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In my 55 years of life, I had never until yesterday seen a flag which was a saltire on one side and a union jack on the other. Yet last night thousands of them were distributed free at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. I have been told they are being given out at the swimming today, and possibly at other venues too.

Such flags do not normally exist. They had to be specially commissioned, and somebody had to pay for them. Who paid for them? Is it public money?

There is no doubt why these unique flags were commissioned, and why they are being given out free at considerable expense. It is to provide TV images of Scotland combined in the union, and to make sure that Scottish medals are greeted with media images of union jacks being waved with the saltire.

In the context of the referendum, only a hardened liar could claim that these unique flags were commissioned without a view to the campaign. This is enormous hypocrisy by the unionists, who have been bombarding the media for weeks with warnings to Yes supporters not to “politicise” the Commonwealth Games.

The BBC informs us that “political flags” are not allowed inside games venues. So saltires with a Yes will be confiscated. The BBC report states:

Well hold on, some flags will not be allowed to fly. Political flags.

Both sides of the independence debate have agreed not to use Glasgow 2014 for political gain anyway.

But even if you wanted to, well, it’s against the rules.

Glasgow 2014 Venue Regulation 6.18 states that no flags are allowed to enter a venue – or the vicinity of any Games venue – if they are normally associated with causes, affiliations or organisations.

Nobody can possibly argue that, at this time, a Union Jack combined with a Saltire is not an image strongly associated with a cause or association. So the rules are being quite deliberately broken, and somebody is funding that breach and doing it on a massive scale. It is vital that we know: who is paying for these flags?

Actually I am not sure why union jacks are allowed in at all. The rules are very clear. If you try to take in a Palestinian flag or a Dutch flag it will be confiscated. Again, to quote the BBC:

You are not allowed, however, to bring the flag of a country not competing in the Games

The United Kingdom is not competing in the Games. So there is a very respectable argument that union jacks should not be allowed in at all.

What is absolutely certain is that the two-faced union jack and saltire flags are very strongly associated with a political cause or affiliation. If they are allowed in, then Yes saltires should be allowed in too.

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  • Hetty

    Indeed, two faced says it all. Unionists, shake hand, while knee in the balls at the same time. Liars who will change their tune if it is a no vote, god forbid. It’s classic, like those films where the criminals befriend someone down on their luck, then turn very very nasty if they won’t do as they say. Brrrrrrr.

  • harry law

    The Union Jack represents the state, comprising the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland [the Isle of Man is not part of the UK] Its component parts have their own flags, England, Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland. Because the UK of GB and NI are not competing in the games that composite flag nor the Union Jack alone should be allowed in. The banning of which, could of course prove to be more trouble than it would be worth.

  • Dcanmore

    Daily Record newspaper has previous form in sponsoring union flags being handed out to children and adults for mass events in Scotland (let’s face it, it wouldn’t be anybody else).

  • Col

    So are they giving out flags that have the Union Jack on one side and the England flag on the other or is it just purely saltire versions that have been made?

  • Davie

    I’m currently in the triathlon venue with two yes saltires. If anyone tries to take them they’ll be getting told where to go 🙂

  • harry law

    Anon @ 1.04pm Interesting choice, because the Cook Islands have been allowed to join the ICC on the claim that under the all states formula the Cook Islands joined the WHO Agency and as a result could claim to be a state under the UN rules.However Palestine which joined UNESCO Agency somehow was, unlike the Cook Islands not automatically recognized as a state by the Prosecutor at the ICC.
    ” The question of whether the Cook Islands was an “independent” entity,
i.e. a State, was also raised. For a period of time it was considered that, in view of the fact that the Cook islands, though self-governing, had entered into a special relationship with New Zealand, which discharged the responsibility for the external affairs and defence of the Cook Islands, it followed that the status of the Cook Islands was not one of sovereign independence in the juridical sense. Moreover, the General Assembly, in its resolution 2064 (XX) of 16 December 1965 on the question of the Cook Islands, had reaffirmed the responsibility of the United Nations “to assist the people of the Cook Islands in the eventual achievement of full independence, if they so wish, at a future date”. That resolution, which was adopted in view of a change in the status of the Cook Islands, further indicated that the latter had not yet attained full independence within the meaning of the term in United Nations usage. It followed that, unless specifically invited to participate in a treaty, the Cook Islands could not invoke the “all States” clause.86. However, in 1984, an application by the Cook Islands for membership in the World Health Organization was approved by the World Health Assembly in accordance with its article 6, and the Cook Islands, in accordance with
 article 79, became a member upon deposit of an instrument of acceptance with the Secretary-General”…

  • Anon

    So you can wave a Scots flag, wave an England flag, wave a Union Jack, or wave any combination. You can’t wave a flag with Yes or No written on it. What’s the problem with that?

