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I warned that the security services will turn to false flag events to discredit the SNP. I said this in my talk to Edinburgh SNP Club on 6 March, and repeated it on this blog last week. Well, it is starting.


The reporting specifically blames nationalists. There is something delightfully old fashioned about MI5. Is spraying Q for Quisling not rather an obscure reference to today’s generation?

[UPDATE: I had not taken on board that the racist comments made allegedly by an unidentified SNP supporter to Faisal Islam of Sky News occurred in the same town on the same day. That indicates to me a coordinated security service plan was in progress, and gives some idea how they are operating, probably in a mobile team. That two such improbable and unusual “nationalist outrages” should occur the same day and the same place confounds belief.]

A sweeping SNP victory on May 7 is considered enough of a threat to the United Kingdom for the security services to use up some assets. Long term sleepers within the SNP will now be activated, so expect to find one or two such events traced to apparent bona fide SNP members.

More importantly, a major thrust will be agent provocateur activity. Security service agents within the SNP will be trying to initiate and to egg on (yes, that is a deliberate and relevant Jim Murphy reference, think about it) impressionable members to vandalism or violence. Be very, very wary of such people and do not be tempted.

There are, 100% for certain, MI5 agents online posing as “cybernats” who will be quoted in the media saying outlandishly unpleasant and threatening things. We will also see more incidents like the Murphy eggs or the complete set-up of the “mob” jostling Miliband in the St James Centre, which by chance I witnessed.

The ridiculous “violent nationalist” meme worked well for the unionists in the referendum campaign, and influenced some older voters who trust the BBC and corporate media. So they will play it again for all it is worth. The worry is of course that some manufactured incident will go wrong and somebody will get hurt. The still bigger worry is that, as the security services get increasingly desperate as polling day approaches, they will manufacture a false flag incident in which people deliberately get hurt.

The best defence against that is for ordinary people to be wise to how the real world works. Social media is key. Tweet, facebook, blog, instagram or whatever else you can do to spread this.

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226 thoughts on “UPDATE: False Flag is Starting

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  • Matt Quinn

    “Administrative cock up” certainly Greg. – From my own blog on the subject, written some weeks ago…


    ” For reasons best known to himself (and he has been rather coy about this) Robert Green wrote again to the First Minister’s office on the 28th of January 2011 – according to legal trade magzine ‘The Firm’ he posed “six questions into the manner of the investigation and handling of the case”… He was ignored.
    Now; I’m not about to defend that for a moment…

    In fact I have to say that too often injelitant little pencils-necks forget they are the servants and the public are the masters. And though Green no-doubt was by this time very well known as a crackpot conspiracy theorist and a bloody nuisance – he at least deserved the courtesy of an answer; even if it was only to tell him to ‘eff off’… ”

    The administrative cock-up rests with the COPFS letter Green was sent on November 17th 2009 by John Logue, the head of Policy at the COPFS.

    Green had emailed Salmond on the 20th of June 2009 – Salmond’s Office had simply forwarded the email to the COPFS as they had “no locus” in the matter and were constitutionally unable to deal with it.

    Factually, the only ‘missing record’ is an automated entry in the ‘forwarded items’ folder in some junior Clerical Officer’s no-doubt long-since-replaced email program. – A matter of no consequence at all. It’s doubtful if the matter would have even been so much as mentioned to Salmond himself.

    The COPFS duly replied to Green on the 23rd of July 2009.

    Despite having had this reply Green wrote again…

    27th of July, 2009, Green writes AGAIN to First Minister…

    2nd of August, 2009, Green writes AGAIN to First Minister…

    9th of August, 2009, Green writes AGAIN to First Minister…

    25th of August 2009, Green Writes to Angiolini

    2nd September 2009, Green Writes to the Grampian Area PF

    9th of September, 2009, Green writes AGAIN to First Minister…

    10th September 2009, Green Writes AGAIN to the Grampian Area PF

    18th of September, 2009, Green writes AGAIN to First Minister…

    26th of October, 2009, Green AGAIN Writes to Angiolini

    On November the 17th 2009, John Logue, the head of Policy at the COPFS wrote to Green in specific response to this persistent (some might say unhinged) letter-writing campaign. Logue goes into some detail, closing with the words…

    “As your concerns have now been addressed on several occasions, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service does not intend to correspond with you further on this issue unless you raise points which have not previously been addressed”

    You can access a full copy of Logue’s letter on my blog via the link above.

