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The Respectability of Torture

St Mary’s University College, Thurs 1st August, 7.30pm


Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, was a whistleblower who was removed from his ambassadorial post by Tony Blair for exposing the Tashkent regime‟s use of rape and systematic torture, including the boiling to death of political opponents. He has also spoken out against Central Asia‟s appalling dictatorships, regimes which are allies of the West, involved in torture and rendition, and was accused of threatening MI6‟s relationship with the CIA. Now a human rights activist, author and broadcaster, he outlines the dynamics of torture and the hypocrisy of incriminated Western governments.


My first public appearance for a while will be in Belfast on 1 August where I shall be giving a talk.  Long term readers of this blog will recall that, while my focus is largely on international affairs, the domestic political achievements I most hope to see are a united Ireland and an independent Scotland.

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  1. Flaming June

    4 Aug, 2013 - 1:54 pm

    I did not say I hate the people Jemand. I just hate the rotten secretive system that controls our lives.

    My name is Mary btw but I wish to be known as Flaming June. You know that very well and the reason for changing my ‘handle’ so please stop your nonsense.

    Thanks for your comments Jon and Nevermind. Appreciated.

  2. Hasbarista,

    The muzzies I know tell me one day even the stones and trees will inform when such devils are “masquerading” behind them

    Ah, I think I’ve encountered this oblique reference before. It is from the Koran, I think, where it says that even the stones and the trees will cry out “Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him”.

    I have two problems with this. Firstly, in taking an ancient text literally and out of context, you believe you have found support for anti-Jewish narrative where none exists. As I’ve said to fundamentalist readers of Islamic holy texts, the context of the time (perhaps during war?) is being ignored here.

    Secondly, if Judaism is so abominable to you, why do you quote the Koran? Is one religion better than the other? If so, why? I would have thought both should be treated with caution, especially where Israel/Palestine is concerned.

    Whilst on the topic, are you yourself religious? I think we might achieve more if you were to come and discuss things, rather than making vague, racially charged allusions – I think your comment above had absolutely zero effect here. So, tell us about yourself. And do you hold out hope that, in the context of US/Israel power structures, peace in the ME can be achieved? What do you make of Jewish people who are sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians?

  3. “I’m aghast that she (Jenny Jones) should even contemplate accepting a peerage”

    She’s following the logic of the elite political system. I’d imagine she simply thinks, better to have a Green voice, than not.

    Like many others, she’s been captured and shall be ritually exhibited as testament to our most wondrous diversity.

    The Greens may have decided that grassroots activity will not produce the electoral advancement necessary for a movement to emerge, preferring instead an occasional siren voice in media.

    Perhaps they were purely a media creature.

    Anyway, worth catching Ed Herman on “Manufacturing Consent” 25 Years Later:


  4. Flaming June

    4 Aug, 2013 - 2:57 pm


    Homeless: More Young People Sleeping Rough

    Statistics show more young people are being forced onto the streets as a new theatre play shines the spotlight on the crisis.

    Sunday 04 August 2013

    Video: Homeless Crisis Under The Spotlight

    As statistics show more young people are becoming homeless in the UK, a new play questions why more is not being done to help those forced onto the streets.

    Government figures show the number of people sleeping rough in England has increased by a third since 2010.

    In London alone, 6,437 people slept rough during 2012-13, a 62% rise in two years.


    And yes, before you ask again Jemand, I have shared my home with strangers and in the past have worked in London for Crisis. My late husband was a Samaritan and at one time was a trustee of SHAC, a housing charity connected with Shelter. I cannot remember what the acronym stands for.

  5. Flaming June

    4 Aug, 2013 - 3:08 pm

    Deaths by the hundred in Gaza because of fuel shortages.

    Gaza hospitals face fuel shortage: Health Ministry

    Yet British Gas colluded with Israel to steal the gas that lies offshore to Gaza.

    The salaries of just two of directors of British Gas –

    Finlayson CEO £1,110,000pa
    As of Fiscal Year 2012

    Houston COO £3,268,000pa
    As of Fiscal Year 2012

    ex http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/people/board.asp?ticker=BG/:LN

    and so on. Obscene is it not?

  6. Look at this drone, what a useful tool and so unregulated. Every investigative blog should have one….

    I’m sure I could enthuse Mark G and Komodo, but seriously consider the use during demonstrations with a direct link to a website, unfiltered redacted or manipulated.

    Call it ‘As it happens’. I think for London and its various demo’s this could be a good investment. So why are NGO’s not using them? Have these all turned into GO’s now, or are they too hierarchical to be able to contemplate their own coverage? They manage to hold camera’s and make fine fund raising video’s, how about investing in your own fact finding and truth reporting?

    Or is that just for Paparazzi’s?

    wonder how much such a thing costs or whether you put it together yourself. This one has a steady bar for better pictures attached, but how small can a tv camera be these days?


  7. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    4 Aug, 2013 - 4:06 pm

    Memebers of Congress can’t get info from their won security apparatus, so they have to go to Greenwald. Heh.


  8. Flaming June

    4 Aug, 2013 - 4:22 pm

    Where is Sabretache these days? Used to see his name in these columns.

    I was reading the profile on Sabretache’s blog and concur.


  9. Flaming June

    4 Aug, 2013 - 4:33 pm

    More on Balcombe from Medialens

    Bianca Jagger speaks with Balcombe protesters
    Posted by fredjc on August 4, 2013, 3:14 pm

    BJ speaks at about 14 mins in, but worth watching the rest, although I must admit I did skip over the musical bits – it’s reminiscent of the 60’s hippy-style of protest, although I think by now most Balcombe residents are waking-up to exactly what they’re up against. Video…


    The first person to be interviewed is Lech Kawolski who is currently showing his film ‘Drill Baby Drill’ in the States. His website is here…


    And a radio interview with him here…

  10. Flaming June

    4 Aug, 2013 - 4:45 pm

    Balcombe lies in Francis Maude’s constituency.

    Maude appointed Lord Browne to a cabinet post.


  11. Thanks Phil, that’s more than pocket money then. Mind you, NGO’s such as Greenpeace make millions, its peanuts to them.

    I think the one that is required has six to eight rotors, takes the weight of a Hollywood spec. camera, up to 5 kilos load so I believe.

    Enough to have it carry some confetti, so every time someone gets manhandled, bashed or pushed over, collateral damage, shot on the tube, one could release some red confetti in appreciation of our civil servants….

