Hitler Had No Idea What Goebbels Was Publishing 42

Adolf Hitler today went on record to state that he “Had no idea what kind of stuff Goebbels was publishing.”

Although they shared the same bunker and met several times daily, Hitler was deeply shocked when invading Red Army forces drew to his attention what had been happening.

“There is no place for this kind of thing in politics,” he said: “I came into politics to promote ideas, like lebensraum”.

Mr Hitler further pointed out that he had now taken vigorous action to tackle the situation. He has written to Oberfeldmarischal Gustav Odonellmann to instruct that the Gauleiter’s Guide be amended to specify that the murder of seven million Jews, Poles, gays, romanies and political opponents should be clearly a sacking offence.

Copyright David Irving

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42 thoughts on “Hitler Had No Idea What Goebbels Was Publishing

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  • Anonymous


    “So what? Frankly people who can’t hear any mention of the Nazi mass extermination, without seeking to jump in and downplay it, scare me just as much as those who wish to play on it for current day political advantage.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that you were ‘scared’ by people using ‘the holocaust’ for political advantage.

    You really think trying to get a more accurate perspective on the holocaust is to ‘downplay it’, to callously underplay its significance?

    Let me tell you, I am not for that at all. Let us have a public examination of its full signinificance. That would be an excellent idea.

    I am 58 years old and have never taken the slightest interest in this subject until I realised in 2005 that Jewish interests were driving much of what I consider wicked in the world today. At the same time I allowed myself (yes it was difficult) to admit that the ‘holocaust’ was being shoved in our faces nearly every day of the year in the mainstream media.

    Why is this happening?

    This is a very important question.

    The world is in a terrible hole, trapped by financial terrorism that will not go away. The ‘derivatives’ nightmare (maybe more that one thousand trillion dollars of worthless assets hidden away inside the banking system) has occurred as a result of policies set up by Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan, all Jews. The big scam is over now it falls to the public to absorb the losses.

    Our society is directed by Jewish interests, has no one noticed?

    We are now a Zionist not a Christian country. Christianity is under relentless attack*.

    Israel last week, through Shimon Peres, made serious threats to attack Iran.

    Ariel Sharon openly claimed that “the Jewish people control America”.

    He is quite correct.

    These elite Jews (and their various Anglo-Saxon and international masonic partners) could destroy us all. Our children could all die because of their poisonous activities. Ordinary Jews are no more part of this than you and I except that they are even more brainwashed by the holocaust than we are into supporting the Zionist agenda(94% of Jews supported the attacks on Gaza).

    This is mind-control and brain-washing of the most poisonous and dangerous kind.

    Downplay the holocaust?

    No way.

    Let’s really give the issue some air…..

    ……and began asking some very tough questions indeed.

    Or would you prefer a world war?

    …Because that’s what we’re going to get.

  • nextus

    Oh stop twisting words, KevinB! Craig didn’t imply he was scared *of* anyone; he meant scared *by* the attitude ?” because the potential of malicious propaganda to foment ethnic hatred is indeed chilling.

    Nothing wrong with questioning facts accepted by the majority of schalors, but I suggest you do so in a more academic context, with access to proper resources to settle your doubts one way or the other. At 58, you’re not too old to take on PhD research into this topic if it really fires you up. If you find substantial evidence of mass deception, that would be aworthy discovery indeed. However, here you and others are simply hijacking a debate on contemporary UK politics to with your own misgivings about historical accuracy (Craig didn’t assert anything about numbers) and venting your anger towards the perceived economic domination of those with Jewish ancestry. You make it clear that your interest is not actually dispassionate and academic, but is intertwined with a strong contempt towards Semitic elitism and its influence in business. This we may have anticipated; you are playing to type.

    Is there reason for us to be alarmed at such opportunistic anti-Semitic ranting? Yes. Similar resentment towards Jewish elitism and economic domination was prevalent in Germany in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and you know what resulted (even if you dispute the numbers!). Be mindful of cultural attitudes. Let’s kick the economic bullies out because they’re bullies, and not because they’re Jewish. Conflate the two and you cross a very dangerous line.

