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“Security state” fruitcake Rupert Sutton of the ultra neo-con Henry Jackson Society has an article on the puzzlingly named and indescribably dull Zionist blog Left Foot Forward, in which he attacks Moazzam Begg.

Sutton displays precisely the mind-set of the security state, that led GCHQ to intercept the webcam chats of 1.4 million completely random British people, in the hope of finding Islamic terrorists. (They didn’t find any terrorists, but they did look at over 100,000 people masturbating).  Sutton states that Begg must be a terrorist because  “a convicted Groupe Islamique Armé (GIA) supporter identified as ‘D’ ” had used Begg’s bookshop.  And he calls me “conspiratorial”!  The poor man must see terrorists everywhere.  The fact that Moazzam Begg is now detained again, had been detained for years, has had everything belonging to him searched microscopically, and nothing has ever been found to justify a criminal charge of any kind, means nothing to witchfinder Sutton.  That anti-Muslim bigot is plainly convinced of Moazzam Begg’s guilt, though as he has not been charged, of what is unsure.

I strongly suspect Sutton supports the torture and extraordinary rendition which Begg was investigating in Syria.  If Sutton opposes torture by the state, all his pontificating on how to counter terrorism has never mentioned such opposition to torture.  Sutton manages not to mention what Begg has said he was doing in Syria at all in his article.

You may wonder why a blog called Left Foot Forward is giving space to an odious warmonger like Sutton.  All becomes clear when you realize that Left Foot Forward was founded by Will Straw, the son of Jack Straw, the enforcer of Britain’s torture policy, and the subject of Moazzam Begg’s researches into British complicity in torture.  Will Straw has succeeded to his father’s hereditary Labour candidacy for Blackburn.  The most recent article on Left Foot Forward attacks Venezuela’s socialist party and supports the CIA funded Venezuelan opposition.  Will is plainly a chip off the old block.

Release Moazzam Begg National Protest
Saturday 1 March: 12 Noon
Outside West Midlands Police Headquarters
Lloyd House, Colmore Circus Queensway
Birmingham B4 6NQ

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  • craig Post author

    Resident Dissident,

    I expect the evidence will be kept secret – you won’t see much in open court. Another legacy of the security state.

  • Resident Dissident

    But I doubt the evidence would be kept secret from the jury. In previous UK terrorist cases the evidence has usually been made available – can you point to cases where it wasn’t? Given the charges relate to visiting and financing training camps – I would have thought that at least some of the evidence would have to be made public to have any chance of securing a prosecution.

  • guano

    David Cameron is financing training camps in Turkey and other places for The Queen’s Allied Intervention Dictator Army, Al Qaida.
    Why would Nosey Parker in MI5 want to muddy the waters by arresting Moazzam Begg?

    Does he think we the UK public are stupid enough to be afraid of a police force that is prepared to lie against senior Tory politicians?

    Does he think we the UK Muslims didn’t notice UK involvement in the wars of Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Ukraine? Then up pops David Cameron when the dust has settled to get British companies to extract oil from the same countries.

    Did anyone read Mary’s link to the Leicester Socialists particularly the part of the discussion headed : Rich Rewards for Former Prime (War) Minister, Tony Blair. ?

    “Interestingly, the Financial Services Authority actually moved to take action against Hannam because he is said to have passed on insider information about Heritage Oil (in 2008) to Kurdish oil minister Ashti Hawrami – who is alleged to have made £13 million by trading shares in Heritage Oil as a result of their striking oil in Iraq. Mr Hawrami, is an old hand in the oil business having first worked for the British National Oil Company in the 1970s and he currently “owns a mansion in Henley-on-Thames – fewer than 30 miles from Mr Blair’s country home in Buckinghamshire.”

    It would be strange world if Tony Blair was not acquainted with his oily ‘neighbour.’ Indeed, Blair’s recently revealed secret ‘work’ as an adviser for the South Korean energy company, UI Energy Corporation, unsurprisingly led to him being accused of smoothing the way for UI investments in Kurdish- controlled Northern Iraq through talks with Mr. Hawrami. Of course, in the face of such continuing accusations Mr Blair’s spokesman said the former Prime Minister had ‘never heard’ of Mr Hawrami.