    These things can fly anywhere and quiet high, like take a cage shot of the London Eye visitors from close up. Or join someone close by on his walk over the foot bridge, so many possibilities…

    ‘As it happens TV’ could have an extra live page here, were news is made. It would preclude to having a more business like blog/site that pays a wage or two, maybe take some NGO’ ads, nothing too corporate, so one could allow the drone and its operator to travel.

  12. @Nevermind

    Drones dropping confetti on out of control coppers is a genius idea full of symbolism.

    Occupy discussed using drones but I have not seen that they did. I suspect the actual value is limited and any attempt would be quickly jammed by the rozzers.

    There has been a clip of a drone filming police movements from poland online for a while. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOxh9dbkNT4

  13. Jon, some reasonable points but hating a country and, by implication, its people is not reasonable. It suggests a domination of emotion over reason. We see enough of that in the world and on this blog.

    Mary, you can wish upon a star for any name you like. I wish to be addressed as Prince Gerhardt IV.

  14. Don’t be surprised to see private drones banned outside of designated areas for hobbyists in the next ten years.

  15. Aug 5: Seal Team 76, led by Kathryn Bigelow and camera crew, burst into Yemeni conference room at enemy hovel, where lecturer is translating Snowden’s filched 2007/2009 Power Point presentations into Arabic.

    One member is taking notes. 54 are snoring, as is customary at any Power Point presentation. One dastard is discovered in mens room, writing his last testament/manifesto on wall with ballpoint pen.

    Aug 6: With a fiendish worldwide plot foiled, just before The Enemy learned how NSA really worked and ceased their endless chatter about this, that, and the other thing, President Obama triumphantly appears on NBC-TV’s Jay Leno comedy show, greeted with thunderous applause and 17 minutes of chanting, “USA, USA, USA!”

    Aug 7: Congress votes unanimously to quadruple funding of spy machinery.

  16. But worth a try Phil, worth a try, jamming the frequency would be an own goal and endangering the public, the police could not be seen jamming a 20 kg device and sending it trundling down in to a mass of people, they could not defend such action in court when they knew it carries a camera and confetti.

    ‘We are very sorry, your honour, we did see the live pictures on their website, but we did not like the poppy red colour of the confetti and so we jammed it and it fell from great hight on to that pushchair with a two year old, unfortunate collateral damage, sir , as I’ve said, we are so very sorry….

    sounds of slapping wrists…

  17. Jemand, how can you ban something that is unregulated by law? Are you drafting it?

  18. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    4 Aug, 2013 - 7:51 pm

    @ Jemand :

    “I wish to be addressed as Prince Gerhardt IV.”

    Your wish is my command, Sir (sorry : Sire!)!

    I’ve tried to find you in the Almanach de Gotha but without success; could you give some geographical indications which will help me trace your lineage, pls?

    My guess at this stage would be the House of Groessenwahn-Nix-Bessereszutun… :)

  19. “Uzbekistan’s cotton is the subject of an international boycott over alleged child labour.”


    “High street banks have lent to payday loan companies.”


  20. doug scorgie

    4 Aug, 2013 - 9:33 pm

    The honours system is, as most people here would agree I’m sure, a corrupt elitist abomination where decent hard working people get a few scraps (CBEs, OBEs, MBEs, BEMs, etc.) and the elite get the far more “influential” honours of Knighthoods/Dames and Peerages for services to “the state”.

    Peerage being the honour that allows a person to sit in the House of Lords in a political capacity without being elected.

    There are some decent people “elevated” to the Lords on a token basis to make the system look fair in some way; Doreen Lawrence being a good example.

    People get honours for achievements like:

    “…improving life for people less able to help themselves.”

    So no honours for Ian Duncan Smith or George Osborne then?

  21. Here is an accurate reflection on what has happened, and is happening, in the Middle East and North Africa, from Russian Prime Minister Medvedov.


  22. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    4 Aug, 2013 - 9:59 pm

    ““If we’re being completely honest, what good did the Arab Spring bring to the Arab world? Did it bring freedom? A little, at best. In most countries it led to endless bloodshed, regime change, and continuous unrest.”

    This seems to be directed at Wikileaks, as well John. Tunisia’s awakening was a direct result. I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come for Snowden.

    The Arab Spring is not Irish Spring with a 4-leaf clover scent. Any People struggling with oppression, revolution revert to political and social evolution. It may be glacial in it’s progress, but instant transformation should not be a required hurdle in order to qualify.

  23. Suhayl

    “What a stinking rotten country I was born into. No wonder I hate it now.” Flaming June.

    The UK is certainly a deeply imperialist entity and so entities like Hakluyt are nothing new. I think you’ll find, however, that most countries engage in such covert arms-dealing operations; we are simply one of the biggest arms-manufacturers/dealers in the world.To feel down about, and to oppose, certain aspects/power-structures/policies is one thing. But to hate the country in its entirety suggests something different.”

    Jon adds:

    ” @Jemand,

    I should think “hating one’s country”, if this dynamic can be reduced to that, is a common enough dilemma amongst leftists. We should not trivialise it, and we should instead strive to understand it, and be understanding of the people who it affects – as Suhayl does above.”

    First Jon, ” if this dynamic can be reduced to that, is a common enough dilemma amongst leftists.”

    True, IF it can be reduced to that…well, Mary in her original comment was quite emphatic and so did with full intention reduce it to that. It follows i disagree that it “is a common enough dilemma amongst leftists.” Are you sure about that Jon? I mean there could be some strong dislikes, even abhorrence of certain policies or the way of politics, but “hate” is surely another phenomenon isn’t it? Btw to say “we should instead strive to understand it, and be understanding of the people who it affects – as Suhayl does above.”, is a stretch too far. Suhayl was saying nothing to that effect. What he was saying is “To feel down about, and to oppose, certain aspects/power-structures/policies is one thing. But to hate the country in its entirety suggests something different.”

    Yes to “hate the country in its entirety suggests something different.” Lets be clear this is what the original post by Mary said and it is an entirely different suggestion.

    Why do people here feel the need to whitewash Mary’s feelings of hate? Why is it minimised and sugar coated by others with intellectual dishonesty. Mary intrigues me no end when she paints all S Koreans with the same brush of (unproven alleged) incompetence of their Boeing 777 pilots or petitions God on this website to Damn (yes again, the whole of Amerika). Even suggesting that there’s something fraudulent happening at the humble Krishnamurti Foundation — cheap pathetic plain envious/jealous shot like there’s “gold in them thar Krishnamurti hills”. How uninformed and sick is that?

