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to keep the information in one place I copy previous piece of news:

July 24, russian news report today on MH17 case:

“In a new documentary film by Dutch director Max Van der Werff about the circumstances of the disaster, the senior investigator for digital expertise Akash Rosen from Malaysian company ‘OG IT Forensic Services’ claims that the security service of Ukraine edited the records of the negotiations presented as evidence in the case of the crash of MH17 in the Donbass…
German analyst Norman Ritter confirmed the words of the expert, noting that the phone records were forged by nine separate manipulations. “I found a total of nine manipulations. There’s a lot of editing. And I really doubt the authenticity of these records,” said Ritter.”

the source in russsian with more detail is here

what is found in Google:
co-producerr of the film is Yana Erlashova, former RT journalist.
the film was created with the help of crowdfunding
the biggest donation came from Roelf Turksema, Nitherlands
I think it is this video, 28 minutes