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I warned that the security services will turn to false flag events to discredit the SNP. I said this in my talk to Edinburgh SNP Club on 6 March, and repeated it on this blog last week. Well, it is starting.


The reporting specifically blames nationalists. There is something delightfully old fashioned about MI5. Is spraying Q for Quisling not rather an obscure reference to today’s generation?

[UPDATE: I had not taken on board that the racist comments made allegedly by an unidentified SNP supporter to Faisal Islam of Sky News occurred in the same town on the same day. That indicates to me a coordinated security service plan was in progress, and gives some idea how they are operating, probably in a mobile team. That two such improbable and unusual “nationalist outrages” should occur the same day and the same place confounds belief.]

A sweeping SNP victory on May 7 is considered enough of a threat to the United Kingdom for the security services to use up some assets. Long term sleepers within the SNP will now be activated, so expect to find one or two such events traced to apparent bona fide SNP members.

More importantly, a major thrust will be agent provocateur activity. Security service agents within the SNP will be trying to initiate and to egg on (yes, that is a deliberate and relevant Jim Murphy reference, think about it) impressionable members to vandalism or violence. Be very, very wary of such people and do not be tempted.

There are, 100% for certain, MI5 agents online posing as “cybernats” who will be quoted in the media saying outlandishly unpleasant and threatening things. We will also see more incidents like the Murphy eggs or the complete set-up of the “mob” jostling Miliband in the St James Centre, which by chance I witnessed.

The ridiculous “violent nationalist” meme worked well for the unionists in the referendum campaign, and influenced some older voters who trust the BBC and corporate media. So they will play it again for all it is worth. The worry is of course that some manufactured incident will go wrong and somebody will get hurt. The still bigger worry is that, as the security services get increasingly desperate as polling day approaches, they will manufacture a false flag incident in which people deliberately get hurt.

The best defence against that is for ordinary people to be wise to how the real world works. Social media is key. Tweet, facebook, blog, instagram or whatever else you can do to spread this.

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226 thoughts on “UPDATE: False Flag is Starting

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  • Graham Ennis

    The “Q” obviously stands for QUORN….a sinister mixture that can be openly bought in large quantities in supermarkets. it tastes absolutely awful, but is consumed only by strict vegetarians, so we can say with confidence, this attack was done by a vegetarian that also sprayed the correct ancient Buddhist symbol of the Swastika, (not the nazi one) so is also a Buddhist. Case solved. I mean, really, it couldn’t possibly be an outrage by those heroic protectors of British democracy, MI5?…..Surely not!!. God save the Queen!!….LOL.

  • RobG

    Nope, I’m obviously not getting through here, to make people aware that this comment thread has been totally hijacked.


  • Matt Quinn

    So… Malcolm…

    No COGENT rebuttal to the facts I’ve exposed – nothing to counter inconvenient truths such as the published records reflecting that Green – and yourself – have been lying… No dissembly of facts like the First Minister being legally unable to intervene in criminal cases etc. etc. etc…

    Just more lies, deflection, projection… A post full of irrelevant rambling pish about some dead-head Tory that Robert Green managed to fool for some of the time…

    Stalker you say? Oh! Malky! – Do you mean I shouldn’t have kept chibbing and chibbing and chibbing away at Ian Samson’s activities for a dozen years until the police finally acted? Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned Alistair Stewart’s ‘wee foibles’ to anyone wearing the Sillitoe tartan – that’s certainly what his ‘friends’ think!

    Your friend and mentor Watkins called me a “stalker” too… But 35 years working for companies such as ITN, ABC and CNN and a valid UK press card say otherwise.

    I’m sure we’re all ‘suitably-informed’ by your Pidgin-English, incoherent, paranoid account of how you came to be declared a danger to your own child and banned from seeing her…

    As a trained, qualified and legitimate journalist I have of course looked some way into the public record, spoken to various relevant individuals and cross-checked the available facts.

    Curiously enough they dont’ converge with your account of various Police Officers being “Demons”… Nor do they really support your ire against the same Sheriff accused of having raped Hollie Greig – You’ll recall it was at his Sister’s house the rape was alleged to have taken place. Except, the man has no Sister, Sister in law… And half the people named in the fairy story either don’t exist at all or weren’t even born at the time etc etc etc…

    What the records DO reflect is that the court thought you were too much of a danger to your own flesh-and-blood to be allowed contact with her. And they did not arrive at that conclusion lightly. – Nor did they get to that point because they were (or are) possessed monsters running around invoking the sky faries…

    Those delusions you see Malcolm, are all in your OWN head… And are actually part of the reason your life is the mess it is.

