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  • giyane

    My neighbour built his loft conversion ” at risk ” in Building Inspector terms, before applying for planning permission. Then when he did apply there was a short period of time in which he thought I might object, so a few days I thought I was going to get my side tidied up and my chimney off so I could put up some solar panels!

    That’s the slot us voters are in for the next two months from our massive liar politicians. Just remember when they don’t keep their promises, that you were never going to get them anyway. Blag rules ok.

  • John Goss

    “This is hilarious, watch a send up of Jihadi Johnny, which in my opinion, isn’t a million miles from the truth.”


    Thanks RepublicofScotland for that amusement.

    While it is funny, very funny, there is a very serious side to these ‘false flags’ as they have been called. It makes you wonder if nearly any of the political news is true. Tonight there is a death in Copenhagen. Another Jihadist murder (apparently).

    It makes the Muckden incident look like a storm in a teacup. But my own theory is this.

    The US has gun law. It is a basic credo of its constitution ‘the right to bear arms’. To control this the authorities have a superior-armed police force as opposed to public arms to ensure crime does not get out of control. In Europe, largely speaking, we do not have this. We also have a much much lower homicide rate.

    The United States, a bankrupt country living off credit, can only survive if it gets Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, et al, its other creditors, and all the satellites to comply. To ultra-arm and control the people outside of the US is a big problem for them. False-flags are almost a daily occurence. Actors need to survive, but who will employ them if the truth gets out?

    The thermo-nuclear explosions which so precisely brought down the twin towers into their own footprint needs investigating.

    So without the Charlie Hebdo incident (false flag or not) and this latest one (link below) we were relatively safe from being shot by the police (though Mark Duggan’s family might disagree)

  • John Goss

    “Love thy neighbour as thyself. A good motto for clergyman Stephen Green. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

    I am C of E so any damage there with HSBC is done also unto me.

  • glenn

    @John Goss : “So without the Charlie Hebdo incident (false flag or not) and this latest one (link below) we were relatively safe from being shot by the police (though Mark Duggan’s family might disagree)

    Not sure Duggan is a particularly good example. Your relative safeness might well be improved by not being violent, a drug dealer, some sort of wannabe gangster, being a gang member, having a few convictions for dealing and fencing, hanging around with old lags and murderers, having a reputation for being armed (and actually having a replica gun) – avoiding this sort of thing (attempted murder, you know) – that kind of improves your chances.

    Blair Peach, Jean Charles de Menezes, and the like – they might have been better examples.

  • bert

    I hope the case of Salahuddin Amin was discussed at the conference.

    The case of Salahuddin Amin was featured in a Court of Appeal hearing in December 2005 where the ‘grave risk to national security’ resulted in ‘an exceptional course of justice being followed/thwarted.

    The ‘evidence’ extracted under torture from Salahuddin Amin by the UK spooks shored up the ‘Operation Crevice’ case which, in turn , was linked to the later Operation Theseus 7/7 affair.

    The exposure of the case of the torture of Salahuddin Amin is key in revealing how the UK complicity in torture has fed into the whole faux war on terror nonsense.

  • John Goss

    “Blair Peach, Jean Charles de Menezes, and the like – they might have been better examples.”

    Duggan was an example which started the Tottenham riots and why I chose him over the many others. But the point I strove to make is that we do not want, for the safety of all individuals in the UK, to have weapons freely available (as in the US). Thankfully that is not the case. But that is what I believe our controllers across the ocean want.

  • glenn

    @John Goss: You might be right there. That cynical fraudster “Newt” Gingrich (look up “chutzpah” in an illustrated dictionary to see his picture) said that having a gun was a Human Right. Yes indeed, did you know that? Far more important than water, medical attention and so on. During his run as a Republican nominee for the presidential challenge last election, he actually said he’d push the UN to recognise this Right, and have everyone in the world armed.

    Of course, it was shameless, empty bluster, a pandering of the most craven sort to the arms lobby and gun nuts. But it certainly shows what appeals over there – they’re more than happy to have schools and cinemas shot up every now and then, just to keep the NRA gun lobby satisfied and their money rolling in.

  • Mary

    Gingrich was on C Span yesterday.

    ‘February 15, 2015

    News Review

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) talked about stories in the news. Topics included President Obama’s request for authorization for use of military force in the fight against *ISIS, Islamic extremism, congressional partisanship, the 114th Congress, and the possible Republican presidential field in 2016.

    * The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), is a militant group that has called itself the Islamic State.’


  • Bwahahahaha

    @Jemand – Hitler targeted Jews and gays as he perceived them to be allied, on the 911 issues of the time, but why the gypsies? Or did they pick his pocket on the London Underground too?

  • John Goss

    Thanks Dreoilin for the 911 link. But you can’t post there because it’s dead. Furthermore there have been less than 30 comments since October 2012, most of them at the end of July last year. In the light of the new photographs showing that some kind of thermo-nuclear explosion took place under the twin towers it might be time for a reassessment of what took place. Even if you do not want to read the article take a look at the first photograph and ask yourself what caused that crater.


  • Summerhead

    Amnesty International, the organization that feels the need for “balance” in the occupation of Palestine and whose false claims of sub-Saharan immigrants being used as mercenaries by Gaddafi lead to ethnic cleansing of black Africans in Libya during NATO’s colonial attack on that country.

  • nevermind

    Thanks for your levelling link Summerhead.

    @ Craig The nice old lady’s garden party you visited a few years back, my mother in law, has succumbed to her cancer last night.

  • Dreoilin

    “Thanks Dreoilin for the 911 link. But you can’t post there because it’s dead.”

    Dammit. Thanks John.
    I’m in the middle of reading at the other link, the one you posted.