    Why doesn’t Mary come forward with explanations of and on her own. Take time our from her sellf-centred news service activity and take responsibility and retract or apologise — use the magic word ‘sorry’ if necessary? Until she moves away from her glossing over sweeping generalisations and stubbornness, i will see her fragmented posts for what they are — just another escape artist and fragmented lefty riding her one-trick pony of charging towards the windmills of Palestine who is not going to make one gitmo of a difference to the true injustices and conflict in this world. I invite Mary to respond directly.

    Reflection of the day: Living in an Insane World


  24. Here’s a good article on browser support for Perfect Forward Secrecy/Diffie-Hellman key exchange and PRISM/Xkeyscore/Whateverleaksnext


    Note that Internet Exploder virtually never uses PFS even when connecting to a website which supports a compatible variant. The article doesn’t mention this but it is possible to force Exploder to use diffie-hellman more often but the information on how to do so is buried in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard’.” **

    ** Well really an obscure hard to use mis-feature buried way down in gpedit.msc

    Firefox 23 Out this week beefs up security even further by finally supporting TLS 1.1
    Firefox 24 adds TLS 1.2

    The Snowden leaks seem to be accelerating PFS and TLS security upgrades on both the server and client ends. Notably not from some such as Microsoft though.

  25. ‘momentum that even critics say may be unstoppable’?

    400 people protesting NSA domestic spying – out of a population of over 300 million – is rather depressing


  26. Jemand – Censorship Improves History 4 Aug, 2013 – 7:20 pm

    “Don’t be surprised to see private drones banned outside of designated areas for hobbyists in the next ten years.”

    2 years, tops.

  27. BrianFujisan

    5 Aug, 2013 - 12:34 am

    With Regards the Propaganda Criminals of the bbc Here’s a Youtube video

    Syrian man confronts BBC reporter for Lying

    Lyse Doucet. She is a major player in Chatham House which is a British NGO that is a propaganda tool of the British Establishment. Chatham House is also known as the “Tavistock Institute”, the UK branch of the CFR. She has been behind directing most of the ‘Arab spring’ coverage from Libya to Egypt. When she claims to know nothing about the lies told previously she is dishonest. She is not only a purveyor of the lies but she is an architect of the entire edifice of lies.


  28. Honeyclap

    For once you come in second-annoying with ‘Muzzies’. The ‘most offensive’ prize goes to the BBC’s references to ‘Moslems’, a colonial pejorative pronunciation. Please try harder to be more annoying next time. It’s nearly Eid.

  29. BrianFujisan. 100 % agreed:
    “She is not only a purveyor of the lies but she is an architect of the entire edifice of lies.”

  30. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    5 Aug, 2013 - 1:23 am

    How about ‘Mohametans’ Guano? Does that send your guano batty?

  31. “Syrian man confronts BBC reporter for Lying”

    What’s he saying? “Everyone supports the president” and you accuse the BBC of lying?

    Chatham House and the Tavistock Institute are not one and the same.

  32. Jemand,

    Your contributions here over a certain time remind me of a sad plastic piece of plastic who really ought know better,but is prepared to pimp their limited skills out to the highest agendised plastic bidder.

    Go away you shallow bought and paid for confused AND pretentious semi-literate droid until you’ve got something really truthful to speak of.

    Taking your shill buddy-boy gang stalkers would be a bonus too.

    But i shan’t hold my breath.

    The rest of us don’t get paid to be here.

  33. Habbabkuk, “Sire” is an acceptable alternative, thank you for acknowledging my right to be addressed in my preferred way. Of course, being of royal blood, it it my prerogative to not acknowledge the rights of anyone else who wishes to be addressed in any way other than that which I prefer. Hence Flaming Mary et al., will be addressed accordingly.

    As to my royal lineage and tragic heritage that saw my family dispossessed of its perfectly legitimate and legally obtained wealth and provincial property during the Crimean War in the 19th century, I am surprised that you have not yet discovered on the many, many, many hundreds of websites that comprise the internet, that my story is not told there, but rather on about a half dozen websites that discuss free energy appliances and cancer industry conspiracies. Please click past the first two levels of UFO revelations to find my family history.

    Briefly, my family had a province around the area now known as Hutt River, in Australia’s equivalent of Switzerland. During the Crimean War, forces loyal to the bad side in that war took unlawful possession of our territories for reasons that are too painful for me to recall and I never studied European history because it was boring so I don’t know in any case.

    Anyway, the province was never returned to our rightful possession but now resides in the hands of a pretender to the throne, a “Prince” Leonard, fraud and knave.


    [Dedicated to “sad plastic piece of plastic” and paragon of British intellect, Jives]

  34. Re Drones

    As brilliant as these flying devices are, they represent a key piece of technology that logically advances the implementation of the Machine State, which extends the reach of totalitarian and authoritarian government. It should be again emphasised that the rise of a totalitarian Machine State does not need to be planned in an “intentionalist” process, but will form as a “functionalist” product of independent government efforts to reduce costs and improve management of various ‘problems’. When key pieces of infrastructure are in place, it requires very little effort to connect them all and, in doing so, realise a massive performance gain in surveillance and control of people. All you then need is for good people to do nothing.

  35. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    5 Aug, 2013 - 6:51 am

    From Jives, in the wee hours :


    Your contributions here over a certain time remind me of a sad plastic piece of plastic who (SIC) really ought know better,but is prepared to pimp their (SIC)limited skills out to the highest agendised (SIC) plastic bidder.

    Go away you shallow (SIC – comma needed)bought and paid for (SIC – comma needed) confused AND pretentious semi-literate droid until you’ve got something really truthful to speak of.

    Taking your shill buddy-boy gang stalkers would be a bonus too.

    But i shan’t hold my breath. (PLEASE DO – PREFERABLY FOR 10 MINUTES..)

    The rest of us don’t get paid to be here (SIC – missing full stop).

    Keep up the good work, Jivesy

  36. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!)

    5 Aug, 2013 - 7:12 am

    @ Jemand

    Sire, thank you for your fascinating response!

    By a remarkable coincidence, I read just a couple of days ago of the demise of “Princess” Shirley Casey (Obituaries section of the London “Times” dated 1 August 2013).

