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“Security state” fruitcake Rupert Sutton of the ultra neo-con Henry Jackson Society has an article on the puzzlingly named and indescribably dull Zionist blog Left Foot Forward, in which he attacks Moazzam Begg.

Sutton displays precisely the mind-set of the security state, that led GCHQ to intercept the webcam chats of 1.4 million completely random British people, in the hope of finding Islamic terrorists. (They didn’t find any terrorists, but they did look at over 100,000 people masturbating).  Sutton states that Begg must be a terrorist because  “a convicted Groupe Islamique Armé (GIA) supporter identified as ‘D’ ” had used Begg’s bookshop.  And he calls me “conspiratorial”!  The poor man must see terrorists everywhere.  The fact that Moazzam Begg is now detained again, had been detained for years, has had everything belonging to him searched microscopically, and nothing has ever been found to justify a criminal charge of any kind, means nothing to witchfinder Sutton.  That anti-Muslim bigot is plainly convinced of Moazzam Begg’s guilt, though as he has not been charged, of what is unsure.

I strongly suspect Sutton supports the torture and extraordinary rendition which Begg was investigating in Syria.  If Sutton opposes torture by the state, all his pontificating on how to counter terrorism has never mentioned such opposition to torture.  Sutton manages not to mention what Begg has said he was doing in Syria at all in his article.

You may wonder why a blog called Left Foot Forward is giving space to an odious warmonger like Sutton.  All becomes clear when you realize that Left Foot Forward was founded by Will Straw, the son of Jack Straw, the enforcer of Britain’s torture policy, and the subject of Moazzam Begg’s researches into British complicity in torture.  Will Straw has succeeded to his father’s hereditary Labour candidacy for Blackburn.  The most recent article on Left Foot Forward attacks Venezuela’s socialist party and supports the CIA funded Venezuelan opposition.  Will is plainly a chip off the old block.

Release Moazzam Begg National Protest
Saturday 1 March: 12 Noon
Outside West Midlands Police Headquarters
Lloyd House, Colmore Circus Queensway
Birmingham B4 6NQ

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  • antony goddard

    Jack Straw’s attitude to Human Rights was obvious when he made an ‘anti-drug’ speech in the Far East, where death penalty is common but
    acted slightly different when his own son was outed as ‘willing to supply cannabis’ a tabloid press ‘sting operation’.

  • Winkletoe

    A hundred thousand people at a glimpse? I’ve been speculating about spunk helping solve the global food crisis, given (what sexologists are always quick to tell us is) its nutritional value.

    One teaspoon, say, per event.
    Three and a half billion men*.
    Say a tenth of them wankily active and one event per week (both likely underestimates)
    = 350-million teaspoons of spunk per week
    = 350,000,000 x 4 ml pw
    = 1.4-billion ml pw
    = 1.4-million litres or 308,000 gallons per week
    = 44,000 gallons per day
    = 1500 bbl (crude oil barrels) per day

    Worldwide production of spunk per annum 1.6-billion gallons (conservative)
    (Compare: USA liquid milk consumption per annum approx. 3.6 billion gallons)

    Zero production costs, only collection and preservation. Mo husbandry, fodder, antibiotics, gm-free, etc. Still looking for a down side.

  • John Goss

    Thanks again for keeping this in the spotlight Craig. There is a modicum of good news regarding the communications interception at Menwith Hill but I suspect it has, as the article says, more to do with Angela Merkel’s phone having been tapped from there than all the protests against its existence. Up to 500 US jobs to go.

    See everyone tomorrow at the Moazzam Begg protest, for which I have excused myself and apologised to a prior important leafleting campaign for having to miss that in preference to the one outside West Midlands Police Headquarters.

  • Juteman

    Didn’t that well known Scottish Labour ‘socialist’ give a speech to the Henry Jackson society?

  • Jay

    There would be no need for a war on terror if we had more peace with diplomacy.
    Nearly All situations can be secured peacefully with the right sort of unbastarsized democracy.

    Intelligent people like Moazzam Begg need to be allowed to voice their opinions.
    Such great personalities as Moazzam are a blessing to us and they should be given to our attention.