  • Mary

    The Copenhagen shooter was killed as were the Hebdo two. Are there no methods of taking suspects alive such as with the use of tasers, etc?

    The Copenhagen one is being described as a Palestinian with a criminal record, with parents who came to Denmark from Jordan having become refugees from their homeland and with
    ‘a deep hatred of Jews’ according to the MSM this morning.

    How do we know that this is the truth?

    He is no longer alive to defend himself from this portrayal.

    Ref Paris did not a male who was involved surrender to the police straightaway and before the manhunt took place? What happened to him?

  • Macky

    Mary; “Ref Paris did not a male who was involved surrender to the police straightaway and before the manhunt took place? What happened to him?”

    Funny enough he is mentioned in the article that I’ve just posted; but perhaps you should have used another word rather than “involved”, as that could imply that he was involved in the terrorits attacks themselves, rather than being involved in the investigation only because of the bizarre & suspcious police accustaion that he, Hamyd Mourad, was the alleged driver of the getaway car; he of course had a cast-iron alibi, and when he saw his name circulating on social media, he realized the danger he was in & so quickly turned himself in, and in doing so, probably saved his own life. He was later released without charge. I would like to know on what bias the police had identified him as alleged driver of the getaway car, especially as it’s clear on the video clips, that there was no other driver, just the two gunmen.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    @ Super-Ferret

    “Ref Paris did not a male who was involved surrender to the police straightaway and before the manhunt took place? What happened to him?”

    Surprised you haven’t been able to ferret this one out for yourself, Mary.

    Firstly, he wasn’t “involved” – that’s why he went to the police of his own volition.

    Secondly, nothing has “happened to him”. He was released and is a free man.

    Sorry if this disappoints you.

  • giyane


    NATO’s destruction of the Libyan economy and the use of CIA mercenaries like Abdul Hakim Belhadj to torture and murder innocent civilians are war crimes which crossed all boundaries of international law, even without the false racist claims about Gaddafi’s use of Black mercenaries.

    As soon as Gaddafi had been murdered the Daily Telegraph gloated that thousands of UK and other EU soldiers had been involved in the organisation and perpetration of the assault on Libya, in spite of the conditions of NATO’s involvement. Those newspaper reports gloating and flouting international law have been removed online.

    Libyan Islamists formed the core of the Syrian revolution against Assad and the effect of that revolution has been to terrorise the Syrian population and drive them for the third winter to seek shelter in tents or be bombed by Assad in their own cities. Most of the menfolk have joined Assad against the foreign jihadi NATO invasion.

    The purpose of the NATO invasion of Syria was not to remove the dictator, who has been kept in power and preserved from NATO bombing, but to unlawfully occupy and ethnically cleanse Syria for the Israelis. The plan being to get the Islamists to do the dirty work in return for the promise of a Caliphah in Eastern Syria.

    David Cameron prepared the ground for paying Israel to do peace-making/ consolidation of territory in Syria by changing UK law, that overseas aid can now include paying for security. It remains obvious to all that the command of ISIS is Israeli, and that Israel has supplied drugs such as amphetamines to ISIS inhabitants and soldiers.

    The BBC’s World Service has run a series glamourising life under ISIS for many months, asking household magazines questions such as What does your average Jihadi husband like to eat for supper? An obscene Zionist manipulation of the reality, cynically served up by the UK’s Zionist state broadcaster.

    The list of war-crimes of David Cameron’s government is longer than that of Mr Blair’s. We are facing an election, as Craig frequently mentions, where the main candidates are war-criminals and liars who have repeatedly broken international law with impunity and protected their Islamist mercenaries from prosecution.

    NATO’s mercenaries have ruthlessly murdered any journalists who have had the temerity to defy the Zionist re-drawing of the map of the Muslim world and they have lent their best lawyers to their mercenaries in the spy-nest of London, to portray their criminal acts as in the interests of Muslims rather than their paymasters.

    God forbid anyone suggest there is a link between the lost trillions of the world banking crisis and the funding of a war against Islam. Whimsying about becoming a member of parliament, even Craig Murray has clamped down on that idea. But he has let enough light leak out under the door to implicate NATO to the dungeon of history as the biggest war-criminal ever.

    Thanks and blessings to him for leaving the light on in a world of state terror.

  • Mary

    Thanks for that heads up and correction Macky. Lost track of that info in all of the media storm at the time.


    This is a thread on Medialens on the BBC reporting on Libya.

    BBC info guff: “Why is Libya lawless?” – on a par with: “Gaza/Israel weapons” joke piece by JMarcus
    Posted by marknadim on February 16, 2015, 11:32 am

    No mention that it was US/UK which enabled this militia-led chaos, deposing a leader who held the country together for self-interested reasons. Like you chop someone’s legs off as you rob them, and later report with a straight face: “he hasn’t walked since he was mugged”.


    “Libya has been hit by instability since the overthrow of long-serving ruler Col Muammar Gaddafi in October 2011. Numerous militias each govern their own patches of territory, with successive governments struggling to exercise control.”

    That ‘info’ piece on ‘curiously chaotic’ Libya is as bad as the breaking-all-boundaries-on-onesidedness-but-still-up-piece from last summer’s massacre by Israel in Gaza. If you missed it they still keep it up, I think, as a badge of honour and gold standard of quite how unbelievably biased towards Israel they can get away with:

    Called “What weapons are being used in the Israel-Gaza conflict?”
    : it goes on to talk lengthily about the Palestinian range of deadly attack rockets, but only mentions Israel’s defensive systems! Not a word on the modern kill-power that massacred over 2,000 Palestinians including 500 children – thanks BBC for keeping up the most explicit example of your entrenched bias as a warning to readers (as well as a model for aspiring cubs).



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