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      The Guardian also ran a hit piece on Pope Francis today written by Nathalie Tocci.

      She advises Borell and has written a book entitled “The EU and Conflict Resolution: Promoting Peace in the Backyard.” She calls for more war. I am beginning to think David Icke is possibly correct and our world is run by reptilian people. 😀 (not really).

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        Despicable how the arab world just sit and do nothing about the genocide even enabling it like inviting top israeli spies to put pressure palestinians to do this or that:

        Israel wants new deal from Hamas – media
        The country’s top spy is en route to Qatar for ceasefire talks with the militants


        And EU just signed a multi billion dollar deal with Egypt to curb immigration and other inhumane agreements:
        The European Union has announced a 7.4 billion-euro ($8.06bn) aid package and an upgraded relationship with Egypt, part of a new deal to stem migration flows to Europe that has been criticised by rights groups.
        https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2024/3/17/eu-announces-8bn-package-for-egypt-as-part-of-deal-to-check-migrant-flows Egypt, if it had any decency, would kick all the european ambassadors out until they stop aiding, supporting, making the Gaza gencoide possible. With friends/brothers like this, palestinians are failed to survive as a people.

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          Currently reading about French aristocracy in the 1930s including British historian Theodore Zeldin´s work (recommended btw) and bumped into his CV according to Wiki, interesting parents (how far it´s true no idea):

          Theodore Zeldin was born on 22 August 1933 (Palestine), the son of Russian-Jewish parents who later chose to become naturalised British subjects. His father was a civil engineer, an expert in bridge-building, a colonel in the Russian Czarist Army, and a socialist who rejected the Bolsheviks. Zeldin’s mother, the daughter of an industrialist, was a dentist who completed her training in Vienna. Escaping from the Russian Civil War, Zeldin’s parents emigrated to Palestine, where his father worked for the British Colonial Service building railways. He was disappointed by the failure of the movement for Arab-Jewish solidarity, which he favoured together with other scientists and intellectuals, and of which the railwaymen’s trade union was a vocal advocate.

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            This was shared yesterday on Russian social network:

            Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, the head of the Shirat Moshe school (funded by Israel government) says “kill everyone in Gaza, even babies” according to the Halacha everyone shold obey Israeli army orders.

            Recently Mr. Murray wrote about Ukrainian nattional identity, that made me think a little bit about things of that sort. I wonder, what is Israeli national idantity?

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              Something is so horribly wrong with the israeli society. They seems to think so high of themselves, nazis had their “untermenchen” and so do Israel regarding their view of not only palestinians but any non-jew really.

              Imagine if there were repeated calls from Russian society to kill babies and civilians like that.
              But when Israel say, do something, it is not even reported, similar with nationalists in Ukraine use the same rhetoric Israel use – not reported in the MSM.
              I have not seen ethnic russians using the same dehumanization language against ethnic ukrainians as a whole and I haver not seen palestinians in Gaza using antisemitic statements against Israel. The extreme nationalism in both Israel and Ukraine have the same goals – to rid an ethnic group from their “land”.

              Washington Post: Biden warned early on into the war that Israel fired at Gaza indiscriminately.

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                a couple of nice pics of pre-48 Palestine
                “A stunning photo archive reveals a time before the walls and checkpoints, when Palestine was not defined by its ailments but by its industries and cultures”

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                  The Times is reporting that the US is calling for an “immediate ceasefire” via a UNSC resolution but the report is extremely short on detail and offers only that this will be linked to the release of hostages – How many hostages? In return for what? Palestinian detainees/prisoners? Access for humanitarian aid? &c &c.

                  Nonetheless, this could be a major step forward. Or it could be window dressing.

                  The BBC and Sky are nowhere on this at the moment and even Al Jazeera hasn’t picked it up yet, but obviously more news will be forthcoming throughout the day.


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                    US have always been pro-ceasefire…according to the rules set by Israel.

                    Meanwhile kidnap palestinians daily:

                    Number of Palestinians arrested since Oct. 7 climbs to 7,060

                    Palestinians are in dire need of a patron to get their interests respected, unfortunately there is no one out there, everyone fail them.

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                      Chris Hedges & Norman Finkelstein discussion:

                      Live Stream link to watch Professor Norman Finkelstein and myself today, Thursday, March 21, at 4:30 pm EST, discuss the genocide in Gaza at Princeton University.