    Thanks for your recordings Richard on an earlier thread.

  • guano

    Rupert Sutton probably turned into a fruitcake because the walls of the student accommodation at the University of Kent are so thin.

    In fact so far as the security state is concerned, like the twin toilet suite in the hotel in Sochi, there is no cubiculation between mythical student extremists and mythical student neo-cons. Who gives a toss about their wank opinions?
    Fedup keep up the good work on the swearing. Don’t give in.

    You are either against the UK terrorist state or you are with them. I am against it because it sows dirty, divide and rule, emnity anywhere and everywhere it can, including with our neighbours in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and extending to the deepest bottom of the ocean. But many Muslims are part of it, including many UK leaders of Islam, who daily campaign for UK politicians.

    But not Moazzem Begg. I am with him against the terrorist UK state. Nobody who has been betrayed by the abominable duplicity of UK government will ever forgive them until the full extent of their lies are in the open. That is probably why the independence of Scotland will happen.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I see my last post got deleted. That is fair enough. I rarely post here, but when Craig had symptoms that initially reminded me of the pain of gout, I did say drink more water and the drugs you are taking – from 5 minutes google research can cause exactly the condition you are suffering.

    A bit fascist here for my liking.

    Why did you delete what I wrote Mr. Moderator..

    It was completely inoffensive

    Unless you are Gay?


  • N_

    The Ukrainian government (the one that’s so appalled at armed gangs taking over buildings!) has put a 15,000 hryvnia limit on cash withdrawals.

    That’s roughly 1000 euros. Makes you wonder where the order has come from.

    Not that the exchange rate is likely to stay at 15 for long.

    Meanwhile, the Turkish government is putting up a wafer-thin fence against the tornado of breakneck retail lending by the banks, which is sold locally as “buying by instalments”.

    BTW Russia will not give up Sevastopol or their naval, airforce and military presence in the Crimea. That has nothing to do with language or ethnicity or any other aspect of demography. Similarly, Britain will not give up Gibraltar. I doubt the Russian leadership wants war, but if they have to fight a war to keep Sevastopol – and stop the Black Sea from becoming a US lake – they will.

    I actually predicted an attack on Russia during the Olympics, but didn’t foresee the mercenaries in Kiev.

    That’s my tuppenceworth.

    @Craig – I’ve read your stuff on maritime treaties in the past, and I’d be interested to hear whether you think the Montreux Convention is likely to continue to have force in the Black Sea, or whether on the contrary it will just become a dead letter.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    My Ex – who, incidentally I haven’t actually seen since 1981, didn’t say Tony – You Can’t wear The Same T-Shirt Again…

    We split up in 1981 – and went our seperate ways…

    Different Lives…and Face book Connects Us…

    She Looks at My Kids…

    And I Look at Hers

    I Look at Her at Her Son’s 30th Birthday…and Her 28 Year Old Daughter is On The Other side..

    She is sat in The Middle Between Them

    She Now Looks 25 Years Old 0 The Youngest There – and I think This Must Be Faked..CIA job or something…

    So I send her The Photographs of My Wife and Our Children…

    and included one of myself…

    Some people, the kind of people I fall in love with see to have God inside them..and it doesn’t matter how old we get – the Love Just Radiates From Inside


  • Resident Dissident

    “Will Straw has succeeded to his father’s hereditary Labour candidacy for Blackburn”

    Not true – he is the parliamentary candidate for Rossendale & Darwen – the neighbouring constituency which currently has a Tory MP.

  • Richard

    Perhaps I’m too naïve, but for all its faults – and it has many! – the justice system is still one of the best guarantees we have; or perhaps had, before double jeopardy was chucked out of the window and habeas corpus and jury trials came under threat.

    Put a bloke up in open court before the beak and a jury, tell him what he’s charged with and why, present evidence (if any – there doesn’t seem to be too much against Begg) give him a lawyer and let him defend himself. If you daren’t even take him to court, you haven’t got anything on him and he’s innocent. Put up or shut up, basically.

    What’s happening to Begg and people like him is trial by innuendo, hint and assertion. It’s a disgrace and it threatens us all.

