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For me, any sensible discussion of Iran must accept a number of facts. I will set these out as Set A and Set B. Both sets are true. But ideologues of the right routinely discount Set A, while ideologues of the left routinely discount Set B. That is why most debate on Iran is inane.

Set A

Iranian Islamic fundamentalism allied to fierce anti-Americanism was born from CIA intervention to topple democracy and keep in power a ruthless murdering despot for decades, in the interests of US oil and gas companies

Iranian anti-Americanism was fuelled further by US support for US friend and ally Saddam Hussein who was armed to wage a murderous war against Iran, again in the hope of US access to Iran’s oil and gas

The US committed a terrible atrocity against civilians by shooting down an Iranian passenger jet

Iran is surrounded by US military forces and has been repeatedly threatened to the extent that the desire to develop a nuclear weapon is a reflex

There is monumental hypocrisy in condemning Iran’s nuclear programme while overlooking Israel’s nuclear weapons

Set B

Iran is governed by an appalling set of vicious theocratic nutters

Iran is not any kind of democracy. It fails the first hurdle of candidates being allowed to put forward meaningful alternatives

Hanging of gays, stoning of adulterers, floggings, censorship and pervasive control are not fine because of cultural relativism. Iran’s whole legislative basis is inimical to universal ideals of human rights.

Iran really is trying to develop a nuclear weapons programme, though with some years still to go.

There are two very good articles on the current situation in Iran. One from the ever excellent Juan Cole. I would accept his judgement on the elections being rigged.

The other from Yasamine Mather, which puts it in another perspective.

I am not optimistic about the outcome of the popular protest.

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  • HappyClappy

    eddie at June 25, 2009 7:43 PM,

    The incessant unconscious driveling of a Ziofeckwit, somehow does not make a reality out of the lies, and conjecture forwarded.

    Iran has always been sovereign, despite all the efforts to the contrary, by the brigands, thieves, and merchants dealing in death.

    However, for the first eight years of the revolution, the costly war imposed by that vassal of the West, whom later was hanged for his appallingly crap invasion of Kuwait, namely one ex Saddam, who overnight rode into Iran some one hundred and sixty miles, thanks to the maps, and photos provided by the US, who later set up a satellite down link station in down town Baghdad, as well as supplying Generals, and planners to plan the Iraqi attacks on Iranians, which went so far as using chemical and biological weapons too.

    However in you racist mind, your blind spot to all these events conveniently overlooking the orchestrated campaign of sabotaging Iran’s progress as a none aligned ie independent country by the West.

    Furthermore your stupid questions only feed into the “institutional corruption” of the foreigners, albeit they are Africans or Iranians, citing as the case in example being their “sham” elections!!!!

    In direct contrast to the upstanding Anglos who never engage in any corrupt behavior, such as vote rigging, and expense scrounging, and sexually pervert conduct, and ……….

    Blow it out of your elbow, you racist scum bag, Iran has been under a constant wave of covert, and overt attacks to stop it from succeeding, and setting the path for the other countries in the region.

    However, never mind the GDP in Iran, what about the GDP and earnings per-capita in this country? That is after ten years of the working class champions holding office in UK?

  • George Dutton

    “Iran has been under a constant wave of covert, and overt attacks to stop it from succeeding, and setting the path for the other countries in the region.”

    Cuba also comes to mind.

    eddie will know all about that,it’s the place students in the USA go to get trained up to be doctors as the USA can’t give the same high degree of training that Cuba provides.The cubans don’t charge the students, it’s free…Thats socialism in action.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    I notice that in the temporary absence of input from the self-appointed hard state’s agent, the threads on this website tend towards the basic rubric of the contributors, which is rational and sometimes humourous discourse – and spirited disagreement but disagreement delivered in – and this is crucial, in my view – good faith.

    I am very impressed by the response to constant provocation by such entities.

    I do think that it is important to maintain strength of discourse, to continue to post pertinent links and articles, etc. and to voice strongly-held opinions, regardless of attempts at disruption and provocation. Such things are to be expected and is proof that serious points are being made and relevant and lucid information shared and developed.

    More than ever, the struggle occurs on the front of information. The struggle will continue.

