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1,570 thoughts on “Nuclear Nightmare

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  • Anon

    A Node,

    H1N1 Swine flu periodically mutated to develop a pre-known deep long infection mutation. That these wild mutations never developed known other complementary mutations that would allow both deep lung infection and easy airborne spread (as the 1918 virus managed to do so well) some say is a matter of luck.

    There were some real scares when it looked like the deep lung infection variant was spreading human-human in Ukraine. Autopsies of the lungs of some victims look like the lungs of H5N1 bird flu victims and the records of 1918 deaths. The WHO descended on Ukraine like a ton of bricks with antivirals and the outbreak stayed in control.

    The particular mutation and others continue to occur sporadically. It’s the fear that this could have been 1918 all over again with just a few changes that was really motivating the all out effort to control it. The NHS ran an exercise based on mutation occurring and while not exactly the end of the world, results were not pretty.

    If I read the tea-leaves correctly, this new H7N9 doesn’t have to twiddle too many base pairs before we’re all potential virus lunch.

  • Anon

    Curious Fact

    The older people were the more immunity they had to swine flu. Those who were alive in 1918 had the highest resistance of all, whether they were recorded as having caught the flu or not back then. Swine flu was partially descended from the 1918 outbreak and the human immune system still remembered that 90 years later.

  • doug scorgie

    Dave Lawton
    7 Apr, 2013 – 8:37 pm

    “Ben, JLN has done quite a bit of research into lifters. It came from Townsend Brown US Physicist you could call the Father of the lifters.”

    Would that be the “shirt-lifters” Dave?

  • karel

    Dave lawton,

    are you mad or just a ordinary scoundrel posting deliberate nonsense? The article you refer to is a joke and the supposed US patent No. 0002449550 was not filed in 1960 but in 1948 and is no longer in the data base. How convenient. please construct the “lifter” if you believe in wonders. it may help to lift your prick when in dire need.

  • A Node


    It’s all about risk assessment. As a healthy wood-touching male, I assess the risk of serious harm to me …

    … from natural flu as low.
    … from a man-made-virus, higher.
    … from a flu vaccine, highest.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Dave; “3 orders of magnitude….” and the Army just went, “so….?” I don’t understand why, other than possibly ending one’s career, that LENR’s are sucking hind-tit. The simplicity (for those other than myself) seems ideal for the backyard genius plying his prototype. Is that why ITER is sucking up all the research shekels? Projects which occupy multiples of Nations is big enough to draw Media, and kill the competition.

  • crab

    In 2010 when swine flu filled the headlines, it killed 142 people in England and Wales. The government spent 239 million pounds on vaccines.

    In the same period 141,446 people died of cancer. Cancer Research UK leads by far the biggest fight against cancer. It receives no government funding, raises all funds from the public, and its largest ever donation was 10million pounds.

    That is truely remarkable.

  • doug scorgie

    Venezuela election just seven days to go

    “Maduro Orders Military Protection of Venezuelan Electricity System against Presumed Sabotage”

    “Interim President Nicolas Maduro yesterday ordered the Venezuelan military to protect power plants against what he claimed [were] attempts to sabotage Venezuela’s electricity system ahead of next week’s presidential election.”

    “The move was ordered in a meeting with government ministers, military commanders and electricity board authorities, following a set of power outages in Caracas and Aragua state on Wednesday considered to be suspicious.”

  • doug scorgie

    Softening-up the British public for UK drone attacks?

    “Today the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and the University of Surrey’s Centre for International Intervention (cii) have published Hitting the Target? How New Capabilities are Shaping International Intervention.”

    “What [is required is an examination of] new polling data examining the attitude of the British public towards the use of armed drones. While some of the data is useful, unfortunately some of it is also skewed because of badly worded questions. For example, the poll asks:”

    “It was recently reported that the UK Government might be passing information to US authorities to help them carry out missile strikes from unmanned aircraft called “drones” to kill known terrorists overseas in countries like Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. To what extent, if at all, would you support or oppose the UK Government assisting in a drone missile strike to kill a known terrorist overseas?”

    “ The response is that 55% of those polled either strongly supported or tended towards supporting such strikes. The reality however is that strikes in Pakistan are taking place not against “known terrorist” but against “suspected” militants or insurgents. The use of the word ‘terrorist’ and ‘known’ rather than ‘suspected’ hugely undermines the resulting data from this question.”

    More at:

  • Peter

    Please! Please!! Please!!! Do something about this Blog, its falling apart! Perhaps it’s intentional? Where is Craig where is the moderator? Worried!!!

