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The Respectability of Torture

St Mary’s University College, Thurs 1st August, 7.30pm


Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, was a whistleblower who was removed from his ambassadorial post by Tony Blair for exposing the Tashkent regime‟s use of rape and systematic torture, including the boiling to death of political opponents. He has also spoken out against Central Asia‟s appalling dictatorships, regimes which are allies of the West, involved in torture and rendition, and was accused of threatening MI6‟s relationship with the CIA. Now a human rights activist, author and broadcaster, he outlines the dynamics of torture and the hypocrisy of incriminated Western governments.


My first public appearance for a while will be in Belfast on 1 August where I shall be giving a talk.  Long term readers of this blog will recall that, while my focus is largely on international affairs, the domestic political achievements I most hope to see are a united Ireland and an independent Scotland.

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  1. Talha Ahsan is a lovely man, highly educated, a prize-winning poet with a love of world literature. I know this because I write to him at the US Supermax prison where he is kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours every day. When I write I think of Nelson Mandela and Mordechai Vanunu and other people imprisoned wrongfully. Theresa May, a supposed Christian, had Talha extradited at the behest of the neo-Nazi United States. I urge you to watch this 3 minute film and think of Talha and his family who will not be spending Eid together for the seventh consecutive year. That is seven long years of imprisonment without a trial. What has happened to my beloved country?


  2. Very good article John on nuclear news coverage. Sadly many people seem to have been duped into believing that nuclear is a solution to carbon emissions and GW and like you say the underlying problem is privatization of utilities where selling more not conserving is the goal..yes its just plain greed.

    Cameron claims that his Big Society is based on the ideas of E F Schumacher who predicted the problems of nuclear power and pioneered earth and user friendly technology matched to the scale of community life in his Small is Beautiful.

    Cameron’s piggybacking upon the wise and prophetic and the twisting Schumachers principles to give his own more credibility smacks of Thatchers corruption of Adam Smiths concept of the ‘invisible hand’ D.C Kortens (ex World Bank) Betrayal of Adan smith

    Kortens Betrayal of Adan smith

  3. Possibly relevant to the above:

    The suffix ‘.onion’ means that the link is a Tor one. I gather there is some pretty revolting stuff in the deep (multiply-proxied) Web – as well as decent hardworking lefties avoiding Google and all his works. So I am not too inclined to investigate further.

  4. Johnstone, thanks for the link and kind words.

    Adam Smith did have good intentions. Unfortunately his concept of specialization of labour led to mundane jobs and later to piecework sweat-shops where workers were little other than automatons. It also inadvertently led to the “most efficient” companies swamping up the smaller companies which the article shows was not his intention.

    So how do we get Cameron to put a stop to nuclear power-stations?

  5. Komodo, thanks for the explanation of why alternative social networking sites are not viable.

  6. [Mod: homophobic, deleted]

  7. John – I see on their Google+ page (!) that the Chinese Pirate Party use one-time pads for their secure comms. Sensible of them. They also have a Facebook page….


  8. Hasbarista – you’re too stereotypical to be true. Give up.

  9. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 4:06 pm

    LGBT leadership is typical of bureaucrats. They eliminated Manning as Grand Marshal of their Gay Pride ceremonies in SF. Obama has done what they wanted for their own civil liberties, and now he’s pressuring Russia with that club hoping for a two-fer on Snowden.

    To the Gay community in general, I say thanks to many for coming unglued with their leaders over the Manning disrespect, and collusion with Obama on their NIMBY and narcissism.

  10. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 4:35 pm

    I guess it’s good for the digestion when you get little bytes over time.

    NSA (drip, drip) on to DEA (drip drip) then to IRS.

    (Reuters) – Details of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration program that feeds tips to federal agents and then instructs them to alter the investigative trail were published in a manual used by agents of the Internal Revenue Service for two years.


  11. Greenwald in the Guardian

    On Obama’s cancellation of summit with Putin and extradition


    Worth a read

  12. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 4:45 pm

    Heh, Dre. That revealing context on extradition reminds me of Nixon’s words…

    “When the President does it, it’s not illegal”

  13. Thanks for that link to chaos rider. What is it with eople always quoting a t/road system, that is as chaotic as that in the UK.

    Progressing form the 1000 mile motorway of the fifties and seventies, the ring and loop system in Norwich by Mr. Buchanan, systems that were developed for cars first, not for the healthiest fastest and cheapest means of travel from A to B.

    When the British surveyors obliged Adolf invitation, beguiled by a visit to the Autobahn and the Olympics, watching him shake hands with Mussolini, ah what a treat.

    Now if they would have ventured within Berlin, Hamburg or any other City, they would have noticed cycle lanes separated from roads and pedestrian path, next to most major roads. But the little darlings weren’t interested they wanted to see Autobahns.

    There are many countries that could provide a better example than NY commuter man. I agree that those dinky little mirrors are helpful, but that is not normal cycling.
    Have a visit to the Assen races and watch how relaxed drivers/riders are with cyclists. Its about regulating traffic so it makes sense. Cyclists and the disabled have
    first priority, then trams, taxis and buses, then the rest of the motoristas.

    It is hard to change attitudes that are engrained for decades, but you can change future planning to make it more amicable.

    Cycling will get more popular and motorists should start now. Giving cyclists a wide birth when overtaking, I venture all the way over into the other lane, if nothing comes from ahead, for cyclists and minimoto’s, the bigger bikes usually are faster than me.

    Another point, I have my lights on all day, not just nights, because I want to be seen by bikers. If bikers come from ahead, I make sure I drive on the left side of the road, sometimes indicate to let them know I’ve seen them coming, but only if nothing coming from behind me.

    Traffic must flow to work.

  14. Komodo, thanks again for the link to the Chinese Pirate Party. There is not much activity there but I guess that’s the plan.

  15. doug scorgie

    8 Aug, 2013 - 5:28 pm

    “Despite renewal of peace talks Israel approves plans for hundreds of residential units in West Bank settlements”

    “The Civil Administration, Israel’s highest civilian authority in the West Bank, approved construction plans on Wednesday for 878 housing units in isolated settlements across the territory.”

    “Israel will make it clear to the European Union that it will not sign any future agreements that restrict European assistance, grants or investments on Israeli entities with a direct or indirect connection to the West Bank, East Jerusalem or the Golan Heights. Nor will Israel agree to include in agreements with the EU a territorial clause that requires it to acknowledge the fact that its sovereignty does not extend beyond the 1967 lines.”


    Israel has no intention of allowing a viable Palestinian state and the “Peace Process” is a sham. That is my view.

    What are the views of our resident Israel supporters here?

  16. Nice one, Apple

    Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “sensitive”, and “protected from externalities.”

    ­In other words, these powers will have control over what can and cannot be documented on wireless devices during any public event.

    And while the company says the affected sites are to be mostly cinemas, theaters, concert grounds and similar locations, Apple Inc. also says “covert police or government operations may require complete ‘blackout’ conditions.”


  17. The TOR exploit wasn’t actually quite a zero-day exploit. Mozilla patched Firefox against the vulnerability and TOR patched the browser bundle back in June. The exploit only worked against TOR users on Windows who hadn’t updated in the last month (despite being prompted to at each startup)

    The authorities planted a “phone home with my hostname, ip address and MAC address” bug on the PC of every visitor to the alleged illegal content with a vulnerable TOR browser. But it seems they also took control of TORmail and may have bugged its users as well. Perhaps TORmail was the real target all along.

    Presumably a lot of nervous TORmail users right now. TORmail is now no more (unless it comes back online run by the FBI of course).

  18. Monsieur Goss, the link is for use with a Tor connection, like so,


    Statist propaganda has trained people to blurt ‘porn, ew, ick,’ at any mention of a darknet, the better to keep them under surveillance. It’s reflex by now, like hitting someone’s knee with the rubber mallet. The feds do their part by dumping government-issue porn in there and putting fake pedophiles on patrol. There are 100 fake pedophiles for every real one. How they keep from entrapping each other I don’t know. But hidden services are increasingly crucial if you want to defend your legal right to privacy.

  19. Tor .onion address posted earlier seems to be


    multi.ver.se – Uncensored ocial network developed by the Chinese Pirate Party: http://ofrmtr2fphxkqgz3.onion/

    Never been to an “ocial” network before. Don’t think I will now!

  20. BrianFujisan

    8 Aug, 2013 - 6:45 pm

    Ben @ yesterday @ 3;33pm

    “It was the Bee Knees ” Lol, nice one

    here’s some important Questions and Answers on Fukishima’s ongoing calamity.

    Answers can be found at National Geographic Link

    TEPCO, which has come under severe criticism since what many view as its belated acknowledgement July 22 that contaminated water has been leaking for some time. The government now says it is clear that 300 tons (71,895 gallons/272,152 liters) are pouring into the sea each day, enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool every eight days. (See related, “One Year After Fukushima, Japan Faces Shortages of Energy, Trust.”) While Japan grapples with the problem, here are some answers to basic questions about the leaks:

    Q: How long has contaminated water been leaking from the plant into the Pacific?

    Q: How much AND WHAT SORT OF RADIATION is leaking from the plant into the Pacific?

    Q: Why is the plant continuing to leak?

    Q: What can be done to stop the leaking?

    Q: How far is the radiation spreading, and how fast does it travel?

    Q: What are the potential risks to humans, and who might be affected by the contamination?

    Q: Will seafood be contaminated by the leaks?


    Then there’s a good comment from Peace Seeker –

    The film tells the story of the Japanese nuclear plant meltdown in 2011 and the cover-up by the Japanese government and TEPCO. The film documents how the nuclear energy program for “peaceful atoms” was brought to Japan under the auspices of the US military occupation. It explores the criminal cover-up of the safety dangers of the plant by TEPCO and GE management, which built the plant in Fukushima. Included is an interview with Kei Sugaoka, the GE nuclear plant inspector from the bay area who exposed cover-ups in the safety at the Fukushima plant and was retaliated against by GE. The film features the voices of the people and workers about the reality of the disaster. It shows what this means not only for the people of Japan but the people of the world as the US government and nuclear industry continue to push for more new plants and government subsidies. This film breaks the information blockade and the cover-up by the corporate media in Japan, the US and around the world that seeks to convince the public that Fukushima is over.


  21. doug scorgie

    8 Aug, 2013 - 6:48 pm

    I browsed through the new book on David Kelly’s death by Robert Lewis in a shop today.

    It is basically a biography of David Kelly, not an investigation.

    Only the last chapter deals with Harrowdown Hill (briefly) and the Hutton enquiry is hardly mentioned.

    The conclusion of the author is that Dr Kelly committed suicide.

    If you don’t accept that conclusion (which was also the conclusion of Hutton) don’t waste your money on this book.

  22. doug scorgie

    8 Aug, 2013 - 7:40 pm

    8 Aug, 2013 – 10:11 am

    “Connections Between Michael Hastings, Edward Snowden and Barrett Brown — The War With the Security State”


    Dreoilin, I found the article very interesting but the video of Hastings running a red light and then being chased by the police might indicate that he was trying to avoid being stopped; perhaps he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    I think that scenario may be more plausible than some other theories that have been espoused here.

