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One of the tinier income flows of the “security industry” amongst the billions of cash they have made from the War on Terror, is the money they get from television punditry. This is a double whammy as they get paid to stoke up the climate of fear on which they thrive.

Sky News have had two different security “experts” on in the last ten minutes, both assuring us how deadly serious last night’s incident on Emirates was, and that the police response was “Proportionate” and necessary. The Sky presenters repeated the mantra of proportionate action too.

Complete bollocks. Common sense seems to have gone out of the window completely. I don’t know exactly what Al-Qaida teach their potential bombers in the Yemen. Apparently they don’t teach them that you can’t blow up commercial explosive without a detonator, in the case of the underpants bomber. The UK authorities apparently believe they also don’t tell them not to let the flight crew know about the bomb, before the plane takes off.

According to “security expert” Chris from Bolton, the men may have been making a joke among themselves which the cabin staff overheard. Something like “Did you remember the bomb Jim?” “Don’t worry it’s in the hold”.

The authorities are very keen to introduce suspect profiling, to make sure Muslims get worked over. Here is a clue for suspect profiling: terrorists don’t tell you about the bomb in advance.

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  • eddie

    “The attrocities in MyLai, Cambodia, Laos, Nicaragua, Honduras, etc.were no different to any of the nazi war crimes, so you have no leg to stand on.”

    Your grasp of history is a tad tenuous Ingo. There is no crime in the history of the world that can match the Final Solution for its scientific barbarity, and that is an historical fact. And your list is selective. Why not add Saddam’s gassing of the Kurds, or Mao’s 60 million deaths to your list? Perhaps these don’t fit your one eyed view of the world.

  • MJ

    “I had never heard of Gilad Atzmon”.

    Fabulous saxophonist. Reminiscent of Coltrane in his prime.

  • Abe Rene

    Did you hear the one about two arrested passengers, one of whom a stewardess heard shouting to his mate, ‘I said give me the BOURBON, the BONBONS are in the hold!’ Well, it could have worse. He could have been shouting ‘Not for me the rodeo with its YEE-HA! Dash it, I’m into tALL K-I-TES!.’

  • Rob Lewis

    @….9:19PM: Echelon? Priority rampant indeed. Have you spent your Saturday night setting up a single gag?

  • Clark


    that was uncalled for. Ingo was obviously referring to US atrocities.


    glad I made you laugh. I got that from a Laurie Anderson record.


    you are not the real spambot, and I claim my five pounds!

  • avatar singh

    mike golding said “I say – we are British and proud of it!”

    so what makes you proud mike golding-being a race of pirate turned shopkeeprs turned plumbers now-and shouting like a english football hooligan-the most despicable form of subhuman ever lived?

    Apr 15, 2009

    Page 2 of 3

    World leaders miss the target

    By Henry C K Liu


    Roosevelt appointed secretary of state Cordell Hull, a strong advocate of free trade, to lead the US delegation in 1933 at london , watched over by Raymond Moley, trusted personal representative, the then new president hedged his bets by letting private US bankers, led by internationalist James Warburg, to begin secret negotiations on currency stabilization with European central bankers led by Montagu Norman, the governor of the Bank of England. Hamburg-born Warburg famously told the senate committee on foreign

    elations: “We shall have world government, whether or not you like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

    National sovereignty has since emerged as the only effective defense on the part of weak economies against the predatory internationalism of the strong economies.


    Someone’s theory is that about thirty years ago the insiders at Lloyd’s of London were facing bankruptcy because of asbestosis claims and devised “recruit to dilute”, a plan to push the claims onto 34,000 women and foreigners who were encouraged to become “Names”.

    Their fraudulent misrepresentations were studiously ignored in the English courts. 51 Tory MPs were amongst the Names who were protected–had they been bankrupted, the government would have fallen.

    I believe that when people in business and law (partners in crime) saw what Lloyd’s insiders got away with, the light switched to a permanent green for misconduct. Summing up this human behavior in four words: monkey see, monkey do.”


    28th janaury, 2008.

