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I warned that the security services will turn to false flag events to discredit the SNP. I said this in my talk to Edinburgh SNP Club on 6 March, and repeated it on this blog last week. Well, it is starting.


The reporting specifically blames nationalists. There is something delightfully old fashioned about MI5. Is spraying Q for Quisling not rather an obscure reference to today’s generation?

[UPDATE: I had not taken on board that the racist comments made allegedly by an unidentified SNP supporter to Faisal Islam of Sky News occurred in the same town on the same day. That indicates to me a coordinated security service plan was in progress, and gives some idea how they are operating, probably in a mobile team. That two such improbable and unusual “nationalist outrages” should occur the same day and the same place confounds belief.]

A sweeping SNP victory on May 7 is considered enough of a threat to the United Kingdom for the security services to use up some assets. Long term sleepers within the SNP will now be activated, so expect to find one or two such events traced to apparent bona fide SNP members.

More importantly, a major thrust will be agent provocateur activity. Security service agents within the SNP will be trying to initiate and to egg on (yes, that is a deliberate and relevant Jim Murphy reference, think about it) impressionable members to vandalism or violence. Be very, very wary of such people and do not be tempted.

There are, 100% for certain, MI5 agents online posing as “cybernats” who will be quoted in the media saying outlandishly unpleasant and threatening things. We will also see more incidents like the Murphy eggs or the complete set-up of the “mob” jostling Miliband in the St James Centre, which by chance I witnessed.

The ridiculous “violent nationalist” meme worked well for the unionists in the referendum campaign, and influenced some older voters who trust the BBC and corporate media. So they will play it again for all it is worth. The worry is of course that some manufactured incident will go wrong and somebody will get hurt. The still bigger worry is that, as the security services get increasingly desperate as polling day approaches, they will manufacture a false flag incident in which people deliberately get hurt.

The best defence against that is for ordinary people to be wise to how the real world works. Social media is key. Tweet, facebook, blog, instagram or whatever else you can do to spread this.

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226 thoughts on “UPDATE: False Flag is Starting

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  • John Seal

    Interesting that the article and Tory councillor quoted both declare with absolute certainty that the ‘Q’ stands for ‘Quisling’. Is it really that clear? How do they know?

  • Luke

    Do you have any tips for spotting sleepers and infiltrators? If we suspect anyone, is there anything we should be careful of? How should we treat suspects? Should we warn anyone else or keep our suspicions to ourselves?

  • John Spencer-Davis

    The swastika is the wrong way around. Buddhist symbol of peace: but I doubt the graffiti artist knew that.

    The Q for Quisling did not even occur to me. I find the whole idea of that very peculiar.

    Kind regards,


  • G H Graham

    The swastika is back to front, if it was intended to suggest that the culture of the Conservative & Unionist Party is akin to that of the notorious Nazi party.

    Meanwhile, similar mirror image swastikas dating from 6,000 BC have been found on ceramic pottery in a cave in Bulgaria.

    Could the artist here be making a misplaced, anti-European statement?

  • John

    When I saw the reference to Miliband being roughed up, I thought at first that you were referring to this. Also outrageous, and hardly reported at all in the main UK media. It was later alleged that it was somehow connected to CCO. Is it that I am just becoming more aware as I get older, or has democracy taken a distinct turn for the worse in the last few years?


    I don’t know which is worse – that they – MI5 or whoever it is – would stoop so low or that they would be so inept. You actually need explanations to understand the ‘Q’ reference – I know my history but would not have made the connection. Also the swastika seems a particularly odd choice – perhaps here they are just thinking of something universally ‘bad’ that few would fail to recognize – though I live in Asia and every Buddhist temple has numerous similar symbols [albeit reversed] so I’m immunized.

    To be honest the red/blue and tory/labour symbols are more apt to annoy me.

  • Abe Rene

    I’m sure the SNP wouldn’t dream of such crude vandalism. They could leave it to the Agent Provocateurs to do it for them. 🙂

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    You are either being shameless or extremely silly. EZither way, your post is worthy of the best efforts of Lynton Crosbie and his like in the Labour Party.

    You point to one incident reported in the press and warn us against a small list pf things tha


    Not anti-European – anti-Buddhist. A vegan diet, meditation and no-alcohol obviously being about as far away from Scottish culture as you could possibly get.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    You are either being shameless or extremely silly. Either way, your post is worthy of the best efforts of Lynton Crosbie and his like in the Labour Party.

    You point to one incident reported in the press and warn us against a small list pf things that might happen and ascribe all of them to the security services – but without the smallest element of proof.

    They are all things the security services might do but, equally, they are all things which some of the more intolerant nationalists or SNP boyos might do.

    But for you, of course, it has to be the security services.

    Have you been hired to say what the SNP party would like to say but chooses not to or are you just making your own noise?

  • craig Post author


    There is no point warning people against things after they have happened. The point of warning is to try to avert them. Events are about to unfold.

  • Gary

    It seems that the person who is knowledgeable enough to think that we’ll ALL understand that ‘Q’ is for Quisling and know who Mr Quisling was is the same person who doesn’t know which way round to draw their Nazi Swastika! Seems contrived.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    11/04/2015 5:37 pm

    I honestly wouldn’t read too much into the swastika. If you were spray-painting a swastika in a hurry, would you worry about which way around it was? I sure wouldn’t.