    That obituary started with “In 1970 Shirley Casey, a West Australian farmer’s wife, was transformed into Her Royal Highness Princess Shirley Casey of Hutt when her husband Leonard declared that their vast wheat farm 600 km north of Perth had become a principality and he its prince”, and ended with “She is survived by her husband and their children: Crown Prince Ian; Wayne, Duke of Nain; Richard, Duke of Carmel; Graeme, Duke of Galboa; and Duchesses Kay, Diane and Sherryl.”.

    There was, however, no mention of your good self (Prince Gerhardt IV.

    Is this yet another example of how the MSM habitually suppress historical fact in the interests of large corporations, the wicked Con-LibDem govt, thus serving, albeit indirectly, the interests of the Zionist master plan?

    I think we should be told.

  37. Am I alone in detecting an increasing “chosen” hubris emanating from habba & co towards us goyim – punctuation mark deficiencies n all? Must be a harbinger of an upcoming usual millennial slimming course,proven time and again to clear out the effects of the expired kedem causing such delusion, gotta catch up on some “prepping” reading then !

  38. Flaming June

    5 Aug, 2013 - 7:58 am

    It’s rather amusing to observe the international trade in election gurus. Rudd, with an election in a month’s time, has called on the services of an Obama campaign expert called Tom McMahon. He has also procured a Matthew McGregor from the UK who is a social media expert and a Joon Kim from a US consulting firm New Partners.

    Rudd flies in Team Obama

    Cameron already has signed the Australian Lynton Crosby and last week we heard he had employed a Jim Messina from the US to advise on ‘strategic communications’.


    Whether in Australia or the UK be prepared for an onslaught of TV ads, poster campaigns and spin.

  39. Flaming June

    5 Aug, 2013 - 8:05 am

    Meanwhile Rudd has moved on from Manus Island, Papua New Guinea to plans for the island of Nauru, pop 9,000, to accommodate the ‘refugees’. Note the use of the acronym RPC – ‘regional processing centre’. No not a bacon factory, a compound to sort homeless humans.

    Aussie Imperialism: Kevin Rudd and Dumping on the Pacific
    August 4th, 2013

    Nauru itself does not agree with Rudd that the refugees will be resettled there.

    Let’s hope that Mrs May doesn’t get any similar ideas about islands.

  40. Hababbkuk, yes it’s MSM revisionism. I don’t know if any Zionists are involved but since you mention it, I now imagine that they are, so yeah! Burn your MSM newspapers, and other revisionist sources of Hutt-River propaganda.

    Flaming Mary, we’ve always had “onslaughts” of political advertising, even outside of coming elections. So I don’t know how a “Team Obama” guru will change that. But the American influence on Oz political campaigning and sloganeering has a 10 year delay before arriving here. Personally, I prefer the British style of campaign where candidates casually mingle amongst the madding crowd, throwing random punches at their constituents.

    I also notice, Flaming Mary, that you like to try and bait me with your anti-Australian propaganda. I guess you also hate us as you hate your own country. All this hate gets us nowhere, can we all get along??

  41. Flaming June

    5 Aug, 2013 - 8:57 am

    ‘Peace’ talks? What ‘peace’ talks would those be?

    Israeli Decree on West Bank Settlements Will Harm Peace Talks, Palestinians Say

    August 4, 2013

    JERUSALEM — With peace talks scheduled to begin next week, an Israeli cabinet decision involving West Bank settlements on Sunday drew condemnation from the Palestinian leadership, highlighting the fragility of the Washington-brokered effort to resume long-stalled negotiations.


  42. Flaming June

    5 Aug, 2013 - 9:06 am

    Under the pretext of addressing Suhayl, there is yet another dose of psychoanalysis concerning me from the Krisnamurti Preacherman.

    He obviously does not have sufficient of other activity to occupy him and I suggest he should apply himself to some useful physical activity.

    As he has been told by the moderator, he should not be commenting on the posters here just the topics.


    Not ‘baiting’ you at all Jemand. I seem to have touched a nerve! You probably dread September 2013 just as much as we dread Spring 2015 (or earlier if and when it all goes pear shaped for this flaky coalition).

  43. Krishnamurski Villager should be more concerned about the disharmony in the minds of all the mad jews encouraged from all over the world to come and occupy the West Bank with free housing and guaranteed monthly wages to foment Islamophobia and shill “narrative” on the net. All financed from tax free “charitable” contributions in the Western world of course.

  44. Mary, since you talk about your personal hates, and betray your personal jealousy and bigotry in the context of world events, i address those subjects of the mind. It is not analysis, it is empirical observation of life itself as it flows from thought-feeling-action. Speaking expansively, and given all the mischief and conflicts going on around the world, our mind — the way we think and live — is the source of all conflict, is it not?

    So when Suhayl says “But to hate the country in its entirety suggests something different.”, what do you think he’s saying?

    Btw, did you read the piece of K that i linked above? Here is the prelude:

    “Last Sunday I was trying to explain what is right thinking and how to set about it. I said that unless there is self-awareness, self-knowledge of all the motives, intentions, and instincts, thought-feeling has no true foundation, and that without this foundation there is no right thinking. Self-knowledge is the beginning of understanding. And as we are – the world is. That is, if we are greedy, envious, competitive, our society will be competitive, envious, greedy, which brings misery and war. The state is what we are. To bring about order and peace, we must begin with ourselves and not with society, not with the state, for the world is ourselves. And it is not selfish to think that each one must first understand and change himself to help the world. You cannot help another unless you know yourself. Through self-awareness one will find that in oneself is the whole.”

    and the link again: http://www.jkrishnamurti.org/krishnamurti-teachings/view-text.php?tid=170&chid=4526&w=hate

    Never mind the messenger, but please address the message. What is being said is fact, not some psychoanalysis theories.
    Enjoy your swim as i will mine.

  45. @ Jemand – Censorship Improves History 5 Aug, 2013 – 5:29 am
    “Re Drones. It should be again emphasised that the rise of a totalitarian Machine State does not need to be planned in an “intentionalist” process, but will form as a “functionalist” product of independent government efforts to reduce costs and improve management of various ‘problems’. When key pieces of infrastructure are in place, it requires very little effort to connect them all and, in doing so, realise a massive performance gain in surveillance and control of people. All you then need is for good people to do nothing.”

    Problem is, many of the people in favour of uber-surveillance consider themselves the “Good People”, the ones with nothing to hide, but determined to pry into others’ lives and not limited to protecting the Homeland/Fatherland/Motherland from threats real or fake.