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                        Yes, thanks, I broadly agree, and as we are yet to see the details this could be more of the same. But following Schumer’s comments in the Senate, Gantz’s visit to Washington and Biden’s clear fear for his own electoral prospects and palpable exasperation with Netanyahu because of that, this might – I emphasise might – might just be different.

                        To add to the above it was reported in Haaretz this week that “Netanyahu tells Knesset: ‘We must all unite against US attempt to prevent Israeli invasion of Rafah”.

                        What does it all add up to? Time will tell, and probably quite soon.

                        Meanwhile, the western media, of course, totally ignores, far from insignificant, moves that are taking place between Russia, China, the Arab and Muslim countries, Brics and ‘the Global South’ towards a just resolution of the conflict.

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                          I do not understand how the Houthis are able to strike shipments like this or even managed to strike Israel the other day:

                          Houthis hit Israel for first time
                          The Israeli military has failed to intercept a cruise missile fired by the militants at the port of Eilat


                          In my view Houthis seems to be very…simple, poor, impoverished, lacking high-tech arms, lacking military intelligence, lacking basic armour etc, still they are able to carry out quite effective strikes. In my view they are a partisan, resistance force like any other in history trying with small means hurt an oppressing force, thus they get all my support. They have proven to be more humane, more pro-human rights, more pro-international law than the whole of nasty collective west.
                          I believe Finkelstein summed it up well:

                          ‘I Totally Support The Houthis, As A Jew’ – Norman Finkelstein

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                            Jack, I recently listened to a podcast by Karine Gevorkyan and Mikhail Khazin, where the Houthis and weapons were mentioned.
                            Mikhail, in a very Russian manner with sarcastic jokes, commented that in the Middle Ages it was believed that mice can spontaneously generate from dirt. Now the main mystery of science is from what the Houthis’ hypersonic weapons spontaneously generated, when only 4 countries own such technology: Russia, Iran, North Korea and the United States, who have learned to accelerate missiles to supersonic speed, but have not yet learned to control their flight.
                            There were some thoughts about the confrontation between London and Washington, and a funny comment:
                            If an uncontrolled Houthi missile accidentally hits Gibraltar, then someone will publicly express regret, but privately they will applaud and rejoice.

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                              City of Frankfurt may not ban slogan “From the River to the Sea” Court says:


                              I guess ICJ had its effect in this case.
                              After all the judges did surely read the ruling of their colleagues in The Hague closely and discussed it.
                              And this is the case with every major court.

                              Look at the explanation last paragrpah (not a biggie but still…):

                              The rally was called »From the river to the sea – Palestine will be free! For a free Palestine for all people!” registered. The city of Frankfurt banned the statement “From the river to the sea”. The organizers, however, successfully applied to the administrative court for interim legal protection. The 8th Senate of the Administrative Court argued that when classifying the slogan under criminal law, it should be taken into account that it expressed the desire for a free Palestine from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean, including the territory of Israel within its current borders. But the slogan says nothing about how this goal should be achieved.

                              In principle, different political means and ways are conceivable to achieve this abstract goal, for example through international treaties, a two-state solution, a unified state with equal civil rights for Israelis and Palestinians, or through armed struggle. According to the Kassel judges, it is irrelevant whether these paths are politically realistic.

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                                loooong conversation by JACOBIN:

                                “How the West Remade the Middle East
                                An interview with Ussama Makdisi by Daniel Denvir

                                “Western media often characterizes the Middle East as a region eternally riven with sectarian conflicts. In an interview, historian Ussama Makdisi says this is wrong, starting with the fact that the region has a rich history of multiethnic coexistence.”


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                                  Some leftists, actually quite a few unfortunately, have really showed their true colors during this massacre by Israel. It is like many leftists are as ignorant of palestinian history as the extreme-far-right is and take every claim by Israel as a fact!

                                  Take Zlavoj Zisek:

                                  What the left gets wrong about Gaza and “decolonisation”
                                  The West needs to remember that not all freedom movements are progressive or democratic.
                                  By Slavoj Žižek


                                  Do you condemn Žižek?
                                  Amid the genocide in Gaza, the incoherence of western philosophers has come to the fore.

