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I haven’t taken much notice of this because it doesn’t really matter and just adds to the distraction. No one disputes the authenticity of the DNC material, so it really doesn’t matter whether a DNC insider leaked them or Kremlin operatives exfiltrated them – indeed, both could have occurred; either different routes for the various different leaks, or to multiple copies of the same leak. There will be so much intelligence agency misdirection and obfuscation from any number of national and private agencies that it is all too easy to become submerged in the detail and forget about the content of the leaks, eg:

The Clinton Foundation is very close to certain Gulf Monarchies, accepting money from them despite their known support for jihadism. Hillary Clinton was a a major proponent of the devastation of Libya, to the extent that insiders called it “Hillary’s war”. The DNC conspired with “news” media such that Hillary was told of questions in advance of interviews. The DNC deliberately disadvantaged Bernie Sanders, despite knowing that he was more likely to win against Trump than Hillary Clinton. And Podesta and the Clintons share macabre tastes in art, including some very disturbing and barely legal private performances.