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1,570 thoughts on “Nuclear Nightmare

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  • BrianFujisan

    Anon…Not sure that would be true… Like us he is entitled to get older and wiser.. i have shaken Fish’s hand too….
    the post i put up above was ment to be AFTER this one –

    Fish has indeed done a lot for Scottish talent On the Global stage , Mick Scott is also very under-rated.

  • Dave Lawton

    @Brian:12am Brian what you observed could be 3 ufo`s.You will now see the attack dogs come out the woodwork for me saying this.But I will tell you this.When we were running the PI 5 experiment on Nimrod
    at the Rutherford lab ,a well known physicist confided in me that he had seen a spinning object rather like a ice cream cone hovering above Harwell which is next door.He watched this for about 5 min,and had time to view it through binoculars.It then shot off at tremendous speed.He then checked if there had been any local aircraft or weather balloons.There was non.This has been kept secret.Why do you think? This physicist was a no joker and serious.And concerned what people might think of him.

  • BrianFujisan

    Dave i did actually think for a moment it was ufo’s.. moving slightly faster granted… but they looked too much like satellites…spaced apart by maybe 7/9 arc Scs and not a solid body

  • Crime/paracrime/metacrime

    Re Trowbridge et al: Elsewhere we’ve seen coordinated repetition of an interesting approach: conflating incontrovertible state crime with random loony crap as “conspiracy theories.” Trow quite reasonably cites the extensively-documented extrajudicial killings of JFK, MLK, and RFK, and then introduces something new and superficially implausible. Do you hunt it down and check it out yourself, taking your eye off the ball of known unpunished US government crimes? Or do you dismiss Trow and his persecution stories, and by implication his other, more threatening opinions?

    The effect is to diffuse US government criminality into a mess of competing claims, and to divide the people who fight USG impunity into sects. At the moment Sandy Hook “truthers” are furthest beyond the pale, defiling the awful tragedy of bullet-riddled tykes with their outrageous claims of government involvement – and whether they’re right or wrong, the new charges still work for the criminal state! You’re increasingly lost in a fog. So Trow’s on my side on the fundamental issue: we’re up against a criminal state. How best to discredit and disgrace it, reasonable people can differ.

  • BrianFujisan

    Sorry Dave i misread that you ment 3 seperate ufo’s i wonder… Facinating stuff…Iridium flares, just don’t comapre

  • Anon

    Jesus Fuck. Some people really are nuts. Or they should consider with handlers just what blogs they are posting on. I’d put money on some folks who think they are whiter than white, being in serious trouble.

    WHERE THE FUCK IS CRAIG, “Huwway Huwway vote for Muwway” Fuck your shit Craig. Post or die. Preferably the former,.

  • Jives

    Habbabkuk and The CE.

    Will you both please fuck off you nasty little stalker eejits??

    Ya daft fools that ye are.

    We thenk Q,Ahemmmmmmmmm.

  • BrianFujisan

    Jives Qurentine them… worried that they have won…Lack of Mod’s… Craig….

    heres a wee choon for peace

    now..i aint pushing for Catholic church here..i hate the evil $£%….

    but the lyrics are beautiful

    Peace of the crying gulls
    Peace of the humming bees
    Peace of the noon-time stillness

    Peace of the dreaming hills
    Peace of the breath of angels
    Peace of Iona

    Iiiiii oooooo nnnnnaaaaaa
    Iiiiii oooooo nnnnnaaaaaa

    Piece of the saints and seekers
    Piece of the monks and Druids
    Piece of the resting place of kings

    Piece of the ruins
    Piece of the doves in the bell tower
    Piece of Iona

    Iiiiii oooooo nnnnnaaaaaa
    Iiiiii oooooo nnnnnaaaaaa

    Piece of the rested mind
    Piece of the glad heart
    Piece of my lover’s pots and potions

    Piece of her healing hands
    Piece of her lazy laughter
    Piece of Iona

    Piece of the unseen
    Piece of the spirit
    Piece of Iona

  • crab

    Jives, when you do that in the night after work or whatever, all you do is give them something to go on, adding to the noise. Why dont you constructively criticise or appraise or renounce something else. Add some notes instead of curses.