  • Anonymous

    The moralising regarding our activities in the middle east is quite sickening. Our noble leaders, on behalf of the international financier/criminals that control them, put all their energy into giving the impression that we care about the wellbeing of the Iranian people.

    Like we cared about the Afghanis.

    Like we cared about the Iraqis.

    ‘We’ don’t.

    We don’t care ONE LITTLE BIT.

    You don’t care about people by murdering them.

    Or by trying to take over their government.

    We are there to control and to steal.

    There is no moral reason for us to be in any of those countries.

    All troops should be ordered home.

    Not least because there is an almighty engineered financial collapse coming in a very few short months and when British people recognise the betrayal and decide to act against the treasonous centre I would rather have British troops here than UN troops flown in, who would have no compunction about killing us, to deal with the inevitable uprising.

    Millions of people are already on to this stuff but we are passive. When the sh*t hits the fan that is likely to change unless the ‘solution’ is ready (which it will be) and implemented immediately.

    This will actually be the plan…..but the solution will mean centralised world financial system and a centralised police state controlled by the criminals who have deliberately caused the problems that now beset us.

    How many will be prepared to put up with this?

    That’s the big question.

    Please God, not many.

    See here:

  • George Dutton

    “Why is Iran so low in the world rankings for wealth and we are so high”


    Many are finding out that their (so called) wealth was just an illusion. Sadly for a great many more wealth in monetary terms never existed.

    There again eddie you don’t know what TRUE wealth is…I will give you a clue…It ain’t money.

    “An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. While illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people.”…

  • eddie

    Saaadi – I thought that would prick your pomposity. Like others on here you seem incapable of answering simple questions and resort instead to abuse. I ask again, and perhaps you or others could give a straight answer, why is Iran so poor when it has such natural wealth and a stable government for thirty years? It’s a simple question. Please do not tell me that it is the fault of the USA once again. Perhaps you are aware that 50% of state spending in Iran goes towards religious institituions? Do you think the mullahs actually produce any income? It’s like England pre-Reformation where the monasteries drained the wealth from the land. While you are at it, perhaps you could tell us how much you have earned from your writing, and how much the state (taxpayers like me) has funded you? Then you have the gall to lecture me about economic success? What a tosser. I have never heard of you and I know a lot about literature. And yes you do look stupid in that hat, bald is respectable. Personally speaking, I resent public subsidy to any so-called artists, as it tends to produce bad art.

    If you want a website to be a place where everyone agrees with each other, and where you all re-inforce your idiocy that is up to you. I prefer to think that a robust exchange of differing views is more healthy, otherwise it becomes very dull indeed. You will note no doubt that this thread has over 300 postings, a record for this site, and my challenging opinions have played a part in that, whether you agree or not, it is true. I have challenged many of you to provide answers about the neo-fascist dictatorship in Iran, and raised questions about your ambivalence about that regime, something that is infesting and infecting the so-called left at present. Do you support Iran because they oppose the USA or do you support the protestors who are risking their lives agaisnt the bullets and batons of the regime? I know where I stand, you obviously do not and it brings great discredit and shame upon you.

    No name (DO sort that out) -you talk crap as usual. The recession is coming to an end, the recovery is here. Your threats ot financial meltdown are hollow. Get a grip.

    And just to piss you off even more, here is an excellent quote from Bono – Sunday Times last weekend. Moral relativism eh? That Tony Blair, eh? What a cunt. So how many lives have you creeps saved with your witless postings and your silly little novels?

    “But because of Blair and Brown, through their interventions in HIV and Aids, millions are alive who’d have been dead in other far-off places.”

    Sleep tight.

  • George Dutton

    “The recession is coming to an end, the recovery is here. Your threats ot financial meltdown are hollow. Get a grip.”


    We will remember that…Oh yes.

    Before you post again on this site eddie you would do well to read this and learn where you go wrong…

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave,

    When first we practise to deceive!”

    Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832)

  • HappyClappy

    So how many lives have you creeps saved with your witless postings and your silly little novels?

    eddie at June 25, 2009 11:12 PM

    At least twenty that I can think of!

