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I am going to publish the very important article on the plot to attack Iran at noon GMT on this site. Other sites are welcome to republish it, and I would be grateful if each and every reader can do whatever is in their power to get it seen, be that reposting it yourself, sending it to an outlet, retweeting it, facebook messaging it, emailing a link or just telling your mates or family to look at it.

To remind you, here is the extraordinary reaction from the mainstream outlets I write for regularly. I have left nothing out from the replies I received. Nobody found a single fact that did not check out, and nobody could claim it was not newsworthy. They simply prevaricated and passed it around various editors in a risible buck-passing exercise.

The extremely strong Israeli influence on the media is not a theoretical construct. It has a real existence, vast amounts of real money and physical mechanics of operation. Anybody who doubts this should read this recent leaked internal email from BICOM, a full time highly-funded Israeli lobby organisation which was closely linked to Adam Werritty. Their direct and day to day access to those making editorial decisions could not be more clear.

We can’t match anything like their funding, and they can block me from mainstream media effectively. But we have honesty and we have effort. Noon. Be ready.

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37 thoughts on “Get Your Banned News Here

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  • mary

    If you want to hear public school accented pure black propaganda then listen to this smooth looking ‘Arab’ from the Doha branch office of Brookings. About Syria of course, and a sure indication they will be bombing the people around the time the Christ child is in the news – after the poppies.
    Supporters of president Assad have attacked the embassies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey after the Arab League’s decided to suspend Syria. Salman Shaikh, director of the Doha centre for the independent think tank the Brookings Institution, gives his views on whether the Arab League will continue to apply pressure to Syria’s government.

  • mary

    You could also listen to the Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth at 7.47 am. You guessed right. He spoke of the slaughter on many thousands of Jews by the Nazis but showed his exceptionalism/racism/supremacism/chosenness by mentioning no other victims.
    1 hr 47 mins in

  • ingo

    I listened to the vaccuous talk on radio 4 this morning, how the media is clamping down its hacking that no super injunction had been taken out and that levenson will not need to regulate.

    It is all being grassed over and soon we will hear the humming of the Party machines again to cut it to a unison hight for all.
    What a bunch of bleeding heart apologists for outright criminal behaviour by many, including the police who is silently investigating its own conduct in the affair, phoa what a stink!

  • nuid

    I’ll distribute as widely as possible, Facebook, Twitter, and re-blog myself with a prominent link to here. Go Craig!

  • Jon

    Well done Craig, good stuff. I wonder if the MSM will be marginally more inclined to take a variant on this piece after your publish it? Once the genie is out of the bottle, and “someone else” has been the first to publish, it is easier for others to follow suit.

  • nuid

    “I caught an antisemitic trope once, with a beachcaster, using lugworm …”
    The bit of humour is invaluable. 🙂

  • Jonangus Mackay

    As is very well-known in the realm of marketing, word of mouth is not only the cheapest but the most effective form of advertising. The irony — provided that ‘stunning,’ Craig, does not dissolve into mere hyperbole — is that the story’s apparent suppression, as an incidental consequence of sustained ‘lobby’ pressure from the likes of BICOM & supine hack compliance, is precisely what propels it onto another level, geographically as well as numerically. I await greatly increased interest/response in North America, for example, than would otherwise have been the case. The ‘story of the story,’ in other words, already ensures its much wider dissemination.
    NB: Despite sustained & scandalous success by AIPAC in effectively determining US policy in the Middle East, poll after poll shows that the majority of US citizens defining themselves as Jewish do not in fact favour that policy, let alone its mass-murderous consequences. Many more of them shall henceforth be among your readership.

  • John Goss

    I’ve prepared a few individuals to start posting as soon as the info is available.

    Komodo, my protection software has denied access to your link which mentions Craig. Is there something to do with drugs in the article? That’s what grounds it appears to have been prohibited on.

  • Stephen


    Has it ever struck you that you might just be as one sided in your comments and links as your own perception of the BBC? The truth is that rather a lot of Jews were killed by the Nazis among the many others they killed and that the Syrian government is behaving in an appalling manner to its own citizens – just as Israel and many others are also gulity of human rights abuses. Only the blind – wilful or otherwise can seen these matters as balck and white rather than varying shades of gray.

  • Solomon

    Craig, you are living in United Jewish Kingdom of Britain.
    Be careful.
    Look forward to reading your posts as always with interest.

  • ingo

    Stephen the surpremacy claimed by the Holocaust meorial worldwide expansionists has persistently tried to black out all the others that were deported to the gas chambers. Further the refusal to remember other Hollocausts on their memorial day, speaks volumnes. Rather to make this an unequivocal rememberance day for all attrocities comitted in similar manner, the chosen ones really can’t contemplate a common level, not even in death.

    It looks like the ‘Syrian resolve to die for one’s beliefs’ has been taken up by Oaklnads citizens unfazed by the bullying of their police.

  • Stephen

    “Stephen the surpremacy claimed by the Holocaust meorial worldwide expansionists has persistently tried to black out all the others that were deported to the gas chambers.”

    Well it has failed – I have never heard decent people like Lord Sachs deny that there were other victims of the Nazis. To try and say that people should contemplate attrocities on a common level just runs counter to human nature I’m afraid – everyone remembers their own ancestors and communities first. I would like to suggest that you go and tell the Russians to adopt such an approach on the 9th May and commemorate the fallen of other countires on a common level with their own.

    Mary – so what is a troll – someone who disagrees with your view of the world and says why without resorting to insinuation? If so more than happy with your label.

  • Komodo

    John Goss -no, no mention of drugs, but quite a lot of Gilad Atzmon! And there may be an antisemitic trope hanging around on the bottom in the hopes of catching a surfer….
    It’s a not-very-well written rehash of some familiar material re. Israels undue influence, and it contains a quote from one of Craig’s “Mail” pieces.

  • john stack

    Ignoring this is a make or break decision by polititions and media. Men or cowards.
    Your courage is inspiring. You have sown the seeds and justified your existance. . Great good will come out of it. Best wishes.
    I have forewarded to 4 newspapers. We can then see who scares them.

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