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I warned that the security services will turn to false flag events to discredit the SNP. I said this in my talk to Edinburgh SNP Club on 6 March, and repeated it on this blog last week. Well, it is starting.


The reporting specifically blames nationalists. There is something delightfully old fashioned about MI5. Is spraying Q for Quisling not rather an obscure reference to today’s generation?

[UPDATE: I had not taken on board that the racist comments made allegedly by an unidentified SNP supporter to Faisal Islam of Sky News occurred in the same town on the same day. That indicates to me a coordinated security service plan was in progress, and gives some idea how they are operating, probably in a mobile team. That two such improbable and unusual “nationalist outrages” should occur the same day and the same place confounds belief.]

A sweeping SNP victory on May 7 is considered enough of a threat to the United Kingdom for the security services to use up some assets. Long term sleepers within the SNP will now be activated, so expect to find one or two such events traced to apparent bona fide SNP members.

More importantly, a major thrust will be agent provocateur activity. Security service agents within the SNP will be trying to initiate and to egg on (yes, that is a deliberate and relevant Jim Murphy reference, think about it) impressionable members to vandalism or violence. Be very, very wary of such people and do not be tempted.

There are, 100% for certain, MI5 agents online posing as “cybernats” who will be quoted in the media saying outlandishly unpleasant and threatening things. We will also see more incidents like the Murphy eggs or the complete set-up of the “mob” jostling Miliband in the St James Centre, which by chance I witnessed.

The ridiculous “violent nationalist” meme worked well for the unionists in the referendum campaign, and influenced some older voters who trust the BBC and corporate media. So they will play it again for all it is worth. The worry is of course that some manufactured incident will go wrong and somebody will get hurt. The still bigger worry is that, as the security services get increasingly desperate as polling day approaches, they will manufacture a false flag incident in which people deliberately get hurt.

The best defence against that is for ordinary people to be wise to how the real world works. Social media is key. Tweet, facebook, blog, instagram or whatever else you can do to spread this.

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226 thoughts on “UPDATE: False Flag is Starting

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  • Matt Quinn

    You could, Resident Dissident, but for the presence of a cheap political shill with a wagon-load of Straw Men…

    [quote] So Hollie Greig is a Hoax now MAtt eh?

    And the Firm are wrong tae eh[/quote]

    My position on the Hollie Greig case is – as you very well know Malcolm – stated here… http://hollie-greig-book-closed.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/3-where-am-i.html

    My position on the Hollie Greig case remains, as it always has been… I remain convinced that Hollie, as a child, was the victim of routine familial sexual abuse. But I do not now, and for the record never have, endorsed or accepted the allegations of a high level paedophile ring as promoted by Anne Greig – the ‘extended allegations’ as I call them.

    I am also convinced that Robert Green has been used and abused by individuals with a nefarious agenda. His treatment at the hands of the authorities has been extreme.

    But none of the means that I ‘buy into’ the utter tripe that you and others have tried to push over the past few years. Nor am I about to let Green ‘off the hook’ in respect of his own dishonesty…

    ~And yes – certainly – ‘The Firm’ were im my view at best incompetent (more likely )in what they wrote. As a legal-trade magazine their writers shoult have known perfectly-well that the First Minister was in no position to comment on the Hollie Greig case… They should also have been more competent – in terms of understanding standard reporting restrictions, the Defamation Act, and the due diligence that applies to pre-publicatrion research – than to put themselves in the psotion where angiolini was eventually able to cause them to have to retract certain of their pieces…

    As I’ve said to you before Malcolm – if the best you can muster by way of riposte is a straw-man attack (the irony of your ‘playing the man’ comment is not lost on me either) coupled to a snowstorm or irrelevant rubbish to try and ‘bury’ that which you cannot counter… Well, says it all really…

    It remains YOUR shame that you’re prepared to exploit Hollie Greig for your own sectarian-politico ends Malcolm… YOUR shame, not Alex Salmond’s or anyone else’s.

    As I had cause to point out to you the other day Malcolm; if the best you can

  • Matt Quinn

    Sorry; the above should read “The Firm’ were im my view at best incompetent (more likely disingenuous)in what they wrote.” – Dyslexia and the toy keyboard found on a PDA are not a good combination! 😉

  • Kempe

    ” Would you agree with me that it is also quite plausible that they are? ”

    I would rate the probability vey low, let’s face it if, as head of MI5, you tasked a couple of operatives with the job of discrediting the SNP and this was the best they could come up with I think you’d be wondering about their futures.

