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The Iraq Inquiry has taken us back again to that period where the government had engaged in a massive military build up ready to invade Iraq, and was desperately looking for evidence on WMD to trigger the invasion – an invasion on which the Washington neo-cons had pinned their entire hopes for the future of the Bush presidency.

Just at that crucial time, one of the UK’s foremost experts on Iraqi WMD had let slip to the BBC that the government’s claims did not stand up. As a result, he was found dead in a wood, while the BBC journalist, Andrew Gilligan, who correctly reported that there were no WMD, was fired for telling the truth.

The punishment of the BBC for failing to unquestioningly echo Blair lies went much further. The Chairman and Director General were forced out. All because the BBC said there may have been no WMD, when there were not.

It is almost incredible even now to state what New Labour have done. God know what future historians will make of it.

The BBC was traumatised, and went through an acceleration of cultural change that prized “managers” over journalists, and stopped criticising government. A foundation stone of democracy had been blasted away by Tony Blair.

Kelly’s death was extremely convenient for Blair, Cheney and a myriad of other ultra ruthless people. It paved the way for war. We should not forget how very crucial the WMD issue was in convincing enough reluctant New Labour MPs to go along. Without the UK there would have been no coalition – most of the other Europeans would have quickly dropped out too. It is by no means clear that, despite Cheney’s bluster, the Americans would have invaded Iraq alone.

So Kelly was the first man killed in the Iraq war. Hundreds of thousands of people died in Iraq after Kelly. Arms manufacturers, mercenary companies and the security industry made tens of billions in profit. That’s a powerful motive to remove an obstacle. The Western oil companies are getting back into Iraq.

We will never know if Kelly would have gone on to repeat his – perfectly correct – doubts about Iraqi WMD, or if he would have shut up, as ordered by Tony Blair through the MOD. I do know, as many doctors have attested, it is extremely unlikely to bleed to death by cutting a wrist. I do know that the paramedics who attended said there was very little blood at the scene. I do know that the painkillers he took were a tiny proportion of a fatal dose and were not an anticoagulant. I do know that a chemical weapons expert like Dr Kelly would know better ways to kill himself.

And I do know that the government is keeping the evidence hidden for seventy years.


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  • Silent Hunter


    I think we all know that this Labour Government have carried out murder – but we will never be able to prove it in our lifetime, thanks to our repressive covering up of the truth, clothed in ‘the security of the realm’ figleaf.

    Labour really are scum; and those who vote for them should take a long, hard look at themselves in a mirror and ask themselves if they feel “clean” after voting for the New Nazi Party.


  • arsalan

    Speak for yourself Silent, I plan to be here after 70 years.

    But by then I’m not sure that information would be of any use?

  • Duncan McFarlane

    I’m sure you’re right here Craig – Kelly embarassed not only the British government but the US government too by rubbishing Powell’s UN presentation about ‘mobile chemical warfare labs’. He was actually in favour of military action against Iraq (i’ve no idea why given the fact we have a nuclear deterrent and all the US’s and Britain’s allies either have one or are protected by their allies’ ones) but was not willing to lie about it – and not willing to let lies about Iraq’s WMD capacity stand.

    Gilligan’s misquoted Kelly in that he didn’t use Kelly’s exact words – but he didn’t change the meaning of what Kelly had said. The government meanwhile deliberately distorted and politicised intelligence to make it sound like it meant the opposite of what it actually said (that Saddam was highly unlikely to use WMDs if he still had any unless he was on the point of being overthrown by invading forces). Gilligan and the BBC were punished for not quoting the exact words; Blair and the government got off with lying through their teeth and getting large numbers of people killed un-necessarily as a result.

    The other man who could have demolished the two governments’ lies about Iraqi WMD – the source code-named ‘curveball’ died in a Libyan jail in another ‘suicide’ shortly after Human Rights Watch had identified and talked to him.