    Moving swiftly on to the broader issue of Kurdish oil contacts, Genel Energy is a key regional player, as they describe themselves as “the largest oil and gas company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq” and are headed by the former ill-reputed CEO of BP and current Glencore board member, Tony Hayward.”

    Nice work if you can get it – launch a war which removes the only obstacle, Saddam Hussain, to the fulfilment of Winston Churchill’s plan to steal oil from Mosul, Kurdistan, Iraq and pocket the profits.
    Tony Blair the crack cocaine socialist.

    There are so many plums for David Cameron to choose from, but in the meantime he has to earn Zionie points by delivering Syria to Israel. Keep on pumping the ‘ Saddam -style 45 minute’ scares to the media about UK terrorists returning from Syria and he might get his hands on a joint Somalia and Southern Sudan oil contract nest year when we boot him out of office.

  • guano


    Not any longer. During the Syrian War we and Pakistan Al Qaida are like four legs in one pair of tights. Might change later. Watch this space.

  • Mary

    I suppose the poor man has gone to the Belmarsh hellhole. Straight from there to the Old Bailey on March 14th. which holds 900 souls.
    Victoria Brittain writes of it:

    Within its perimeter is the PFI young offenders’ ISIS prison which holds 600+ under 25s.

  • Mary

    John Goss and Someone. Not the present tense. It is the past tense.

    ‘We have moved towards a Nazi-type, Stasi-type police state’

    I have been saying for a long time that our democracy is illusory.

  • Iain Orr

    These are murky waters. Resident Dissident is right to remind us that conviction on terrorism charges will require evidence; and that charges could not have been brought without evidence. However, unless presented openly there is a high risk that ambiguous evidence will not be subject to adequate scrutiny. A simple example is that where and what constitutes “terrorist” training is no more straightforward than is “military” training. Think, for example, of the Sandhurst training courses for doctors, dentists and chaplains.

    Some of the comments on Craig’s original blog, such as John Goss’s, have widened the discussion to other aspects of the political and moral compromises and deceptions involved in “national security”. The contributions from Tony Blair, even when the hand of history was not nudging him away from sound bites, are often instructive. See, for example, the analysis in today’s Daily Telegraph article by Charles Moore. .

    You do not have to share his conservatism to see this as a useful reminder of how the means can so dangerously undermine laudable objectives. Too many measures whose public rationale is to “defend national security” actually serve to cause, rather than prevent, unjustified violence and unnecessary loss of fundamental rights and freedom – think not just of terrorist murders and the collateral damage of drones but also of torture and of slow-burning issues that undermine democratic values, such as the forced exile of the Chagossians.

  • mark golding

    Good to hear from Tony_Opmoc – Off topic folks but definately CIA black funded:

    the American government – in the form of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) – played a major role in funding opposition groups prior to the revolution. Moreover, a large percentage of the rest of the funding to those same groups came from a US billionaire who has previously worked closely with US government agencies to further his own business interests. This was by no means a US-backed “coup,” but clear evidence shows that US investment was a force multiplier for many of the groups involved in overthrowing Yanukovych.

    But that’s not the shocking part.

    What’s shocking is the name of the billionaire who co-invested with the US government (or as Wheeler put it: the “dark deep force” acting on behalf of “Pax Americana”).

    Step out of the shadows…. Wheeler’s boss, Pierre Omidyar.

  • Mary

    Mark That’s a coincidence. I put that pando link up on the Why Should Ukraine Not Split thread! And of course it’s Omidyar who has funded Greenwald, Poitras etc on First Look/The Intercept. Hard to know what to believe except that dark forces are at work.

  • BrianFujisan

    Glen Greenwald on moazzam

    Crucially, it appears that Begg was given explicit permission to take this trip to Syria by Britain’s MI5. In his last article, he described:

    [I]n October 2012, I was called by an MI5 officer who said they wanted to talk to me about my views on the situation in Syria…I agreed to speak to them and meet at a hotel in East London. Both MI5 and I had our lawyers present. At the end of the meeting I was assured by MI5 that my proposed return to Syria to continue my work would not be hindered, and it wasn’t.
    This raises the obvious question: if the British government had concerns about his involvement with militant groups in Syria, why did it specifically meet with him to green-light his trip there? Furthermore, if his arrest was related to his December 2012 trip, why would the government wait more than a year to arrest him for it?

