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Yesterday the licensing man from Dundee Council went down the taxi ranks ordering saltires and yes stickers removed from the taxis. (would he have ordered No stickers removed as well? We can never be sure as there weren’t any.)

Having missed the train to my Cupar meeting last night, I got in a taxi (it’s not far) and the taxi driver was giving his side of the story. He said he told the council man that “There is an argument that he was within his rights to tell me to remove the sticker, but when he told me to take off my lapel badge, I told him that he was infringing my absolute right to freedom of speech under article ten of the European Convention.”

This campaign has been the most uplifting experience imaginable. It will not be possible to put the people back in the box of media-induced apathy after this.

One of the most unexpectedly invigorating aspects of the campaign is that in packed town hall meetings, I have been sharing the platform with people who are not good public speakers. If that sounds paradoxical, it is because often they have never done any public speaking before. Yesterday in Cupar there was an excellent lady who works in the NHS who had a deep knowledge of its workings and of the threats from privatization of its services, including the mechanisms by which these privatisations were being advanced. She believed that after a No vote it would not be possible for the Scottish NHS to continue to be insulated from some of these trends, and she explained why she felt that.

There was no polish to her quiet delivery, but her heartfelt sincerity and the depth of her knowledge held the audience in intent silence. She had never spoken in public before. It was truly inspiring.

The substance of the campaign is people in local communities actually talking to each other about what is important to their communities and they way their society is organized. I have never seen anything to compare this to. No wonder the politicians have no idea how to counter it. The happy lack of hierarchical power structures in the campaign on the ground seems to relate to the fact that so many women are coming forward as speakers – for the third time, I was the only male on the panel yesterday.

Better Together have women too of course. Just in case anyone has been living under a rock and hasn’t seen it, here is the Saatchi and Saatchi produced Better Together broadcast that set the campaign on fire. The many spoofs are great, but I think nothing quite equals the sheer comic genius of the original.


I have added this picture as pro-government commenters have started to come on the site with their ridiculous propaganda claims that NATO killed very few people in its 398 bombing raids on Sirte. What you see is just one street of scores in similar condition. You can believe your eyes or the propaganda.

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  • YouKnowMyName

    according to Postimees (Estonian newspaper) they are in agreement that NATO has said Ukraine is the losing party to the conflict

    Published: 02. September at 15:04

    At an emergency meeting of NATO generals at the end of last week, members of the alliance “radically revised” its assessment of the balance of forces in the zone of conflict in Ukraine. “In military terms, the conflict has already been lost for Kiev”, – stated an unnamed NATO general. In his opinion, for Poroshenko there “doesn’t remain anything, except how to conduct negotiations that live to pull out the people from the pincers in which they were taken by Russians” the Ukrainian president might “dictate where he can relocate the people. In war language it is called as a victory”

    The authors describe the details held behind the closed doors of the meeting: “On large maps were marked with thick arrows Russian units, near the border of the eastern regions of Ukraine to the north, west (sic. – Approx. Eds.) And south. … Ukraine actually lost control of its eastern borders. “

    is the same covert home office team that ‘won’ the UA war for Russia helping covertly the Scottish ‘NO’ to win with a resounding yes, or will the false flags flutter louder in both places now we approach the endgames? Or was this a pure victory for the murderous State Department, are they involved in Scotland? – hopefully not!

    Now, try and spin an awesome NATO loss you sock-puppets!

  • Resident Dissident


    “The only person I have twice advocated for banning is the Habba-Clown Troll”

    Clearly numeracy is not one of your skills

    “I’ve never ever called anybody here that, or even just “scum”,”

    May be so – but you have used a whole load of other abusive language. What might be refreshing would be a political argument where you address the subject rather than the person.

  • Al Milliner

    Can anyone provide a source for the 15,000 civilians killed in Sirte by NATO forces? I think it is important that a well-known activist using this blog and YouTube videos to make this claim against the British state in support of Scottish independence should be able to back it up with evidence. I was banned for a few days for asking this earlier in the thread and had several posts deleted but now find myself able to comment again. Cheers.