  • BrianFujisan

    i think ” this is the sea “ probably heir best choon.. i was at the concert for Yates awesome

  • CPM

    Fujisan, what I’m saying is that the USG mafiya state is making a concerted effort to define “conspiracy theorists” as a discrediting epithet like liberals, or the earlier analog, communists. One effort is to associate unsanctioned opinions on USG crime with delusional subcultures or cults and mental illness. Another effort is to muddy the waters with antigovernment noise, the crazier, the better. The intent is to vitiate the application of peremptory norms to US government crimes or criminal officials. If the US population starts to accept the logic of internationally wrongful acts or human rights and humanitarian law, it’s game over for the regime.

  • BrianFujisan

    Sorry CPM.. I / WE on this Blog should never Forget it;s Craigs…its good to diverse…

  • BrianFujisan

    Kind of on topic

    Was Horrified to be re-reminded of this..

    Perhaps nothing speaks more clearly of our psychological remoteness from the ocean depths than that the main expressed goal for oceanographers during International Geophysical Year of 1957-58 was to study “the use of ocean depths for the dumping of radioactive wastes.” This wasn’t a secret assignment, you understand, but a proud public boast. In fact, though it wasn’t much publicized, by 1957-58 the dumping of radioactive wastes had already been going on, with a certain appalling vigor, for over a decade. Since 1946, the United States had been ferrying fifty-five-gallon drums of radioactive gunk out to the Farallon Islands, some thirty miles off the California coast near San Francisco, where it simply threw them overboard.
    It was all quite extraordinarily sloppy. Most of the drums were exactly the sort you see rusting behind gas stations or standing outside factories, with no protective linings of any type. When they failed to sink, which was usually, Navy gunners riddled them with bullets to let water in (and, of course, plutonium, uranium, and strontium out). Before it was halted in the 1990s, the United States had dumped many hundreds of thousands of drums into about fifty ocean sites-almost fifty thousand of them in the Farallons alone. But the U.S. was by no means alone. Among the other enthusiastic dumpers were Russia, China, Japan, New Zealand, and nearly all the nations of Europe.
    And what effect might all this have had on life beneath the seas? Well, little, we hope, but we actually have no idea. We are astoundingly, sumptuously, radiantly ignorant of life beneath the seas. Even the most substantial ocean creatures are often remarkably little known to us-including the most mighty of them all, the great blue whale, a creature of such leviathan proportions that (to quote David Attenborough) its “tongue weighs as much as an elephant, its heart is the size of a car and some of its blood vessels are so wide that you could swim down them.” It is the most gargantuan beast that Earth has yet produced, bigger even than the most cumbrous dinosaurs. Yet the lives of blue whales are largely a mystery to us. Much of the time we have no idea where they are-where they go to breed, for instance, or what routes they follow to get there. What little we know of them comes almost entirely from eavesdropping on their songs, but even these are a mystery. Blue whales will sometimes break off a song, then pick it up again at the same spot six months later. Sometimes they strike up with a new song, which no member can have heard before but which each already knows. How they do this is not remotely understood. And these are animals that must routinely come to the surface to breathe.

  • Jemand - The Easter Bunny Hears Your Prayers

    Doug Scorgie, 7 Apr, 8:39p

    “Mary, the Easter bunny is a dissembler troll like the others we have on this blog.
    Quarantine is advised.”

    Yes, that’s right, I’m a troll. As a supporter of Mr M, though not a pathetic fanboy like some of you sychophantic creeps, I don’t swallow some of the ignorant and stupid crap that gets posted here as ‘revelations’ of our social-political kaleidoscope. I ask questions, always answer those that are sincerely posed to me (unlike Mary’s snide ones), do research, post links where possible and for that .. I get some disaffected cockhead call me a troll. Well, that’s the blogosphere for you – full of words, wankers and wonderment.

  • BrianFujisan

    Jives..I think they have Won…You the Mods ..Wich is Obvious here…How can one continue … Plea to hab types..are you so much interested in pay checks than your’e Children…to destroy this blog…and garethering your’e heavy team..always..YOU WON’T DO IT IN SCOTLAND

  • crab

    @BrianFujisan – Obviously CPM is basically saying there is a definite long running tactic of disrupting genuine, easily related and practical causes, with unreliable and impractical explanations and approaches.

    Culture of accepting criminality and conflict and enslavement and destructiveness and greed – doesn’t arise or persist naturally (not alongside the great art and literature made which would elevate culture) – it is arranged and maintained in part by confusing and associating progress with distractions and embarrassments to reason.