    There again wankers like eddie can never in their wildest nightmares realize who is posting on these boards! So far as these eddie like rodents are concerned world is full of creeps, and moral cripples like them, hence the projection.

    Tony Bliar is a war criminal and in time he will be hounded to his grave, and have no doubts about that. World is a lot more smaller, and far more intelligent with a longer memory span than it used to be.

    However so far as the fifty percent of Iran GDP going on religion, your plucked out of air fifty percent somehow cannot understand that social funding of the various activities such as; helping out the newly weds by setting a new starter homes for these, as well as funding the university educations of poor, in addition to provision of many other services for the poor, and middle calss alike is where the money goes to, but for a privateer, whose head is way up his own arse, eddie cannot see, or smell anything other than the indols right under his nose!

  • HappyClappy

    eedie’s brain fart; “”neo-fascist dictatorship””

    neo fascism is a European political doctrine, and dressed up in the neo labour guise has been the mode of governance here in UK, which for the sake of appearances has been touted as neo liberalism.

    Then eddie regurgitates the “think” already thought for him and voiced by the nice BBC man; “recession is coming to an end, the recovery is here”

    Oh the green shoots of recovery just around the corner in 2030 hopefully!!

    eddie you have serious denial issues, try and see if you can find an NHS psychiatrist to sort out your cognitive impairment.

    PS refrain from the use of the utterly vile “*unt”, these are quite suefull things, unlike you and your hero Tonykins Emily Bliar, both pretty useless, overbearing, messianic, psychotic, and cognitively impaired.

  • Edo

    eddie, you dick.

    You really are clutching at straws now, it’s embarrassing.

    “300 plus comments and that’s largely down to me”… What a totally self absorbed wanker you are. Like Jordan counting her week’s column inches, only not as pretty, or intelligent it seems.

    Oh, and before you think of slaggging of me, or me blog, I invite you to see this,

  • eddie

    No sexual apartheid in Iran eh?

    This is the constitution.

    “Woman in the Constitution

    Through the creation of Islamic social infrastructures, all the elements of humanity that served the multifaceted foreign exploitation shall regain their true identity and human rights. As a part of this process, it is only natural that women should benefit from a particularly large augmentation of their rights, because of the greater oppression that they suffered under the old regime.

    The family is the fundamental unit of society and the main center for the growth and edification of human being. Compatibility with respect to belief and ideal, which provides the primary basis for man’s development and growth, is the main consideration in the establishment of a family. It is the duty of the Islamic government to provide the necessary facilities for the attainment of this goal. This view of the family unit delivers woman from being regarded as an object or instrument in the service of promoting consumerism and exploitation. Not only does woman recover thereby her momentous and precious function of motherhood, rearing of ideologically committed human beings, she also assumes a pioneering social role and becomes the fellow struggler of man in all vital areas of life. Given the weighty responsibilities that woman thus assumes, she is accorded in Islam great value and nobility.”

    It could have ben written by the Monday Club or the BNP. Women, get back in the home! This shows how far you lot have sold your souls. My enemy’s enemy must be my friend according to your lights, so you carry on defending the indefensible.

    You need to read up on the Bonyads of Iran and understand the comparisons with the tithes of the monasteries. A religious ruling elite creates nothing and consumes much of Iran’s wealth. So a coup d’etat takes place in one of the most important countries in the world, hundreds dead, thousands detained and injured, the ruling elite close down the media and launch repressive measures across all sectors of society and your response is? Nothing. Hypocrites one and all.

    Edo – thanks for the link, but I saw this and thought of you

  • Anonymous

    Bankster “Holiday” Planned for September?

    Kurt Nimmo, Infowars

    June 22, 2009

    Bob Chapman’s influential International Forecaster is reporting on the possibility of a so-called “bank holiday” planned for late August or early September. According to Chapman’s sources, U.S. embassies around the world are selling dollars and stockpiling money from respective countries where they operate.

    FDR imposed a “bank holiday” soon after taking office. It resulted in the government stealing gold from the American people and giving them useless fiat paper money in return.