    Lyndon LaRouche’s warning to the Brits that they would not survive the financial collapse is being borne out in spades. In the early stages of this crisis, the Bank of England stood on the sidelines, the creatures of the empire encouraging the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB) to turn on the monetary spigots. It was the sort of move which earned Britain the nickname “Perfidious Albion”: Let your supposed allies destroy themselves while you hang back and pick up the pieces. Betrayal, honed to a fine art.

    ========================================================================= How the enlgish race conspired to kill Lincoln in USA.

    see this theme

    published in The London Times in 1865:

    “If that mischievous financial policy which had its origin in the North American Republic during the late war in that country, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debt. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

    Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. According to historian W. Cleon Skousen:

    “Right after the Civil War there was considerable talk about reviving Lincoln’s brief experiment with the Constitutional monetary system. Had not the European money-trust intervened, it would have no doubt become an established institution.”


    Lincoln won the civil war by ignoring international bankers(controlled by London) and printing his own, interest-free, money.

    By April 1862 $449,338,902 of debt free money had been printed and distributed. He said:

    “We gave the people of this republic the greatest blessing they ever

    had, their own paper money to pay their own debts”.

    The Times was incensed. In that same year it wrote:

    “If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture,

    then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will

    pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all

    countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe”.

    By 2001 there were only 7 nations left without a (Rothschild-controlled) central bank. These were: Afghanistan: Iraq; Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba and Libya.

    Note that by 2003 that number was reduced to five. By the end of this year it may be down to three. Note also the extraordinary coincidence between not being in debt to international banksters and being labelled an “axis of evil”.


    It is a little-known slice of history that in the countdown to the Anglo-American coup in Tehran against Mohammed Mosaddeq in 1953, the US Central Intelligence Agency lost nerve just as the Tehran street protests – eerily similar to the recent unrest – were about to be staged, but the British intelligence outpost in Cyprus which coordinated the entire operation held firm, forced the pace and ultimately created a fait accompli for Washington.

    At any rate, Tehran is going after Britain – “the most treacherous of foreign powers”, to use Khamenei’s words.


    the Corporation of the City of London, is virtually a self regulating and selfserving parasitic organisation so called this financial center has turned into into a self-regulating state like the Vatican.(ofocurse for the anglosaxon protestants only God is money and nothing else.).

    The ruthless advantage-seeking was racheted up around 1980 and it may have been inspired by the fact that insiders in Lloyd’s of London were facing bankruptcy, conspired to offload their losses onto 34,000 foreigners and women and got away with it.


    A perfect example…I watched the show “Reaper” this last year. In one episode the devil is running a company whose business is the corruption of souls. When explaining to his son how his business works, this is his exact quote…

    “Did you know, beginning in the late 19th century, corporations were granted all the rights of the individual, but none of the annoying responsibilities. They lack, almost by design, any kind of moral compass, conscience, or compassion. Basically, corporations are a way to enact sociopathic behavior on a grand scale. In short, they’re what makes this country so damn great.” this is what is called so called democracy in entgland-a corportocracy which has been exported all over to the benefit of parasitic english race.

    In the USA, sociopathology is a prevalent cultural, economic and political value; it has long been one. It’s a “hereditary trait” from Mother England.

  • MJ

    eddie: you could include Stalin’s Gulags. Some reckon they were even worse, not only because of the numbers but because they were not visited and regulated by the IRC.

  • Courtenay Barnett

    Mark – when you say “Trouble is the fabric of the current ‘monster’ is formed from lies, deceit, pre-emption, death (Kelly et al) and genocide.” – that is precisely the process,it is supposed to keep the war machine going. Or – as Martin Luther King observed shortly before he was killed:-

    “”… I knew that I could not ever again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greater purveyor of violence in the world: my own government.” Martin Luther King in his “Beyond Vietnam” April 4, 1967 speech.

  • Clark

    Avatar singh,

    I see a Mike COBLEY, and a MARK Golding, but no MIKE GOLDING. I don’t see either of them claiming to be “proud to be British”.

    There’s some interesting stuff in your post, but it’s so LONG! Did you really type all that or is it a cut-and-paste job? How about making your own website, making a brief point, and supplying a link to the details on your own site?

    I’m British, but I’m not going to be ashamed about it. I’m not responsible for the wrongs of the British Government or corporations; indeed, I’m frustrated that I can’t do more to stop them.


    you’ll get used to avatar singh if you plan to visit here regularly. Avatar doesn’t post here often, but sure makes up for that in quantity and vitriol when he does.