    His death was a tragedy for his family and friends but also a tragedy for investigative journalism.

    It is possible that powerful people were out to get him but I think fate may have stepped in first.

  23. @DS – so what was so explosive about the surroundings of ONE MAN Kelly’s death that made Hutton to require it be kept under wraps for 70 WHOLE YEARS?!!

  24. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 7:47 pm

    Doug @ 7:40. I had to look again when you mentioned the cop.

    The dash cam was activated 2 mins after Hastings went through red light. He was not evading police.

  25. Flaming June

    8 Aug, 2013 - 8:09 pm

    Doug Scorgie @ 5.28pm and others

    Walk Away, Palestinians!

    Choose new leaders and fight for justice under fair and decent procedural rules

    By Stuart Littlewood

    August 07, 2013 “Information Clearing House – (London) – While a fanfare of trumpets announced the resumption of so-called peace talks between Israel and the trampled Palestinians, to be held under the watchful eye of America’s Zionist ‘facilitators’, the Israelis were awarding special priority grants and other government funding to a number of their outlying West Bank “settlements”. http://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/middle-east/israel-moves-to-boost-west-bank-settlements-before-peace-talks-1.1484539


  26. Flaming June

    8 Aug, 2013 - 8:16 pm

    I had noticed all the comments and photo ops. So has Patrick Wintour in the Guardian. Is Cameron in election mode already or just practicing?

    ‘There are few subjects on which Cameron does not have opinion at the moment, as he sets himself up as a one-man news factory. Badger culls will happen and require acts of courage by government. Parents should boycott social media websites linked to cyber-bullying. References to bongo bongo land are distasteful. Peter Cruddas, the former Conservative treasurer, is probably owed an apology. Hospital waits can be reduced with more money. The human rights act would probably go. Fracking is a golden chance for the UK. The new governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has made an impressive start. In short, there is no piece of breaking or broken 24-hour news on which Cameron could not offer an opinion.

    He even has an view on asylum for gay people in Russia: he is in favour. He also tells Capital FM about his perfect weekend: “I love Sunday mornings cooking pancakes with the children”. Unlike Alfred the Great, he says he finds burning cakes are a distraction from politics. “It’s pretty messy, but I love doing things like that. I’ve got a nine-year-old, a seven-year-old and a soon-to-be three-year-old, and doing things with them at the weekend is actually a great way of switching off.” By now, the listener may indeed be tempted to switch off too, but no, there is more.

    Cameron is on to sport. Off he goes: “I was very lucky going to the Wimbledon final, and you go to this lunch before the final and you don’t quite know who you are going to sit next to. And I sat next to Justin Rose who’d just won the US open and he’s a really smashing guy.”‘

    How David Cameron and Nick Clegg turned into 24-hour news machines
    The government’s summer slogan seems to be ‘a lot said, a lot more to say’. Meanwhile, the opposition has gone silent

  27. Flaming June

    8 Aug, 2013 - 8:19 pm

    Israel joins in the terrrrr alerts.

    8 August 2013 Last updated at 19:41
    Eilat airport: Israeli military orders shutdown

  28. “It is possible that powerful people were out to get him but I think fate may have stepped in first.” — Doug

    Yes Doug. Sure. In fact anything is possible at this stage, since even after two months very little detail is known.

    But I watched that video of “Hastings running a red light” and I don’t know how anyone can identify Hastings car from it. EXCEPT that it was Hastings car they found crashed shortly afterwards.

    And apparently Hastings said he hadn’t had a drink in ten years. I think he described himself as a ‘recovering drunk/addict’. I read that at Breitbart and it’s hard to know what to believe from Breitbart – it’s about as good as Beck’s Blaze.

    A toxicology report would be helpful.

    He did, apparently, receive threats or a threat from some of McChrystal’s men that if what he wrote wasn’t complimentary, they’d kill him. But maybe that was just loose talk.

  29. doug scorgie

    8 Aug, 2013 - 8:26 pm

    8 Aug, 2013 – 7:42 pm

    @DS – so what was so explosive about the surroundings of ONE MAN Kelly’s death that made Hutton to require it be kept under wraps for 70 WHOLE YEARS?!!

    Habarista, I agree with you.

    I believe Dr Kelly was murdered.

  30. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 8:29 pm

    Quite the capitalist, Sibel Edmonds. Her top story has a video but you must subscribe (PAY !) for the privilege. She has quite a few pkgs to buy, bundled as a bonus. I asked here a few weeks ago about her ‘subscription’ mania, requiring short or long-term commitment just to comment.



  31. doug scorgie

    8 Aug, 2013 - 8:32 pm

    Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)
    8 Aug, 2013 – 7:47 pm

    Doug @ 7:40. I had to look again when you mentioned the cop.

    “The dash cam was activated 2 mins after Hastings went through red light. He was not evading police.”

    Ben, I’ll have another look, I thought it was all caught on the police camera.

  32. I just read this tweet

    “It’s important to remember there is no expiration date for this terror scare” — CBS reporter last night

    From Activism Director, FAIR (@fairmediawatch).

    For god’s sake …

    No expiration date on the War on Terror, no expiration date on the ‘terror threat’. They want to keep the American population in chains. And I’m afraid it’s working.

  33. Rancadore, nicknamed “U profissuri” (the professor), is the son of Giuseppe Rancadore, the former head of the mafia clan in Trabia near Palermo, who is serving a life sentence in jail.

    In Britain, Domenico Rancadore ran a travel agency and lived a comfortable life, the Italian Interior Ministry said.

    Il Duce had wiped out the Mafia in Italy. However as the Americans attacked Italy during the WWII they were heavily reliant on American Mafioso to set up the fifth column beach head in Sicily, and thus the Mafia vermin were re-introduced into Italy and has flourished ever since.

    these days Mafioso are protected from arrest and imprisonment by the US and toadies.

  34. Thats right Dreoilin the politics of fear has been turned into a calculative science and now deeply entrenched into American life. Legitimacy is first drawn from that gullible populace and then other countries and leaders are bribed, pressured or bullied to follow suit. Obama is one of the most hypocritical political actors one has seen in one’s life.

  35. technicolour

    8 Aug, 2013 - 9:30 pm

    dreoilin, thanks for apple stuff, have redistributed a bit!

  36. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 10:04 pm

    [Mod/Jon: excessive focus on one poster, deleted]

  37. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 10:14 pm

    2 Mr Scorgie:

    “I browsed through the new book on David Kelly’s death by Robert Lewis in a shop today”

    Mr Scorgie, it’s cheapskates like you – browse interminably for free and then exit without buying – who are contributing to driving bookshops out of business.

    You could also have asked your local library to obtain a copy for you to borrow, thus supporting local libraries in their important social function.

    Are you just another hypocrite rather than the fine, upstanding man of principle I’ve always taken you for?

  38. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 10:19 pm

    “How David Cameron and Nick Clegg turned into 24-hour news machines”

    At last! NOW I know where Flaming June/Mary gets her inspiration from! :)

  39. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 10:23 pm

    cut-backs put you on part-time Havasack?

  40. technicolour

    8 Aug, 2013 - 10:38 pm

    Habbakuk, have you watched To Shoot an Elephant?

  41. @ Dreoilin 8 Aug, 2013 – 5:33 pm
    “Nice one, Apple: Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “sensitive”, and “protected from externalities.””

    More govt. in our pants — I mean trousers — govt. is already in our underpants at airports.

    The first of these alerts sounded at night recently in California. The sound is akin to a smoke detector or ambulance siren and overrides silence/vibrate settings. People were highly alarmed, and for some the warning repeated through the night.

    There are three levels of alerts: imminent threat warning (tornadoes, fires, etc.); missing child alert; Grand Presidential Alert. All are enabled by default.

    The first two can be disabled (opt out) with some difficulty; the last cannot. Assume it is preceded by a fanfare of trumpets and “Hail to the Chief”. What, beyond an imminent threat of disaster, would the president wish to communicate? A presidential threat, “Vote for Hillary on Tuesday, or else!”?

    A lively debate is under way over the missing child alerts, some claiming only uncaring, unfeeling monsters would object. The usual, “If only one precious child is saved.” and “What if it was your child?” Will all opting out find themselves on a master list of uncaring monsters, not meeting community standards and guilty of inappropriate behavior? Will missing puppy and kitten alerts be added?

    Wait for an alert at 8pm on a Friday or Saturday, when people are fine-dining, at a stadium event, a Broadway show, the Opera or one of Ms. Emma Sayle’s clubs.

    People asked after the recent nighttime alert, what response is expected; are citizens statewide to rush out on the streets in their nightclothes (if any) and search for the abductor’s car? If an alert sounds while driving and you pick up the phone will you be charged with texting while driving?

  42. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 10:43 pm

    Sitting outside on a beautiful day, watching the air traffic. Very low humidity. The first one I see has a con-trail, which rapidly evaporates. Three more flyover @ roughly same alt. No con-trail.

    Suspicious minds

  43. BrianFujisan

    8 Aug, 2013 - 11:24 pm

  44. Aircraft engines operate with different bypass ratios. Less fud all round.

  45. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    8 Aug, 2013 - 11:40 pm

    “Aircraft engines operate with different bypass ratios. Less fud all round.”

    bypass ratios? Please expand.

  46. http://www.businessinsider.com/meet-lavabit-edward-snowdens-email-2013-7

    How Edward Snowden Sends His Ultra-Sensitive Emails

    Want to email like a spy on the run? Use Lavabit.

    Edward Snowden is apparently using the service, which jumped into existence in 2004 as a result of privacy concerns about Gmail.



    My Fellow Users,

    I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit. After significant soul searching, I have decided to suspend operations. I wish that I could legally share with you the events that led to my decision. I cannot. I feel you deserve to know what’s going on–the first amendment is supposed to guarantee me the freedom to speak out in situations like this. Unfortunately, Congress has passed laws that say otherwise. As things currently stand, I cannot share my experiences over the last six weeks, even though I have twice made the appropriate requests.

    What’s going to happen now? We’ve already started preparing the paperwork needed to continue to fight for the Constitution in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. A favorable decision would allow me resurrect Lavabit as an American company.

    This experience has taught me one very important lesson: without congressional action or a strong judicial precedent, I would _strongly_ recommend against anyone trusting their private data to a company with physical ties to the United States.

    Ladar Levison
    Owner and Operator, Lavabit LLC

  47. Serious Fuck up Office: SFO in biggest criminal data breach ever

    To say; you cannot make this shit up! Is a statement that conveys lack of imagination combined with a sense of outrage that is easily aroused. However for those of us with a pretty active imagination and a jaded and fucked up outlook. This latest fiasco of the SFO really only reiterates Serious Fiasco Office adn its remit, which was set up to fail and it has done so spectacularly time and again.

