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7,866 thoughts on “Not Forgetting the al-Hillis continued

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  • michael norton

    UGINE SAVOIE – Discover the heart of the industrial city
    Wednesday, August 24, at 9 pm, a guided tour entitled “Rush steel, rural town in the industrial city” will develop the story of Ugine. The program included a lecture tour within the Ugitech plant by a tour guide and an ambassador of the plant. They will present the story of Ugine and the establishment of the factory in 1900, the manufacturing process, through vintage visuals and a movie. A walk in the Fontaines district will realize how the industry led to the creation of the city.

    > Prices: adults 5 euros and 3 euros under 16.

  • Good In Parts

    michael norton

    Check out this article:-

    I might have misunderstood the article, in particular the relationship of the photo illustrations to the main text which states “Un charpentier de 40 ans à l’époque, domicilié à Doussard”.

    I checked my notes and have made cryptic reference to his workshop being in Arnand, (which actually is part of Doussard). So now I am not sure.

  • Good In Parts

    michael norton

    I wrote previously that my guess was that the, as yet unreleased, second robot portrait was of the guy seen having an apparently heated discussion with SAH shortly after he arrived at the second campsite.

    There is of course another still unidentified individual who had contact with the SAH party, the mystery photographer who took the ‘flower wall’ snap of the whole family together in or near Arnand at 15:08.

    The existence of this photograph was not publically announced for some time, but the individual concerned may have feared that they were the subject of the second robot portrait.

  • michael norton

    I know it was some time ago but remember the young couple who were badly beaten by a young glazier 23, from Ugine,
    the alleged shootist killer of Nicole

    any connecting factors?

    • michael norton

      I think it was a double incident, one part in Faverges and the other part in or near Doussard.

      Maybe glazing is a dangerous trade in France?

  • Good In Parts

    michael norton

    Was one of those involved kurdish?

    I did vaguely wonder whether the bonnet-thumping ‘discussion’ was two exiles of different confessions berating each other about the tragic state of their homeland.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Can you believe it, the email address that the IPCC gave me, psd@surrey,, rejected the article I sent from my address, [email protected]! And then when I said to try later, it simply disappeared!

    That;s really how to keep scandals covered up aka being totally dysfunctional, though I shall try posting it elsewhere, once I find it.

  • michael norton

    My question is:
    The FRENCH STATE has ordered the state owned E.D.F. to merge with the state owned failing reactor maker AREVA

    so after that merger goes ahead, there will be a different corporation.
    If this merging goes ahead, how can the deal set up between E.D.F. and the United Kingdom, go ahead.
    One of the parties, will be a different party. A different contract would have to be made between the new parties, either side would be free, not to go ahead.

    Weighing on its viability is the decision of French nuclear company Areva to drop out because of financial difficulties and the subsequent takeover of Areva’s obligations by EDF at the behest of the French government, which owns 85 percent of EDF.

    This pushed EDF, which was already struggling under a debt mountain of 37.4 billion euros ($41.4 billion) at the end of last year, to go further into the red, leading some to question the group’s ability to juggle all its liabilities, including the renovation of France’s nuclear operations and the takeover of Areva’s reactors amid falling energy prices.

    Unions fear for EDF’s financial survival and have asked for a delay of at least three years of any decision on the British nuclear plans, even waging a court battle to stop the momentum.

    EDF chief financial officer Thomas Piquemal resigned in March over the threat the project represents to the company’s finances, and CEO Jean-Bernard Levy has acknowledged that the company’s “financial trajectory is taut”.

    EPR reactors, developed mostly by France’s Areva, are the latest generation of nuclear reactors and among the most powerful in the world, and according to Areva, the safest.

    There are only two other ongoing EPR reactor projects in Europe, one in Normandy in France and the other in Finland, and both have been plagued by delays and cost overruns.

    • michael norton

      So, if there is to be a new corporation, financing, building and assembling, then running Hinkley Point,
      I suggest there is no contract
      because one side ( FRENCH side) has changed?
      The reason it is changing is because the AREVA E.P.R. design is years behind in delivery, so AREAV has gone into a tailspin, if it wasn’t being kept afloat by the FRENCH SATE – the game would already be up.
      In any real way – the game is already over for AREVA and the E.P.R.

  • michael norton

    The Proposed Somersetshire plant, Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant is “NOT ESSENTIAL”
    for the United Kingdom to meet its energy and climate change targets.

    The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) also said opting for “established” approaches instead would save bill payers £1bn a year in total.

    Électricité de France, which has agreed to build Hinkley Point C, said the ECIU report did not offer “credible alternatives”.

    The government is due to make a final decision on Hinkley Point C this autumn.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Finally checked the six-part series that GQ’s Sean Flynn wrote last year about the alleged perfect murders.

    Absolue rubbish, but I won’t waste my time going through it all.

    There was nothing perfect about this massacre even if you believe his claims that former French paratrooper and FFL soldier Patrice Menegaldo did it, and the most convenient death of Jim Thompson, Iqbal al-Hilli’s husband, was a mere coincidence.

