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An “independent” all-party commission set up by a lobby group funded by NATO, the FCO and Qatar, consisting of eight of the most right wing establishment figures in the universe, supports keeping Trident. The joint chairmen were “Lord” Browne of the Labour Party, “Sir” Malcolm Rifkind of the Tory Party and “Sir” Menzies Campbell of the Lib Dems. Over three years of deliberation, the Commission did not have, or consider, one single original thought not approved by the Westminster Establishment, and demonstrated that there is no difference at all between the three neo-conservative parties.

Why “Establishment figures endorse status quo” is news beats me. The only news is that the estrangement of ordinary people from the moribund political establishment means nobody cares what these old troughers and sycophants think. In Scotland the referendum has given an impetus to a popular will to take back the power kidnaped by an unrepresentative political class. These old fogeys may need to have the power (with American permission) to kill billions of their human beings, in order to feel potent and important. But if they want to keep these appalling devices, they are going to have to look for somewhere new to keep them. The Pool of London?

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  • Mary

    PS That nice Mr Esler has taken over as presenter. He introduced the Rifkind/Campbell piece.

  • craig Post author


    I know three local people who work there, two of whom were unemployed before and one of whom is related to me. And unlike you, I am not a racist and have no problem if some of the people working there come from Eastern Europe. They are very welcome in Scotland now and are contributing to the local economy.


    I doubt a future Scottish government will allow nuclear armed vessels in, whatever the SNP say now. But one thing we can be sure of – if we don’t vote for independence, our waters will remain full of nukes as they are now. So your point is otiose.

  • Clark

    Does Scottish independence and the question of Trident affect the UK’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council?

  • Sofia

    Courtenay. 5 47pm

    “My thinking may be simplistic…” .

    Even if it is, that doesn’t take anything from the point you make.

    If you haven’t already come across her you might find Naomi Klien’s perspective interesting.

    More here…

    DoNNyDarKo. 5 32pm

    “You don’t have to be here do you ?”

    Funny you should ask Dad that question today. The truth is that the thing slumped in the armchair in Dad’s shed is just a dummy (inflatable doll + old blazer + panana hat). This can be proved conclusively by the fact that the G+T level in the nearby glass has remained the same for the last 36 hours.

    Recent posts from “Habbakuk” are automaticaly generated by a few simple lines of code and can be ignored.

    You might find this hard to believe, but reports are coming in from reliable sources that he has (been) stowed away on the cosmic exploration craft “Spirit of Gordon” which is adrift somewhere in the region of the Crab Nebula, with it’s main power source all but disabled.

    As I write he is crawling around the ship’s ventilation system trying to ambush a very panicy crew.

    If his droppings still bother you, you might find some relief with Habbabreak.


  • sieverts

    @clark, self-determination for Scotland and de-nuclearization of its land makes England’s P-5 status even more of a joke. Halliday says it best:

    P-5 status was table stakes for WWII, and Britain got it from the losers the way a Vegas hooker gets it, by hanging around the high-rolling USA. That was two generations ago. Now England is a has-been regime.

    This shouldn’t be invidious at all. Permanent status is an anachronism. It’s unequal justice, effective impunity, in fact. UNSC seats should rotate.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    “ might find Naomi Klien’s perspective interesting.”

    Is that Noami Klein’s little sister?

    You should see HER perspective! Whoarrr!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “UNSC seats should rotate.”

    They do – except for the 5 permanent ones.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    Let’s see you giving a little guidance to your loyal supporters 🙂

    Several commenters have taken to describing Britain as a “fascist” state.

    There is, indeed, an example of this on this very thread (Mary’s comment at 20h44, above).

    I think you’d agree that that is quite a serious charge and that the accusation should not be made lightly.

    Is it your opinion that Britain is – or is turning rapidly into – a fascist state?

  • dunwich

    Seems to me that the use of nuclear weapons would almost certainly amount to a genocide and that to design, build, store, test, and train personnel in their use would be conspiracy to commit genocide.

    Genocide(from Article 2 of the Genocide Convention): any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: (a) Killing members of the group…

  • Anon

    Quite how Craig can infer from Kempe’s post that he is a racist I don’t know, but it only adds to the ongoing devaluation of the term by those who have no argument other than to pull the race card at every and any opportunity.

  • Anon

    “And unlike you, I am not a racist and have no problem if some of the people working there come from Eastern Europe”

    Of course you don’t, Craig, because you’re not working class and don’t experience the negative effects.

    That’s the awful English working class you have the misfortune to meet in the boozer and write so disparagingly about, remember?

  • Sofia (Cosmic Explorer)

    “Spirit of Gordon”
    Captains Briefing: 14 07 01 23 00

    Ladies, Gentlemen and Others. I feel it is crucial at this moment to remind you all NOT TO PANIC.