  • Matt Quinn

    As you’re having trouble assimilating it Malcolm, I’ll refer you again to the answer Robert Green got back on 2011… You know? The one he LIED about ‘not getting’…


    And re-quote that which was given to Scott Pattinson a month or two back…

    [quote] “The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) is the sole public prosecution body in Scotland, responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal offences in the public interest. The Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General are responsible for taking decisions and directing the police in relation to criminal cases. The First Minister cannot take any action in relation to specific allegations of criminal conduct. No other member of the Scottish Government is able to take any action either.” [/quote]

    What part of the truth is most inconvenient to your sectarian-politico agenda Malky?

  • Hollie greig justice


    Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy’s ‘Little Orange Lapdog’ attack

    COMPARE WI THIS LEFT but not published on ma blog

    Kincora was run by Little Orange Lapdogs. No point in investigating it when they can’t use it to discredit Salmond eh! – After all this blog has FUCK ALL to do with standing against child abuse all we get is shite about Salmond Salmond Salmond and Robert Green’s dirty fucking lies about missing records – when Salmonds the one man that wants Westminster dismaleted! YOU are dirty Orange kiddy-fiddling shill Ogilvy – ya fucking Orange NONCE! BUT ALL YOU FUCKIN KKK NONCES HAVE IT COMIN!

    Nuff said eh?

  • Stuart

    Perhaps, considering MI5 possible involvement, Q is a hint towards the MI5 i.e. Q from the James Bond movies? I had never heard of quisling before this, so how people who have no idea who did the vandalism know that Q stands for quisling is beyond me. Clearly made up bullshit to vilify SNP supporters.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Hasn’t James Bond been fighting some new evil organisation called Quantum of late?

    Perhaps the Q stands for that.

    Kind regards,


  • Matt Quinn

    Actually Malcolm – ’nuffin’ said at all…

    I won’t defend the tone of the comment, which is completely ‘out of order’…

    But, factually, while your blog DOES feature regular and largely irrelevant lies about and attacks on Salmond – you’re very ‘soft’ – suspiciously so – on monsters such as William McGrath, the Tara Lodge and his ongoing relationship with the Orange Order… Relevant, because the alleged MI5 links to Kincora feed directly through McGrath and from there through to the Loyalist terrorist network; which is quite inconvenient for your average Unionist shill.

    You’ll find no mention of James McGivern on Malcolm’s blog. He who in 2000 became the first person in Northern Ireland banned from loitering near schools. He had two convictions for sex offences dating back in the early Nineties. Despite being a known threat to children for a decade or more, he remained a member of Orange lodge LOL 352 – the Derrykeevin Temperance Lodge.

    Missing also is the name of another ‘Drumcree veteran’, Mark Harbinson; jailed for three-and-a-half years back in 2011 for sexually abusing a 13-year-old schoolgirl in an Orange hall, and for possessing topless pictures of the child.

    You’ll find just one mention on ‘holliegreigjustice’ of one of Scotland’s worst child-abusers. Edinburgh monster John Smart… It’s buried at the bottom of a re-posted list of 100 paedophile councillors.

    Smart was a candidate for the Tories at the 2003 Scottish Parliament elections and had previously stood as a candidate for Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party. The firebrand preacher and swivel-eyed right-wing lunatic waged a 15-year campaign of sex abuse against children he met through his church.

    Smart began buggering one little boy when he was just three years old. Traumatised by their experiences, one victim ended up homeless and living on the streets while another told how he had ended up in jail after committing crime to feed a drug habit. One girl was so affected she developed a series of seizures, one of which eventually claimed her young life…

    Smart received an eight-year sentence in January 2012, and this was reported in some quarters of the press; but whilst he readily picks up on the most obscure cases – Malky never thought to mention it!

    What also remained unreported (in the mainstream press and elsewhere) was this paedophile’s links to the Orange Order and the Freemasons. Smart is known to have links to the Edinburgh Loyalist Coalition – a front group for members of the Orange Order, the BNP and loyalist paramilitaries. This is the same group that to this day ensures that some Edinburgh ‘schemes’ as well as several of the less salubrious ‘forgotten villages’ in places like West Lothian. Lanarkshire and Fife, are no-go areas for any decent person. Links exist to human trafficking – mainly in Eastern-European prostitutes – drugs, money laundering and of course terrorism. It isn’t unknown for a Loyalist gunman to openly walk the streets of some of these places conspicuously armed.

