Xmas.


  • Peter VE

    Last Monday 12/17 the MSM here in the States was deluged with reports of bomb threats made upon synagogues and various other Jewsih institutions.
    This seems odd. Our terrorist bombers, left and right, do not have a tradition of warning their targets. The “New Years Gang” warned no one at the AMRC in 1970. McVeigh gave no warning to the Murrah building in 1995. Kaczynski only published his manifesto after 17 years of attacks. Only George Metesky gave forwarning, and his was a personal vengeance.
    Why would someone choose to break the string? Cui bono? Mossad comes to mind.

  • Anthony

    Channel 4 and the Guardian used Christmas as an opportunity to promote an “Alternative King’s Speech” by Stephen Fry, the central purpose of which was to conflate anti-zionism with anti-semitism and thereby smear criticism of Israeli atrocities. 

    Good liberals should stop thinking about that mountain of tiny bodies in Gaza and focus instead on the real, important victims. That is the transgressive, “alternative” Christmas message of Britain’s liberal media delivered by a beloved big-brained icon.

    • Republicofscotland

      Anthony, the man in question has links to the below.

      Israel lobby group CCFP/StandWithUs which has been funded by Netanyahu.

      “Stephen Fry has at least twice signed letters for this Israel lobby group. The first time was in 2019 to support the Eurovision song contest being held in Israel.

      That year, Israel hosted the Eurovision on top of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of al-Manshiyya”


        • Republicofscotland

          Thanks Anthony for the link I don’t do X, and Nitter somehow said they couldn’t play the content yesterday take from that what you will, but kudos to Alexei Sayle for having the courage to speak out, I’m pretty sure he’ll now be cancelled, no more tv appearances for him, still he’s on the right side of history as are most of the folk in here including yourself.

    • nevermind

      He was not big brained enough to resist fraud and keep out of jail, the old lag got fried, but the Bibi C loves his kind and worse….Saville.

    • Aguirre

      Stephen Fry is a horrible fellow; particularly nauseous is the way he tries to ingratiate himself and his peculiar views with the public by “weaponizing” his personal history of mental instability.

      On a more general level, I’ve never understood the precise nature of the process by which some people manage to elevate themselves to the status of guru or must-listen-to commentator or indeed have their pronouncements in fields other than their own speciality sought after as if they represent some great insight not given to ordinary mortals. Examples other than Fry : Jordan Peterson, Douglas Murray, Ben Shapiro, various British newspaper opinion-piecers……all the way through to Piers Morgan.

      It’s always struck me that their capacity for lying, whether directly or indirectly, to support their “case” far outweighs their intelligence, and that their influence is almost entirely due to the fact that most people prefer having someone tell them what to think rather than trying to think something through themselves.

      • David Warriston

        The UK public are always a mug for a ‘toff’ which can be exploited by a chummy type Fry. The accent is a big part of his comic act- fruity, confident and humorous- and this is easily carried across into pronouncements on wider issues. John Cleese does something similar although without the warm fruitiness of tone.

        Despite having lead an exceptionally privileged life Fry is able to play the victim card in relation to his homosexuality and mental depression. So he has the best of both worlds really and is attempting to transfer this victimhood across to his inherited religion.

        If Fry said anything about the hysterical Russophobia whipped up in the aftermath of Russian troops entering Ukraine then I have missed it. Apparently such actions as banning Russian books and musical performances discomfited this man’s love of all things UK not one jot. I’m not sure his special pleading as exhibited in his Xmas broadcast has been well received.

        • Aguirre

          Interesting reply, thank you. But the phenomenon can’t be explained simply by these people’s having plummy accents and being toffs. Cf all the American gurus I mentioned.

          I can understand WHY these people do what they do – it’s employment, isn’t it, and a (sometimes very) decent income and the buzz of bein quoted and referred to all the time. What I can’t really understand is why they are so listened to.

          In a former age, these people would have been prime candidates for a good horse whipping.

      • Clark

        “I’ve never understood the precise nature of the process by which some people manage to elevate themselves to the status of guru or must-listen-to commentator…”

        They don’t elevate themselves. The commercial media elevates them, for its own purposes; they are merely being used. It isn’t healthy for them; it inflates their egos to dangerous proportions.

      • Anthony

        Yes, I watched it yesterday. The central purpose is as I said. That is very obviously the message that Channel 4, the Guardian and its other promoters hope the viewer will take away. It is why he was given that platform and why they heavily promoted it.

      • Anthony

        If the pro-Israel motives of the lead performer and the promoters aren’t clear enough for you, consider who it was who produced this “alternative” C4 Christmas message: members of a zionist youth group that funnels members into the Israeli military.