  • Fedup

    So we now know Freejay and Kempe are the same cretin, the face put to the bile, at last.

    The fact that this terrorist sympathiser is cheering on a demented Jewish supremacist that is beating up a sixty years old man relentlessly despite the old man being on the ground, somehow misses the footage is attempted murder in anyone’s book. However as ever the “clever chosen one” disputes the attacker being Jewish. All the while celebrating the beating and being pretty pleased the Galloway got his deserves.

    Where are authorities to take note of this terrorist sympathiser’s activities?

  • fool

    Wasn’t 1948 a tri-partite partition proposal with Jerusalem intended to be an international settlement.

  • Resident Dissident


    I think you will find that Kempe’s comment was directed at a earlier post by RoS – you can stop your frothing at the mouth now.

  • fool

    Al Milner – 15,000 or whatever number the pictures of destruction speak for themselves. Whether the deaths come from the bombings or the consequent civil war all those politicians who supported the bombing of Libya need to consider their actions when they dream at night. Do they really think the pillar of cloud and the pillar of fire called them to the skies and to bomb Libya? I could not believe the level of passive acquiescence at the time. This was after Iraq. After lessons had been learnt. The liberals had stood up before Iraq but what did they have to say. This was post Blair and the labour party had apparently learnt their lesson but they were as gung ho as Cameron. So what it does it matter if it was 100, 1000, 10,000 or 15,000 who died. Each one was a life and it was wrong and without justification. Maybe it had some geo political reason to our benefit which is beyond my foolish level of comprehension, but it was still wrong. The Colonel’s mistake like Saddam’s was to give up his weapons. That was not a good lesson to have taught to other dictators. He probably made another mistake in terms of forgetting who had put him there in the first place.

    Still – the UK does not deserve to be partitioned just because of our own barbaric behaviour. Germany did not choose to partition itself after WWII.

    No one answered my question about whether lodges in Scotland support any particular position on the vote or whether they might be divided?

  • fred

    ” However as ever the “clever chosen one” disputes the attacker being Jewish.”

    Was the attacker Jewish?

  • Fedup

    I think you will find that Kempe’s comment was directed at a earlier post by RoS – you can stop your frothing at the mouth now.

    An attack on one zionist scum is attack on all zionist scum, jumps rc into action, letting it rip. However as ever when resident cliché strikes; dissonance is it?

  • Al Milliner

    “Al Milner – 15,000 or whatever…”

    Sorry, Fool, but the blog host came up with the figure addressing his wide-eyed Scottish audience – “Something they didn’t tell you on the BBC”, he said.

    They didn’t tell you on the BBC because it was a complete invention on the part of the blog host with no supporting evidence whatsoever.

    “So what it does it matter if it was 100, 1000, 10,000 or 15,000 who died”

    It matters a lot. I might as well say it was 150,000 or 1.5 million and you would have no problem with that because by your reasoning I’m saying the ‘right’ thing.

  • fool

    Al Milliner

    I was interested to read Craig’s figure of 15,000 because it seems that there has been a conspiracy of silence in the media about what is happening in Libya.

    ‘What does it matter if it was 100, 1000, 10,000 or 15,000 who died’ was a polemic to emphasise that to kill even one person when it is not necessary is wrong. I accept sometimes it is necessary to kill humans to defend and its ok to kill animals for food.

    It is evil to kill people unless you can justify it.

    It is particularly evil to kill those who are weaker than you unless you can justify it.

    So to wait until the enemy has dined with you and disarmed and to then kill is a pretty poor state of affairs unless you really can justify it in which case of course it would be sensible to trick an opponent out his arms.

    I would like to know how many people have died in Libya and I would like to know why.

    Why did we do it?

  • Kempe

    ” Can anyone provide a source for the 15,000 civilians killed in Sirte by NATO forces? ”

    No of course they can’t because it’s completely without foundation. Pictures of a few ruined buildings prove nothing, they might not even have been residential and the city was fought over for weeks so who knows who caused the damage.

    Sorry to disappoint you Fedup but I’ve never even heard of Freejay and certainly never posted on Liveleaks. Still never mind, better people than you have been reduced to hurling juvenile insults recently.

