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Apologies for the outage, which was purely technical and non-sinister and to do with the domain name expiring yesterday, but having to be renewed the Friday before because yesterday was a public holiday in San Francisco. I am dashinng off to Madrid today to give a talk there. Am seething with outrage about Babar Ahmad and at George Osborne; please express some outrage for me on those topics till I get time to do so!!

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  • Jives

    Well the spooks had to arrest that NHS “terrorist” dude at Heathrow because he’s their inside man;they need to debrief him whilst also making his cover plausible and continuing.


  • Mary

    This came as breaking news on Channel 4 News at 7pm.

    WHAT is going on?

    Syrian passenger plane forced to land in TurkeyThe BBC’s James Reynolds said Turkish officials believe the passenger plane may have been carrying non-civilian cargo, which could mean weapons
    Continue reading the main story
    Syria conflictNo-man’s land
    Turkey-Syria tensions
    Assad heartland
    Bombed from above

    Turkish fighter jets have forced a Syrian passenger plane to land at Ankara’s airport amid high tension between the two neighbours.

    The plane, which was travelling from Moscow, was intercepted on intelligence that it was carrying “non-civilian cargo”, Turkey’s foreign minister said.

    He added that Turkey was determined to stop any transfer of weapons to the Syrian government through its airspace.

    It comes as Syria and Turkey continue to trade cross-border artillery fire.

    The Airbus A320 airliner was carrying 35 passengers, far fewer than its 180 passenger capacity.

    The aircraft was escorted by Turkish jets to the capital’s Esenboga airport for security checks, and the passengers have disembarked.


    Repeated within is the fact that the US has a military presence in Jordan.

    PS James Reynolds is the son of Paul Reynolds, also a BBC correspondent, and was the recipient of this fellowship at Harvard. Well embedded in the machine.

  • mike

    Well, it looks like we’re really going to go through with this, folks. It looks as if we are determined to poke Russia until there’s a response. And there will be a response, if we keep poking the bear.
    Today, to enlighten, Turkey intercepted a flight going between Russia and Syria. Our poking is getting more insistent. And if we poke the bear today, we’ll be poking China tomorrow – we already are with our threats against North Korea and this business with Japan and the disputed islands. China knows all this.
    So it’ll be “us” against China and Russia. These are very powerful nations whose deep-rooted geostrategic interests we keep fucking with.
    This is where 15 years of muscular, “humanitarian war” disaster capitalism shite has got us.
    I’m assuming we don’t intend to start a war with Russia and China. But if we keep pushing they’ll retaliate and then, well, who knows. Things can get messy very quickly, before anyone’s got a chance to think, to reason.
    Let’s pin this one down: the civilised west is antagonising a rival power bloc. Both have nuclear.

    Sorry for the O/T

  • Ginger Nuts (was: Apple Pies)

    Turkey, or rather Erdogan, is just doing what he’s told to do by his bosses in Washington and Tel Aviv and in doing so he will leave Turkey a total mess. There could be (hopefully) a military coup if he carries on with this reckless and dangerous escalation.


    [Mod/Jon: posted as Apple Pies, but has posted in the past under Ginger Nuts, so fixing]

  • Ginger Nuts (was: Apple Pies)

    One can be forgiven for thinking that Goldman Sachs deliberately trashed Greece as part of a bigger deal with Turkey and the wider desire of those that run usury based capitalism to create a global distraction from their greed, incompetence and criminality.

    [Mod/Jon: posted as Apple Pies, but has posted in the past under Ginger Nuts, so fixing]

  • nuid


    They’re drunk. On power and greed.

    “Hands-off approach (friend of the great and good)” – I would imagine. But I’m a foreigner too.

  • nuid

    “the spooks had to arrest that NHS “terrorist” dude at Heathrow because he’s their inside man;they need to debrief him whilst also making his cover plausible and continuing.”

    Interesting thought, Jives.

  • mike

    I think you might be on to something there Apple Pies!

    The paradigm has reached a very dangerous phase.

  • nuid

    US troops operating in Jordan near Syria border

    10 Oct 2012
    US troops are operating in Jordan near the Syrian border in the biggest fixed deployment of American force in the region since the end of operations in Libya last year, officials have confirmed. The 150 troops are intended in the first instance to ‘help’ Jordan, a key but fragile US ally, deal with the influx of refugees from the fighting across the northern border.