    But there’s no mention of any of that from ‘Mad Malky’… Not a single word… These truths are ‘too inconvenient’…

    Bearing in mind how readily he avoids ‘getting tough’ with one of the worst beasts that Scotland has ever seen; almost-comically, in what the clown actually HIMSELF frames as an “Orange Lapdog attack” on “Labour”, Ogilvy is keen to reproduce the story of Peter Prendiville, from County Down…

    I have of course absolutely no difficulty or the slightest issue with the exposure of a man who was convicted on fourteen counts of possessing pornographic underage images. But contrast this with the abuse that took place at Kincora, screwing a thirteen-year-old girl, buggering a toddler or driving a young girl to her grave…

    Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy’s SELF PROCLAIMED ‘Little Orange Lapdog’ attack on “Labour” become all the more corrupt and obviously-biased when we drill a little into the facts of it…

    Peter Prendiville had in fact stood for the Social Democratic ‘Labour’ Party in the Westminster election of 1983 – The SDLP of course being the Northern-Irish nationalist party – not the pro-union Labour party of Elish Angiolini or Gordon ‘Doggy-Dog’ Mathieson…

    But – and this has been especially the case since the turn of the year and in this lead-up to the election… Virtually every-other day you take the opportunity to lay into Salmond and the SNP…

    Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy obediently trots out the same old lie – that Alex Salmond is involved in some sort of cover-up of the Hollie Greig case. Casually ignoring, or at least trying to draw attention away from the fact that, the Crown Office was the fiefdom of the last politically-appointed Lord Advocate… And that she was, like him, beholding to Westminster and the unionist cause…

    Interstingly – and no doubt many readers will be relieved at the return to Craig’s original point.

    When Robert Green came up with this cheap political lie he was being ‘run’ by one Belinda McKenzie – a character well known on the highly lucrative conspiracy-theory circuit. McKenzie is well known for her ‘establishment connections’ And was, notably, Landlady and ‘manager’ to one David Shayler – the MI5 man who went out into the cold…

    Puerile though many of their actions are, there is little serious doubt that MI5 make all sorts of efforts in all sorts of ways to influence things like social and alternative media… And they ’employ’ some very strange and disturbed characters by way of ‘useful idiot’…

    The things with wrongs is that no matter how high you stack them, they never add up to a single right…

    You’re spreading a politically-oriented lie Malcolm… It’s that simple. And you’re using a poor abused girl to do that. And yes – your agenda is quite clearly sectarian; just as was that of the self-proclaimed ‘Billy Boys’ that have spent the last nearly-two years trying to destroy my business for the ‘crime’ of being pro-independence…

    Simply Malcolm you haven’t stuck to the truth. You’ve given some of Britain’s most-evil child-abusers an ‘easy ride’… All to score some cheap political points.

    You’re cast from the same mettle as a certain dwarf of our mutual acquaintance Malky… No better.

  • doug scorgie

    11 Apr, 2015 – 5:12 pm

    “When I saw the reference to Miliband being roughed up, I thought at first that you were referring to this. Also outrageous, and hardly reported at all in the main UK media. It was later alleged that it was somehow connected to CCO.”

    I hadn’t heard of this incident John.

    From the site you refer to:

    “Miliband was reportedly ambushed by protesters as he left a pre-general election debate in Southwark. Witnesses told The Mirror that six protestors, some WEARING ALEX SALMOND MASKS, surrounded Miliband. Rachel Penn, a Labour activist, alleged that one of the protestors “punched Miliband in the chest”.

    Looks like a false flag to me John but I wonder why it has not been more widely reported (strange).

    P.S. What is CCO?

  • Matt Quinn

    “Witnesses told The Mirror that six protestors, some WEARING ALEX SALMOND MASKS, surrounded Miliband. ”

    Surely this more-closely resembles an attack by those who suggest that Milliband would be in Salmond’s pocket? who… Err… Aren’t the SNP!

  • doug scorgie

    Ed L
    11 Apr, 2015 – 6:06 pm

    “Whether it’s true or not, spouting off without any proof (other than the tired “I used to be someone at the FCO”) is embarrassing.”

    Ed L, is it not the MSM that is…“spouting off without any proof”?

    If one is knowledgeable in such practices as false flag techniques and have the ability to ‘join the dots,’ circumstantial evidence is a powerful indicator of foul play.

  • doug scorgie

    11 Apr, 2015 – 6:48 pm

    “While the most plausible scenario is that it was an opponent of the SNP wot dun it, that doesn’t necessarily mean the security services. The culprit might very possibly be a fanatical Unionist. There are those on this blog who consider deception a legitimate tactic in the fight against Scottish Independence.”

    Quite correct Node.

  • John

    Jesus you people are paranoid. When did the SNP stop being a political party and start being a whacko cult? You’re even building in your excuses ahead of time just in case unsavoury SNP members are brought to light – in that case they wont be true SNPers of course, they’ll be ‘sleeper agents’.