    “Some US embassies worldwide are being advised to purchase massive amounts of local currencies,” writes Harry Schultz, “enough to last them a year.” Schultz publishes the Harry Schultz Letter, an international investment, financial, economic, and geopolitical newsletter named as “Newsletter of the Year” by Peter Brimelow of Market Watch in 2005 and 2008.

    Schultz believes the global elite are in the process of engineering an FDR-style “bank holiday” of undetermined length in order to “sort-out the bank mess” and impose new bank rules.

    On March 5, 1933, in the depths of the banker engineered “Great Depression,” newly elected Franklin Roosevelt declared a “bank holiday” that forced banks closed for four days. Roosevelt then rammed the Emergency Banking Act through the legislature. Passed by Congress on March 9, the act granted FDR near dictatorial control over the dealings of banks. It also allowed the Secretary of the Treasury the power to compel every person and business in the country to relinquish their gold and accept paper currency in exchange.

    On March 10, Roosevelt issued Executive Order No. 6073, forbidding people from sending gold overseas and forbidding banks from paying out gold. A few weeks later, on April 5, Roosevelt issued Executive Order No. 6102 ordering Americans to deliver their gold and gold certificates to the Federal Reserve bank in exchange for paper fiat money.

    In other words, FDR engaged in one of history’s greatest rip-offs ?” that is until now.

    FDR not only ripped-off the American people, but foreigners holding dollars as well, thus ensuring the “Great Depression” would spread around the world like a bankster engineered contagion.

    As Schultz notes, another forced “bank holiday” will likely lead to a formal devaluation of the already broadsided U.S. dollar. “But devalue against what? The euro? Doubtful. Gold? Maybe. Or vs. the IMF basket of currencies,” which he feels is more likely.

    In fact, this is precisely what the globalist have in mind. In March, the media reported the IMF was poised print billions of “global quantitative easing” dollars to be dubbed global “super-currency” to address the (bankster engineered) economic crisis. “The principle behind it is that everyone would get bonus dollars and instead of the Federal Reserve having to print them, everyone gets them,” declared Simon Johnson, former chief economist at the IMF.

    Can you say inflation?

    A d v e r t i s e m e n t

    It is no secret the elite have envisioned a global currency for some time now. In 2007, the director of international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations stated that the dollar and the euro are but temporary currencies. “It is the market that made the dollar into global money ?” and what the market giveth, the market can taketh away. If the tailors balk and the dollar falls, the market may privatize money on its own,” Benn Steil pontificated.

    More like the banksters taketh away ?” and not only money but national sovereignty as well because a global currency will demand an end to “monetary nationalism.”

    Or as Richard N. Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, has said, “states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies if the international system is to function.”

    Mr. Schultz believes a “bank holiday” would suit the burning desires of the international bankster elite. It will lead to “nationalization,” which is a polite word for brazen thievery. It will allow the government ?” owned lock, stock and barrel by the global elite and run by their corrupt whores and cronies ?” to rape secured creditors and bondholders. Nationalization is the unfettered process of grabbing up of insurance companies, mortgage companies, banks, medical care, and car companies and handing them over to the monopoly men.

    During the FDR “bank holiday,” Schulz notes, “thousands of banks never reopened; it was a face-saving way of shutting them down. I would guess the same would occur today; thousands have little or no net value, loaded with debt, bad mortgages.”

    In order soften the nation up for the coming pillage, the Obama administration has proposed a plan to give the privately-owned and unaccountable Federal Reserve complete regulatory oversight across the entire U.S. economy. The new rules would see the Fed given the authority to “regulate” any company whose activity it believes could threaten the economy and the markets ?” that is to say if it “threatens” the monopolistic interests of the bankers.

    “Obama’s regulatory ‘reform’ plan is nothing less than a green light for the complete and total takeover of the United States by a private banking cartel that will usurp the power of existing regulatory bodies, who are now being blamed for the financial crisis in order that their status can be abolished and their roles handed over to the all-powerful Fed,” write Paul Joseph and Steve Watson. “The government is ready to hand over everything to a monolithic private corporation and a gaggle of bastard banker offspring, that have gobbled up an amount close to the entire GDP of the country in taxpayers’ money and figuratively stuck the middle finger up regarding questions over where that money has gone.”