  • Resident Dissident

    Richard – I agree that’s why I prefer to say nothing on this matter at least until the evidence is presented in full in court and decided upon by a jury.

  • Jives


    Thank you so much for this brave and important post.

    Its so good to have you back posting and-as always-right on the nail.

    Thank you again Craig.

  • Black jelly

    Us sassanachs are easily done by ssids or ssds, or even a simple for “Queen and Country” appeal. OK some of our Foxes may even be compromised by a tight sphincter or worse a hidden pinhole camera,hardware comes cheap nowadays. So we can lose the oil and the whisky and the salmon and the… But it would be a real shame to lose the Scots deeply grounded sense of truth (eg Craig Murray), God knows how much the truth is already being turned upside down by dershowitz,wolf blitzer and anderson cooper, I have booked a coach trip to Glasgow to register to vote NO there in September.

  • Mary

    1 March 2014 Last updated at 01:07

    UK ex-Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg faces terror charge
    Moazzam Begg was arrested along with three other people on suspicion of Syria-related terrorism offences

    Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg and a 44-year-old woman have been charged with terror offences related to Syria, West Midlands Police have said.

    The force said Mr Begg, 45, of Hall Green, Birmingham, is accused of providing terrorist training and funding terrorism overseas.

    There is absolutely no irony in the fact that this country’s Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary were proposing to enact real terror in Syria last August in the same way that they did in Libya in 2011.

  • Mary

    What do the Left Foot Forward Zionist supporters of Israel think of this new proposal in Amerika?

    Not AIPAC but Z-Pac.

    Move afoot to form ‘right-wing’ pro-Israel lobby in US

    03/01/2014 02:58

    The new organization would aim to dilute the influence of J Street, which is viewed as a lobby that is sympathetic with the left.

    AIPAC and J Street Photo

    Right-wing Jewish hawks in the United States are considering the formation of a new pro-Israel lobby that would directly compete with AIPAC and J Street.

    The new organization, which has been tentatively called Z-Pac, would aim to dilute the influence of J Street, which is viewed as a lobby that is sympathetic with the left. Its goal would be to serve as a genuine, right-wing alternative that would solicit influence and donations in order to counter the US administration’s attempts to pressure the Israeli government into accept Secretary of State John Kerry’s peace proposals.

  • Iain Orr

    Those who have met Moazzam Begg, heard him speak or read what he has written, will find no difficulty in understanding why he is a campaigner against torture and against complicity in torture by many organizations that are part of or have institutional links to the USA, UK and other states; nor in understanding why CAGE should be concerned at state violence and torture in Syria.

    However, it is – sadly – also not hard to understand how tempting it is for the media to equate being in Syria with having “links to terrorism” or “supporting terrorism”. The UK’s deliberately ambiguous anti-terrorism legislation makes it far too easy to frame disingenuous charges. In this case, I see their primary purpose as being to silence and discredit one of the most powerful voices against state-sponsored illegal violence. Those purposes will still be met to a great extent, even if the charges are later dropped or if Moazzem is judged to be not guilty of them.

    I hope Craig will continue to subject this case to close analysis; and that some mainstream journalists and their editors will waken up to the reality that if you acquiescein state abuses you will find you have no defenders when you and your rights and freedoms come under attack. Of all forms of censorship self-censorship is the most deadly.

  • John Goss

    Iain Orr, I agree. We are moving towards a Nazi-type, Stasi-type police state. I knew something was going to happen but I hope the national rally outside Birmingham’s main police station will still be well-attended, despite Moazzam having been moved to Westminster. Making the announcement that he is to be charged on the day of the rally is not insignificant of the politics involved in this case – a bit like, on a much smaller scale, Tony Blair’s warning of a terror-threat on the eve of the biggest rally against his war in Iraq that London has ever seen.

    The only trouble is, bearing in mind the stitch-up of Julian Assange, the wrongful imprisonments of Babar Ahmed and Talha Ahsan, and other recent injustices, that when, if, a trial ever comes to court, that the judge and jury will be ‘bought’. What we used to know as justice no longer exists in this beloved country of mine. For the last decade it has been a country that believes in torture, extradition to torture and imprisonment without trial.

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