    After all it is expected that serious fraud to be engaged in by the serious corporates who pay to sponsor the politicos and own their arse. Hence any fraud perpetrated by these Serious Organisations, effectively ought to go unchallenged, hence the Serious Fiasco Office and its track record.

    The Serious Fraud Office is engulfed by a new scandal after it admitted that thousands of pages of evidence as well as tapes and data files from 58 separate sources were sent back to the wrong owner.

    The enormous volume of evidence related to its long-running corruption investigation into defence giant BAE Systems which finally ended in 2010 with the company agreeing to pay almost £300m in the US and UK.

    The data constituted fully 3 per cent of the total evidence accumulated as part of the case, and included 32,000 document pages and 81 audio tapes in addition to electronic media.

  48. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 12:56 am

    “The US has apparently accepted the fact that Russia granted one-year asylum to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. Russia has impressed the world, which views the Kremlin as the “winner” and the White House as the “loser.”

    This judgment is correct. In the Snowden case, all the other countries involved have become winners while the US is the sole loser. Washington put on a show of bravado, but failed to extradite Snowden in the end. By contrast, Moscow displayed its national characteristics of decisiveness and boldness and kept Washington at bay”


  49. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e59guruVL4o

    That had a weird effect on me – in a good way :)


  50. BrianFujisan

    9 Aug, 2013 - 1:48 am

    Doug @ 6;48 pm

    Here’s some ( real ) experts stuff on Dr Kelly Death

    The Hutton Inquiry was a good window into establishment tricks; illusion was foremost. On the one hand, my Lord Falconer needed to be served up with a pseudo-coronial verdict so that the coronial mouse, Nicholas Gardiner, would be bound to declare when he re-opened his inquest 16th March 2004, (1) there were “no exceptional reasons” for the inquest to be resumed. He added that an inquest would have done little to halt the controversy over Dr Kelly’s death and he asked that Mrs Kelly and her family be now allowed “to grieve in peace”.’ Instead, a rigorous inquisition would likely have stilled controversy. The request that the family be allowed ‘to grieve in peace’ was oft repeated and especially in the direction of a small group of awkward doctors who urged an inquest pure and simple. That a verdict of suicide is often a pool of sadness for a family was never mentioned.

    The illusion that an inquest had taken place, albeit of an ersatz variety, required a smattering of forensic testimony; that one half day out of twenty-one days would be sufficient. Hutton reinforced the likely use of illusion by ruling there would be no cross examination. This was even applied to the ‘evidence’ of the paramount psychopath Blair. The stage was set for a free run by pathologist and toxicologist in that half day. In spite of Falconer’s direction ‘urgently to inquire into the circumstances surrounding ….’ having no forensic implications whatsoever, there had to be a bit of ‘science’ to impress the press.


    The illusionist required people to assume that with three foil packs of Co-proxamol empty but for one tablet, the missing twenty-nine tablets had all been swallowed by Dr Kelly. Leave aside his great difficulty in swallowing pills. If all had been ingested and absorbed, the paracetamol component would probably have killed him within a week from its toxicity on the liver. The dextropropoxyphene (DPPP) is a depressant drug, a synthetic cousin of morphine. This would have depressed respiration before all 29 had ended in his blood stream, and death would have been likely. There is an additional and variable effect of DPPP; cardiac arrhythmias can be triggered leading to death. This possibility has been a trump card for the proponents of certain suicide in this man but it was not played at the Hutton inquiry.

    Dr Andrew Watt is one of the small group of doctors which persists in urging an inquest. He is a clinical pharmacologist so drug absorption, protein binding, tissue distribution, action, drug metabolism, half life and much else are up his street. He knows a good deal more about how paracetamol and DPPP would have behaved before the subject’s death than Dr Hunt or the toxicologist Dr Allan. He observed that the reported levels (2) of 1mcg/ml of DPPP and 97mcg/ml of paracetamol were in the ratio of 1:97 in ONE blood sample and that was difficult to explain given the ratio of weight in the Co-proxamol preparation was 1:10, a ten fold difference. He also calculated that if this DPPP level was distributed evenly through the Total Body Water then it would have been provided by two tablets of Co-Proxamol alone.

    More here –


  51. “Washington’s Drive For Hegemony Is A Drive To War — Paul Craig Roberts”


  52. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 6:36 am

    @Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)8 Aug, 2013 – 10:19 pm

    The day that Agent Cameron and Cleggover are my inspiration, pigs will fly.

    PS I knew that the Old Testament prophet would make that comment when I posted Patrick Wintour’s piece!

  53. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 6:43 am

    A partei with fewer than 100,000 members is controlling the lives of 63 million people. So democratic.

    ‘Conservative Party ‘has barely 100,000 members’ – matching recent declines for other parties – as Commons Speaker calls for direct democracy revolution’


    Ditto Cleggover’s partei

  54. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 6:54 am

    The effect on the flora of the Chernobyl disaster is shown.

    Caption – The change in wood colour in these Scots pine logs indicates the year of the accident

    What about the fauna?

    Chernobyl’s legacy recorded in trees

  55. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 7:15 am

    A post from Medialens about fracking and the BBC coverage. I had noticed a very glowing report by their David Shukman on the US operations. The landscapes shown were shocking and similar to that shown here.

    What the BBC doesn’t want you to know about the UK’s fracking nightmare
    Posted by flash on August 8, 2013, 10:34 pm

    “The mainstream media, notably the BBC, has also got its nose in the trough, and is supporting to the hilt what is clearly a corrupt government agenda. There are daily ongoing protests at the first test drilling site, at Balcombe in Surrey, but the size of it has either been under-reported, downplayed or dismissed – the usual tactics, in other words.

    Even more tellingly, Ian Crane, a geology expert with more than 20 years in the oil services industry, gave a remarkably informed interview to BBC Radio Lancashire about the clearly high risks to health and safety that fracking will cause, and needless to say, the whole thing ended up on the cutting room floor.”

    Full article here:


    I saw this yesterday about Lord Browne of Riverstone, co-supporter of Cuadrilla with A J Lucas.

    Ex-BP Boss Browne Plots Stock Market Return
    New role will be the peer’s first on board of a London-listed company since he stepped down from BP in 2007, Sky News has learnt.

  56. doug scorgie

    9 Aug, 2013 - 8:17 am

    “The US orders non-essential personnel to leave its consulate in the Pakistani city of Lahore, warning of a “credible threat”.


    When will the Yanks (and the UK and Israel) realise that their foreign policy creates more terrorists than they can kill and one of these days…

  57. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 8:26 am

    @ Flaming June

    “A partei with fewer than 100,000 members is controlling the lives of 63 million people. So democratic.

    ‘Conservative Party ‘has barely 100,000 members’ – matching recent declines for other parties – as Commons Speaker calls for direct democracy revolution’”

    You know perfectly well that the number of paid up members of the UK political parties has nothing to do with democracy or anything else for that matter.

    We live in a parliamentary democracy and it’s the votes at elections that count.

    We’re not living – despite what some misguided people here appear to believe – in Nazi Germany where people found it necessary or advantageous to become party members.

  58. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 8:29 am

    @ Technicolour

    “Habbakuk, have you watched To Shoot an Elephant?”

    Wake up, sleepy-eyes, I answered that earlier on this thread :)

  59. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 8:34 am

    “The day that Agent Cameron and Cleggover are my inspiration, pigs will fly.”

    Funny you should say that, the flying pigs appear to be have been particularly active over the last couple of days.

    Perhaps just “page 5″ boredom, as someone else suggested….

  60. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 8:52 am

    This is how it was worked and we were landed with the Cameron Clegg duo. All done behind closed doors.

    A troika of the Queen’s private secretary, the Cabinet secretary and the No 10 permanent secretary, namely Messrs Geidt, O’Donnell and Heywood, decided on the coalition and the Queen ‘approved’ it. At one stage of the ‘discussions’, it was thought that there would be a Lab Lib coalition.

    How a hung parliament would put the Queen centre stage
    The ‘golden triangle’ (senior civil servants and royal courtiers) – are holding talks about what to do if the Queen has to step up

    Cameron only got 10,703,654 ‘popular’ votes, ie 36.1% of the total.


    So very democratic. NOT. There should have been another election.

  61. doug scorgie

    9 Aug, 2013 - 8:56 am

    I’ve never heard of the Traditional Britain Group (TBG) until today, another racist bunch!

    “Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has said he is “shocked” by comments made by a right-wing group whose annual dinner he spoke at in May.”

    “He said he would “entirely disassociate myself with the Traditional Britain Group” (TBG).”

    “The group’s Facebook page calls for Doreen Lawrence, the mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence, and “millions of others” to be “requested to return to their natural homelands”
    “It is also critical of the Conservative Party – saying its current leadership is “liberal left” and “likes” the Facebook page of far-right French politician Marine Le Pen.

    It praised a by-election victory by her National Front party in May as “excellent”.

    “TBG denies being a far-right group.”

    This lot makes Mrs Thatcher seem like a loony leftie.

  62. They don’t like it if they can’t see it. NSA has closed down the ‘safe’ email provider Snowden used to contact Russia. The director cannot speak about the reasons.


  63. “You know perfectly well that the number of paid up members of the UK political parties has nothing to do with democracy or anything else for that matter.

    We live in a parliamentary democracy and it’s the votes at elections that count.

    We’re not living – despite what some misguided people here appear to believe – in Nazi Germany where people found it necessary or advantageous to become party members.”

    We are not living in a Parliamentary democracy, but in a stale cesspit of party political making. Party politicians are refusing to reform/evolve the electoral system to anything that could be construed as PR, hence the worst possible option they offered in their ultimatum, take AV or else.

    Our party politicians cheat and defraud democracy at every election, these few members are manipulators of the electoral system, the storm troopers, to use the unfortunate and backward comment mentioning the NSDAP.

    Not only is this comment seriously deluded, but it also denies that there is something seriously wrong when the electorate is not voting to the tune of 75%.

    look into my eyes, look into my eyes, what can you see? a perfect political system……. shit NO!

  64. Doug, it’s good to have these racists expressing their views openly. That way decent people know who they are. Theresa May is of this persuasion. I bet she’s clicked the Like box together with nearly 2,700 other fascists. When trials at the Hague take place these extremists should face justice if they have incited discrimination. Ironically the group which wants to repatriate anybody non-white comprises those with properties all over the world.

  65. I cynically predict that there will be more drone killings in Yemen today. It is Nagasaki Day. The Yanks celebrated their decimation of Hiroshima with what was reported as four drone killings on Hiroshima Day. The last time I know they reported four drone killings the figure was 10 times that (mostly women and children). I despair.

  66. Meanwhile the UK’s population seems to have gained 400,000 over the last year:


    The Wail naturally emphasises immigration*, which accounts for nearly half of it: but isn’t it a little worrying that real incomes are dropping, social services are failing, there’s no public housing programme worth a spit and the NHS is on the verge of being asset-stripped…and we’re somehow happy with a million more people every two years? Whatever the cause?

    * net immigration. Presumably discounting tax frauds who have moved to Pakistan, and not including illegals under the radar.