  • technicolour

    MJ, the statement that the IRC “regulated” the Nazi concentration camps is a lie. Take it back. Do not perform what I warn you is the usual trick of quoting one or two incidences at one or two camps in which this is claimed to have happened. Go and look at photographs of Belsen. Go and read Corrie Ten Boom, or the testimony of any Holocaust survivor you care to name. Then tell me that this was “regulated” by the IRC.

    Really, I’m ashamed to be having to type this.

  • Barbara

    I am a frequent flier. If I were to overhear mention of any ‘bomb’ or ‘gun’ or similar whilst we were inside the a/c I would shop that person without second thought.

    It’s not a matter of being kept in fear, rather the reverse. It is simply being prudent.

    And I’d rather not fly next to an idiot anyway.

  • technicolour

    Avatar Singh; I know it looks bad, but they did invent cricket 🙂 Are you fond of any country, by the way?

    And because someone’s Jewish and says ‘we’ does that mean they’re talking about all Jews? Because as far as I know my Jewish friends haven’t done much world dominating so far, or indeed, any. I will have to remind them.

    As for multi-national corporations, of course they have to go. There’s a cheery song, in fact, called “Dancing on the Ruins of Multi National Corporations’ which you might like to Youtube.

    Otherwise, it is so obvious that all semitic people are being set up, again, as Public Enemy Number 1, in one way or another. I don’t see what can be done about it, except to continue not to accept it. Good post, Courtney, thank you.

  • technicolour

    Barbara, are you joking? You would “shop that person without a second thought”? I suggest you think for a second.

  • Craig


    They should have flights for ludicrously nervous people like you, and other flights for the rational among us.

    Even if both the shoe bomber and the underpants bomber had succeeded, air travel would still be safer than a mundane car journey.

  • Craig


    They should have flights for ludicrously nervous people like you, and other flights for the rational among us.

    Even if both the shoe bomber and the underpants bomber had succeeded, air travel would still be safer than a mundane car journey.

  • angrysoba

    As much as I found Bill Maher’s suggestion of founding “Your Own Risk Airlines” which completely dispenses with any security etc… it wouldn’t have helped the people of Lockerbie, for example, when the plane came down on top of them. Nor would it have been amusing to the people of Detroit if the undabomber had detonated his explosives over their city (to say nothing of the passenger’s families).

    Barbara’s right that security services have never made light of people joking about bombs on planes or any other transport. Glenn’s link demonstrates this, even though I suspect he provided it to prove the opposite. Most of the commenters there say the pilot was an idiot for the way he handled the situation. She may have been mad as a yoyo but these pre-9/11 comments show that things haven’t changed as much as Glenn seems to think:

    “And to say she just did it to get a class upgrade is just pathetic! And in my opinion, he didn’t handle a bomb scare properly. He just went and stormed and said there wasn’t one. How did he know? I mean jeez!”

  • dreoilin

    I believe “Larry from St Louis” was arguing that just because a security firm has an address at Schiphol didn’t meant they were responsible for security for the Detroit flight – and did he say that linking an Israeli security firm was a conspiracy theory?

    I think this report from Haaretz shows that Larry was waffling, as ever.

  • glenn

    Avatar Singh quotes: “Did you know, beginning in the late 19th century, corporations were granted all the rights of the individual, but none of the annoying responsibilities.”

    As a matter of fact, the headnote of the case (which was something to do with a railroad company vs Santa Clara, if I remember correctly) was written by the clerk of the court, a guy called Bancroft. Again, all from memory, but the point is that the clerk wrote “This court decides that corporations are persons”, or words to that effect, setting a legal interpretation wrt corporations of the 14th amendment (which was actually put in to recognise those who weren’t white – the anti-slavery amendment).