    Changing the subject completely I see the “Religion of Peace” has been demonstrating it’s tolerance and maturity again.

    Or is that another “false flag” event?

  • Macky

    Resident Dissident; “Clearly numeracy is not one of your skills”

    More like cheap smearing is your best skill.

    “but you have used a whole load of other abusive language”

    More cheap smearing, unless you can prove otherwise of course ! 😀

    “What might be refreshing would be a political argument where you address the subject rather than the person”

    As you well know that on the handful of times, I have done both yourself & the Habba-Clown the unwarranted courtesy of ignoring the trade-mark troll tactics, and concentrated instead on the political argument in hand; every time it ended with you doing one of your famous disappearing acts before the end, and with the Habba-Clown being exposed as the clueless fraud & buffoon that he is. The question that I posed here for you;

    and have had to repeat here;

    IS exactly a political question that you are doing your best to avoid answering, as one of troll’s main mantra, especially yours in particular, is that when other Posters criticise Western government’s various nefarious activities, they are accused by the trolls of being insincere because they are allegedly motivated by a self-hating anti-West complex; so to ask yet again, why do you give Craig a free pass over his recent real strong anti-Britain comments, in contrast to your apoplectic reactions when you think other Posters have expressed such comments ? Where is your trademark self-righteous outrage ? Why are you still posting on the blog of one of those that you despise the most, a “self-hating anti-West hypocrite” ?!

    “there was of course nearby a very good example of the right type of beating for Mr Galloway administered by the late great Hitch”

    The counter-reality world that Trolls inhabit is very spectacularly topsy-turvy ! 😀

  • fool

    When you remember seeing pictures of PM Blair as a gust in a tent with Colonel Gadaffi, learning of Gadaffi giving up his weapons of mass destruction and then subsequently being bombed then when I read this blog I can’t help but think of the massacre at Glencoe.

    With apologies to MacDonalds for any comparisions to Gadaffi.

  • Je

    Fred/Fedup. I see from the article

    “employed at manager level at the BBC between 2004 and 2007.” That alleged impartial broadcaster again. They’re supposed to believe in free speech too…

  • Resident Dissident

    “The question that I posed here for you;

    and have had to repeat here;

    Might I suggest you read my first post on that blog – and ten look at Craig’s last words on the St Andrews video (also reported by the Sun). I appreciate that my post may have been rather too succinct for your style of disagreement – but strongly expressed disagreement it was.

  • Resident Dissident


    I think you should also note that when I chose not to answer a point raised by you – it is usually because I don’t think that it is a point worth answering, it certainly isn’t because it represents an intellectual challenge (if only that were the case!).

  • Fedup

    Changing the subject completely I see the “Religion of Peace” has been demonstrating it’s tolerance and maturity again.

    You don’t say Freejay, you are back on your usual stumping on Muslims any which way you can, have you found the bbc “managers” choice of the day hate?

    The photos of yet another fake beheading have been resealed, and John the jihadi is busy posing with a prop (his fake knife) again. Boy what a surprise?

    False flag is the zionist scum doing their usual blowing things up and blaming Muslims for it.

  • Al Milliner


    I’m not quite getting you here. So because it is wrong to kill one person it is ok to invent 15,000 dead for the purpose of pursuading Scots to divorce themselves from the UK?

  • Peacewisher

    @Fool: Yes, perhaps like a modern day Cordoba. But that would only be a tiny fraction of the land and I don’t think that was the reason why the Arab side rejected it. Many British soldiers lost their lives in 1946-7 protecting them, and it was a crass decision! They should have negotiated.

    Regarding the other arguments… if they were to be two separate states, there would be two sets of infrastructure, and full oversight of the UN. One state wouldn’t be able to pull a fast one over the other. If the land distribution looks a mess… negotiate, don’t just reject when the only alternative is war! Remember, it was Israel that arose from terrorism, and at that point in time they would have been very closely scrutinised through the UN.

