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“The Zionist Federation together with the English Defence League demonstrated opposite the Israeli embassy in support of the Israeli Defence Force action against the Gaza aid flotilla”

Whatever its initial aspirations, the State of Israel has become a vicious racist entity. As you can see by its friends.

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  • Michael Petek

    JamesVI at June 4, 2010 7:48 PM asks:

    “Can you explain then why Ethiopian Jews were submitted to genetic testing to ascertain whether they should be given the right to live in Israel…”

    What was being looked for here is Jewish heritage through the matrilineal line. You are Jewish if your mother is. Alternatively, you can become Jewish by conversion according to Jewish law, no matter what your race.

    Different strands of Judaism have different criteria for conversion. Orthodox Jews generally don’t recognise the validity of conversions administered by non-Orthodox.

  • Southern German

    @Mac at June 4, 2010 9:13 PM

    I recently read Sand’s book and if I remember well, the author stops short of affirming the Khazarian origin of East-European Ashkenazim. It’s more like “probably it is so” and “no other ascendancy seems plausible”. His main argument is that the Rhenanian Jewry of the Middle Ages should never have compounded more than some 20,000 persons, so how could this rather small group be the sole origin of the vastly bigger number of East European Jews of the 19th century? That’s proof by plausibility, so it’s weak, isn’t it?

    He does pretend the linguistical structure of Yiddish to be essentially non-Germanic and that also made me doubt. Over 40% of the Yiddish’s roots are Germanic; nearly all grammar words (pronouns, auxiliaries, …), the sentence structure is Germanic, the meanings of the modal verbs ( derfn/misn/kennen ) and of their negations reproduce exactly those of the Middle High German ( durfen/mussen/konnen ). After substituting for the Slav and the Hebraic roots – the latter covering essentially the religious sphere – some Germanic words, to a Southern German of today Yiddish would seem like the dialect of some native speaker not far away in place and time. Admittedly I’m no specialist in philology, but nor seems he. Admittedly I did not check his references.

    This being said, the book has great merits by giving an “Ideologiekritik” / “critique de l’ideologie” (pardon me, I don’t know the proper English expression) of Zionism. The book’s analysis fits well together with the argumentation patterns of right-wing journalists and (all to abundant) reader commentaries of the same ilk in Israel’s major English internet media (Jerusalem Post, Ynet, Ha’aretz): typical blind spots, gaps and non-sequiturs in argumentation, irritation triggers, allergy to the substitution test in ethics etc.

    Nevertheless, both the Jerusalem Post and Ynet might be useful for antiracist purposes. Suppose you want to convince some racist of the nonsense of his views; suppose his racism comprises the opinion of an innate intelligence of all persons Jewish (50% off); suppose further that he’s willing to ply under evidence (98% off); then putting him to the lecture of both papers’ reader commentaries will cure the evil rather fast. But don’t ever do that if the person is irritable (99.8% off), for his racism could very well turn 180 degrees. Well, 0.2% are perhaps not worth while …

  • arsalan

    What you say just goes above my head. I’m sure all of this has some hidden meaning that I can’t comprehend.

    Just like that thing you keep telling larry about buses, or was it being on a bus?

    Or that comedy from the olden days, on the buses?

    Are you trying to say Larry is Blacky from on the buses?

  • Alfred

    “The Nose,” yes one of my favorite short stories.

    Strangely, it seems to me, Wikipedia calls it satirical. Is it really? If so, I entirely missed the point, yet it has always delighted me.

    I’d rate it alongside Cervantes story about a conversation between two dogs.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Why do some people keep posting stuff about the girl killed in the Tehran protests last year on these threads, which are about the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla. I’m all for exploring the story of Neda – I want to watch the documentary – and for criticising the Iranian regime, etc., but it seems to me that the positioning of such references on these particular threads is an attempt to divert attention from the mass murder carried out this week by the Israeli state.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Alfred, what’s the one about the dogs called? Just so I can look it up. Thanks.