    It’s not only Jewish people who are greedy manipulators. That kind of thinking would let most of our politicians off the hook as unwitting pawns in some kind of grand Jewish plot. Such absurd absolutist propaganda is very sinister indeed. No. it shouldn’t be banned – it should be aired and challenged. Thank you for giving us a measure of your true colours.

    Independent thinking is not being suppressed on this forum. You’re being challenged because people don’t agree with you. Further ranting will generate discontent by obscuring the point of Craig’s message. There are plenty of more discussion boards for your pet topic should you wish to look into it in further depth.

    Good luck with your research, and I look forward to seeing the indubitable evidence you uncover in the appropriate forum. Yes, please air the issue but not here. Take it elsewhere and post the URL.

    I think the rest of us understand Craig’s point clearly, all more for sharpening it with cutting satire. Let’s campaign to put the right people in the dock – for the right reasons.

  • KevinB


    I don’t really disagree with anything you say but I would remind you that Craig did provoke my initial response by lumping something together in a sneering way with ‘holocaust deniers’….

    ….i.e. way beyond the pale.

    This stuff annoys me. I read an article by a writer I used to admire, Howard Jacobson. In The Independent he wrote, “People who want to argue about the holocaust want to exterminate the Jews all over again.”

    I might understand the impulse that drove him to say it but that is still absolute rubbish.

    Some questions are absolutely fair and it is shocking to me, at least, that some of the most radical of our thinkers are prepared to enforce this taboo, given the proven dangers of doing so.

    A similar prohibition hangs over the ‘conspiracy theories’ surrounding 9/11 (9 professional scientists have put their name to a research paper identifying super nano-thermate in the dust particles from the WTCs on 9/11 last week. This is stone-cold proof of the use of explosives in the towers on 9/11. Who put them there? Osama Bin Laden?).

    Surely you can see the mortal peril that threatens us all by co-operating with media taboos of this kind.

    For so-called radicals to play this game is a kind of gatekeeping and, in my opinion, it is also a kind of cowardice for which we are all likely to pay a terrible price.

  • KevinB

    By the way nexus, I think you’ll find that some of the people who have undertaken the kind of research you recommend for me, have been or currently are in jail.

  • Anthony Lawson

    Many decent historians and scientists have been jailed or fined for disputing the official holocaust story: in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Israel, Poland and other countries. It is, to my knowledge, the only facet of history for which people can be punished for even doing research as to the numbers of Jews who died, for example. Yet the most famous prison camp of all, Auschwitz, has officially reduced the death-toll there, several times since it was first included in the magic 6 million total. Magic, because the number has remained 6 million, despite these reductions.

    A scientist named Germar Rudolf was sent to prison, in Germany, basically for the “crime” of proving that Zyklon B could not have been used to kill massive numbers of people in the so-called “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, because only minute traces of its reactive components could be found in the walls of one of the buildings in question; only enough to indicate that it may have been a delousing chamber. Rudolf was also fired from his job at the Max Planck Institute, all because he believed that his fellow countrymen had been accused of, and were still being punished for, crimes that were never committed.

    No doubt there were some cruel and vicious guards, just as there were at Abu Graib prison, but typhus and other diseases were the real killers in the forced-labour camps, which were still being used to produce war materials, almost to the end, and someone has pointed out that the efficient Germans would not have used such a dangerous method as poison gas to kill maybe hundreds of people at one time, then have to wait for hours for the remaining gas to disperse, even with the use of energy-wasteful extractor fans.

    Bearing in mind what happens to the crews of submarines when they sink, it would have been far simpler, cheaper, efficient and probably even more humane to crowd people into a low-ceiling, airtight room, close the airtight doors and suffocate them. As horrible as the thought is, it would take far less time for the victims to die; there would be no cost for chemicals and no waiting for the next cycle for fear of the executioners, themselves, being killed by any remaining gas.

