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    Astroturfing the way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Dear Reader,

    We’d guess that you were drawn to open this link for one of two reasons:

    You’re sympathetic to the goals of Extinction Rebellion and the broader ‘climate mobilisation’ movement, and want to know why we’re criticising it.
    You’re suspicious of or opposed to the same, and are looking for evidence to bolster your sentiments.

    Before going any further, know that our motivation for producing this piece of research is as follows:

    We’ve been involved in environmental activism for some years, are personally acquainted with people in the networks we’re discussing, and fully support their goal of protecting our planet’s ability to sustain complex life. With that said, we’ve felt for some time that the groups that make up the ‘climate activism movement’ are majorly amiss in how they’ve been going about achieving said goal, which led us into doing in-depth research into their activities. We’ve been consistently amazed by what we’ve been finding, and as a result feel obliged to share this with others………….

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    I was in London with XR from Monday October 7.

    So I had a look at the article you linked; I read the first two parts. It all seemed rather wordy, but once I started encountering stuff like “puppeteers”, “arch globalists” and “the UN depopulation agenda”, I stopped reading. There are various serious issued raised, but the treatment renders them useless. Sorry, this is conspiracy theory, not political or social theory. The same site hosts this piece of conspiracy theory – really, with Earth’s icecaps melting away, this sort of stuff is transparently nonsensical.

    XR seems to have provoked rather a lot of this sort of ranting. There is a much simpler explanation for recent corporate backing than generation-spanning plots by “the Elite”, which is that some of the rich and powerful have at last seen past the media complacency and are getting scared.

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    Well Said Clark
    And very well done with your protests

    Niomi Klein Speaks some sense I think –

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