                                  It was the same with his view on Nato, suddenly Nato is wonderful:

                                  Pacifism is the wrong response to the war in Ukraine
                                  Slavoj Žižek

                                  The least we owe Ukraine is full support, and to do this we need a stronger Nato

                                  Slavoj Žižek’s slavish support of NATO

                                  Compare the leftists or even socialists stance on Israel just 15-250 years ago. Totally different.

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                                    to get a gist of German realities among the “educated” – Zizek last year fall at the world´s biggest (?) book fair in Frankfurt was “critical” of Israel (in ways we are familiar) – in the audience several wanted him to stop his speech, wanted to boo him off stage. While there was clapping too. But such kind of openly political behaviour in Frankfurt is usually totally absent by the selected audience there… So Zizek was the good guy that very day… imagine that…

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                                      The silence by ICC is really something – the crimes being committed by Israel surpass those of Russia in Ukraine by multifold times both in quality and quantity, still the ICC get away with their inaction, silence. I would have hoped that the global south would protest and make a unified exit from this corrupt pro-western institution.

                                      ICC Prosecutor shows clear double standard when dealing with situation in Palestine

                                      Israel could face separate case for war crime of starvation in Gaza: Experts
                                      ‘It will not be surprising if starvation allegations feature prominently in any future action that the ICC prosecutor may take,’ legal expert Michael Becker tells Anadolu


                                      The war crimes are so obvious, Israel deliberately, openly stop humanitarian aid. How could there be any doubt what their aim is!?

                                      And yeah more problems ahead:

                                      UK lawyer to oversee ICC investigation into alleged war crimes in Palestinian territories
                                      Andrew Cayley, previously Britain’s chief military prosecutor, to run operation of the complex case


                                      Just look at this judge’s face^. You could see the corrupted nature in him.

                                      One should not be surprised if ICC actually open a case on Gaza… but not against Israel but against Palestinians/Hamas.

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                                        “Israeli “commission” on 7 October rape claims exposed as fraud”

                                        The Commission that allegedly had collected evidence about the rape cases doesn´t exist.
                                        Even the NYT is now distancing itself from its own reporting.

                                        The worst thing: This was all pretty obvious on day#1. But it took 6 months to admit it. And of course in Germany this will probably never be reported.

                                        It turns out that Elkayam-Levy’s “civil commission” – described by the White House as if it were an official Israeli body – does not even exist.

                                        And nor has the imaginary commission produced a long-promised report documenting Hamas’ supposed sexual violence.

                                        “People disconnected from her because her investigation is not accurate,” a government source told Ynet, the media outlet affiliated with Israel’s mass circulation newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

                                        The government source cited how Elkayam-Levy disseminated a story about Palestinian fighters “slicing the belly of a pregnant woman – a story proven to be untrue, and she spread it in the international media.”

                                        “It’s no joke. Little by little, professionals have begun to distance themselves from her because she is unreliable,” the source added, citing the damage such false accounts do to Israel’s already battered credibility.

                                        It had previously been exposed that Elkayam-Levy also tried to pass off an old photo of a deceased Kurdish female fighter in another country as a victim of the 7 October violence.

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                                          “Meta Refuses to Answer Questions on Gaza Censorship, Say Sens. Warren and Sanders

                                          In the days after October 7, Meta said it removed more than 2 million pieces of Hebrew and Arabic content, but didn’t break down the data.”


                                          “Meta insists that there’s been no discrimination against Palestinian-related content on their platforms, but at the same time, is refusing to provide us with any evidence or data to support that claim,” Warren told The Intercept. “If its ad-hoc changes and removal of millions of posts didn’t discriminate against Palestinian-related content, then what’s Meta hiding?”

                                          p.s. it´s obnoxious that an idiot like Zuckerberg who apparently never grew up is courted by the likes of Sanders and Warren, is in the centre of these power affairs. What does he know about the ills of the world to be entitled to act as if he were an emperor. A moron for a horse.

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                                            Thanks for that link.
                                            Surprising that Elizabeth Warren have the courage, honesty to look into this subject. I thought she was a die hard Israel apologist like the rest of the Democrats.