    You all know we are facing the kind of challenges that few have faced outside of the movies and I can understand that some of you may be feeling a little nervous about our predicament.

    However, let me remind you that the ship’s improbability drive, though somewhat damaged, is still 0.0253% functional and, baring any unforseen mishaps, could get us to the outer systems of the Crab Nebula within the next three years. I admit it is unfortunate that this sector is patroled by the Vogon Galactic Guard’s main battle fleet but there is a good chance that their attention will be taken up with the World Cup at least until Sunday evening.

    Another bit of good news is that Herbie has been relieved of all his responsibilities in the galley and will never agian be in a position to serve you “Calamares a la Qztolon”.

    Ba’al too has been removed from his position managing the Alien Integration Suite and both he and Herbie are at present safely contained in the Secure Isolation Unit under the watchful eye of Ben. An enquiry into the unfortunate misunderstanding over the Qztolnon emissary is already under way. Jemand and Anon will submit a preliminary report within the month.

    Finally, and I know it is the elephant in the room, the matter of our unexpected and unwelcome passanger. In the face of A Node’s reasonable and increasingly desperate requests I chose to follow protocol and store the unregistered “Habbapod” until I could deliver it to port authorities at our next landfall. I could have placed the thing under guard, but, since the resussitation switches were well encrypted , I felt that would have been over cautious. The fact that the resussitation process could only have been initiated by a crew member is a matter of some concern.

    The rumour that you were warned to stay well clear of the ventiation grills because the life-form from the “Habbapod” can bore a person to death with only a few words is a gross exageration. It would need three senteces at least.

    So before we return to our posts I want to remind you to stay vigilant, use your ear-plugs at all times and above all …DON’T PANIC.

    If it all goes pear-shaped we still have our nuclear deterrent!

  • Kempe

    ” unlike you, I am not a racist and have no problem if some of the people working there come from Eastern Europe. ”

    Well it was you who first mentioned “jobs for local people” not I. Is that not racist?


    Sofia; You are good to go. One point; If you could kindly remember we must be vigilant as to scientific ‘facts’ to keep them sacred, so that any theorems which fly in their faces might be viewed as heretical and will be consigned to the ash-can or the Postal receptacle, so that its never seen by human eyes or heard with an ear to iconoclasm.

    We’re hearing too much about electrical properties that disrespect Quantum Theory, as well as Red Mercury hoaxes.

    With respect and deep gratitude.

  • Fedup

    The notions of the bigger the bomb, the better the bomb, so much ingrained in the minds of the generals whom fought WWI, and WWII in turn giving rise to the nuclear weapons that have dominate the “foreign policy” of the nuclear weapon owners. The absurdity of the mass murder and dangerous contamination of the bomb site that in turn will unleash the nuclear contamination on the bally planet somehow is never the subject of any debate by the proud owners of the said nuclear weapon.

    The constant official drum beat of the environmental preservation somehow never points at the array of the nuclear and thermonuclear bombs, and the huge sums of money that are spent in keeping these literally useless weapons at the readiness for use, at the command of lying giggling mass murdering imbeciles akin to bLair the psychopath.

    The rush for taxation of poor that is so clinically referred to as “austerity” to ensure the tax cuts for the super rich, also takes account of the super rich and their investment in the killing technologies that have always earned unusual returns to benefit the super rich even more.

    The powwow of the right wing reactionaries whose paramount preoccupation is to protect and advance their corporate sponsors interests (fascism as per Il Duce definitions) comes as no surprise. Regardless of the irrelevance of the Pooh Bah committees’ self belief that their minority constituency are mindless enough to buy into the narrative of the kabuki under way.

    The above is starkly driven home, at the sight of the parliamentary democracy’s apparatus, which is protected by numerous uniformed and none uniformed guards, railings, and ugly barricades. Clearly conveying the sense of siege that the “democratic reps” are finding themselves in. Our Dear Leaders certainly don’t give a flying fuck as to what the majority of us think, clearly they have the “mandate” of a minority of the minority whom actually bothers to engage and vote; despite that patent futility of this box ticking exercise, which has been proven time and again.

  • BrianFujisan

    Excellent Post Craig. Cheers

    I just hate it when i’m doon the coast on a Beautiful Day ( Like Today ) On a Beautiful Clyde Beach

    All my Babes around…Kool Drinks…. And Then What….One of the Stains on Humanity Sneaking up to Faslane… Fkers

    Get Them Things Outa MY River

    O.T BEN …What a Game at World Cup…Wow Wow Wow Magico


    Brian; If only they had been attacking the goal earlier. The goalkeeper’s last chance. Exciting!

  • mark golding

    you should be tied up in port and decommissioned -still walking the plank Mary having failed to step down.

    In Scotland the referendum has given an impetus to a popular will to take back the power kidnapped by an unrepresentative political class.