  • The Blair Lies

    “AN HOUR BEFORE Dr Kelly even left home on his final walk at 3.30pm, at 2.30pm a senior policeman sat down at his computer at Thames Valley Police headquarters in Oxfordshire.

    He began to create a restricted file on his secure computer. Across the top he typed a code name: Operation Mason. Although its contents have never been made public, it would detail the overnight search for Dr Kelly.

    Incredibly, he created this file an hour before the scientist even left home, and 9 hours before he was even reported missing.”

    “One of the country’s most respected vascular surgeons, Martin Birnstingl, also says that it would be virtually impossible for Dr Kelly to have died by severing the ulnar artery on the little finger side of his inner wrist.

    ‘I have never, in my experience, heard of a case where someone has died after cutting their ulnar artery.”

    “As David Halpin says: ‘The idea that a man like Dr Kelly would choose to end his life like that is preposterous. This was a scientist, an expert on drugs.'”

    “that unopened letter found on Dr Kelly’s desk, which had been sent to him at his home by MoD bosses and signed by Richard Hatfield, the ministry’s personnel chief.

    It emerged at the Hutton inquiry into Dr Kelly’s death that it contained threats demanding his future silence.

    But he would not be put off. He saw his book as a guarantee of his financial future, which he often worried about. “.

    “Most intriguingly, at 8am, half an hour before Dr Kelly’s body was discovered under the tree, three officers in dark suits from MI5’s Technical Assessment Unit were at his house”.

    Dark Actors at the Scene of David Kelly’s Death


    The computers and the hard-disk containing the 40,000 words of the explosive book were carried away. They have never been seen since.”

  • glenn

    What – no insults from Larry/Soba to the blog host (“loon” etc.) for disputing an Official Truth? What’s the matter, fellows, cat got your tongue?

    Personally, I didn’t believe for a moment that Kelly had done himself in to save the government a lot of difficulty.

    Duncan: About “Curveball”… if the public was properly informed about this “intelligence source”, it would have substantially undermined the basis for war. He was called “crazy” by the intelligence handlers and a “congenital liar” by his friends. Despite his alcoholism, his tales of “mobile weapons labs” etc. were taken as read.

    “US relied on ‘drunken liar’ to justify war” :


  • alan campbell

    blah blah NuLabour blah Mossad blah blah Jews blah 9/11 blah blah Edge of Darkness blah John Le Carre blah David Shayler blah bunch of nutters…and so on.

  • tony_opmoc

    I was incredibly naive with regards to my view of Blair in the run up to the Iraq War.

    I actually thought he was riding the back of the American tiger, in an attempt to tame it and bring it under control and prevent war.

    If that had been the case, and even if at the crucial moment of decision – he had accepted Bush’s offer for the UK not to be involved, not only would he have been perceived as a true hero, but the war might actually not have happenned. I used to think that Blair underestimated the degree of influence he actually had. I think he was far more powerful than he realised.

    But in that moment of decision he failed so disasterously, maybe due to a lack of courage.

    Such that now, far from being perceived as a hero, he is perceived as he really is.

    The Ultimate EVIL

    I think Even Worse Than Richard Bruce Cheney

    With Regards To David Kelly

    What The Hell Are They Thinking?

    Are They Completely INSANE?

    You Can Hardly Get a Stronger Admission of Guilt

    No You Can’t See The Evidence For 70 Years – Because We Didn’t ible to say which was which.”

    Craig finally succumbs, and becomes as one with his readership, yet another conspiracy loon. Hurrah for the Blackshirts eh?

  • Arsalan

    So they have decided to come to this thread with new names but their old slogans.

    “Disagree with what the government says and we will call you a loon.”

    The thing about your site craig it is so easy to sign postings with any name you want. There might be just one person typing loon to every post.

    That is why I made this:


  • Katabasis


    think you might be able to goad Her Majesty’s government into a Libel case?

    Perhaps mention something about them hiding evidence that Kelly was a state sanctioned murder?