    That’s all independent of the bizarre spectacle of charging someone with “terrorism” offenses for allegedly helping rebels which the US government itself is aiding and for whom intervention was advocated by the US president as recently as last year. Indeed, in 2012, the year Begg made his trip, the widespread view in the West of Syrian rebels was that they were noble freedom-fighters who deserved as much help as possible, not “terrorists” whom the law made it a crime to assist. In the same year another major visiting supporter to the opposition movement was John McCain – an indication of how much mainstream Western support the uprising enjoyed at the time.

    More from this piece @

  • Ben

    From Mary’s link; not humor so much.

    “dancin’ your troubles away at carnival in Rio – or New Orleans, or Venice, or Trinidad and Tobago – your brain will have registered that NATO’s ultimate wet dream is to command a Western puppet Ukrainian government to kick the Russian navy out of its base in Sevastopol. The negotiated lease applies until 2042. Threats and rumors of reneging it have already emerged.”

    That’s the gravel for the concrete.

  • John Goss

    Not long back from a meeting after the Moazzam Begg demonstration which had an encouraging turnout considering 1) it was arranged at such short notice and 2) the police apparently went round the Birmingham mosques yesterday discouraging people from protesting. It was a large attendance. But the protest and message was loud and clear. The next one will be much bigger because we have all pledged to take more people along.

    Briefly from what I made out the charge against him appears to relate to Moazzam having taken an electrical generator to an area of Syria that needs electricity. Before going he informed MI5 and MI6 of what he was doing. He has of course already amassed a lot of information of complicity of the secret services in rendition and torture and has never been afraid to pass this information on.

    It seems reasonable to assume that the UK secret services have sent their blue-gloved policemen in to find out what information is stored on his computer about them, and what torture was committed in the early days of the war on Islam and what continues to done in foreign countries by the UK and US secret services. Any criminal charges should be against the secret services and not against Moazzam.

    Got to put a face to one comment-maker on this blog.

  • guano

    Iain Orr

    Q & A. In the context of Northern Ireland what does ” Tonyish ” mean?

    Does it mean his ability to follow the money, i.e. predict that pleasing global capitalism would give him more future security than pleasing socialism?

    Or does it mean that pleasing the UK’s lying bastard secret state would give him more future security than pleasing the UK (including Northern Irish) electorate?

    Or does it mean that being seen to please Nationalist Terrorists would secure the admiration of the other Nationalist Terrorists, the Zionists and therefore a future with them.

    Or does it mean all of these answers, i.e. Tonyish simply means looking after number one?

  • mike

    Funny how, in all the reports of Mr Begg’s arrest, the BBC don’t mention his more recent activities, i.e. torture and extraordinary rendition and the UK’s role in both. The various articles give a potted biography, but seem to miss this fact out entirely. We can’t have people thinking that his arrest might be politically motivated. Is that why this key information has been left out, so that people don’t make the link between his arrest and his investigations?

  • guano

    I also went to the Moazzam Begg demonstration, and met with John.
    But after Brian’s statement that he went to Syria at the suggestion of MI5/6, I cannot help but suspect that the MI5/6 took that initiative in order to commence a Rendition=whitewash campaign. Assad’s involvement with torturing people for our country ended at about the same time, a year ago, as they approached Moazzam.

    “Hello Bashar, want the good news or the bad news?”
    “Good news please”
    ” Good news is that our Zio-partners in Russia are going to step up to the mark and give you complete air defences against foreign aerial intervention”
    “Good, what’s the bad news then?”
    ” Bad news is that we’ve been told to stop paying you to torture Muslims ”
    “That’s bad news”
    “That’s really terrible news for us as well. But you could try making up for it by dropping barrel bombs on the Syrians”
    “What’s barrel bombs?”
    ” We don’t know really but apparently there’s no international law against dropping them on your citizens.”
    ” OK guys, barrel bombs it is then.” Bye. Talk to you next time.”
    ” Bashar, we’re working on a cover-up for the torture-prisons. Tell you next time. Bye for now Bashar. Bye.”

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