    A “bank holiday” would work wonders for any “regulation” the Fed and the bankers have in mind. It would compliment the criminal consolidation now underway. It would allow them to finally and formally devalue the dollar and usher in a global “super currency” of control and enslavement.

    A Bob Chapman subscriber added a little dinger to the prospect of the banks going dark. The subscriber claims to have overheard two men in FEMA jackets talking with a police chief in California, all who agreed that the federalization of police around the country ?” a process largely complete ?” will be required if the banks are shuttered in late August or early September because it will get “ugly” out there.

    No doubt. Because the sort of enduring and polite American who weathered the “Great Depression” is now in seriously short supply.

    If Mr. Schultz’s prediction is correct, we can expect riots in bank foyers and ultimately martial law to be imposed

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Does anyone know what proportion of the USA’s GDP goes to the Pentagon? Perhaps regime change there would be a good thing.

    What is this fixation with hats about? I thought that was my fetish!

    There is a fundamental qualititative difference between argumentation made in good faith and that made simply in order to disrupt oppositional discourse and serve the interests of power.

    Why is there so much hatred of Iran? And Iraq? And Afghanistan? And…

    Actually, I have saved lives, one way or another, I help do it every day.

    Funding for the arts/ artists is a separate and very well-discoursed matter and has very little to do with Iran. There are pros and cons.

    It is interesting that the attacks from an individual who seems to have set themselves up as a spokesperson for the UK hard state have become personally-directed and somewhat vicious in this manner. The nature of my work has nothing to do with the situation regarding imperialism or Iran. However, behaving in a manner commensurate with the reinforcement of the imperatives of the hard state does, and this the difference.

    But hey, I’m a duck and this is water! Quack! Quack!

    I am glad my work is gaining more exposure. This is not about me, though.

    It’s about imperialism and Iran.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    If anyone dares to suggest that Israel is an apartheid state (as, say, Jimmy Carter did), those who propel imperialist power go off at the deep end. Yet, they are the first to use the term ‘sexual apartheid’ in relation to Iran. Interesting paradox.

    More water, please.

  • VamanosBandidos

    So eddie goes and does a cut and paste of the Iranian constitution, and then starts; the by now familiar and expected eddie the whirling idiot act all the while putting his own spin on his cut and paste effort, ending the flailing brain farts by invoking the boogeyman’s tale the BNP.

    A- eddie Iran has a written, note: written constitution. ie Iranian government cannot wriggle out of any of its obligations to Iranians, and move the goal posts through the “unwritten” constitutional cock and bull yarn in search of precedence, and innovative traditions of just one off events, passed as; it has always been thus, principle!

    B- eddie BNP could never write up anything as profound as your cut and paste effort, even if the BNP mob were given a thesaurus; enema, suppository, pills, and for good measures powder thrown in too.

    C- eddie you are back with your obsession about sex, when will you take the advice offered to you and seek psychiatric treatment? Calling you a wanker is a tautology not an insult, it is a description of, and associated habit with you eddie.

    D- where does the Iranian Constitution say that; women are to be chained to the sink in the kitchen, at home? The Iranian Constitution goes on record to outline the duty of care of the Iranian government in provision of a steady environment for women to have the opportunity of staying at home and raising their children, unlike the West that economic hardships push wives and mothers to go out to work, in a matter of course fashion, at the expense of neglecting their prime duty towards their offspring, and rearing these! With the resultant swathes of out of control youth, that is the latch key door children grown up, helping to give rise to all manner of statistics in the fields of; drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, shoplifting, burglary, knife crime, mugging, murder, ………

    But hey eddie the perv cannot abstract any of this, due to the big words, abstract ideas, and above all, the way he/she has been spanking the monkey, along with drinking, and snorting, there are no viable brain cells left in his cranial cavity!

  • dreoilin

    “The nature of my work has nothing to do with the situation regarding imperialism or Iran.”

    Quite so. The troll can be very nasty when he’s slapped down by so many good arguments here.

    Not to mention ridiculous. He’s quoting Bono of all people? Most of us think Bono is a little creep who should have stuck to what he’s good at — the music industry. He’s now a publicity-seeking little waffler, likes to be photographed with Bush et al, but can hardly string three coherent sentences together when he’s put on the spot. Most people I know don’t like him.