    Perhaps, this year’s anniversary will see him doing something better, but I doubt it, though his going on about Mwnwgaldo sounds remarkably reminiscent of what happened to William Hershkovitz.

    Did the Anglo-French spooks arrange his murder too?

  • Good In Parts

    Motorcycle Madness – a variant with SAH driving up directly from Arnand.
    ONF1 (le guarde de foret) drives in a big loop thus not crossing ONF2.

    14:50:00 – ONF1 passes LFR heading up the combe
    14:52:30 – LMC passes LFR heading up the combe
    14:55:00 – SAH passes LFR then turns back to Arnand
    14:59:00 – ONF1 passes through Martinet parking heading straight on up
    15:11:00 – ONF2 meet LMC at second hairpin
    15:12:00 – LMC start descent from Martinet parking
    15:12:30 – ONF2 start descent from Martinet parking
    15:16:00 – MCX passes Claude Antoine (first mobylette)
    15:17:00 – SM passes the old mill going up
    15:19:00 – WBM passes the old mill going up
    15:19:30 – TBR passes Claude Antoine (second mobylette)
    15:20:00 – ONF2 pass the old mill going down, exiting the combe
    15:20:30 – SAH passes Claude Antoine (voiture)
    15:20:30 – TBR passes the old mill going up
    15:21:30 – SAH passes the old mill going up
    15:22:00 – MCX parks MC just up from 900m track and walks up parallel track
    15:28:00 – ONF1 start descent from Martinet parking
    15:28:30 – ONF1 spots the TBR just below Le Martinet
    15:29:00 – ONF1 crosses SAH (the 4×4 seen by Zainab)
    15:29:30 – ONF1 crosses SM
    15:30:30 – ONF1 crosses WBM (the 4×4 seen by WBM)
    15:31:30 – SAH arrival at Le Martinet – TBR passes through unseen
    15:32:nn – SM phone call
    15:33:30 – WBM crosses TBR
    15:34:00 – ONF1 passes the old mill going down, exiting the combe
    15:34:30 – TBR rides up side track
    15:34:35 – MCX comes out of the foret ‘from above’
    15:35:00 – SM arrival at Le Martinet – shooting starts
    15:35:30 – PB passes Claude Antoine (‘extra’ voiture mistaken for X5)
    15:36:00 – ONF1 passes PB after exiting the combe
    15:38:30 – MCX starts walking back down to his MC from second hairpin
    15:39:00 – WBM arrival at Le Martinet
    15:42:30 – WBM departs heading down
    15:44:59 – First emergency call by PB at WBM behest
    15:47:nn – Return to Le Martinet with PB
    15:48:nn – Second emergency call by PB
    16:03:00 – Emergency services pass old mill
    16:10:00 – Emergency services arrive at Le Martinet

  • michael norton

    SAVOIE / ALBERTVILLE, Ugitech and asbestos: new audiences

    Tomorrow at 14 hours, the court of Albertville industrial tribunals will host the second hearing of some employees Ugitech in Ugine. The first judgments in respect of pecuniary anxiety for employees or retirees Site uginois began last July with the hearing of 54 of them. This time they are 9, mainly executives. To date, over 450 applications were submitted. Each employee concerned claims 30,000 euros in damages.

    Since the rankings in January 2015, the factory asbestos site, any employee working in contact with asbestos in the factory compound may request financial compensation on the basis of prejudice anxiety.

    In July 2015, the conciliation phase (mandatory in such cases) between the employees concerned and their employer had failed. The proceedings then all were returned to office trial.

    The industrial tribunal judges will, over the hearings and, on a case by case on the merits and the amount of compensation claimed.

    The hearings are expected to continue at least until 2018. The next in October will be full of 52 files.

    Would contributors mind if i ask a question:

    can anyone say for certainty where Sylvain Mollier worked.
    can anyone say with certainty what Sylvain did for a living

  • michael norton

    Chevaline massacre: former suspect wrote to Francois Hollande for redress.
    The former police officer suspected in the case of the killing of Chevaline will write a letter to the President, as he said Thursday AFP. Eric Devouassoux spent four days in police custody in February this view before being declared innocent.
    “I was challenged”

    “I’m twice victim in this case. I wonder if the President finds this normal situation,” lamented the man aged 48. Following his arrest,
    Eric Devouassoux lost his job and now says live with 1,000 euros per month for unemployment benefits. “I was challenged. They seized my motorcycle, my computers, my registration cards and they have made me anything. I’m in a difficult economic situation, I would sell this material to be able to live a little” , he claims.

    Indicted for arms trafficking

    Former suspect actually had nothing to do with the case of the killing of Chevaline that left four dead September 5, 2012, but his arrest has to update the existence of trafficking weapons. Forty grenades, shells and guns had been found at his home and that of her parents. Eric Devouassoux is placed under judicial control since.