    Arsalan, now there’s a thought. ‘On the Buses’. Absolutely!

  • Apostate

    People who are mortified by the difference between Israel’s original aspirations and the belligerent ethno-state it has become need to go back and do some homework!

    The “original aspirations” are the foundational myths re-making the desert bloom,building a Jewish homeland after centuries of persecution,the “Holocaust” etc.

    The reality is quite different.The masonic state-check out the literature on the Supreme Court building architecture if you don’t believe the “masonic” description-was brought about to enrich an elite few Illuminati bankers not Jews fleeing persecution.

    This Anglo-US synarchy wanted a regional state with its own army,intelligence service and offshore banking facility that could powerfully project itself and dominate all its Arab neighbours with ease.

    During the British Mandate administration when Arab passions became inflamed against the settlers many a civil disturbance was allowed to run its course deliberately to sow the seeds of long-running animosities and hatred.The settlers’ sponsors wanted aggresive power-projectionists who could stand on their own two feet and fight their corner.

    This was the British strategy particularly during the time when Herbert Samuel,a Jew, was High Commissioner for Palestine.The settlers hoping for some respite were cruelly disappointed.

    To see the heavily propagandized militaristic and paranoic siege mentality inculcated

    in today’s Israeli youth by the state education and intelligence apparatus is to see merely the logical extension of the original British toughening-up of the settlers policy!

    Curiously enough the militaristic ethno-state is a mirror image of the Nazi German state.Parallels between the racial supremacism promoted by both Nazis and Zionists were unmissable in the 1930s as well.The Transfer Agreement between the two laid the basis of the embryonic Israeli state’s industrial infrastructure in the 1930s.

    Hitler had been persuaded of the merits of coming to an accommodation with the Zionists by Schiff/Warburg financial backing he’d received earlier when the Nazis had been struggling at the polls.However he had no illusions himself about the real envisaged elite purposes behind his financial backers’ plans for the new state:

    “For while the Zionists try to make the world believe that national consciousness of the Jew desires satisfaction in creation a state in Palestine the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim.It doesn’t enter their heads to build a Jewish state for the purposes of living there.All they want is a central organization for their international world swindle endowed with its sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states.A haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.”

    Those who ignore the role played by long-term planning in history and who remain ensnared in their official “cock-up” theories will inevitably be surprised when things turn out exactly as the long-term planners intended they should!

    P.S.You may not be deemed adult enough to read this stuff.The Zio-shills and their gate-keepers are determined to make sure you don’t get to the truth re-Israel.

  • Dave Rich


    It is not true that the ZF demonstrated alongside the EDL and comments have been left pointing this out on Tony Greenstein’s blog, where the allegation was first made.

    We (CST) have made our position on the EDL very clear on several occasions on our blog (, most recently yesterday.

    So I would ask you to correct your post.


    Dave Rich


  • willyrobinson


    Not a helpful comment for two reasons: nationalism need not manifest itself as racism; and it’s wrong to judge people by the company they keep.

    As someone upthread mentioned you have strange bedfellows here in this blog, and that’s not really in your control.

    Coming back to the first point, during the troubles many Irish nationalists tried to brand unionism as inherently racist. Post Good Friday, mainstream unionism has done much to distance itself from any racist manifestation, but remains undiminished.

    Nationalism is a human condition – it can be vey ugly, but not necessarily so.

    As for “how can a religion lay claim to a national homeland?” – it’s extremely problematic, but that’s how it is. How can anyone possibly reverse that now?

    You only have 40 or so posts about Palestine – I suggest you continue to express a justified anger, but from a firm basis of respect.

    Dont let your voice be dismissed as ranting.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Thanks very much, Alfred. I’ll check it out.

    In the past, I’ve often been intrigued by articles on Jstor; they usually give the first couple of paragrpahs, which often intrigues, but one cannot get further access unless one is an active student/ faculty of a university – very frustrating!


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