  67. Traditional Britain Group – never heard of them either. But their spokesman on R4 this morning had a comic stereotype posh accent, and the disdain in his voice curdled my coffee. If he’s representative, he’s going to make more enemies than converts, even among Mail readers.

    But, seriously, they have as much right to exist and state their views as the far left. And I think that PC has a charge to answer in creating a society in which it is considered evil, if not criminal, to say what you think. Taking John Goss’s comment a little further, perhaps it would be better for all of us if we were allowed to express our opinions freely, and if the moral high ground were not automatically awarded to toe-ers of the PC line.

    Hmmm? I await the disagreements with interest. Feel free to be lizardist. You bourgeois prats.

  68. So very democratic. NOT. There should have been another election.

    In purely practical terms, what would that have achieved? Which combination of the parties would have better than any other? Don’t we by and large agree that you can’t put a cigarette paper between their actions, and that all their promises become null and void when they assume office?

    The questions are rhetorical. I’m not turning into Rubbaduck.

  69. John-

    Don’t think the drone swine are bothering with special days for killing people.


    It’s just ongoing.

    Meanwhile the AQ survivors enhance their reputation for being tough, brave, and fighting overwhelming odds. Unintended consequences might save the(ir) day.

  70. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:50 am

    9 August 2013 Last updated at 10:38
    Zanzibar acid attack reward offered Breaking news
    Zanzibar police offer £4,000 reward for information leading to capture of attackers who threw acid at two UK women

    Strange coincidence that I should have been in Zanzibar as a guest at one of those beach weddings yesterday. I opted out as I think a) beach weddings are naff, b) fossil fuel getting me there would have been wasted and c) I loathe Heathrow and d) I don’t have a passport!

    I was told by my friends who have been going there for years that Zanzibar is strictly Muslim, friendly and very safe so when I heard of the ‘acid attack’ I was inclined to believe that it was some sort of stunt to demonize Muslims. Will await further info.

  71. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:53 am

    I should think so too

    9 August 2013 Last updated at 10:38

    Home Office immigrant van campaign to be probed by ASA
    Breaking news

    A scheme which saw vans drive through London calling on illegal immigrants to leave is to be investigated by the advertising watchdog.

    The Home Office said its vans which say “go home or face arrest” had worked but did not say how many people had left the country.

    The Advertising Standards Authority said they launched the investigation following complaints.

    The pilot scheme had been widely criticised by the Lib Dems and Liberty.

  72. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:57 am

    From a very confused Australian woman. Dead ringer for Palin.


    ‘I don’t oppose Islam as a country': Australian ultra-nationalist politician Stephanie Banister in car crash immigration television interview
    Also said ‘Jews aren’t under haram. They have their own religion which follows Jesus Christ’


  73. Komodo, thanks, and yes I suppose it is not such a prescient prediction. One of the things everyone might not be aware of is what retaliation takes place against those allegedly guilty of aiding the Yanks. I though crucifixion was a thing of the past. I could not bring myself to watch the video since the stills are gruesome enough. Sharia law is as disgusting as cowardly drone-strikes.


    5:33 “Verily, those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive to create mischief in the land, the reward should be killed or crucified, or they should be cut crosswise arms and legs, or they should be expelled from the country. This will be a disgrace for them in this world, and in the Hereafter for them a great torment”

  74. I meant to add that the text in the above reminded me of the Masonic ritual.

  75. Flaming June thanks for the link. I’ve just posted it on the Traditional Britain Facebook Group page with the comment:

    “One of your own here. Perhaps you could put her on your banner!”

  76. One of the things everyone might not be aware of is what retaliation takes place against those allegedly guilty of aiding the Yanks.

    I’d guessed, thanks. The important thing to either side is that the masses are more scared of Them than Us…the ‘legal’ aspect being largely irrelevant. Sharia law is as selective in its reading of the Qu’ran as the Inquisition was in promoting the Bible…and no more mediaeval.

  77. Traditional Britain Party:

    The Western Goals Foundation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Goals_Foundation

    …a private intelligence dissemination network active on the right-wing in the United States…wound up in 1986 when the Tower Commission revealed it had been part of Oliver North’s Iran–Contra funding network

    The Western Goals Institute http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Goals_Institute

    under whose aegis, eg, On 25 September 1989, Lord Sudeley chaired a Western Goals dinner at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand for El Salvador’s President, Alfredo Cristiani, and his inner cabinet. The guest list included figures such as Sir Alfred Sherman (policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher), Lord Nicholas Hervey, Antony Flew, Zigmunt Szkopiak, Denis Walker and Harvey Ward.[28]

    The group hosted social events including an Annual Dinner at the Grosvenor Hotel at Victoria on 24 November 1989 when the guest of honour was Kenneth Griffith.[29] On 20 November 1990, they hosted the General Franco Memorial Dinner in Whitehall, commemorating the anniversary of his death.[30] This was also chaired by Baron Sudeley. A WGI notice in The Times stated that the late ruler of Spain was “remembered as a hero against communism”. Vice-President – Merlin Charles Sainthill Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudely. (Eton, Oxford)

    Lord (“Hitler did well to get everyone back to work”) Sudely)is the chair of TGB.
    Also former president of the Monday Club.

    If he’s the one who writes their website, he’s pretty near illiterate.

  78. Oh look, what fun. Someone in Sweden has filed a police complaint against Barack Obama for war crimes. Filed yesterday.


    Delicious visions of Obama’s overnighter being in Stockholm jail rather than the Excelsior hotel. Fingers crossed, everyone.

  79. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 12:15 pm

    From the frequent poster :

    “Cameron only got 10,703,654 ‘popular’ votes, ie 36.1% of the total.


    So very democratic. NOT. There should have been another election.”

    That sounds like a bad loser talking.

    “There should have been another election” is only one notch better than saying “the people voted the wrong way – we must change the people!” (with apologies to B. Brecht)

  80. And while the White House is busy denying Obama’s visit to Sweden on 4 Sept has anything to do with Assange – though it’s the first visit by a US President to Sweden ever, outside of a G20-type convention –


    Carl Bildt has been busy inviting William Hague for a little tete-a-tete later this month:

    Carl Bildt Verified account

    Inviting UK Foreign Secretary @williamjhague to come to Stockholm later this month. Much to discuss. Europe and the world.


    Perhaps it’s that they’ve finally heard everyone’s calls for greater transparency and have decided to go the whole hog by being completely transparent?

  81. Excellent Hague catch, Arbed. Considering that both ministers’ protocol departments had arrived at a firm date not less than two months ago, and that the hotel and plane were booked at the end of July (a guess, but is that unlikely?), what a charmingly democratic way of announcing the happy event as if it had only just occurred to them! Hague is truuly down wiv da street, bruv, even if he can’t quite do Tim Westwood from Yorkshire pretending to be Churchill….

  82. He’s always been transparent, though. Anyone can see right through him.

  83. Mmm, K, I know.

    Did you notice William Hague “accepts” the invitation in the same twitter thread? Since when did state Foreign Ministries start doing their diplomatic business via Twitter, ffs? It’s absurd! No, read “message” writ loud – this sort of thing is Carl Bildt’s standard MO. But he’s a lot less clever than he thinks he is. Plonkers.

  84. That’s exactly what struck me, Arbed. I think we’re seeing a new low in PR here.

    But kudos to Younis al-Hassani ( I think it was) who wishes the foreign ministers of Sweden and Britain ‘eid mubarak’. In Arabic.

  85. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 1:02 pm

    A friend and fellow supporter of the cause for justice for the Palestinians wrote:


    @ 1:31:13 as the applause died down following the performance of the Four Seasons (improvised-with-Arabic-interludes), Nigel Kennedy spoke:

    “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a bit facile to say it, but we all know from experiencing this night of music tonight, that given equality and getting rid of apartheid gives a beautiful chance for amazing things to happen.”

    That was followed by NK and a 15 year old Palestinian violinist playing the slow movement of Vivaldi’s A minor Concerto for two violins. The concert ended with NK’s own composition “Fallen Forest”.

    As …. wrote: “The initial applause and the inter-work applause is amazingly enthusiastic. I imagine the young members of the orchestra will remember this occasion for the rest of their lives. It is great to see – or hear – them enjoying such an amazing reception from an informed and cultured audience. They will have great stories to take back with them to Palestine for now and all time.”

    It would be lovely if somebody who actually went to the concert would let us know what it was like to be there and if they have any idea what caused the nearly 15 minute delay at the start. (and if the PStrings wore their keffiyehs?)

    For programme notes see http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b037v4q1

    The concert will be shown on BBC 4 on Friday 23rd August at 7.30 pm. In the meantime, NK will be at the Last Night of the Proms on Saturday 7 Sept at 7.30 pm http://www.bbc.co.uk/proms/whats-on/2013/september-07/14574

  86. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 1:07 pm

    You got me looking them up John Goss.

    Oh my goodness! http://www.traditionalbritain.org/about

    President: The Lord Sudeley, F.S.A

    Vice President: Gregory Lauder-Frost

    Who they?

  87. Sudely, above, FJ. K @ 1158.

  88. Though I don’t expect you to read that either.

  89. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 1:24 pm

    LOL Moggy at the TBG Dinner

    Traditional Britain Dinner 2013
    Friday, 17 May 2013 – 7:30pm

    Central London

    Jacob Rees-Mogg, M.P., was the guest-of-honour at the Traditional Britain Group’s packed Annual Dinner on Friday 17th May 2013, held at London’s prestigious East India Club. Also present was Lord Kilclooney of Armagh, possibly better known to many as John Taylor, former Ulster Unionist M.P., and Monday Club member, who said Grace and also spoke briefly. This dinner was the climax of another successful year for the TBG and commenced with a drinks Reception, a convivial occasion.

    In his speech, and subsequent answers to questions from the attendees, Mr. Rees-Mogg expressed his disappointment with the EU, with his party’s attempts to redefine marriage and with abortion-on-demand, but toed the Party line on other matters. Gregory Lauder-Frost, our Vice-President, presided and thanked Mr.Rees-Mogg on behalf of the TBG presenting him with a gift from us.

    The following day we held our Annual General Meeting, also packed, which was addressed by Christopher Gillibrand on matters of tradition within The Church and in politics.


    Pics of stuffed shirts https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.504721299581868.1073741825.117717461615589&type=1

  90. Mary asks;

    “President: The Lord Sudeley, F.S.A

    Vice President: Gregory Lauder-Frost

    Who they?”


    They’re the Habbies.

    This is my favourite one:


    a tireless worker for all manner of lost causes.

    Chaps like these used to run the British Empire, but became an embarrassment when populism took off.

    These days, everyone’s more equal, so it’s OK to laugh at them.

    Another distraction.

  91. Herbie….I am assuming that was 100% British wine, brandy and coffee that the cast of “If” were drinking, there. Otherwise – how utterly shameful. Bounders.

  92. Gregory Lauder Frost looks a bit more interesting. His outspokenness re Jewish people may eventually doom him however (see link, halfway down the page).