    They are also preparing for any action that might be needed to secure Syria’s [alleged] chemical weapons in the event of the Assad government losing control of them. But officials also told The New York Times that the possibility of a buffer zone in southern Syria, enforced by Jordanian troops with American logistical support, had also been discussed.


  • Jay


    Your answer in a nutshell “Greed.”

    It is very difficult to do something for nothing.

  • Mark Golding - Children of Conflict

    Custard Creams – the ‘bat’ was featured here a while back – but yes Obama is squeezing Erdogen’s balls but threatening to roll back economic and military aid worth $21 billion over a number of years. Turkey houses US nukes at NATO/US İncirlik Air Base in Adana and earlier this year Turkish pilots trained with their US doppelgangers and I believe a handful of young high flying elite British pilots to sniff out and avoid detection and lock from mobile Syrian surface to air missile installations.

    In this said game the elite RAF pilots notched up the most lock avoidance skills, while the Americans embarrassed themselves by confusing friendly with enemy radar signals. The Turks it was agreed in the wash-up went to the wrong location altogether and missed a rendezvous point thinking the plan had changed on route.


  • Ben Franklin (Anti-intellectual Colonial American Savage version)

    “Americans embarrassed themselves”

    ‘Nuff said…

  • A Node

    Not enough Muslim hate figures to justify the WAR ON TERROR? …. Send in the agitators.

    Revelations that a Danish Muslim convert was in reality an undercover agent posing as extremist in an attempt to trap young Muslims are sending shockwaves across the sizable minority in Denmark.
    The convert moved to Luton in 1999, where he told community leaders that he wanted to start a new life after a history of extremism.
    However, he started to propagate his radical ideas in an effort to lure young Muslims into his line.


  • Mary

    O/T Excellent photojournalism here showing living conditions in Kabul. No sanitation. A few have running water.

    ‘Wedged between the Hindu Kush mountain range and the river which shares its name, the bustling Afghanistan capital of Kabul is home to more than five million people.

    Around 20 per cent, or one million, of those Kabulis live in the vertiginous hills surrounding the city. Perhaps tellingly, the same percentage (23 per cent) of the capital’s residents live below the poverty line.’


    Q How many billions of dollars have been wasted on waging war there?

  • Komodo

    Ben –
    They act like this is a bad thing…

    “A merger to create the biggest aerospace and defence group in the world from EADS and BAE Systems collapsed on Wednesday, …

    Should we be tied to the US or France/Germany in “defence” terms? This is a replay of the periodic pissing match between our Atlanticists and our Europeans, probably with some input from the US. For me, if it puts us, as it does, more firmly in the Pentagon’s lap, it’s not a good thing.

  • Ben Franklin (Anti-intellectual Colonial American Savage version)

    Komodo; For me, lately, anything that promotes consolidation, exacerbates bureaucracy, and that is bad. Mergers and acquisitions work for Gordon Gecko, not so well for the little guys.

  • Komodo

    Yes, Ben, and come the revolution there won’t be any arms companies either (lol). Gordon Gekko wins whatever happens at present, whether by being CEO of a megacorp, or by being CEO of an private equity fund, or by being CEO of an asset stripper. And Joe Soap loses. Whoever wins, the electronics will be made in China, the seat covers in India and the explosives will be exported to the Middle East.

    As it happens, it looks as if Merkel scuppered the deal, so maybe she shares your opinion. Nice to see a national leader interested in keeping her nation employed.

  • Ian Hunter

    Dear CM responders; Sorry to interupt what is otherwise a competant and thought provoking site, Just to give you a heads up, this site has been latched on to by a character called Trowbridge H Ford. He is a troll. He has been banned from numerous other sites and continually trawls around looking for new targets. It seems he has pooped up here. Make what you will of his words, but have the salt handy. You might need a large pinch.

  • Snap

    Earlier threads have slipped off the front page and discussions on Assange were interrupted by the outage. However, if you wish to contribute, get in quick while they remain open for (preferably civilised) discussion or responses to unanswered questions:

    On Assange/Wikileaks/Eucador vs. USA/UK in Aiding and Abetting:


    (no one has mentioned Lady Gaga yet 🙂 )

    On Assange vs Swedish Prosecutor, inconsistent narratives etc.


    (Are any Swedish readers interested in helping to bridge the language barrier on various new documents and discussions?)

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