    Does Craig think Scots are so thick they will vote No after seeing a Saltire with a Union Jack on the back?

  • Jim Savage

    Easy, take along a wee stapler – or a couple of kirby grips, dod of chewing gum or blue tack (you get the idea). Stick the two union jacks face to face.
    Job done!

  • ESLO

    A lot of fuss about nothing that matters – anyone with a grain of sense can distinguish the sport from the politics despite the best efforts of Cameron, Salmond, Putin and now Craig to mix them up.

  • Anon


    The trouble is that without the Union Jack on the back to act as a guide, most people around the world would not know what the Saltire is or who it represents.

  • craig Post author


    You don’t travel much, do you?

    Regular commenters often fail to realise that they are a tiny percentage of visitors to this blog. For example, over 6,100 people have read this particular article already. And your anti-Scottish bigotry wins a few votes for Yes every time.


    I think you underestimate the power of imagery in state propaganda. If it had no effect, why did they spend all that money and effort to do it? And are you not interested to know who paid for it?

  • JPJ2

    A good guess that the perpetrators of these unique pro-union flags are the Daily Record.

    My money would be on Glasgow’s Labour Council-their leader Mathieson was clearly enraged that Salmond was allowed to speak at the Opening Ceremony so much so that he ended up shouting into the microphone 🙂

  • harry law

    Craig @ 1.53. “I think you underestimate the power of imagery in state propaganda”. Because a picture is worth a thousand words.By the way some of these supposedly simple mathematical questions posed to defeat span are getting harder and harder for me.Does anyone else think so?

  • Graham Harris Graham (@GHarrisG)

    The British State is at risk of losing 9% of its population, over 10% of its tax receipts, its nuclear deterrent & the bullshit prestige it thinks it needs to puff on the world stage before bombing brown people in countries it advises our tourists to avoid.

    They will say & do anything then to cling on to the wealth & symbolism that Scotland provides Westminster.

    That includes lying, cheating & the subversive use of widespread propaganda, aided & abetted by a compliant unionist broadcast & print media.

    Every single one of us is being targeted by the British State then to maintain the status quo.

    If you can’t see that, wean yourself off the psychotropic drugs for a few weeks.

  • ESLO

    If it had no effect, why did they spend all that money and effort to do it?

    Because they are not like the rest of the human race!

  • Dougie

    Did Manchester hand out one side St George the other UJ or the cardif games or indeed Edinburgh hand out UJ

    And why did the red arrows who were scheduled to trail blue and white not do as scheduled?
    And Unionists no matter how proud you say you are your no vote validates the UK government legal position that Scotland ceased to exist and was absorbed by England a No vote means you agree perhaps thats why you are so ashamed of your own flag

  • Abe Rene

    I agree that the two-sided flag should have been left out of the ceremonies. In fact there should be no need for irregularity. The No campaign should make a strong rational case for the Union. If Scotland decides for independence the rest of the UK will have to live with it. Better to prepare for whatever happens, by endeavouring to be on friendly terms with Scotland right now.

  • Anon

    For example, over 6,100 people have read this particular article already. And your anti-Scottish bigotry wins a few votes for Yes every time.

    You’ve got me all wrong, Craig. Although I have a bet with you that the Scots bottle it and vote No, I still want them to go.

  • Just saying

    Anon/ESLO – “You’ve got me all wrong, Craig. Although I have a bet with you that the Scots bottle it and vote No, I still want them to go.”

    I still want you to go to israel and leave us Scots alone (in the best haganah tradition), bibi melikowalski is losing quite a few of your kind in Gaza, please just go.

  • Ivar the Boneless

    Methinks Anon is very wrong. Things seem to be moving steadily towards a yes vote.

  • Ivar the Boneless

    Not a betting man, but what makes you so confident they will vote no?

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