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  • anno

    My definition of Zionism is: An evil psychosis in which the guilt of those who disobeyed their religion is projected onto the innocence of another religion that has replaced them, and the persecutor continually provokes their victim to behave badly, in order to prove the validity of their accusations.

    I sincerely believe that most Jews and Muslims try to the best of their abilities to follow their religions, may God have mercy on them. Islamists follow Zionists to perdition when they believe that the ends justify the means. Nobody in the whole world wants to be controlled by mad mullahs, but why they are they all happy to sit back and let their balls be sniffed in capitulation to the machinations of fanatic-Judaeo-Christian, usury-devouring, phosphor-sniffing, bullet-storming, eardrum-bombsplitting, Bush-Blair-Cameron-Obama Zionism?????????????

    Everybody knows you get obese if you eat too much carbohydrates, so why is it not obvious that the same will happen if we eat too much hydro-carbons?

  • dreoilin

    “What we need now is ‘Wikileaks – The Musical!’ with music by Andrew Lloyd-Webber and lyrics by Elton John.”

    Me, I’d prefer Wikileaks the Musical with the Monty Python crew.

    Don’t know if it registered over there that Sinn Fein won the Donegal SW by-election by getting more votes than Fianna Fail and Fine Gael combined. A seat that was held by Fianna Fail for decades. Adams and McGuinness are chuffed. This reduces the Government’s majority to just two. Of course, Pearse Doherty will only have the seat for about two months before we have a GE.

    I don’t think it’s normal (either) to see an Irish by-election reported in the WSJ!


  • anno


    Turkish TV shows pro-PKK Kurdish kids stoning police every night. Like Northern Ireland? I’m thinking that the UK both originated and festered the situation in Northern Ireland, and Turkey is doing the same. The US may assist the PKK in order to create drama, but the main instigators of the unrest are probably in Istanbul.

    For what purpose? The mind runs dry of ideas as to what purpose. perhaps to divide the Muslim influence from Kurdish Iraq, to continue to disrupt the economy of Eastern Turkey, and to concentrate the Western Turkish mind on the dream of belonging to secular Europe.

    The Turkish people are not remotely ready to jettison their religion for the sake of economic gain, so they have to be herded away from Islam by ethnic tension on the Eastern border? It’s so hard to understand the deviousness and dirtyness of politicians. The Zio-bankers have really kicked your home country, in their home regions, and no doubt Mr Egodan’s US sponsored strategy after causing ethnic tensions will be to do the same to its relatively independent neighbours, Syria and Lebanon.

  • tony_opmoc

    Have You Seen The Latest Technology?

    Its All in 3D

    They Look So REAL

    And The Action and The Sound Comes From Behind Too

    You Hear Them Behind You and You Look Around and They Are There – Behind You….

    But Then They Put On Such a


    That it Shakes The Audience – Us – To The Core of Our Very Souls

    In 3 hours They Have All Produced Imagery and Words and Thoughts and Emotion That We Can All Relate To – We look at each other and we know each other and we don’t make a sound – but we are saying with our eyes = That is You…

    So the penultimate scene was so OVERWHELMING in its Emotional Impact….

    That when it was all over and the Actors went to The Pub Next Door…

    We were all looking at them and we wanted to Congratulate Them For The Performance They Had Put On – and Talk To Them as REAL HUMAN Beings…

    But we were Frightened and Still in Awe

    We Can Still




    in london

    in a tiny theatre


  • tony_opmoc


    I Don’t Know Who This Guy Is

    I Don’t Know His Name or Anything Whatsover About Him

    I Think He Might Be The Boss of BRITISH AIRWAYS

    And He Said – All This Ridiculous Security IMPOSED BY THE AMERICANS IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS…


    THE EVIL TNUC Chertoff


    Us English Guys Know About Nazis Wih The Problem Of Premature Ejaculation


    Because We Have All The Nice Girls On Our Side and Their Husbands and Families Behind Us

    Just Lay Down Your Financial Weapons Of Mass Destruction

    And We Will Not Execute You

    You will face a TRIAL Where ALL The Evidence Will Be Seen

    And The Jury Will Come To a JUDGEMENT


  • somebody


    US get something right at last!

    ….Trying to limit the damage, US diplomats yesterday briefed friendly governments on the likely content of the leaked documents.

    Sources revealed that the documents include commentary on the likely fate of the Coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

    Transmitted in the early days of the Coalition, the messages are understood to predict that the Government was likely to prove ineffective and short-lived, ultimately doomed by tensions between Tories and Lib Dems.

    Earlier messages about the previous Government could prove at least as embarrassing for Mr Brown

    It is understood that that the embassy’s political staff told the State Department in Washington that the then prime minister was regarded as volatile and unpredictable, and politically weak.

    “There are one or two things in there that could be mildly embarrassing for the Coalition,” said one source. “The previous government will also find it uncomfortable reading.” ….


  • Suhayl Saadi

    From dreoilin’s ‘Tim Marshall’ post at 11:27pm, perhaps this Wikileaks ‘expose’ will consist of 2.5 million ‘bites’ of reality TV-style gossip:

    “See that Putin, man, where d’ya wanna put him?!!”

    “And Karzai, jeez, dude, he can’t look you in the eye!”