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    “Please! Please!! Please!!! Do something about this Blog, its falling apart! Perhaps it’s intentional? Where is Craig where is the moderator? Worried!!!”

    Where were you while Hab was active?

  • A Node

    Dave Lawton,

    I’m enjoying reading your posts. It seems obvious to me that you are genuine in your beliefs and knowledgeable in the field of alternative energy. Even better, you have inside knowledge. I am interested in this subject because I believe that about a century ago, the oil companies waged a successful generation-long campaign to kill off alternatives to oil, and thus make us dependent on it. It is just not credible that after more than a century we haven’t replaced the internal combustion engine as the mainstay of our transport system.

    To protect their investment, I believe the oil companies are suppressing technology which would lessen our dependence on them. I would expect them to use all the legal and illegal tools of the powerful – misinformation, opinion-forming, control of research, imprisonment, murder, etc, and I would also expect them to harass and discredit anyone who they see as a threat.

    For these reasons, it’s hard for Joe Bloggs and me to separate the information wheat from the chaff. I don’t know enough yet to judge the credibility of these new ideas, so my strategy, as in all such situations, is to try and hear honest opinion from as many perspectives as possible and eventually build up the big picture. I rate your opinion highly and I’m glad you’ve begun posting here. Please don’t be put off by the recent flurry of abuse.

  • Dave Lawton

    @doug scorgie 9:36pm Doug I had one over me the other day ,I think it was a Watchkeeper ,Its geting a bit like the Gaza strip were I live.I can do without Israel putting in their penny`s worth.

  • Villager

    A Node, agreed. And thanks to you and Anon for the very constructive, informative and civilised dialogue you have shared. If i may add, others would do well to emulate the standard.

  • Dave Lawton

    @ A Node 9:59
    Thanks for the support there seems to be quite a bit of Trollish behavior round here a pattern has developed. I suppose they can`t
    help we use to call them straights.

  • Anon


    I’m more interested in the “lifter” than (to me) unbelievable earthquake sats running wild.

    Curious that if I try to pull the NASA document direct from NASA I get the following message

    The NASA technical reports server will be unavailable for public access
    while the agency conducts a review of the site’s content to ensure that it
    does not contain technical information that is subject to U.S. export control laws
    and regulations and that the appropriate reviews were performed.
    The site will return to service when the review is complete.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    I don’t see how any of this relates to gamma ray earthquake lasers. Totally different subject.

    The NASA paper concludes according to the copy at

    In spite of decades of speculation about possible new physical principles being responsible for the thrust produced by ACTs and lifters, we find no evidence to support such a conclusion. On the contrary, we find that their operation is fully explained by a very simple theory that uses only electrostatic forces and the transfer of momentum by multiple collisions

    Google Cache shows the following (still in cache but unavailable as of now)

    Asymmetrical Capacitors for Propulsion
    Online Source: Click to View PDF File [PDF Size: 993 KB]
    Author: Canning, Francis X.; Melcher, Cory; Winet, Edwin
    Abstract: Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters have been proposed as a source of propulsion. For over eighty years, it has been known that a thrust results when a high voltage is placed across an asymmetrical capacitor, when that voltage causes a leakage current to flow. However, there is surprisingly little experimental or theoretical data explaining this effect. This paper reports on the results of tests of several Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters (ACTs). The thrust they produce has been measured for various voltages, polarities, and ground configurations and their radiation in the VHF range has been recorded. These tests were performed at atmospheric pressure and at various reduced pressures. A simple model for the thrust was developed. The model assumed the thrust was due to electrostatic forces on the leakage current flowing across the capacitor. It was further assumed that this current involves charged ions which undergo multiple collisions with air. These collisions transfer momentum. All of the measured data was consistent with this model. Many configurations were tested, and the results suggest general design principles for ACTs to be used for a variety of purposes.
    Collection: NASA
    NASA Center: Glenn Research Center
    Publication Date: October 2004
    Publication Year: 2004
    Document ID: 20040171929
    Report/Patent Number: NASA/CR-2004-213312, E-14772
    Contract/Grant/Task Number: NAS3-00124; WBS 22-62-949-10-01
    Publication Information: Number of pages = 23
    Language: English
    Coverage: Final Report
    Accessibility: Unclassified; Publicly available; Unlimited; No Copyright
    Document Source: CASI
    Updated/Added to NTRS: May 12, 2008

    The topic is forbidden to be discussed on I note.