    Green is at this point placed on the ‘vexatious writers’ list. Logue’s error (cock-up as you put it) is that he failed to make it clear he was – in this particular respect – ‘speaking for’ all the departments of the Scottish Government that he was replying on behalf of…

    This rather proves the point that when one is dealing with ‘thick’, devious or dishonest people, or any combination of those factors; it’s essential to leave them no room to wriggle away from the facts.

    Given that the law of the land is such that no Minister can act in respect of the administration of criminal justice in Scotland, this being entirely the fiefdom of the Lord Advocate, it is of not the slightest significance to anything ‘when Alex Salmond became aware of the Hollie Greig case’ – he can make no comment or have any input to it.

    The fact is that when Green posed this – completely irrelevant – question to the FM’s office he was ignored because the – again junior clerical – staff who would have dealt with his letter in the first instance recognised him as someone on the vexatious writers list.

    So there you have it Greg… You’re quite right, there WAS an administrative cock-up. And the FM’s office had its ‘feet held to the fire’ by the Scottish Information Commissioner as is evidenced here…


    So… What was covered up exactly? Especially, what was covered up by Salmond?

    The First Minister’s office replied to Robert Green on the 8th of July 2011? Yet Green and his cohorts continue to LIE about this. – We have the proof that Green got a response to his question, because it’s also a matter of public record that he complained to the Scottish Information Commissioner about that too…


    And the Information Commissioner confirms that the response Robert Green has spent nearly four years denying he got, was a perfectly correct one.

    So, please do spell it out for us; what EXACTLY has been “covered up”?

    Missing Records? , Evidence? – Nope! A long lost forwarding-entry in an email programme; Green’s original 2009 enquiry to the FM’s office was answered by the COPFS – The only people who CAN deal with such matters… As were the NINE OTHER pointless letters the devious old fruitloop wrote to various Scottish Government officials.

    The clerical cock-up (your words Greg) that eventually lead to the Scottish Ministers getting a ‘slap on the wrist’ from the Scottish Information Commissioner?

    Nope! – it’s (literally) public knowledge, easily accessed on the SIC’s website!

    The Scottish Ministers’ (i.e ‘Salmond’s’) response to Green’s – completely irrelevant – enquiry?

    Nope! – Inconveniently for Green and his cohorts, his further complaint to the Scottish Information Commissioner – in respect of the answer he did get on the 8th of July 2011, is also easily accessed on the SIC’s website!

    And, actually, the only person who has tried to ‘cover up’ anything is George Robert Green… Oh! And I suppose his cohorts such as Ogilvy.

    Sadly Greg I can offer no input to these ‘feelings’ you get. Possibly some adjustment in your medication is necessary; do see your doctor.

    My business has thrived well enough over the past three decades to feed and house me and latterly my wife and my kids. And since a large part of my work actually involves researching matters such as this, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I have time to be taking care of business… Work! that’s what they call it!

  • Matt Quinn

    You’re right Fred… Hollie’s uncle was indeed found dying in a burning car.

    But Willie McCrae hadn’t just been fired and wasn’t about to be had-up on embezzlement charges, nor did he own money to some of the biggest gangsters in Aberdeen.

    So, the similarities seem a little limited.

  • Clark

    Fred, well you were wrong about that shower installation we both worked on, and you were only half right about the Land Rover.

    So was Hollie’s uncle found shot in the head too? I don’t see an obvious link; Willie McRae was decades earlier; is this law firm involved? Fred, please stop fucking about. You said I’d see what was going on by the absence of material on Wikipedia. What did you mean?