    Do you ever actually read something back after you type it and think, “Hang on… that makes me sound a little like an insane person. Maybe I’ll tone that down.”?

  • RobG

    Anyone wanting a text book example of a police state in action should save this comment thread to their hard drive.

  • Hollie greig justice

    You’ll find no mention of James McGivern on Malcolm’s blog. He who in 2000 became the first person in Northern Ireland banned from loitering near schools. He had two convictions for sex offences dating back in the early Nineties. Despite being a known threat to children for a decade or more, he remained a member of Orange lodge LOL 352 – the Derrykeevin Temperance Lodge.

    WRONG your WHOLE page is up


    funny he used your sectarian words, orange lap dog!



  • john young

    All you ner,sayers and doubters as to “dark forces” just read “The New Pearl Harbour” and tell me that they do not exist.

  • Jim Forbes

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories etc. But I’d like to add to this discussion something which happened to me personally that got me questioning it.

    A few months back I was PM’d by someone on one of the Facebook ‘Yes’ pages I’m a member of. Over the course of the conversation it became apparent to me she was trying to flatter me as some sort of come-on. This made me suspicious (I’m a naturally suspicious person anyhow) and I questioned her on it.

    She made some flip remark and then the Facebook account was deleted.

    Just because you’re paranoid….

  • Matt Quinn

    Malcolm… You really need to learn that the rest of the world isn’t as stupid as you are yourself…

    AFTER the fact that I called you out on your ‘kid gloves’ approach to McGrath and his like, you cut-and-paste MY page onto YOUR blog – and ‘somehow’ this negates all your previous failings? – It would be laughable if it weren’t so pitiful.

    As for the ‘Little Orange Lapdog’ phrase – it’s certainly not mine! I’ve heard it before right enough – it’s a common enough phrase and goes back at least to the 1960’s – kids can often be found ‘barking’ at the ‘Mason Boyne’ types as they trot off to their wee meetings where they grovel under the Butcher’s Apron…

    But it’s actually YOURSELF who uses it to describe one of YOUR OWN posts! – As I said; the one in which one of your “labour” attacks actually turns out to have been written in respect of an (Irish) nationalist…

    Deflect, project, deflect project – your wee pal the Dwarf uses the very same technique…

    You’re not a clever man Malky; you need to realise that… Not quick of wit at all, and most of the people won’t be fooled by you for much of the time…

    Whoever sent you that message – Gary I presume, it’s got his phrasing, and I do know he thought your letters were fake – is quite right, all we get from you is Salmonds this, Salmond that blah blah blah Salmond Salmond Salmond… You’re no more interested in achieving justice for Hollie Greig than the Dwarf…

    Thousands of posts on “Tories Liberals ad Labour” – But you pussy-foot around some of the very worst beasts because they happen to be part of your ‘klan’ and the damned thing is plastered with ‘banners’ declaring the Hollie Greig case as ‘Salmond’s shame’ when the reality is your precious hero Green is a cheap, two-bit liar and the whole thing basically has eff-all to do with the man!

    The Dwarf you are complete and utters shills to the marrow – Cast from the same mettle, he’s ranting at UKIP, you at the SNP, He’s the English operation, you’re the Scottish contingent… I almost wonder if you’ve got any ‘mercury tipped’ pellets tucked away for your Diana SP50!

    Just as was the case with him, the question needs to be asked – what is it about the Hollie Greig case that makes you so UTTERLY desperate to draw the heat away from the facts and deflect the blame elsewhere?

  • Hollie greig justice

    Again with the personal attacks eh, cannie all be super brains like you matt eh

    Green lied…SALMOND LIED which for 99% of us is more worrying nae fir you though eh?

    How many stories are on your blog about the tories lis and Labour peados or the royals or how many films have you made about them NONE , the square root of fuck all

    Na you and the dwarf are shills him for the gov you fir the SNP .

    you were wrong about me putting up your blog page but nae big enough tae admit it it eh

    Dinnae bore me or the others wie a reply zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Get shilling fir Salmond

    MP challenges Scottish Government over lack of prosecutions in Hollie Greig case

    Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on pinterest_shareMore Sharing Services
    Conservative MP David Ruffley has written to the Scottish Government to ask why no prosecutions were raised after allegations of ritualised sexual abuse were made by the family of Hollie Greig.

    Hollie Greig received the sum of £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in 2009. No charges were ever brought in respect of the alleged abuse, although Greig, who has Down’s syndrome, was described by Detective Inspector Iain Allen of Grampian Police as “a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim.”

    In correspondence relating to the “appalling” case, Ruffley says he has written to Scottish Ministers to ask why no charges were ever brought if “compensation has already been conceded”.