  • doug scorgie

    Dave Lawton
    7 Apr, 2013 – 10:05 pm

    “@doug scorgie 9:36pm Doug I had one over me the other day ,I think it was a Watchkeeper ,Its geting a bit like the Gaza strip were I live.I can do without Israel putting in their penny`s worth.”

    So you live in Gaza?

    Nuff said.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Dave; from A Node’s 10:37

    “Ablative material will be discussed below. However, as a preview it may be mentioned that for the velocities of the ejected material that might be expected to result from thermal or electrostatic forces, the amount of material that would need to be removed is much greater than that available. The suggestion of polarizing the vacuum into mater and antimatter appears inconsistent with known physics, since the energy available at the particle level, due to an ACT….snip………

    , is roughly 9 ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE too small.

    These proposed mechanisms are discussed in more detail under “Theoretical Analysis.”

    The Army found 3 orders of magnitude. What is this apparent inconsistency?

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    Gawd; Sorry A Node/ Anon. My post above was incorrectly addressed.

  • Dave Lawton

    @Anon 10:37pm
    I am not really interested in thrusters I posted the JLN link for Ben.
    If you are really interested check the site .Within your post is this.”charged ions which undergo multiple collisions with air.” How come it works in a vacuum ?

  • Anon


    It doesn’t work in a vacuum according to the published research.

    This is how the bearded wise ones at put it and justify the general ban on discussion.

    Here is the way that I see it. First of all, any evidence for a genuine anomaly is very small. We have a number of studies that claim no effect was observed [see the closed topics list and links], or that observed effects are likely explained conventionally, and one from 1990 claiming a slight effect that is almost certainly not the Biefeld-Brown effect. For one, Biefeld and Brown claimed to observe the phenomenon with no arcing. This was specfically discounted in the 1990 paper cited.

    As for the evidence for some anomaly other than the so-called Biefeld-Brown effect, the report is in the literature and appears to be othewise unsupported. So, in the interest of objectivity, we can leave this open to potential explanations grounded in known science, but not for discussion of new theories. If we find recently published papers in appropriate mainstream journals that support the claims found in this report, then it would qualify for discussion in the physics forum.

    Again, we are treating this as slight evidence for an anomaly, but not for any so-called Biefeld-Brown effect.

    I can imagine there might be possible classified uses of the technology as described in the NASA paper without resorting to “new physics”.

  • doug scorgie

    Dave Lawton
    7 Apr, 2013 – 11:06 pm

    @Anon 10:37pm

    “ I am not really interested in thrusters I posted the JLN link for Ben.”

    “If you are really interested check the site .Within your post is this.

    ”charged ions which undergo multiple collisions with air.”

    “How come it works in a vacuum?”

    Back to basics Dave. Newton’s third law.

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    I have bookmarked the golem HI, and for that I thank you. Anymore sources you like? Thank you in advance.

  • BrianFujisan

    yep its become a multi topic Blog…

    AND Caig was right…that the anti Scottish independence Propaganda would gather Pace..But this is Fuckin Digusting –

    P.s I for one Would like for Real Scientists to Keep contributing here…
    Dave Lawton, i once observed 3 satellites travelling in a triangular formation, heading east over about the Lower clyde area, in all my years of star gazing i have never seen this before. it was winter 92. any ideas on this

  • Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    I know you don’t suffer fools, well. Just see it as the test of fire. It will hone your skills. There are a lot of perceptive folks here.

    Test out who is who.

  • Anon


    Seems Prog Rock won’t go away.

    That tweet is by Marillion’s “Fish” and refers to

    IN APRIL 1933, the Union Debating Society of St Andrews University invited a German government language tutor, Otto Wagner, to propose the motion: “This House approves of the Nazi Party, and congratulates it on its splendid work in the reformation of Germany.”

    According to the society’s annual report, “Herr Wagner overcame the language difficulties with such skill.” He was notably supported by the undergraduate George K Young, ­future spy chief and president of the anti-immigrant Monday Club. The minutes of the debate recorded that “the 75 members on the floor with a further 50 in the gallery” passed the motion with a clear majority.

    Fish took too much cocaine and turned into a fat, total twat who left Marillion and picked up Radio Tay in his head in BBC dramas about Dundee (although it was funny and somewhat accurate).

  • Dave Lawton

    @Anon 11:29 pm Check the tests at Nasa on JLN they disagree there is some reaction although small.
    With regards to the Physics forum I don`t know who the are,The big boys and girls I use to play with
    don`t go on forums.

  • Anon

    PS I have met Fish. On the final occasion he appeared to do a disappearing trick when he saw me that impressed me greatly. The younger version of himself wold kick the fuck out of the older version. He might even admit that.

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