    Already, divorce lawyers are demanding access to the vast NSA database to catch out their client’s spouse and the entertainment industry wants to use it to track pirate downloads.

    Other government bodies are likewise clamouring for data. There will be the usual cries, “If only one child is saved!” (From a predator, a glimpse of porn, bullying, a sugary drink or salty snack — whatever.)

    Cities will tap in to bring fiends with unpaid parking tickets to justice. Not much technical effort needed to find who has been texting or sexting while driving. with the gubmint auto-deducting an appropriate fine from the violator’s account.

    At best, we’re doomed to a Stasi of do-gooders.

  46. “Mohamed Morsi’s allies admit defeat and plot (sic) to fly him into exile”

    ‘Deposed President could resign via a televised address and hand powers to interim Prime Minister’


    I find it frustrating reading about Egypt at the moment. I’m not sure that we know the full truth of what happened there, or that we ever will.

  47. Dreoilin:

    “I find it frustrating reading about Egypt at the moment. I’m not sure that we know the full truth of what happened there, or that we ever will.”

    Yes Dreoilin very uncomfortable but in the bigger picture, Egypt would do well to emulate Turkey and separate religion from politics as far as possible. It doesn’t by any means imply that all will be ok from hereon.

  48. “I seem to have touched a nerve!”

    No Mary, it’s the other way around. While you are reporting on the asylum seeker issue in Australia, you might want to also report on a recent incident in which some asylum seekers who got rejected subsequently burnt down a building during a riot in which 60 million dollars (£40million) of damage was caused. Imagine how many people in troubled areas of the world could have been helped with that money. It’s enough to make you cry.

  49. NR, very scary stuff how technology can, is and continues to be misused. Sometimes one feels that we will need visitors from another planet to help get our house in order. We seem to be standing at the precipice but unable to pull back. The only way humanity can find a new way of living is for each of us to be a light unto ourselves. That means one lamp being lit at a time — sounds like an awfully slow-boat but i don’t know if there is another one to catch.

    More of the same, protests and campaigns, doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe we do all need to slow down in order to change the dynamics. The only saving grace is that the internet is such a nascent tool — properly used it could prove to be a great asset in transformation, both personal and global.

  50. Ben
    Moslem is a kind of affected Cambridge don pronunciation used by orientalists, who know everything about Islam except the taste of iman/faith. Also used by some well-respected Muslims who mix with them.

    I like ‘Mohametans’.

  51. Jemand – Censorship Improves History 5 Aug, 2013 – 11:04 am
    “…asylum seekers who got rejected subsequently burnt down a building during a riot in which 60 million dollars (£40million) of damage was caused. Imagine how many people in troubled areas of the world could have been helped with that money.”

    Wow, those stupid, ungrateful darkies. Same as those bloody abos. Pass me another xxxx.

  52. Simple exercise, vaguely relevant to some of the above, re. BBC coverage. I realise that some will start spitting here…but…

    On Radio 4, compare the number of programmes by, for and about Jewish people with those by, for, and about Muslims (UK population ~6 times the Jewish population), Hindus (double) and, especially, Sikhs* (~1.3 times). When was the last time a Sikh appeared on The Moral Maze, for instance? Instead, of a regular like arch-zionist Mel Phillips?

    I’d be interested to know what you come up with.

    *Jokes about skullcaps, suicide bombs, sacred cows and turbans on comedy programmes excluded, that is.

  53. @nevermind:


    I see Phil beat me to it, but more ideas here.

    You can get something which flies, with an onboard camera, for less than £50. And without knowing an arms dealer, you can do a good bit better than that if you spend more.

  54. Moving forward, as they say in corporate-speak, now that we know we are definitely being spied on by our governments in our private bedrooms through whatever means, does nobody think that we are affected by that knowledge?

    Animals will cut short starting to mate if they notice that they are being observed by humans. Does our government not recognise that spying on private acts is both illegal and humiliating.

    One of the Muslims whose work with the intelligence agencies includes spying on me with information supplied by government systems told me that what I did or said would affect how he would behave. Yes, they use spying to threaten us while we are trying to live our ordinary lives as Muslims. That’s why Mursi was kicked out, because he started his spying campaign against the military.

    But do they not understand that knowing you are being observed can change what people do, making them refrain from doing in public what they do naturally in private, and maybe doing other things instead which are unnatural like looking at porn. Spying is extremely intrusive and haram. We have to establish our human right not to be spied upon, because it can make us do things which are sinful, trying to avoid the shame of being exposed in privacy with our wives.

    I could argue that illegal interference in my private life justified my breaking the state law, paying my council tax etc.
    Instead of just accepting that government spying is not illegal from members of the Privy Council, who also stated that the invasion of Iraq was not illegal, maybe we should point out that legality is not an issue, actions have consequences. Invade and terror will prevail, spy and public protest will prevail.

    Only those who do not believe in human justice or the Divine laws which forbid spying, are content to earn their living by this dirty and haram activity. Political minds like Mursi who spy on individuals are much dirtier than the sexual acts they are spying on. Human sexuality is not in itself dirty, but spying is kufr/disbelief, because it is repeatedly and strongly forbidden in Islam. Mursi’s USUKIS experiment with universal spying has disgraced the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood for all time.

    It is the habit of political Muslims to see the faults of others while ignoring the planks in their own eyes. That’s why the USUKIS are promoting plank Islam with all their might and resources. Praise be to God commonsense in Egypt prevailed.

  55. NR, so long as there are complex social and consumer distractions that feed a sort of false conciousness of the people, we cannot rely on the majority of good people to be so well informed, intellectually disposed and emotionally prepared to have the wherewithal to resist the transformation of our society into a dystopian Machine State.

    Organisations like Wikileaks try to shine a light on real power dynamics within a culture that is entertained by fictitious stories about state conspiracies. It’s like being in a room full of mirrors.

  56. doug scorgie

    5 Aug, 2013 - 11:50 am

    Just as the “peace talks” take off:

    “Israel has agreed to subsidise several Jewish settlements that were regarded as illegal until recently.” [legalised by a process only recognised by Israel]

    Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi said the move would have a “destructive impact” on peace talks, which resumed last week after a three-year hiatus.

    “This is exactly what Israel wants, have a [peace] process for its own sake, and at the same time have a free hand to destroy the objective of the [peace] process,”

    “On Sunday, the cabinet published a list of more than 600 towns and settlements to be regarded as priority areas for development.”

