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Kim Sanders-Fisher

I have already stated in previous comments that I am of the opinion that as UK Citizens we must appeal to the EU while we are still in the transition phase under EU rules. I have just discovered another WordPress site with “An Appeal To EU Parliament On Behalf Of British-EU Citizens” that was linked to on yet another site with a rich cache of informative Links. I will write more on this second site in a future post when I have had time to sift through the Links. However, I wanted to post this EU Appeal Link first, described as: “a great article which looks at the corruption surrounding Brexit and a Government that would blindly press on with something so legally flawed.”

On December 22, 2019, It was obvious that I was not the only one focused on something a lot more important than Christmas as author, Debdahvibez, took the time to write this: “An Appeal To EU Parliament On Behalf Of British-EU Citizens.” This important post started out by stating that: “Britain and the EU are presently brokering UK’s exit from the EU and on strength of a Referendum held in 2016, in which UK citizens voted ‘Leave’ by a small majority of just 4%: A minority-lead very likely gained through a variety of criminal activities on side of the Tory-led ‘Leave’ campaign i.e. Financial corruption, blatant lies, invasion of voter privacy, collusion with hostile foreign powers…”

The writer goes over many of the issues that made the Brexit result so dubious in terms of legitimacy including foreign interference, saying: “A nation is only as good as its leaders and when an alleged ‘democracy’ throws up fascists who oppress even their own populous, we understand that those nations are no longer lawfully recognised as democratic and due to the fundamental fact, that democracy is implemented for the specific purpose of prohibiting fascism.”

In a paragraph elaborating on the prevailing sentiment regarding Brexit in the UK since the 2016 vote the author offers credible evidence that public opinion has changed, documenting that: “By August 2019, it became very clear that the majority of UK citizens do not want Brexit and certainly not, a ‘hard-Brexit’. Over 1 million people have twice marched through London and tens of thousands in every town & city across Britain, as an impromptu protest against Johnson’s unlawful proroguing of Parliament and in support of remaining within the EU. We have yet to witness anything remotely close to the equivalent in support of Brexit.”

The author felt it was important to stress Johnson’s criminal conduct thus: “This was in direct ignorance of all the evidence exposing a criminal-coup, evidence which includes, a Supreme Court judgement that found Mr Johnson PM guilty of abusing his powers to unlawfully shut-down Parliament/Democracy for purpose of “getting Brexit done” by October 31st.” Expressing alarm over: “permitting a criminal government to run a GE; weighing up the risks against a global network of criminal interests, as opposed to the benefits & interests EU membership assures and delivers to UK citizens…” I wholeheartedly agreed with the author who also said: “…it was very clear that Johnson PM & Co, were not only capable of breaking the law to run a rigged-election, they had, after aforementioned SC Judgement, publicly stated that it was their full intention to ‘break the law’ again to ‘get Brexit done’.”

“In light of all of the above, UK’s December 12th 2019 GE result is highly suspect and already, evidence is piling enough to validate what amounts to lawful suspicion” There were multiple reasons given to support the case that the “landslide” result was simply not credible given the way Boris Johnson functioned during the campaign; the contrast between the resounding public support for Corbyn compared with visible demonstrations of revulsion towards Boris, all of this obscured by the BBC, tabloid press and dodgy “push poles.” This reinforces the arguments I have made her on this Forum on numerous occasions to support the allegations of a rigged vote. (Read this Appeal in full and check out links to References).

“Johnson had to win by a landslide in order to have full control of Parliament in order to “Get Brexit done”. Under the heading “EU Duty Of Care” the author clearly lays out the obligation of the EU to act and what the EU should do to correct matters and protect UK Citizens by stating that: “It is beholden on the EU, to recognise the immense risks now facing the UK public as a captive populous at mercy of what amounts to a criminal-cabal and also, the resulting threat against Europe’s hard-won free-trade-union.”
Elaborating on the logical remedy the author says: “As EU citizens, British people’s only hope now is that EU Parliament honours their duty-of-care toward upholding the rights of all EU citizens and thereby, refuses to commit to any Brexit-deal or even, to permit Brexit, until such a time as the UK public have had a 2nd Referendum and this time, one which is carefully monitored and with a commitment to ensuring the British public are fully and accurately informed about exactly, what they are voting for or against.”

The Author makes an earnest plea to the EU: “For sake of the children of Britain, the EU cannot now fail to recognise the severity of this extraordinary situation that is “Brexit” and the core force-of-corrupted-power behind its impetus. In such circumstances, the EU has opportunity and the right, to itself, inform British citizens via public broadcasts/press-conferences, about e.g. Why EU Parliament is insisting on a 2nd Referendum i.e. ‘Due to EU duty of care to ensure national-populations are not being dragged out of the EU against their will, by corrupted-powers, only to become corporate-slaves and stripped of all their rights in order to become a ‘democracy-free-zone’/tax-haven‘.” Surely this is still possible if we oust the Tory Government during the transition phase?

In the Petition that I Created I touch on the wider implication of setting an example on a global level. The UK could initiate a critical turning point where citizens refuse to accept a rigged election coup and overthrow a despot before he is able to usurp total control. This important point about wider responsibility for upholding democratic principles is touched on here: “While EU Parliament holds diplomatic relations with the various EU national governments, a fundamental feature of those relations, is that all governments are recognised as a democracy and therefore, each government represents the people of its nation.”

However, once a government is lawfully suspected of oppressing or denying democracy and even, proven to be committing crimes against democracy, all diplomacy has to be in favour of the abused & oppressed public suffering rule of any such despot power.” In this persuasive argument the author elaborates further on the risks to the stability of the EU of inaction and not coming to the rescue of both British citizens and EU citizens living in the UK soon to be criminally defrauded of their rights. The far right group of Tories now in power have not been shy about revealing their dark objectives: “Comprehensive de-regulation, removal of social and environmental protections; Weak or non-existent compliance with international anti-money laundering measures…”

This scenario is deeply damaging to the EU and as the author points out it certainly does not end well for us here in the UK: “We all know the end-game which is, to erase all the social and economic progressions achieved after WW2; scrapping human rights, workers rights, women & children’s rights, environmental protections…” Offering a stark wake-up call, this appeal in its entirety is a lengthy read, but well researched and worthy of a visit to the WordPress site with a chance to explore the many valuable Links.