        “[Production company] Fulwell73 was founded by Leo Pearlman, Benjamin Turner, Gabe Turner, and Ben Winston. All were members of the Zionist youth group B’nei Akiva, which runs pre-military programmes to enrol members in the Israeli occupation forces. They have also spoken at events for the Israel lobby group, the Jewish Leadership Council.”

        Some even-handed, deeply committed anti-racists there, just like Stephen himself.

  • Republicofscotland

    BDS has a new target in its sights that we should all boycott, but how to boycott gadgets with Intel inside is easier said than done I think.

    “Israel has committed a $3.2 billion grant to Intel’s groundbreaking $25 billion chip plant , the largest foreign investment in Israel’s history.

    Slated to open by 2027, this mega-facility in Kiryat Gat, is about 20 miles from Gaza and 50 miles from Tel Aviv.

    Intel’s footprint in Israel with $17 billion invested since 1974, has indirect employment for approximately 42,000 workers in the country.”


    • Stevie Boy

      Intel has long been manufacturing in Israel and many of the employees have links to unit 8200. Ever wondered where many of the zero day bugs originate ? ‘Intel inside’ means just that: intelligence spyware inside.

      • Republicofscotland

        Stevie Boy.

        Looks like you are correct on that, the articles says our cell/mobile phones are backdoored as well which I already knew.

        “Intel / AMD
        Intel ME
        Modern chips from Intel all include the Management Engine, which is provides an extra feature set. This can be used as a low level backdoor.[5] Although the lack of public documentation hinders its understanding, hackers have reverse engineered it to some extent. From a user perspective the IME “sounds like a bad joke, or a scene inspired by George Orwell’s work” [6] because it is closed source, exempt from power off, has full memory access, continuously runs in the background and embedded on the CPU core dye. From the perspective of deep state actors, this is another step toward a centralized deep point of control and manipulation shielded from public scrutiny.”


  • Jack

    I do not understand how the corrupt Mahmoud Abbas could get away with his passivity, inaction, the West bank need a coup to rid and ultimately destroy the PA/Fatah parties and build political movements that acutally take the palestinian cause forward and seriously according to the will and interest of the palestinians people.
    Because the less response to the israeli savagery and machinations > the more bold israeli act will follow and the more decimated, cleansed and perhaps even exterminated, will the palestinian people become.

    Netanyahu pushes for ‘voluntary migration’ for Palestinians in Gaza: Israeli media

  • Republicofscotland

    Is Israel’s right to self-defence illegal?

    “Citing the International Court of Justice 2014 ruling, Ardi Imseis, prof. of int’l law at Queens University (Canada), explains why Israel is not afforded the right to self defense inside the occupied Palestinian territory under its control.”

    The Professor explains why Israel has no right to self-defence in the interview in the link.


  • glenn_nl

    It really is a shame, that Stephen Fry has decided to spend pretty much all of his political capital in a shameless suck-up to a murderous apartheid regime like Israel.

    And Fry will doubtless think himself quite the martyr for any pushback, and conveniently chalk that down to antisemitism. (It all becomes quite a self-sustaining philosophy, if persued aggressively enough)

    Netanyahu positively promotes antisemitism, it suits his agenda. Pretend that Jews are in real danger worldwide, even in countries that hated Nazis and fought against them. Only in Israel will you be safe! Every country hates Jews, come here and let us protect you!

    BN equates anti-Semitism with opposition to Israeli genocide. Israeli apologists want to say that Jewishness _is_ Israeli policy, so opposing the latter is opposing Jewishness.

    That Steven Fry is running cover for this is completely contemptible.

    Fry has lost my life-long respect. On the other hand, Alexie Sayle has yet again restored my admiration, founded from his Young Ones days. Doubt if Alexie has done much for his own future employment by the BBC, though. :/


    • Jack

      Netanyahu positively promotes antisemitism, it suits his agenda. Pretend that Jews are in real danger worldwide, even in countries that hated Nazis and fought against them. Only in Israel will you be safe! Every country hates Jews, come here and let us protect you!
      And Fry will doubtless think himself quite the martyr for any pushback, and conveniently chalk that down to antisemitism. (It all becomes quite a self-sustaining philosophy, if persued aggressively enough)

      Bingo Glenn and just like that:
      Antisemitism and Holocaust denial are rife, just look at Stephen Fry’s X trolls
      So, protesting against someone that publicly support a genocidal war in a christmas speech…is considered ….*drumroll* an antisemitic troll. Then, I guess someone that was protesting against Hitler in the 30s actually was an antigermanite.
      And of course that text above in the link was written by another pro-israel apologist: Karen Pollock.