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq

    “But what we do know is that the three ‘detectives’ were left alone at the site for 30 minutes before the uniformed police assigned from Abingdon arrived at around 10am. Louise Holmes and Paul Chapman say that they found Dr Kelly’s body propped up against a tree. Yet the Abingdon police contingent insisted to Lord Hutton that they discovered the microbiologist lying flat on his back. All subsequent witnesses gave the same story.

    Not only did the body appear to have been moved, but crucially the pruning knife, water bottle and watch were suddenly being mentioned by witnesses at the scene.”


    My son Kieron (18yrs)has always believed David Kelly was murdered, propped up against a tree and a short time later moved so he was laying flat. Louise, Paul and the paramedics still maintain their was very little blood (some say it had soaked into the ground).

    Interestingly there was no fingerprints on the knife or water-bottle that were found (I am sure that Louise said she didn’t recall a water-bottle or knife when Brock alerted her to the body)



  • tony_opmoc

    The thing about Craig’s website which is so wonderful is that you can post under any name you want to.

    But everyone writes in a different way, such that they leave their unique signature, and almost everyone is completely traceable, because the kind of people who contribute to a website such as this can’t be bothered to anonymise their real identity, and even if they did try to, by for example posting from an internet cafe in deepest Thailand, the real security services would be on to them like a shot, if they thought they were a real terrorist. Whilst some of the people doing such jobs maybe real terrorists, they want to know about any amateur who might be trying to encroach on their profession.


  • Abe Rene

    ” The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig.. but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

    This reminds me of a conversation I had in 1997 with a fellow branch member of the Labour party, soon after Tony Blair’s coming to power. I remarked that things were beginning to look like the last chapter of Animal Farm!

    I initially supported the British government over Iraq in 2003 because of the fear of atom bombs beneath the desert. I remember George Bush saying that he had learned from British Intelligence that Saddam Hussein had been trying to import Uranium from Africa.

    Six months after the allies entered Baghdad during which the Americans had been able to go where they liked, it was clear that there weren’t any atom bombs beneath the sands. So much for the main reason for starting a war.

  • mike cobley

    Wahey, Eddie’s back…and he’s baaaaaad! Go on, Edster, give us more – I’m collecting ’em!

  • MJ

    eddie, forgive me for dragging you back to the point, but why do you think key evidence has been has beem put under wraps for seventy years?

  • Larry from St. Louis

    Yes! Everyone go to http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk!

    You can buy Alex Jones’ The Obama Deception! UFOs and crop circles are prominently featured!

    And the archives are just excellent for fucking nutters like you!

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  • MJ

    Thanks Larry but we’re reading the Daily Mail right now. Why do you think key evidence has been put under wraps for seventy years? Any views?

  • writerman

    From what I read today, this 70 year order, removing the evidence produced at his enquiry, also covers information, photos from the scene, and witness statements, that were not produced at the time, as well. And the full autopsy report. Secondly there appears to be a second, 30 years ban on releasing, the full, uncensored, testimony of the first eye-witnesses on the spot, too.

    It’s important that there was no inquest into Kelly’s death, only the Hutton enquiry, that functioned, by a dispensation from… wait for it Lord Goldsmith, remember him? Who stated that Hutton would function as a substitute for an official inquest. This “detail” is, in itself rather interesting, no?

    It’s also interesting that this information about action taken by Hutton several years ago, comes to light now. When Chilcot is about to interview, Tony Blair, and on Thursday, Lord Goldsmith!Is that merely a coincidence, or is someone trying to tell us something?

  • dreoilin

    I’m very impressed by Larry’s post. He showed conclusively how Dr Kelly’s death was a suicide. Absolutely. No question with that kind of evidence.

  • glenn

    Why any speculation on whether Kelly’s blood might have drained into the ground (someone even suggested an animal might have had it!)? Surely the autopsy would have been completely clear on whether or not his body retained the expected quantity of blood?