    Convicted criminal Lauder Frost was jailed for two years in 1992 after being found guilty of eight charges of embezzling money from the Riverside health authority. The court was told he had channelled money into extreme right-wing political causes. It emerged at the end of his trial that he had also been implicated in attempts to sell elderly Russian arms to far right groups in the USA.

    Lauder Frost has a history of far right connections. One of those connections includes Clive Derby-Lewis who was jailed for life for his role in the murder of the ANC leader Chris Hani in 1993.

    Former BNP member Lauder Frost is also a former member of the Conservative Party’s Monday Club as well as the Western Goals Institute, and is now Vice President of the Traditional Britain Group.


  93. For absurdists, pysl and enjoy:


    How many damn presenters do you need when you are imposing on credulity? Gave up before I finished counting.

  94. The theory of Barracuda states that it is enough for one barracuda to understand which half of a bait fish contains the hook and snip at it accordingly, for all the other barracudas in the ocean to follow suit.

    If a few Pakistanis start wearing long beards and killing every infidel in sight, a similar mass hysteria may be expected to envelope the rest of the tribe, without any apparent communication among them. We have not yet discovered that particular law of “physics” but David Bohm of Krishnamurthy circle has alluded to it.

    In effect if a captive audience like a habba here is “barracudad” that the Almighty was also SILENT during WW2 not just the Pope of Rome, the sobering realization on his part will temper the hubris of even the most inveterate of his mad ilk occupying the West Bank spitting on the Palestinian inhabitants there. All without any exchange of email or text messages!

    Now for the next barracuda!

  95. Practically speaking if a “warner” arises in Pakistan tomorrow who effectively gets hundreds of Islamists into clean shaving from henceforth (or equivalent behavior), a corresponding effect on the rest of the masses will arise and if it reaches a “critical mass” the “jinn” will be extinguished, peace will be reestablished and the various sects can live peacefully again, as before. This is of course the constant push n pull we are seeing today between the jimmy carters/mandelas/tutus and satanyahu & co. After hardship cometh ease.

  96. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 3:29 pm

    Kerry and Hagel are meeting Lavrov and the Russian defence secretary Shoygu in Washington.

    We are all hockey players. Sometimes we have collisions – Kerry
    We have the same interests – Hagel
    Military co-operation discussed – Hagel
    Syria is our priority – Lavrov
    We must act like grown ups – Lavrov

    All sweetness and light ostensibly. Wonder what is being cooked up.


    PS Eiffel Tower closed. Terrrrr alert.

  97. Komodo, 12.30pm

    Here’s the official FCO statement confirming Hague’s visit to Sweden on 28-29 August.

    “The invitation for the visit was formally offered by Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt in a Twitter conversation with Mr Hague today.”


    Well, as Carl Bildt’s “Twitter invitation” is timestamped 6 hours ago as at the time of writing this, and Hague’s Twitter “acceptance” is timestamped 3 hours ago, what busy, busy bees they are at the FCO to set all this up in record time. Wonder what prompted this blue-arse fly level of activity…?

    Carl Bildt Verified account

    We will welcome President Obama to Sweden September 4th. Remarkable, but it will be first truly bilateral visit by a US President to Sweden

    announced Wednesday 7 August… Kempe couldn’t see what I saw in this tweet when I first posted it here and pooh-poohed a bit as wild speculation, but it all seems so blatant, so obvious, to me.

    Hope this works:

    Swedish MD Files Police Complaint Against Barack Obama for War Crimes http://rixstep.com/1/20130809,00.shtml

  98. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 3:54 pm

    I visited this abandoned railway station in the early ‘noughties’ when on a birdwatching holiday in the Pyrénées. Memories – wonderful mountain scenery, the fast flowing rivers, alpine meadows full of flowers and amazing birds of prey circling on the thermals. Such clean air too. We stayed in a small town called Jaca which is on one of the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela, waymarked with scallop shell signposts.

    The station was a strange place to come across in that location and rather spooky as it was so obviously deserted. There were very long platforms. You could tell that it had once been opulent. I can remember the hotel alongside.

    We were not told about the D A R K M A T T E R experiments being carried on deep underground though!


  99. “Secret laboratory”? — http://www.lsc-canfranc.es/en/

  100. I’d imagine that Hague and Bildt informally decided on the visit sometime around June 19th, Arbed. Once YouGov had assured Hague that Assange wasn’t flavour of the month (among a small poll – 1921 British adults, location unknown))


  101. OOooo. Errrr. DARK MATTER!!! Undoubtedly made by US neocons out of rendered kittens….

    FJ – don’t panic, eh? They’re doing high-energy physics and looking for fleeting events. None of which is going to harm you in the least.

  102. And another one nites the dust…

    Silent Circle, the company founded by former PGP wonks and Navy Seals and which offers very, very, secure communications, has decided to shutter its Silent Mail email service.

    The decision, announced in a blog post, comes on the same day that Lavabit, another secure email service, decided to close because it cannot guarantee users’ security. Lavabit was PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden’s email service of choice.

    That’s TORmail, Lavabit and now Silent Circle all gone in the last week.

  103. nites the dust

    bites the dust!

  104. All of these groups stem from The Conservative Monday Club. That would include UKIP as well.


    You can actually trace the trajectory of post war British politics through the relative fortunes of The Monday Club and you can see a similar process at work in the Labour party, where once prominent views are now marginalised.

    And what’s really really weird is that you see the same thing in US politics.

    How is it that you get this consistency of policy across the western world?

  105. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 4:36 pm

    AA; Silent circle claims they have been considering pulling the plug for a while. Maybe they are going the extra mile for their handlers, rather than the boilerplate ‘no comment’.

  106. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 4:47 pm

    I was looking for a connection for Foxy to these right wing Tory outfits. This headline intrigued me on a news search. It is not what it seems!


    Nothing like him IMHO.

    Interesting little snippet on Miliband D follows.

    Thanks for the link to LSC AlcAnon and I was only joking Komodo on D A R K M A T T E R!

    PS Where is WERRITTY?

  107. Komodo, 4.10pm

    Thanks for the link to the YouGov poll, that’s hilarious. Well, what do they expect when they misinform their survey sample by putting lies like this in their article:

    “Assange went to the Ecuadorian embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden over rape and sexual assault charges”.

    Yes, the old “charges” chestnut. No wonder 95% of the comments beneath disagree with the poll results.

  108. “Miliband already has with him Ravi Gurumurthy, once his bag-carrier at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, who quit his job as an adviser on the much-vaunted Energy Bill at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, to join him.”

    That’ll be Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s brother, Ravi, who’s David Milliband’s advisor in Amerika.

    The Establisment is dead. Long live the new establishment.

    Is his name supposed to be hyphenated, anyone know, or is that just some kind of legacy affectation?

  109. Ben, are you suggesting above that Silent Circle are a bit spookie?

    I’d have thought that Zimmerman was OK.

    Anyway. Would it not be possible for some pro bono lawyers to take a case against the UK, under Art 8 ECHR, for protection of correspondence?

    I know that it’s actually the US bugging the UK and the UK bugging the US, but judges have determined that under the Convention there is an obligation on govt to take an active role in protecting privacy. It’s not enough therefore that the UK aren’t bugging us themselves. They ought to be active in stopping the US bugging us.


  110. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 5:24 pm

    “Ben, are you suggesting above that Silent Circle are a bit spookie?”

    I doubt it, just good Patriots who probably want to flay Snowden alive.

  111. While we’re talking about the buggers, Adam Curtis gives his own very interesting view of the matter:

    They’re clueless and very dangerously so. This is a theme that crops up again and again, from whistleblowers, writers, insiders etc.


  112. Ben

    How are they flaying Snowden? Surely they’re protecting him and others by closing the thing down, now that the buggers are all over these email servers.

  113. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 5:42 pm

    “However, we have reconsidered this position. We’ve been thinking about this for some time, whether it was a good idea at all. Today, another secure email provider, Lavabit, shut down their system lest they “be complicit in crimes against the American people.” We see the writing the wall, and we have decided that it is best for us to shut down Silent Mail now. We have not received subpoenas, warrants, security letters, or anything else by any government, and this is why we are acting now.”


    Herbie; It’s a judgement call on my part. How will they avoid being ‘complicit in crimes against the American People’ by shutting down their service. Yes, they feel it’s not safe, but I think it’s either their own safety most concerning, or they wish to inhibit communications from those like Snowden, who is a criminal. I don’t see good motives.

  114. Ben

    That’s fine.

    My reading of it was that the ‘crimes against the American People’ are the crimes of the US govt, and by shutting down their servers they avoid having to collude with the buggers. Now they can delete all material in their possession before the US govt gets to them.

  115. BrianFujisan

    9 Aug, 2013 - 5:50 pm

    And So it gathers pace

    Email service used by Snowden shuts itself down, warns against using US-based companies

    Edward Snowden: ‘Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and the rest of our internet titans must ask themselves why they aren’t fighting for our interests the same way’


  116. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 5:51 pm

    ” Now they can delete all material in their possession before the US govt gets to them.”

    Is that their intention? I didn’t see that. It seems like a capitulation to Authority, but that’s just my cynical take.

  117. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 5:56 pm

    “CNET’s Declan McCullagh smartly speculates that Lavabit was served “with [a] federal court order to intercept users’ (Snowden?) passwords” to allow ongoing monitoring of emails; specifically: “the order can also be to install FedGov-created malware.” After challenging the order in district court and losing – all in a secret court proceeding, naturally – Lavabit shut itself down to avoid compliance while it appeals to the Fourth Circuit.

    This morning, Silent Circle, a US-based secure online communication service, followed suit by shutting its own encrypted email service. Although it said it had not yet been served with any court order, the company, in a statement by its founder, internet security guru Phil Zimmerman, said: “We see the writing on the wall, and we have decided that it is best for us to shut down Silent Mail now.”

    BrianF and Herbie;

    I guess I am ‘debunked’. What will alternative communications look like now?

  118. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 5:59 pm

    Thanks Herbie for that about the Gurumurthy bros. Channel 4 News used to be fairly radical. At least it gave a different viewpoint. Now it is pure establishment nuspeak.

    Ravi G-M https://www.westminsterforumprojects.co.uk/forums/guests/gurumurthy_ravi_live1.jpg

  119. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 6:39 pm

    Recommend a poem from this week’s Poet’s Basement on Counterpunch, both imaginative and profound.

    Uranium’s Song
    by Daniel Marlin


  120. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 7:09 pm

    [Mod: Excessive focus on one poster, deleted]

  121. ‘Where there are bens, there also are glens’.

    Famous Scottish proverb.

  122. Its whistle-blowing season, if only there arose a whistle-blower at mossad archives in Herzliya. Why even WW3 could still be averted!! They do have a template for archiving their (mis)deeds eg Zapruder,dancing 5 man 911 crew in NY car park, etc. The seed of the founding terrorists must really enjoy their private viewings on Yom Kippur.

    Any one of the following will do:-

    King David Hotel
    USS Liberty
    Iranian scientists
    Dubai tennis Aussie coaches
    and the usual “decapitation” strikes on Arab/Palestinian leaders.