    To me, that is one of the most compelling reasons why not to believe in the gas-chamber story, because, no matter what else they may have been, during that period, the Germans were not stupid.

  • Bob Gom

    A scientist named Germar Rudolf was sent to prison, in Germany, basically for the “crime” of proving that Zyklon B could not have been used to kill massive numbers of people in the so-called “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, because only minute traces of its reactive components could be found in the walls of one of the buildings in question; only enough to indicate that it may have been a delousing chamber.”

    Except the concentration of Zyklon B required to kill lice is higher than that to kill humans. The Leuchter report has been thoroughly debunked yet it is still quoted by holocaust denying idiots.

  • Anthony Lawson

    Bob Gom’s is a typical comment from someone who refuses to see the logic in the much simpler suffocation scenario, and who is unable to refrain from insulting someone who happens to have an opinion with which they disagree.

    Whether or not Leuchter’s report was “thoroughly debunked” does not explain why the Germans would have gone to the trouble, expense and risk of exterminating large numbers of human beings when there was a much simpler, safer and cheaper method available to them.

    Furthermore, those who question what they feel to be unproven testimony are not denying anything; they are asking that proof be provided, in fair and open debate and beyond a reasonable doubt, that certain events actually took place. You should also be aware that the threat of being imprisoned for speaking one’s mind, in the case of the events under discussion, could well be the thin end of a very large wedge, and is likely to spread to other topics, even ones which people like you think that they should be free to think about and discuss, in a reasonable and civilized manner, in order to make up their own minds as to what actually happened during any specified period in history.

  • Bob Gom

    Stop dodging the matter. Do you accept that concentration of Zyklon B required to kill lice is higher than that to kill humans?

  • Anthony Lawson

    This is a response to Bob Gom’s post in which he asks: “Do you accept that concentration of Zyklon B required to kill lice is higher than that to kill humans?”

    Apart from the lack of quantitative details in the proposition, whether I accept or reject it, is beside the point. The fact is that humans can be killed by suffocation far more effectively, safely and economically than they can be killed using cyanide gas. But I doubt that the same applies to lice.

    However, these are matters which the Zionist lobbies in an increasing number of countries are attempting to prevent us discussing, as the news item which I have copied, below, attests to.

    Please note that Mr Tobin’s conviction does not appear to have involved a jury. It seems he will be sentenced purely on the basis that he was in contempt of court. In other words, no test has been made to determine if what he has been publishing on his website is true, or not. Therefore, no burden has been placed on anyone else, individuals or organizations, to prove that what he has published is false.

    Can this truly be called justice? It sounds more like witch hunting, to me.

    Thursday, 16 April 2009

    ‘Holocaust denier’ convicted in Australia

    SYDNEY (AFP) ?” An alleged Holocaust denier wanted in Germany was found guilty of criminal contempt in Australia Thursday for defying court orders to stop publishing offensive material on the Internet.

    Gerald Frederick Toben, 64, was convicted in the Federal Court on 24 counts of contempt of court after continuing to publish material about Jews and the Holocaust on his Adelaide Institute website, despite 2002 orders to stop.

    Judge Bruce Lander said Toben, who will be sentenced later this month, had steadfastly refused to comply with the law.

    He did not accept that freedom of speech “does not include the freedom to publish material calculated to offend, insult or humiliate or intimidate people because of their race, colour or national or ethnic origin”, the judge said.

    Toben told reporters he did not regret his actions, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

    “If you believe in something and you want to have that freedom to express your opinions then you should be prepared for sacrifices,” he said.

    Toben was arrested in Britain in October last year under a European Union arrest warrant issued by Germany but a bid by German authorities to have him extradited to face charges of Holocaust denial failed.

    He faces charges in Germany of publishing material on the Internet “of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature” which denies, approves of, or plays down the Holocaust.

    Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany and offenders can face up to five years in jail.

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