    Yes, I am lacking in knowledge, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Republicofscotland 2 Sep, 2014 – 7:24 pm,

    Thanks for posting that. I am actually in favour of gun control – certainly in the UK, but I am more in favour of truth. I spotted that the video of the 9 year old little girl “shooting her instructor” with an Uzi machine gun was fake – almost immediately…and then downloaded it from youtube and examined it frame by frame and was even more convinced it was fake – and posted so on a discussion about it on the Telegraph. Everyone there thought I was mad (as usual) – and a search of numerous other sites resulted in me finding very few others who questioned it – even in the US pro-gun crazy lot. Nearly everyone seemed to think it was legit. I just thought it was powerful anti-gun propaganda by the US Government.

    Today, we get another beheading video. It took about 30 minutes before I actually found it – and it is just as fake as the Foley one – and very similar.

    Most people will believe it without even seeing it, and they will continue to believe it, after the press have admitted it was fake as they did with the Foley one.

    However, I am not sure if it matters that much. The mainstream press is effectively discrediting itself, and the more intelligent (who should ultimately be more influential) will stop reading it…cos they will no longer trust it.

    The problem is, that losing trust in both the media and what purports to be the government is potentially highly unpredictable and dangerous.

    “The Revolution will not be Televised” – well maybe it will be and maybe it will kick off in the USA – but these things tend to spread.

    A gentle, slow revolution, back to sanity, that most people hardly notice, would be far more preferable, but maybe this is not possible.

    Dangerous Times. I can understand people keeping their heads in the sand. Maybe I should be in favour of Americans tooled up to the eyebrows…though I think it will probably be very messy.


  • The Kingdom of PIE

    We can’t look at Scottish independence from a strictly national point of view. It’s part of the degenerative decline of the NATO Pact. The Warsaw Pact died the same way.

    Scotland is in some ways what Hungary was – the first crack – and Hungary got brutally crushed. The British satellite state has relied on propaganda, censorship, and repression to maintain some pretense of democratic legitimacy but probably, Scottish independence will be quashed as an entering wedge. Catalonia threatens Spain. Greens threaten Germany. COMECON-scale economic collapse threatens to split the periphery. So Britain must do whatever it takes to stave off Scottish independence, using every contemptible PSYWAR trick that can be played on a trusting public. Self-determination for Scotland may have to wait for more generalized collapse in the European satellites and further loss of legitimacy for the USA.

  • Peacewisher

    @Tony…. Frank Gardner said it was authentic, so people would just assume that it is. As with the Foley video.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    May I humbly suggest the following antidote eir when you fear that yoi’re getting too full of yourself and your debating capacities?

    It is to remember Dreoilin’s wonderfully succunct and accurate observation:

    Macky is not the sharpest knife in the drawer”.

    (ti be remembered by you three times after meals with a little water or juice)

  • Ben

    “Self-determination for Scotland may have to wait for more generalized collapse in the European satellites and further loss of legitimacy for the USA.”

    Using that metric, a C-section now might save baby Scotland and avoid it going down with the ship. I fear whether yes or no, the die has been cast and the Western destiny is locked into a dismal future.

  • Macky

    LOL !@Resident Dissident!

    Are you vying for the Clown Crown with the Habba-Troll ? 😀

    You are referring to your comment here;

    as proof of your objection to Craig’s comments ?!!

    Firstly you are responding directly to Craig’s words about only “indecent” people voting for “no”, which you actually quote, these are words concerning only the referendum itself.

    Secondly, if you were really & actually objecting to his anti-British comments, you would have quoted them directly, as they are pretty strong; (UK is a)““pathological state which is a danger in the world, a rogue state”, & “I think it is impossible to be proud of the United Kingdom”.

    Thirdly, are you seriously expecting anybody who knows your previous hysterics on this, your favourite pet subject for self-righteous outrage, to believe that your muted ten word sentence is really your response to the strongest “hating your country” comments ever expressed on this Blog ?!!

    Pull the other one, the ones with bells on, or better still, admit that you fabricate your favorite self-righteous outrage, because it’s a cheap & easy smear to make when you can’t think of anything else to defend your Pro Establishment POVs ! 😀

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