  123. doug scorgie

    9 Aug, 2013 - 7:44 pm

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)
    8 Aug, 2013 – 10:14 pm

    “Mr Scorgie, it’s cheapskates like you – browse interminably for free and then exit without buying – who are contributing to driving bookshops out of business.”

    Never buy a pig in a poke Habbabkuk.

  124. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 7:45 pm

    Here is something interesting and exciting from “The Times” of London dated 7 August 2013 (p.37). Extracts :

    “Industrial production shattered City forecasts in June, rising at nearly twice the rate predicted by analysts in a further sign that Britain’s recovery is gaining momentum in all parts of the economy.
    Production jumped by 1,1% month on month, while the narrower measure of manufacturing, which excludes oil and has production and utilities, was up by 1,9%, with all its underlying components registering growth for the first time since 1992.
    The recovery comes after the closely watched purchasing managers’ surveys for last month recorded strong growth in manufacturing, services and construction and caused sterling to jump to $1,5364.”
    “Samuel Tombs, UK economist at Capital Economics, added that June’s surge in industrial production was ‘the most convincing sign yet that the sector is sharing in the recovery already evident in the rest of the economy’.
    According to Mr Tombs, the economy is ‘benefiting from a period of both stronger and better balanced growth’, which George Osborne had long been hoping would materialize, and which Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England,has described as ‘escape velocity’.
    “As a result, the National Institute for Economic and Social Research estimated yesterday that the economy grew by 0,7% in the three months to July, after growth of 0,6% in the three months to June.
    The macro-economic think tank expects Britain’s economy to grow by 1,2% this year – twice the pace forecast by the government’s fiscal watchdog at the time of the Budget in March.”.


    I do hope that nobody chokes on reading this excellent news and that all will feel the same satisfaction as I do at seeing that the economy is improving :)

    [Mod: removed a para again referring excessively to one poster]

  125. Ben: “bypass ratios? Please expand.”
    Some air goes through the engine, and some is pumped past it – exhaust mixture varies. Also cloud spirits are confounding. Anyway…

  126. doug scorgie

    9 Aug, 2013 - 7:59 pm

    9 Aug, 2013 – 1:48 am

    Doug @ 6;48 pm

    “Here’s some ( real ) experts stuff on Dr Kelly Death”

    Thanks for that Brian

  127. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 8:11 pm

    Ben 6
    Me 16
    Komodo 17
    Habbabkuk 6

    You can count? So can I. What’s it got to do with you anyway and what are you going to do about it? Going to have a go at Komodo? Wouldn’t advise it. He has a very poisonous bite.

    If you lived in this country you should know where it’s raining. No it is not raining in Surrey. It did overnight and will rsin again on Sunday.

  128. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 8:21 pm

    Out friend above has not obviously heard of the old smoke and mirrors trick. A 0.5% interest rate is fuelling a housing boom in the buy to let market. The bubble will burst as it has done before. Unemployment figures are being disguised by taking people off workfare, employing them for short periods of 12 weeks, then getting rid. The cycle is then repeated.

    Wondering whether Cameron was on something since his return from holiday in Portugal, I checked his previous in that regard. He lied then too.

    Cameron and cannabis at Eton.

  129. doug scorgie

    9 Aug, 2013 - 8:44 pm

    Flaming June
    9 Aug, 2013 – 8:52 am

    “So very democratic. NOT. There should have been another election.”

    My own view June is that coalitions should not be allowed.

    The people voted; the “winning side” whether by 100 votes or 1, should form the government and let Parliament vote (unwhipped) on all issues.

    I don’t know if this is a naive view or not perhaps I could be enlightened.

  130. ‘Samuel Tombs’… should have been an undertaker or a stonemason!

    “I do hope that nobody chokes on reading this excellent news and that all will feel the same satisfaction as I do at seeing that the economy is improving.” Habbabkuk.

    Please could you send some of it up here? Right now, cuts in public/social services are reaching ridiculous levels. Can we re-hire some of those made redundant, or are those services gone for good, as part of a convenient process of wealth redistribution to the rich and ideological social engineering?

  131. technicolour

    9 Aug, 2013 - 9:08 pm

    Habbakuk, no, sorry – can’t find your reply about To Shoot An Elephant. Can’t wait to hear how it informs your perspective on Palestine, though – what did you think?

  132. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 - 9:28 pm

    I have just googled ‘UK economy boom’ and all I got back was this

    Britain’s baby boom will affect our economy more than anything …
    http://www.telegraph.co.uk › Finance › Economics
    2 Jul 2013 –

    and this

    Economy: Britain is booming! House prices up £10,000 in a year …
    3 days ago -

  133. Technicolour, he doesn’t want to watch it, he wrote. He said he already knows about the ‘Cast Lead’ situation.

  134. technicolour

    9 Aug, 2013 - 9:32 pm

    Habbakuk, is that true? You don’t want to watch a documentary which adds information to and puts faces and reality on the newspaper coverage? Why?

    ps economy: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/aug/09/zero-hours-contracts-lousy-recovery

  135. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 9:36 pm

    @ Technicolour

    Ma chére Céléstine,

    Tu es soit myope soit paresseuse.

    Cf le 7 août à 08h43.

    Je t’en souhaite bonne lecture!

    Ton Babar

  136. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 9:51 pm

    re the good economic news I was able to bring to your attention:

    I must admit that I was rather expecting the reactions so far, which seem to demonstrate that the Excellences on this blog not only specialise in posting what they consider to be bad news but also rubbish any good news that’s around :)

    Anyway, undaunted, I shall continue to bring selected items of good news to your notice whilst continuing to hope that you won’t choke when reading!

  137. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:00 pm

    [Mod: deleted, focussing on one poster]

  138. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:10 pm

    [Mod: deleted two, same reason]

  139. “I must admit that I was rather expecting the reactions so far, which seem to demonstrate that the Excellences on this blog not only specialise in posting what they consider to be bad news but also rubbish any good news that’s around.” Habbabkuk.

    What a very clever person you must be. And multi-lingual, to boot! How about some Mandarin? Or is that just for the Oxbridged upper classes?

    Perhaps everyone now should sing, ‘Rule Britannia’.

    If I see the reinstatement of the social care workers and others who were booted out of their jobs (and thus the resumption of proper humane services for their clients) and the resumption of proper road repairs instead of their managed decline, then perhaps, I too will laugh again.

    If one longs for good news, perhaps one ought to stick to Royal Baby tales.

    I’m afraid Britian economy is systemically sick. It’s decompensated. Boom and bust won’t do for it any longer.

    I hope I’m quite wrong.

  140. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:21 pm

    @ Jon/Mod

    Interested to see that “excessive focus on a commenter” (always the same one, it seems) gets your blue pencil working, but that you are happy with posts that include twenty “fuck”s or “fuckings”s in as many lines. Which might be called “excessive focus on fucking”, I suppose.

  141. Perhaps Hoffman here can enlighten us, is ehud borg really retired or is he focused on delivering another 911 instead? The grapevine says borg personally pressed the button to test the special steel melting thermite on a WTC2 scaled down version at mossad HQ, for a 911 rehearsal,despite the 32°C weather underground there then?

  142. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:31 pm

    @ Suhayl

    “If one longs for good news, perhaps one ought to stick to Royal Baby tales..”

    I hope you’re not going to disappoint me by suggesting that the upswing in manufacturing and in all other sectors of the economy is NOT good news?

  143. A few moments ago I got this

    Sorry, the web page you have requested is not available through Virgin Media.

    Virgin Media has received an order from the Courts requiring us to prevent access to this site in order to help protect against copyright infringement.

    What site was I trying to access? http://www.radiotimes.com/

    A few moments later and I can access it again. That’s weird

  144. My answer to you, Habbabkuk, is this:

    “If I see the reinstatement of the social care workers and others who were booted out of their jobs (and thus the resumption of proper humane services for their clients) and the resumption of proper road repairs instead of their managed decline, then perhaps, I too will laugh again.” Me.

    If the good news translates into reality on the ground for ordinary people (who have been robbed by the robber barons), then I will laugh again with you, Habbabkuk. There is a lot of spin (‘talking-up’) in, and massage of, economic ‘forecasting’ and statistics and I always am cautious. But long-term, you know, neoliberal boom-and-bust is not the answer. These were my main points wrt the economic figures.

  145. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:42 pm

    @ Suhayl

    “What a very clever person you must be. And multi-lingual, to boot! How about some Mandarin? Or is that just for the Oxbridged upper classes?”

    Well, you’re of course right about the clever and the multi-lingual, but I’m rather puzzled by your comment about Oxbridge and the upper classes.

    Don’t you know that you can study Chinese at several universities other than Oxford and Cambridge? Such upper-class bastions as SOAS, Nottingham, Westminster and Trinity St David spring to mind…..

  146. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:53 pm

    @ Suhayl

    Well, we shall see. I very much hope, for example, that the unemployment figures will be lower in due course and shall of course report here if this comes about. But no doubt you will find some way if rubbishing that as well (probably be saying that it’s the “wrong sort” of employment: either “wrong” kinds of employment contracts, or employment in the private and not the public sector, or whatever – I’m sure you’ll find something).

    Anyway, no need to respond. I’ll just publish more good news here and you can feel free to rubbish it. That’s fair, isn’t it.

  147. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 10:54 pm

    The ROI for responding to havasack is not difficult to calculate. One would be better off using an investment vehicle at a Bank. No default insurance there either, but after taxes your interest payments would assuredly keep your loss to 40 or so basis points. Otherwise it’s the principle which suffers.

  148. “But no doubt you will find some way if rubbishing that as well (probably be saying that it’s the “wrong sort” of employment: either “wrong” kinds of employment contracts, or employment in the private and not the public sector, or whatever – I’m sure you’ll find something).

    Anyway, no need to respond. I’ll just publish more good news here and you can feel free to rubbish it. That’s fair, isn’t it.” Habbabkuk.

    What a lot of rubbish that is, Habbabkuk.

    I would be the happiest person in the room if there really is to be an imminent economic recovery in this country. I simply am expressing caution and urging attention to longer-term structural problems. We have seen it before, this cycle of boom and bust, which is a product of neoliberal economic policy which includes ideologically-driven banking deregulation. When I express concern for ordinary people of this country, it is illuminating that you seem to connote that with insufficient praise of the Government.

  149. The current recession would have lasted three years (2008-2011). This Govt’s policies have deepend it, and doubled its duration. Aso, I believe that they have used the recession as an excuse – as cover – to redistribute wealth in the wrong direction and to implement ideologicaly-driven social engineering.

  150. technicolour

    9 Aug, 2013 - 11:22 pm

    I feel very sad about that, Habbakuk.

    A few questions I have about the economy

    What are we manufacturing more of? Is it in our/the planet’s sustainable long-term self interest? Who is manufacturing it? How much do they get paid? What are their working conditions?* Is it well-designed? Is it toxic? Where does it get disposed of?

    and so on.

