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“In the international arena, Reid, during his drinking days, fell into bad company in the Balkans with the Bosnian Serb mass-murderer Radovan Karadzic, who tops The Hague’s International War Crimes Tribunal list of wanted men. Reid has admitted spending three days in 1993 at a luxury Geneva lakeside hotel as a guest of Karadzic. “He used to talk to Karadzic, he admired Karadzic. He mistook the Bosnian Serb project as the inheritor of the united Communist ideal,” says Brendan Simms, a Cambridge academic and author of Unfinest Hour: Britain And The Destruction of Bosnia.”

The Guardian, 2 March 2002.

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  • aussieview

    Craig, An excellent resume of the latest fear campaign. It concerns me that having disrupted british airports in the intersts of what you question. something will have to be found to justify the actions. One only needs to remember the convictions of IRA bombers which were subsequently quashed to wonder if history will repeat itself in this instance. Is John Reids action undermining fair justice in the UK?? Rod

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