    Give me Geldof any day. At least he’s sincere, in my opinion. A rough diamond.

    Iran: looks like things will now (slowly) revert to the status quo ante. Ahmadinejad in place, protests suppressed. But one wonders will Iran underneath have permanently changed?

    I can’t help wondering if Obama’s unexpected admission in Cairo of USA interference in Iran in ’53, was a cover for what he knew was to come. Exploitation of a power struggle in Iran, which might never have appeared as rioting in the streets without USA interference. If so it was a clever move, designed to make Obama look like an innocent bystander.

    VamanosBandidos has just stolen my thunder about women in Iran. I wouldn’t like to be a woman in some Muslim countries (maybe any?) but VamanosBandidos made the excellent point about the disintegration of families in our culture, and the resultant social problems which are causing such huge concern, not to mention damage and deaths.

    There has to be a middle ground.

  • eddie

    If it’s not sexual apartheid how would you describe it exactly? Women’s place is in the home? Concern about “the disintegration of families in our culture” is straight out of Tory Central office. You really should be ashamed of yourselves for this support of cultural relativism. What’s your position on female circumcision? Either you subscribe to universal rights or you don’t. You lot clearly do not.

    My attacks are personal are they? And the following are not?

    “But hey eddie the perv”

    “Eddie, a true inspiration to gits everywhere.”

    “eddie the Zionist toady”

    “Little eddie the troll,

    Demolish this pile of faeces”

    “The incessant unconscious driveling of a Ziofeckwit”

    “There again wankers like eddie…”

    I don’t think you would be unresponsive to such abuse. You may not like my opinions but you seem to have trouble responding to them without abuse. Here again, a simple question for you.


    “Yes, it’s always useful not to lose sight of the big picture. Iran:

    1) has the world’s fourth largest oil reserves;

    2) has the world’s second largest gas reserves;

    3) has, owing to its coastline on the Caspian Sea, a share of the Caspian’s vast oilfield;

    4) has one of the shortest land routes from the Caspian Sea to navigable waters;

    5) has an independent central bank that issues its own currency interest-free, and is therefore not in debt to (read – not in the control of) the global banking cabal.

    Is there anything else we really need to know?”

    Yes, actually there is. Why is Iran not therefore one of the richest countries in the world? World Bank and IMF figures show that its wealth per capita ranks it down in 80th place or lower, with less wealth per head than South Africa or Belarus, in spite of 30 years of stable and independent government. Of course this is entirely the fault of the USA and nothing to do with the fact that the country is run by reactionary theocrats who have no inkling of how to run a modern economy and who disqualify 50 per cent of the population from playing a proper role through their policies of sexual apartheid.

  • Suhayl Saadi


    None of those comments, quoted above, were mine.

    I am critical of your stance in relation to foreign policy matters and in my view this stance effectively supports imperial power in the maintenance of which the ‘hard’ state is a mechanism. I disagree with you on these matters. You seem to have identified yourself with this tendency to the extent that the views expressed here serve the interests of the powerful in the ’empire’ in which we live. Hence, my view that at least on this particular outlet you have become a de facto spokeperson for these elements.

    I have not made personal attacks. I appreciate the infomation and links which you have provided and it is always good to have counter-arguments and to have one’s own opinions challenged. My opinions on many things have changed over the years and we all have areas of ignorance. As I have tried to suggest in these posts, things often are more compliated than they seem on the surface.

    It is your views which I am attacking. I do not deny you the right to hold them. I simply feel that they have been expressed extensively here and that now they seem simply to be posited in a sort of personal provocation-and-response dynamic which is not illuminating or informing for anyone. I sometimes refer to you in the third person partly because when you have been attacking me and my work, I do not wish to become embroild in a mutual hurling of insults. You are entitled to not like my work; though if you’ve not actually read it, I don’t know on what basis you can make such criticisms; and even my hats (though I am partial to the latter!), and also it is entirely valid to criticise state arts funding of/ investment in my or others’ work. Nonetheless, I do not think that it is right to misrepresent my work.