                                            Yes social media have been joke on the war, accounts by israeli military, gov. persons could freely boast in text and stream videos how they carry out war crimes, meanwhile, pro-palestinian’s voices are banned or “shadowbanned” in various ways:

                                            Revealed: The Former Israeli Spies Working in Top Jobs at Google, Facebook and Microsoft

                                            Facebook under fire for using Israelis from notorious unit to spy on users

                                            Facebook appoints Israeli censor to oversight board

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                                              my problem/worry over these things: It´s all in open daylight.
                                              The Gaza massacre is in open daylight.
                                              The genocidal Amalek-speech happened in open daylight.
                                              The social media colluding with genocide is happening in open daylight.

                                              So it couldn´t be much more obvious than this.
                                              And still it makes no impression on the media and political class.

                                              The mass can only protest, unsubscribe to papers and vote every 4 or 5 years.

                                              Emerson would have suggested a #4: To clog prisons by every citizen getting arrested.
                                              But thats not realistic I assume.

                                              * * *

                                              “Germany: New citizenship test to include questions on Holocaust and Israel’s founding
                                              Applicants must know how Holocaust denial is punished and explain special nature of German-Israeli relations”


                                              I haven´t checked the matter myself yet as domestic reporting goes.

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                                                Bernard of MOON OF ALABAMA with a longer post today on the US vs. the Rest of the UN

                                                Quoting Ted Snider (from antiwar.com and Responsible Statecraft) and Arnaud Bertrand


                                                At The UN It Is A Rogue U.S. Against The Rest Of The World

                                                Ted Snider asks:
                                                Is America a Rogue Superpower?

                                                 “Unipolar” used to mean that the United States was, at least in theory, alone in leading the world. Now “unipolar” means that the United States is alone and isolated in opposition to the world.

                                                Snider refers to the recent UN Security Council resolution 2728 which “demands” a ceasefire in Gaza and “demands” a release of hostages and “demands” the unhindered supply of food and other items to Gaza.

                                                The U.S. has claimed, falsely, that the resolution is not binding.
                                                The U.S. (plus maybe a few of its minor proxies) is the only state which publicly disputes that.

                                                Bertrand points out that this will have huge consequences:

                                                p.s. from Bertrand´s TWITTER in January:

                                                “Game of Thrones stars and other actors read South Africa’s case file charging Israel with genocide at the #ICJ”
                                                10 minutes:


                                                (I dont care about actors, usually most of them have no clue about politics but if it helps… and GB strikes me as an exception to this rule with a strong tradition of left-wing actors adequately informed. Such action would be unthinkable in Germany despite its legendary stage tradition.)

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                                                  …to be fair GoT was actually a US production not British…

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                                                    So it couldn´t be much more obvious than this.
                                                    And still it makes no impression on the media and political class.

                                                    Exactly! I was just to write on this issue. The other day the UN special reporteur on the occupied Paletinstine Francesca Albanese, a courageous woman since the start of the massacring by Israel, said that there is clear signs that Israel commit acts of genocide.

                                                    Rights expert finds ‘reasonable grounds’ genocide is being committed in Gaza


                                                    But what happend after she dropped that bombshell? Nothing. So the UN talk about acts of genocide being committed, the most horrific and severe of a crime…. and there is zero response from the west. Today the news is already forgotten and buried. It is like facts does not matter to the west. It is sickening.
                                                    Is this the rules based order the west talk about? It is so disgusting to watch the cynical stance by the west.
                                                    If it was Russia that was accused of committing genocide Ukraine all these same, now silent, nations would rise up, there would be sanctions and perhaps even military escalation by the west. But now on Gaza they try to ignore the facts on the ground altogether!

                                                    And just look at this western journalist, trying to downplay the killing altogether!

                                                    A German journalist attempts to undermine the assertion of UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians.


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                                                      Disgraceful and corrupt Palestinian Authority admit they sit and wait for Hamas to be eradicated to they could move in taking power in Gaza:

                                                      Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced the formation of a new government on Thursday, with his premier stating that he intends for the PA to assume “responsibility for Gaza” when the Israel-Hamas war ends.


                                                      Like Gazans would accept the horrible corrupt party that PA/Fatah represents!

                                                      A couple of weeks back Palestinian Authority/Fatah blasted Hamas.

                                                      Fatah condemn Hamas for causing the return of Israeli occupation to Gaza


                                                      A bit odd to condemn your alleged brothers in Gaza when they are facing a genocide. Fatah/PA…nothing but a puppet regime to the west/Israel.

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