    You spend your nights cutting page after rambling page of hocus-pocus accounts of child abuse that ‘fit’ your own deluded perspective… You wallow in vacuous statistics; as if they meant something. In fact – according to a legitimate IT expert I consulted – your site has been attacked by spambots. But you love the illusion… You cling to it as a drowning man might a floating oar…

    You’re deflecting and projecting Malcolm…

    You’re banned from seeing your daughter because of YOUR OWN behaviour. That’s NOT social Work’s fault or the Sheriffs’. Nor is it Alex Salmond’s fault…

    But to Mistress McKenzie – she of David Shayler and Iran Aid fame – you ARE a very useful idiot Malcolm. And so, drawing the whole sorry matter back to Craig’s original point, you do your paymaster’s bidding…

    Clearly, the whole thing tying Salmond in to the Hollie Greig case IS just a huge stinking pile of crap. The records Green and yourself try to mislead people with say something other that what you claim they say… But that’s fine; your mission Agent Ogilvy is to keep the Hollie Greig case firmly up(operation) Mockingbird Hill…

    Even morons get a vote… And I’ve seen the LIES you publish about Salmond repeated unchallenged by the ‘loonier’ elements in the unionist movement.

    And that, sadly IS part of the way and the level that MI5 operate…

    I would imagine that the ‘price’ of maintaining some stoner to promote a rambling blog full of pish aimed at discrediting Alex Salmond is similar to that required to secure the services of a waster with a can of spray paint…

  • RobG

    @Matt Quinn
    12 Apr, 2015 – 11:50 pm

    Please can we keep all this General Election BS out of these blog comments.

    Everyone here knows that it is all total bullshit, and only sad wankers like you buy into it.

    Go look up ‘democracy’ in the dictionary, you sad wanker.

  • Matt Quinn

    Ah Rob… There’s nothing like a cogent intelligent reposte. I almost took you seriously! – Almost… 😉

  • Hollie greig justice

    you havent exposed anything other than your devotion tae Salmond , you are clearly mentaly unstable a bigot and a stalker who wid satrt a fight in a empty hoose , JCB 🙂

    ima done wi youu , 500 000 page views Labour Liberal Torie SNP all the same

    You and the dwarf the same

    Diverting fae child abuse fir shills

  • RobG

    That’s good, Matt, you might start addressing reality next.

    But no doubt you’ll give us another 5,000 word post to detract from what Craig is saying (this is his blog, by the way).

  • Matt Quinn

    Some years ago I found myself ‘trapped’ in Sainsbury’s as one of those ‘rainstorms from hell’ took hold virtually flash-flooding the car park. A couple were in the foyer trying to get their small son to put on a plastic raincoat and hat so that they could ‘make it’ across the car-park with out the child being soaked to the skin…

    Resistant to the unfortunate fashion statement the wee sowell stood in the foyer screaming – ” NO! It’s NOT raining outside! It’s lovely and sunny and I’m NOT putting that jacket on!”

    It seems the intelligence of some never develops beyond that stage…

    The records prove that you’ve lied about Salmond; that’s all. And I don’t like liars – especially when they exploit a tragic case like Hollie’s…

    Your association with – and defence of McKenzie – is also noted. So it’s not too hard to work out where your hysterical shill agenda is coming from. Especially since this ‘missing records’ crap is something that’s only-really been getting revisited in the past eight weeks or so as we start to lead in to the election.

    Me a “mentaly unstable a bigot”[sic]? Risible coming from a man who drones on about satanic rituals the Police being “Demons” and declares he’s making [quote] “orange lapdog” attacks on people…

  • ------------·´`·.¸¸.¸¸.··.¸¸Node

    John Spencer-Davis

    A forensic dissection, well done. I particularly enjoyed ….

    …. you establishing an appropriate level of confidence regarding Crawford’s expert opinion by first demonstrating that his expert opinion is sometimes provable baloney.

    …. your analysis that his switch to the royal ‘we’ was a sign of insecurity, an appeal for allies to back him up.

    …. you pointing out that his contorted phraseology as he backtracked was inconsistent with his claimed long experience “of leading and recording diplomatic conversations”

    …. you demanding he apologise on behalf of the British state to M. Coffinier and to France for his racist language.

    ….your suggestion that he is not used to being challenged because nobody visits his blog

    I gave each part a ‘thumbs up’ on CC’s blog.

  • Matt Quinn

    Rob… You’re confusing me with someone who gives a shit about your opinion.