    The judge very belatedly denounced the head-note, but it became recognised as precedent. That has given rise to the entire “Corporations are people too!” plea from corporate lawyers and their stooges ever since, allowing corporations the right to lie, plead the 5th, appeal against discrimination (why can’t a supermarket put a franchise in a small village, which already has a baker, vegetable shop, wholesaler etc. etc.? That’s discrimination!) as if they were an ethnic minority. Indeed, corporations – through this fraud – have the full rights of personhood. The right to lie was actually legally recognised when Fox News appealed against reporters who had been sacked for insisting on the truth. Fox News is a person, therefore has free speech rights, and therefore is entitled to lie.

    As ever, a major plank of the corporate/right-wing is based on mischievous lies and falsehoods. And yet, after doing this for hundreds of years, they scream and call foul when revolutions finally provide justice (as in France’s long and bloody seek-and-destroy mission for such people when their revolution finally took care of these parasites on society).

  • Clark


    well done, finding that. I’ve pasted the denial below, from near the end of the comments to Craig’s December 26 post

    “Silly Nigerian Man Sets Fire to Own Leg”.

    Larry – note well… Things are NOT always as they seem.


    Courtenay Barnett

    ‘The security at Amsterdam airport is provided by ICTS ( Private Security firm ?” owned by Israeli Ezra Harel – see

    – employing many Shin Bet personnel.’

    Well, I looked up their website, and they deny that:

    “Important Notice, 28 December 2009

    Following the terrorist attack on DL/NW Flight 253 on 25 December 2009 , there have been incorrect reports linking ICTS Europe to the event.

    We would like to make it clear that ICTS Europe Holdings B.V. is not connected in any way to the mentioned events. ICTS Europe does not provide any security services, nor any other services, whether directly or indirectly, at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and is not connected in any way to any of the companies that provide security services at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.”

    Yes, I know ‘they would say that wouldn’t they’ and so on, and I’m probably a government shill/right wing troll etc., but I guess it’d be easy enough to check that out, maybe you or someone else could do that?

    Posted by: Tim Budds at December 31, 2009 12:56 PM


  • Barbara

    Craig: Who wants to sit next to some drunken white guy making jokes about bombs? Perhaps you are just a little bit over-empathic here.

    technicolour: OK, here’s my second thought. . . Yep, I’d shop him. Why wouldn’t you?

  • lwtc247

    @ technicolour.

    The words Israyhell and Israyhelli is somewhat appropriate given the mass slaughter, Shoah campaigns, wanton destruction, theft, ethnic cleansing, torture, detention, strangulation, infanticide, starvation, mutilation and organ harvesting that Israyhell does.

    If by using the word Israyhell to indicate these evil acts, makes you get embarrassed, what does that say about you?

    @ “Lookout Larry”

    It was you who are trying to steer this thread to a point where you think you’ve assembled a case for saying “look, it anti-Semitic” and once again hauling 9/11 into it. Oh boy. If it was my post which prompted your latest bout of apologetics (and that of others), then I’m sure you wont succeed.

    Why don’t you answer the question why Doron Almog wanted for alleged breaches the Geneva Conventions Act, wasn’t arrested sitting on a plane on a British runway, yet these bomb ‘jokers’ were.

  • lwtc247

    @ technicolour

    “all semitic people are being set up, again, as Public Enemy Number 1” – What’s your understanding of the term Semitic?

    I’m with Babs om this one. If I heard what /was/ heard, I’d bring it to the attention of the aircrew too (and not only so that I wouldn’t have to travel such idiots)

  • CheebaCow

    I really hate terms like ‘Israehell’ etc. They only make the person who says it feel better, but are totally counter-productive politically. As soon as someone neutral or pro Israel hears such a term they will instantly tune out and assume the speaker is racist or else they will fly off the handle. Both outcomes are useless for those wishing to change the current situation in Israel/Palestine. What’s the point of discourse if you only ever speak to the converted? It also seems quite juvenile, and not witty at all.

  • dreoilin

    Here’s my favourite from yesterday:

    “Boston’s Logan International was shut down for half an hour today, due to a ‘suspicious smell’ on or near a Delta plane. The 28 passengers were evacuated (so were the crew members) and the airport shut down.

    “The smell? Apparently, de-icing fluid.

    “UPDATE: Now we’re hearing that the odor was a “smoke smell” but they still think it came from de-icing fluid.