  • Clark

    I assume some of this material was on Wikipedia. Presumably there’s a deletion log somewhere. Does anyone know how to find it if there is?

  • fred

    “Fred, well you were wrong about that shower installation we both worked on, and you were only half right about the Land Rover.”

    We didn’t work on any shower installation together and you know fuck all about the Land Rover.

  • old

    So Q is an expert on Hollies uncle now, do you have any PRINTIBLE proof that the poor man owed money?

    Seems a tad drastic TO SET FIRE TO YOURSELF.

  • Republicofscotland

    While the Scottish establishment are all veritable angels who would never do such a thing and if they did they would be so racked with guilt they would immediately hand themselves over to the law rather than cover it up.

    Strange how living different sides of an imaginary line on a map can make people polar opposites isn’t it?


    You wondered why Savile got away with it, I merely stated the bleeding obvious.

    As for corruption in the Scottish government,don’t be daft,of course it exists,its just not at the colossal levels that exist in Westminster.

    As for your border theory,its nonsense, I have no gripe with the good folk of England,its Westminster that’s the problem.

  • Matt Quinn

    Yes Greg… Having been ‘looking at’ this matter since 2010, I’ve amassed quite a bit of research on it; but then you know that fine well… I’ve looked into the issues surrounding the apparent/alleged suicide of Roy Greig; of course I have! It’s called due diligence – essential when one is researching something at a professional level for potential publication.

    There is no evidence that Roy (or whoever set the scene) intended to set fire to the car and therefore himself. The car was ‘set up’ apparently for ‘suicide – hose to the exhaust etc. The autopsy shows he had consumed a large amount of alcohol.

    I’m not here to gratify your ghoulish fantasies Greig; and if and when I have cause to actually publish that will be done on an appropriate platform. Suffice to say that Roy’s Bankruptcy is a matter of public record, there exist medical records in relation to Anne which reflect she knew of the embezzlement, and I did some few years ago visit Aberdeen to interview several of the city’s ‘worthies’…

    There are, quite genuinely, ‘questionmarks’ over Roy Greig’s alleged ‘suicide’. But the notion he was an ‘innocent’ lover of life with no worries is a long way from the truth. Indeed one of the tiny grains of truth in the tale – aside from the apparent routine familial abuse that the CICA paid out on; is that the family were quite ‘dysfunctional’ on a number of levels. – The son for instance; convicted for masturbating in a public place…

  • RobG

    Clark, possibly I am seeing things back to front, but like you I don’t have the hours in the day to read every post and every link on this blog.

    As someone who tries to stay on top of the child sex abuse scandal, Hollie Greig is certainly in there, but the way it’s being presented by certain posters here is a blatant attempt to smear the SNP.

    Robert Green was detained under UK wide law. He wasn’t detained under devolved Scottish law. This attempt to detract from the nest of paedos in Westminster is pathetic, in the extreme.

    There’s not much out there about Hollie Greig, but here’s a piece from last year…

    ROBERT GREEN UPDATE Hollie Grieg Case 1-4-2014
    (it’s only a short clip)

    Out of all the posts that Craig makes on this blog, his ‘false flag’ post suddenly attracts at the Hollie Greig campaigners.

    Strange that, isn’t it.

    I repeat, this comment thread is a text book example of a police state in action.

  • sceleratis sol oritur

    It would be astounding if state-protected pedophile rings were not active in Scotland. Pedophile blackmail is a linchpin of UK control. It is one of the things we hope to see the last of when Scotland is free of Britain. So yes, by all means dig them up and follow them to their source in MI5.

  • old

    And sadly Alec seems to be playing the same game with Holli greig, no different from Westmonster

  • Mark

    Just wondered if anyone has seen/ compared the ‘hand’ that has recently graffitied ‘UK SUCKS’ on a road sign on M74 southbound in Lanarkshire. It looks/ has similar characteristics to the ‘Q’ on that door. I’m going to try and get a photo of it.
    I really can’t see any pro SNP/Indy person writing that statement even if they were bent on graffitiing something.

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