    The latest list included a total of 91 [illegal] settlements, up from 85 in last December’s list.


  57. Phil, what’s with your stupid racist comment? Or are you one of those people who believes when someone claims asylum, they should be taken at their word only? Like in court?

  58. Guano 5 Aug, 2013 – 11:42 am
    “now that we know we are definitely being spied on by our governments in our private bedrooms through whatever means, does nobody think that we are affected by that knowledge?”

    That’s a very interesting question.

    In science, the term observer effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed. A commonplace example is checking the pressure in an automobile tire; this is difficult to do without letting out some of the air, thus changing the pressure.


  59. Komodo

    The behaviour of Jews has many hundreds of years of observation in our European society and most of what has been observed has been respectable and beneficial to society.

    Compare that with the steady flow of bad news about our Muslim friends. In this clip it comes to my mind that the police authority knew very well what their Muslim bobby was up to and gave him enough rope to hang himself, Daniel Pelka , and the rest of us believing Muslims.


  60. Flaming June

    5 Aug, 2013 - 11:55 am

    ‘Btw, did you read the piece of K that i linked above?’

    Definitely not. Neither did I read your piece. I skimmed it.

    btw Swimming is on a Tuesday. Planting vegetables this morning, mowing the grass and cutting some hedges. Lovely work.

    How are enrolments going for the £19,000pa K school in Alresford? Filling up nicely?

    Who can afford those fees? Pop stars, multinational CEOs, FCO diplomats? Definitely not any of the 1m plus British on zero hours working.

    This morning on Sky News there was this dreadful Katie Hopkins person shouting down a kid who had been through the Sports Direct mill. Hopkins was extolling the benefits of the zero hours construct for employers. She is a Alan Sugar ‘Apprentice’ afficionado and has been in trouble for making offensive statements on the social media.


    Not so much ‘You’re fired’ because you were never given an employment contract in the first place.

    Hopkins -http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/lostinshowbiz/2013/jul/18/katie-hopkins-queen-of-conflict

  61. Flaming June

    5 Aug, 2013 - 12:00 pm

    Finally there is some sort of justice for Ian Tomlinson’s widow and children, if only monetary plus an apology from the high ups in the Met.

    Ian Tomlinson’s Family Welcome Police Apology
    Scotland Yard pays tribute to the newspaper seller’s widow as they reach a settlement four years after his death at a G20 protest.

    The words.

  62. Flamy

    I was recently offered a ‘position’, instead of a ‘contract’. Anyone can buy work if they have a credit card to pay for the transport/tools.

  63. Flaming June

    I was recently offered a ‘position’, instead of a ‘contract’. Anyone can buy work if they have a credit card to pay for the transport/tools.

  64. So Guano, was that Muslim bobby a legitimate suspect or not? What do you think the police should have done when they suspected that one of their own was corrupt? Nothing? Something? What?

  65. Flaming Mary:

    “Who can afford those fees? Pop stars, multinational CEOs, FCO diplomats?”

    Poor Mary, you really are caught in a web of jealousy and envy. What a shock it would come as to your system if ever a Palestinian child had enrolled in that School. Btw that is only one of many schools that K helped found — most of them are in perhaps more affordable India. Do you begrudge the children who can afford to go to high-quality schools?

    What if Craig sends his children there, would that be the end of it then?

    The weirdness of your narrow little compassion. I’ll let you carry on with your quixotic tilting at the windmills in Palestine born out of the same bigoted petition for God to damn America.

    Btw are you side-stepping Suhayl’s profound observation and my related question:

    “So when Suhayl says “But to hate the country in its entirety suggests something different.”, what do you think he’s saying?”

    You are something different alright :-)

  66. Flaming June

    5 Aug, 2013 - 12:18 pm

    Jemand You just don’t get it.

    ‘“I seem to have touched a nerve!”

    No Mary, it’s the other way around. While you are reporting on the asylum seeker issue in Australia, you might want to also report on a recent incident in which some asylum seekers who got rejected subsequently burnt down a building during a riot in which 60 million dollars (£40million) of damage was caused. Imagine how many people in troubled areas of the world could have been helped with that money. It’s enough to make you cry.’

    It is not about money.

    Did the burnt out building resemble this one in Afghanistan at all?


    Or this?


    Or were any injured like Ali Abbas who was gravely injured and ten members of his family killed in Iraq in 2003?



  67. technicolour

    5 Aug, 2013 - 12:21 pm

    What people need to know about the situation of asylum seekers in Australia. In the first video a man, having stitched his lips together, throws himself onto razor wire. A lawyer explains that 90 percent of asylum seekers are found to be bona fide. In the second, made almost ten years ago, activists pull the fences down around Woomera, a prison in the middle of the desert where asylum seekers have been held indefinitely. Children have been born inside.



  68. The UKUSIS strategy in Syria was to invite political Islam, including US-controlled Saudi and Qatar, and Syrian exiles and Al Qaida to make war on Assad, while at the same time draw on the Zionist control of Russia and Iran to send heavy weapons and Shi’a troops in order to repel Sunni progress.

    The full responsibility for what has ensued is entirely on the shoulders once again of a UK prime Minister and his senior cabinet members. We sent snipers to start the war, and we allowed our backside to be shafted by the world’s media by supporting the Zionist plan to wreck Syria with opposing forces in order for Israel to take control its water resources for the benefit of Israel’s expansion.

    Political Islam is fully aware of the plan, but is counting on Obama being shamed by it into a full-scale assault on Assad, clearing the way for stooges to re-build Syria with pipes to Israel included in the plan. Once again political Islam has been fooled by Zionist lies.

    The intervention of Shi’a forces on Israel’s side has changed the relationship between Sunni and Shi’a forever. It had always been a saving grace for the Shi’a that Hizbullah gave Israel a hard time. Now that we know that Shi’a and Israel are best bosom friends, and Iran has been rewarded for services rendered by a new smiley Rouhani regime, all trace of respect for the Shi’a leadership has now gone.

    You make your choices and live with the consequences. Shi’a have lost all credibilty for a generation. The UK P.M likes being shafted by the world’s media. A public school wet dream.

  69. Ahhh, hello Technicolour. It didn’t take long for you to weigh into the asylum seeker ‘debate’, did it?

    Your claim that 90% of people are found to be “bona fide” asylum seekers is false. The truth is that 90% are successful in their applications because the immigration authorities give the benefit of the doubt to people who are NOT proved to be NOT genuine asylum seekers and NOT proved to be NOT of good character. You see, in applications for asylum, two negatives equate to a positive. And all you need is a good story and a reasonably clean criminal record – not that any records can be accessed by Australian Immigration officials – to successfully claim asylum.