    Sadly I do have to live in the real world. You’re perfectly at liberty to research for yourself the background and activities of Belinda McKenzie, her links to MI5, and her role in leading various sections of the alternative media up ‘Mockingbird Hill’.

    Ogilvy is simply an example of the sort of low level (to over-glamourise it) ‘operative’ that the likes of McKenzie ‘handles’…

    You’re also at liberty to cross-check the various records that relate to his attempts to discredit Salmond.

    Now – you can take or leave any of what I’ve said as you see fit; it makes little odds to me – your approval, or even Craig’s is not required. – You’ll find this thing called a scroll bar if 5000 words is too much for you to assimilate…

  • BrianFujisan

    Mary… You have been neglecting Squonk..we still love ya over there

    Anyhoo..For Gaza

    And Get yir Ass Back Here,

  • John Spencer-Davis

    13/04/2015 12:31 am

    Your kind words are much appreciated, thank you.


  • Justin Walker

    Just one problem – Google Hollie Greig and Robert Green and see how Alex Salmond protected a high level paedophile ring in Scotland by losing vital evidence. And see the part that the SNP has played in this appalling case. Sorry, but Scottish politics is even more of a cesspit that British politics, and that’s saying something!

  • Matt Quinn

    Oh Dear – Justin… Have you not got the attention span to read through all the comments?

    Alex Salmond did no such thing…


    “Vital Evidence” you say? Factually the only “missing record” is from circa 2009, and would take the form of solitary automated ‘forwarded items’ entry in some clerk’s email box where they redirected Robert Green’s enquiry to the COPFS…

    Not ‘evidence’ vital or otherwise of anything.

    As the fruit-loops punting this lie have been told, in writing, by the Scottish Government in the past few weeks…

    ” The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) is the sole public prosecution body in Scotland, responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences in the public interest. The Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General are responsible for taking decisions and directing the police in relation to criminal cases. The First Minister cannot take any action in relation to specific allegations of criminal conduct. No other member of the Scottish Government is able to take any action either.

    Therefore, this is a formal notice under section 17(1) of FOISA that the Scottish Government does not have the information you have requested in Questions 1 and 2.”

    The plain fact is Alex Salmon was – legally – never in a position to interfere or intervene in any in this case. And Robert Green has been lying through his teeth since 2011 about the FM refusing to respond…

    “The Firm” magazine too have performed like failing ‘NQ’ students in so far as being a legal-trade magazine they would (or should have) understood full-well the relationship between the FM, the Lord Advocate and the administration of criminal justice in Scotland – And if they were a little brighter perhaps they wouldn’t have put themselves in the position where they were forced to retract certain of their ‘tales of horror’ and apologise for publishing them… “Making Ammends” it’s called in the Defamation Act. As any 1st year student who actually bothered to READ the notes issued to them would know…

    I guess some of the people are fooled for a lot of the time…

  • Clark

    Matt Quinn, I, too, lack the attention span to read all the comments in full, yours and your opposition’s, mainly due to the amount of personal animosity they contain. As Resident Dissident requests, we need a summary, ideally a chronological list of the major events with a link to a supporting list of references. Normally I’d go to Wikipedia for such material, where the rules enforce such treatment, but I have found no mention of this case there; I expect it has been removed under the Biography of Living People (WP:BLP) rule and compliance with legal requirements of non-disclosure of names.

    Matt, I sense your frustration, and I urge you to consider that many readers such as myself are not as focused on this case as you and your opposition; that there are numerous contentious issues of which we wish clearer understanding, and simply don’t have sufficient time to sort the facts you publish from the personal comments and repetition that you include. I ask that you try to treat composition as sculpture, where careful removal of that which is extraneous reveals the essential form beneath.

  • Matt Quinn

    Fair point Clark… Sadly though experience teaches me that when faced with individuals such as Ogilvy and other ‘conspiritards’, there is a real need to descend to their level put things down in detail and, I’m afraid, sometimes go after the individual behind the disinformation.

    Frankly, I would not have commented at all but for the fact that the opportunity was taken to trot out this lame and tedious old lie in relation to Salmond; relevant in my opinion because I think it another small example of how security services might influence the grass roots media to sway political opinion.

    As briefly as I can then… Which (and I apologise for this) won’t be very…

    This is the sad tale of a young lady with Down’s Syndrome who, it appears, has had the misfortune to have suffered familial sexual abuse as a child. Though contemporaneous concerns were raised by authorities, these were dismissed by BOTH her parents and thus never pursued.