    And as for Larry above including ‘economics’ , ‘race’, ‘the media’ and so on in his silly little list… is he really calling anyone who thinks such things exist to be a ‘loon’? (Personally, I think Larry’s totally obsessed with 9/11 conspiracy stuff and should get his head examined. Possibly his 11-year old schoolchums studied psychology extensively when they weren’t designing atom bombs, and so could help out here.)

  • tony_opmoc


    Alex Jones has got such an incredibly annoyingly aweful voice and is so much up his own areshole that maybe he doesn’t realise what a tool he is…

    Alex is like a soft leak of shit

    Sure some of the stuff he does is really good

    But not everything is as it seems

    But if you are bored watch

    Fall of The Repubic


    My mate who is a musician – no he has not yet achieved much fame – reads the Independent

    And whilst I have seen a few episodes, he came round my hous ( cos whilst he has the most amazing sound recording equipment he hasn’t got a computer that can connect to the internet )

    But he does know about such stuff

    And so instead of buying the Alex Jones DVD

    He bought the Entire Series of Ideal

    I said you do realise The BBC did that.

    He said yes, but Johnny Vegas has discovered the cure for Gout


  • Steelback

    I’m not sure Kelly’s death paved the way for war in Iraq or that he was the first man killed in the Iraq war.

    Kelly died in July 2003 and the war had started three months earlier.

    What I do know is that being a biological weapons expert meant Kelly had a very short life expectancy.Such experts are clearly deemed expendable assets by those for whom they work.The fact that so many have died before their time is hardly a coincidence.

    I also know that Kelly was certainly the only person to die as a result of a cut to the ulnar artery in 2003.It is impossible to die in the open air from such a wound because the blood congeals and clots very quickly.Haemorrhage-the official cause of death-is therefore most unlikely.A doctor would know far more efficient means of killing himself;if indeed that was what he wanted to do.

    It is also a fact that there were no fingerprints on the knife Kelly supposedly used to inflict the “fatal” wound.

    Compounding the infinite number of oddities re-the Kelly case is the fact that the Lord Chancellor ruled that the Hutton Inquiry would serve as the inquest.Therefore no proper inquest wherein witnesses could be subpoenaed and questioned on oath was permitted to take place.

    Rowena Thursby has done some great investigative journalism on this dead-in-the-wood psy-ops.In particular she has shown with the help of Kelly’s daughter,Rachel who had access to her father’s diaries,that diplomat,David Broucher’s evidence before Hutton claiming he had had a conversation with Kelly in which the he said if Iraq was invaded he would be found dead in the woods is unlikely in reality to have taken place at all.

    So cowed was the BBC by the rolling of heads in the aftermath of the Gilligan affair they gave free rein to intelligence operatives thereafter whenever the Kelly case was discussed.

    One,Tom Mangold a veteran reporter from Vietnam days,was dredged up to rubbish Norman Baker’s book on Kelly on the Andrew Marr show in November 2007.He overplayed his hand somewhat since by showing his head above the parapet gave anyone the opportunity to do a small amount of research and discover that Mangold was directly connected to the US Office of Special Plans by his previous work on germ warfare with the infamous war propagandist,Jeffrey Goldberg with whom he had co-written a book on the same subject.Both had got most of their information from-you guessed it-David Kelly.

    Mangold claimed that Baker was in error to claim that he had not been invited to Kelly’s funeral.That they had been friends and Mangold had called him repeatedly when the story had broken.

    Mangold held up his invitation card for all the breakfast TV audience to see.What was not vouchsafed in this revealing interview was that Kelly had obviously never returned any of Mangold’s calls!

    We don’t need to wonder why.

    Mangold has also written a book on the CIA of which the Agency thoroughly approved.

    Bit of a give away that!