    But let me ask this – if Australia is such a shitty, racist country, why do so many people make the journey past their neighbours to come here? 

  70. Jemand
    You’re so naive. The police placed the brother into the brothel/hard drugs territory temptation in order to creat another media scandal against Islam.

    A policeman is zimmidari/responsible. His/her job is to assess the risks of violence arising from a criminal activity. A bent policeman, instead of alerting the authorities of the presence of a vulnerable child inside the brothel, reassured the perpetrators that they were immune from suspicion by getting involved in the crime.

    It is inconceivable with modern police methods of communications interceptions that the police authorities were unaware of the bobby’s involvement in the criminal activity or of the abuse of the child. This is just another case where the police have a sense of omnipotence because they are recording stuff sitting on their bottoms, and they ball forget that it isn’t a soap about good guys and bad guys.

    The police are 100% responsible for the consequences of sailing too close to the wind.

  71. Far from preventing crime, the police spying capability is now the biggest initiators and sponsors of crime. That’s why they put in political managers to produce spin to cover up the slime.

  72. Jemand – Censorship Improves History 5 Aug, 2013 – 11:50 am
    “Phil, what’s with your stupid racist comment?”

    Australia is embracing a punitive, racist immigration policy while still persecuting the people who europeans stole the country from. But all you can do is complain about rioting immigrants. So I was thinking you might have had one too many amber nectar because you failed to mention that the building destroyed was a detention centre.

    Just think of all the ‘good’ that you could do with the $25 billion annually frittered away on fags and food waste. Or how many much ‘good’ could be done with the $7.5m spent on one beer ad.

  73. technicolour

    5 Aug, 2013 - 12:49 pm

    Seen the man with the stitched up mouth throwing himself on the razor wire, Jemand? Anything to say yourself about the conditions which lead to that? Seen the desperation on the faces of the prisoners, held without charge or limitations, the hopelessness on the face of the child born inside? Australia is not alone, of course. But I like the idea that ‘my’ claim (it’s a lawyer speaking) is wrong because it’s – er – right.

  74. Bah!Humbug

    Not on shift yet? Or run out replies?

  75. Australia is playboy land for Zionist mafia to relax from sparring with triads. It is also the home of a very special race of human beings.

    Over the boulders and
    Under the stones
    The bushman wanders
    Always alone.

    And know my love
    And know always know
    There’ll be soft landings
    Where you go.

  76. And know and always know. Sorry

  77. Jemand – Censorship Improves History 5 Aug, 2013 – 12:38 pm
    “if Australia is such a shitty, racist country…”

    Don’t put yourself down so mate. I have met australians who are very cool people. It’s just that australia has a shitty racist establishment that is supported by shitty racists, in the closet and out.

  78. Jives, please accept Jemand in good faith – I don’t know where the animosity comes from. Did I miss some history here?

    Villager, ditto with Flaming June. FJ has made some casual asides which I think you’ve magnified in significance too greatly.

    Jemand, ditto with Technicolour.

    As far as I can see, all of you are here in good faith. But, where a discussion is started with an attack, a fight will ensue rather than an exchange of views. Let’s keep it constructive!

  79. Doug Scorgie, 11.50

    It’s been obvious for years now that the “facts on the ground” on the West Bank completely contradict any pretensions Israel has to permitting any kind of autonomous Palestinian state. It’s been so obvious,indeed, that the ‘peacemakers’ must have spotted this. What I don’t understand is how Obama/Kerry think they can salvage anything redounding to America’s credit from this or any other charade conducted by the Zionist, ex-AIPAC, ex-WINEP Martin Indyk on behalf of Netanyahu. These talks have been set up to fail. The Palestinians will get the blame, for their intransigence over settlements and East Jerusalem (or, as they persist in calling them, their property). The international community will do fuck-all. Again.

    Still, let’s be charitable. Israel left Gaza in 2005. What can the Palestinian West Bank expect to look like in the unlikely event of Israel handing it back? Or, rather, “handing it back”. Facts on the ground in Gaza, eight years later:

    In August 2005, the last Israeli settlers left Gaza, followed by the last Israeli soldiers in September, as Israel pulled out of the Palestinian territory it had occupied since 1967. The Israeli withdrawal from Gaza gave the general impression, at least in the Western press, that Israel was effectively turning over Gaza to the Palestinian Authority. That was not, and still is not, the case. As B’Tselem, the Israeli information and human rights organization, documents:

    Israel continues to maintain complete control over the air and sea space of the Gaza Strip. No Palestinian may operate a seaport or an airport without Israeli approval, which limits Palestinians’ freedom of trade and travel.

    Israel continues to control the joint Gaza Strip-West Bank population registry, which means Israel gets to decide who is a “Palestinian resident” and who is a “foreigner.” Palestinians must seek Israeli approval for every individual who wants to move to the West Bank.

    The Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt was supposedly turned over to the Palestinian Authority. In fact, Israel continues to control the crossing to the extent that it may bar entry to “foreigners”—that is, Palestinians who are not residents of the Occupied Territories—or anyone it deems a security risk.

    Israel continues to maintain complete control of the movement of people and goods between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which Israel considers a “closed military area” off limits to anyone without a permit. West Bank residents are also forbidden from traveling aborad, including to the Gaza Striop, without a difficult-to-obtain Israeli permit.

    As far as trade is concerned, Israel controls the three crossing points in and out of Gaza (Karni, Sufa, and Kerem Shalom). Israel routinely closes the crossings to any exchange of goods, causing severe food and other shortages in Gaza.

    Israel still controls taxation and other levies in Gaza.

    Source, B’Tselem.

  80. Guano, I think the reference to “Muzzies” earlier was sardonically mimicking MSM and soft-racist views against Muslims. I don’t think it was clear or helpful, but it wasn’t intended to be Islamophobic.

    It is unfortunate that the commenter in question appears to habour unpleasant views against a different group instead, though I am more than happy to be corrected on that point!

  81. Jon, thanks for the conciliatory effort but let me have one parting shot for the evening ..

    Phil, don’t kid yourself. If I had a choice between a bunch of uneducated, white-skinned churls from the UK, of which there are clearly sooooo many, or educated brown-skinned people with no particular interest in religion and are of good character from anywhere else, I’d take my brown-skinned brothers ANY day of the week, EVERY time.