    • michael norton

      So as it would now seem Eric Maillaud is no longer the prosecutor in charge of the Chevaline massacre

      could anybody let us know, has this thing been dropped?

  • Mister Ron

    Yes indeed it was a cockup, huge in scope, and the Wesrt are culpable . . . along with the Rand Corporation and the reverse vampires.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Thanks, Mister Ron, for the allusion to Obama’s Body Count.

      New to me about Saad al-Hilli and his connection to Rutherford Appleton, the STFC, and Dr. Kelly, and the Mossad involved in getting rid of them.

      I am better at finding assassins rather than who were the intermediaries.

      Found William Hershkovitz who apparently took care of the al-Hillis et al., and the kidon which got rid of Kelly on my own.

      Thanks again, as it puts Meir Dagan’s Mossad on center stage in the killings.

  • michael norton

    does it still exist in any meaningful way – New Co – ?
    Hinkley Point C all over bar the shouting and a
    terrible deal for UK plc’ says energy expert
    Whether HInkley Point C goes ahead or not is “too close to call” – an expert energy analyst has said.

    It follows suggestions by former Somerset MP Tessa Munt that Theresa May is poised to ditch the £18 billion project. and an appeal at the weekend by the boss of French energy firm EDF for it to go ahead.

    Her comments came in the wake of Theresa May’s decision to delay signing the deal despite the board of EDF approving it on July 28.

    “My position is the same as any analyst or economist – they are all saying to the Government ‘please don’t do it’,” said Professor Paul Dorfman, who is honorary senior research associate at the UCL energy institute, and also a founder of the Nuclear Consulting Group.

    “It’s also exactly what the security and intelligence services are saying,” he said.

    Prof Dorfman outlined what he says are serious issues which are dogging the project: “bad” technology, a poor deal for the Government and taxpayer, security concerns, and “parlous” situation of EDF.
    He says EDF and its production arm AREVA are mired in financial problems, and reliant on bail-outs from the French government, while the final decision of the EDF board came after a torturous few months, and two high-profile resignations.

    “My instinct tells me that it’s finished for Hinkley Point C, it’s all over bar the shouting.

    “It’s just a bad deal for UK plc,” he said.

    “However, politics is a different reality and Theresa May is caught between a rock and a hard place.”

  • michael norton

    It would seem that AREVA ( who it has be said Sylvain Mollier worked for in Ugine, Savoie)
    is in collapse and a different firm, for the moment to be known as “AREVA New Co.”
    is to come into existence.

    AREVA are the builders of the reactors, they are the excavators of the Uranium,
    they are the brains behind Nuclear power in France,
    not Électricité de France
    they are mostly owners of plant and purveyors of electricity to Europe

      • Good In Parts

        michael norton

        You know full well it is not.

        The deafening silence from la belle france is good news. It means that they have finally adopted Anglo-Saxon values, such as the presumption of innocence, rather than feeding salacious secrets to their mates in the media.

        P.S. What colour does my gravatar appear to you today ?

  • Pink

    Thanks Bacchus I find it hard to feel sorry for EM I won’t say what I really think as it’s not polite ,whats with heat seeking helicoptor that doesn’t see heat perhaps it’s because poor Zeena was so numb with cold, at least the roadsweeper worked ,swept it all away .
    Tony Blair meeting Francois Hollande causing all those journalists to to turn up very inconvienent.

  • Pink

    As far as Patrice goes Christelle Menegaldo said he was with her son that day and he was not arrested so I would assume they didn’t have anything linking him .
    They really ought to make it clear for the sake of his family .

    • michael norton

      you have put your finger on an important piece of the complicated jigsaw.
      There are almost no facts.
      There is almost nothing that the ordinary public can believe or have confindance in.
      Almost everything is as if a veil has been flipped in front of it, this has been a shadow world, eXperience,
      a make believe world.

  • Good In Parts


    The roadsweeper was used because the tow truck didn’t respect the integrity of the crimescene and pissed oil all over the place.

    Eric did state that the PM track would be followed to it’s conclusion, so the resources should have been available for that particular aspect of the investigation.

    Presumably there is nothing to link him to the murders. Sadly for the family, I suspect that they are not able to fully exclude him, on the basis that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    The weird thing is that PM is pretty well the archetype suspect for a number of pistes.

    And yet, and yet . . . they only interviewed him two times. Pretty late on as well.

    If he really was well down the list, what does that say about the suspects above him on their list ?

    My guess is that the profile they developed is wrong because their prior assumptions about target and motivation were wrong.

    • michael norton

      GIP Eric said about 24 hours after the massacre that the leads he would be following up came from England.
      He allowed himself to rule out Sylvain Mollier as a target.
      Therefore the obvious choice would not be a miltary shootist from Ugine, who use to date the sister of Sylvain, knew Sylvain and knew the family of Claire Schutz, the uncle being a high profile politician.
      Yes, Eric Maillaud ruled out any French connection, almost from the off.
      It was to be almost a year before he targeted Eric Devouassoux ( at least in public)

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