    That is what these undemanding appraisals of reports of supposedly repressed and advanced physics, by people like yourself, not interested enough in contemporary physics to start there ARE. They are distractions and embarrassments to reason, sorry to be so blunt. Start with physics not Lawtons throw away soundbites on what is wrong with it.

    The episode should be resigned to have set an example of how to waste attention and be led into fantastic areas devoid of necessary experience to make sense of them, even less than make something good from them.

    Are you going try to make a perpetual electric generator or give money to that cause?

    Or just become more cynical about contemporary AGW and seismology and anything and everything?

    The subject has only benefited from being hosted here, as much as it is worthwhile to see how easy it is to be lead astray and taint practical interests and information with opposite.

  • crab

    About general scepticism of contemporary scientific theory – in law and some particular positions of science may and does become distorted. But fundamentals of Science are checked and understood to people who put great practice into doing so.

    If you see a good musician playing an instrument which they have practiced long on, it appears and sounds magical like a circus act, its unbelievable like what a juggler or an acrobat can do.

    Similarly the insights and comprehension of certain realms which are accessible through the now ancient craft of scientific research – are incredible to those who unpracticed with them.

    You might think the juggling tricks or fingerwork of the musician must be an illusion.
    Someone says it is, and the best way to make those sounds is actually to play with the knuckles. Musicians laugh and frown that off. Are you going to start practicing playing an instrument with you knuckles? What have you to teach with or say about the other musicians then?

  • crab

    That is an interesting case Brian, because Jui Jitsu practioners are actually all show men with no true skill. I have a copy of some colourful writings somewhere which reveal that true martial dominance is achievable through training the hairs the body to transmit and absorb forces.

    This is the true purpose of the remaining hairs on the human body which emerged when evolved from apes towards being angelic beings with psychofolical powers. The standard talk about chi and muscle tone is a distraction. Ill send you some links later and you can spend time considering this alternative view.

    You have only been trained in fake and repressed ways along with the other schoolboys. Everything that you have learned so far about jui jitsui and life itself is irrelevant to the hidden truth.

  • English Knight

    And here I was thinking this blog was about preventing the Eretz Yisraelis from starting the next World War (with habba furiously apologising for them!),and causing mankind to lose a 100 YEARS of material progress!! Goes to show how wrong you can be. Crab, the follicles at the back of my neck are all standing to attention as I type this?! Ah sorry, it was just the USB fan at work !

  • English Knight

    OT – To Crab and the still searching crew, the secret cure for a mind under attack ,desperately trying to keep alive in its death throes, lies in this Sufi saying.

    “The mind is like a horse, good to traverse with overland, but once you have finally reached the sea shore (of love),its of no use, as it shrieks and neighs (in blogs?!)on its hind legs unable to go forward. A boat is needed now, and that boat is SILENCE”

  • Jemand - The Easter Bunny Hears Your Prayers

    For those who are enthusiastically following the posts of Trowbridge H Ford (the middle initial confers old-school respectability) and Dave Lawton, you might not like this suggestion, but you’re probably being punk’d. It’s either an elaborate hoax in creating fictitious online personalities that suck people into an epic practical joke or a deliberate scheme to muddy the waters of intelligent discussion of real govt conspiracies with those of the standard crackpot variety. If it’s a joke, I admire the ingenuity and persistence of the actors.

    But while this blog drifts off into an exploration of earthquake generating gamma lasers and UFOs, the ruling class is plotting its next move to dispossess you of yet another fundamental civil right in order to reinforce their grip on the political status quo. Mr M’s blog was intended (I presume) to stimulate awareness of REAL developments in corruption, criminality, malfeasance and misconduct. I’m sure he’s thrilled to see this blog degenerate into an aimless cacophony of unrelated mythological topics.

    If either of these two characters are real, are there any links to creditable online sources (rather than fringe media) that include photos of them? I mean, they are posting here ostensibly under their real names, citing supposedly real work so it can’t be too much to ask them for credentials that don’t require us to go out of our way to observe evidence that they are genuine.

    So far, my research has turned up nothing on these characters other than active participation on forums, crackpot websites and references to conspiracy theories. Is there a plain old facebook page with either of these two petting their dogs or enjoying an icecream in a park? Nope! Compare that to what can be found about Craig Murray and some of his followers on this blog who post under their real names. Notice the difference?
    . . . .

    Can you spot the photo of Dave Lawton?

    Is this you, Dave?

    Trowbridge making new friends –

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