    Well I believe this acceptance is pivotal to a decisive ‘yes’ for Scotland independence. However to those on the fence the statement is subjective such that the ambivalent stand in need of instruction and knowledge.

    With 80 days left Craig may I suggest the power of intention ignited by a judicial review of your own critique here spanning/traversing time to confirm this prodigious shanghai of power.

    80 Days and I’ll wager a thousand pounds.

  • Sofia


    Re unwelcome / uncomfortable ideas and facts.

    I heard of an experiment where some monkeys were put in a cage. In the cage was a stairs. Up the stairs, a cluster of bananas.

    Every time a monkey tried to climb up to get the bananas it was sprayed with cold water.

    Before long any monkey that tried to climb the stairs got attacked by the others.

    Soon the bananas lost their allure and neither sprayings nor beatings were required.

    That is, until on of them was removed and a fresh monkey introduced.

    Seeing the fine bunch of bananas the new monkey mounted the stairs and got beaten until he/she too gave up.

    The process was repeated until none of the original sprayed monkeys remained.

    The final group of unsprayed monkeys continued with their attacks on “ignorant” newcomers.

    Why? Because, well, “EVERYBODY KNEW!”

    I think it was Albert Einstein who said ” It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice.”

    Here’s something to while away the quiet hours and keep you sharp while you see that Herbie and Ba’al don’t get themselves into any more trouble.

    BTW. Great to see the US field a team that can play great soccer. WoW! They can go home with their heads high.

    And Brian.

    “Get Them Things Outa MY River”

    And then get the Fecking Illegal Obscenities Outa MY World.

  • Brendan

    I have long since concluded that these people are basically taking the piss. By refusing to budge on any issue at all they are delivering on our expectations, rather cynically, and thus feigning some integrity. We know Sir Whoever will retain Trident, and these stupid commissions are just a way of pretending to listen. Actually, I regard them as an extra ‘fuck you’ because they really do think we are stupid.

    Sir Crooked Rifkind is a straight down the line establishment tool, always has been, always will be. He has a nice line in sounding reasonable, and speaks impeccably (they do though), but I’m not fooled. He’s a massive bell end, and I bet he loves Tony Blair. They all do. All these neocon fools really do love Tony Blair, because he’s one of them isn’t he?

    So, as the world moves righwards, and we support facists and terrorists the world over, we keep Trident, to use at any time the US lets us. It probably doesn’t even work. Wouldn’t suprise me at all if there were no war-heads, and just a bunch of submarines trolling around the oceans, with non-useable weapons, all at vast expense. And I also bet there is a rather large spook file on Sir Rifkind, too.

  • guano


    I am worried that the same people who hold the codes for Trident also hold the codes for automatic replies from your ‘dad’. What if they got mixed up? A major detonation of Habbacomment over Russia or China might lead to breakdown of civil society or worse. Please reassure us that this weapon will never be used.

  • guano

    “It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice.”

    Powerful words indeed!

  • Mary

    Is Britain a fascist state?

    Yes when even the police, the tools of the state, are guilty of deceit and corruption.

    This is just one instance.

    Met ‘deleted discrimination record’
    The Metropolitan Police told staff to delete findings supporting an officer’s claim of discrimination from a report, an employment tribunal rules.

    ..The Lawrence enquiry and the discovery that the family were being investigated and spied on
    ..The under cover officers in the environmentalists’ camps
    ..Cover up after cover up on deaths in custody
    ..Mark Duggan
    ..Jean Charles
    and on and on going back to the Guildford Four, the Birmingham Six…

    PS Nearly all Surrey Chief Constables go on to become the Met’s Chief Commissioners, or to put it correctly, The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.

    Hogan Howe excepted. I see he offered to resign but St Theresa refused. He has a royal connection. His wife works for the royal household. Within here – responsible for horses, cars and carriages.

    PS Why was a military helicopter seen leaving Surrey police HQ? Are the police part of the military or vice versa?

  • Mary

    Forgot to include the Boris water cannons! There’s a Gaulieter for you. Have you seen him trampling over people who dare to question him at the Mayor’s meetings?

    Petitioning Theresa May

    Refuse to allow the use of water cannons by any Police force across England and Wales to deal with anticipated street protests.

    45,000+ signatures already

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “Is Britain a fascist state?

    Yes when even the police,..etc, etc, etc…


    Thank you for replying to the question I put to Craig.

    What better proof for the notion that you really do see this blog as your property?


    Meanwhile, my question (to Craig) stands.

  • Mary

    A further example of the lies of an overweening state, this time by the BBC.

    ‘This video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.
    BBC Panorama 2013 Saving Syrias Children’

    What was the content of that video? Lies and distortions created about Syria.


    and Craig’s appropriately named ‘The Theatre of War’
    and ‘Fake BBC Video’

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