    Kind regards,


  • Hamish Henderson

    A good many years ago during an SNP surgein the 70’s we had in our branch a person who constantly talked about UDI and uprisings and getting fire arms. He was sidelined by those of us aware of agents provocateur but we had no proof until one of our members who worked for the employment bureau in the special payments section noticed a familiar name with the security cipher for government payments. There in the room was our erstwhile branch member who was supposed to be away on holiday. Our member called out his name but on coming forward to accept payment on seeing the branch member turned on his heel and walked out the office. He was never seen again

    Odd? we thought so. Be aware.

  • Ed L

    Just imagine if an official SNP candidate had been droning on about False Flag operations.

    Even they aren’t /that/ stupid.

    Whether it’s true or not, spouting off without any proof (other than the tired “I used to be someone at the FCO”) is embarrassing.

  • braco

    RE The Swastika mystery.
    Perhaps they were simply writing on the inside of their own window advertising for some more help and by naturally concentrating on the tricky mirrored writing bit, forgot to reverse the swastika. That kind of thing can often catch one out. 😉

  • craig Post author

    Ed L

    That is very strange. It looked to me as though the media were blaming this incident on nationalists without any proof. You don’t appear to complain about that.

    The security services act, of course, secretly. If everyone were to accept we can never mention what they do, because we can’t prove it as it is clandestine, would be wonderful for them. Fortunately for the world not everybody has your degree of complacency and lack of intellectual ability.

  • Mark Golding

    I am also troubled by the security services entanglement with on demand postal voting.

    Allegedly postal fraud together with the modus of ‘pulling the rug from under’ that Craig describes here, are all in the mendacity cauldron of MI5 treachery intended to forestall any anti-nuclear intractability.

    Richard Mawrey QC has said recently, “Postal voting is open to fraud on an “industrial scale” and is “unviable” in its current form.”


  • Iain Gray

    Isn’t Q the gadget guy out of Bond. Proves the MI5/6 connection to me! If Q’s involved, better watch those killer heels Nicola!

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    Why would an SNP supporter do this? Anybody motivated to do this for political reasons would be politically aware enough to realise that it will be used against the SNP.

    What about an SNP supporter of the mindless hooligan variety? They would need to know the location and opening hours of the Labour and Conservative offices and plan the attack to the extent of setting out ‘armed’ with their aerosol can. A kind of Goldilocks mindlessness then – just enough to not appreciate the consequences but just enough to carry out a premeditated plan.

    Why would an SNP opponent do this? For the same reasons that rule out an SNP supporter.

  • falloch

    Concerned stuff like this could happen at Faslane blockade on Monday morning. Please anyone reading Craig’s blog who is coming to Faslane Monday morning, keep your eyes open for anyone _deliberately_ winding up police, etc. especially if they’re filming or have someone filming them. Faslane blockading has a long history of tolerance on both sides, crafted after years of ‘consultation’ between protestors and police. Back in the day (’80s), we had people who were pretty obvious, but didn’t have the social networking advantage. Normally wouldn’t bother about stuff like this at Faslane blockades, but this is too close to the GE not to worry.

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    While the most plausible scenario is that it was an opponent of the SNP wot dun it, that doesn’t necessarily mean the security services. The culprit might very possibly be a fanatical Unionist. There are those on this blog who consider deception a legitimate tactic in the fight against Scottish Independence.

  • Alexander D

    I live just round the corner from this office and saw the grafitti this afternoon when I walked past. Not only is the Conservative office vandalised but the local Labour office, just a couple of hundred yards away, has been defaced with the same ‘Q’ symbol. On top of that the public toilet in the local park, a couple of hundred yards away in the other direction, has been grafitted, presumably in the same spree, with large ‘Tory HQ’ slogans. Totally agree with the sentiment in the post Craig and I have no doubt you are correct that stuff has/is/will go on to generate state propaganda. However, in this specific case I’m curious as to what would be achieved – if it is indeed foul play – by spraying some anti-Tory scroll on the park toilet. Why not just leave it at the constituency offices where the real media impact – ‘Nationalist thugs’, all the usual self-righteous posturing, etc. – is achieved?

  • craig Post author

    I expect they were just making sure to give their money’s worth. Presumably it was the same team which allegedly made unpleasant remarks to Faisal Islam in the same town on the same day.

  • David Barrie Grieve

    National Socialism was the Nazi charade before taking over in Germany. The Swastika (reversed and often with a 45°tilt) is similar to the ancient & current day use by Indo-European religions. Several high ranking Nazis had weird ideas about Arian origins of German people. MI5/MI6 are trying to use the idea of Nationalists being the same as 1930s/40s German Nazis (Conveniently ignoring British nationalism).

    By the way, the use of quisling is not so obscure. (if you are not sure, try looking at Wikipedia). I learned in school that it was a term invented in Norway during the war meaning something like traitor in your midst.

  • David Barrie Grieve

    ‘is similar to the ancient & current day’… *symbol used by….’by Indo-European religions.’

  • allymax

    Craig, when I lived in the States, I knew an old guy, that ‘knew people’in similar orgs; we were both writers, and we got on really well. He taught me a lot ;one thing that always stuck in my mind was when he told me, both Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe were found dead by ‘people’ called Murray.

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