    In tandem with an acrimonious divorce many years later (circa 2000) the girl’s Mother raised complaints with the authorities. These included the core allegations of familial sexual abuse, attributed to two close male relatives. But unfortunately also a rather fanciful tale involving allegations of the girl being passed round a high-level paedophile ring that included a local Sheriff (by chance a man who shared a similar name to that of the one who dealt with aspects of her divorce), a supposed senior Police Officer (who in fact turned out to be a civilian) and various others who at one time or another had ‘crossed swords’ in some way with the Mother. – I refer to this ‘embroidery’ as the extended allegations.

    The extended allegations basically debunk themselves. One of the pivotal claims for instance was that the Sheriff’s Sister and Brother in law were involved in the ring, and that their house was one of the locations at the centre of the abuse. Names were provided for these individuals… But some basic cross-referencing with public records confirms that the Sheriff has no brother in law because he has no sister (nor a sister-in-law) and there was never any house!

    Other key statements fall just as easily…

    Police investigations were consequently never to cause Officers to leave the records room. Although we might wonder at it, there are actually laws that prevent Police Officers from harassing private individuals on a whim. And the plain fact is that there was no sufficiency of credible evidence that would even allow an officer to interview either the alleged abusers or the alleged co-abused; some of whom were not even born at the time of the allegations.

    However… There WAS a sufficiency of contemporaneous medical and more recent psychological assessment to uphold the view that the girl had, at some point, been the victim of sexual abuse. IIRC correctly the CICA described some of the submissions (i.e. those relating to the extended allegations) as “contradictory” – but, it recognised the validity of the core allegations as supported by both contemporaneous evidence – and consequently made a Criminal Injuries Award to the girl in the sum of around £13K.
    Not ‘at rest’ with this the mother sought to start an internet campaign with the aim of progressing her wildly extended allegations. This included but was not limited to ‘consulting’ the infamous ‘MI5 Landlady’ Belinda McKenzie – Her ‘McKenzie Friends’ organisation and association with Shayler and ‘Iran Aid etc. are worth looking into.

    Enter as ‘McKenzie Friend’ one George ‘Robert Green’. A former travel-agent who was by this time describing himself variously as ‘journalist’ ‘broadcaster’ and ‘lay legal adviser’. Enter also the shambling figure of Greg Lance-Watkins; a wannabe politico and fantasist of some note – also claiming considerable journalistic experience and influence.

    Watkins had some ‘online expertise’ and a little influence with some of the dodgier quarters of the press. Between them Green and Watkins whipped up a ‘News of the World’ article and wild internet campaign that at one time pivoted on a Facebook page with over 27,000 followers. Unusually for such ‘experienced journalists’ [sic] their activities included but were not limited publically naming not only Hollie’s alleged abusers but her alleged co-abused…

    ‘As any fule knowe’ this is of course a very serious contravention of standard reporting restrictions in the UK. And, as the disclosure took place from within England a breach of the law…

    Cutting the long and complex story of these times short – one of the main claims surrounding the ‘case’ was that the BBC had COMMISSIONED a documentary on it, but had been ‘forced’ with the threat of the reporter’s career to drop it… The reporter was no less than Mark Daly of BBC Scotland.

    One night, descending to the depths of ‘conspiracy central’ Mark went head-to-head with Green on a backwater radio show…

    If I’ve any criticism to make of Daly it’s that he went a little ‘too deep’ into the story. Personally I wouldn’t have wasted the petrol going down to speak to Green…


    BUT – Mark was very clear in debunking the essence of the Hollie Greig story and there is little fault on his part…
    At this point Greg Lance-Watkins (realising the game was up I suppose) ‘turned turtle’ on the story he had been promoting, and started blustering hysterically to the effect that Hollie was NEVER abused.

    Like Mark I was intrigued by the CICA award, but also by Watkins “Queen Gertrude” act… So I begun ‘digging into’ Watkins, his background and the wild nature of his claims both pre and post him adopting this stance… Simultaneously engaging with Green in an effort to get him to ‘straighten up, fly right’ and focus on the core allegations.

    Broadly, it was and remains my contention that the core allegations have the potential to unravel a number of other cases of child abuse and child abduction, some of which could have quite a high profile.

    Green had by this time been ‘taken over’ by Belinda McKenzie herself as ‘operator’ – the girl and her mother very quickly placed under certain protective orders by the family courts; and one might have presumed the wider Hollie Greig story would have halted there… But no…

    Extraordinarily – and I do call the Scottish justice system into serious question over this – the Scottish authorities started spraying the dying embers of the Hollie Greig case with petrol by subjecting Robert Green to some quite extraordinary treatment… Green has the distinction of (as I understand it) being the only person ever to stand for election who was banned from actually entering the area he was standing in!

