Hitler Had No Idea What Goebbels Was Publishing 42

Adolf Hitler today went on record to state that he “Had no idea what kind of stuff Goebbels was publishing.”

Although they shared the same bunker and met several times daily, Hitler was deeply shocked when invading Red Army forces drew to his attention what had been happening.

“There is no place for this kind of thing in politics,” he said: “I came into politics to promote ideas, like lebensraum”.

Mr Hitler further pointed out that he had now taken vigorous action to tackle the situation. He has written to Oberfeldmarischal Gustav Odonellmann to instruct that the Gauleiter’s Guide be amended to specify that the murder of seven million Jews, Poles, gays, romanies and political opponents should be clearly a sacking offence.

Copyright David Irving

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42 thoughts on “Hitler Had No Idea What Goebbels Was Publishing

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  • kardinal birkutzki

    However much I dislike the current government and dislike the direction politics has taken in recent times, I don’t think I need to point out that this is totally over the top. Incompetent and unethical Brown may be, but Hitler he is not; nor is it in any way clever or funny to make light of Romanies, Jews et al being exterminated. This is more clear evidence of your total lack of judgement. Two things are for sure: one, your removal from the foreign office was entirely appropriate and long delayed; two, your association with any seat of learning in whatever capacity shames those institutions.

  • Craig


    You are an idiot. Of course it’s over the top – as was for example John Cleese’s “Don’t mention the war” sketch. It’s called humour.

    You are a neo-con troll who is becoming very dull. So dull, in fact, you can’t see that I am not only making fun of NuLab, but also of holocaust deniers.


  • Ron

    Well done, Craig. Very funny. Not as funny as Tom Watson instructing Carter-Fuck. This will now run and run – just what big Broon wanted.

  • Silent Hunter

    Jeeez! Kardinal Birk utzki !

    Vor ist der ‘jolly old blighty sense of humour, don’t cha know me old cock sparra’…..Himmel!

    Or should that be – schweinhund. LOL

  • KevinB

    Everyone can always gain a few moral Brownie points by sneering at ‘holocaust deniers’, whoever they are.

    There is, however, one holocaust fact I have come across recently that demands an explanation, in my opinion.

    When I was a young fellow and the Auschwitz horror was first placed before society by the mainstream media (in the late 1960’s, I think), I remember very clearly that we were told that of the 6,000,000 Jews who died during the war 4,000,000 were industrially exterminated in the Auschwitz camp.

    It seems this figure was revised to 1.1 million in 1983. I did not know that until very recently.

    This is a reduction of almost 3,000,000……yet the total remains at 6,000,000.

    This situation surely demands an explanation.

    This is not a trivial matter.

    If such wild errors or mispronouncements have been made on this issue in the past, is it paranoid to see a possible connection between such anomalies and the other overwhelming fact about the holocaust…..that discussing the subject in any kind of investigative or questioning way is completely TABOO in our society and across Europe and the USA. I understand that two or three ‘holocaust deniers’ have been jailed in Germany and France.

    I know little else about the subject but surely David Irving’s statements or research or whatever should be discredited by provable facts rather than by ridicule and abuse.

  • Vronsky

    kardinal says:

    >I don’t think I need to point out that this is totally over the top.

    Is it, though? Are you saying that US/UK illegal action has killed only one million in Iraq, and that is only one sixth of the mortality due to Nazism, and therefore the comparison is ‘over the top’? I don’t think so. Illegal killing on an industrial scale is (I hope you agree) a bad thing – do the precise numbers matter?

    You echo the faux moral outrage of the Labourites who whine at the SNP’s ending of school visits to Auschwitz. It seems to me that you wish to set up some sort of religious or mystic trope. The Nazis were evil, never forget, always remember – and since *we* are telling you this, *we* must be different. In fact you are of course the same – the differing numbers are mere accountancy, the evil is identical.

  • Craig


    It is not taboo exactly on this site. You can discuss if the Ford Model T really existed too, if you like. But the evidence is overwhelming that the Holocaust happened – to the groups mentioned above.

    I have met Polish, Jewish and gypsy survivors. There was a programme of mass extermination beyond any doubt.

    In my experience those who want to deny it, are trying to fit the facts into some other prior political theory. The same goes for those who deny Stalin’s or Mao’s mass killings – though the political theories tend to vary in each case.

    Facts, though, are stubborn things. And the fact remains that the Nazis had a process of mass extermination.

  • Craig

    I should add that I also met ordinary soldiers who liberated the camps who are very good eye-witnesses.

    I was involved in events to commemmorate the 50th anniversary of the liberation.

  • Mae

    Godwin’s Law states you are now a complete tool Craig, whatever you actually meant to say.

  • JimmyGiro

    JimmyGiro’s law states that:

    anyone using Godwin’s law, probably masturbates when they hear of children being adopted by same sex foster parents.

  • George Laird

    Dear kardinal

    What Craig is doing is to point out how daft the current situation appears to be using humour.

    Given his account of what happened to him under Labour, it is understandable that he holds deep views against them.

    I suspect that he would still make a decent ambassador and be a credit to any higher education establishment.

    He speaks his mind forcefully and is direct.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird

    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Craig

    Jimmygiro – your train of thought lost me there


    Welcome back. We last saw you defending Lord Taylor of Blackburn against allegations of corruption, which was a bit like claiming Madonna is a virgin. At the time you vehemently denied being a NuLabour troll. But here you are again when NuLabour are under attack.

  • JimmyGiro

    I equate the use of Godwin’s law, with those who fall back on political correctness to ‘win’ an argument by defaulting the opposition on mere form.

    I see the bigotry of political correctness as undermining criticism; which in turn compromises the checks and balances of extremes.