    “The case of Hollie Greig is appalling. Justice matters are devolved in Scottish Parliament, and are a matter for the Crown Office and the Procurator Fiscal Service. It seems that the Crown Office has concluded that there is insufficient evidence to bring proceedings. But why then has Hollie received compensation from the Criminal Injurles Compensation Authority?” Ruffley said.

    “I have, therefore, written to Ministers asking why there is no prosecution if compensation has already been conceded. The fact that someone has learning difficulties does not mean that their evidence should be disregarded.”

    A Freedom of Information request is awaiting response from the Information Commissioner into whether outgoing Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini or taxpayers funded a series of legal actions against sectors of the media that had reported on the Hollie Greig case.

  • Hollie greig justice

    Just as was the case with him, the question needs to be asked – what is it about the Hollie Greig case that makes you so UTTERLY desperate to draw the heat away from the facts and deflect the blame elsewhere?

    AND WHAT he is my shitie wee blogg taking away you said the numbers were fake eh ?


  • John Spencer-Davis

    Jim Forbes
    12/04/2015 9:33 pm

    She was probably trying to establish an emotional relationship with you in order to get you to send her money. After you had been flattered and perhaps lost your head a bit, out would come the sob story.

    Kind regards,


  • RobG

    @Hollie greig justice
    12 Apr, 2015 – 9:46 pm

    Whilst I have every sympathy for your case, it’s perhaps a bit strange that you start airing it so wildly on a political blog, and in particular this post of Craig’s which talks about false flags…

  • Matt Quinn

    Unlike you Malcolm I actually have a life where I walk the walk and do real things in the real world. And the blog you refer to actually IS genuinely about a single issue – the Hollie Greig case…

    It’s not a load of rambling incoherent pish…

    Also it’s NOT the entire length breadth and depth of my existence… I actually HAVE my wife and kids and family about me… You might remember what that’s like; living a normal family life I mean.

    Don’t lie to yourself Malcolm; nobody else is taken-in. – The blog page of mine you put up is actually about YOUR failures to hold the feet of your klan kronies to the fire… So no, I wasn’t in any way “wrong”. Before you reposted MY material you’d gently skirted round some of the worst beasts Scotland and the rest of the world has ever seeen. and you’re STILL at it!

    “Square root of fuck all” you say?

    Fifteen years ago I was the first to flag up paedophile activity in Addiewell – I paid dear for that with my house(abandoned and put to auction – got less than half its value back) two cars (which were torched where they stood in the street) and damned-near my own life and that of then my toddler daughter…

    All because I called ‘foul’ at a dirty pervert who went about the streets OPENLY groping twelve-year-old girls… You might want to dig a bit into the Ian Samson case. I didn’t let go on that one until the swine was unravelled… And I’m still getting ‘hassle’ from certain officials whose noses I put out of joint on that one…

    Likewise – the fact I was putting the job I now longer have at risk(no, I didn’t jump, I was pushed) by pushing a few buttons in relation to Alistair Stewart doesn’t bother me either…

    On both counts worth it to see these dirty nonces jailed… And I’m still gunning for their associates and apologists…

    And no – I don’t feel the need to particularly ‘attention-seek’ over this by creating some daft blog with a load of wee stories on it. I also refused to be interviewed for the grown-up press!

    So how many real-life nonces have YOU contributed to putting away with your rambling, incoherent blog full of regurgitated pish cut-and-pasted from the internet???

    What have you done Malky? – Bigshot keyboard warrior; hanging about outside the courts with your wee toy camcorder chimping away… What have YOU achieved sitting there, scratching your arse, toking away in your manky boxers – the smoke masking the smell of stale urine from your week-old boxers, writing up your daft wee ‘stories’ like some educationally challenged twelve year old…

    “Ima” this “ima” that – Is that meant to be the sound of you grunting like a chimp? – Several people HAVE wondered…

    It’s not that I’m any kind of “super Brain ” Malcolm… It’s just that you’re so far below the average. Sitting there swimming in your own pish – banned from seeing YOUR OWN CHILD by the court because you were a danger to her… Bleating away a load of bollocks about Alex Salmond… Just another Dwarf!

    As the documentary evidence CLEARLY indicates, it’s not Salmond but Green that lied, and you’ve been repeating that lie time after time after time ever since…

    Why is that Malky? Posting up a load irrelevant shite to try and deflect attention away from the truth makes no ends… Why ARE you sitting there in your grotty wee flat trying to keep people from the real truth of the Hollie Greig case?

    What is it YOU’ve got to hide I wonder Malky?

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