      The last couple of months have really been a total eye-opener regarding the psyche of the zionists. They not only actively support killing civilians in the thousands but they will also go after and libel anyone that call out their vile views a racist. It’s like they feel they the right, that they are entitled to kill some 10000 children and then have the right to get away with it completely by playing the victim by the constant lying (as Alexie pointed out in his good speech).
      Chutzpah does not even cover this type of sociopathic behavior these people engage in anymore.

      • glenn_nl

        Jack: That Guardian link talks a lot of the holocaust and all sorts of discrimination Jews have faced. Utterly tone deaf to the fact that these ‘victims’ are now acting as genocidal Nazis themselves – murdering with abandon, discrimination to a hideous degree enshrined in laws, shoving their ‘undesirables’ into ghettos and then slaughtering them – with ministers talking openly about how _all_ of this undesired race deserves death and elimination.

        But the Guardian’s reference to Twitter, with their “Oh my word, look at the antisemitism!” pearl-clutching, falls rather flat. I didn’t see one negative comment about Fry’s race. But there were plenty of expressions of disappointment about Fry’s shilling for a murderous apartheid regime.

        I suppose that’s as good a definition of antisemitism as one needs these days.

    • Republicofscotland


      Looks like Mr Fry’s appearance on tv at Christmas with his message, has had a Streisand Effect on him.

      “The producers of Stephen Fry’s controversial Christmas message were members of a Zionist youth group that funnels members into the Israeli military.

      Fulwell73 was founded by Leo Pearlman, Benjamin Turner, Gabe Turner, and Ben Winston.

      All of whom were members of the Zionist youth group B’nei Akiva, which runs pre-military programmes to enrol members in the Israeli occupation forces. They have also spoken at events for the Israel lobby group, the Jewish Leadership Council.”


  • harry law

    In 2008 Professor Norman Finkelstein gave an interview with a Lebanese TV channel regarding his respect for the Hezbollah and his insistance that they had every right to resist the occupiers of their country in 2006. He then made a comparison with the French occupation by Nazi Germany, he claimed that most French people accepted the Nazi occupation because to resist meant death, they [the Natzis] would kill 200 of us for the loss of 1 Nazi through resistance. So the French cry of don’t resist meant that 90% of the French accepted Nazi collaboration and just got on with their lives. He estimated that only approx 10% of the French supported any resistance, fast forward 80 years, who does everyone respect today, the resistance obviously.
    Let us extrapolate those percentages a little to today, there are approx 400 million muslims surrounding Israel, if we assume a resistance figure as not 10% as in WW2 France, but just 5% in the present day middle east, this figure means 20 million possible resisters, many of whom have access to some of the most sophisticated weaponry available today.
    The hatred Israel is building up against itself cannot be extinguished, most Muslims watching the massacres on a daily basis cannot unsee those horrors, and will act accordingly to their own instincts, they should know what they see happening in Gaza awaits them next. Starting with Hezbolla or the Houthis. Guaranteed. The interview with Professor Finkelstein is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAGVQF-Kys8

  • harry law

    What the Houthis have achieved in the Red Sea, simply with a few UAV’s is nothing compared to the problems a group like Hezbollah could cause in the eastern Mediterranean and Israels two major ports Ashkelon and Haifa in particular, here’s why, Naval mines are weapons that are cheap, effective, easy to operate, and in wartime, could become the country’s biggest strategic threat.

    According to Western intelligence reports, a number of Arab states and terrorist organizations have acquired naval mines from ex-Soviet bloc countries. A senior Israeli navy officer says that many of these mines are among the most sophisticated types and have already found their way into the arsenals of countries hostile to Israel; including Iran, Syria, and Libya. Terrorist organizations, too, have obtained naval mines. This situation demands Israel’s immediate attention. There are indications that the Iranian fleet possesses contact, magnetic, acoustic, and remote-controlled mines, all supplied by Russia, China, and North Korea, or manufactured in state-owned factories.
    Their low cost makes them an attractive weapon in general, and in guerilla warfare in particular. “Currently, no countermeasure exists that can eliminate or even reduce the threat to manageable proportions. In a showdown between naval mines and counter weapon systems, the naval mines come out on top”.
    Remember, what Iran has the Houthis and Hezbollah have. How long before the Apartheid monstrosity disappears?

