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89 thoughts on “Crimea Was Lost on the Playing Fields of Eton

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  • arsalan

    I want to send my kids to Eton!
    Well the male ones.
    They should turn it in to one of those new Free School.

  • fool

    Let us not forget the liberals: the Westminster School War Memorial is actually a war memorial for old boys who fell in the Crimea and Indian mutiny.

  • Ba'al Zevul (Jolly Boating Weather!)

    Eton provides a lad with all he needs to know in life. Latin. Backstabbing. Arselicking. Networking. Buying influence. And his chums will stick by him all his life because he knows all their embarrassing little peccadilloes.

  • Mary

    And it was Lyall Grant’s wife, Sheila, who made a personal attack in early 2012 on President Assad’s wife, criticising her shopping habits. No mention of SamCam’s luxury purchases or of Mrs Obomber’s of course.

    The interfering woman with the German UN Ambassador’s wife, also addressed a petition to her.


    Craig – With the budget tomorrow, I was hoping that you would write about the growing housing bubble (the latest extension of the Help to Buy scheme (racketing up house prices) and the ‘garden city’ at Ebbs Fleet being examples of Osborne’s plans) and the continuing practise of QE. Osborne and Cameron have printed £375 billion of funny money in their Quantitative Easing racket.

    The power behind Gideon is one Rupert Morrison, another Old Etonian. I heard Sieghart’s profile of him. Appalling and we think we have a democracy. Harrison is an unelected SPAD.

    ‘Ahead of the budget Mary Ann Sieghart profiles Rupert Harrison. He’s the top economic adviser to George Osborne, and the man some call the ‘real Chancellor’ and ‘the most important man you’ve never heard of’. Those who know him well and have seen his influence grow describe his career and characteristics.’

  • Ba'al Zevul (Jolly Boating Weather!)

    “More likely the Crimea was lost just down the street at Yale University and its famous bar.”

    Like Iraq was fucked at Harvard Business School?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Big mistake about Iraq, given the careers of Bubba, and the Bushes, especially GW.

    He attended Yale, getting an A,B. to make history, especially because of his election to the Skull and Bones Society during his senior year.

    He delegated all his authority to his neocon goons on 9?11, as was vividly seen when he looked on from that elementary school while the massive cockup occurred.

  • Ba'al Zevul (That's Why We Go Round IN Pairs)

    Are these leadership bids or something else? Is Farage putting the wind up them?

    Cameron’s probably doomed. The jackals are scent-marking their territory. Gove appears to think he is in touch with the masses, but is on record (2012) as denying any interest in becoming PM. As a neocon, he might be looking to be Foreign Secretary under Osborne (?), and Warsi’s a bit short of stars to hitch a ride on these days. Gove is anti-Europe, and would be a useful preventative of disaffected Tories voting UKIP.

  • mark golding

    We remember Etonian Douglas Murray told his Dutch audience that Islam in Europe should be viewed as an “opportunist infection” and called for mosques accused of spreading “hate” to be “pulled down”.

    Reason, understanding and enlightenment never existed on the Eton playing fields.

    Esprit de corps lost to the pain of flogging..

  • mike

    Lost by the petrodollar hegemons; gained by a regional power, one that cannot surely expect to enjoy a sphere of influence.

    It’s just not cricket.

    Perhaps a “liberated” Crimea was to have been a new entry point for heroin and smuggled organs into the west, just like Kosovo (c/o HSBC bank, London)

  • Abe Rene

    I get it. They scored an own goal by dividing India. 🙂

    (Not to mention handing Diego Garcia to the Americans.)

  • doug scorgie

    The world should welcome the prospect of Crimea becoming part of Russia as it rectifies a historic mistake from the Soviet era, the Soviet Union’s last leader Mikhail Gorbachev said Monday.

    Mr. Gorbachev said that Crimea had only ended up in the territory of post-Soviet Ukraine because it had been transferred from Russia by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev when both countries were part of the USSR.

    “For sanctions to be imposed there should be a very serious basis. And they must be supported by the United Nations,” he told the Interfax news agency. “The possible taking of Crimea into Russian territory does not constitute such a basis,” he added. He described the referendum “as a success that responded to the expectations of Crimeans.” — AFP

  • Margaret

    Most people in Crimea want to join Russia, but at least only a few people in Shetland want to join Norway!

    The reason I mention this is because the Scottish Parliament has today published a petition calling for referenda on the status of Shetland, Orkney, and the Western Isles.

    Hardly anyone in Shetland considers it to be part of Scotland culturally. I think most people in Western Isles do feel Scottish. And I’m not sure what people in Orkney think. I hope these referenda go ahead. The campaigns will be extremely interesting if they do.

    I’ve signed the petition.

    Everybody should sign it if they support the idea of referenda in the islands. Don’t leave the issue of the islands’ status up to the three councils’ Our Islands, Our Future project. That’s actually a very sensible project, but there should be more popular involvement. Referenda and the campaigns that would be run will be an excellent way to get the ideas flowing – and to get a decent democratic debate, something which unfortunately is so rare. So please can everyone sign the petition if they can. The suggested wording seems very fair.

    If the petition is successful, the referenda will be held on 25 Sep 2014, one week after the Scottish independence referendum.

    (A UK Order prevents them from being held on the same day.)

    The referenda will ask residents of the islands to choose between the following options:

    1) do you wish your island group to be an independent country?

    2) do you wish your island group to stay in Scotland?

    If the vote on Scottish independence was “Yes”, there will also be a third option:

    3) do you wish your island group to leave Scotland and stay in the rump UK?

    The petition can be signed online here.

    You don’t have to be a resident of the islands or even a resident of Scotland (but it helps).

  • Go Gorby

    [Sanctions] “must be supported by the United Nations”

    More Russians reading the law to the restless natives of NATO. Gorbachev’s citing UN Charter Articles 39 and 41. His position on UN authority over sanctions is not some eccentric personal interpretation. It’s been consistently articulated by UNCTAD and by the G-77, representing 80% of mankind – underscoring the point that the US mania for sanctions is an extremist position of a lawless minority.

  • Ba'al Zevul (That's Why We Go Round IN Pairs)

    Sorry, that should have been on “Vanishing Plane”. Why wasn’t it? Conspiracy, of course.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Just more deliberate crap, having a link to the west of the island of Sumatra about an earthquake around the same time when you should have one to the northeast of the Malay peninsula!

  • Jay

    Hypocritical in action and word is prevalent among the Machiavellian leaders of the modern thought.

    century meaning “to allow by law,” but it wasn’t until the second half of the 20th century that it began to mean “to punish (for breaking a law).” English has a few other words that can refer to opposites, such as the verbs dust (meaning both “to remove dust from”…..

  • Ba'al Zevul (That's Why We Go Round IN Pairs)

    “Just more deliberate crap, having a link to the west of the island of Sumatra about an earthquake around the same time when you should have one to the northeast of the Malay peninsula!”

    I love to see you betraying your total abysmal ignorance of what you think you’re randomly guffing on about, despite everyone’s best efforts to educate you. It’s rather sweet. However, we are off topic. Back on –

  • Mary

    Packing up
    The British troops scaling down their operation in Afghanistan

    No mention by Mr Beale of the BBC on the logistics of the exit, ie. the vast cost.


    and this two years earlier.

    Who will be the last Brit standing this time?

    They should have left Bush, Blair, Brown and Cameron there to forage for themselves together with that awful litany of UK ‘defence’ ministers – Robertson, Reid, Browne, Hoon, Hutton, Ainsworth, Fox, Hammond. What a shower.

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