    It depends what one’s definition of success is, of course. Is it winning a million pounds, as so many TV programmes would suggest? Is it critical acclaim? It is that one breaks new ground? Could it be any of these or none? That’s another debate.

    Perhaps, if I may suggest, ease off on the personal stuff, esp. when the person against which you are making statements has not actually reciprocated in kind.

    And that is not because I am a temperate or cosmic individual; I am neither; it is simply because I do not see it as relevant to this discourse on Iran.

  • Edo

    eddie, you forgot these from me,

    “eddie, you dick.”


    “What a totally self absorbed wanker you are.”

    I don’t know how you can stand it. All this abuse! You plainly have a desire to set the record straight, so to speak. The only thing is eddie, your message isn’t getting through.

    (Or maybe it is, and people are just too afraid to take your perspective, because, frankly, who wants to be associated with a dick?)

  • james_rh

    “What’s your position on female circumcision?”

    I think it’s a bad thing. I don’t care much for male circumcision, either – not a nice thing to do to a young boy.

  • Anonymous


    “where does the Iranian Constitution say that; women are to be chained to the sink in the kitchen, at home? The Iranian Constitution goes on record to outline the duty of care of the Iranian government in provision of a steady environment for women to have the opportunity of staying at home and raising their children, unlike the West that economic hardships push wives and mothers to go out to work, in a matter of course fashion, at the expense of neglecting their prime duty towards their offspring, and rearing these! With the resultant swathes of out of control youth, that is the latch key door children grown up, helping to give rise to all manner of statistics in the fields of; drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, shoplifting, burglary, knife crime, mugging, murder, ………”

    You can’t attribute drug abuse etc. to the fact that women aren’t at home looking after their children. A lot of mothers that have kids who turn to crime and violence don’t work and tend to be at home all day. They also get paid by the british government to do so. It has nothing to do with women having equal rights and everything to do with society as a whole.

    Did you ever think that women wanted to go out and work and not stay in the home looking after the kids all day? Also what about the Father, why doesn’t he stay at home and the mother work?

    Do you seriously think that women being told by their government that it is more important that they stay at home is not repressive?

    You tone is as sexist as the Iranian governments.

  • Anonymous


    Quote: “the disintegration of families in our culture” is straight out of Tory Central office. You really should be ashamed of yourselves for this support of cultural relativism.

    Where can one begin with this kid of idiocy. Families have been disintegrating over the last 5 decades in this country. This is simply a fact. The Tories have caused this to happen just as much as labour. Sex as recreation, the ‘homosexual agenda’, feminism (i.e. get women out of the house so we can tax them too…and have more influence over their children), media propaganda, the advertising industry…..all of the above, including the Labour and Conservative parties, in the pockets of big financial power, directing affairs from their corporate-controlled think-tanks……all these things have deliberately conspired to destroy the family as an institution. The miracle is the extent to which this project is yet partly failing.

    Have you ever watched East Enders and coronation Street. Do you notice that the conversations are about little other than sex and sexual relations. Is this normal life in your neck of the woods. If you eavesdrop on random conversations in a pub, do you find that this is how the world really is.

    At the moment muslim families, particularly, are under attack through these mediums. There are silly salacious asian parents with their leery tit-wagging and sometimes ‘gay’ offspring. Then there’s all these white guys forming sexual partnerships with black women. There’s unisex toilets….you know, the kind of stuff we see everyday.

    This is social engineering of the most lousy kind. Religious people call it satanic. That’s probably right.

    ‘cultural relativism’? WHAT! that’s the method used for implementing the new corrupting agenda.

    there is no absolute right or wrong.

    Only a place you want to get to.

    ……a hideous one. A global police state where the state alone not family nor any other culture dictates not only what will happen but also what is right and wrong.

    as usual eddie, you do not even understand the meaning of the words you use.

    You are blind and full of absolute sh*t.

  • eddie

    From today’s Guardian.

    “As the crisis continues, it appears that women demonstrators are being singled out and subjected to brutal attacks by heavily-armed Iranian security forces. While there are no authoritative figures for the number of women killed or hurt, anecdotal evidence suggests they have been targeted for especially rough treatment.”