  • writerman

    I think the Bush gang in the White House would have invaded Iraq anyway, but support from the UK made things easier in relation to US public opinion. Remember Blair functioned like a smooth and very articulate salesman for the war. Without Britain the United States would have seemed rather isolated. Blair was used to sell the war to the American people, and he did his job superbly, and he’s been rewarded handsomely in return. The American ruling class can be very generous to loyal vassals.

    Without Blair’s backing it’s doubtful that Spain and Italy would have supported the war so vigerously. Europe, if Britain hadn’t gone along with the American plans, would have stood, more or less, united in opposition, so Blair also served as an American wedge splitting Europe in two effectively, something it still hasn’t recovered from.

    Perhaps Blair and his Downing Street gang, really believed that they had some influence in Washington, something successive governments have deluded themselves into thinking for decades. Maybe Blair believed he could stop Bush really going over the top in Iraq and blasting it with nuclear weapons, if Saddam was foolish and desparate enough to use his weapons of mass destruction in a vain attempt to salvage his regime?

    It’s important to remember that in both wars against Iraq, top American and British officials theatened and hinted that they would be prepared to use nuclear weapons, as last resort, if Iraq deployed WMDs on the battlefield and endangered our forces.

  • eddie

    2007, Professor Robert Forrest President of the Forensic Science Society. Quote: “I’ve no doubt that the cause of Dr Kelly’s death was a combination of blood loss, heart disease and overdose of co-proxamol. Not necessarily in that order. If I was going to put it in order I’d put the the overdose of co-proxamal first.”

    So who do you believe, him or a nutty Lib MP who has no medical qualifications? Like all conspiracies, where are the conspirators? Why has none come forward? The moon landings, 911, JFK – they are all in the same boat. Waste of time.

  • Richard Robinson

    tony_o – “I used to think that Blair underestimated the degree of influence he actually had. I think he was far more powerful than he realised.”

    I’ve wondered if maybe some people flattered his vanity, persuaded him he could make that difference.

    But then, when the noise started in 2002, I wondered for a while if it was all a reponse to focus groups complaining about government by focus group.

  • Edo

    Eddie, you’re such a cock.

    “Craig finally succumbs, and becomes as one with his readership”

    That would include you.

  • writerman

    On the other hand, I doubt very much that Blair and Bush really believed their own propaganda about Saddam and Iraq’s military capabilities. They knew Iraq was defenceless, and on it’s knees. That’s why the Americans wanted to invade it. A weak country, with perhaps gigantic, untapped, oil reserves, was a prize simply too tempting to pass over.

    I have a theory that American politicians only play at being stupid and ignorant. It’s a ruse, or a kind of camoflage, that they conveniently hide behind. Maybe their not “mad”, but “mad” like Hamlet?

    They prefer to be seen as incompetent and foolish, because their real reasons for doing what they do are so outrageous that they simply don’t bare thinking about and would cause howls of protest where they made public for all to see.

    Before anyone shouts “conspiracey theory” as quick look at Bush’s career seems to illustrate my theory perfectly. Here was a man who was a close to American royalty as they come. A product of the east coast aristocracy. Yet he is magically transformed into a cowboy with his own pretend cattle ranch, and goes from sailing his yacht around Martha’s Vineyard, to mending fences and punching cows with the good ol’ boys down in Texas. What a change, like a movie script, from dude to cowboy in few short years.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Iraq


    Absolutely true about identity, in fact, I’m rather proud to put my name and image when commenting esp. on WashingPost where I splatter quite heavily. In fact(not trying to flatter myself) I have received WaPo commendations for doing that (a system I think somebody recommended here). And of course there is Facebook and the Care2 organisation which both my son and I play/support/. I am a great fan of David Swanson – an American who really, really wants to ‘change’ America.

  • Observer

    Pretty amazing stuff happening over at Tom Harris’s blog in connection with this.

    I think his blog was right to the extent that you got the chronology wrong.

    But posts being deleted on the advice of the security services is a tad worrying to say the least.

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