  82. Jemand – Censorship Improves History 5 Aug, 2013 – 1:42 pm
    “I’d take my brown-skinned brothers ANY day of the week, EVERY time.”

    So presumably you are disappointed with your government’s racist immigration policy. Please try to be clear because your prevoius comments today give quite a different impression.

  83. Phil, I’m very disappointed with my government’s non-racist immigration policy. And the previous government’s policy. And I’m disappointed that people lie, exaggerate, misconstrue, politicise and grandstand on this issue.

    The basic problem with unauthorised leaking-boat migration is –

    1. People die at sea, including children who have no say in the matter, and

    2. Fake asylum seekers insert themselves amongst real asylum seekers making the potential for fraudulent migration extremely problematic if the problem is not arrested.

    But yeah, I know you’re not interested in studying the facts so hey, just cry “RACISM”. It works everwhere ele.

    And, no, I never gave any impression of anything, you merely made assumptions that suited your political disposition. But, whatever.

  84. “I’m very disappointed with my government’s non-racist immigration policy…just cry “RACISM”…And, no, I never gave any impression of anything…”

    Not only did you give the impression earlie,r you even give the impression a couple of sentences before you deny giving an impression. Hilarious. You don’t seem to consider that denying racism is itself a racist act. On that we disagree.

    “People die at sea, including children who have no say in the matter,”

    You are the man. Everyone else here hates children.

  85. technicolour

    5 Aug, 2013 - 2:51 pm

    “People die at sea, including children who have no say in the matter” – those irresponsible parents, dragging their children away from torture and war. Still, nice to think you see this as a problem – perhaps you’re in favour of publicly funded lifeboats?

    “Fake asylum seekers insert themselves amongst real asylum seekers making the potential for fraudulent migration extremely problematic if the problem is not arrested.” – the ‘fakes’ would be the ones with millionaire bungalows back home who just embark on a, as you rightly remarked, dangerous and potentially lethal voyage for fun, right?

    And in any case the solution is to increase these disgusting levels of incarceration and de facto torture but preferably so far away that people won’t be able to find out what goes on in there, never mind make a fuss about it.

    ‘Racism’ is a small sad word by comparison.

  86. Jemand,

    Ok let’s try to play the ball.

    Our disagreement is about the australian immigration policy. I believe it is racist. You believe it is not.

    Do you agree that describes the nub of our argument?

  87. I’m so glad that I can be of use here on this blog as the proxy object of scorn and whipping boy for sexually frustrated, lonely people who are angry at the world’s injustice.

    Phil, Technicolour, Flaming Mary and Jives – try to get laid once in a while.

  88. Flaming June

    5 Aug, 2013 - 3:20 pm

    Christian Zionism: The Heresy that Undermines Middle East Peace

    Christian Zionism is the largest, most controversial and most destructive lobby within Christianity. It bears primary responsibility for perpetuating tensions in the Middle East, justifying Israel’s apartheid colonialist agenda and for undermining the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.

    By Rev Dr Stephen Sizer


    Read Craig here.

  89. WTF has anyone’s bedroom activities got to do with any of this? Jemand, that was a blatantly antiparthenogenicist remark.

  90. Ben Franklin -Machine Gun Preacher (unleaded version)

    5 Aug, 2013 - 3:31 pm

    I had to look that up Komo. Getting laid means sleeping with your own self?

  91. You can even sleep somewhere else, Ben. Or something. No rumpy need occur.


  92. Well, not you, obviously. You’d have to be female.

  93. Jemand – Censorship Improves History 5 Aug, 2013 – 3:14 pm

    “I’m so glad that I can be of use here on this blog as the proxy object of scorn and whipping boy”

    Poor you. So wise but misunderstood. Perhaps you might incorporate this latest terrible injustice heaped upon you into a clever new extended name tag. Go on express yourself my friend. Don’t get me wrong, your current one, born from your own struggles, still strikes me as profound.

    “Phil, Technicolour, Flaming Mary and Jives – try to get laid once in a while.”

    Mmmm. People often reveal their own perceived inadequacies in their taunts of others.

  94. technicolour

    5 Aug, 2013 - 3:51 pm

    Well, that certainly startled that passer-by – thanks, Jemand! Perhaps I shouldn’t take your advice quite so literally, on reflection…

  95. Bradley Manning will be sentenced today, having been found guilty of 20 counts on Tuesday, including espionage (despite the lack of evidence for intent to spy and the lack of evidence that his leaking ever did any real harm). Whatever one thinks of Manning’s actions, that we deserved to know some of what he revealed and that his revelations changed the world are undeniable.

    Manning revealed the Collateral Murder video of a helicopter attack in Iraq on civilians including children and two Reuters journalists, whose cameras were taken for weapons.

    Manning revealed the full extent of the corruption of Tunisian dictator Zine El Abidin Ben Ali.

    Manning revealed to the US and Yemeni public the secret drone war that Washington was waging in that country.

    He revealed that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered US diplomats to spy on their United Nations counterparts.

    His leaks show that then Senator John Kerry pressed Israel to be open to returning the Golan Heights to Syria as part of a peace negotiation.

    Revealed that Afghanistan government corruption is “overwhelming”.

    Manning revealed the degree of authoritarianism and corruption of the Egyptian government of Hosni Mubarak, which was subsequently swept away.

    Manning revealed that hard-nosed realist, former Secretary of Defence Robert Gates, was against striking Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities because it would only slow their program down slightly, but would inevitably cause Iranians to be angry and mobilized in the aftermath.

    Manning revealed that the Israeli authorities had a secret plan to keep the Palestinian population of Gaza on the brink of food insecurity and poor health, in among the creepiest military operations in history.

  96. technicolour

    5 Aug, 2013 - 3:57 pm

    Still, important research: was I subsequently

    a) slightly less concerned about the treatment of asylum seekers, and specifically treatment which, for example, results in a man stitching up his own mouth and throwing himself onto razor wire, or children being born inside desert prisons, or people being locked up for years without charge or limit

    b) about as concerned as before

    c) not one bit concerned – too occupied with the court case

    d) not one bit concerned – personal pleasure trumps concern for others any day


  97. A friend of mine – an Australian – dedicated his blog to the victims of the SIEV X disaster. Unfortunately my friend is offline this long time and his blog is too. But you can read about the SIEV X at Wikipedia.


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