    Green was also created martyr by doing jail time in respect of what is reputed to be the most expensive Breach of The Peace case in Scottish legal history – I stress that he was the author of his own misfortune in that he failed to offer any cogent defence to the charges – but still…

    Driven firmly onto David Icke’s homelands and far and away up ‘Mockingbird Hill’ the Hollie Greig case has become one of the legends of conspiracy theory. It’s regularly manipulated in various ways by various people for various purposes… Everything from promoting the ‘reality’ of Satanic Ritual Abuse to – as in this case – attacking the case for Scottish independence, the SNP and Alex Salmond…

    It’s no accident, in my opinion, that you will find characters such as Greg Lance-Watkins, Brian Gerrish and Belinda McKenzie involved. All have ‘establishment’ running through them like the writing in a stalk of rock. And McKenzie in particular would be as well having a brass plaque installed on the gatepost of her ‘Highgate Hub’ gatepost (curiously enough in the same St at Mrs Hitler used to live) saying “MI5 ‘Useful Idiot’ management facility…

    Grasping just one or two of the many and complex threads that hang from the Hollie Greig case, there does seem to be in operation and determined programme that seeks to discredit the alternative media – something that might be just as ‘dangerous’ to the establishment at Westminster and beyond as the notion of Scotland breaking away…

    David Icke for instance – very often speaks a lot of the truth; skilfully he does so admixed with such complete and utter nonsense that the infant Veritas finds itself slunged by any sane person down the lavvy with the torrent of pish it’s made to swim around in… Of course there are those prepared to drink such effluent down in full.

    The same pattern can be observed in the Hollie Greig case… There are tiny seeds of truth, and once rooted they might reach down into dark dark soil… But the aim of the game is to keep them from taking root.

    “Mockingbird Hill” is my little name for it – in ‘honour’ of the old CIA ‘Operation Mockingbird’ that, back in cold war days sought to infiltrate and manipulate the American Media…
    Genuinely I am a legitimate ‘newsman’ having in the early 80’s trained as an ENG cameraman with Thames TV and for the past three decades made much of my living as a freelancer… I’m also a former lecturer in TV production who happened to count media law as one of my specialities. My observations are not based on ‘unreality’ but three and a half decades of experience. – Which started with the culture-shock of learning about Greg Philo’s work and experiencing first-hand how the news is manipulated for broadcast…

    Craig, in his original article, cites one tiny incident of puerile (some might argue trivial) behaviour which is them manipulated to discredit the SNP…

    I cite another – Google Hollie Greig and you are most-likely to read of “Salmond’s shame” and this grand tale about how he ‘hid vital evidence’. But, when you dig into the evidence the records reflect that Salmond had little or nothing to do with any of the scandal that was generated around Robert Green and the Hollie Greig case…

    So – let’s gather the pieces together…

    The last politically appointed Lord Advocate of Scotland sits at the helm of a justice system which throws a gallon of four-star on a dying conspiracy theory… That conspiracy theory is then ‘twisted’ to reflect badly on the incumbent and politically- opposing administration… And sitting at the heart of this conspiracy theory are a number of individuals with known connections to the British establishment and MI5…

    The thief thinks everybody steals… And one of the problems with politicos is they tend to imagine the world if populated by people just like them. They’re unprepared to get their hands dirty… To engage with those who aren’t well-read, erudite, concise…

    Ignore or disregard the fools on the (Mockingbird) hill at your peril… As I said; even morons have a vote!


  • old

    Never say one word when you can blurt out many.

    Perhaps the Q in the picture stands for…Quinn.

  • old

    More comebacks than Sinatra …certainly Ogilvie, if that is indeed his name, was right about one thing, you could start a fight in an empty house. A man with a fork in a world of soup.

  • Clark

    “Hollie greig justice”, sorry, I have no idea what to make of your exceedingly confusing website, which won’t even render properly in my browser. If you really want to get your story across you need to publish it in a much simpler format; see my advice to Matt Quinn above. You need a simple chronological list of events with links to supporting evidence.

    If Robert Green’s video is what you were directing me to, you should transcribe the dialogue and supply a simplified account of his testimony.

  • fred

    “If Robert Green’s video is what you were directing me to, you should transcribe the dialogue and supply a simplified account of his testimony.”

    Hollie’s or Robert’s wikipedia entries should explain what is happening.

  • fred

    “What Wikipedia entries? – There are none;”

    I know.

    Which should explain to Clark what is happening.

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