    “The approach mirrors the regime’s uncompromising attitude to women’s rights campaigners, many of whom have been arrested or jailed for promoting gender equality through movements such as the One Million Signature campaign”

    “The sight of female protesters, many dressed in clothes that give them the appearance of affluent liberated women by Iran’s standards, may be a provocation to zealous agents, most of whom adhere to the regime’s traditional view on gender roles. The supreme leader is believed to equate the demand for women’s equality with a western-backed “velvet revolution”.

    Now THAT is one of the consequences of sexual apartheid.

    No name “with their leery tit-wagging and sometimes ‘gay’ offspring.” Man, what century are you living in??

    “there is no absolute right or wrong” – what silly nonsense. BNP attacks on black people are wrong, female circumcision is wrong, attacking white women for going out with black men is wrong, forcing women to cover themselves up is wrong, forcing women to stay in the home is wrong, attacking people becasue they are Gay is wrong. The far left used to believe in all these basic human rights, now some of you seem to be joined at the hip with the BNP.

    Suhayl – thanks for your comments, I will try to avoid mentioning your hats or your novels.

  • Edo

    “there is no absolute right or wrong” – what silly nonsense.

    I agree.

    “BNP attacks on black people are wrong, female circumcision is wrong, attacking white women for going out with black men is wrong, forcing women to cover themselves up is wrong, forcing women to stay in the home is wrong, attacking people becasue they are Gay is wrong.”

    I agree also.

    A propagandising western media, corrupt bankers, corrupt politicians, subversive secret services, surveillance laws, torture, they’re also wrong.

    Which ones are facilitating the other I wonder?

  • VamanosBandidos

    Posted by: chris, glasgow at June 26, 2009 12:56 PM

    What kind of rubbish is this you have posted?

    You seem to singularly dismiss the primary function of women; to bear the next generation. Ie women have a primary role, and this is not being turned into fuck pots, or adornments to be wrapped around the arms of the rich and powerful albeit old and wrinkled men.

    Your statement wreaks of a systemic bias, that is born out of denial of the primary roles of the genders, coupled with the normative condescension upon all that is not European!

    In an asinine statement you forward that crime is not solely due to the absence of mothers, and these not being there, going on to pontificating; mothers whom are at home and look after their children produce villainous children too. Conveniently overlooking the simple fact that, this is an admission to the failure of Motherhood in these incidents, which furthermore reiterates the undertones of inherent evil disposition of the criminal class too. (despite the qualification of; latch key door children, in my statement)

    Evidently the provision of an environment that affords women the opportunity of staying at home in the Iranian Constitution is constructed as control orders for women to be detained under house detention in Iran. This calumny is born out of the same condescension that refuses to acknowledge that seventy five percent of the higher education places in the hard ball departments of various university (physics, medicine, astronomy, chemistry, engineering, maths) in Iran are primarily occupied by the female gender, to the extent that now the male gender in Iran is campaigning for positive discrimination in favour of men, to gain access to these places!

    So far as private arrangements are concerned, that is up to the individuals to reverse their roles as and when these wish to do so, as in the case of many couples in Iran doing such, due to the greater earning power of the relevant spouse, alas these exceptions as well as the primary role of women as Mothers are not to be entertained, for any such deviation from the neo liberal dogma invokes the wrath of the gatekeepers, and converts alike. Motherhood is an honour, it is not mandatory in Iran, those wishing to achieve such mantel of importance are given the opportunity to do so in law, on the other hand if women in Iran do not wish to take such a path, then these can get on with advancing in the field of commerce, science, and government too, it is up to each individual. Where is the sexism in this and or any of my statements?

    My bad! I acknowledge the primary roles of the genders, as opposed to subscribing to the artificially contrived, and obtuse narrative of the “equality of the sexes”, which of course means freedom to be exploited as a fuck pot/penis, and never to rise above the status of a hole/pole, in the best possible abstraction!!!!!

  • VamanosBandidos

    From today’s Guardian.

    eddie why don’t you go and find a bona-fide Zionist newsletter, and quote from it, instead of the whishywashy tongue in cheek Zionist Guardian?

    Tell you what go and quote from Jerusalem Post, Washington Times, or some other Supremacist news affiliate!

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