    “Zardari, he eats too much dessert!”

    Facetiousness aside, we shall see.

  • dreoilin

    Sorry, anno, missed you last night.

    Ireland has indeed been royally kicked, by the bankers and the demands of the “markets”. The Irish people didn’t take on these debts; the banks did. And the senior bondholders won’t be forced to pay for the risks they took; we will.

    I don’t know why the US would support the PKK, but their reason has to be nefarious. We don’t know to what period these Wikileaks docs relate. There’s apparently a mention of the US arranging the release of PKK members captured in Iraq. All I know for sure is that the stench of hypocrisy from the US almost knocks me over.

    You’d imagine that Northern Ireland would be a salutary lesson for those engaged in building ‘settlements’ in occupied areas. Stoking up trouble for the years ahead — in Ireland a few hundred years ahead. No doubt the Israelis are well aware of the potential for trouble down the road. And they’re embracing it.

  • Vronsky

    “Paxman esp. embodies ‘the loud act’. But it’s really just mini-opera and he’s a soprano. ”


    “Sinn Fein won the Donegal SW by-election ”

    That’s interesting. I was going to ask if you thought that your present travails in Ireland might mean any sort of opportunity for Sinn Fein, as they seem (from this distance) to be the only vaguely leftist party.

  • technicolour

    i don’t get sinn fein. the political wing of a group of murderers who forced a taxi driver to drive his taxi, packed with explosives, at a check point, or, he was told, his family would be killed. among other enterprises. and who are still merrily knee-capping and extorting and all the rest of it. seeing their posters with smiling faces all over the republic is surreal to me.

    still, better voting than sending people sky high in pieces, i know.

  • Clark

    Somebody: “….Trying to limit the damage, US diplomats yesterday briefed friendly governments on the likely content of the leaked documents”.

    “The sooner and in more detail you announce the bad news, the better”:

    White’s Chappaquidick theorem, “Murphy’s Law”, by Arthur Bloch.

  • somebody

    What’s good about a war criminal and one of the neocon propagandists getting rewarded to spout their evil tripe?

    Wonder if Bliar thinks the Iraq war comes into this category.

    ….’he kept returning to his theme that many religious people all over the world were engaged in great and good works’….

    See Munk Foundation. Aurea. etc. Pots of gold etc. Big attraction to Bliar of course.



  • technicolour

    Derry Journal:latest in many. Common knowledge that they’re controlling the trade. He was a kid; probably dealing weed.

    Shooting victim admits being a drug dealer

    Published Date: 05 November 2010

    A delivery man who was shot in the Creggan area of the city recently has admitted that he was a drug dealer.

    The 20 year-old man, who asked not to be named, was shot three times in the legs as he delivered takeaway food to a house at Creggan Heights on October 23.

    Vigilante group Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) claimed responsibility for the attack, alleging the man was involved in the supply of drugs.

  • alan campbell

    Nonsense. Hitch is one of the finest writers/debators of his generation. His rigorous opposition to superstitious mumbo-jumbo is a thing of logical beauty.

  • dreoilin

    “the RAAD leadership also claimed that some of its members have been involved with the Provisional IRA in the past, and added that Sinn Fein members and officials “have approached us privately, claiming that they support what we are attempting to achieve”.[2] In an October 2010 interview with the Strabane Chronicle, a RAAD spokesman claimed that all of its members are former republican volunteers who support the peace process.[4] This statement has led to speculation that RAAD is a cover name being used by the Provisional IRA.”


    Speculation. I’d need more than that, tech.

    Sinn Fein are power sharing in the North. If there is proof of their involvement in violence, I’ve seen none of it. And the power sharing agreement wouldn’t last long.

  • technicolour

    Officially SF are condemning this violence, and a good thing too. I don’t think they can control these people.

  • alan campbell

    “Turd sandwich vs….”

    So easy to resort to insults and invective when you’re out of your class.

  • CheebaCow

    A little sensitive are we? It’s ok alan, I didn’t expect you to get the reference.

    ‘Class’ is not a word I have ever associated with Blair or Hitchens. I believe that Karen Armstrong would have presented a much more convincing argument than Blair, and shown far more class while doing so.

  • anno

    The clouded cataract layer of state obfuscation over dirty politics is now being unpeeled by the internet. The world can now see clearly that in Northern Ireland, the quickest way to discredit a just cause was for the British government to pay people to behave badly.

    That is exactly what the US is doing now in Afghanistan. Obviously it is legitimate self-defence to blow up illegal invaders who terrorise your sovereign nation, but who can tell who are the real Taliban and who are Western actors who are paid to do un-Islamic things? Dirty politics isn’t going to go away, it’s going to be completely exposed!

    It’s got to the stage now that those who are still defending the official line are described as ‘gatekeepers’. Like the ruined old castles on the borders of Wales, the propaganda institutions like the media and the FCO are crumbling into disrepair. Nobody believes them anymore. We are being controlled by the fear of personal and national bankruptcy as a substitute for unquestioning trust in the powers that be.

    The reduction in state legitimacy may pave the way for the New World Order, or equally, we may find ourselves immune to bullshit completely, and in charge of our own destinies once more.

  • somebody

    Q. What is the topic since Craig left us alone in the nursery to amuse ourselves? I want something new!! (WAILS)

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