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well, I expected it will be a lazy week-end. No sheduled visits, plenty of free time. Deciding on how to spend this day is like listening to the Angel and the Devil sitting on your shoulders 🙂

– Go to your studio and work on your new project!
– Studio is in the half-basement.
– It is cozy there.
– But it is depressing to stay underground in the daytime.
– But the new project…
– And poor internet sygnal
– But the new project…
– And you have orange marmalade, and you can quikly coock a pile of pancakes
– Pancakes and marmalade add extra centimeters to your backside, Tanya. Go to the studio. You’ve got a lot of work!
– And you have the whole James Bond film collection, start with Casino Royal

When I can’t decide, I think “What if it’s the last day of my life? What if I die tomorrow?”

Finally, I decided it’s better to die fat and happy, rather then slim and tired 🙂 Still can’t understand if it were the Angel who voted for pancakes 🙂