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Cambridge Uni paper, partly about the new variant:

Recurrent emergence and transmission of a SARS-CoV-2 Spike deletion ΔH69/V70

“In addition, we report a sub-lineage of over 350 sequences bearing seven spike mutations across the RBD (receptor binding domain) […] in England. These mutations have possibly arisen as a result of the virus evolving from immune selection pressure in infected individuals.”

So these variants are arising because government policy is giving the virus hosts – each infected person gives it billions of new cells to replicate in, each one a new breeding ground and multiple chances to adapt. Viruses don’t and can’t evolve outside of hosts. Our government is cooperating with the enemy, selling us out to the virus, because we are merely workers and shoppers; replaceable and expendable. And the virus is making good use of our government’s generous donation of our own living bodies.