    *bankers, for example, work in terrible conditions.

  151. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    9 Aug, 2013 - 11:43 pm

    IMO, no mystery here. It’s the death of hope which kills.

    “The movie presents a world of fear, and of two peoples so deafened by shouting that they cannot hear each other speak. It is not only nations that are blind to each other’s perspectives. When Jaafari finds the radical priest who gave Siham the bomb, the priest tells him that he didn’t agree to a meeting to explain Siham’s actions but simply to say, “There’s nothing for you here.”
    Jaafari, no Israeli partisan, could never see his wife for who she was, nor could she understand him. It is not religion or nationality that divides them, but their inability to see through the other’s eyes. The conflict permeates life so thoroughly that Jaafari, at one time at the peak of Israeli professional success and forever an Arab in a foreign state, neither a die-hard Zionist nor devoted to Israel’s downfall, is locked out of either group, cast aside even by his wife.”

    Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/the-arty-semite/181828/my-wife-the-suicide-bomber/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Arts&utm_campaign=Arts%2520Newsletter%25202013-08-08#ixzz2bVyChQq9

  152. Habbabkuk, happy to carry on deleting your obsession with Flaming June’s posts. I suspect your commenting on her every word encourages her to post more – an own goal, by your terms, if ever there was one.

    Interested to see that … you are happy with posts that include twenty “fuck”s or “fuckings”s in as many lines. Which might be called “excessive focus on fucking”, I suppose.

    Didn’t see that one, but as you well know, a post appearing here is not proof that it is acceptable. Posts appear immediately, and mods don’t read everything. I didn’t see that one.

    That said, there are some very nasty posts I have left deliberately. If I judge that it is more illuminating to leave abusive posts up, then I will do so. A handful of dreadful posts from the Islamist debate are a case in point.

  153. Flaming June

    9 Aug, 2013 – 8:21 pm

    “A 0.5% interest rate is fuelling a housing boom in the buy to let market. The bubble will burst as it has done before.”

    You are right, and also wrong!. When the bubble does burst it will not be “as it has done before”, it will be the biggest crash since the south sea bubble. A lot of people are going to be left with a LOT of debt for the rest of their lives.

  154. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 1:18 am

    Jon; I miss Clark very much, but you have proven to be the top-knot of moderation. Your fairness and objectivist logic is worthy of Kant. I’m not inclined toward Nationalism, but if I were our uninvited guests would be glad to accept my substitute David Hume, and I would have no objection,
    as I am Irish predominately, but 1/8 Scots. (Marching Bands leave me cold, but when I hear Bagpipes, I prepare for battle.)

  155. Flaming June

    10 Aug, 2013 - 6:55 am

    Have you got a kilt Ben?


    More on Bloom and Moggy. I always enjoy Paddy McGuffin’s take in the Morning Star.

    These lines especially –

    ‘Step forward Jacob Rees-Mogg, Westminster’s poshest denizen. This is a man who makes George Osborne seem like a peasant.

    A toff so pampered that he took his nanny campaigning with him at the last election. Presumably in case the rough boys stole his pocket money.’

    ‘Bongo bongo land’ was just the same old same old from Ukip’s professional bigot

  156. Flaming June

    10 Aug, 2013 - 7:04 am

    From the same paper, a moving account of an Israeli woman’s life and work.

    No holds barred

    Now 83, she was born in Poland, lived in Israel and left it to live in Germany in 1990. An advocate of human rights and justice for the Palestinians. A brave woman considering the opposition she must have experienced.

  157. Flaming June

    10 Aug, 2013 - 7:13 am

    Didn’t he do well considering all things!

    Disgraced former minister Chris Huhne lands energy job paying £100,000 for just two days a week
    Former Energy Secretary employed by Zilkha Biomass Energy for £100,000
    New job comes just three months after end of prison sentence for perverting the course of justice


    The Zilkha brothers were originally producing oil in the Gulf of Mexico, sold out and then set up a business in wind energy. Sold that to Goldman Sachs! and are now in the biomass business. Are they ahead of the game? Wot no fracking?

    Huhne is their European chairman.

  158. Excellent posts and links this morning, Flaming June, thanks very much for the info.

  159. Flaming June

    10 Aug, 2013 - 8:56 am

    Thanks Suhayl. H can stop counting as I am off out for the day to see a new great niece. She is part of the baby boom no doubt.

    Just saw this. Not Chipping Norton but Chipping Sodbury. Just 50 miles away from the Brooks/Cameron/Murdoch/Clarkson set. I don’t suppose any of them pop down to the Trussell Trust for supplies.

    Summer of hunger: Huge rise in food bank use as demand linked to ‘welfare reform’
    Trust running country’s largest network says some branches have had double the number of requests for emergency parcels since start of school holidays


    Well done the Hendersons and the Trussell Trust. Compassion in action. Not just words.

  160. “What are the views of our resident Israel supporters here?”

    Probably that you are a filthy anti-Semite. I think every single person on the planet knows that the ‘peace process’ is a sham. Kerry has done some behind the scenes horse trading for the sake of a few headlines and has now gone back to playing golf while he waits for the call to the fallout shelter.

  161. Does one really think Israel will finally declare it’s borders and return the stolen land in exchange for the cessation of a few bottle rockets from Gaza (which are probably fired by Israeli agents in the first place)? How will the IDF be able to experiment on new ways of killing people? Where will the organs for the Israeli transplant industry be gotten from? Who’s going to build the settlements at below minimum wage? Who can the Settlers use for target practice? No, Peace simply costs too much for Israel – and I’m talking cash here not some metaphorical bullshit. The Israeli Jews must simply suffer the attacks from the Palestinians and the world as they have done so throughout their long and glorious (and totally true) history and simply say “ven vill our sufferink end?”.

  162. “I am off out for the day to see a new great niece. She is part of the baby boom no doubt.” Flaming June.

    Congratulations! Have a lovely time. All power to babies! :)

  163. Alcanon I’ve had a similar message from Virgin media. Is by any chance Virgin media your internet service provider? I have long suspected that Virgin Media makes everything available to the security services, and is in fact an agent. It does not make Russia Today available although this is a free channel. I have had more than one computer brought down while using Virgin media, and while I have no absolute proof that this service provider is responsible I have my suspicions (and that is despite my paying for anti-virus and other protection).

    Does anybody know a service provider with a fast service that does not pass on information to the security services? After all we are paying for this (often) deplorable service.

  164. “I have long suspected that Virgin Media makes everything available to the security services, and is in fact an agent.” John Goss.

    Interesting, John. I find this whole area fascinating. Can you give us some concrete evidence for these two assertions? Thanks.

  165. @ Flaming June 9 Aug, 2013 – 8:21 pm
    “Wondering whether Cameron was on something since his return from holiday in Portugal, I checked his previous in that regard. He lied then too. Cameron and cannabis at Eton.”

    Everyone is on something. Allegedly Prezs C. W. & O. were at one time or another. The slaves are on pot and meth while the overseers and plantation owners are totally coked-out, which accounts for their arrogance, delusions of grandeur and general nastiness.

    We might yet save the world if we switch them to opiates. The Afghans could help.

    Re: Fukushima. A reasonable (to me) and easy-to-understand piece. Contains a proposal, which was advanced in the weeks after the disaster but not implemented for political reasons, for blasting around the reactors and submerging the entire area in seawater, then fishing out the radioactive bits. The writer contends this may be the only solution available.

  166. Christopher Meyer @SirSocks

    “@shashj @MStephensGulf I’ll put British jobs over Bahraini human rights any day. How can a fast jet abuse these rights anyway – fatuous.”


  167. GDF buys Balfour Beatty’s UK facilities unit

    The formula is pretty straight forward, a company takes over the public services sector, with all the personnel, stock, and plant. The said company then proceeds to asset strip and cream off the fat, upon completion of the raid, then the company sells it to some other entity usually a foreign European entity and moves onto the next target on the list. Perfectly legal, and above board plunder of the public assets without the slightest of the objections. As Mel Brooks says; it is good to be the king!

  168. Educated speculation Hasbarista as penned by Morpheus here:


  169. Mark Golding said,

    Educated speculation ….

    Or is it some kind of a counterintelligence disinfo injected into the fray for the benefit of debunking the debunkers?

    The notion that “three Arabs in Hamburg are killed for their passports”! why should the perpetrators need to kill anyone to get Arab passports? They can have as many passports as they want just grease a few palms. Also Arabs and Jews look very similar, in fact there are stories of Arabs getting imprisoned for “rape” after they have been posing as Jews and sleeping around in zionistan .

    In addition the explosives getting planted in the buildings, there were many opportunities for any such operations and to paint a Keystone Kops scenario is a plot too far.

  170. John Goss,

    Yes I am with Virgin. I know they were doing some major work over the last day or two. I lost Internet access for a number of hours late Thursday night/Friday morning. A quick check on twitter (via my mobile phone) showed a lot of people tweeting from across the UK (also by phone presumably) that their Virgin broadband was down. I tried to go to their fault checking/reporting website via my 3G cellular connection but they were all responding with a “Down for maintenance” message. I was able to phone the 24 hour fault line where a person in India told me there was a widespread problem and they were working on it.

    So I am thinking more cockup than conspiracy right to explain the misplaced block later in the same day but who can ever know for sure. You might though want to consider moving to Linux if you haven’t already. You can still dual boot into Windows any time you ever actually need to.

  171. Tech Savage, there’s no need to be abusive. Doug’s question about whether Israel is serious about the peace process seems to have been asked in good faith. You will no doubt be aware that calling someone a racist does not shed any light on a debate (and it gets thrown around here by both the Left and the Right so often that it now often means “anyone who disagrees with me”).

    Oddly though, you also say that the peace process is a sham, which I suspect means you think Israel isn’t approaching the talks table in good faith. That’s inconsistent with assuming supporters of Palestine are just motivated by hate.

    For my money, I agree that Israel isn’t approaching the conflict with the intention of genuinely ending it. However, I differentiate between the psychopaths they have in government and their people, who are endlessly bombarded with militarist propaganda. There are of course ordinary Israelis who offer electoral and financial support for the murder of Palestinian civilians, and their conscious actions are to be condemned, but it’s worth recognising that there are Israelis and Jewish people opposed to the occupation despite the cultural environment they live in. Equally, even for people who take lazy, hawkish positions, should we not apportion some blame to the mass media who have inculcated those views, as we would in (say) the UK or the US?

    “Israeli” above makes the interesting point that peace is too expensive for Israel. I agree, and it’s worth considering why this is. First, a peace settlement should require Israel to give up most (if not all) occupied land, which would require the abandonment of Israeli factories, shopping precincts, offices and housing. Thus, investors have a real interest in keeping the conflict going.

    Also, the arms and security industry might suffer in its current state – a peace settlement would still require security, but hopefully not the same kind, nor to the same degree. Companies don’t like having to forcibly reconfigure, even if they are a dreadful industry that morally ought to. Morality doesn’t come into balance sheets or stock market reports, sadly.