    I suspect that a society that allows children to be taken from heterosexual parents, then fostered by same sex couples, is a society that has been quelled by political correctness from objecting.

    And since nobody means to contradict themselves, those that support this state of affairs must enjoy the ‘virtue’:


  • MerkinOnParis

    Jimmy Giro, well put.

    Maybe soon we will be talking about Damian’s Law – anyone protesting about the calumny that has become John Smith’s party can be pre-emptively sent to the funny farm.

  • Anonymous


    You are addressing me as though I am denying that a holocaust and mass killings of Jews took place.

    I am not doing so.

    ….but you have made my point for me.

    ….there will be no discussion of the issue whatsoever.

    …..and you think this is a healthy state of affairs?

    The terror of even raising this subject, the tyranny of guilt that has landed on all our heads, has empowered a hideous injustice against an innocent people, the Palestinians.

    Their land has been taken and four months ago we sat idly by while they were being slaughtered like rats in a bucket.

    What do YOU think has paralysed our humanity and disabled our souls to the point where a civil servant who reacted emotionally against this outrage was arrested for ‘inciting religious hatred’. The only Gaza-related legal action there has been.

    I know where you stood on Gaza, Craig. I read your posts at the time……but can’t you see any connection? Should we really forbidden from asking even the most reasonable of questions about ‘the holocaust’?

    You see, I’m suspicious of taboos. You get exactly the same reaction if you raise questions about 9/11 despite the manifold proveable lies we have been fed about that day……

    ……in spite of the fact that only this week…Quote:

    “The senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission – John Farmer – says that the government agreed not to tell the truth about 9/11, echoing the assertions of fellow 9/11 Commission members who concluded that the Pentagon were engaged in deliberate deception about their response to the attack.”

    and despite the fact that active (unexploded) thermitic material has recently been found in the dust of the WTC’s….


    One might get away with posting these outrageous things on you blog, Craig…..but discuss such issues in parliament or the mainstream media….?


    It ain’t gonna happen.

    Bad news for all of us methinks.

  • Tom Welsh

    Now you mention it, Hitler made a serious mistake by paying too little attention to Goebbels and too much to people like the generals, Doenitz, and Goering. In other words, he was stuck in the WW1 mindset of crushing obstacles by overpowering force. Today’s governments intuitively understand that Goebbels had a better way: why fight (even if you are stronger) when you can simply con, bluff, charm, and lie your way to your objectives?

  • Sally

    Anytime anyone “questions” aspects of the Jewish holocaust that don’t make sense, or present anomalies or events that contradict the “official” narrative, one gets slammed with that “denier” label, and face incarceration in much of continental Europe.

    It’s utterly nonsensical that the most natural and normal human process of analysis and reasoning is forbidden wrt to the Jewish experience in WW2. That Jewish history alone is so sacrosanct.

    Tons of my own research and reading later, I’m a holocaust skeptic in that the actual tally of victims, esp the Jewish numbers, is greatly exaggerated.

    Exactly how much in monetary reparations did the Gypsies, Poles, et al extract compared to the Jewish victims of Nazism?

  • Craig


    Over a million Christian Poles died in the extermination camps too. As I said, I have spoken persoanally to actual eye witnesses. I have no ides why you don’t want to accept it, but there you are.

  • MJ

    I don’t think anyone can seriously doubt that there was a deliberate extermination policy in the latter stages of the war. There are however legitimate questions to be asked about the accuracy of the numbers.

    As KevinB pointed out, the official total for Auschwitz has been quietly downgraded from 4 million to 1.1 million. Nevertheless, in Germany it remains a criminal offence even to question the 6 million figure. This criminalises not only free speech and proper historical research but also simple arithmetic.

    Does it really matter? From a moral perspective perhaps not, but from a financial point of view it certainly does because the 6 million figure is the basis on which Germany’s reparation payments to Israel is calculated.

  • MJ

    Another thing about the Holocaust – giving it a capital H as though it were a sacrosanct religious tenet and criminalising heretics who dare question it – is that it tends to obscure and marginalise our emotional, moral and intellectual responses to other aspects of the war.

    World War II was full of horrors: there was the callous and unnecessary bombing of Dresden; there were the two nuclear bombs on Japan. Above all there was the horrific war between Germany and the Soviet Union that killed tens of millions of men. These events were the result of militarism pure and simple and the lesson ought perhaps to be that wars and militarism are bad.

    By focusing principally on the Jewish holocaust however we are encouraged to reach the opposite conclusion: that wars and militarism are good and are the legitimate tools by which the righteous defeat tyranny.

    This mindset has been the driving ethos of at least three instances of military adventurism in the past ten years – in Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq – yet in reality these have been moral and humanitarian disasters.

  • Craig


    MMM, I wasn’t concentrating exclusively on the Jewish holocaust. That’s why I mentioned all the others whi died in the camps. I don’t suppose precise numbers will ever be known. Stalin was as bad.

    So what? Frankly people who can’t hear any mention of the Nazi mass extermination, without seeking to jump in and downplay it, scare me just as much as those who wish to play on it for current day political advantage.

  • Mae

    Not trolling, though to be fair my previous comment was a little curt/concise.

    NOT nu lab, believe me, don’t believe me, your choice. The world is not red or blue, but very, very grey (Power to the People, Yes, Prime Minister, says it all for me).

    I am not questioning your topic or criticism of it, just your choice of analogy. Your writing on here is a poor reflection compared to Murder in Samarkand, which I borrowed on my last venture from under my bridge since my last trolling. Not finished it yet as I have a few books on the go at any one time, but so far, the musings of two different minds.

    JimmyGiro, your knowledge of niche pornography astounds me.

    Apart from that, eh! Today is a good day! To each, enjoy their own, though not to the detriment of another if poss.

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