  • DunGroanin

    Might have been posted already, if not it’s a must watch- learn who the real enemy is. From Murdoch , to Blair and Bullingdon to Yaxley Lenon & Jordan Peters, to Shapiro , (Douglas) Murray and the whole DS 5+1 Eyed construct.
    All the dots of the shapeshifters current shape detailed in 10 minutes- it takes an artiste to do that. Taken me years and I had most of the dots especially that total turd Murdoch and his stable.
    Woke is their weapons as is anti-woke

    Please do watch. Enjoy. Support. This is the future of alternative news space we need.
    Double Down News
    Dec 22
    Lowkey EXPOSES Piers Morgan, Ben Shapiro & Douglas Murray 🔥 @Lowkey0nlin


      • DunGroanin

        Thanks for that. He is professorial!
        For the tldr, the conclusion is:

        ‘Mr. Harris somehow construes that it takes enormous moral courage to expose this Muslim peril on Piers Morgan’s program. Indeed, it takes as much courage as the German professor in the midst of the Nazi holocaust who sounded the alarm that “parasitic” Jewish culture was imperiling Aryan civilization.
        Mr Harris proclaims that “This is the issue: we are dealing with a suicidal death cult.” I’m afraid, however, that the real issue is this: We are dealing with a Ziontology murder cult; and Mr. Harris is one of its gurus’

        Brilliant essay.

  • AG

    Since this is New Years´ news, Tom Griffin on his Substack “on intelligence history” offers a preview of what to expect from the upcoming new stack of released formerly classified intelligence from the British National Archives:

    “Releases from the British National Archives are no longer as concentrated around the New Year as they used to be, but the advent of the 20-year rule means that over the next few days we should expect to see some significant files from 2003, the year of the Iraq invasion.”

    Additionally he offers: “highlight(s) some of the more historically oriented stories on this substack over the past twelve months, many of which made use of archival sources.”


    “2023 has brought home to me how consequential British intelligence has been for intelligence history elsewhere. MI5 Security Liaison Officers were often a formative influence on Commonwealth security agencies. The roots of India’s R&AW and Intelligence Bureau in the latter’s pre-independence precursor are one example of this. The British role in the creation of the US Office of Strategic Services shows that similar processes could extend beyond the empire.”

    He then gives a list with the hyperlinks.


    Eventually Griffin expresses his hope to be able to:

    “to open up rich new seams in the files of the Colonial Office and the Information Research Department, among other places, in 2024.”

    Some interesting reads to be expected.

  • Republicofscotland

    Hopefully something will come of this, but I’m not confident it will.

    “In a primary report submitted to UN special rapporteurs and the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor has documented dozens of cases of field executions carried out by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip. The human rights group requested an immediate investigation into these crimes, calling for the perpetrators to be held accountable, and for justice for all victims.

    Euro-Med Monitor submitted the initial file to Maurice Tydball Benz, the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial or arbitrary executions; Francesca Albanese, the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967; Navanethem Pillay, head of the Investigative Committee on the Occupied Palestinian Territory; and Karim Khan, ICC Prosecutor.

    The rights organisation called on the aforementioned parties to take a firm position on the widespread killing operations carried out by Israeli forces targeting Palestinian civilians, especially the field executions and physical liquidations in the Gaza Strip. In addition, Euro-Med Monitor demanded the establishment of an international legal team, pressure to secure its entry into the Gaza Strip, and the start of an inquiry into these and other instances of Palestinian civilians being killed by Israeli forces.

    The Geneva-based group urged the parties to take serious action within the international community in order to achieve a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, ensure a cessation of the ongoing unjustifiable killing, open a criminal investigation into all of the Israeli military’s reported atrocities, and achieve accountability and justice for every Palestinian victim and survivor.”


    [ Mod:

    From the moderation rules for commenters:
    Contributions which are primarily just a link to somewhere else will be deleted. You can post links, but give us the benefit of your thoughts upon them.

    Could you please try venturing a summary, evaluation, analysis or opinion – instead of just announcing the news with a pasted block of text? ]

  • Rosemary MacKenzie

    Here is a post from Scheerpost. https://scheerpost.com/2023/12/27/watchdog-submits-evidence-of-israeli-executions-of-gaza-civilians-to-un-icc/ Apologies if it has already been picked up by you. I’m way behind in my reading. Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, a Geneva-based nonprofit, requested the ICC and U.N. immediately investigate “the widespread killing operations carried out by Israeli forces targeting Palestinian civilians, especially the field executions and physical liquidations in the Gaza Strip.

    Zionism is without doubt fascism in my opinion.

    • A Bruce

      As if the executions and targetted civilian bombings weren’t bad enough, it seems that the Israelis are now harvesting organs from the Palestinians . Today there were lots of bodies, some minus organs, brought back in a container by the IDF to Gaza. It has already been documented that Israel is in the organ harvesting business using captive Palestinians.

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