    Also, the wider industry in Israeli is IT/technology heavy, and undoubtedly provides secondary services to the military ecosystem. A lasting peace settlement would likely, in the euphemistic words of the monstrous markets, “inject uncertainty”, even if the capitalists would rarely admit they value their wealth more than the lives of vulnerable people.

    In the long term, it is my hope that Israel can rid itself of its neoconservative and violent politicians, and then it will be in a better position to approach peace talks (despite any financial losses it would sustain if successful). At that point, US aid would probably dry up as the Americans discover they are decreasingly able to project power from their client state, or that the cost/output ratio of this project drops too low for them to justify the billions of dollars they sink into it.

  172. BrianFujisan

    10 Aug, 2013 - 3:10 pm


    Have you tried Duck Duck Go


    AND THIS makes one wonder if there’s hope yet, and there was me thinking they ( Elite ) have everything stitched up

    U.S. Federal Court Hits President Barack Hussein Obama With Three Charges Of Abuse Of Office

    The indictments assert that President Obama “acted as a dictator” to exceed his powers of office to appoint officials behind the back of Congress during a recess period.


  173. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 3:17 pm

    Duck Go is where TOR takes you, isnt it Brian?

  174. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 3:24 pm

    Brian; I went to your link (Beforeitsnew) and when I reached this “Mr. Lyndon Larouche, a well-connected journalist and political activist” I had to stop.

  175. BrianFujisan

    10 Aug, 2013 - 3:24 pm

    Mark @ 11;52am

    Good post on 9/11

    Have you heard about these set of Four new videos taking apart The NIST Lies


  176. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 3:34 pm

    56 cops injured in Belfast.

    “The trouble began when loyalists staged a demonstration the city centre, against a republican parade that was due to pass along Royal Avenue, in one of the city’s main shopping districts.”


  177. Ben Franklin – thanks for your kind words earlier.

    DuckDuckGo has no connection to Tor as far as I know, although for people who need high levels of security, both could be used. I use DDG all the time – their !shortcuts are very useful from a browser search box, and their search results have strongly improved in the last few months.

    Edit: I should add that I miss Clark also. His forensic and scientific enquiry was a great asset here, and hopefully he’ll have the time in the future to join back in.


    All, I think Craig meant to post about this speech ages ago, but hasn’t done so. It’s one of his recent speeches on the Scottish question, and it’s very good: https://vimeo.com/69392412.

  178. “Good post on 9/11″

    Yet more evidence free drivel. If MOSSAD used explosives how does that explain the evidence of thermite, an incendiary not an explosive, that the truth movement claim was found in the ruins? Furthermore the current “thinking” on 9/11 from the conspiracy theorists is that there were no planes, it was all faked using CGI and somehow, as at Sandy Hook and Boston, all the so-called eyewitnesses are fakes and somehow everybody else was excluded from the area.


    How can these contradictory theories be reconciled?

  179. [Mod/Jon: anti-Jewish material referencing “yiddistani politics” deleted]

  180. Jon/Ben,

    Duckduckgo is pre-installed in latest TOR browser bundle but not the default. ixquick/startpage (current default) have asked the TOR project to remove them as the default search engine in the TOR browser – claiming for capacity reasons. The TOR project has asked duckduckgo if they are willing to become the new default. Duckduckgo have said yes.

    Or so it seems from the following links.


    Remove startpage.com from TBB 3.0 branch

    I have a request from Startpage.com/ixquick to remove themselves from the local search bar in the “about:tor” page. They have concerns about handling the traffic load and time to scale their infrastructure up to meet the expect demand.

    While discussions continue, we need to find a replacement search engine by default.

    And also https://duck.co/topic/duckduckgo-as-default-search-engine-for-the-tor-browser-bundle

  181. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 4:29 pm

  182. technicolour

    10 Aug, 2013 - 4:54 pm

    hold on, hold on, there are no safe letters, either. at least, post for the people at the start of greenham common used to regularly arrive with sellotape over the envelope.

  183. Disgraced former minister Chris Huhne lands energy job paying £100,000 for just two days a week


    Perverting the course of employment?

  184. BrianFujisan

    10 Aug, 2013 - 6:56 pm

    Jon, Alcanon,

    Thanks for that info on DDG, i only hear about it the other day, so haven’t had a chance to look into it myself.

    Here’s some stuff on the Origins of government Spying on the people / Patriot Act,

    Lawrence Lessig, a highly respected professor of law at Stanford University, famously revealed some years ago that 9/11 was simply an excuse.

    “The Patriot Act is huge and I remember someone asking a Justice Department official how did they write such a large statute so quickly, and of course the answer was that it has been sitting in the drawers of the Justice Department for the last 20 years waiting for the event that would allow them” to pull it out.

    Lessig continued, “Of course, the Patriot Act is filled with all sorts of insanity about changing the way civil rights are protected, or not protected in this instance. So I was having dinner once and [former U.S. anti-terrorism “czar”] Richard Clarke was at the table, and said to him, ‘Is there an equivalent, is there an i-Patriot Act just sitting waiting for some substantial event for them to come in and have the excuse for radically changing the way the internet works?’ And he said, ‘Of course, there is’.”

    More on this Here –


    And Here, all with many more interesting Links


  185. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 7:11 pm

    Kennedy rejected the proposal and became another notch on the gun, but false-flag attacks seem normal now


    a. Incidents to establish a credible attack (not in
    chronilogical order):

    (1) Start rumors (many). Use clandestine radio.

    (2) Land friendly Cubans in uniform “over-the-fence”
    to stage attack on the base.

    (3) Capture Cuban (friendly) sabateurs inside the

    (4) Start riots near the entrance to the base (friendly
    Appendix to
    Enclosure A
    Page 11

    (5) Blow up ammunition inside the base; start fires.

    (6) Burn aircraft on airbase (sabatage).

    (7) Lob morter shells from outside of base into base.
    Some damage to installations.

    (8) Capture assault teams approaching from the sea
    of vicinity of Guantanamo City.

    (9) Capture militia group which storms the base.

    (10) Sabotage ship in harbor; large fires — napthalene.

    (11) Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals
    for mock-victims (may be lieu of (10)).

    b. United States would respond by executing offensive
    operations to secure water and power supplies, destroying
    artillery and mortar emplacements which threaten the base.

    c. Commence large scale United States military operations.

    3. A “Remember the Maine” incident could be arranged in
    several forms:

    a. We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and
    blame Cuba.

    b. We could blow up a drone (unmannded) vessel anywhere
    in the Cuban waters. We could arrange to cause such incident
    in the vicinity of Havana or Santiago as a spectacular result
    of Cuban attack from the air or sea, or both. The presense
    of Cuban planes or ships merely investigating the intent of
    the vessel could be fairly compelling evidence that the ship
    was taken under attack. The nearness to Havana or Santiago
    would add credibility especially to those people that might
    have heard the blast or have seen the fire. The US could
    follow with an air/sea rescue operation covered by US
    fighters to “evacuate” remaining members of the non-existant
    crew. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful
    wave of national indignation.

    4. We could develop a Communist Cuba terror campaign in
    the Miami area, in other Flordia cities and even in Washington.

  186. BrianFujisan

    10 Aug, 2013 - 7:17 pm

    A wee tall of a BIG Tranformation

    I arrived in Baghdad believing that Iraqis were simple people in need of having civilization thrust upon them, and that we were the enlightened civil ones who would show them the right way to live. To me, they were less than human.

    One pivotal night three years ago, I bragged to my wife and cousins about a family I had terrified by pointing my rifle at them to get them to stop in traffic. I laughed about the way the father and mother had frantically waved their arms at me, begging not to be shot.

    When I told this story in the past to my fellow soldiers, they had laughed and told me similar stories of their own. On this night, no one laughed. To my great surprise, my wife, my cousin, and his girlfriend were horrified. I even scared the waitress. They let me know in no uncertain terms that it was wrong to laugh about such a thing.

    I was immediately defensive. “You guys don’t understand,” I told them. “If you had been there, you would get it.” But, they insisted that it wasn’t funny.

    Where I saw humor, they saw a terrified family whose only crime was travelling from one place to another.

    The conversation stuck with me. I began to wonder why it was funny to me and not to them. Why was I unmoved by that family’s fears, while my family was horrified by my laughter?

    Brandon Toy


  187. Conservatives have just unveiled their new campaign symbol


  188. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 7:33 pm

    @ Jon/Mod:

    Just on a question of blogging etiquette :

    Is it usual for a moderator to participate in discussions, as you have done just above?

    I should have thought that it was not, and that a moderator would post his own views on a different blog to the one he or she is moderating, but of course I’m willing to be told otherwise

    BTW, allow me to congratulate you on the gentle, almost kind way in which you responded to Tech Savage’s hate-filled post; I’m so glad you didn’t feel it necessary to issue a stern rebuke or even delete it. Keep up the good work!

  189. Good insight Brian and Ben – The recent clashes in Northern Ireland recalls Operation Demetrius or internment without trial of nearly 400 people were arrested, many tortured and the families verbally abused and assaulted.

    Some of these people I can report accurately from a family member were ‘subverted’ or turned into government decoys, informers or spies.

    These techniques were subsequently taught to the CIA/FBI.

    [more to follow] – Check this implication out:


  190. With Egypt strike, Israel violates two borders in three days

    ‘Two incidents in three days, in which Israel’s military was caught with its hand beyond its borders, raise questions of sovereignty and what it means to Israel.’


  191. Bodies of migrants found on Italy beach


    Thought to be Syrians and Egyptians

  192. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 7:52 pm

    @ Fujisan (18h56)

    You appear rather indignant about the “stuff” (your word) you posted about the Patriot Act and a possible i-Patriot Act.

    Personally I find it rather reassuring that govts do some forward thinking and contingency planning on how to respond to national emergencies or threats to the national emergencies.

    Surely much better and much more sensible than govts just sitting on their backsides hoping for the best and then possibly having to adopt measures or legislation in haste
    after an event?

  193. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 7:53 pm

    CORR.: “…or threats to the nation”

  194. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 7:58 pm

    @ Mr Golding (19h36)

    I take it you’re aware (Dreoilin can correct me if necessary)) that the govt of the Republic of Ireland used internment without trial provisions against the IRA for many years after WW2?

    In fact, I do believe internment without trial was used for much longer in the Republic of Ireland than in Northern Ireland.

  195. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 8:04 pm

    @ Jon/Mod

    Ever eager to help you in your Herculean task of reading ALL posts and not just mine, I draw your attention to the following from Hasbarista at 16h15 :

    “…ehud borg has allegedly “retired” from yiddistani politics..”

    Key word : “yiddistani”. More acceptable than “faggot” or “nigger”?

    Why no protests from anyone?

    [Mod: this is now deleted]

  196. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    10 Aug, 2013 - 8:14 pm

    @ Fujisan at 19h17 re “A wee tall of a BIG Tranformation”

    I fail to see what’s so revelatory about this story. The phenomenon of front-line combattants dealing with trauma by transforming it into humour is well recognised by psychologists and even by the informed wider public, is it not?

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