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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The Daily GasLamp has posted a couple of pieces on Covid 19 and how the Pandemic could shape future UK political decision making. Any deviation in focus leads to the question: what takes priority right now Covid 19 or the Covert 2019 Rigged Election? In the first Post: “Covid 19 and Future Policy” they are quick to point out the ineptitude of our “part time Prime Minister” in dealing with Covid 19 and previous crisis’s that have emerged thick and fast since he claimed his “borrowed votes” in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election.

The biggest blunder, following directly after Boris Johnson’s stark admission that “your loved ones will die,” was letting the already doom filled imagination of the general public contemplate the horrific impact of “Herd Immunity.” Described by the author as: “Loose talk or policy, whatever, the term “Herd Immunity” has horrified scientists world wide when its been applied to COVID-19: such a policy could condemn as many as 1 million to death in the UK with no guarantee that any future immunity protection would occur.” Condemned by the WHO over the Government’s inaction, Johnson has drawn sharp criticism or his Trumpian approach.

In a list of priorities there are the usual points raised about the poor handling of testing including testing at Airports and other points of entry; one not mentioned that still has me in shock: testing our Medical staff and Carers. As a former Medical professional myself I cannot imagine dealing with the anxiety of working around infectious patients without proper protection, but apparently many of our NHS staff are being put at risk in this way. Issues that increase risk for NHS staff include the sheer volume of their exposure during practice and the negative impact on immunity caused by exhaustion and high levels of stress.

Medical staff have already become infected and some are now sick enough to require ventilation equipment. The British public are fiercely protective of NHS staff so if a Doctor or Nurse dies it could precipitate a tidal wave of angry public reaction towards the Government for their complacency. Whenever basic needs are raised there is the same “the check’s in the mail” type of reaction from Johnson and his team and one has to wonder if the constant delays don’t represent a determination to silently stick to the disastrous do nothing “Herd Immunity” strategy like “nothing has changed” as the Maybot was so proud of announcing.

“But already we have run into problems: testing at home? testing at airports? proper sick pay? release prisoners? All these policies need a complete change in government direction!” claims the author… good luck with that one. However, I keep returning to that chicken and the egg conundrum of what comes first, Covid 19 or the Covert 2019 Rigged Election that exacerbated this crisis with abysmally incompetent, untrustworthy leadership? While some may want to put the latter on hold until the former is under control I would argue that it could prove impossible to get Covid 19 under control until proper leadership is in place.

The list of the “could have been” policies just drums home the injustice of what was stolen from us in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. “What we don’t need is “socialism-for-the-already-rich”…” but certainly we do need “A form of QE for the rest of us” Amen to that! Where I disagree with the writer is in his assumption that: “There is no point, wishing for a Corbyn-led government. That boat has sailed.” Corbyn has made really powerful interventions in the last few weeks and a growing number of Labour supporters believe he needs to stay in place to provide strong leadership, stability and consistency during this challenging national crisis. Corbyn is universally trusted to put ordinary people first, but any move to put aside the leadership contest will of course need to come from the contenders.

Although they will not admit it publically every delay and half baked decision Boris has announced has reinforced my belief that the Tories are still committed to a version of Dominic Cummings’s warped eugenics program for “Herd Immunity” to cull the elderly and most vulnerable in a “Slaughter of the Sheeple!” The “black is white” PR spin enabled by the BBC and tabloid press does little to convince me otherwise. There will be a very big spike in deaths that Boris Johnson will as usual try to blame on stupid people not following his orders, despite the fact that many of his dictates are entirely unworkable.

There is no financial help for those who have been told not to go to work, statutory sick pay is only just over £94 a week, one of the lowest levels in the EU, and Universal Credit is being overwhelmed with applications. Some will die of starvation because even the food banks are having trouble meeting the increased demand. There is no program in place to make sure that the elderly, those at risk or in self-isolation can get food. There are weeks of waiting for a delivery slot even for pensioners who are Internet savvy. In Spain they have found elderly people abandoned to die in care homes; nothing we are doing will prevent this from being repeated here in the UK where provision of Social Care is already thinly stretched.

A very serious flash point that will incite public outrage will occur if any NHS workers become infected and die. Doctors and Nurses have already succumbed to Covid 19 in Italy and the things that put them at greater risk will be at least as relevant here. The delay in testing our frontline medical staff and care workers and the poor supply of inadequate PPE put them at increased risk as does travelling to work on overcrowded trains. Other countries have done a far better job of testing and protecting these key personnel, and have still had Medical staff die; we should brace for a worse outcome here.

If the deliberate choice to abandon the well proven requirements of the WHO causes a far higher death toll in the UK there will be an urgent call for the Tories to go. There is no accountability or honour in the Tory camp and they will try desperately to cling on to their stolen power. The public must be ready to seize the agenda and drive the press by refusing to allow the BBC and the Tabloids to shield Boris Johnson and his warped side-kick from taking full responsibility for obvious blunders that will cost countless lives. Rebellion, civil unrest and disobedience would not be taking advantage of tragedy, but instead doing the right thing to save lives as it’s important to remember that if such social upheaval occurs the obvious remedy is to remove corrupt leadership.

While I would never suggest or encourage anyone to resort to anything beyond peaceful protest, inevitably desperate people may reach breaking point where severe deprivation causes the oppressed to demand change and outweighs the fear of confronting police or facing military suppression. This has proved true in rebellions overseas that have toppled governments even when they turned the might of the military against their own people. We could potentially see riots in London within a few weeks if Boris Johnson continues with his dithering and denial while significantly more people needlessly die.

We know that the Tories had already factored in serious depravation and lethal consequences following crash-out Brexit; this was revealed when we learned that operation “Yellowhammer” included stockpiling body bags! Why would the Government need a large stock-pile of body bags? It was obvious even before Covid 19 accelerated their deprivation initiative that the Tories were planning on the chaos of Brexit causing many to fall through the cracks and die. I was concerned enough to anticipate the panic buying and non-survival of the most vulnerable, but for the Government this might have been a well planned strategy all along.

I do not believe that there is a right time to crank up the campaign after it has been put on hold for a few weeks or months due to Covid 19; every day the Tories are allowed to remain in power will cost more lives. Our goal to thoroughly investigate the validity of the 2019 Election result, and hence the legitimacy of the Tory Party to make catastrophic decisions on our behalf, could not be more urgent as they seek “emergency powers” under cover of the Covid 19 crisis. They have demanded that their Brexit crash-out must not be delayed as this facilitates manipulating and altering our laws by stealth; this could destroy democracy in the UK.

Deal with Covid 19 or focus on the Covert 2019 Rigged Election should not be an either/or choice as it will require us to build a very strong base of universal support for the earliest opportunity to remove this dangerous Tory Government from office.