    Anyway, all is back to normal again. Whatever normal is these days … ”

    That Australian woman “expert” on Sky News who was promoting the idea that passengers in the airport be ‘drafted in’ to help security, by encouraging them to report anything suspicious, could well be encouraging utter mayhem.

    The terms Israyhell and Israyhelli remind me of what the tedious and often very stupid American Religious Right do with Obama admin names, prominent Democrats, or the likes of “Gorebull Warming”. As Clark says, it does nothing only alienate and irritate.

    Does anyone know what these guys actually SAID on the Emirates plane? The Guardian said (really po-faced) yesterday,

    “Armed counter-terrorist officers boarded the Dubai-bound Emirates flight last night after a “verbal threat” was made to air crew at 9.15pm.”

    and didn’t mention the word alcohol once.

  • LeeJ

    Can we not step back and look at the issue rationally? Why does so much of the “terrorist threat” revolve around aircraft? Would it not be more practical to carry out an attack at some other venue which does not have strict security measures? A football stadium or concert for example.It seems to me it is just scaremongering to keep the War on Terror alive.If there was a real terror threat then we would have lots more incidents.The fact that we dont says to me that it is more the fact that there is less a threat than how efficient are intelligence services are in uncovering them.

  • technicolour

    Great, so we can now ‘shop’ people to the authorities (to be arrested, jailed, interrogated, possibly beaten up, and potentially lose their jobs) for being drunk, stupid and white, or if we just don’t want to sit next to them on a plane. Barbara, can you not see where this is heading? You are not suggesting that you would ‘shop’ someone because you feared a real threat. Narrow judgemental self-interest masquerading as ‘good’ citizenship and backed by the state – as I’ve said before on this site, the Stasi-esque propaganda is working.

    dreoilin re ‘israehell’: well put.


  • Jaded.

    Exactly LeeJ.

    Jesus Fricking Christ. If ‘Al Qaeda’ really existed we’d be getting attacked every bloody week! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!



    The Black Operations Unit of the CIA kicked all of this off with 9/11 and it has been spun ever since. ‘Al Qaeda’ is a CIA fiction perpetuated through the mass media. It has been used to justify the false ‘War On Terror’. The results are twofold.

    1. Invade countries and loot them while gaining some strategic global positioning advantage.

    2. Bring in more restrictive legislation to control the population at home, just in case they might be brave enough to think for themselves. Now there’s a good joke! ;-0

    Any sparse pockets of resistance to our disgusting actions are probably defensive in nature, not linked and certainly not ‘Al Qaeda’. Come on, a 10 year old could figure it out if they thought about it!

    Here is the truth. Don’t swallow it. Watch it and think about it:

  • Jon

    I sympathise with Craig’ frustration with “security experts” who parade fresh and unnecessary paranoia onto our TV screens. My view is that they subconsciously inculcate themselves with the “be scared, citizen” theme of the military-industrial complex, as making lots of “yes-sir” noises tends to win you work.

    That said, I agree with @glow-in-the-dark regarding the saner minds of the security industry, and I too commend Bruce Schneier as a security commentator and author. If readers have not yet come across his book, Beyond Fear, I thoroughly recommend it. One of his key points is that a permanent heightened state of fear of terrorism is counter-productive; people just get used to the new fear level, and are generally not more alert over time, but nevertheless suffer the psychological effects of long-term stress and worry.

    LeeJ’s recent point is also covered in the book: if it becomes too hard to bomb an aircraft, then other symbolic places of national pride, such as stadia, would be at risk.

  • Apostate

    One for Larry,angrisoba and all the other Zio-spooks on this site:

    Aside from their “aviation security” interests the Jooz have got their Hassidic Noahide phalanx:the Lubervitchers.Aside from having their international network of Chabad houses they have enormous sway with the dual-citizen administrators around Obama in Washington.

    The latest staged underpants attack is another transparent Israeli prod to get the US involved in opening up another front in Yemen.The government is a Zionized/Saudi proxy fighting a guerilla war against its Shia minority.

    Yemen was the site for the USS Cole false-flag attack with its unmissable similarity to other Israeli ops like Liberty and Achile Lauro-all blamed on muslims.

    The coporate media terrorologists won’t explain any of this.

    Yep,the perpetual war we’re in now is no different from all the others down through the centuries:Jew-sponsored.

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